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My name is Anita Singh. I live in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Presently I am 32 years of age, married.

I got
married at the age of 25 to Rajesh, who was a shop-owner. My married life started smooth and I was happy with
everything. Rajesh and I shared a very good and close relation. My sex life also was quite regular and satisfactory.
But bitterness in my life started when Rajesh and I decided we are going to have an issue after two years of our
marriage. When even after one year of unprotected copulation I was not getting pregnant, we were very concerned.
There was pressure from my in laws also. I was really confused why this was happening. I had my periods regularly
and physically also I had a very developed figure from my teenage itself. I never thought that I could land up in
such a problem!

I was 27 years then, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5 feet 2 inches height, oval face, and amply built. As I said I
had a developed figure from my teens with 32 breast size and flaring hips from my college days. I was conscious
about my diet so that I do not add additional flesh on my hips. I always got a good male attention on road or at any
gathering, which I could sense, though I was pretty conservative in dressing. In that sense I was very shy
regarding these matters, which was really due to my upbringing and the small town we lived in. I was adequately
gifted by god at proper places in my body though with somewhat heavy bottoms. I was pretty active and fit with
regular menses.

Rajesh took me to a number of doctors. I was very shy initially though we went to female gynecologists. But I felt
very embarrassed in that process of examination where each time I had to open my sari, salwar kamiz, or whatever
I was wearing and even pull down my panty. To tell honestly I had a real turn on when the doctor touched my
private organs for examining purpose, though she was a female I got triggered she was actually examined my
breasts or nipples or my hairy pussy. I instantly got wetness down there and it reflected very apparently on my
panty, which was rather uncomfortable for me. The doctors gave medicines and asked for lab tests, but there was
no result.

Rajesh then took me to the city doctor, but I made him very clear that I would go for a checkup only to a lady
doctor. But all those resulted in nothing positive. My mother-in-law took me to homeopaths, who also could not yield
any result for me. The relation between Rajesh and me was also getting bitter. At the same time I realized I was
not at all getting any sexual pleasure out of copulation, rather it seemed to be an exercise to achieve something.
Days went by and I did not even realize that another year was gone! I was 28 years by then. I remained so
depressed all day and had a real hard time.

Then one day Rajesh told me that he has decided to go to a male gynecologist who is an expert in infertility cases
in the city again. I was really very rigid about not going to the male gynecologist out of my shyness. I think any
normal lady would avoid that because the fact remains you have to expose your breasts and pussy in front of a
male, may it be for examination purpose. So I was really rigid on my stand about avoiding a male doctor and before
this could land up in a harsh confrontation between my husband and me, one of my neighbors, Meera, had a proposal
to my mother-in-law.

If I can quote my neighbor’s words to my mother-in-law,

”Aunty-ji, you have tried so many doctors for Anita, but you did not get any result. Anita told she even went to the
city for a checkup. You applied homeopath also, but she is not yet blessed with a child. Look at her; she looks so
depressed all day. Why don’t you take Anita to Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram Aunty-ji? Two of my relatives got
result; they were childless for 4-5 years. They went to him, took “diksha” and his herbal medications changed their
lives. And our Anita is only married for three years! Before her case goes too worse, you make a visit to Guru-ji, as
he can do miracles.”

Its not that we had not heard of this sadhu-baba at Rampur, but his ashram was very far off from our town. He
had cured some critical diseases and some childless cases also. I was really searching a way to avoid this male
doctor checkup and at the same time a hope to get a child made me readily jump into this proposal. My mother-in-
law also convinced my husband by saying,
“Rajesh, I think what Meera says makes sense. Since we have tried some doctors and tests were all normal, lets not
waste more time on that right now. These sadhu-babas really can do miracles and as Meera was saying the herbal
medicines worked for his relatives who were childless for 5 years.”
In my mind I was so thankful to Meera for her timely idea. At that point I was indeed trying my best to avoid
probing my body by a male gynecologist, but little could I guess that this ashram visit would actually be a shameful
remembrance for me lifelong. The way I was exploited in the name of “diksha”, in the name of “treatment”, and in
the name of “jagya” makes me feel so ashamed even today, after so many years. I was exploited so very cleverly
and emphatically at every level and my desire to get a child was so high that I allowed everything crossing every
limit of decency and modesty.

It was one week stay in the ashram of Guru-ji at Rampur and within that period I had to allow at least half a dozen
males to enjoy my 28-year-old fully matured figure from all angles – seeing, touching, examining, groping, squeezing,
and all one can think of except fucking, because that crowning was done by Guru-ji himself! I had to shed all my
shyness and was virtually treated like a slut during my treatment under Guru-ji. I am really amazed when I look
back at those seven days about how I allowed all that! Probably Guru-ji’s mesmerizing personality and my eventual
desire to get the child at all cost made me act such lewdly from a shy modest housewife.

Rampur. Guru-ji’s ashram was situated here, a small village, which was surrounded by mountains on all the sides.
There was a big pond with very clear water just beside the ashram, which made it like a heaven with cool breeze
blowing and there was absolutely no signs of pollution. My mother-in-law came with me. Rajesh ultimately was not
able to make it with me, my mother-in-law took me there. There was a substantial crowd waiting for darshan of
Guru-ji. We had made an appointment so that we could talk privately to him regarding my problem. I was a quite
afraid seeing Guru-ji, who was hugely built, almost 6 feet in height with a stout figure. He was wearing a saffron
dress and his voice was calm and reverberating. A feeling of obedience would automatically come seeing and
listening to this man.

My mother-in-law narrated about my purpose of visit and Guru-ji listened to it very intently. There were two more
persons who were his disciples probably in that room apart from me, my mother-in-law and Guru-ji. One of them
was taking some notes as my mother-in-law was detailing my problem.

Guru-ji: Mata-ji, I am glad that you have brought your bahu to me regarding this problem. I want to make one thing
very clear that I cannot do miracles, but if she takes ‘diksha’ under me and performs what I suggest faithfully, she
would not return with empty hands. Mata-ji, the treatment path is not easy in these cases and if your bahu can
walk on that path, there is no reason why she would not have a child in a year’s time. Of course, provided after the
treatment, she meets with her husband on my suggested days.

The words were so convincing that I was more than eager to take ‘diksha’ under him and start the ‘treatment’ at
that very moment. My mother-in-law also expressed the same to Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Mata-ji, before you agree you should first know my norms. I do not keep any devotee in darkness. There
are three stages in achieving the coveted goal of being a mother here. They are ‘diksha’, ‘herbal treatment’ and
‘jagya’. Your bahu has to stay here for five days at a stretch to complete the diksha and the herbal treatment
starting from a full moon night. If I feel that is enough to attain the goal, she might leave on the sixth day, but if
a ‘jagya’ is required depending on her case, she would have to stay for another two days making it 7 continuous
days. She has to abide by my ashram rules, which my disciple will tell you.

We were listening to his mesmeric voice and I must say it had some hypnotic effect. I did not see any offensive
norms in what he said and so was my mother-in-law and I gave the nod to take ‘diskha’ and do the ‘treatment’ under

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, please note down her personal details before proceeding and let her know in details about ashram
rules and regulations. Beti, you go with him to the next room. Mata-ji, you can ask me if you have any other
questions and concerns other than this issue.

I alighted from the ground and followed Guru-ji’s disciple, Sanjeev. We went to the adjacent room and he asked me
to sit to the couch that was there in that room. He remained standing. He was around my age only, around 35-40
years with an average body and a calm, smiling face.

Sanjeev: Madam, my name is Sanjeev. You just don’t worry since you have come to Guru-ji. I have seen several
women who benefitted from his unique and very special treatment. But you have to obey it completely as he says.

I said, “Yes of course. I will definitely try to do that. I have been suffering for this now almost three years.”

Sanjeev: Don’t worry Madam. Let me now tell you about what you have to do. You will appear here next Monday
afternoon before 7:00 p.m. That day is a full moon night, so you will have ‘diksha’. Madam, please do not bring your
sari etc. as our ashram has a dress code and you will be given saris, which are specially washed with herbal
detergents, and also Madam, no ornaments are allowed here. Actually speaking we offer everything here, so there
is no need to bring anything.

I was a bit puzzled about the “sari” part, as I have not seen any woman in the ashram till then. He just mentioned
about wearing the saffron sari, but what about blouse and petticoat. I cannot just wear a sari. Sanjeev probably
understood what I was wondering.

Sanjeev: Madam, you must have noticed that Guru-ji told me to note your “personal details”, so you do not worry
about blouse etc. In our ashram we provide everything staring from hair clip to slippers.

He laughed a little and I also was relieved. Still I was wondering about my undergarments; will the ashram provide
that also I was puzzled!

Sanjeev: Madam, please answer to my questions honestly. And Madam one thing please do not feel shy here and
don’t be introvert because you have come here for a goal and we are just here to make you achieve that.

I felt very confident hearing Sanjeev’s words, otherwise was a bit nervous.

Sanjeev: Do you have regular periods Madam?

Me: Yes, very rarely do I miss.

Sanjeev: When did you last have an irregular period?

Me: Three to four months back may be. I took some medicine and cleared it.

Sanjeev: What’s your approximate period date Madam?

Me: 22nd or 23rd of a month.

Sanjeev was noting down as I was answering. So he was not in direct eye contact with me, so I was finding it easy
to answer such personal questions. Otherwise I have never talked about these to anyone except to the doctors I

Sanjeev: Madam do you have heavy periods or moderate? Do you feel any additional pain, discomfort other than the

Me: Moderate, 2-3 days. No, normal.

Sanjeev: Okay Madam, rest of the more intimate details will be taken up by Guru-ji when you will be in the ashram.

I was a bit comfortable hearing that though was thinking on what “intimate details” would the Guru-ji take from
me. Sanjeev continued the conversation and I almost stammered answering his next question feeling very shy
sharing this sort of information to an unknown male.
Sanjeev: Madam, now about ashram dress code. We will give you four herbal washed saffron saris for your seven-
day stay. Generally I have seen that is sufficient, but we do have additional also if needed. What is the size that
your wear? I mean blouse…

Me: Err, I mean why do you need that?

I knew that was foolish to ask, but it came out just spontaneous and went into a more uncomfortable conversation.

Sanjeev: Madam, in our ashram we provide sari, blouse and petticoat to the women who come for ‘diskha’ and
‘treatment’. So for that only I need the size.

Me: Okay, its 32.

I noticed Sanjeev noted the figure and looked for a second directly at my erect boobs under the cover of my
blouse and sari as if trying to measure the 32 size through his eyes.

Sanjeev: Madam, since mostly the women who come for ‘diksha’ to Guru-ji are from rural areas and as you also know
many of them do not wear any undergarment, we have no provision for that. But since you are coming from the
town, please carry your undergarments, but remember to get it sterilized here herbally, as you are not allowed to
wear anything, which is nonsterile after ‘diksha’.

I nodded with a smiling face and was a lot relieved hearing this.

Sanjeev: Thanks Madam. You can leave now and appear here on Monday afternoon. .

I returned with my mother-in-law who sounded very optimistic about the Guru-ji as she had a talk while I was in
the other room with Sanjeev and she assured me not to get tensed being there alone, but to faithfully obey Guru-ji
as he instructs. I was happy overall, but little could I anticipate what was in store for me in those seven days in the

Next Monday, I went out with my mother-in-law again for Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram. In my bag I practically took
nothing, as Guru-ji’s disciple Sanjeev told that everything would be available there, except for a spare set of
clothing including a sari, blouse and petticoat and some money for emergency purpose. I took two sets of my
undergarments and one set I was already wearing and thought that it would be enough for seven days.

Sanjeev greeted us with smiling faces. We went to Guru-ji and he gave ashirwad to both of us and after some
general talks, my mother-in-law went back and I was all alone in the ashram with Guru-ji and his disciples. Today I
saw two more disciples apart from Sanjeev and another one I had met the other day.

Guru-ji: Beti, be comfortable here. Can I call you by name?

Me: Certainly Guru-ji.

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable in front of five males, as I was the only woman there. They were all looking at me.
I was wearing a light colored cotton sari with matching blouse. Though my breasts were erect as usual through my
blouse and sari pallu, I noticed none were looking at that as most males do when they first meet me. Finally looking
at Guru-ji’s calm eyes and listening to his soothing voice, I was getting normal and comfortable.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, let me introduce you to the members of my ashram. Sanjeev you have already met, the other
ones are Rajkamal, Nirmal, and Uday. During the time of ‘diksha’ Sanjeev will guide you and others will help you
during the ‘treatment’ in different phases, which I will tell you clearly later. Now you take rest and I will meet you
at 10:00 p.m. for ‘diksha’. Sanjeev will steer you through.
Sanjeev: Please come Madam.

We went to a cozy small room, which Sanjeev referred to as ‘my room’ with an attached toilet, where I found a
very large mirror, where one can see almost the full figure, which seemed quite unusual to me, as we generally have
small mirrors in bathrooms. There was also a clean white towel, soaps, toothpaste, etc. nicely kept as is in a hotel.
In the room there was a cot, a dressing table with comb, hair-clips, sindoor, bindi, etc., a chair and a cupboard in
that room. Sanjeev gave me a cup of milk and some snacks to eat.

Sanjeev: Madam, you take rest and let me know if you need anything extra apart from what is available here. Then
after an hour I will come and take you for ‘diksha’, which is actually the sterilization process of your mind and body.
That is the starting point of your journey to reach your goal Madam. By the way, if you can hand over your bag as I
will check and allow only those as per ashram rules to be kept along with you.

I was a bit taken aback by the last part of his words, especially “I will check”.

Me: I have brought nothing as you said.

Sanjeev: But still Madam, I have to check. Don’t be shy here. I will be with you throughout your stay here.

He took my bag without waiting for my permission. He took out the money-purse from it. Then he took out the
couple of white brassieres that I have brought with me and put them on the bed. I was looking at the floor in utter
shyness that an unfamiliar male was handling my inner wears. Now he took out a blue panty and waited sometime
and held it in the air as if he was trying to guess how that little thing can hold my pumpkin like ass. Thankfully he
did not look at me and then took out some handkerchieves, and the spare sari, blouse and the petticoat that I had
brought. Finally he took out one last item, my white panty, and put that on bed too.

Sanjeev: Okay Madam, so I will take your extra sari, blouse, and petticoat and keep that in office as you are not
allowed to wear outside clothing. I will give you the ashram sari, blouse, and petticoat when you will go for ‘diksha’
and also a nightdress for sleeping. Also I am taking your inner wears for sterilization and will return you tomorrow

I had nothing to say, but to nod my head. He took my undergarments and again he stopped a bit on my panty. It was
so awkward for me. Then came the bumper question from him, which turned me red instantly.

Sanjeev: Madam, I will also need your err.. I mean your bra that you are wearing right now for sterilization

Me: But, how can I give it right now… I stammered.

Sanjeev: Madam, I will have to prepare the boiling herbal solution for washing and it takes a lot of time doing that.
So I was asking you to hand me over, it would save time and labour for me.

He was saying in such a cool voice as if it’s so normal. I had really no reasoning for this and had no other
alternative, but to hand over my bra and panty to him. For once it did not struck me that I will have to remain
without my undergarments till the next morning, as Sanjeev said he would return them next morning after
sterilization, and all these males in the ashram would know that very well and its not that I will remain all along in
my room, I will have to go for ‘diksha’ and would have to move around in front of male eyes without my bra on, which
would automatically be a sexy exhibition for any male.

Me: Okay then, if you can come after sometime, I shall hand it over.

Sanjeev: Don’t worry Madam, I will just wait here. How much time will it take to…

He deliberately did not finish as it was very apparent what he tried to say.
Me: Okay, as you wish.

Saying that I went inside the toilet. Sanjeev waited in the room. I noticed that the toilet door was more of a half
door leaving a gap at the top. Soon I realized why it is like that because there was not a single hook in the
bathroom to keep clothes. One has to keep on the door top, that’s why the gap is left there. But soon I also
realized that Sanjeev was there in the room and he would see the clothes that I keep on the door from within the
room. So he will clearly have an idea to what extent I was undressed in the toilet as I keep the clothes on the door.
My ears were getting hot at this thought, but also considered that I must be thinking a bit too much, as they are
after all devotee and lead a sage life.

I faced the door and started opening my sari and quickly unwrapped it from my body. I kept it on the door top and
then started to open the knot of my white petticoat and had to wriggle a bit as it was sticking to my fleshy bottom.
There was a large mirror in the bathroom, as I said earlier, and I saw that my panty was displaying more than
covering my large ass cheeks. This was a problem with me, I tried several brands, but unfortunately every panty
that I wear automatically shrinks towards my ass crack and cover practically nothing of my buttocks. I was truly
looking very obscene like that with my blouse on and panty squeezing in my ass crack. Hence I quickly got out of my
panty and was about to keep it on the door top, but the very thought that Sanjeev must have noticed my sari and
petticoat hanging on the door made me change my mind, as if he sees my panty there, it would be very apparent
that I am now naked. Hence I kept it on the dry portion of the floor and started unbuttoning my blouse and bra to
get completely naked.

It was just the partition of the door between Sanjeev and me and I am stark naked here and he is just a few feet
away behind the toilet door. I turned red and was feeling a flow in my pussy already. I was standing with my blouse
and bra in my hand and noticed that they were soaked in sweat, especially the armpits of my blouse and the cups of
my bra. I kept the blouse on the door top and picked up my panty from floor and observed wet marks on my panty
too. So I thought that I would wash them and then give to Sanjeev for sterilization. At that very moment Sanjeev

Sanjeev: Madam, shall I take your left over garments for a wash and you can wear the spare ones that you have
brought. They must be all sweaty in this humid weather.

The voice was so near, I was astonished. He must be very near the toilet door and have been noticing I am keeping
my sari, blouse and petticoat on the door top! I was a bit shaken by his voice and quickly wrapped the towel around
my completely naked body though I was quite secure behind closed doors of the toilet. I replied in a meek voice.

Me: No, no, its okay.

Sanjeev: What okay Madam, you will feel fresh wearing the new set. But Madam, do not take a bath now, as before
‘diksha’ you have to take a bath.

I gained composure by that time and thought Sanjeev’s idea was better as I need a change of my dress as I had
sweated a lot. Before I could give him a green signal to bring my spare dress, he himself was proactive.

Sanjeev: Madam, I am taking your sari, petticoat and blouse for a wash and will keep the spare one that you have

Giving me no time to react, I saw that the sari and petticoat vanished in a flash from the toilet door top. Now I
have literally nothing to wear except for my inner wear. The blouse also was gone in a moment. I don’t know what he
did with them but his comment shocked me.

Sanjeev: Madam, it seems you sweat a lot in your armpits, the blouse is totally wet there, and the back is also
somewhat wet.
I was dying out of shame now. It means he is checking my blouse at different parts, the armpits, the back, and
obviously the cups, where my twin peaks stay. I am a married housewife, 32-year-old old fully mature woman and
this unknown man was checking my ‘taken off’ blouse! I had to answer something.

Me: Yes, err… I mean sweat a lot.

Saying that and wasting no more time I started washing my bra and panty so that I do not face any more tricky
questions. I also noted that Sanjeev kept my spare clothes on the door top. But the petticoat slipped to my side
from the door top as he kept the blouse over it.

Sanjeev: Sorry Madam. I did not realize that it would slide like that.

Since I was washing, I could not also catch it and it landed on watered part of the floor and instantly my light blue
petticoat turned deep blue soaked in water.

Sanjeev: Madam, I hope it landed on dry floor or is it wet?

I could not tell the truth as it could provoke more lewd conversations.

Me: Its okay. It landed in dry are.

Sanjeev: Still I should have been more careful.

I had finished washing my inner wear and had to take off the towel off my body to dry myself. My free naked
boobs jiggled on every movement I made, which I saw in mirror reflection. As I said, my boobs have not sagged at
all, they stood proud and unknowingly my nipples were already hard and stood up like two grapes.

I took the blouse off the door top and started wearing it. This was after a very long time that I was wearing a
blouse without a bra. Hardly do I remain in the day without a bra and at night I wear a nighty with nothing below,
but a blouse with nothing underneath was a very rare dressing for me. I do not know why the thin material of the
blouse trembled me a bit and to my ill luck, this was a thin, white one and in the mirror I made out that it was
displaying my booby treasures in vivid way. The nipple outlines were clear evident and to my shock both brownish
areolas on my breasts appeared through the white material of the blouse. I was cursing myself for bringing this
blouse, but had now no alternative but to wear it.

Sanjeev: Madam, are you over? I need to attend Guru-ji once now.

I quickly wore the wet petticoat, as I had no other choice and by no means could go in that sari before a male
without the petticoat on, as the sari was quite flimsy. I made all necessary adjustments to hide my upper treasures
with my sari pallu.

Sanjeev looked at me with a smiling face as I came out through the toilet door. There was a step from the toilet
towards the room and when I stepped down on it, automatically my free boobs clasped loosely in the blouse gave a
bouncing effect and I noted that his eyes did not miss that. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to be like this
in front of this male and I tried to wrap up things as quickly as possible. I handed him the washed undergarments. I
was feeling wetness on my smooth buttocks and thighs, as the petticoat that I was wearing was half wet especially
in the buttock area and that was making me more uncomfortable.

Sanjeev: Okay Madam, take rest.

He left and I felt so relieved and quickly closed the room door and got rid of the wet petticoat. This time I did not
open my sari and just lifted it to my waist and untied the petticoat knot. It was sticking to my buttock as it was
wet and I had to struggle a bit to finally slide it over my round ass cheeks. The very sensation of not wearing
anything below my sari was giving me a turn on.
Almost an hour passed, but there was no sign of Sanjeev taking me for ‘diksha’. My petticoat was more or less dry
now and I was thinking of wearing it when there was a knock on the door. I had to say something to the person
knocking as I needed to put on the petticoat.

Me: Please wait, I am opening in a minute.

I swiftly wore the petticoat and flowed the sari over it and opened the door. There was Nirmal standing on the

Nirmal: Madam, Sanjeev said to take you to diksha room. Guru-ji is waiting there.

He was a short statured guy, only probably 5 feet and his eyes were just in the level of my boobs. I was careful not
to show him any unnecessary bouncing of my free boobs.

Me: Okay I am ready. But Sanjeev was saying to take a bath before the diksha…

I could not complete as Nirmal interrupted in between.

Nirmal: Yes Madam, that’s right, but that bath would be with special herbal water in front of Guru-ji.

Me: What?

That was my instant reaction hearing the words “in front of Guru-ji” and I suppose any woman would react like that.

Me: How can I bathe in front of him, I am not a little girl?

Nirmal: No, no Madam, you got me wrong. I wanted to say the herbal waters are specially prepared by Guru-ji and
he chants some mantra on that before you take the bath. There is separate toilet in the diksha room.

Listening to him I calmed down, but he probably got entertained by my reaction.

Nirmal: Madam, who says you are a little girl? He must be a blind donkey.

He paused a bit and then added, “But Madam, you cannot deny that you can look like a little girl if you get back to
your school days uniform.”

He smiled. Nirmal was flirting with me I realized, but to my surprise I was enjoying his words! His comment did not
irritate me. I was feeling hardness again in my nipples and my breasts getting firm hearing a male hinting me to
show up in my school uniform, seemingly knowing the school uniform skirt would not even properly cover my macro-
sized buttocks. Nirmal’s eyes were directly on my taut breasts due to his short height.

I also replied teasingly.

Me: Sanjeev already said your ashram would provide sari for me. I hope you will not come up separately with a
school dress.

Nirmal: Madam, ashram is like a school only. So there is no harm in wearing that. But don’t blame me if you cannot
wear it Madam.

He said laughingly. I do not know why I was dragging this and getting fun out of this useless conversation, but
somehow this short-height Nirmal amused me. During this conversation I completely was out of my mind that why I
have come to the ashram. It was not a fun trip and I was here for a treatment for bearing the child. But the
chronology of events with Sanjeev first and now this amusing Nirmal probably drifted me temporarily.
By then, I could realize my nipples were growing to their full size and my heart beating faster. May be my standing
in front of a completely unknown male in braless state added to it.

Me: You have a point that ashram is like a school only. But why can’t I wear it?

What he replied was the most provocative statement I have ever heard from a male concerning me.

Nirmal: So you agree that the ashram is like a school. So you should have no objection in wearing a school uniform.
But the uniform will be of the size of a schoolgirl because it is a ‘school uniform’. Right Madam?

He paused very briefly looking at my eyes, but his eyeballs roaming frequently on my whole body.

Nirmal: Suppose I bring a school dress for you Madam, the white top and the pleated skirt, I can bet you cannot
wear it as even if you can get your legs into the skirt, it will not go up your hips. Madam, you are very plump there.
And for the top, surely you will not be able to close a single button of the top even if you are braless as you are
right now. So was I wrong Madam if I had said ‘don’t blame me if you cannot wear it’.

I was getting amused by the conversation no doubt, but at the same time was taken aback when he said he knew I
was not wearing a bra directly. It seems the whole ashram knew that!

Me: Umm… But I don’t agree with you. I can wear the skirt surely; the top may be a problem. But thank god! You do
not have the school uniform as the ashram dress code.

I giggled and Nirmal laughed back at me too.

Nirmal was gaining in confidence in his words as he saw me responding to his teasing talks. May be he leads a sage
life, but the way I started showing signs of shamelessness in my conversation probably provoked him. I was really
unsure what I was trying to do, my pussy was already wet and my boobs gaining in firmness. I was also breathing a
bit heavily now. It was difficult for me to stand still, and so pretending to adjust my sari in front of him, I actually
was rubbing my ass to the door.

Nirmal: Madam, now we are getting late, but let us do a trail after your ‘diksha’ is complete. I will bring you a school
dress to try out and then you will agree to my words.

