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wa once served time, judge told By PATRICIA W. MONTMINY ‘Sun Stal AYER ~ Thesuepectin thermur der of Katerina Brow bad problems trith alcohol and drugs, and apent hee years in a New Hampshire [all for slashing the throatof New Hampshire man, according to lawyers for the rosecuticn and de- “Kenneth Waters, 29, of 28 Erie ‘St, who police say was always a Suspect fa the Brow murder, was arraigned is Ayer District Court yestottay aRernoon before Judge David Williamson charges of mur er and armed robbery. ‘Waters, an unemployed short cxder covk, divorced, andthe father fof vo children, was held withous ‘ail and remanded tothe Billerica House of Correction after Acat.D. Nell Hasenstaf outlined Waters personel history which included Molenee, drinking, and drags. ‘Waters, whose case was con: tinued to Oct. 20, was arrosted ‘Monday night at his other shone in Providence by Ayer police aff ffs Dennis MacDonald and Nancy Taylor. “He is charged in connection with the May 21,1980, bratal slaying of Mrs, Brow, 4, inside her traler at Tv, Roanweod Sve. “Hacenstaf told the court that ‘Waters "has a long record of vic- Hlasspanize fal op charges that were reduced to aggravated ‘esaile "According to ofiear Taylor, who ‘has worked on the mureer probe ‘with Ayer Police Chief Philip Con- hors, the suspect was origizally hanged with rtempted marder af fer slashing the throat of 3 New Hampshire maa. As a result, be spens three years in jail aRer the incident happened in Rockingham County in 1978, she said “Entering 2 plea of innocent in ‘behalf of his client, defenge crunsel Stanley Narkownss admitted that ‘Waters has had a history of "prob- ‘one wih leat and dso bathe ‘lingo submitto a Hodes ‘But, Waters once felled to takoa If detector test. ‘As Hasensta tld the court that laters hed “disappeared,” and a3 no where tobe found” when plilee scheduled « polygraph, Wa- Pryamnotnee "il teke one night Narkounas asked for $20,000 ‘eal on the grounds that Waters sc ou ta Ayer twice since “ih Brow slaying, once for # pen Ing count matter, ators Was fired fom is;obas.a athrt order cook at the Park Street, Dhor in Ayer in September of 190, Narkounas ssid ie returned to Providence for ‘month then went to Cal fohia. After leaving California, said. he went to Phoeni, ensia re detoxifiation center, «dar investiga Hasenstaf told Judge W iam, ‘whe vietim wa killed ta ome, Tagwsss af dotnqrwae stolen. A le detector test 4 scho- Galed and he was no whe to be found. Hie asa long resordotvio- lence and bar served tone ifs Now Harapehire jal Hasenstaf also told th court ese Was ane Sparta ere Tie ie emer cons couse seme te Sef se Senki Sia hea ape cite ia Tein eaters gue spotnbaty Serdar oar Ste, SAD ent SSPE wath abiial court the informant would be testi in court In addition to the informatie police have also acquired plysteal evidence, Tavor awever; police would not disle what that evidence is, ‘Waters was bora in Groton 2 ralsed:in Providence. Police said Spent a considerable amount tate atthe home of is late gear father, Benjamin Davenport, © ‘with is grandfather atthe the murder, Taylor sad ‘Waters was arested inthe cell cof his mother’s home, Taylor sa Hrtold police ne was aware that was Being sought, bus that he innocent ad hes an alibi, Tay added ‘Tudo Williams declared Wate indigent and said he wil assgr Inwwer from the Massackuset Public Defenders Commitise ne Wednesday. BAWO00583 SSS SSS a BAWo000583