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Student Visa Application Instructions

To begin the process of obtaining a Student Visa for flight training at ATP, you
must submit to us the required information. The process is simple and requires
that you do the following:

1. Complete the form - Simply fill in all the fields of this Student Visa
Application, and save the file.
2. Make a digital copy of your Passport – Scan your passport so that the page
containing your photograph and the passport expiration date are clearly
3. Make a digital copy of your Bank Statement – Scan your proof of financial
responsibility. This is proof that you have the funds to pay the entire cost
of your training and living expenses while in the United States. This can be
a copy of your bank statement with your name and sufficient available
funds. Also acceptable is a letter from your bank indicating funds available
equal to or greater than that amount.
4. Attach and Send all three – Attach and send via email the above three
items to: international@atpflightschool.com

Once we have received and reviewed all three items attached to your email, we
can begin the process of helping you obtain your M-1 Visa.
Student Visa Application

Family (Last):

Full name

Suffix (Jr. etc.)

Date of Birth

Gender ____Male ____Female

Country of Birth

Country of Citizenship

Address 1:

Address 2:

Foreign Address
Province / Territory:

Postal Code:



I am proficient in English ____YES

I have attached a copy of

my Passport
I have attached a
verification of financial ____YES
Check each of the
education levels which
you have completed or ___Grade School ___High School ___College