Nirmal is inviting me for a lewd session I could understand. I was also equally fascinated to tease this 5 feet
dwarfish male.

Me: Oh really, you have a school uniform in the ashram. How come?

Nirmal: Madam, one of the devotees of Guru-ji came with her daughter and by mistake has left a packet some days
ago in which there was a school uniform of her daughter along with other clothes. She never came back to take it.
It’s lying in the office cupboard. But Madam lets go now for your diksha, Guru-ji must be waiting.

This was going a bit too far. I never expected a school uniform of a girl in this ashram, but thoroughly enjoying this
dwarf’s pranks.

The diksha room was somewhat bigger than the room I was staying. There were pictures of various gods and
goddesses. There was a throne-like structure where there was a small stature garlanded with lots of flowers and
leaves. The whole atmosphere was smoky as there were several agarbattis burning simultaneously. There was
Sanjeev and Guru-ji in the room. I did get quite nervous coming in that room. Nirmal left the place closing the door
behind me.

Guru-ji: Anita, its time for your diksha. Let me brief you about this. You will take diksha under me, but we are all
serving the Linga Maharaj. We are all disciples of him and you will also become one in a short time. Your diksha is
different from us as you are taking this keeping in mind of a goal of getting pregnant. So it will also not feature
the full rituals. Jai Linga Maharaj. Anita, Linga Maharaj is based on miniature Amarnath of Kashmir. It has supreme
power and if you devote yourself completely to him, he can do wonders for you. But if there is any shortfall in the
dedication, you will not get the desired result. Jai Linga Maharaj

Sanjeev also chanted “Jai Linga Maharaj” and asked me to chant too. I also said “Jai Linga Maharaj”, but never
realized what I was chanting!

Guru-ji: Anita, diksha to Linga Maharaj is cleaning your body and soul. So, first I want you to clean your body. You
go to the toilet, have a bath with the water in the bucket, which is a special mixture of herbs with water and roll
the linga over every part of your body.

Saying that he handed me over the “linga”, which I saw was a black stone made 6-7 inches long one-inch broad
structure with a rather broad base at one end. It was looking like an egg roll, that we have from fast food centers,
but standing on a small base. I was correlating it with an egg roll in my mind, but never could realize Guru-ji was
signifying it with the ‘male linga’ meaning penis!

Guru-ji: Anita, wet your body with the herbal water and then soap with the foam in the mug. Make sure to touch
the linga to every part of your body as you rub soap while bathing.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Since you are taking diksha for childbirth, you chant “Jai Linga Maharaj” three times after touching the
linga on your sex organs.

I nodded my head though was feeling a bit uneasy hearing the word ‘sex organ’ from Guru-ji’s mouth, but my cheeks
turned red like a teenager as Guru-ji elaborated on that.

Guru-ji: Anita, generally women think that sex organ is the vulva or vagina, but actually sex organs relate to much
more. Let me hear first what is your idea of sex organs. Do not be shy, as you must open your mind here.

My heart was beating fast hearing such a question. I was stuttering and searching for words.

Me: I mean those organs err… which are involved I mean in intercourse.

I was unable to speak more before two males naming my sex organs.

Guru-ji: Anita, you have to open up, open your mind, talk freely, and do not keep any inhibition. Okay, just name the
organs where you will chant the mantra.

Now I had to speak and leaving all shyness I narrated what was asked for.

Me: I will chant the mantra on my err… breasts and my pussy.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita. I can understand your shyness. You have named only the two major organs. You said you will
chant mantra when you touch the linga on your breasts, what about your nipples? Do they have any role when you
have intercourse with your husband or not?

I shamefully nodded my head. I was feeling thirsty also. Only moments ago I was trying to tease Nirmal, but now it
seemed I am in more experienced hands!

Guru-ji: What about your hips Anita? Do you not consider it as a sex organ? Does it excite you or not when you are
touched there?
Again I had nothing to say, but to nod. I was looking at the ground and my heart beating fast. But Guru-ji’s voice
was so clam and he was not even once looking at my braless boobs, his eyes were riveted on my face.

Guru-ji: So we tend to miss out so many things, you see. So every part of your body that excites you while having
sex, you should chant the mantra three times. Your breasts, nipples, hips, vagina, thighs, and of course lips. You
need to obey me perfectly to attain your goal.

Sanjeev: Madam, here is your clothes that you will wear after the bath.

He handed me over a saffron sari, blouse, and petticoat. And again there was no undergarment for me to wear. I
went to the bathroom and it suddenly seemed to me that since Guru-ji was sitting on floor it should be a grand view
from him looking at my undulating fleshy ass from that angle as I walked to the toilet. My husband often told me
that my buttocks jerk more attractively if I am not wearing a panty. I also knew that as my buttocks are a bit
heavy, the elastic grip of the panty keeps them in somewhat of a check. This made me more conscious in my walking
and was feeling very, very awkward.

But my mind soon cursed me for thinking in such a way about Guru-ji. I realized that he is a male who is over these
silly things. I was feeling rather guilty the next moment for thinking like that about him.

I entered the bathroom and found the water for my bath, the foam and the Linga. I closed the door only to find
myself in a sea of luminosity! I was certainly very amazed at the lighting arrangement in this toilet. There were two
at least 100-watt bulbs glowing in that small area, which was rather odd. I was almost feeling the heat of the bulbs
in that small area. This toilet door had no top-open business like the one I experienced in my room and also there
were hooks on the door, but I wondered why there was so bright light arrangement in the bathroom.

I got out of my sari, but was feeling very clumsy in that intense illumination, it was like bathing in open daylight. I
unbuttoned my blouse and my mango-like boobs sprung out free and stood stiff. I was naked the next moment as
the petticoat found the hook at the toilet door. I started bathing as I was instructed with the herbal water, which
had a hypnotic scent. I foamed myself and then took the Linga, which was not heavy at all though made of stone. I
touched it on my left breast and said “Jai Linga Maharaj” as was directed by Guru-ji. As it touched my naked
breast, for a moment I felt like a male hand touching my globe. I shivered momentarily and then touched it on my
right breast too and said “Jai Linga Maharaj”.

I never was for a moment able to guess that this whole bathing session with me touching my naked buxom and
fleshy 28-year-old body with the Linga and saying ““Jai Linga Maharaj” was actually filmed on tape and that was
the reason why there were a couple of high power bulbs glowing in the toilet.

I finished my Linga action all over my body including my pussy and ass cheeks. I was feeling rather hot doing this
even after the bath. I dried myself with the towel and started getting into the saffron ashram attire.

Even initially I was having doubts regarding this, now it confirmed when I tried to wear it. The blouse was fairly
tight when I tried to button it. I doubt this was a 32-size blouse. The cutting etc. of the blouse though was very
decent, but I had to struggle to get my twin globes into it, as the cups were rather small. I am sure if I had worn a
bra, it would have been impossible to button it fully. Somehow I managed to wear it, but could not button the top
hook of the blouse, it was so tight there and ample fair cleavage remained exposed over my blouse. I made sure
that the pallu covers it fully and went out of the toilet.

Guru-ji: Good, so you are done with your bath. Did you do as I said Anita?

Me: Yes Guru-ji. I said “Jai Linga Maharaj” three times as you instructed.

Guru-ji: Okay, now sit down here and worship to Linga Maharaj.
He started performing puja chanting several mantras and sometimes with my name and clan included. I sat there
with closed hands and worshipped to Linga Maharaj about a successful treatment under Guru-ji and conceiving soon.
Sanjeev was also there helping Guru-ji perform the puja. The puja for diksha went for almost half-an-hour and at
the end Guru-ji came up to me and put a red tilak on my forehead and I respectfully touched his feet. As I bent
down, I realized that my blouse got stretched and carved more on my matured boobs, giving me a feeling that the
hook would break any moment. Thankfully that didn’t happen saving me from more embarrassing moments.

Guru-ji: Now your diksha is complete. You are a disciple of me and devoted to Linga Maharaj. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Tomorrow morning we will meet at 06:30 am and I will let you know of your routine in the ashram and your
treatment plan. You can go now Anita.

I went out of the diksha room and went to my room with Sanjeev accompanying me.

Sanjeev: Good night Madam, I will call you at 06:15 am and will also deliver your sterilized undergarments. Nirmal
will come with your dinner.

I was feeling very fresh I do not know why may be after that herbal water bath and was very pleased the way
Guru-ji performed the puja. I took rest on the cot for sometime.

Knock! Knock!
Someone was knocking at my door. Since I was lying alone and the blouse that Sanjeev gave for me to wear was too
tight, I had opened the hooks and was resting in that fashion, I swiftly buttoned the last three hooks of my blouse
and wrapped my sari round me. The first two hooks remained open leaving almost half of my breasts oozing out
above my saffron blouse. I was anticipating Nirmal and no one else now, it was nearly 10 o’ clock at night, he must
have come with the dinner.

My guess my correct and it was the dwarfish disciple, Nirmal, but my other guess was wrong. He did not come with
the dinner!

Nirmal: Madam, how was the diksha?

Me: Okay, I really liked Guru-ji’s puja.

Nirmal: Jai Linga Maharaj. Keep faith on Guru-ji, he will surpass all obstacles in your life.

He was smiling and his overall appearance amused me again. Frankly I was feeling very fresh with the herbal bath
and hot too, as each time I thought of my bathing under such vivid lights, I was getting a faster heart beat. And
now seeing this dwarf male once more, I thought of teasing him.

Nirmal: Madam, shall I bring the dinner for you?

Me: No, its only 10:00, I generally have dinner after 10:30 p.m.

I paused and little and then continued without giving him a chance to speak.

Me: But going back to our previous chat, you know, Nirmal, I later thought on your words and you were very right!
The size I have grown to, I cannot wear a school uniform skirt. So I take back my words.

It was worth seeing Nirmal’s face. It was as if ‘haat aya par muh na laga’ type situation for him. The dwarf was
looking so desperate and looked even funnier now. He did not expect that I would not allow him a chance on the
school uniform topic at all.
Nirmal: Bur Madam, I mean… you said you would try once.

Me: Yes that was my initial thought, but I buy your words that I would not be able to wear a school skirt, as it will
be too tight for my figure.

I avoided direct words denoting to my full-sized body like ‘thighs’ or ‘buttocks’. Nirmal was looking as if he has lost
something very precious, but I did not want to discourage him fully and altered the topic.

Me: But Nirmal, I am having a different problem. Can you sort that out?

Nirmal’s face was still miserable, to say the least, but he looked up to listen to my problem.

Me: Actually the blouse that Sanjeev have given is not fitting me at all. Can you bring me another one?

Nirmal’s eyes as if lit up! He probably thought my twin mangoes would be a more enjoyable sight for him rather
than my pumpkin ass.

Nirmal: Didn’t Sanjeev give you a 32-size blouse?

My eyebrows went up! He knows the size I told to Sanjeev in my interview privately. Everybody in the ashram
knows my boob size is 32!

Me: Yes, but it is very tight. I doubt it is of proper size.

Nirmal: No, no Madam. The size is right for sure as we have separate bunch for each size.

Me: Can’t be Nirmal, I use 32 blouses for the last two years, but why this one is so tight here?

I subtly pointed my hand to my fully developed milk tanks, as I wanted to provoke him a bit. Nirmal also took the
opportunity and his face was again looking humorous with his jaws slightly drooping down.

Nirmal: Madam, since these are readymade blouses, you are feeling the tightness.

I was yet again getting peculiar fun playing with words with this middle-aged dwarf. I had neither talked to any
male like this before, not had been in such a situation as in this ashram.

Me: Nirmal, it’s so tight, I could not button the top hook.

Nirmal now looked directly to my youthful braless boobs and seemed as if he was trying to visualize my posture
standing in front of him with the top hook open of my blouse. And in fact, if I actually had pulled my sari pallu down
my condition was hugely indecent. I was not wearing a bra and through the ultra-tight blouse my nipples were
distinctly visible and since the top hook of my blouse was open, I was advertising adequate cleavage show.

Nirmal: Oh Madam, then its really a problem. How can you be in that position? Shall I arrange another one for you

He seemed so worried for this housewife!

Me: Its already nighttime Nirmal and I will take my clothes off and wear the nightgown. So I do not require
another blouse now.

I wanted to see his reaction to such direct comments. His comic facial expression was added on by a slight bulge in
his crotch area. I felt a raced beat in my heart noticing this.
Nirmal: Okay Madam. You can change in my absence and by that time I will bring you the dinner.

It was a crafty thinking from Nirmal’s part I thought for his visual pleasure, as he knew I had no undies to wear
and would look rather sexy that way in any nightdress whatsoever. I nodded to him, thinking that if I do not look
decent enough, I will not wear it in front of him. He went off to bring my dinner.

I closed the door behind Nirmal and went to the cupboard where the nightdress that Sanjeev gave was kept. I
seriously did not notice it previously. Now taking it in my hands I felt pretty secured that it was not any flimsy
dress. It was also saffron colored, coarse material cloth stitched like a short nighty. It was with sleeves, thank
god, and appeared decent to me though the length was short.

I did not go to the toilet as the room door was closed and started changing into it. I was nude in a flash and was
much relieved opening that tight blouse though a couple of hooks were open throughout Nirmal’s presence. My
boobs were actually paining as the blouse cups were very tight on my youthful peaks. I wore the nighty over my
head and looked in the mirror. The rough materials of the nighty touching my nipples made them harden instantly.
Never in my life did I get a turn on so many times in a day like this.

Little did I know then that this was nothing in comparison to what’s been waiting for me!

The dress was quite flowing and as the material was thick enough, my mature figure was not very evident through
it. The dress ended just below my knees and hence I was not feeling too much exposed. After having looks at my
figure wearing the nighty from different angles, I was quite convinced that am not looking vulgar without my
undergarments. The only problem was my swollen nipple impressions, which no one standing in front of me could
miss, especially any male. But I thought there was no way I could hide that and waited for Nirmal.

In no time, Nirmal was back. He was holding a tray that had my dinner, which included chapatis, dal, and vegetable.
He was ogling at me I noticed and I tried to limit my movements to restrain the jiggling movement of my round,
freely hanging breasts.

Nirmal: I can wait and you can have your dinner and if you want anything more I can bring that.

Me: So kind of you Nirmal.

I pulled the table on which the dinner was kept near the cot and sat on the cot to have the food. But as soon as I
sat I became very conscious as my nighty rose up a fair distance exposing my knees completely. And without even
looking up to him, I could bet Nirmal’s eyes were glued to my exposed legs and knees.

Nirmal: Madam, you take your dinner and I will sit here.

Saying that without even giving me any chance to stop, he sat on the floor some feet away from me. Initially I
thought that since they lead a sagacious life, they are habituated to sit on the floor and moreover, there was no
chair in the room, so Nirmal sat on the ground. But the next moment I comprehended the wickedness of this dwarf.
Being a small man his eye level is itself much lower than normal males and now sitting on the floor, he was actually
getting an upskirt view.

I was extremely alert the next moment, as I was not wearing a panty even and closed my legs as far as possible. I
tried to stretch the cloth of the nighty a bit lower, but my plump ass was not allowing that. I looked down at Nirmal
and his eyes were on my legs, but there was a dissatisfied facial expression also as I had closed my legs and believe
me, it again made me smile. It was so funny looking.

I finished my dinner as quickly as possible and went to the toilet to wash hands. Since Nirmal was seated still, he
enjoyed a very appealing rear view of my swaying buttocks in that short nighty from a low angle, which was
accented when I had to bend to pick up the towel from the floor, which was kept for drying purpose, but dropped
somehow from the wall hook. Believe me, it was not a deliberate effort from my end at all, but that dwarf was
lucky enough to get an unrestricted view of my prominent inviting ass cheeks as the material of the nighty
stretched as I had to bend down.

Nirmal left within some moments after that with the tray and bid me “good night”. But his eyes said as if he was
rewinding my bending down posture in his mind. I was feeling very uncomfortable as a woman. When he left, I went
to bed, but was restless. I was constantly thinking did I cross the limit in front of Nirmal, what did he saw actually,
was I looking too indecent in that bent position? Ultimately I got out of bed and went to the toilet straight and
reproduced the scene before the mirror, as the toilet-mirror was almost life size, as I told before.

I bent down to touch the wet floor of the toilet and looked through my legs at the mirror behind. Oh my god! I am
looking so very tempting in that pose with my full round buttocks on display with my nighty rising up as well
exposing my fair legs adequately. Any male would love to see a matured woman in that compromising pose. I was
shocked to see a slight hint of my long ass crack also through the nighty! It was natural though as I was not
wearing a panty. I was feeling so ashamed, so guilty, and cursed myself. After some moments I went to bed
somewhat dejected with me and with the mantra to be ‘more careful’ on the future days in the ashram. I muttered
“Jai Linga Maharaj” for my actual goal, of conceiving a child, several times before going to sleep.

“Madam, Madam!”
I woke up hearing that voice. It took a bit of time to regroup myself from sleep, pulled down the nighty, which had
pushed up exposing my fair and firm thighs and got out of bed. It was a female voice! I was really surprised by that
as I did not see a woman there at least yesterday, nor did I notice that on the first day when I came to the
ashram with my mother-in-law. I opened the door and there stood a middle-aged plump woman with a smiling face.

“Madam, my name is Meenakshi. I am Guru-ji’s disciple. I did not meet you yesterday as I was out of station for
some days and had reached this morning only.”

I looked at her now attentively. Meenakshi was elder than me in age, probably 35, somewhat dark in complexion
with an oval face with very prominent womanly assets. She was wearing the ashram dress code. I asked her to come

Me: Oh! A bit of relief seeing a woman here.

Meenakshi: Madam, there is no difference in male and female here. Guru-ji treats every disciple equally. So you
don’t worry at all. Jai Linga Maharaj.

I also chanted the ashram theme mantra and asked her to wait, as I wanted to go to the toilet first. When I came
back to the room, I found Meenakshi had already cleaned and prepared my bed and was cleaning the room with a

Meenakshi: Madam, please get ready quickly as we need to be in front of Guru-ji at 06:30 am. Here are your
sterilized undergarments. Sanjeev handed over to me as they are dry now.

Me: Thanks a lot. You know yesterday the whole evening I was braless in front of these males. Think of my
condition. And to make things worse, I really had a torrid time with this blouse yesterday.

Saying that I pointed the blouse to her. She smiled.

Meenakshi: Yes, Nirmal told me its cups are smaller for your breast size.

I was bewildered time and again seeing the porousness of each event in the ashram! Everyone knows everything
here regarding me! Did Nirmal also tell everyone what grand view he got of my ass as I bent in front of him? I was
Meenakshi: But no problem Madam, take Guru-ji’s permission and I will do the needful.

Me: For a change of blouse size, do I really need to bother Guru-ji?

Meenakshi: Yes Madam, as per ashram rule we need to inform any change to Guru-ji, even if it is related to our

I showed her how awkward my position was as I was unable to button the two upper hooks of my blouse.

Meenakshi: Madam, you look very appealing with the buttons open. Your ones are standing erect even without the

I blushed, but felt proud. I have got this compliment before also.

I turned from her now and wore my bra. It seemed I was wearing it after an era, though it was only few hours on
last evening. I felt so secured wearing that and hastily wriggled up my panty with both hands to my waist and
completed wearing my sari in another couple of minutes.

Closing the door, we went ahead to Guru-ji. As Meenakshi walked in front of me I appreciated in my mind even
being a female of her heavily swinging hips below her sari. Though she looks very round in every part of her body,
starting from her face, her boobs, and obviously down her bottoms, she seemed very agile and walked at a brisk
pace and I was hurrying on to keep pace with her.

Guru-ji was sitting in a meditation position and welcomed me with a smiling face. There was no other disciple
present then. Within the next couple of minutes before Meenakshi left the room what I saw was totally
unbelievable to my eyes. I have never seen such things done so openly!

Meenakshi: Guru-ji before you start talking to Anita, will you please listen to a problem of mine?

Guru-ji: What is it Meenakshi?

Meenakshi: Guru-ji, I had an acute pain last night in my waist and now though the pain is very less, I am still

Guru-ji: Hmm. May be some sort of muscle ache, unless you have injured anything. Let me see. Come here.

Guru-ji was sitting on the floor. We were standing some feet away. Now I remained still and Meenakshi went
forward and stood absolutely in front of him. To tell the truth the situation was such that Guru-ji’s face was just
in front of Meenakshi’s honey pot. Then she turned back and faced me. Now her heavy buttocks were almost
touching Guru-ji’s face! Now I saw Guru-ji stretched both his hands from that sitting position and touched her at
the waist first and asked about pain. Meenakshi nodded.

Then what Guru-ji did turned my ears hot even. He started palpating Meenakshi’s hips quite directly over the sari
with both hands. As I was standing at an angle I could see every movement of Guru-ji’s hands on Meenakshi’s hips.
First it was light palpation and then after a moment he was virtually kneading both ass cheeks with both hands. It
was looking more arousing as Guru-ji was doing this from a siting posture! Meenakshi’s rear portion was very round
and copious in regard to any woman and thus Guru-ji’s palms even when stretched fully to press were unable to
cover it fully. I was quite surprised to see Meenakshi’s face, which was so normal. This went for a few moments
though and before Guru-ji stopped, I noticed he just squashed her firm ass cheeks with both hands as a final
squeeze. Meenakshi was standing still so far, but due to the heat that must have generated in her due to such
vigorous ass fondling moved about a bit and faced Guru-ji.

Was I unnecessarily thinking dirty about Guru-ji? My mind consoled me that this might be the process to trace the
culprit muscle causing pain in the hips. But whatever, the way was very direct and definitely this should not be done
in front of others, as it might lead to a wrong thinking.

Guru-ji: Meenakshi, you need to use hot compress on your hips and waist and take this medicine twice daily.

Saying this, Guru-ji pulled out a box from his side and opened it and I saw there are at least 40-50 small bottles
containing medicated colored solutions. Meenakshi left the room taking the medicine. Guru-ji now turned to me and
asked to sit.

Guru-ji: Sorry Anita to keep you standing. I hope you are feeling much better now getting back your

He smiled looking at my eyes. I nodded subtly feeling the natural shyness to such comments, though I must admit
that I am slowly getting familiar to it.

Guru-ji: Anita, from today I will start your treatment. Jai Linga Maharaj.

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj.

Guru-ji: Let me get some more details from you regarding your married life. Don’t be shy and do not hide anything.
The mind must open up. You should tell me or ask me about anything and everything that comes to your mind. Your
issue is such if you do not open up, your treatment will not be perfect.

I nodded again.

Guru-ji: I just noted shyness in you when I mentioned about undergarment. Why Anita? Till such time you feel
these are natural and normal things, your diksha is incomplete. As you are wearing a bra, I am wearing a brief under
my clothes. What is there to be shy of, tell me?

Me: Err… Yes Guru-ji. Nothing.

Guru-ji: Okay. How many times in a week did you copulate?

Me: Twice a week in general.

Guru-ji: Did you get full satisfaction after the intercourse?

I nodded my head.

Guru-ji: Did you feel you were fully aroused Anita while doing it or did you feel it could have been a longer process
or a different style or anything of that sort?

Me: No Guru-ji. I never felt like that.

Guru-ji: Okay, then apparently most things are normal and mostly as you have regular periods. Tell me Anita, in one
session how many times did you copulate? Once or more than once.

I was already feeling hot in the ears and my cheeks had turned red too out of womanly nervousness answering such
things to a male.

Me: In the first few months of marriage twice, but for the last one year, its once only.

Guru-ji: Anita, in the earlier days, did you have discharge from your vagina twice? Were they amounted the same?

Me: Yes, but frankly speaking on some days, I did not discharge the second time, but my husband discharged.
Guru-ji: Hmm. Do you discharge heavily?

Me: No, not much. I mean…

My nervousness was gulping me from saying such private things.

Guru-ji: Tell me Anita. Regroup your words and open your mind.

Me: Actually I feel till now a days also that there is something ‘hot’ that remained within me and did not come out
even after the process is over.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, relax. I have got the needful information.

There was silence for some moments, as Guru-ji closed his eyes and was meditating.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj. Look Anita, your pregnancy will come only if you discharge more during intercourse.
What I gathered it seems you are not getting aroused enough to get total discharge of your fluids. This often
happens to couples, which is not very concerning. But the concerning part can be if even if you are aroused fully,
your vaginal discharge is inadequate.

Guru-ji gave a pause as if inviting the natural question from me.

Me: If it’s not adequate, what happens Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Look Anita, if discharge is scanty, the number of ovum produced is also less and the pregnancy chance
decreases significantly. But be relaxed my dear, as there are ways to pull out your full vaginal discharge and also
herbal medicines to enhance it. But you need to obey my guidelines in toto.

Me: Guru-ji I would do anything to get pregnancy. I am really frustrated now. I will do exactly as you order.

Guru-ji: Good Anita. But remember it’s easier said than done. The first thing I will need is the measure of your
vaginal discharge. Do you masturbate?

I was feeling thirsty now. I have never in my life faced such a question and was really feeling very, very
embarrassed. I never tried such things. Whatever happened was natural with me. Its not that I didn’t get
discharges before marriage, but they were all natural, through dreams mostly, and at times some brushing or
groping in trains, buses, etc. and thinking about them later in bed with a pillow may be.

But now I was feeling puzzled how could I get a full vaginal discharge, as for that I need to be aroused fully, only
imagination would not lead to that. Most importantly, my husband is not here also.

Me: Yes, Guru-ji, very few times do I masturbate and the discharge also is very less.

Guru-ji: Anita, you need to do exactly as I say. I need the measure of your vaginal discharge and based on that
further treatment will be planned.

