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Re [a\[ReS5° Y GUMtIODE 10 GALAX BOUNTY HUNTERS by Rick D. Stuart Published by eT END RR 3 Box 2345 ° Honesdale PA 1843 40073 El Introduction Hers was a tale of ancient lineage. story older than the suns. “Hers was the tale ofthe Empire's hired gun who comes todine with blood soaked hands and frosted smile like honey wine, transfixing like the serpent before it strikes with equal compassion ...” —Thalos Lorin, ‘Serpent Rain, Act Il, Scene | Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters is a compen- dium of information assembled from a variety of sources, including extracts drawn from Imperial databases, biographical record scans, classified security datasets, record tape analysis, and de- tailed reports originating from undercover intel- ligence operatives across the Empire. In its final form, this volume represents the largest single collection of facts presently available dealing AR ARS with some of the most unusual law enforcement agents ever assembled in the Empire. This latest reference guide is for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition. Its purpose is to provide detailed information nec- essary to use various types of bounty hunters, either as player characters or gamemaster char- acters, in a variety of roleplaying adventures. Bounty hunters perform a wide variety of func- tions. Many bounty hunters are independent Imperial peacekeepers who go head-to-head against some of the Empire’s most wanted crimi- nals, including important members of the Rebel, Alliance. Others work exclusively for companies or private individuals. Still others work indepen- dently, living and dying by their own sell-im- posed ules of conduct. Itisa grim and dangerous business, but a necessary one as well. The Ethics Of The Hunt Stamped on the back of every Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate (PKC), recognized as the bounty hunter's “license to operate,” is, a summary of the following set of particulars that define the rules under which a hunter makes a living in the Empire +The beingorentity postingabounty, whether the Empire, local government, corporation or individual, reserves the right to determine suitable punishment for a bounty subject. Unless bounties are posted as “Wanted Dead or Alive," live capture ofa bounty subject must be attempted unless the live capture of sald subject presents a compelling threat to the Empire orits citizens and property. Whenever feasible, the subject must be given the oppor- tunity to peacefully surrender to the bearer of this certificate. Flight, refusal to comply with the directives of a registered hunter, prior activities indicating a predisposition to resis- tance to capture, resistance, or assault is con- sidered refusal to surrender. ‘Injury, incapacitation or death of the subject of a given bounty may only occur if under circumstances in which the subject has first refused to peacefully surrender, has exhibited predisposition to refuse peaceful surrender, or the bearer of this certificate is forced to act in self-defense or in the defense of Imperial citizens or private or Imperial property. * In such instances in which force must be used to accomplish the apprehension of a bounty subject, only that force which const tutes a clear and reasonable application can be authorized against the subject. + The bearer of this certificate agrees not to accept any illegal contract, informal arrange- ment, or private service contract that shall involve the use of his or her services against any person in the Empire for whom a bounty has not been registered with the Imperial Of- fice of Criminal Investigations (OCI or agents of the Imperial Security Bureau. Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters