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Orville Wright – Speech – by Jeffrey Mills

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I’m Orville Wright, in

1903 I was the man to fly the world’s first powered
aero plane. To think I once said “not in a thousand
years would man ever fly!”

I was born on the 19th of August 1871, in Dayton,

Ohio, USA. My parents were Bishop Milton Wright of
the United Brethren and Susan Koerner Wright. I’m a
brother to Reuchlin, Lorin, Wilbur and Katharine;
Wilbur was my closest.

At home we were encouraged to investigate, whatever

struck our curiosity. I went into various business
ventures with my brother Wilbur after I left high
school. These were a publishing company, a bicycle
store and an aeroplane business.

During our time with the bicycle business, our hobby

was looking at the possibilities of flight. We had read
books from our father’s library and created
friendships with people researching and practicing
flight; like Otto Lilenthial and Octave Chanute. We
went onto build our own gliders, and fly them.
Our feat came when we had created powered flight.
In December of 1903 I Orville Wright was the first
man to fly a powered machine, and land safely, this
was 120 feet and took 12 seconds.

After this great achievement from 1904-1912 we

improved our aeroplanes, traveled Europe and
undertook a contract with the US Army. Sadly I was
also involved in the first aeroplane fatality, this did
not stop Wilbur or myself continuing with flight. We
later also opened a school for pilots.

In 1912 my brother Wilbur died after illness from a

heart disorder. After Wilbur’s death I continued to
carry on our legacy towards an exciting future.
Opening an aeronautics laboratory and returned to
inventing. I also served with NASA for 28 years. In
1948 my death was known around the world and my
legend still lives on today.