Me: But Guru-ji, without my husband… I cannot lie down with…

Guru-ji: Anita, what are you thinking I don’t know? Are you expecting that I will ask you to lie down with another
man to get your full discharge? I know you are a housewife and your social limits.

I nodded and was somewhat assured now. But still I was not clear how would I get fully aroused if I do not lie down
with a male!
Guru-ji: The first part of the treatment is mind control. You have to only respond to actions on your body naturally
and wipe out everything else from mind. Do not think who is with you, where you are, but just respond normally to
situations that I will give you. Control your mind to the actions only. It will be done so very naturally, just like we
are talking now and so don’t worry at all, it’s just a treatment process. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I nodded to Guru-ji though perceived little about what exactly will be the treatment like.

Guru-ji: Let me summarize for you what will be the plan. First the medicine part. You will take this herbal drug in
the morning after your first urine in empty stomach and at bedtime. The dosage is written on the bottle. Okay?

I nodded taking the medicine bottle from him.

Guru-ji: This is the second herbal extract that you will always take when you will go out of this ashram. And here is
an oil with which you need to massage your full body before taking bath in the noon. And every shower you take
must be with herbal water as you did during your diksha. I feel you start applying the oils from tomorrow, and not

Me: Okay Guru-ji. I felt very fresh after the herbal water bath.

Guru-ji: Yes, the herbal extract helps to rejuvenate your organs and energy level. But remember that the oil I just
gave you must not be applied on your breasts. For that, this is the oil, which should be used. I hope there will be no
confusion if you can remember that the breast massage oil is green in color. Okay?

I nodded like an obedient student. I could realize my nipples jumped up within my bra hearing the words “breast
massage” from a male.

Guru-ji: Anita, you will get the guidelines regarding your massage from Rajkamal. You have probably not conversed
with him because he remains busy most of the time, as he is the ashram cook.

Me: Yes Guru-ji. I have not talked to him though saw him yesterday when I came here.

Guru-ji: And now for the mind control part. This is very important. You keep this special soaking pad and wear it for
the next couple of days whenever you go out of the ashram.

Guru-ji handed me over a small white square shaped cotton pad, which looked like a big handkerchief folded to
form a square. I was in a dilemma what to do exactly with it though Guru-ji said to ‘wear it’.

Me: How do I wear this Guru-ji?

I probably asked the most silly question of my life!

Guru-ji: Anita, I already told you that I must know how much discharge you are having when aroused and this is a
specialized pad with a measuring litmus paper within it, which will enable me to gauge that. You will have to place it
within your panty over your pussy hole.

My ears turned red instantly hearing this. I avoided eye contact from Guru-ji out of womanly shyness. Hearing the
words “panty” and “pussy” directly from a male made my condition worse, as the nipples grew more and so were my
copious upper treasures giving me a tighter sensation, as my blouse was already stretched enough.

Guru-ji: Put it within your panty in such a way Anita so that it does not get shifted. It needs to soak every drop so
that I get the correct measure. I hope you can manage that.

I nodded right away looking at the floor and wanted to end this discussion desperately. I felt like if I allowed more
on this topic, Guru-ji might ask to lift my sari to my waist and he would actually put his hand within my panty to
show me how to wear this pad.

Me: Okay Guru-ji. I got your point.

Guru-ji: Fine. Anita, I want you to have at least two orgasms per day for today and tomorrow. Remember, every act
that you will face might seem to be highly outrageous, but is actually a part of your treatment. So you must be
taking it sportingly and allow for the incidents to happen in its natural path. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj.

Guru-ji: Anita, I also want you to participate in daily chores that we do. If you feel, you can help in the kitchen.
Similarly if you feel, you can participate in pastime like yoga, swimming etc. in the afternoon.

Me: Okay Guru-ji. I will definitely do that which would suit me.

Guru-ji: You can go now Anita. You will get instructions from me via my disciples what to do, where to go, etc. Have
faith in Linga Maharaj.

Me: Thanks Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I went out of his room and went back to my room. I was still tense about the mind control part. As Guru-ji said, I
have to ‘take it sportingly’, but obviously being married was pretty much worried to experience two orgasms in a
day without my husband. I only had such intense sexual pleasures in the early part of my marriage days. I consoled
myself at the same time that there is no other way out, as Guru-ji needs to know if my discharge is normal or not.

At around 10:00 am Nirmal came tapping at my room door. By then I already had a herbal bath. It was so
refreshing and bathing in front of the life size mirror in my toilet was as if making me more shameless. The general
10-minute long bath got extended, as I stayed nude there for some more time appreciating my youthful figure in
the mirror. Before that I went to the kitchen and got introduced with Rajkamal and helped him with some
vegetable cutting also.

Nirmal: Madam, please get ready. Guru-ji said to take you to the tailor as you are having problems with your blouse

Me: But I did not tell Guru-ji in the morning about this. How did he know?

Nirmal: Meenakshi told Guru-ji.

I thanked in my mind to Meenakshi. She saved me from taking such an intimate issue to Guru-ji. And the way Guru-
ji asks direct question would have been another blushing episode for me.

Each time I see this dwarf I feel amused. I noted that his eyes were roaming more on the lower portion of my
figure. Realizing that I consciously avoided turning my back to him while talking.

Me: Where is the tailor? Does he stay in the ashram?

Nirmal: No Madam. But not far at all, it’s only five minutes walking from here. Madam, I will not go with you; Uday
will come and take you, as he is dedicated for outside visits.

Me: Okay Nirmal. You can send Uday.

Nirmal: Madam, please make sure to take the medicine before going out of the ashram and to wear the pad.
He left the place with a wicked smile. I was again taken aback. This nitwit also knows that I need to wear the pad
within my panty!

I closed the door and had the medicine as per dosage and then went to the toilet with the pad. Since I need to
place the pad securely, I decided to get out of the sari and petticoat completely. So again I had to strip to an
almost bikini posture as I had my bath only sometime ago. I pulled my panty half way down my fair buttocks and
placed the pad covering my pussy hole and pulled the panty up again. The touch of a foreign body on my pussy
instantly gave me a turn on. But I tried to distract my mind from it and quickly wore my petticoat and sari. My
blouse as usual clung to my tight boobs with the upper hooks open, but at least I felt assured that I would get a
proper blouse to wear, as I need to stay here for 5-7 days now.

Uday had a charming personality, but with a very well built body. He told me he teaches yoga here and is very
active in sporting events like kho-kho, kabbadi, swimming, etc. Any woman would like his physical structure and
honestly I also appreciated in my mind his physique. We went out of ashram and took the way by the big pond just
outside the ashram. I noticed there was not much residence, only a few and very scattered.

As I tried to walk swiftly to match Uday’s steps through the grass filed, I began facing my common problem. I
clearly felt my panty sliding off my smooth buttocks and getting shifted to a side due to my speedy walk. I know in
no time it will roll into my ass crack if I do not walk slowly. Though the pad was secure in the front, I felt very
uncomfortable within even though this was nothing new to me, as it’s the same story with almost all panties I wear.
I had no other option but to walk a bit slowly and thankfully Uday did not ask me why I decelerated.

Soon we reached the tailor’s place. It was a small hut, so to say. As we knocked an elderly man came out. He must
be at least 55-60 years, almost my father’s age. He was wearing thick spectacles and was wearing a lungi. He
appeared very feeble.

Uday: Master-ji, our Madam is having some problem with her blouse, can you see if you can correct that.

Master-ji: But I right now I am busy taking measurements. It will take some time.

Uday: Okay Master-ji, she will wait for a while.

The tailor looked at me. His eyesight seemed to be weak, as he looked quite a while at me through his thick glasses.
At that time another man came out of the house, he was middle aged, may be around 40, very thin, also wearing a

Master-ji: Ramlal take Madam inside. I am coming from toilet.

Uday whispered in my ears that Ramlal was Master-ji’s brother, who helped him in his tailoring and that they can
stitch a blouse in only a couple of hours. Since it took at least a week to sew a blouse by our town’s ladies tailor, I
was quite impressed hearing it.

Uday: Madam, I really have nothing to do here now. I would advise you to get a new blouse stitched by Master-ji. I
will go to the village and pick you up from here in an hour.

I nodded knowing nothing what waited for me there and Uday was gone.

Ramlal: Come with me Madam.

His voice was very harsh and he looked rough too. He was ogling like most males at my upright breasts. He led me to
a very small room. There was a sewing machine at the right side, a sari hanging diagonally on the left, and a heap of
colored clothes. The room was undoubtedly humid, as there was no ventilation except the door. A dim bulb
illuminated the room and a table fan was giving air. Since I came from outside, it took some seconds to get
accustomed to the light and I noticed a girl was standing there also at one corner.
Ramlal: Sorry for the inconvenience Madam. There is not much space here. Master-ji will finish taking the
measurements of this girl and then attend you. You sit on this stool till such time.

I was about to look intently at the girl who was standing at the corner of the room, but saying the above Ramlal
forwarded me the stool, but kept on holding to that. I was rather irritated by his act, because if I sit now I will
have to put part of my buttocks on his fingers and naturally I reacted heatedly.

Me: What is this? How can I sit if you hold the stool like this?

Ramlal: Madam, don’t get angry please. I am not sure if it can take your weight. Yesterday only one toppled and got

I understood and smiled on my own seeing the condition of the stool.

Me: Yes, your stool looks like you in health.

The girl who was standing there also laughed at my comment. Ramlal of course smiled big like a rascal showing his
teeth, but did not remove his fingers from the stool top and I had to sit on that as he was supporting it. I was
conscious enough not to sit on his fingers directly, but the position was such, his fingers got partially pressed
between my firm ass cheeks and the wooden tool as I sat. I cannot say about Ramlal’s feeling, but I bet he must
have enjoyed the roundness of this 28-year-old housewife, but the very contact of male fingers on my smooth
bottom triggered my heartbeat. I promptly compelled him to leave the stool and adjusted on it myself.

I looked at the girl now. She was a teenager wearing a ghagra-choli. Clearly she was not wearing a bra and her
nipples were quite evident through her thin blouse. I looked at Ramlal’s eyes to see whether he was eyeing them,
but was shocked to find he was instead eyeing my cleavage! I instantly adjusted my pallu, which was displaced, to
conceal my cleavage and to stop the free show he was getting due to the two open hooks of my blouse. By this time
Master-ji was back.

Master-ji: Madam, sorry to keep you waiting. I will finish within five minutes.

Then what happened in the next five minutes was more appalling and I had never seen such offensive thing done in
a tailor shop in my life. Master-ji went up to the girl who came for a choli stitching and took all measurements with
his hands, I mean stretching his fingers! There was no tape, though there was a measurement string. I was
dumbstruck. Master-ji took all measurements starting from her sleeves, her shoulder, her back, her armpits, and
obviously her twin cups with his fingers and Ramlal verified that with the measurement string and jotted down in a
notebook. I noted that the girl was quite nonchalant in spite of continuous stroking and touching of her youthful
boobs by Master-ji. I felt my heart would miss a bit when Master-ji took a measurement with his thumb poking
exactly the girls’ upright nipple and his middle finger touching her boob base.

The measurement was over soon and the girl went away. Now I had to ask the obvious to this tailor duo.

Me: Master-ji, why don’t you use the tape for measurement?

Master-ji: Madam, I have more faith in my hands rather than on the tape. I am stitching blouse for 30 years now
and there has been little complaint from my customers. Madam, don’t think since I stay here means I stitch only
for villagers, my blouse go to the metro cities also. I also stitch undergarments for 10 years Madam, and I had no
major complaints on such delicate things also. And all are done based on my finger measurements.

Master-ji seemed determined to convince me about his style of taking measurement.

Master-ji: Madam, look at your side to that heap. All those bra and panty would go to the cities and you would
purchase that in attractive packs from shop. If this method was not correct, could I run this business for such a
long time Madam?

I looked at the heap of colored clothes, which though I noted entering the room, but due to the dim light was
unable to perceive what they were and moreover I came from direct sunlight from outside. Now visibility was clear
and I noticed a heap of brassiere and panty of different colors. I really had no idea that these can be stitched as
well like the blouse.

Me: I thought Master-ji that the undergarments we buy are machine-made.

Master-ji: No Madam, not all. Some like these are hand-made too and these also are hand measured on different

He paused for a second and continued.

Master-ji: Madam since you are from the town, you feel shy seeing me take measurements like this. But believe me
Madam, this actually gives a better fit to the blouse. If I give you an example, you might understand, there are so
many types of toothbrush in the market, isn’t it? Some with an angled top, some with curvy bristles, etc. etc., but
Madam why so many variations? Because the toothbrush is not that flexible moving on our denture unlike our
finger, which is so very flexible.

I was listening curiously now, though he was old and feeble, was explaining in a nice way.

Master-ji: Same is the case here Madam, tape is not the best tool to measure female anatomy. Fingers and hand
flexibility is a better tool.

I was more or less convinced by Master-ji’s narration and did not want to bother too much on this issue. Afterall,
it’s a just five minute measurement session.
Master-ji: Okay Madam. Let us come to your problem now. What is the problem with your blouse? This one also is
sewed by me only.

Master-ji had a smile on his face now. Ramlal by this time was busy with the sewing machine stitching some cloth.

Me: Master-ji though it is 32 size as per the ashram, the cups are too small for me.

Master-ji: Ramlal, give Madam a 34 size blouse to try out.

I was surprised that he did not even bother to see my blouse once to look for the problem.

Me: But Master-ji I wear 32 size.

Master-ji: Madam, when you said you are having problem with the cups, first let me fix that, other things can be
altered in the machine in a minute, isn’t it?

Ramlal searched from the cupboard and came to me with a red blouse. He stretched the material and saw the
blouse cups and looked offensively at my twin peaks and handed me the blouse. This scoundrel’s looks were so dirty!

Ramlal: You go to the back of that sari and change Madam.

Me: But I cannot here change like this…

I was not finding the proper words. The sari cover level was only till my bust line and secondly since the room was
too small the proximity was too close for a woman to change clothes with males present there.

Master-ji: Madam, have you noticed my spectacles? I cannot even see clearly objects a couple of feet away through
these thick glasses. Madam, you are absolutely safe here to change.

Me: No, no, I am not saying that…

Master-ji: Ramlal, bring some tea for us.

That was a masterstroke to convince me. I had little to counter his words now. I did not argue any more and went
behind the sari at the corner of the room. I faced the wall deliberately as the place was so very exposed. The sari
diagonally tied up to wall hooks was not an adequate cover at all.

Master-ji: Madam, there is a lot of dust and dirt on the floor. It would be better if you do the drop your sari on
the floor.

Me: Okay Master-ji.

I said ‘okay’, but found that if I do not drop my pallu on floor, I will have to hold it with one hand, but that way I
cannot change my blouse because I need both hands free to open my blouse hooks and to take that off my body. I
found that only way is to tuck the pallu in my waist and change.

I opened my blouse completely and was in my bra now. I was feeling very relaxed as that Ramlal was not in the room
and took the 34-size blouse off the wall hook and wore it. After putting on all the hooks, I felt the blouse was a bit
loose everywhere, on my cups, on my shoulder and at the base of my boobs too and was not fitting me.

Getting me pallu back on my shoulder I went out in front of Master-ji though knowing very well that Master-ji
would check my blouse and I will again have to drop the pallu off my upper treasures.

Master-ji: I thought it would have been better if you had taken off the sari completely Madam, as I will have to
take check your blouse and you may have to try another one for exact fitting. It will be uncomfortable for you each

There was no need to complete the sentence I thought and interupped.

Me: Yes Master-ji. You are right.

Since Ramlal was not there, I took off my sari in front of Master-ji. I got out of it and Master-ji helped me to hold
my sari so that it does not reach the dirty floor. I was surprisingly not feeling uncomfortable without a sari in
front of an unknown male, especially considering Master-ji’s age and poor eye vision. So now I was more or less in
the same state like the teenage girl whom I saw initially in the room. The only difference being I am wearing my
inner wears, which the girl was not.

Ramlal just then entered the room with tea.

Ramlal: Madam, have this tea, this is a special one with...

He stopped abruptly seeing me in that state. My matured pointed boobs were enough to turn this scoundrel’s head
and through my thin petticoat layer he could probably make out my well-formed thighs also. I thought I should not
give much attention to his looks.

Ramlal: … with ginger Madam.

Ramlal kept the tray on the dirty floor before I could stop him. The floor was not only dirty, but I noted
cockroaches and small rats running around here and there!

Me: Why is the condition of this room such Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, I am sorry for that, but in the initial days I tried to kill these insects etc., but this place seems
to be a breeding place of these animals and with time, I am habituated with them.

He smiled though I was not at ease at all in that room with the dirt and the insects.

Master-ji: Have the tea Madam and then I will check your fitting.

Saying that he bent down and picked up a cup and sipped tea. Ramlal was already sipping sitting on the machine. I
also took a couple of steps forward and bent down to pick the cup from the tray on the floor. As I bent, I realized
my blouse was creating a gap with my boobs and my mangoes almost popped over my bra. I knew the valley between
my wheat-colored breasts was getting exposed, but I had to pick up the cup from the floor. So, I tried my best to
hide my deep cleavage with my left hand and picked up the cup swiftly. Seeing me do that I saw Ramlal chuckle. The

Master-ji: Okay Madam, lets check your blouse now.

Saying that he came near to me, within one foot. I was just slightly breathing heavily as a male came so close to me.
He was taller than me and as he looked down at my blouse-covered boobs, with each breath, the top of my boobs
were getting slightly more visible to him over my blouse. I blushed a little on my own.

Master-ji: It looks far from fitting Madam. Let me check exactly how much loose it is.

As Master-ji got closer to me, I could smell the sweat of his body. The smell of male sweat made me took a deep
breath. He started to check the sleeves of my blouse first. He started with my left hand and inserted one finger
through the sleeve end and touched directly on my arm. He continued this for a while and was slowly rubbing his
finger on my left arm while touching the cloth.

Master-ji: Ramlal, sleeves lose by 5 strings. Let me check the back now. Madam, can you turn round and face

Ramlal was noting in a notebook behind me. Now I turned my body to him to face him and he openly gazed at my
erect breasts. How irritating! The room, being small and congested, was hot also and I was sweating now. My
armpits were wet already and I lowered my eyes to note that wet patches in my armpits were evident on the
blouse. At that moment, I almost stirred up at Master-ji’s comment. For a while though I noted that Master-ji was
not touching the back of my blouse despite the fact that I had turned, but I was more concerned about that
Ramlal’s gazes.

Master-ji: Madam, please don’t mind but I must say that your panty is more ill fitting than this blouse.

Me: What?

Master-ji: Madam, madam, please do not get angry at my words. As you turned back the light fell in such a way on
your back that I can clearly see through your petticoat. If you don’t believe my words, ask Ramlal to come this side
and check.

Me: No, no. No need to check anything. I trust your words.

I had to admit that I trust my tailor’s words that he has seen my panty through my petticoat and somehow
resisted Ramlal to come to my backside to check that. My hands automatically went on to my ass out of womanly
shyness and I stupidly tried to cover my round ass with my palm.

Me: But how do you know…

Master-ji thankfully intercepted in between because I did not know what to ask actually.

Master-ji: Madam, I don’t know where from do you buy these, it has shrunk like a rope.

I thought for a while and concluded that there is no harm telling the truth to this old man and the tailor is the only
person who can find a solution for me regarding my panty problem. Thinking on that line, shedding all my shyness, I
told Master-ji about it.

Master-ji: This is not a problem Madam at all. Look at that heap. At least 30-40 panties are there and none of
them would curl up to the center like your one. Ramlal, bring one from there and I will explain the problem to

I was somewhat scared now out of natural shyness to talk regarding my panty in front of two males. I quickly tried
to shift Master-ji’s focus.

Me: Master-ji, please understand my priority. Please fix my blouse first. I cannot stand like this forever. If you
can get this done first…

Master-ji: Right, right Madam, I must finish with your blouse first.

I was breathing quite heavily and automatically standing with my legs spread a little, as I felt wetness slightly
building up in my pussy. Master-ji started to stretch the back of my blouse to see how loose it was. In the process,
he also was rubbing my smooth back with his fingers. I felt he pulled the back of my blouse and I felt his hot
breath on my bare back. Instantaneously his warm touch and breathing made my nipples jump within my bra. I
thought Master-ji must have been clearly seeing my bra strap inside, as he has pulled the back of my blouse a fair

I was feeling a bit uneasy and shifted a bit and by doing that I invited more mess, as my round ass globe directly
hit Master-ji in his crotch area and I felt his firm lund within his lungi poking its head. He also must have felt the
firmness of my full ass. I blushed and giggled on my own thinking the hardness of his lund considering his age.

Master-ji: Madam, it is quite lose at your back too. Ramlal, 7 strings at the back U and 4 strings on the side U.

I nodded in agreement. Master-ji then walked in front of me and he took his face towards my blouse and now being
so near could clearly see my mammaries going up and down. He got his face even closer to my mangoes on the
pretext of checking the fitting. Master-ji was so near to me now that I could feel his breath bouncing off my
boobs. I did not mind anything, as I knew his vision was poor.

Master-ji: Madam, it is lose from the front too.

He said while pulling my blouse a little in the front to see how loose it was from the front. As Master-ji pulled my
blouse, I saw that rascal Ramlal’s eyes almost popped out, as the scene was extremely sexy now.

Master-ji: Madam, now raise your hands up and be in that position as I take the measurement.

I lifted my hands and naturally my firm boobs exposed more over my blouse due to this stretching and more of my
cleavage was on display to these two males. As I was sweating also and with my arms extended, the outline of my
bra was more evident from the front also. Master-ji now put his right middle finger to the side of my heaving left
breast and the thumb extended on almost my nipple. I clearly shivered by this unique sensual hand measurement.
This man was directly touching my boob standing in front of me in the name of measurement and I have to allow
that. Thankfully it was a swift process and then Master-ji brought the middle finger at the center of my breast
where the thumb was and stretched the middle finger to the hooks.

Master-ji: Ramlal, cup one full H and quarter.

Ramlal noted that and also measured the stretched fingers of master-ji with a string and noted that.

Master-ji: Madam, now I need to know how tight you want the blouse to be so that you are comfortable.

I nodded without knowing how he would guess that.

Master-ji: You might feel a bit odd, but that’s my process for first time measurements. Madam, just think as if my
palm is your blouse cover. I will press slowly and you have to only signal me when you are most comfortable
regarding the tightness on your cups.

Oh! My god! What does this old thug say! He plans to cup my breast openly now! And he feels this is ‘just a bit odd’
for a married woman of 28 years. I would slap any male doing that to me. I had to object to this.

Me: But Master-ji is there no other way to…

Master-ji again tried to convince me.

Master-ji: Madam, you are facing this problem with the 32 size blouse ashram gave you. It was measured on a
thinner female than you, so if you do not give the exact size, either it will be lose there or too tight.

Me: Master-ji, actually, I would have been comfortable with a tape. Please.

I said in a pleading voice. I do not know what went through Master-ji’s mind, but he agreed to me!

Master-ji: Okay, okay Madam, if you are not at ease, I will not force you. I will stitch it as per your cup size. It will
certainly be slightly lose or tight and you will have to adjust.

I was so much relieved. And just then happened a frightful incident. Ramlal screamed like anything and jumped to
my side almost colliding with me. Master-ji also went a couple of steps back and pulling my hand held me back.
Initially I did not notice anything, but when I looked at the door, there were a couple of snakes standing there.

Ramlal: It’s a cobra Master-ji. Beware.

Master-ji: Yes, I have seen that. No one should move now.

The snakes were almost guarding the doorway and if they proceed towards us there was nowhere to move, as the
room was too small. The snakes were quite big and slowly moving their heads and seemed to keep a watch on us. I
was very much frightened seeing snakes so close. Ramlal seemed to be also very scared, but Master-ji was
relatively cool. Master-ji said he encountered snakes here before, but never in the room like this. For the next few
minutes, Master-ji tried many ways like making a move towards them or throwing an article to them and virtually
left no stone unturned, but was unsuccessful to turn those snakes away.

I was sweating profusely now, in the heat and also due to fear.

Master-ji: There is only one way we can get rid of these snakes. We need to offer them milk and they might drink
and move away, otherwise any moment they can attack us.

I also thought that’s a good idea and probably the only way to get out of this dreadful situation.

Ramlal: But Master-ji, I have to go out to bring milk for snake, but they are on the doorway and surely would bite
me if I try doing something silly.

Me: Right Master-ji. No one can go out. Then what to do?

Master-ji thought for a while and then said, “Madam, you can only save us from this situation.”

Me? I was very astonished. How can I help out this situation?

Master-ji: Madam, you have the natural milk. Please get out some milk and feed these snakes, then only the snakes
might go.

I was simply dumbstruck!

What does this old ruffian mean? I need to squeeze out milk from my breasts for these snakes! I was getting
confused. But due to this awful situation, I could not even work out in my mind of an alternative too. There were
droplets of sweat on my exposed breast area and I could realize I was sweating more throughout my body due to
this abnormal situation I am in.

Master-ji: Madam, please think with a cool head. Milk will satisfy these snakes and we might be saved. It will take
only some minutes for you to get it from your breasts.

Ramlal: Madam, please. I also have a bowl here for my eating purpose in which you can get out the milk.

I understood the situation, but since I was childless till then, milk formation was not there in my breasts. These
two males did not know that. I had no other way but to reveal that to Master-ji.

Me: Master-ji, I mean err… I do not have a child till now. So, you can understand probably that…

Master-ji was witty enough to get what I meant and exclaimed, “Oh! I can understand Madam, but then the only
hope is also gone!”

I was so thankful that Master-ji understood me at once, but that rascal Ramlal was after me.

Ramlal: But Madam, I have heard if proper sucking is done on the breasts, unmarried females can also produce milk.

