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Name of Drug Classification Mechanism of Action Indication Contraindications Side Effects Nursing Responsibilities

of Drug
Generic Name: Therapeutic: Bind to bacterial cell Treatment of Hypersensitivity to GI: Before:
DRUG STUDY Anti-infectives wall membrane, It is effective for cephalosporins Diarrhea,
 Determine history
causing cell death the treatment of and related nausea, antibiotic-
Trade Name: Pharmacologic: penicillinase- antibiotics; associated colitis. of hypersensitivity reacti
Ceftin Second Therapeutic Effects: producingNeisseria pregnancy
ons to cephalosporins,
generation Bactericidal action (category B), Skin:
Cephalosporins lactation. Ra sh , penicillins, and history
Effectively treats
Content: pruritus, urticaria.
Pregnancy bone and joint of allergies, particularly
Catergory B infections, Urogenital: to drugs, before therapy
Maximum Dose: bronchitis, Increased serum
meningitis, creatinine and is initiated.
gonorrhea, otitis BUN, decreased  Lab tests: Perform
Minimum Dose: media, creatinine
clearance. culture and sensitivity
s, sinusitis, lower tests before initiation of
Availability: respiratory tract Hemat:
Tablets: 125mg, Hemolytic anemia therapy and periodically
infections, skin and
250mg, 500mg during therapy if
soft tissue
Powder for MISC:
injection: infections, urinary Anaphylaxis indicated. Therapy may
750mg, 1.5g, 7.5g tract infections, and
be instituted pending
Premixed is used for surgical
containers: 750 prophylaxis, test results. Monitor
mg/50ml, 1.5g/50ml reducing or periodically BUN and
infection. creatinine clearance.
Davis Drug Guide
for Nurses 10th

 Inspect IM and IV
injection sites frequently
for signs of phlebitis.
 Monitor for
of hypersensitivity (see