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Static Distance Protection Relay


Static Distance
Protection Relay

• Full scheme 3-zone distance relay
with 18 measuring elements.
• Characteristic shopes to suitall
line lengths and fault levels,
• Fast operating limes over a very
wide range of fault conditions.
• Digital synchronous polarising for
close-upthree phase faults.
• Microprocessor scheme logic: with
wide range of built-in schemes
selected by option switches.
• Ample input/outputfacilities - 5
optically coupled inpub, 2.4output
contacts, 10 light emitting dio~.
• Full range of lest features for
commissioning and routine testing. Figure I: QUADRAMHO relay.
Interfacing enables automatic field
lest equipment 10 be used if Models available AppIicalian
Two models are available with the The QUADRAMHO distance relay has
• Continuous self monitoring, on-
following characteristics: been designed and developed for
demand and periodic self-lesting.
• Zone 1 and 2 high speed protection of medium and
• Built-in vollcge transformer high voltage transmission, sub-
supervision. Shaped partially cross-polarised transmission and distribution lines.
mho with partially cron-polarised The full scheme design offers many
• Built-in power swing blocking directional line.
feature. advantages over switched relays
Zone 3 traditionally used in this application.
Offset lens, (adjustable to offset The full scheme arrangement uses 18
circular mho). comparators eliminating the need for
• Zone 1 ond 2 ground foulb: starting relays and switchingcircuits,
thus providing a high degree of
Quadrilateral with partially cross-
reliability and foster operating times.
polarised directional line.
The relay is suitable for both three
Zone 1 and 2 phase foults:
pole ond singl&<lnd-three-pole
Shaped partially cross-polarised
tripping of the circuit breaker.
mho with partially cron-polarised
directional line. Either busbar or line voltage
transformers may be used and these
Zone 3 ground faults:
am be either capacitor VT's or
Offset quodriloteral.
electro-magnetic VT's.
Zone 3 phase foulb: CT requirements are moderote as the
Offset circulor mho. relay is highlytoleront of saturated
current transformers.