Me: Just shut up! Master-ji, please…

Master-ji: Ramlal, don’t talk rubbish. What do you mean? You will suck Madam’s breast and milk will come out? Milk
will only form in Madam’s breasts after she gets pregnant at least once. Didn’t you hear that Madam has not been
pregnant till now.

I was feeling very embarrassed, as Master-ji instead of speaking in general terms, told Ramlal using my direct
example. Me being a matured married woman could not escape the heat hidden in those words and was feeling the
womanly tightness in my boobs. I could not look directly to Master-ji in some shame and had to adjust my bra from
the sides to accommodate my heavy breathing.

Simultaneously I was sweating profusely and my white bra was now very clearly visible over my blouse and below
also, I began to look indecent, as the thin layer of petticoat was now soaked with drops of sweat on my thighs. I
looked down from the corner of my eyes and realized that my petticoat was clinging to my well-formed thighs in a
lewd manner. I pulled and jerked the cloth of the petticoat in a reluctant way so that it did not look very obvious to
these males.

One thing was puzzling for me that the snakes were not approaching us; they both remained stationed at the
doorway only. They were gently swaying their heads standing in an upright position. And due to their strategic
position it was impossible for anyone of us getting out of this room without being bitten by them.

Ramlal: But Master-ji, then what to do?

There was silence for a while and then Master-ji came up with an idea, which was the most bizarre and weird I
have ever heard.

Master-ji: Eureka!

The old man almost jumped and both Ramlal and me were surprised seeing his reaction.

Master-ji: Please listen to me carefully Ramlal. You can save us.

Ramlal looked equally puzzled as me.

Master-ji: Listen to me carefully. I can see only one way of getting the milk and get rid of these snakes. But since
Madam does not yet have developed milk in her breasts, I have this plan.

He paused. I wondered what he is up to!

Master-ji: Madam, these snakes will not be able to differentiate between milk and a white liquid. So what I feel is
we can fool the snakes with a white liquid, which is not actually milk. Ramlal, you will masturbate here and pour your
fluid in the bowl and we will fool the snakes with that white solution.

There was pin drop silence in the room, only the slight hissing of the snakes could be heard. I did not know what to
say. Even though I appreciated in my mind the idea, but looking at the practical angle was highly scared. An
unknown middle-aged lower class male will masturbate in front of me, a grownup lady of 28; that too married!

I was truly feeling very edgy and uncomfortable now and could not counter also as I do not have any alternative way
to get rid of this situation. Giving milk to snake to get rid of them seemed to be the wisest decision to me.

Ramlal: Master-ji, will it work?

Master-ji: Nothing works, Ramlal, till we try. Madam, I know it will be somewhat uncomfortable for you, but as you
do not have the milk in your breast, you can also realize…

Me: I can understand Master-ji.

What would I say more? The very thoughts of this idea was giving me a wild turn on and more so as I was not fully
dressed also for a long time now.

Master-ji: Ramlal, do not waste time, as anytime the snakes may proceed to us.

Ramlal: Master-ji, how can I do it fast? I need the time. I need to think.

At this comment, I could not stop laughing and Ramlal probably was encouraged seeing me reacting positively to
such a ‘hot’ issue.

Ramlal: Madam, this man will not be able to remember when he last did ‘that’, and he is telling me to do it fast.

I again giggled at his comment, which I knew I should not, but I was somehow feeling quite aroused at this
development. Little did I know that the medication, which I took just before leaving the ashram with Uday, also
had its effect on me.

Master-ji: Okay, okay, if needed I will show you what I can still do.

Ramlal: You will surely get a heart attack Master-ji. Am I wrong Madam?
I had to smile and nod at this lower class filthy discussion. Ramlal was now about to start and I was having a
pounding in my heart with my nipples fully taut within my bra. Ramlal turned to the wall and took off his lungi, now
he was in his underwear and vest only. I saw he took both his hands towards his crotch and started with the
process facing the wall. He was time and again turning his head looking at the door too at the snakes.

After some moments he confessed reality.

Ramlal: Master-ji, I cannot think of anything at all. The scariness is more in my mind due to these snakes. My lund
is not getting erect Master-ji.

There was silence. Ramlal was facing us now and he was holding on to his dick within his underwear and I could
clearly make out its position. His underwear was of thin material and I saw his lund was hanging like a big banana.

Master-ji: Hmm. What to do then? Madam?

I had nothing to say and before I could say anything also Master-ji bowled me over.

Master-ji: Okay Ramlal, do one thing. You look at Madam and try to masturbate. Seeing a female should help you.

Me: What?

Master-ji: Madam, if looking at you can help him, let him. We need the milk that’s all.

Me: But Master-ji this is absolutely…

I was feeling so ashamed that my voice choked. My feeble resistance was not enough to stop these males.

Master-ji: Madam please cooperate. Madam, if you feel very shy, you can do one thing, you can turn to the wall and
Ramlal will see you from behind and try to masturbate.

Ramlal: Yes Madam, I will try this.

The rascal was now smiling very wickedly. Seeing no other alternative, I agreed and went a couple of steps towards
the wall and turned my back to Master-ji and Ramlal.

I was almost tongue-tied as I had never been in such a state before or after marriage. I did notice on road or at
gatherings males staring at my erect boobs or my swaying hips, but not such deliberate thing ever happened. Ramlal
must be gaping at my full ass now as I was facing the wall. I remembered while I was combing my hair in our
bedroom once, my husband commented ‘looks a big ripe pumpkin darling’ looking at my petticoat-covered ass. I do
not know if Ramlal was thinking the same. My petticoat string was tied just at the curve of my waist to my hips. I
wish today I had tied it a bit up towards my navel. My bulging ass cheeks must be appearing very alluring and more
so as my panty had long ago curled like a ope in my ass crack.

Ramlal: Madam, you look so beautiful from the backside. Thank god, you are not wearing the sari, it covers so much
of your treasure.

Master-ji: Madam, Ramlal is so correct. You back is very attractive.

Master-ji also now joined Ramlal in praising my figure. I had nothing to say and could only utter, “Please do it fast.”

After a gap of few seconds, there was another request coming from that scoundrel Ramlal.

Ramlal: Madam, still I cannot concentrate, these snakes are moving their head so much that my eyes are going
towards them.
Me: What can I do for that?

I was a bit irritated now, but Master-ji quickly controlled the situation.

Master-ji: Ramlal, you come close to Madam and I will keep an eye on the snakes. Don’t fear. Madam, you also help
him a bit to masturbate quickly.

Me: What more shall I do?

Master-ji: Madam, you can do a lot. Right now, you are only standing like a statue Madam. I think if you can be a
little bit cooperative and can just err… I mean if you can move your waist in rhythm, the work will be easier for

Me: What do you mean Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam nothing much. Just as the snakes are constantly shaking their heads and keeping an eye on us,
you just hold the wall and move your waist rhythmically just like a dancer. Madam, please consider the situation for
Ramlal also – these poisonous snakes behind and we are asking him to…

Me: Okay, okay I understand.

And what did I understand? That I have to sway my petticoat-covered hips in rhythm so that this scoundrel Ramlal
gets excited and get his lund erect. I thought it’s no use wasting time and started as Master-ji suggested. I lifted
both my arms slightly upwards at the level of my eyes and held the wall and started moving my hips in a flowing way.
I remember my school days when I used to be in dance class and that experience is coming handy today!

Master-ji and Ramlal both exclaimed with positive reactions at my hip movement and I had to tell them that in my
teenage days, I used to take dance lessons. I turned my head for a second and saw Ramlal was in close proximity
now, and his eyes were glued to my swinging ass. I was feeling very, very hot now doing all this. I continued with my
gyration and heard deep breathing of Ramlal at my back, as there was hardly any sound in the room. I myself was
getting horny now and was feeling the tightness in my bra, as the very idea of myself moving my ass like a dancer to
get a male masturbate!

After some moments I heard nothing and felt restless and turned towards Master-ji and Ramlal. I realized that my
pussy had started flowing fluids due to the heat generated in me from this abnormal, but erotic situation. I simply
blushed seeing Ramlal’s erect lund looking like a protruding rod within his underwear and he was constantly stroking
it with both his hands. It was looking certainly very tempting to me, and for that matter, to any matured woman
this is a very welcome sight. Ramlal was slightly taken by surprise by my turning to him and he stammered.

Ramlal: Its err… not done yet Madam.

I was getting thrill now from the situation and I felt like being naughty. I wondered how this was happening within
me? I am such a homely housewife, so conservative in dressing and approach, so shy about exhibitionism, so
sensitive to male touching and groping; little did I know that the medication was also guiding my senses now. Looking
directly to Ramlal’s eyes for the first time probably, I smiled.

Me: How long will it take Ramlal?

Master-ji: Madam, I think he needs a little more assistance from you.

Me: Tell me that Master-ji, I am not an astrologer, I cannot read his mind.

I could not take my eyes off Ramlal’s erect dick. I was feeling really hot now seeing that ‘ready rod’, and I was
breathing heavily, my 28-year-old youthful body getting taut for that lund.

Master-ji: Madam, you just continue your semi dancing posture, and please allow Ramlal to touch you on your…

Master-ji deliberately left the sentence incomplete to see my reaction, he was an experienced man and readily saw
that I had little objection, as by now I was in full womanly ‘heat’.

Master-ji: Madam, I promise he will not touch you anywhere else. I think this will readily get his fluids out of him.

In normal circumstances, I would have given a tight slap if a male wants to touch me on my ass, though it’s not that
unknown males have never touched me there. In the crowded trains or buses, I had no doubt felt their hands over
my sari or salwar on my firm globes, both upper and lower, but it cannot be compared to today’s incident.

Honestly I felt like being touched now. I even felt like removing my blouse and bra completely because of the heat
in the room and also within my body. It not only made my bra wet with sweat, but also my heaving flesh was trying
to as if break the shackles of my undergarment. I readily agreed to the proposal, but obviously tried not to show

Me: Okay Master-ji, as you say, but please do it fast.

I turned to the wall again and started to swing my hips like a dancer holding the wall in front of me. This time I was
more eager to do this action and swung my hips more in a circular fashion. I must be looking awfully vulgar being a
28-year-old woman with a matured figure doing this hip movement wearing a blouse and petticoat and hence
naturally Ramlal was also up to the task in a flash and I felt his grip on my right ass check almost instantaneously.

Ramlal: What a gaand you have Madam. It’s so smooth and firm.

Master-ji: When it looks so good, must be good in taste also.

I heard Master-ji and Ramlal’s chuckles. Ramlal was pinching hard on my macro-sized bottoms each time I swung my
hips to the right and to the left. His pinches fell on my ass cheeks, just covered by the thin petticoat, as my panty
had already bunched up to my ass crack and I was quite sure Ramlal could feel that with his fingers and readily
identified that only the thin layer of cloth was separating his fingers from touching a 25+ lady’s naked ass cheeks.

Master-ji: Madam, you are looking too sexy from the back. Ramlal, you are so lucky.

Ramlal: Master-ji, you do not see these things at this age and better keep an eye on the snakes.

We all laughed at his comment. I was laughing shamelessly stirring my round bottom and getting pinched there at
random by that scoundrel. I thought if someone pulls up my petticoat to my waist, my ass cheeks would surely look
red by this vigorous pinching. My pussy was all wet by now and had a heavy flowing. I realized soon that Ramlal had
taken both his hands off his dick and was stroking my gaand now. He cupped my each ass cheek in each palm and
was squeezing those like an air horn, as I swung my ass with more force now due to his rough fondling.

Master-ji: Ramlal, be quick, the snakes are advancing!

There was an alert from Master-ji. I do not know whether Ramlal at all heard it, as he was so much engrossed in
crushing my gaand with both hands. I was writhing in ecstasy due to this male fondling on my very sensitive organs,
the ass and was muttering in sexual pain. I just then felt Ramlal had taken his palms off my gaand and I thought he
must have heard Master-ji’s alert.

No way. Ramlal was now demanding more! Till such time he was touching and squeezing me and now without even
taking permission, he started pulling my petticoat up from my back exposing my fair legs.
Me: What are you doing. Stop. Stop. Master-ji!

I was enjoying every bit of his touching over my clothes, but now I was suddenly afraid of getting molested by this
ruffian. Before I could offer a substantial resistance, he took the advantage of being at my back and lifted my
petticoat almost to my thighs and grabbed my thighs with his rough hands. His fingers were touching the naked
skin of my midthigh almost and he buried his face on my round ass. It was a very sensuous position for me. A male
grabbing me from behind, pulling my dress above my knees, touching me on my firm thighs, and at the same time
rubbing his face on my gaand! Master-ji did not interrupt and I had to be in this compromising position for some
significant time meekly struggling. L

Lastly I cried out when that rascal bite me on my firm ass cheek over my petticoat and started poking his thick
nose into my ass crack. My panty was already bunched up there and now he was thrusting his nose hard there and
honestly that was a terrific feeling. Simultaneously his hands embraced my naked thighs under my petticoat.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

I could not take that any more and started cumming heavily. My whole body was writhing in sexual delight and the
pad inside my panty was fully wet now. My resistance was getting weaker and Ramlal seeing the opportunity without
any delay crawled his fingers over my silky thighs and went up and up to touch my most private organ. Though I was
adequately covered by my petticoat on my hips and in the front too, Ramlal’s hands made me naked inside.

I had sexual pleasures with my husband no doubt, but this was entirely different, a new sexual feeling as if due the
abnormal situation buildup and the people. Ramlal also in no time had his fluids coming out of his lund and this time I
had his ‘lund darshan’ also as he poured that hot white fluid into a bowl. This was the first time I was seeing a male
dick apart from my hubby’s! I could hear my heart beat seeing that black rod oozing the white fluid. Oh! What a
site! All women love that, but not to go in waste like this, but to be in their honey pots.

I now tried to do mind control as Guru-ji advised me in the morning. I already had my first orgasm out of the total
four I need in two days as per Guru-ji. I quickly adjusted my clothing, though there was not much left to do. Ramlal
stood there half naked with his lund hanging like a banana again as his erection was gone due to the discharge. My
condition was also like Ramlal’s penis, fully exhausted.

Master-ji now took the bowl from Ramlal and kept a safe distance and offered his semen to the snakes and to my
utter disbelief the snakes started sipping that! But after gulping some, they lifted their heads from the bowl and
thankfully turned back and left the room quietly. We all were so relieved and the whole episode ended there.

Not much happened after that, except for Master-ji did give me a better fitting blouse tallying the measurements
noted in the notebook and I wore that in front of these two males taking my present blouse off and giving them a
clear view of my fair, smooth back and midriff, the only cover being my bra strap, and then I wore my sari, and
before I left…

Master-ji: Okay Madam, all’s well that ends well. We are saved from the snakes. Thanks for your cooperation. But
do let me know if you feel a problem with this new blouse. I will send a couple more through Uday.

Me: Thanks Master-ji.

Master-ji: And Madam, when you get time from ashram in the afternoon, you can come down here and I can solve
the problem with your panty also.

I nodded and came out of the room. I was quite exhausted and feeling pretty much ashamed too about what
happened just now in this tailor’s room.

Uday came back to the tailor’s place in another 10 minutes and till such time I had to tolerate Ramlal’s ogling at my
youthful figure. Coming back to ashram first thing I did was to take a bath and the herbal waters seemed to work
wonders for me. I was so fresh again and honestly felt like having another orgasm. Before that Nirmal came to
take the pad, which I was wearing within my panty. He told that Guru-ji would replace a new one after each of my
outdoor visit. I took rest in the afternoon after lunch and was time and again recapitulating what I did with
Master-ji and Ramlal. My ears turned red as I thought of Master-ji taking my blouse measurements, me doing a
half-dance for Ramlal’s masturbation, and finally Ramlal’s rough touches on my lower part of the body. I could not
sleep properly due to these horny thoughts.

At around 05:00 p.m. Meenakshi came to my room.

Meenakshi: Madam, are you too tired?

Me: No, no. On the contrary I am quite…

I stopped for a moment. Is she aware of what happened at the tailor’s place? Uday seemed to be unaware when I
came back with him, as he did not ask me anything. I was feeling very shy to ask Meenakshi directly though she was
a woman.

Meenakshi: Then fine Madam. You can go to visit the fair, which is very popular here. Its some distance away
though, but should not be a problem if you start now.

Me: Which fair are you talking about?

Meenakshi: Madam, its an annual fair which takes place in a nearby village. And here we all will be busy, you might
feel bore.

I thought that would not be a bad idea, as I had nothing much to do in the ashram right now. Guru-ji and others
would also be busy, as devotees from outside would come for a ‘darshan’ now. Hence I readily agreed.

Meenakshi: Okay Madam, here is your new pad. Also please take the medicine. I will send Uday after 5 minutes
when you are ready.

Meenakshi went off swaying her big bottoms. Surely this woman has very attractive hips I thought in my mind. I
closed the door and went to the toilet. Each time changing this pad was irritating. Like all women, I also was not at
all enjoying pulling down my panty frequently. I had the medication and went to the toilet to change my nightdress,
which I was wearing, and had a face wash and got dressed in five minutes. Uday was again my companion.

Uday: Madam, the fair is a bit far off from here and it’s not a walking distance.

Me: How do you plan to go then?

Uday: Madam, we will take a bullock cart. It will be here any moment as I had informed him prior.

Me: Okay. But how long will it take?

I had never been on a bullock cart, so was keen to ride it. The cart arrived and we got into that.

Uday: Madam, it will take some time and you can enjoy the village scene as we travel.

It was not a bad experience, though the cart was moving very slowly. The scene outside was also very nice and a
cool breeze was making me feel very refreshing. I was thankful to Master-ji for this blouse and it fitted very well
on my copious boobs over my bra. So overall I was feeling very comfortable.

Uday was telling me about the history of the fair and the village. But when even after half an hour we did not reach
destination, I was feeling restless.
Me: How much more time will it take Uday?

Uday: We have only covered half the distance Madam. Since the cart cannot go faster, it will take some time.

Initially it was okay, but now sitting like this with my knees folded made me feel a slight pain at my waist and
knees. At the same time, as the road was very undulating, my boobs were jiggling too much within the tight clutches
of my bra and every now and then I was doubting that my bra hook at my back will get opened. I pulled my sari pallu
properly over my upper treasures as a precaution in front of a male. The place inside the cart was also not adequate
and moreover Uday was also sitting close, so I could not shift much and remained in that posture.

At last we reached the fair and it took an hour to reach there. The whole of my waist and buttocks were paining. I
noticed Uday did some freehand stretching getting out of the cart. Myself being a woman was unable to do that
what Uday was doing in the open. I was having ache in my knees, hips, and waist and thought that if I go to the
toilet first, it might be a safe place to stretch myself a bit, so that I feel more comfortable before entering the

Me: Uday, I want to go to the toilet first.

Uday: Okay Madam, but since this is a village fair, I doubt there will be a separate toilet. Let me ask someone.

Uday came back with a negative answer.

Uday: Madam, here there is no such ‘toilet,’ ladies generally go behind the shop for toilet purpose.

I was in a dilemma, as I cannot tell Uday now that I do not want to urinate, but wanted to stretch myself. He
guided me to the back of a shop.

Uday: Madam, I will stand here, you go and do it there.

I was in a situation of complete amazement. How can this man ask me to urinate almost in an open space?

Me: How can I do it here?

I was almost perplexed. I am not a 10-year-old girl that I can urinate like this? There was a bush at the back of
the shop whose height will hardly cover my knees and though it was evening time visibility was very clear. Moreover,
my added anxiety was it will not only be Uday who could see me clearly, but also there were some village people
standing here and there who would concurrently get a free view of my urinating.

Uday: Madam, this is a village, do not feel shy.

Me: What do you mean? Just because this is a village, you mean to say I should lift up my sari to my waist in this
open space and should not feel shy?

Uday: Madam, madam, don’t get annoyed please. In the village you will not get a protected toilet like the town.
Please understand.

Me: Uday, come on, there are so many people around. Simply I cannot sit here shamelessly. Sorry. Let us go to the

Uday did not try any more to persuade me to urinate in that open space and I got rescued from another humiliating
situation. The fair was held on a small area and it was quite crowded by rural people, but still there were some
shops of ornaments, garments, etc. which interested me. It took almost an hour to cover the fair, as the crowd was
heavy. Due to the crowd, I had to walk close to Uday and time and again my ‘always erect’ firm breasts were
brushing against his elbow. Initially I tried to avoid that, but due to the moving crowd I did not mind it later.

After sometime, it created a problem for me. Now I could realize Uday was doing it purposefully and keeping his
elbow in constant touch with my blouse-covered mangoes and since within bra, they appeared very firm and he was
constantly elbowing them. Uday must have thought that I was deliberately walking close to him so that my well-
formed boobs touch his elbow, but in reality it was due to the crowd that I had to walk like that. Honestly I was
also enjoying a bit, but I realized with time that Uday was now overdoing it considering we were in a public place.

I was walking on his right and Uday now was virtually circling his right elbow on my left boob constantly pressing it.
The act was so deliberate as people coming from opposite direction could clearly see it. I was feeling very
cumbersome, but could not tell Uday anything. Moreover, due to this constant rubbing, I was also getting heated
and my boobs grew in size and were so tight within the bra that Uday’s right elbow was almost getting a spring
action from my firm upper globes. That probably encouraged him more, as hardly does a male get such tightness
from a married woman’s boobs.

I stopped at a shop and was checking a pair of earrings and Uday also stood close by me. Now I could sense his
deep breaths on my shoulder.

Uday: This would look nice on you Madam.

Saying that, he handed me an earring and a matching necklace. Though I did not want his suggestion, but he poked
his nose into it. I tried that the earring and it looked decent to me.

Uday: Madam, also try the necklace and if you feel you can buy it. I have the money.

The shopkeeper also encouraged me wearing the necklace along with the earrings to check overall. I was about to
wear the necklace, when Uday unnecessarily tried to help me.

Uday: Madam, you relax, I will fix the necklace fastener on your neck.

The shopkeeper I noticed was smiling hearing that. There were two to three more customers in the shop also who
were also looking at us. I did not want to argue and attract more attention and agreed to Uday. But what he did
certainly crossed the decency limit in public. He just shifted a little, went behind me, let the necklace fall on my
upper chest area, and started fixing the hook near my neck. Then from behind in an almost hugging posture he
dragged the necklace down touching my both breasts adequately over my blouse. And as if trying to make the
necklace flow properly on me, Uday felt both my tight mangoes with his palms, which I comprehended without a
doubt. The shopkeeper and the others also did not miss that and I felt very clumsy being treated like that in a
public place.

The shopkeeper seemed more eager now to hold the mirror in front of me and forwarded a few more earrings and

Uday: Madam, try this, this also looks nice.

Me: No Uday, I think this is pretty fine.

I could understand his intention, but he and the shopkeeper also insisted me to try another and then pick one. I
wore the second earring set and Uday was ready to wear me the necklace. This time he was more bold and I almost
gasped, as he in the process of wearing me the necklace was directly touching my breasts in front of the
shopkeeper. This was a longer necklace, which extended below my boobs and this gave him more opportunity to
grope me. He dropped the necklace from my neck to its full size. He was standing just behind me and placed his
arms across my upright boobs and pressed my cups as if adjusting the necklace up. I was standing within his arms
shamelessly and people were watching me.
Uday very cleverly took the mirror in his left hand from the shopkeeper and held it in front of my breasts as if to
show me how good the necklace was looking on me. This way the shopkeeper for the moment was unable to see my
breast area and taking the guard of the mirror, with his free right hand, he first cupped my right breast and then
gave it a very good squeeze from over my blouse.

Uday: I think this one is better? What do you feel Madam?

I was in no position to talk as I could feel his right palm was still cupping my breast. I looked to my side and was
almost traumatized to see two young boys were watching us. Uday was not looking at anything I suppose and this
time he almost covered my whole right breast with his palm and gave me a series of tight squeezes. All these
happened in a span of few seconds and I could not resist being groped so openly with people watching me.

Finally it was over and we bought the second earring set and the necklace and mixed with the crowd again.

As evening advanced I noticed there was more crowd in the fair and in that small place there was much pushing
going on. This time since the crowd was jostling through the narrow passages by the shops, I had no other option
but to hold Uday’s hand, otherwise I would be left behind. Walking was now becoming increasingly difficult and I
had to keep one hand in a protective fashion otherwise every now and then a passing elbow was touching my milk

I tied to behave with Uday very normally as if I paid no attention to his naughtiness in the ornament shop and took
it as being unintentional. Uday was also trying to gauge my reaction to his advances and seeing apparently no
resistance made further moves.

Uday: Madam, these village people are not cultured, just be alert.

Me: Yes that I can see, the way they are pushing around.

Uday: Madam, do one thing, instead of holding my hand and walking behind me, you come by my side and then I can
in fact protect you also.

I thought that was a good idea, I nodded to him, and came to his right side. Uday indeed had some other plans. I
noticed that he put his arm on my right shoulder right away pretending to protect me from the crowd coming from
opposite direction. My whole body was now almost touching his masculine torso as I walked. In no time I realized
what he is up to. Uday now was embracing me over my shoulder with his right hand, which was now only an inch away
from touching my breast, acting as if he protecting me from incoming people. And from each impact of the passing
man, he took full advantage and began touching and feeling my heaving breast.

In a jiffy before I could say or do anything Uday was cupping my right breast again! This time he seemed very
confident and turned me instantly on fire as he was resting his fingers on my boob as we walked. I looked down at
my breast shamefully to find his fingers acting almost as another layer over my blouse. As the pushing was more
now, Uday made the most of it and was virtually massaging my conical peak in his right palm. I was getting
adequately aroused now due to this continuous male touching, holding, and squeezing of my youthful boob. This went
on for some minutes and with time Uday’s squeezes were beginning to get harder and he almost toyed with my
blouse-covered flesh. Once I felt he was poking one of his fingers and trying to trace my nipple over the blouse and
bra cover. I noticed that each of the men who were passing us had their eyes on Uday’s hand and on my mammary.

