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VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure

Overview C o u r s e O u t l i n e
This deep hands-on training course explores VMware Module 1: Virtual Infrastructure Overview
Infrastructure 3, which consists of VMware ESX Server
• VMware products: functions and applications
and VMware VirtualCenter.
Module 2: ESX Server Installation
“VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure” is a • Set-up of ESX Server
prerequisite to taking the certification exam and Module 3: Networking
becoming a VMware Certified Professional. • Configuration of virtual switches, network connections
and port groups
Course Objectives Module 4: Storage
At the end of the course, you will understand the • Storage management technologies
functionality in VMware Infrastructure 3 and be able to: Module 5: VirtualCenter Installation
• Install and configure virtual machines • Set-up of VirtualCenter
• Deploy virtual machines from templates and Module 6: Creation and Management of VMs
allocate resources • Use of templates
• Migrate and manage virtual machines
• Cold and VMotion migrations
• Ensure high availability of applications
• Troubleshoot typical ESX Server issues • Manage using VMware VirtualCenter and Web Access
Module 7: Resource Management
Target Audience • Setting VM priorities on CPU, memory, and other
System administrators, systems engineers, and
operators responsible for ESX Server and/or Module 8: Virtual Machine Access Control
VirtualCenter • Controlling administrator rights
Module 9: Monitoring Your Environment
Prerequisites • Workload assessment

System administration experience on Microsoft • Service Console monitoring

Windows or Linux operating systems Module 10: Data and Availability Protection
• Clustering, backups, failover
Pricing and Scope Module 11: Troubleshooting
• System architecture
• Standard price £2,145 + VAT per delegate
• 4 days of instructor-led, classroom training • Systematic isolation of problems
• 50% lecture, 50% hands-on lab • Common symptoms, faults, fixes

list price for North America. Contact VMware Sales or your local VMware
reseller for pricing outside North America or on-site training pricing.

For more information, contact Five IT on 0845 123 2913 or email training@FiveIT.co.uk