I could not take it anymore and was feeling very ashamed allowing such things in public. Being a 28-year-old
matured woman I was enjoying his touches and was already wet in my pussy, but this was crossing decency limits as
I was in the open. Today in the morning when I crossed all limits of decency still I was in a confined area. I had to
stop Uday from his advances.

Me: Uday, please behave yourself.

Uday: Sorry Madam, but the crowd is so unruly they are coming on to your body

Uday gave his excuse and I did not wanted to argue on that, but now was really feeling the urge to urinate due to
the heat generated in my body.

Me: Uday, I want to go to toilet once. That time I could not…

I thought there was no need to complete my sentence. Uday had already taken his hand off my breast area and now
guided me jostling through an alley to the back of a shop. Since now it was late evening, there was darkness though
there were electric bulbs glowing throughout the fair. I observed that though the area was not absolutely dark, it
was not possible for the fair people who were at a distance to make out anything. But the problem here was
absence of a proper bush behind, which I can sit and pee. So I was a bit hesitant again.

Uday: Madam, what are you waiting for now?

Me: Can’t you see there is not even a bush here.

Uday: But Madam, no one is noticing you in this darkness. You can go to that corner and…

Me: What darkness? I can clearly see you.

Uday: Madam, come on. Okay I will not look at you while you…

He smiled very meaningfully at me, but I ignored his tease and wanted to me absolutely sure before getting into
any more humiliation at this age.

Me: And if someone comes here?

Uday: Madam, how long will take? It’s just a matter of some seconds!

I was simply not assured as I knew it will take some time for me as unlike other women just pulling up my sari,
sitting down, and peeing off will not do. I will also have to pull down my panty, which is never easy for any woman to
do quickly, and additionally I have to set the pad inside my panty suitably also.

Uday: Madam, if you stand here like this someone might actually come. So go and sit in that corner and I will be
guarding you.

Uday was saying things in such a casual manner as if his presence does not matter to me at all. I again inspected
the place. It was semi dark, true, but at the same time it was open on all sides except one side where the shop was,
and anyone coming up to that place would be able to see me very clearly. Never in my life had been in such a

Ultimately things boiled down to the fact I have to urinate in that open space and that too in front of a male. I was
feeling so very shy, but had nothing to do in this regard.

Me: Uday, please turn back and do aware me if someone comes in.

Uday: Madam, if I turn back, you can I see if anyone is coming or not.

I understood very well that he would not miss this opportunity to see me peeing. Any male for that matter would
grab this chance to see a 25+ woman urinating in front of him. The situation was such I was simply helpless, as I
needed him to stand there at least to see if anyone was coming.

I noticed Uday’s eyes as if lit up when he eventually saw that I agreed to pee in front of him. I went to the corner
beside the shop, which was approximately about 10-12 feet away from Uday. I could go no further because there
was too much illumination from lights of other shops. I slowly turned my back to Uday and was really feeling very
shy doing this, but had no other alternative now. I bent down a little bit and with both hands quickly pulling up my
sari and petticoat almost to my hips. The cool gentle breeze almost made me shiver when I felt it on my exposed
thighs. My thighs are fairer than my body complexion like most women and quite well formed and plump. I could not
resist looking behind once to see Uday.

Uday: Madam, do not look back. Do it quickly.

Uday was looking at my exposed legs and commanding me. I briefly saw his left hand was on his crotch; he must be
stroking his dick seeing a married woman in such a compromised state. I did not waste time anymore and did what I
needed to do. I quickly dropped down my panty to my knees and took the pad in one hand and while I was doing that
my whole bottom virtually remained exposed and Uday must have had a grand view of my naked buttocks though I
tried to keep my sari as a cover as much as possible on my hip area. When I squatting I knew my huge naked ass
was fully exposed in front of Uday’s face due to his proximity.

The hissing sound of my peeing was adding to my shame. I again looked back to see if anyone was coming and what
Uday was doing, but to my surprise I did not see Uday standing there! I could not move my head much in that
squatting position. My urination was almost complete and I was much relieved as the hissing sound of my urination
was creating more embarrassment for me.

Uday: Madam, beware!

I was shocked and horrified as I heard Uday’s voice almost by my ear. I could not see him a moment ago at my back
because he has come up almost to my front now. I was simply stunned seeing him in front of me, as my whole pussy
along with my legs and thighs were completely uncovered and I was still discharging my urine. Uday could see my
pussy hole with the thick bush of hair above it very clearly. My god! I never ever in my life faced such a humiliation.
My face also reflected my utter shock and shame seeing Uday looking bluntly at my naked pussy.

Uday: Madam, madam, don’t panic. You are actually sitting on an ant heap and so I wanted to alert you.

Me: You get out of here first.

Uday: Madam, you have watered their heap and ants will now come out in scores. So be very careful.

He did not move a bit and his eyes enjoying the sight of his lifetime probably to see from the front a matured
woman peeing out. I could not sit like that any more and got up with drops of urine still coming out of my hole and
quickly pulled my sari down with my left hand as I was holding the pad in my right hand. Uday almost dragged me
out of that ant heap and I noticed that what he was telling was absolutely true. Red ants were all over that place
triggered to come out by urine.

I could not walk properly as my panty was still down around my knees. I need to pull that up and put the pad also.

I could not meet Uday’s eyes as to what happened some minutes ago. I still could not digest the fact that he
actually has seen me urinating in the sitting posture. I do not know what was going through his mind, but he seemed
quite normal!

Uday: Madam, we are getting late now slowly. We should make a move.

Me: Yes, I also do not spend any more time here.

I said so though I was thinking how to put it before Uday that my panty is still halfway down my legs below my sari
and petticoat.
Uday: Okay Madam, then you can just wait here or at the ornament shop and I will get a bullock cart.

Me: No, no Uday. Not again in that snail like vehicle. I have had enough of aches in my waist and knees.

Uday: But Madam …

I interrupted him, as I wanted to know if an alternative transport arrangement could be made.

Me: Why don’t you try to get some substitute transportation?

Uday: Madam, I told you there is nothing much available in this route.

After some continuous pleading from my end, Uday went out to search for something other than that bullock cart
and asked me to wait in front of the ornament shop. I told to myself that it would be real painful to travel in that
cart again for an hour if Uday fails to get an alternative conveyance. Now that Uday was away I also wanted to
wear my panty properly and place the pad also. I noticed that there were some people coming where I urinated a
few minutes ago and hence had to leave the place and tried to look for a secured place.

I was walking in somewhat baby steps as my panty, which was around my knees, was hindering me to walk
comfortably. Soon I found the back of another shop, where there was very minimum light and there was no one
there also, and felt it to be a safer place. I chose a corner and quickly pulled up my sari along with my petticoat to
my waist and pushed my panty towards my crotch area. I felt the gentle breeze again on my naked thighs and as I
was about to put the pad within my panty just over my honey pot, I heard two voices. I almost froze as whole of
the lower part of my youthful jawani was entirely exposed then. I looked up here and there, but could not see
anyone, but I am sure I heard two voices. After a few moments since I could not trace anyone in the semidarkness,
I continued with my job and got the pad inside my panty and flowed my sari down and finally when I was adjusting
my pallu over my breasts, again I perceived the voice.

“Please, please, someone would come.”

“There is no one here. Don’t worry.”

Since there was darkness here, my eyes took some time to adjust and now I could clearly see that just a few yards
away a male and a female were standing close by the cover of a tree. They seemed engrossed in themselves and did
not notice I was there also in the dark. I moved a little to get a clearer view. The man was middle aged, but the
female was a teenage girl. The girl was wearing ghagra-choli, which is the common dress here for women. The scene
was indeed steamy as the man had hugged the girl and was trying to kiss on her lips and girl was eluding his lips by
constantly moving her head. I noticed that the man has now cupped one of her boobs over her choli and the girl’s
resistance was getting weaker. In no time the girl was stroking her fingers through the hairs of the man and they
were lip-locked. As they were kissing, I saw that the man now took one of his hands off her boobs and cupped her
tiny ass over her ghagra. Seeing such hot activities from such close proximity made my nipples grow hard right
away. I was getting great pleasure peeping like this. As the man was energetically squeezing the girl’s young boobs,
my right hand also automatically went towards my tight boobs and touched my nipples. I noticed the girl was now
almost gasping, as the man descended from her lips to her boobs. He was almost biting her boobs over her choli and
pulled up her ghagra with his embracing hands almost to her thighs. I could not stop myself pinching my own nipples
over my bra and blouse seeing this very passionate sight. Immediately I felt hint of precum within my pussy also
and feeling quite thirsty seeing this ‘live’ show.

“Paro, Paro, where are you?”

The couple behind the tree and myself both almost froze to this voice. I noticed an old man was searching probably
for that girl calling her name, must be her father or a relative. As soon as the old man crossed us to a safe
distance, I noticed the girl adjusted her dress and ran away immediately and the man followed suit in the opposite
direction. I was cursing the old man, as I was thoroughly enjoying the scene, and now that everything was over I
came out of the darkness adjusting my bra a little to breathe easy, and went towards the ornament shop to wait
for Uday.

Uday came after some minutes with a smiling face.

Uday: Madam, you should thank your luck. You don’t have to go in the bullock cart.

I was so pleased to hear that not knowing what actually was waiting for me in the next hour. I never anticipated
that this auto rickshaw ride would also be a memorable one like my tailor’s encounter with Master-ji and Ramlal.

Me: Thanks Uday. What have you arranged?

Uday: An auto rickshaw Madam.

Me: Thank god Uday.

Uday: But Madam, in this part people doesn’t travel in rickshaws as you travel in the cities. It’s basically a good
carriage here. So you might face a little problem with goods loaded in that vehicle.

Me: Still it’s hundred times better than that slow cart and definitely it should take lesser time.

Uday: Of course Madam. It should take 15-20 minutes only.

We went out of the fair and I did not feel it necessary to mention what I say to Uday. The rickshaw was standing a
bit far away. There was not much light outside the fair arena and the moon was also not there in the sky. I could
well see goods tied already at the top of the rickshaw and also to its sides by rope.

Uday: Madam, this is Mishra-ji. This is his auto. Fortunately he is going towards our ashram.

Mishra-ji was an elderly man, visibly obese, and fifty plus for sure. He was completely bald headed. He was wearing
a dhoti and a bush shirt. Uday introduced me to him.

Mishra-ji: Beti, you will have some difficulty I can understand, as there is scarcity of space in my rickshaw due to
the goods, but if you can tolerate me and my rickshaw for 15 minutes, you will reach ashram.

I smiled to his words and felt at ease due to his age and also as he was addressing me as “beti”. Since there were
packaged goods in the front seat too, hardly any space was there to sit except for the driver. Hence Uday, myself,
and Mishra-ji sat at the backseat of the auto rickshaw. Mishra-ji boarded first, followed by me. I was surprised to
see something black sitting at Mishra-ji’s foot as I got up.

Mishra-ji: This is my pet dog Moti. Wherever I go, he follows me. But he will not create any commotion, be rest
assured Beti.

I sat beside him and his dog was looking up at me. Thankfully Moti was a small sized dog, but I could not make out
his breed though I love dogs among the household pets. The dog apparently looked well behaved and did not react
seeing unknown faces. I noticed that there were a couple of packets on the seat too, as there was no other vacant
space to keep them in the auto rickshaw. Naturally the sitting area was cramped, more so because of Mishra-ji’s
overweighed body.

Mishra-ji: Beti, you can see my size. You might just struggle sitting in this short space and for that do heavily
curse me. May be by that I lose some kilos and next time when I allow someone to sit in my rickshaw, he or she
gets a better ride.

We all laughed at his prank including the driver. Frankly there was very little place for Uday to squeeze in the
backseat. I tried to move as much as possible maintaining decency to Mishra-ji, but then also Uday could marginally
touch his ass to the seat. The auto rickshaw started on its way immediately as we boarded. For accommodating me
Mishra-ji took his left arm around me over my head on the seat top and my face was now so close to his armpit that
I could inhale the odour of his sweat from his shirt.

Mishra-ji: Beti, are you a little better now?

I nodded and shifted an inch more to him almost gluing to his body so that Uday could sit a little better and he was
now able to move his ass in between my thighs and the auto seat boundary. In the process I realized his right elbow
already touched my thrusting left boob and was feeling its softness. I did not want to encourage him at all in front
of the elderly man and so just gently pushed his elbow with my left hand.

Mishra-ji: All three of us own big garage spaces to park our cars.

Uday laughed on this comment, but I could not grasp what that old man meant.

Me: I could not get you Mishra-ji.

Mishra-ji: Beti, I mean we all have heavy bottoms and thus when we garage ourselves in this seat, we all need big
spaces to park our...

It was not required to complete his sentence and we all laughed at the comment. I must say this old man had a
decent sense of humor. As we laughed I realized that Uday was again trying to elbow me taking the advantage of
the semidarkness within the rickshaw. I did not disapprove him this time, as I still could not shrug off the erotic
scene that I enjoyed in the fair. As someone dips his finger in a bowl of oil, Uday, seeing me not hindering his hand,
started dipping his right elbow to the depth of my rubber-tight boob.

Mishra-ji: Oh! My head!

There was a bump, which the driver probably missed, and since the rickshaw was going at a fair speed, it jerked
strongly. The driver immediately slowed down and I inquired out of courtesy to Mishra-ji if he had hurt himself

Mishra-ji: I bumped it on the rod Beti.

Mishra-ji pointed towards his forehead and I turned a bit towards him and tried to see what happened to his
forehead. As I took my hand towards her forehead, he held my fingers and showed the area where he was hurt.

Me: You remove your fingers from forehead and let me see if there is any cut or not.

As he dropped down his hand and since my right arm was lifted to see his forehead, his elbow directly pressed on
my right boob. I did not mind that and moreover he was calling me “beti”, so no other thoughts came to my mind at
all and I was really eager to see his bumped forehead. As he was tall, even in the sitting posture I had to stretch
myself and in the process the side of my right boob was entirely open. I felt Mishra-ji’s left elbow was digging
deep on my right boob under my raised arm. Since there was absolutely no place to shift or move I felt he had no
other option but to place his left hand there to accommodate me to see his forehead.

Mishra-ji: Hope its not cut or bruised?

Me: Could not see very clearly Mishra-ji, but seems okay.

Mishra-ji: Please check it a bit Beti.

As I was feeling his forehead with my fingers for a bump, I felt elbow was now firmly placed under my raised
armpit and was pressing my juicy mango. Moreover, Uday seeing the chance increased his naughty handwork. He was
now elbowing me more deliberately and with more force. He was almost circling his elbow tip on my taut flesh within
my bra and blouse. So, now I was in a position where two different males were elbowing my mangoes in a moving
auto rickshaw though I was sure Mishra-ji’s touches were not purposeful.

I completed inspecting Mishra-ji’s forehead and tried to bring down my arm, but then only, Mishra-ji’s pet dog that
was lying so far at his feet jumped up to his lap. The old man trying to provide accommodation for his dog virtually
poked his whole elbow into my tight boob feeling very adequately the firmness of it. Now to assist Moti to sit on
his master’s lap, I had to keep my right arm at Mishra-ji’s back on the seat top. I realized that this actually made
me more vulnerable as my whole of right boob remained unguarded.

Uday: Madam, I think this is the right way to extract some space for each of us. As you have kept your hand
behind Mishra-ji, let me keep mine also behind you. That way you will also get some space.

Mishra-ji: Uday seemed to be getting intelligent by the minute, isn’t it Beti?

Again there was a roar of laughter. Moti also barked twice I do not know why. At that moment a cycle coming from
the opposite side was flagging us to stop. The driver stopped our vehicle and the man on the cycle informed us that
there was an accident half a kilometer ahead and road was closed, so we should take the left turn from here.

Uday: Oh god! That’s a pretty lengthy route Madam.

Me: How long will it take via that route?

Uday: 40-45 minutes at least.

Mishra-ji: No use thinking on that. It’s just a matter of additional half an hour.

Our auto took the left turn and off we went. Since this road was not a main road, the lighting was not adequate
here and the road was also more bouncy. My heavy boobs were jumping within my bra quite a bit now. Uday was the
first one to take advantage of this situation. Now that his right hand was behind me at my back, he with each jerk
was embracing me tighter. I looked through the corner of my eyes to Mishra-ji and thankfully he seemed busy with
his dog on his lap. Uday was now getting a free access to my right boob as my right arm was lifted and he was sort
of embracing me with his hand going behind my body. He was now very easily cupping and squeezing my unguarded
right breast below my sari pallu. I was thoroughly enjoying that though was conscious enough to keep my pallu in
place so that the old man could not see anything.

Suddenly the auto rickshaw braked seeing a bump or whatever, but the effect was thoroughly embarrassing for
me. As the vehicle braked, Uday was actually cupping my right boob from the underside; the sudden brake made his
fingers dug in my boob. Mishra-ji’s right arm was in a folded position on his dog’s head just a few inches from my
boob; the sudden brake brought his palm directly over my boob also. It was like two men holding my one boob and
both their hands met in that sudden brake!

Mishra-ji: What nonsense is this? Drive slowly and keep your eyes open. There is no hurry.

Mishra-ji rebuked the rickshaw driver and he apologized. But there was no apology to me from any of the males for
touching my boob in that sudden jerk. By this time Uday had shifted his hand from my breast to my shoulder at my
back. I was rather comfortable at this approach from him. Mishra-ji’s fingers were still nimbly touching the
sideline of my right boob as the dog had also shifted its position somewhat by that jerk.

Mishra-ji: Beti, are you okay? Hope you are not hurt anywhere?

I was feeling confused as while this old man was talking to me now, I could feel his fingers were brushing on the
bulging cup my blouse. I scolded myself in the mind for thinking ‘differently’ about this old man. He is so caring!
Me: No, no. I am absolutely fine.

The auto rickshaw moved on, but now at a slower speed. Uday was not still for a moment. He was now caressing my
back over my blouse and tracing my bra strap. I almost trembled as he traced my bra strap from my shoulder and
started moving down over my back to the hook over my blouse. I was trying to talk normally so that the old man
does not understand about the naughty acts going ahead just beside him.

Me: Moti, look here. Tu tu tu tu… Do you like me?

Mishra-ji: Moti nod your head.

While all this silly talking were going on round that dog, Uday’s middle finger and thumb were actually busy picking
up my bra strap and was pulling it slightly from my body. He was like playing with it, pulling and leaving it the next
moment with each jerk. No woman can sit comfortably if someone is playing with her bra strap like this, but still I
was trying my best because I was getting (s)excited by these acts. Uday probably was fade up after sometime
doing that and moved his right hand down my blouse towards my butts. I shifted slightly forward as if to cajole
Moti, which aided him to place his hand between the seat and the back of my body. I felt his hand was moving down
tracing my spine and was on my waistband now.

In the meantime, I was trying to cuddle Moti so that Mishra-ji also did not notice what Uday was doing. Mishra-ji’
was to my right and he had put his right hand almost in an embracing position on the dog, which in effect brought
his fingers very close to my right boob. Since my right hand was also at his back to make space his fingers were
actually poking my right boob every now and then with the vehicle jerking. Initially I was not minding that thinking
of his age, but once I felt his thumb rubbed on my nipple over my blouse and bra. I thought it must have been
unintentional, but the touch was making my nipples harden.

Mishra-ji: Beti take Moti in your lap. I think he will stay there.

Me: No, no. If he bites?

Mishra-ji: Beti trust him. He will not bite your… after all he is not your husband.

I blushed hearing this chitchat. Mishra-ji laughed loudly probably to make me feel at ease.

Mishra-ji: Hope you did not mind anything beti by my naughty words.

Me: Its okay. You have a good sense of humor.

I was still blushing in front of this old man. I brought my right hand from the back of Mishra-ji to take Moti in
both hands. He tried to place Moti to my lap, but since the dog was getting restless coming to an unknown lap, I was
a bit scared.

Mishra-ji: Beti don’t fear. Moti is very well behaved. Chu. Chu. Moti, be still.

The old man had to turn a bit now towards me and with his both hands he was still holding the dog, as it was
struggling in my lap. I was feeling Mishra-ji’s touch on my fingers as we both were trying to hold the dog. Uday
seeing Mishra-ji turning towards me was not moving his hand. He was touching me around my waist and trying to
insert a finger into my petticoat. Thankfully he remained still now, but the restless dog was giving me a hard time
because in controlling the dog, Mishra-ji was pressing my juicy mangoes with both hands from the front. What he
was doing, though he was almost my father’s age, would excite any matured woman. But I still felt it was
unintentional on his part and he was earnestly trying to control the dog only.

After some moments, Moti was quiet and sat on my lap close to my boobs. By that time I had enough gasps as
Mishra-ji’s fingers pressed and rubbed on my 32-size breasts a number of times with Moti in his hand. Uday did
not waste any time as he saw the dog was quiet and started inserting his finger inside my petticoat and was trying
to touch my panty I understood. Thankfully I knotted my petticoat very securely and he was not able to insert his
finger to any significant length.

Mishra-ji: Beti let me keep one hand on Moti so that I can control him if he does any mischief.

What should I say? Though the approach was very humble from the old man, but this would actually enable him to
touch my erect bulging boobs almost constantly. I nodded and this time he turned towards me significantly and
asked me to shift more towards him so that he can easily manage his dog. Where should I shift I thought to
myself? If I shift more the posture he is in practically I will have to sit in his lap! Still on his request I shifted a
bit and now my silky firm globes of my buttocks were almost on his thighs and he could very well feel the roundness
of my big ass. Honestly I felt he had no ill intentions, because it was all situational demands.

Mishra-ji: Now it is better Beti. I think you are comfortable.

Yes, sitting almost on the thighs of a 50+ man for a 28-year-old woman has to be ‘comfortable’. I indicated
agreement and this time I was somewhat shaken by his bold movement. The dog was revolving his head to and fro
and he placed his palm on its head and I noted though his palm was there on the dog’s head, the fingers were
almost cuddling my left boob. I almost gasped at his action and honestly it was no way a fatherly touch though he
was still calling me “beti”!

Mishra-ji: Beti now that I have my hand on Moti, you are safe. You can also hold him freely now.

I could not by any means think that he was touching me on purpose. His voice was so normal, his approach so caring,
his elderly age, and his calling me ‘beti’ was making me feel guilty thinking in that ‘dirty’ line. I started taking his
touches as situational and started not to mind them. Uday had now left the ‘inserting his finger in my petticoat’
project and was more eager to touch and press my smooth butt cheek and surely I had more juice in my ass than
anywhere else and he must have been enjoying a lot touching me there. I shifted again a little bit forward as he
was not able to get an entire handful. Now that I shifted a little he was able to freely move his hand and squeeze
my flesh there very comfortably. I also was in the seventh heaven getting an ass squeeze again by a different male
on the same day!

Suddenly there was a jerk again and I felt in trying to hold Moti more securely, the old man’s palm fell on my heavy
left breast. It certainly was a spongy and bouncy reaction for him from my rubber-tight boobs and the situation
was such I could not object to his palm on my breast. The road was adequately dark now and for the first time I
felt Mishra-ji was not the fatherly figure that he appeared. He was clearly not holding the dog’s head by his palm,
only the arm was guarding it, and instead his palm was more or less directly over my pallu covered blouse. Honestly
I was also feeling incredible as one male was caressing my large ass cheek and now another hand was on my upper
treasures. Guru-ji’s drug effect was making me act like a slut in this auto rickshaw!

Moti was calm for only these moments and he again started struggling. The more Mishra-ji tried to control the dog;
it was more of a massage for my milk tanks.

Mishra-ji: Beti, it seems Moti is not that comfortable on your lap. You can put him down on the floor.

Me: Yes. He is not sitting quiet for a moment even.

Mishra-ji: May be for Moti it is from frying pan to oven.

Uday could not stop laughing on that. He also gave a quick tight pinch on my ass over my sari to appreciate that. I
too giggled shamelessly.

But as I put Moti on the floor of the auto rickshaw, he did something, which I was not at all expecting. The dog
started sniffing my feet enthusiastically and in no time inserted his head within my sari. It was real precarious
situation for me. Uday also seemed surprised seeing that as he stopped coaxing my buttery hips.

Mishra-ji: Moti, Moti, what are you doing dear?

Moti was totally nonchalant to his master’s calls and I could feel the wet nose on my naked legs below my sari and
alarmingly it was moving upwards.

Me: Ouch!

Mishra-ji: What happened beti?

Moti was now gently scratching my knees with his legs and sniffing my naked lower thigh area. I did not have to
reply to Mishra-ji as the dog’s head below my sari was very evident now between my legs. I was feeling so hot by its
wet touches, which I could not probably express. The dog was licking the beads of sweat on my inner thighs now.

Me: Ooooooooh! Aaaaaah! Please get it out.

Mishra-ji: Beti, don’t worry. I am getting him out.

Uday: Madam, don’t move much, the dog might bite you.

Mishra-ji: Moti, Moti. Come here good boy.

It seemed to me that the dog was more into his sniffing and licking under my petticoat and sari as he heard his
master’s call. I could feel the dog’s wet nose onto my naked thighs and as it was licking, its saliva on my naked skin
was making me shiver as if in sexual pleasure. I was getting moistened in my pussy now, the flow getting heavier.

Mishra-ji: Beti, he is not listening to me. You need to pull your sari a bit so that I can catch my Moti.

Me: Please do whatever, but get that thing out. Ooooooooh!

The dog was now slowly approaching more towards my crotch as he crawled up within my sari. My thighs were all
wet now by his cold nose and hot tongue, the combination was turning me wild. My thighs were generating heat now
generously and I was in no way less aroused by this dog in comparison to any male!

Mishra-ji: Okay, okay.

Now I as if gave license to the old man to lift my sari!

Mishra-ji: You keep calm beti, I will pull up your sari and get out Moti.

I was in a very poor shape in front of two males now and was more or less struggling to sit properly on the auto
rickshaw seat, almost wriggling my body in ecstasy by the acts of this naughty dog. Mishra-ji bent a little and
started pulling my sari off my legs upwards along with my petticoat. Uday seeing my condition held my hand with his
left hand and embraced his right hand around me over the seat top. Getting the support I leaned on to his body and
he did not miss this opportunity to cup my breasts again. But since Mishra-ji was in front of me, he was clever
enough to put his hand below my pallu and started gently coaxing my full boobs.

Mishra-ji exposed my fair legs in no time and bunched my sari around my knees. Moti was trying to move his way up
more seeing Mishra-ji trying to catch him. It seemed to be a game for the dog and in the process was making me
shamelessly exposed and horny at the same time. Mishra-ji’s touches were now completely devoid of the fatherly
care and he appeared to be a changed man from a caring father like figure to a greedy old man. For Mishra-ji,
getting the opportunity to pull up the sari of a matured housewife like me, it was highly rewarding so to say. He not
only bunched the sari and petticoat up at my knees, he was caressing my fair and shapely legs intensely. He seemed
not interested to get out the dog at all and now was trying to pull my sari up forcefully above my knees to see more
of my naked jawani.

Since I was siting with Moti between my legs, I had to spread my legs a lot to accommodate the dog and as a result
Mishra-ji was almost off his seat. Hence it was not easy for him to pull up my sari anymore. The old man was not to
resign so easily and I was amazed to see his muscle power at this age, he with his left hand fervently cupped my
round hip-side and made my leg rise slightly from the seat and pulled up the sari.

Me: Ouch! Please don’t…

Though that was my natural womanly reaction, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I was now practically naked from my
waist on my right side by the old man’s lewd handwork. Moti at last was exposed out of my sari. Giving me no time
to react to get rid of the dog, Mishra-ji lifted up the remaining sari cover that I had over my left thigh to Uday’s
side making sure I become completely naked down my waist. Thank god I was wearing a panty otherwise I would
have been sitting in the moving auto rickshaw with uncovered pussy with two males!

Mishra-ji did not stop, neither did Moti, nor Uday!

Moti was still busy with his sniffing work and currently with my exposed skin the dog went up unhindered up to my
panty and was sniffing that area. The dog’s saliva was all over my bare well-formed thighs and I tried to wipe them
with my free hand, one hand being held by Uday. At that moment my feminine ‘shame’ was overtaken by
sensuousness. I was discharging now more than earlier, as was aroused tremendously. The dog was between my legs
supported on my naked knees with its tail up and poking its nose over my panty to sniff my vaginal fluids.

Uday was having a squeeze of his life. He was initially milking my right boob over my blouse with some decency
under the sari pallu. By ‘decency’ I mean as the auto rickshaw was jerking he was kneading it and was only stroking
or caressing it gently. But now seeing my compromised condition, he was virtually mauling me like anything. He
cupped my right boob very tightly with all his fingers firmly gripped on my juicy mango and was not at all releasing
it from his palm! I was simply gasping for air by this treatment of Uday. With his left hand he was holding my hand,
which was making the journey more passionate for me.

Mishra-ji seemed as if was determined to make me fully exposed in this moving auto rickshaw. He was now directly
caressing and rubbing my naked moist thighs. Moti had made them wet and when I tried to wipe it dry Mishra-ji
interrupted by holding my hand. He then began to do the wiping of my smooth silky thighs with his free hand. His
rough palm on my completely uncovered thighs was making me go wild and this elderly guy was gyrating his palm in a
very sexy manner, to say the least, starting from my knees, slowly up my thighs, and reaching till my panty. I could
clearly make out the dog’s nose and Mishra-ji’s fingers poking on my panty. Thankfully Guru-ji’s pad was rescuing me
from direct touching on my choot.

As the auto rickshaw went on its way at a rather slow pace, my humiliation in the hands of two males and a dog
continued. I realized both my hands were now arrested, one by Uday and the other by Mishra-ji and hence I could
hardly resist physically to whatever was going on. Moti was now fully on my naked thighs, sitting there, and sniffing
my pussy area and also moving his nose up towards my protruding breasts. Mishra-ji was somewhat satisfied
caressing my uncovered curvy thighs and took his left hand towards my hips. He forced me to lift my hips a little
bit and in a flash pulled the remaining sari and petticoat from below my heavy buttocks to my backside towards the
seat. Now the only cover down my waist was my meager panty and as I sat again from the lifted position, I felt the
cold seat touching my completely bare ass cheeks. My panty as usual had bunched up in my ass crack. Feeling the
seat on my naked ass I almost had a fresh cumming.

Me: Ooooooooooooooh! Please. Please. What are you doing?

I had to tell something now as things have gone just too far. But who was listening to me I doubted.

Me: Take the dog off. That’s all I want.

Now what Mishra-ji and his pet dog did made me cum thoroughly and I had a full orgasm. Uday only played a
support role. He was thankfully not progressing any more apart from my right boob, but he virtually oozed out all
juices from that I believe. Moti was now progressing above and his nose was now on to my bosom area almost. Due
to Uday’s constant pressing and cajoling and things happening, my sari pallu had shifted from its place exposing my
left breast. Uday was kind enough to keep the pallu on my right breast though his palm was acting as a better cover
for it for a long time now.

Mishra-ji now left my hand he was holding and took his left hand to my back. I was shocked to see it was not going
towards the top of the seat and instead going towards my panty-covered butts. With his right hand he almost
dragged me to lift my base again and simply put his left palm below my right ass cheek.

Me: Ouch!

The old man made me sit on his palm now and must be thoroughly enjoying this erotic posture. With each jerk of
the rickshaw, I was wriggling and pressing on his palm and his hand was sandwiched between my heavy bottoms and
the auto seat. I had never had such an experience in my life sitting on the palm of a male! But to tell honestly it
was a heavenly feeling. Fluids were pouring out of my pussy now. Moti equally rose to the occasion like his master
and started licking my blouse covered left tit.

Me: Stop this dog Uday. If it bites me there…

I could not complete the sentence in the thrill I was getting. The old man’s hand below my fully naked ass was
taking me to seventh heaven. I was thoroughly enjoying this threesome and especially sitting on a male hand!

Mishra-ji: I am there to cover you beti, don’t worry.

Saying this he pinned the last nail to my coffin and put his palm just in front of the dog’s tongue, which was licking
my blouse. He did not wait a moment to take hold of my free left boob, which was now totally uncovered off my
pallu. He grabbed it and gave it a very tight squeeze and two different men palming my boobs made me reach my
orgasm. My body jerked in the hands of two males and the dog was watching now. At last Moti took his nose and
tongue off my body!

Me: Ooooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Stop pleeeeeeeeeease.

Frankly speaking the dog actually had no intimate part of my body to sniff now, as I reached the peak of my
orgasm. Mishra-ji and Uday clawed my tits very securely; Mishra-ji’s other hand crushed under my broad ass cheek
as I was sitting on his hand. Uday’s other hand now went to my panty front poking it. Both males were utilizing to
the fullest this unbelievable chance to expose and molest a married woman. I could sense the heavy breathing of
Mishra-ji near my shoulder, as it was probably too much for his age. I cummed desperately now and with my free
hand grabbed Moti to my breast.

After some moments, I discharged every bit of my honey in Guru-ji’s pad within my panty and my body was giving
way after this unusual indecent sexual build up. I noticed Uday also slowly took off his hand off my right breast
and I felt my bra had completely soaked in the heat of his squashing, if I can say so. Mishra-ji was somewhat
reluctant to remove his hand off my breast, he was still feeling the firmness of my left boob. His hand was still
under me and my heavy ass cheek was pressing his hand with each jerk of the vehicle and he was truly assessing
the roundness and firmness of my ass like anyone else had done before in my life.

The auto rickshaw driver warned us that we are again taking the main road. Fortunately due to the goods loaded he
could not see me.

Mishra-ji: Beti adjust your sari, otherwise any driver coming from opposite side would cause an accident.
Uday laughed at this comment, and I also smiled as I had thrown off all my shame. I looked down at my body and
delivered a long breath seeing my condition though I was feeling very satisfied. I was a bit puzzled as even getting
this sort of a wild excitement and orgasm, I am not getting that huge urge to get fucked. Under normal
circumstances, definitely if I had allowed that much liberty to this old man and Uday, I would force them to fuck
me or vice versa, which any woman would do if she is taken to such heights of eroticism. I wondered may be Guru-
ji’s drug is playing some role, because what happened in this moving auto rickshaw would definitely kick out Guru-ji’s
preaching of mind control. In the morning I was definitely aroused to the full, but I would beyond doubt refrain
from any further involvement with those low class people like Ramlal or Master-ji.

I regrouped myself quickly as I realized that I was on road. But my sari was stuck in Mishra-ji’s hand on which I
was still sitting. The very thinking of sitting on a man’s palm made me blush, yes still, even after such slutty
behavior and I lifted my ass a little and the old man readily pulled his hand out and took Moti off my lap. Moti was
again the well-behaved dog, as he looked initially when I boarded the auto! I quickly pulled down my sari to cover my
fully exposed thighs and legs. I was thankful in my mind to find that my sari pallu was still clinging to my breast. I
appropriately covered my blouse-covered treasures and at the same time found Mishra-ji adjusting his crotch
within his dhoti, probably stroking his lund and relaxing and consoling it for missing the free fuck! I smiled to
myself at my own naughty thinking.

Mishra-ji: Beti it seems milk has sipped out of your mammary. Shall I give you a handkerchief to wipe it?

Me: No, its not milk, its your dog’s tongue-work.

Uday: Madam is still childless Mishra-ji and hence has come to Guru-ji.

Mishra-ji: Oh sorry beti. But Guru-ji’s treatment will definitely help you to get pregnancy.

‘I do not know about pregnancy, but if I go on allowing unknown males to touch my body so liberally, I will surely
become a whore soon’, I thought to myself.

The auto rickshaw ride was soon over as we reached the ashram. Mishra-ji bid me good-bye and as I was
descending from the vehicle, for one last time I felt very clearly he cupped the flesh of my round ass with his
hand, as if helping me to get down. I could not meet Uday’s eyes and straightway went to my room and entered the
toilet. In the twinkling of an eye, I pulled off my sari off my body, as I desperately needed a shower. My petticoat
also reached the floor in no time and also pulled down my panty, the back of which was almost stuck in my ass crack.
So I had to juggle my heavy buttocks to pull it down, which is now almost a regular phenomenon whenever I had to
pull down my panty in the toilet for shower or urinating.

Then suddenly I noticed that one of the hooks of my blouse was broken and was hanging, which I did not notice in
the semidarkness of the auto rickshaw. . It was not the upper one, but third from the top, must be due to Uday’s
extreme pressing on my tits. I also noticed that the flimsy cloth of my blouse was also torn at that juncture, as if
someone poked a finger through it. I never got such a long and constant squeeze on my boob in my lifetime, what I
got today, and believed little that the blouse could do to sustain such cuddling! I needed to mend it via Master-ji.
My bra was also moist with sweat and I was so relieved pulling that off and being completely nude. I put aside the
wet pad at a dry place and took a very long bath trying to wipe off the guilt that I accumulated the whole day being
a housewife.

Nothing much happened more and frankly I was not expecting any more! Nirmal did come once to take my pad and
also served me the dinner. Meenakshi did come to ask me how was the fair and the wink of her eye told me that she
was aware of my sensuous evening humiliation. Sanjeev came with a pair of spare blouses, which Master-ji had sent
matching my size and also with the message that I need to attend Guru-ji at 06:30 am in the morning. I was so
much exhausted after discharging fully twice in a single day with such a heavy dose of exposure and purposeful
handling by males that I immediately fell flat on bed after doing my minimum chores.

I was feeling so hot that almost pulled up my nightdress to my abdomen and remained hugely exposed with no
undergarments. I fell to sleep quickly, very natural, and honestly had a very tight sleep. I did dream that night, but
that was very haphazard and I could not make out anything of it though remembered the presence of the snakes
and Mishra-ji with his dog in the dream.

I wake up at Meenakshi’s call and quickly got up, adjusted my dress and opened the door. She told to be at Guru-ji’s
room within half an hour. I used the conveniences and was ready with a bath by that time. I wore a new sari and one
of the two blouses that Master-ji sent. This blouse certainly went befitting on my heaving bosom. I deliberately
did not wear my panty now, as I would again have to pull that down while fitting the fresh pad. I was feeling
refreshed and as if recharged after the herbal bath.

Guru-ji was performing some puja. The room was quite smoky and there was no one else apart from us. Guru-ji was
as usual wearing his saffron attire. I waited for 5 minutes as he completed his puja.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj. So Anita, tell me, how was your day yesterday?

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj. I mean, err…

I could not utter more. What should I say? I enjoyed the male massages and kneading enormously, much like a slut?
Guru-ji probably understood that.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, I can understand it was morally very painful to adjust to such treatments you being a
housewife, but seeing your wet pads yesterday I assessed how much pleasure you extracted.

Me: Yes I had heavy discharges both times.

Guru-ji: Good Anita. But I do not want you to concentrate on any other thing till today and as was yesterday you
have to respond to situations appropriately.

Me: Guru-ji, can I ask you something?

Guru-ji: I know probably what you will ask. You had your discharges but you did not feel the urge for intercourse.

I nodded my head in agreement, as I was about to ask that very question only.

Guru-ji: It was due to the medication that you are taking. I just want to measure your discharges and nothing else.
For that you have to compromise a little, that’s all.

Me: Guru-ji, don’t say ‘a little’, I had to be extremely shameless to …

Guru-ji: Yes, yes, I take my word back, but afterall it will help me assess your position for pregnancy.

He paused very little and continued looking at my eyes.

Guru-ji: Today is Bodh Purnima and I want you to offer puja at ShivNarayan Temple, which is the largest temple in
this area. Uday will take you there. I will have very heavy gatherings here, so Nirmal, Sanjeev, and Meenakshi will
remain busy. In the afternoon, I want you to visit the Mukteswari Temple to attend the ‘aarti’.

Our conversation concluded and I alighted from his room. Again I had the feeling that Guru-ji was eyeing my
undulating large hips under the sari, as he viewed me from ground angle. I was conscious that I was not wearing a
panty and so was more alert probably. I went to my room, but did not have my breakfast, as I would go for the puja
and after some loitering in the ashram and gossiping with Meenakshi, I went to my room to get ready to visit the
ShivNarayan temple. Little did I know what sort of embarrassment and humiliation awaited me in a sacred place
like a temple!
Uday: Madam, are you ready?

Me: Yes. How far is the temple Uday?

We both tried to act normally towards each other. I had taken my medicines and had worn the pad and was ready
to move on. Uday had a good physique, as I already mentioned and after yesterday’s incidents, I was finding Uday
quite ‘lovable’ if I can use that word. His presence was giving me happiness. He was clean shaven today and was
looking handsome too.

Uday: Not much time Madam, we will take the bus and it should take 10 minutes.

We walked through the field to access the main road to avail the bus. Today Uday was walking much closer to me
unlike the time we went to Master-ji. I was holding his hand at times to keep pace with him. I do not know what was
happening in me, but I felt like spending more time with Uday. We took the bus and naturally it was a bit crowded.
Uday today was protecting me in the true sense. We boarded the bus and Uday was just behind me with his arms on
my side. I was also taking aid of him more than necessary now, for example, as I pushed people in the bus to get in
I was holding him with one hand. As Uday held the rod above my head, I was holding the same area, our fingers
touching constantly. As the bus traveled, I felt his muscular body was so secure to lean on and of course as I leant
my heavy buttocks was directly pressing on his crotch. But unlike yesterday Uday seemed to be very well behaved
today, may be as the bus journey was very short and our destination came in no time.

I noticed many people alighted from the bus at the temple stop and as I got out of the bus I did not hesitate to
adequately press my protruding firm boobs on Uday’s back as he was in front of me. As I pressed my blouse-
covered breasts hard over his back, Uday turned slightly and smiled back at me recognizing probably me effort to
attract him towards me. I was really not very eager now to go to the temple, but to spend time with Uday, but my
man seemed reluctant and was heading towards ShivNarayan temple.

Me: Uday, can I say something?

Uday: Certainly Madam.

Me: Do I really need to go to the temple? I mean is it a must?

Uday: Yes Madam. It is Guru-ji’s directive and everything has a purpose and a goal as you know also now.

Me: I know. But what I mean is… if we… I want to say…

Uday: Madam, you don’t have to say anything. Now you go to the temple and offer the puja.

Me: But Uday. I want to… how can I say that?

Uday: Madam, you don’t have to say that. I can understand.

Me: You are an absolute duffer. If you understood, you never would ask me to go to this temple now.

Uday: Madam, you go for the puja now and in the afternoon though Guru-ji has asked you to go to Mukteswari
Temple, I will not take you there.

Me: Promise?

Uday: Yes Madam. It’s a promise.

I was happier now as I could bend this man towards my intention. I know that today I need two discharges for
Guru-ji’s assessment and honestly, I wanted one of them to get through Uday.

Me: My god! Such a long line!

Uday: Yes Madam, it takes a long time to get in, as the deity is in the ‘garva griha’.

Uday and myself did not stand in the line and went behind the office of the temple. A middle-aged man was waiting
for us there I presumed. Uday had a talk with him and introduced me to him as “Pande-ji”.

Pande-ji: Madam, do not worry much about the line. Actually the extra time consumed is because of the regulation
of only one devotee is allowed at a time in the garva griha to offer puja.

Me: Oh I see.

Uday had left the place. Pande-ji was around 40 and was strongly built. He had thick beard and I noticed he had
lots of hair on his arms and seeing that concluded he must be having a hairy body. Frankly I like hairs of male body
and I am lucky that my husband possess the same. Pande-ji was wearing a white dhoti and white shirt. I also
noticed there was a boy standing nearby watching us. He was a teenager 15-16 years.

Pande-ji: Chotu, you keep the line and then quickly have a bath. Madam, please come with me, no need to stand in
this direct sunlight, let the line proceed inside the temple, then we can queue up.

Chotu went off and I followed Pande-ji on his way more inside the temple area. There were small hut-like
structures and pandas of the temple dwell here I could understand.

Pande-ji asked me to sit on a ‘khatiya’ on the courtyard of that small hut. The cool shade was a welcome site for me
with the small hut and a tree and two cows tied there. I sat on it and immediately realized that the hard coiled
ropes of the khatiya were actually stinging on my soft ass cheeks. I was pretty uncomfortable and was trying to
stretch my panty within my sari to cover my ass, but found that very hard to do in that position and could only
shift my body weight from one ass cheek to the other to get some relief. I was also unable to tell Pande-ji the real
problem out of womanly shyness. The rope was so coarse that it was poking me even over my sari and petticoat.

Pande-ji: Madam, are you not feeling okay sitting on the khatiya?

I had to admit ‘yes’ to Pande-ji and he readily came up with a bedcover.

Pande-ji: I can understand Madam. Since you are not used to khatiya, the rope is stinging your soft flesh.

I had to gulp that provocative comment from the man and since the khatiya was low down and as I tried to get up
seeing Pande-ji coming up with a bed sheet, my pallu slipped. I must say I was a bit careless and though quickly
covered my heavy blouse-covered bosoms, the man had a very distinct view of my deep cleavage and part of my big
bubbly mangoes, as he was right in front of me and I was standing up from a bent seated position. In my mind I
thanked my luck that at least Master-ji sewed me a fitting blouse, otherwise I would have been in a more
humiliating position with two of my top buttons open. I noticed that my white bra strap was visible by the side of
the left cup of my blouse. I slid my finger within the blouse and got the strap covered and this I had to do in front
of this man’s eyes and naturally Pande-ji’s eyes were riveted on my tits.

As Pande-ji was putting on the bed sheet on the khatiya, I tried to adjust my panty and gently smacked my bottoms
with my right hand and also massaged them softly, as it was still paining. I thought no one was watching me do that
as Pande-ji was engaged in my front with the bedcover, but I never realized that the lad was back and was standing
right behind me. I was more than abashed seeing him, as I knew what he saw and more importantly what I did. I
saw the boy was smiling looking at me and at the same time looking at my flaring hips time and again. I could not
look straight at him though he was a young boy because of shame.
It was a complete candid sequence and any woman would feel ashamed if such an action is capped by male eyes. I
actually first stretched my sari pleats on my buttocks and traced my panty over my ass crack and tried to stretch
it over my ass cheeks. In the process I bent forward very faintly accenting my round bottoms towards the boy and
he must have seen my fingers scratching my sari-covered ass to search my panty line. Then I self massaged my ass
cheeks one at a time with my right hand to feel comfortable. That’s all!

I sat on the khatiya with the bedcover on. Pande-ji went inside the hut and after some moments came out with a
‘thali’, which had all sorts of puja ingredients.

Pande-ji: Chotu you take your bath quickly and by that time I will get the milk for Madam’s thali.

I noticed that the tap was just few feet away from me and Chotu prepared to take the bath there. Pande-ji also
went towards the tree some 10-12 feet away to get milk from the cow. Chotu was wearing a half pant and a shirt
and he willingly took off the shirt and wrapped a towel around his waist and took off his pant.

Pande-ji: Chotu do not get the towel wet.

Chotu: But, then how I can take the bath?

Pande-ji: Come on Chotu, why are you feeling shame in front of Madam?

Pande-ji paused a little.

Pande-ji: Madam, just see this little boy’s shame? He cannot take a bath in front of you.

I laughed softly and was about to say something, but Pande-ji continued.

Pande-ji: Is Madam a small girl like your friend Rupa that you are getting ashamed? Madam must have seen many
boys like you taking bath in front of her. Isn’t it Madam?

That was a provocative hint I thought from Pande-ji and had to ignore it. Pande-ji was now milking a cow with a
tumbler in between his knees.

Me: I will not mind Chotu. You go ahead. No problem.

I said innocently not knowing what Pande-ji and Chotu actually meant in their conversation. I never could imagine in
my wildest dream that Pande-ji was indicating Chotu to take shower naked in front of me!

Chotu: Okay Madam then I also have no problem. Please warn me if Rupa comes.

Me: Who is Rupa?

Pande-ji: Rupa dwells in the next hut Madam. His girl friend.

Myself and Pande-ji had a mild laughter. Chotu now without any inhibition removed the towel from his waist. He was
just a few feet away from me and probably deliberately he was facing me now. I was almost shocked to see Chotu
completely naked now. His young dick was already tight, probably seeing my ass stroking. My eyes could not
concentrate anywhere else but on the open hanging dick of this young boy. His lund was standing like a banana in
the air as he started pouring water on him. His pubic hairs were quite thin I noticed almost like a girl.

I was already breathing quite heavily and my nipples growing within my bra seeing the bath of this 15 year old boy.
Chotu was very crudely washing his pubic area, especially his raised dick, and the worst part was he was facing me.
As he made the slightest moves, his erect tool was almost dancing and making me miss a beat. Out of womanly
arousal reflex, my legs started parting a bit, but I made myself control that.
Pande-ji: Hey Chotu, soap your body properly.

Chotu: I cannot do it better.

Pande-ji: Wait then, let me come.

Pande-ji approached me with his tumbler of milk and kept it in front of me.

Pande-ji: Madam, these young lads, they are so naughty. Let me soap him properly. You just keep an eye on your milk

Pande-ji smiled while he said the above. I wondered what he meant by ‘your milk’!

Pande-ji went up to Chotu and started rubbing his body with the soap. I noticed the rubbing was very short lived on
his upper part and came down to his penis soon. Pande-ji was virtually coaxing his lund with one hand and twitching
his balls with the other effectively making me feel very hot. My hand was automatically on my boobs and my thighs
were slowly parting seeing this erotic act. I thought if Pande-ji did it for some more time, Chotu surely would have
masturbated. Thankfully it ended soon and Chotu dried off his naked body and was dressed up.

I noticed that he was not wearing any shorts and just wore a fresh half-pant and a shirt. Pande-ji came forward
now after washing his hands and poured milk from the tumbler into a small bowl in the puja thali.

Pande-ji: Madam, just see, how thick the milk is.

Me: Yes. There is no added water at least as we get in town.

Pande-ji: No Madam, it’s absolutely pure, like breast milk.

Saying the last couple of words, he made sure to look up at my upright twin milk tanks below my blouse. I could not
say anything to such comparison. Chotu saved me and as he was ready now we were on our way again to the main
temple building. I was carrying the thali now as it was fully ready.

Me: Pande-ji, I see all women standing in the line with kumkum on their forehead. Why is that so?

Pande-ji: Yes Madam, you will also have that. It’s a custom of this temple. Now comes the tough part Madam
standing in this queue.

We stood in the queue now and this place was within the temple. The long line went outside the gate in the open.
The place was not adequate here as it was a thin passage and men and women queued up there. The line was jam
packed, to say the minimum, and it seemed they are standing for a long time there as almost everyone looked tired
and sleepy. Pande-ji stood right behind me and Chotu was in my front. The pressure of the people in the line made
me stand in body contact with both the males.

Since Pande-ji was fairly tall in comparison to me and standing right behind me, my sixth sense told me he was
trying to look down my shoulder straight into my blouse. From the corner of my eyes I noticed that my pallu had
shifted a fair bit in the hustle and bustle of the queue exposing my wheat colored upper chest area. Since I was
carrying the puja thali, both my hands were preoccupied and I had to helplessly allow Pande-ji peep into my blouse.
Just then, another panda came with a bowl of kumkum and put a bindi sort of mark on my forehead.

There was quite a bit of pushing going on in the line and Pande-ji was taking every opportunity to press more onto
my back. What could I say as I myself could see the pushing around in the line. So I stood dumb as if not minding
this. My pallu had slipped quite a bit now off my shoulder and was partly resting on my arms exposing substantial
portion of my upper treasures. As my ample breasts tightly filled my blouse I could bet Pande-ji was enjoying what
he was seeing.

Getting no reaction from me, as per the natural nature of all males, Pande-ji also was encouraged. In the beginning
he would only press during a pressure in the line, but now he kept pressing against my curvy figure even when there
was no pushing. I could realize his crotch area was openly pressing against my soft full buttocks. I was a bit
alarmed as Pande-ji slowly began to move his pelvis up and down against my ass. I looked around as I was standing in
a public place, but was assured that everybody was busy with themselves and concerned about the slow movement
of the line. I saw Chotu was humming a tune and apparently was not much concerned what was going at his back.

Pande-ji: Madam, there is a lot of crowd today. It will take time.

Me: What can be done. Fortunately this place is comparatively cooler since within the temple.

Pande-ji: Yes Madam.

The line crawled forward very slowly and we were in a place where light was also quite inadequate due to the thin
passage. Pande-ji did not waste time talking and was soon up to his tricks, which kept my mouth shut too. I could
feel Pande-ji’s face was close to my shoulder now feeling my hair almost. I could hear his breathing round my ears.
The long breaths were making me breathe heavy. The back of my blouse was fortunately decently cut and was not
exposing much of my skin. I felt for a moment Pande-ji’s chin touch my shoulder. Right at this moment, I sensed
Chotu seemed to wake up! He was pressing me from the front now and I had to lift up the thali somewhat to
accommodate his pushing.

Chotu: Sorry Madam, pressure is coming from my front.

Me: Its okay Chotu. Now I am getting used to it.

The young lad seeing no hindrance from my side gently and slowly started to press me backwards and I was tightly
sandwiched in between them now. Pande-ji must have got somewhat aroused as I sensed he leisurely put one hand
on my round bottom. He kept it motionless for a moment to see my reaction probably. I shifted only a trace out of
womanly shyness, but the way Chotu was pressing me with his back, I could not move much at all. In no time, I
realized the grip was quite firm. Pande-ji was assessing the firmness and roundness of my ass. My panty as usual
was bunched up in my ass crack and I could realize that Pande-ji could feel my naked ass cheeks below my sari and
petticoat. I could sense fingers were crawling on my proud ass and Pande-ji was missing no opportunity to squeeze
my firm buttocks whenever there was a push.

Chotu suddenly turned to me and said in a whispering voice.

Chotu: Madam, the man in my front is having very bad sweat odour and since my face is near his armpit, I cannot
stand the odour.

I smiled to his words and comforted him.

Me: Okay, do one thing, you turn towards me and stand.

Chotu readily obeyed my order, but I realized I made a mess, as his height was short and his face was at a very,
very uncomfortable height – just in front of my protruding boobs. Pande-ji was not leaving me to breathe easily and
was now kneading both my ass cheeks with his both hands. I could realize very clearly his tight grips on my ass. As
he squashed my fleshy bottoms very firmly I almost uttered an “ouch!”

Chotu: What happened Madam?

Me: Err… No it’s okay. There is so much pushing here.

Chotu nodded in agreement, and as he nodded his nose softly brushed the tip of my left boob. And now with every
movement practically his nose was poking my left boob. Since I was holding the thali, my arms are also raised up and
I could not guard myself at all. Chotu did not know, but he actually brushed my nipple below my blouse with his nose.
Never ever did my husband even played with his nose on my nipple! It was an instant turn on for me and the arousal
was probably more than Pande-ji’s ass massage

Pande-ji was probably satisfied massaging that much and now I realized that he was searching for my panty line
over my sari. He was naturally not getting it over the skin of my smooth buttocks and his searching finger was
making me feel completely wet in my pussy. Pande-ji was now tracing my ass crack and at last found my panty line
and was trying to pick that up with two fingers! I was feeling very much aroused with such an act, a man is trying to
trace my panty line and now trying to pull the sides of my panty with his fingers over my sari.

I looked around again out of shame and shyness, but felt better seeing no one was noticing what was going on. The
area was also fortunately semi dark and that helped this whole action. Chotu was now holding my waist to keep
balance, as there was much pushing from the front. At least twice his face almost buried in my firm boobs due to
pushing and he apologized and made this effort to not touch my boobs again. But I realized very well that this lad,
though quite young, was naughty enough and now since he was holding my waist with both hands he was actually
feeling my matured body.

With this double action, I thought I would cum immediately, but I was also curious to see and feel how far these
two can go, especially this 15-year-old boy. Chotu moved his hand over the exposed area of my waist. His palms and
fingers were quite cold, probably as he had taken the bath, and after lying motionless there for a few seconds, he
moved his hands further down till it was on the fold of my sari on my lower abdomen area. I was feeling so weak
due to his touches directly on my naked skin and felt like I should throw away the thali and grab his head on my

Pande-ji knew very well that I was in no way oblivious to all this. Pande-ji had picked up my panty line over my sari
and felt, stretched, and dragged it amply with his fingers. He was over with it and was up to something bolder, I
guess, as his hands were stationary for a while. I was anticipating something and that exactly happened. Like all
males, he fell for my juicy boobs now. As both my hands remained lifted due to the thali in my hand and Chotu
facing me, it was all the more easier for him to approach my round tits.

We were standing by the wall in the passage and I felt Pande-ji squeezed his right hand in between me and the wall
and was touching me in my armpits. I felt very shy at this movement, as when he would touch my boobs it will be
clearly seen by Chotu as he was facing me. I had to do something. But I was a child in comparison to this male duo
and they did not give me any chance to react at all and made me speechless by their boldness.

It was a joint attack, if I can term that. The queue also proceeded to a dark corner of the passage in the temple,
which also help aggravate the movements of these two different aged males. Chotu’s hands, though initially on my
waist, slid constantly down and were just over my sari line now and in one quick smooth action he pushed his right
hand into my sari! I was so startled by this act that I could not even utter a sound. Chotu did not give me enough
time to realize what was happening, as he quickly pushed his hand deep into my sari frills with one push. This made
me almost jump off my place and in the process my arms were raised more. Pande-ji was equally opportunistic to
take the chance of my arm lifting and grabbed my firm jutting right breast down my armpit. It was a very tight
squeeze straightway

Me: Aaaaah!

I mumbled, but realized that I couldn’t shout and attract attention with Chotu’s hand in my sari and Pande-ji’s hand
on my blouse. It would be too embarrassing. This was the first time I tried to wriggle out, probably out of shame
and fear, as I was in a public place. I had to intervene and held the thali in my right hand, more so as Pande-ji’s
hand was also below my right arm holding my jiggling breast, and brought my left hand down to my navel and tried
to pull out Chotu’s
hand from within my sari. I kept wriggling, not attracting people as far as possible, but Chotu gave one hard push
downwards, and I stood like a statue. I closed my eyes in shame and clenched my teeth, as I was feeling so helpless
though getting highly aroused.

Chotu’s hand was deep down my sari and on my panty now, touching directly!

This young boy was almost raping me standing in front of me in the semidarkness of this temple. Chotu began to
move his hands in my sari, sort of up and down each time touching my panty and over my pussy. For a few seconds
my eyes remained closed and my teeth clenched tight. It seemed to me by his expert movement that Chotu had
perhaps done this to other women earlier and he must be knowing that once you have your hands in a woman’s pussy
area, she would not create any scene. I could feel Pande-ji’s hand was exploring my right boob thoroughly by
pinching it, squeezing it, gauging its size, and tracing the nipple. I was now flowing down my pussy heavily into Guru-
ji’s pad. I was aroused completely.

I had to open my eyes now, as I cannot stand like this in the queue in public, it was not my bedroom. I was getting
weaker and weaker and lost my grip almost on the thali, as I was unable to even stand properly. But these two were
clutching my 28-year-old jawani like octopus. Pande-ji now was moving his pelvis against my round full ass, as if he
were fucking me from behind. I was too weak to struggle and honestly the pleasure I was getting from this
twosome fondling was heavenly. I just stood motionless feeling Chotu’s touches on my panty, Pande-ji’s thumps on
my heavy ass, and his tight squeezes on my right breast. In fact I was leaning backwards on Pande-ji for support.

Chotu now put his hand within my panty from the front and was touching my pubic hairs. This is probably the first
time someone after my husband is touching me in such a private area. I was virtually writhing in ecstasy.
Fortunately my petticoat had a tight knot and he could not move down any further. Expectedly I was cumming
heavily now and was more or less reclining my head on Pande-ji’s flat shirt-covered chest. I knew by this action I
was giving approval to exploit me more, but I was feeling so weak. Pande-ji was certainly emboldened, as he knew
now for sure I liked this fondling.

Pande-ji with his free left hand was now again pressing my buttocks and with his right hand twitching my right
boob and nipple. It was easy for him to trace my nipple, as it has grown up like a ripe grape now. I do not know if
the man behind Pande-ji could see what he was doing. The groping was so direct, but probably the darkness in the
passage saved anyone from seeing our acts. I realized the line moved up to an extreme corner of the temple
passage and this area was the darkest even in daytime, as there was no ventilation. I saw a door to a room a few
yards away and understood that was the ‘garva griha’. I tried to bring in some devotion and loyalty in my feeling for
the puja, but things were absolutely out of my control now. I was sexually so aroused that was unable to
concentrate on anything else, but more fondling of my body.

Chotu soon realized he could not go any deep down my sari and quickly took out his hand off my sari frills. It was a
great relief for me also, but taking the advantage of the darkness, he reached for my sari down my legs. He bent
slightly and being a small boy the man standing in front of him did not care to look round what he was doing. In a
flash he held the bottom
part of my sari and began to pull it up exposing my legs. He kept on pulling it, further and further. I could not feel
like stopping him, as the little boy’s naughtiness was giving me immense sexual pleasure. I was in no time exposed
till my thighs and Chotu like an experienced married man was fondling and stroking my very well-formed smooth

Seeing the opportunity Pande-ji was also not to be left behind. I felt his warm left hand immediately on my thighs
and I could very well realize he was more keen to pull up my sari to my waist. I noticed Pande-ji shifted a little to
my left side as if to protect the nakedness of my naked legs. From outside apparently though my sari looked
normal, but if someone probed further below, he would find my sari had been pulled up and was still getting pulled
up and two male hands were moving on my naked thighs below the cover. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams
that I am standing half exposed in a temple and being fingered by an unknown boy and an elderly stranger like this.

Me: Ouch! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t.

I murmured very softly so that no one was attracted towards us, as Pande-ji forcefully pulled up my sari and
petticoat till my waist exposing my legs, thighs, and even my groin completely. Perhaps Pande-ji was getting much
excited, as he had taken his hand off my left boob and brought it towards my legs to pull my sari up and expose me.
Alarm bells rang in my mind as my whole of lower half was now exposed and Chotu openly pinched me on my naked
ass cheek. I tried to stop Pande-ji with one hand as I held the thali with my other hand, but since he had both
hands free and standing behind me, it was very easy for him to pull up the sari and my meek resistance hardly made
any effect.

Me: Pande-ji, you are crossing the limit. Stop this. I cannot stand like this.

I was a bit stubborn now, but he did not care of reply. I was also unable to match his masculine power and he just
made me stand like this with my sari and petticoat pulled up to my waist. His grip on them was so secure that I was
feeling just helpless. I softly whispered to him again, but the reply was very strong!

Me: Pande-ji, stop this now.

Pande-ji: Just stand like this, otherwise I will expose you in this state in front of everybody.

I was shocked to hear this commanding voice. It seemed the person had changed in a flash.

Me: But…

Pande-ji: No ifs or buts Madam. If you shout I will take you out in sunlight like this. So just keep calm.

Me: But I am coming from Guru-ji…

Pande-ji: Guru-ji my foot. One more word and I will pull your panty down and take you in front of all, you understand

I was utterly confused, at the same time I was peaking up sexually due to this fondling and exposure. But for the
first time, I was a bit scared. I tried to keep my composure so that I do not create a scene and people see me in
such exposed condition. For a matured lady like me, who is nearing 30, to stand in a temple queue in that forced
half-naked state was asking for too much, but I consoled my brain and kept my cool as far as possible.

The line moved on like a snail and we were approaching the ‘garva griha’ and I was walking as the queue proceeded
shamelessly with my sari and petticoat pulled up to my waist, now forcefully tugged by Pande-ji in my waistband. I
could feel the cold air touching my completely uncovered thighs and legs and honestly I was dying in shame to such
forceful treatment. For the first time, tears came to my eyes, as on all previous situations I was also enjoying the
male touches on my body. Chotu’s eyes ogled my nakedness and he also enjoyed viewing me stand and walk in that
semi exposed state. He and Pande-ji were caressing my naked fleshy thighs and buttocks at their will.

Suddenly I realized from Pande-ji’s hand movement behind my ass that he deftly pulled open his dhoti and brought
out his lund and touched me on my naked ass! I briskly turned my head and my eyes almost popped out.

Me: What a lund, what a size!

I exclaimed to myself. Pande-ji’s cock was simply massive and any grownup girl would exclaim seeing that. He quickly
pointed it towards my big ass. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it; there were people standing in front and the back of
us, but no one could see what was going on due to the darkness and the narrowness of the passage. I simply had no
idea what to expect now! The very touch of the hot penis on my naked ass cheek made me cum and now the arousal
was slowly taking over my scariness. With one big push, Pande-ji pushed his cock onto my ass crack.

Me: Oooooooooh!

I was shivering in ecstasy as Pande-ji also whispered some lecherous comments in my ears, which were related to
my figure and hips, obviously. He was pressing his lund hard into my ass crack, but fortunately it didn’t go in, as I
was wearing a panty, but now he was pressing his thick erect tool on my soft ass cheeks. My eyes opened wide and I
clenched Chotu’s hand in excitement. Pande-ji cock almost dipped in my soft naked ass cheeks and I was highly
excited. He began to move his cock in a motion, in and out, as if he was fucking me from behind. I just shut my eyes
and enjoyed the hot. Chotu freed his hand from my grip and cupped one of my breasts now and started squeezing it
vigorously. I felt all my blouse buttons would fall open if he massages like this. Pande-ji’s both hands were guiding
his tool all over my naked round hips, only my ass crack being covered by my panty.

My lips parted as I was eagerly wanting a kiss there, and my body had begun to move to the rhythm of Pande-ji’s
gyrations. I was pronouncing soft moans now and was dragging Chotu close towards my body in excitement. My
pussy was completely wet now and discharging and I realized I was reaching climax through this molestation. As I
pulled Chotu close, his face was touching and pressing my erect boobs, and now he caught hold of my left hand,
which was free, and guided it to his crotch. He unzipped his half pant in a flash and put my hand into it.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

I was uttering such emotions as I held Chotu’s young hard penis and was feeling Pande-ji’s massive lund crush on my
soft ass. I didn’t need any persuasion and began to fondle his cock with my palm and fingers, as Pande-ji kept
fucking my ass. I was feeling so horny and continued to act like a slut. I was still squirming in sexual stimulation and
my body jerked, as I was cumming very heavily now. I broke out into spasms and was having my orgasm, right in
front of the lustful eyes of Pande-ji and Chotu. While trying not to let out loud moans I had to snug my face into
the broad shoulders of Pande-ji. This obscene show went on for some more moments till I had completed my

When my orgasm did subside I came crashing back to reality. I was feeling so very ashamed that I couldn’t raise
my eyes to look at Chotu, nor to Pande-ji.

Pande-ji: That’s like a good girl!

I heard the whisper in my ears and also some whispering lecherous remarks. We were also close to the ‘garva griha’
now and had to take permission from Pande-ji to lower my sari to cover me.

Me: Pande-ji, people will see me now. I must cover myself.

Pande-ji without wasting words pulled out my sari and petticoat from my waistband and dropped it down and at last
I was fully covered. Chotu turned back and Pande-ji wore his dhoti properly and everything appeared so normal in
the twinkling of an eye. I was still almost panting as to what happened in the last few minutes and in no time our
turn came to get inside the ‘garva griha’ and the door closed behind us and we three were there ‘alone’ in the room
in front of the deity. I was feeling so guilty that was unable to look at the puja, offering puja was impossible in
that state.

Pande-ji: Madam, I don’t think you can give puja in this state.

Me: Yes, no way. I am not in a position to give puja.

Pande-ji: But you can offer something to me.

Me: What?

Pande-ji: Madam, your job is over, but mine is not complete

Me: What do you mean?

Pande-ji: You had your discharge, what about me Madam?

I was simply shocked to hear that and before I could react Chotu took the thali from my hand and kept aside.
Pande-ji also came close to me.

Me: But, you cannot do this…

Pande-ji: Madam, if you try to make a scene, you know very well what I can do.

Again that strong voice, which was so forceful.

Me: But please understand that I am married and am not like those what you are thinking.

Pande-ji: I know you are not a whore and that’s why I did not take you to bed.

I was feeling so confused, what to do. I was cursing Guru-ji and Uday in my mind for sending me here.

Pande-ji: We don’t have time. Chotu bring her here.

Pande-ji referred to the back of the deity, where there was a small place. Chotu quickly came to my back and held
my hands and pulled me there. Pande-ji immediately hugged me from the front and my erect boobs pressed on his
chest. I was struggling to get free, but could do little, as my hands were held securely by Chotu. Pande-ji was
cupping my butt cheeks with both hands and was rubbing his face on my neck and shoulder. I was a bit surprised
that he did not try to kiss my lips or cheeks, which is the general tendency of the males. He held me close to his
body and his body odour was so intoxicating! I could not scream as if I attract people I only will be humiliated, so
tried to respond to his touches. Though I had a complete orgasm minutes before, his close male touches were
making me aroused again. My jiggling boobs were crushing against his broad flat chest and he must be feeling the
fullness and firmness of them. I was struggling though with my legs, but it was nothing to Pande-ji’s powerful

After some hugging, cajoling, and cupping my well-developed butts and tits, he left me. I was quite amazed and
honestly irritated due this half done act! But quickly I realized his plan. He went behind me, dropped his dhoti, and
at one go lifted my sari and petticoat up to my stomach with both hands making me shamelessly half-naked again in
front of their eyes. Chotu came to my front and Pande-ji now gripped my hands from behind and started digging his
open erect lund in my ass. Chotu now hugged me from the front. In a couple of minutes I was hugged by two males
and I never ever had this experience in my life and was simply gasping. Naturally I was getting sexually aroused
again by this awesome twosome affair

I decided to surrender to this joint effort and Chotu was hugging me very tight, and I was also thrusting my juicy
blouse covered boobs on his face. He was biting them over my sari and blouse. Pande-ji was constantly thumping my
ass and his hard thick penis was kissing every bit of my soft buttocks. I was getting immense pleasure honestly.
But in a minute or two, I felt Pande-ji reached his climax and ejaculated on my naked ass globes. Chotu seemed to
take full enjoyment of hugging freely a much elder woman from his age and touched me at all my private parts.
Since my arms were held by Pande-ji, I could not block him and he was in fact touching and feeling my blouse, my
bra strap, my panty, dragging the cloth to see inside, and even pulled my thin pubic hairs!

After some quick stroking by Pande-ji on my buttocks, he was exhausted. Without wasting a minute, Pande-ji
cleaned the mess off my hips with his dhoti. I was all along standing with my sari pulled up over my waist
advertising nakedness shamelessly. Thankfully, everything happened behind the deity! Uday showed up after half
an hour and I did not talk to him at all throughout our return journey. I was very angry with him for sending me to
this man. I was back in the ashram and rested in my room after having a long shower and a full-appetite lunch.

Though initially I was cursing Uday in my mind for sending me to Pande-ji and the way that scoundrel treated me, I
later realized that there was nothing Uday could do, it was purely Guru-ji’s instruction that he obeyed. I also
remembered what Guru-ji told me before the start of this two-day therapy that I have to only respond to actions
on my body naturally and wipe out everything else from my mind. Hence when I rewinded the whole episode in the
temple in my mind lying on my bed, I realized Pande-ji must have been momentarily carried away by my well formed
assets and had done to jack off. Afterall he is a normal male!

In fact I started feeling proud about my figure at this nearing thirty age to have turned the heads males of
different ages staring from Chotu to Pande-ji to even Master-ji! The only guilt I had was allowing the two males to
molest me within the temple garva griha, which is considered a very sacred place and I prayed to god to forgive me
for this wrong act. The scene that was making me turn red with shamefulness was the moments I was made to walk
by Pande-ji in the line with my sari pulled up. This humiliation was so very disgraceful to digest for me.

I did not know when I fell asleep and woke up when Nirmal knocked at the door. He came with tea and snacks with
his ever-amusing face. Nirmal served the tray and kept looking at my breasts. I was not wearing a bra as I was
sleeping and they were hanging loose like a pair of mangoes. I was surprised to note that I was not feeling shy
standing like that in front of a male! Still out of womanly shyness I looked down at my boobs and found that my
nipples were clearly visible through the dress and soon realized that was the reason for Nirmal’s intense gaping. I
quickly turned round and went for the toilet to put on my undergarment and Nirmal had to leave.

Nirmal: I will bring you a fresh pad before you go out to see ‘aarti’ in Mukteswari Temple.

Me: Okay. Please close the door as you leave.

Nirmal went way and I went to the toilet to get fresh and use the conveniences. I was ready in 10 minutes, put in
the pad in my panty and had the medication and when I came out of my room, it was already getting dark. I slept
for quite a while I thought. I was no doubt feeling very fresh and rejuvenated after the tight afternoon sleep. My
eyes eagerly searched for Uday, but I could not find him. When I went out to the courtyard, I saw he was playing
kho-kho with Sanjeev, Rajkamal, Meenakshi, and Uday, and there were also a few local boys and girls. Uday seeing
me waved and indicated to wait. I was watching him only, as he was running and chasing, his muscular body was truly
a site to watch. I was surely developing a crush for him now I clearly realized. I almost felt a racing beat in my
heart like my early college days when I had the only affair of my life!

The game was soon over and Uday washed his hands and feet and then we went out. We waited outside the ashram
for the bullock cart to arrive.

Uday: Madam, are you angry with me about any of morning incident?

Me: Yes, of course. How can you leave me in the hands of that scoundrel?

I pretended to look dejected with him and wanted that Uday would plead me.

Uday: Madam, believe me, I had nothing to do in it, as it was Guru-ji’s instruction.

Me: I don’t know. He misbehaved with me.

Uday: Madam, if he had done anything rude, it must be coincidental, he probably could not control himself in front
of your beauty.

I remained silent and turning my face off Uday and wanted to see his reaction. He gently touched my elbow and
tried to coax me.

Uday: Madam, please do not mind. Please.

I turned and smiled, which in a way indicated that I was okay regarding what Pande-ji did to me even after I had
my discharge. Uday also smiled and gifted me with a very indecently poke into my bulging right boob with his thumb.
I blushed and did not even mind such open obscene behavior from a male, whom I know only from yesterday. I
myself was getting amazed to see I was reaching new heights of shamelessness every moment.

The cart appeared soon and Uday told that had to the Mukteswari Temple first otherwise it might be reported the
cart driver in the ashram. I was not very happy though listening to this, but felt happier as Uday sat very close to
me within the cart. Unlike my first boring cart ride yesterday to the fair, it was more adventurous one for sure. I
was thrilled like a teenage girl as I noticed the cart driver was not facing us as he guided the bullocks. Uday and
myself sat right behind him within the cart shade and since it was already evening, there was sufficient darkness
also, though the road through which it proceeded was not desolate.

Uday: Madam, keep an eye on the road, people should not see us too close.

He whispered in my ear, his thick lips touching my ear and his hand encircled me with a light hug. I almost trembled
to this romantic action and blushed vigorously. I was feeling like a teenage girl on her date! Uday was cautious
enough to take off his hand without delay, as the shade under which we were sitting in the cart was open from
behind and anyone behind could see us clearly. As we sat our legs were touching each other’s and while the cart
moved and undulated on the bumpy road, I was actually trying to get more of his touches. My heart was beating
faster and undoubtedly I was having a revisit of my emotions of my college day dating escapades.

I was holding his hand firmly and he was playing with my nimble fingers. His palm was warm and was giving me a very
good turn on. Seeing a darker instance as we traveled slowly through the village road, he touched my breasts and
playfully put his fingers below my pallu and gently squeezed my firm blouse-covered flesh. I smiled to myself
getting such a loving clasp on my boob, as the encounters that I had here included only lusty grips on my milk tanks.
With each undulation of the cart, Uday was rhythmically giving me a boob squeeze and I was feeling so good that I
closed my eyes. I was feeling his fingers moving slowly on my succulent breasts and tracing my bra within trying to
find the outlines of my nipples.

Uday: Where have you hidden your nipples Madam? I am not able to trace them.

I slapped his hand mockingly and blushed again. My ears were getting hot, but before Uday could do anything more,
we reached the Mukteswari Temple. It was a much smaller temple unlike the ShivNarayan Temple I visited in the
morning. Uday told the cart driver to be there again within two hours and we hurried inside the temple.

Uday: Madam, since we are in saffron dress, anybody would recognize that we are from ashram. So we need to
change our dress first. I have brought some clothes for you and me in my bag. Lets go behind the temple first and
change to it.

I nodded and followed him and we went to the backside of the temple, which was relatively quiet and completely
vacant. Uday brought out a striped half-shirt and trouser for him and went behind a nearby tree to replace his
ashram clothing. I stood there alone holding his bag. My heart was beating fast thinking if someone comes in
between, but nothing happened and within a minute Uday was back.

Uday: Madam, you now quickly change your sari and blouse.

Saying that he pulled out a printed sari and a white blouse for me from his bag. I took that and went behind the
same tree. I rapidly pulled off my sari from my body and looked around before opening my blouse. There was no one
for sure and enough darkness and that gave me courage to unbutton my blouse and within seconds I was standing in
my bra and petticoat only. I was patting myself in my mind for my recently developed boldness! The blouse was
loose by all means, must be of some woman with an awesome size. I moved out from behind the tree and Uday
quickly kept my saffron sari and blouse in his bag.

Me: Whose sari and blouse are these?

Uday: My girlfriend’s.
I looked at his eyes with mock anger, but he almost pulled my hand and we hurried away through the temple
backdoor. Though there were village people on road, due to our normal clothing, we did not attract much public

Uday: Madam, the riverside is the safest place. It’s hardly five minutes walking distance from here.

Me: Okay, you know this place better.

Uday: At this hour of the evening it should be absolutely desolate.

Soon we reached the riverside and it was truly a lovely place. A cool gentle breeze was blowing and with thick
grassy riverbank, dimly lit moon, and no one there except us – indeed made out an incredibly romantic ambiance.

Uday: How do you feel Madam?

He was holding my hand and I instantaneously made him hug me. The male scent of his body, flat chest, and his
muscular shoulders made me nearly mad and I also embraced him very tight. Uday feeling my juicy figure with his
body and hands was pumping me for more and started hugging me very, very firmly and digging and rubbing his face
more into my face. I was getting terribly excited and dying to taste his lips now - leaving behind all my shame - I
made the first progress and boldly kissed his lips before he could do that. In no time, my lips were filled with his
saliva and his thick lips were sucking mine. It seemed to me as if he would suck all juices off my lips at one go and
when he parted my lips for a while I was panting like anything.

Me: Uday…

I was ecstatically moaning his name and was largely turned on sexually by Uday’s passionate hugs and kisses. I
nearly fell to my feet due to his cuddling, but his strong arms kept me secure glued to his body. My pallu had
almost fallen to my arms and since the blouse was too loose, I was giving a daring display of my hugely uncovered
breast area above my bra to him. He took his face to my cleavage that remained exposed due to my ill-fitting
blouse and rubbed his face there with lots of kissing and licking. Seeing the opportunity I took my right hand to his
crotch and picked his khada lund over his trouser.

Me: Ooooooooooooooh!

I burst out a loud moan holing his thick took, as it felt so good to touch even over his trouser and brief. In no time,
Uday helped me to unzip his trouser and I noticed his meat was looking like a pole struggling in his mini brief. As I
was stroking his hard penis over the material of his brief, suddenly Uday pulled off. I was so taken aback by his
movement that I could not react for a while and remained stranded with my pallu down, exposed cleavage, and in
one hand I was holding Uday’s dick. Uday was looking at the river. I quickly gathered composure and noticed a boat
coming towards us.

Uday: Madam, seems we are riding our luck, come with me.

I hurriedly followed him as he waved to the boat and ran towards the water. He had a talk with the boatman, who
looked pretty young, and gave him a 20 rupee note and we both boarded the boat.

Uday: Madam, his name is Babulal. A very nice boy. He will give us a half an hour ride. I know him and so we are safe

Me: Uday, you are a genius.

Babulal: Uday bhaiya, please get up quickly. We should not stand here like this.

My heart was almost skipping beats, as the setting was so romantic – dim moonlight, calm river, small boat, no one
around and am with a lovable male. I was already wet down my panty and now simply wanted Uday on my flesh.

Me: Uday, please tell Babulal to turn to the other side. He can see us directly.

Uday: Madam, Babulal cannot guide the boat sitting like that. Lets us one thing – we turn our backs to him.

Me: But Uday he is so close… I will not be able to be free.

Uday: I will make you free Madam.

He whispered in my ears “off your clothes”.

I punched him jokingly and was so desperate for his intimate touches that I was shamelessly agreeing to do love
making in front of the boatman, Babulal.

Uday: Madam, with such a beautiful setting here, just ignore him. He is just a small boy. It’s only you and me.

I could not ignore completely ‘small boy’ now, as I had experienced Chotu, seen him taking bath, saw his lund, and
felt his touches on my body only in the morning in the ShivNarayan Temple. The boat was rather small and Babulal
was sitting just 7-8 feet away and there was no shade in the middle where we can remain guarded. So the slightest
movement I do or Uday does will be clearly seen by this third person. Doing love making in front of another male
would be outrageously shameful for me I thought. But simultaneously, in all honesty I wanted to get exposed now in
front of Uday. I was tired of getting squeezes on my bra-covered boobs for the last two days and fanatically
wanted Uday’s fingers to open my blouse and bra now. But this boatman was spoiling my thoughts, as I was really in
a dilemma to allow myself to be fondled again in front of a stranger. Uday whispered in my ears seeing my

Uday: Madam, why are you wasting time on this Babulal? He is a school going boy.

He might go to school, but that does not mean I should do ‘anything’ in front of him! He was only 7-8 feet away
from us, hence obviously was very conscious, but before I could contradict Uday any more, he held me and turned
me in my sitting position and forced me to show my back to the boatman.

Me: Ouch!

Uday did not let me utter any more word and hugged me very tightly in my sitting position and started kissing. For
that moment I thought of objecting him, as he was openly embracing and kissing me in front of the boatman, but
the cold breeze, sound of water splashing on the boat, and Uday’s romantic moves made me forget about everything
and I also started responding to him.

Uday: Madam, you have not completed what you started.

Me: What?

Uday: You opened my zip only, who will pull down my brief?

Me: Why? Ask your girlfriend from whom you have brought this sari for me.

We both giggled and we were embracing each other very intimately. I kissed Uday in his lower lip and in return he
gave me a long kiss sucking my thin lower lip. As he kissed Uday guided my hand towards his trouser zip and made
me open it. Then Uday pulled off my pallu from my breasts and this time he was straightway opening my blouse
buttons. His both hands opening my blouse hooks one by one while he made sure my lips are locked in his mouth. I
tried to resist somewhat thinking of the boy sitting just behind me, but his kissing was making me so weak. I
thought better to open his zip completely and was now fondling his erect and thick lund again.
Me: Oh! My god!

I said to myself. Uday’s lund was so good to hold. I had held my husband’s erect penis many times, but surely Uday’s
tool felt to my fingers as more powerful and juicy. I simply loved it and honestly more than my hubby’s. I coaxed it
and pulled it out from the side of his brief. The shaft was l-o-n-g and so upright. I was playing with the foreskin
and was getting wetter by the minute within my panty.

As I was engrossed with Uday’s ‘garam lund’ and enjoying the kisses on my lips by him, I did not notice what Uday
was up to and suddenly felt cool breeze on my boobs, and saw that Uday was extremely swift in opening all my
blouse hooks at this point exposing my white bra to his view.

Me: Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm!

I tried to say “No”, “No”, “No”, but since I was lip-locked with him, I could sound that much only, as he was now
trying to peel off my blouse off my body. My pallu was already flying in the light breeze behind my back and I could
realize very well that my sari was getting loose off my waist. Uday somewhat forced me now to open my blouse
completely and since it was very loosely fit he did not have much trouble getting it off my arms. Uday did not leave
sucking my lips till he completely removed my blouse off my body and instantly I felt a shiver went down my spine.

I tried to grab the blouse, but Uday cleverly threw it towards my back and now was pulling my sari off my waist. He
simply made me stand and started whiffing it off my waist. In any case my sari was not worn very securely, as I
wore it standing in the open behind the tree in the temple in a hurry and thus before I could even take two
complete breaths, I was standing in Uday’s arms in my scanty bra and petticoat only. I looked behind and nearly
froze as I saw Babulal was picking up my sari and blouse from the boat floor and gaping at me lewdly. Out of natural
shyness my arm went on to my revealing breasts only clad in a bra in trying to save decency.

Uday: Madam, don’t worry about your dress, Babulal will keep them securely.

I was feeling so ashamed looking at the old thug, Babulal, as he sat with a smiling face with my sari and blouse in his

Uday: Madam, why are you feeling shy? He is just a kid.

Me: Have some sense Uday. I cannot just go on opening my clothes in front of him, just because he is a teenager.

Uday seemed not much interested to continue the talks on this topic and started hugging, squeezing, and kissing me
again. Uday was openly touching all my private areas now. With one hand he was cupping my breasts and with the
other hand he was massaging my bottoms and simultaneously he was sucking and biting my thin lips. I was wriggling
in elation and sexual excitement to these male touches. I was grabbing him also and scratching his back and hips
and it was such a nice feeling to hold his physique.

Uday: Madam, please leave me for a while.

Me: Why?

Not answering to my question, Uday started undressing. I smiled seeing his act and in no time he was almost naked.
I already had opened his trouser zip while fondling his erect tool and now he pulled it off his legs and the shirt and
his vest too. He was standing in his mini brief only and was looking very sexy, and more so due to the ambiance. The
boat was now almost in the mid river and the waters beside us were glittering in the moonlight. I could not see the
banks clearly due to the darkness. Uday took a couple of steps forward to hand his dress to Babulal because the
strong breeze might fly the clothes to the water if not kept securely.

The scene was getting heated up and to tell the truth I also eagerly awaiting to be naked in Uday’s arms in this
ultimate romantic setting, but the only concern for me was the presence of that Babulal. As I was expecting Uday
hugged me tight and this time was trying to pull up my bra from my big firm boobs. I somehow resisted him from
doing that, but the very next moment he was trying to unfasten my bra hook on my smooth back. I knew Babulal
was getting a wonderful view of my uncovered whole back as the only cover there was my bra strap, which was
hardly one inch broad.

Me: Uday pleeeeeeeeeeeease. Don’t do that.

I closed my eyes as I realized Uday’s fingers had unfasten by bra hook on my back and the straps sprung to both
sides making my back completely bare and my tits as if bounced up freely off the bra shackles. I was almost
trembling in excitement, as I was standing in the all side open boat and the cool breeze was adding more
stimulation to my arousal. I kept my eyes shut as I could comprehend I was losing my last clothing from my upper
portion of my body. Uday applied force to make open my arms and pulled out the bra and made me completely
topless. I was standing topless in a boat in the mid river in the arms of a male, who is not my husband, and also
being watched by the boatman!

Uday: Babulal come down once. Keep this also.

Babulal: Yes Uday bhaiya.

I opened my eyes slightly and saw Babulal coming up on the undulating boat to take my bra. I was feeling a bit
ashamed, but also realized the strong wind would fly it surely to the waters if not kept properly. I kept my head on
Uday’s chest hiding my naked boobs also there and waited till Babulal went back to his place.

Babulal: Madam’s bra is so wet with sweat Uday bhaiya. She can catch a cold wearing this.

Babulal was inspecting my bra now. The boy was looking at the insides of my bra cups. Uday was hugging me still and
with one hand was constantly twisting my erect nipples as he was talking to Babulal.

Uday: Keeping it in the open will…

Babulal intercepted Uday.

Babulal: Uday bhaiya, let me do one thing. I will tie it to a pole and Madam’s bra will dry up in moments in this
strong breeze.

Me: What?

I could not stop reacting listening that this weird plan; Babulal is planning to tie my bra to a pole and wave it in air
to get it dry! I could not move out much to talk to him directly, as there was not even a thread on my upper part of
the body and hence remained in Uday’s physical guard.

Me: Uday, please stop this boy.

Uday: Come on Madam, who is going to see it here. Even if anyone sees it, will think it’s just a white cloth, no one
can understand that it is actually your bra.

Saying this he started kissing me in front of Babulal. This action made my naked hanging boobs quite visible to the
boy. He was wearing a half pant and the bulge within it clearly indicated that this live show was much to his liking. I
was enjoying Uday’s kiss again, though feeling a tinge of shame in front of a third person for my topless condition.
After a very long kiss he left my lips and by that time, Babulal had put my bra on a pole and as he erected it, my
bra was flying in the strong breeze like a small flag.

Uday did not give me much chance to me react to this action of Babulal, as he turned his back to Babulal and also
turned me to face away from him towards the shore. My round ass was now touching his lund, which was out of his
tiny brief. Out of natural shyness my arms went to my fully naked breasts and I tried to cover at least my areolas
and the taut nipples with my palms. Uday started squeezing and mauling my uncovered boobs with both hands from
behind me. His hands almost acted as the only cover now on my twin peaks, which were jiggling and bouncing on my
slightest movement.

I had never remained topless in my life in the open except with my husband on bed, however, I was feeling like am
in heaven in the lap of waters around me ion this undulating small boat. I thoroughly enjoyed the squeezing and it
seemed to me as if his fondling was going on, and on, and on. My erect boobs and nipples grew to their full size due
to this hot action and simultaneously I was fully wet within my pussy. I was slowly pushing my soft round hips to his
crotch and feeling his absolutely khada lund.

Uday now moved his right hand from my boobs and slowly took it down my upper naked body to my navel. He circled
my navel and fingered it in rhythmic motion.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I was discharging soft moans as I was wetting the pad in my panty with my fluids. Uday now gradually eyeing my
honey pot and after caressing my naked waist region, he pushed his hand within my petticoat. I felt his fingers
were touching my pubic bush and he was gently playing with the thin hairs there. Out of natural reflexes I closed
my legs a bit, but Uday thumped my buttocks with his pelvis to indicate that he did not like my action. I parted my
legs again in the standing posture and he swiftly pulled my petticoat string now and it came off almost instantly.
Alarm bells rang in my head and I tried to grab my last decent clothing.

Me: Uday, please don’t take it off. I will become fully…

Uday: Madam I want to see you naked.

He whispered in my ears and tried to pull down my petticoat from my waist.

Me: Uday, please understand. There is another person watching us.

Uday: Person! Babulal is a person. Madam, you will make me laugh. Moreover, when I was kissing you he has already
seen your breasts, right? If he sees your legs will that make much difference? Tell me.

Uday did not wait for my reply and almost forced my hands off my petticoat and pulled it down to my mid thighs
and in one last swift action, my petticoat dropped to my ankles. I was standing stark naked now wearing only a tiny
panty, which was so small that it was not even covering my ass cheeks properly. I felt like standing in my toilet, as
never ever did I stand in the open like this.

Uday: Madam, you look so very beautiful without clothes. Your figure is so sexy even after marriage. Ummmm.

He turned and kissed me on my lips feeling every part of my naked body. Strangely I was still not feeling the urge
to be fucked even after Uday had made me nude except for my panty. Guru-ji’s drug had its effect surely. I
realized Uday probably knew that and now he slowly made me lie on the deck of the boat and by doing this he made
me totally vulnerable to Babulal’s wide gaping eyes. I almost froze in shame when I saw Babulal coming up to us

Me: Uday…

I simply closed my eyes momentarily pulling Uday towards me. But Uday forced out of my arms and picked up my
petticoat and handed over to Babulal making me shamefully exposed. Me, a 28-year-old housewife lying on a boat
amidst a river in front of the boatman with completely uncovered body. My heavy breathing was making my exposed
round boobs look very attractive and my reddish upturned nipples were crowning the scene. Babulal must have been
seeing the scene of his life while he took the petticoat from Uday. I was cumming again, not even touched by Uday
right now, but the very thought of this teenager seeing me in this stripped condition.

Babulal: Uday bhaiya, its difficult to come time and again as you can see the breeze is building up. If Madam opens
her panty, I can take it together.

I was dumbstruck and probably this was left for me to hear. I did not know what to do or how to react to this and
remained motionless.

Uday: Babulal, stay within yourself. I will tell you if I need your help.

I felt much happier as Uday scolded the boy, but my joy seemed short-lived.

Uday: What do you think? Madam is she so shameless that she will become fully nude in front of you?

Babulal: Sorry Uday bhaiya.

Uday: Don’t you know a panty holds all the respect of a woman even if she opens everything? If that thing is
protected, a woman is secured. Isn’t it Madam?

He pointed his finger to my panty-covered pussy and asked me the question. I could not make out what to do and
nodded like a fool lying there in front of two males in a ‘bare all’ state. I do not know what Babulal understood, as
he went back to his seat at the corner of the boat. Uday did not waste any more time and entered the ultimate of
our lovemaking. All the conversations between him and me were like whispers with ample fondling, squeezing,
rubbing and kissing.

Uday: Madam you have such a beautiful body, how did your husband allow you to stay away?

He embraced me and kept his body weight on my body. I looked at him and whispered a reply with satisfaction in
my eyes with every touch of his.

Me: If he did not allow me, how could I get you?

Uday reached and caressed my face and my hair and took his lips again near my lips and I parted my lips to
accommodate his. His hands were caressing my whole body though mostly on my juicy and erect boobs. The very
next moment Uday was running his tongue through my neck and ears and I closed my eyes and was moaning softly.
Then for the first time he started sucking my nipples, one at a time and simultaneously twisting the other free
nipple. This gave me a huge, huge turn on.


I was almost yelling in excitement. The next moment Uday was licking my entire left breast while he fondled the
right. I was reaching down to feel his hardness. As I did that Uday started to suck on my right nipple with full
force as if trying to draw milk from it. He was now kneading my left breast very intimately and giving me immense
pleasure. When he finished with my breasts, I looked at them and dropped my eyelids in shame as they were almost
shining with Uday’s saliva in the moonlit night. My nipples were fully swollen by his oral attack.

Uday was on top of me now completely and licked my face and neck. This is the first time any person apart from my
husband was on top of my body. I was definitely getting more pleasures than what my hubby had given me so far.
As Uday caressed my breasts sensuously, our lips met again now in the most sensuous way. We were chewing each
other’s lips and sharing our saliva. Uday then got up and started concentrating down my body.

Uday: Madam, can you please turn over once.

I was lying on the floor of the boat and now turned over and was in a prone condition with my face on the floor. He
instantly pushed down my white panty a bit, which was only covering my ass crack. My huge gaand remained fully
exposed to his eyes. I lifted my gaand shamelessly to help him pull down my panty more. Uday was careful so that
my pad was not dislodged off my pussy. Uday basically pulled out the panty cloth of my ass crack and pushed it
aside on my booming ass cheek. Uday now spread my thighs and settled his face on ass crack and started licking me

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

I was trembling in excitement. Uday was also getting very excited as my full ass was in front of his face. He
initially tenderly stroked each globe of her big gaand and then moved his fingers toward the crack between my ass
cheeks and parted them wide to look at my fart hole. Uday then started licking and biting the firm flesh of my
naked gaand. He then started fingering my asshole very tenderly.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! .

I was gasping with each stroking of his finger. He fingered my asshole and licked it so much that I was feeling my
asshole was getting slightly parted and must be looking bigger now. I also spread my ass further so that I could
allow the ultimate.

Uday: Babulal, is there any oil in the boat?

I was quite shaken up by this sudden question of Uday. I almost forgot there was a boy watching me do lovemaking.

Babulal: Yes Uday bhaiya. Shall I give it to you?

Uday nodded and he readily came up with a small bottler of oil. As I was lying on floor, I could see Babulal’s feet,
he was standing within one foot of my naked body. Uday put the oil on his lund and made it greasy. Babulal I saw
went back to his position.

Uday: Madam,. now you will get more pleasure and less pain.

He now brought his huge oil-soaked lund near my ass and positioned it to get inside me.

Me: Uday, please do it gently.

I was almost appealing to him. Uday positioned himself and pushed his dick very slowly inside my anus. I was now
loudly moaning. The oil really was lubricating his lund very well in my moist anus. I felt his penis tip progress inside
my hole gently. I grasped the boat floor as he was gyrating his hard dick a bit faster into my crack. Uday’s hands
were not wasting the time and he cupped my full breasts, which were pressed under my body on the boat floor, and
started giving me very tight squeezes.

Me: Oh! My god! What pleasure I am getting!

I made some subtle adjustment in my body to give Uday more pleasure. I pushed my bottoms a bit upwards and
lifted my body a little balancing on my elbows. This made both my boobs hanging freely in air and Uday very easily
gripped them like two mangoes in two hands. Honestly it was slightly painful, but I was thankful to Uday for the
lubrication he made with the oil. Moreover, he was not fucking my ass recklessly and he was very caring. We were
doing it slow and steadily. He pushed his lund more and I was also pushing my gaand back till his lund was well within
me. Uday increased the rhythm of the strokes and I was in the seventh heaven greeting every push with wild
orgasms. After some minutes we both discharged adequately being completely satisfied.

We stayed in that position for some more moments enjoying the lovely night on the boat with the wind and the
sounds of water. Then Uday pushed up first and wiped his semen of my gaand with his brief, which was lying at his
side. I never noticed when he took his brief off and was completely naked. After he cleaned me up, he pushed and
pulled the cloth of my panty to its proper position over my buttocks covering my ass crack and part of both of my
ass cheeks. I was not feeling any shame now, though very little was left in me I thought. Now I got up and was
absolutely facing Babulal. He was gaping at my hanging fully-grown breasts, but I did not try to hide them, but
instead turned my back to him. I looked at Uday’s lund, which was hanging like a banana now after discharging its

Me: Uday, please get my dress. I cannot be like this anymore.

Uday: Babulal, bring Madam’s dress. Madam, do you want to get to shore or want to sail across some more distance?

Me: Lets spend some more time here.

Uday: Okay Madam, we have still some more time left before the cart comes to the temple.

I quickly dressed up as Babulal handed Uday my clothes. I put on my bra and Uday now helped me to clip it. I was
feeling so weak that I accepted his “husband-like” behavior. As he put on the hook, he again started massaged my
erect boobs, now clasped in the bra.

Me: Uday, now stop. They are paining.

Uday: But they seem to be ready again Madam.

He commented this feeling my hard nipples, twitching each of them over my bra with his thumb and middle finger. I
also responded adequately by holding his limp penis.

Me: But he will take time to get ready dear.

We both laughed and hugged each other. I wore the blouse and pulled in my petticoat and Uday now forced me to
be in that state for some more time not allowing me to wear the sari.

Uday: Madam, you look damn sexy in this way.

Simultaneously Babulal also got ample views of my half clad body and must have enjoyed every bit of this boat ride.
Minutes passed very quietly as the boat sailed through the river with the pleasant breeze blowing and the moon
shinning the waters. I was sitting almost in Uday’s lap, we were so close together, and felt almost sleepy in this
exotic ambiance. The quiet journey continued and I was feeling if it would have been never ending!

Silence was broken by Uday’s words.

Uday: Madam, I am feeling guilty you know.

Me: Why do you say so?

Uday: Madam, this is the first time I violated Guru-ji’s instructions. I did not take you to the temple and we came
here and enjoyed.

The mood was such one tends to get philosophic I thought.

Me: But Uday, the goal was to get me… You know.

Uday: No, no Madam, I deviated from my conduct. I feel so guilty now.

Me: These things do happen in life once or twice. Uday, look at me. I am a married woman and I was also carried
away by your presence.

Uday: Madam, you are not at fault. You have come here for a treatment and you are in the process of getting it. I
am feeling like a culprit. I can never tell this to Guru-ji and have to suppress the fact.

Uday paused and then continued. He sounded so philanthropic!

Uday: Madam, have you ever felt guilty in the true sense in life after undergoing through any event? Where you did
something out of compulsion or innocence. If not, you will not feel this.

I thought for a while. I thought deeper.

Me: Yes Uday, you are probably right.

Uday: Do you remember the state of mind you had that day? Then you can realize my mind.

Me: Hmm… Uday I also had such an occurrence in my life, but that time I was too young.

Uday: Age is not the binding factor here Madam, the feeling is. Let me hear what happened to you?

I took a deep breath as Uday had dug up an incident from my teenage days when I was in school.

Me: But Uday, it’s not a matter to be shared proudly. It’s a tale of humiliation if I recap it today. But at that age I
hardly understood that.

Uday: See Madam, the realization comes only after something happens. The case is the same for you in your school
days and for me today. That day you might not have dictated things, but even today if you had not persuaded me, I
probably would not have the courage to defy Guru-ji’s instructions.

Me: Hmm… Okay if you insist, this was what happened. I will try to tell you everything…

I was in class X then and I still remember that day quite vividly. It was a Saturday. It was an unusual Saturday. I
will tell why I am saying that. We were a joint family; my father and his brother lived together. My grandmother
was also alive. Thus at any point of time someone or the other was always available in the house. But that day the
situation was very unusual as a close relative from my mother’s side died and my parents went there along with my
aunt and elder sister. Even my grandmother went with them as she was close to her. I was alone in the house and
since my uncle had night duty, all were away by the time he came back. Hence I was in the house with my uncle only.

My uncle used to come back from his night duty at around 08:00 am and taking breakfast he used to go to sleep till
noon. The only servant we had in the house was a maidservant who came regularly at 06:30 in the morning and
prepared food, washed clothes and went away by noon. Since I did not have school on weekends and my uncle
sleeping I was wondering what to do. Then I thought of opening my elder sister Sunita’s bookshelf and scan
through the story books which in general she keeps away from me. My elder sister never allowed me to read those
quoting that they are “adult magazines” and naturally I had more inclination towards them. Today I got the chance.
Though I was around sixteen years then, since I was brought up in a very conservative environment and studied in a
girl’s school, I was still pretty much “innocent.”

I just peeped in my uncle’s room to see whether he was asleep or not. I saw he was sleeping tight in a supine
position, but his lungi was up almost to his waist exposing his hairy legs before my eyes and even I could peep into
his blue shorts. I also noticed a bulge in my uncle’s shorts and quickly went off from that place not understanding
what it was. I closed the door and opened didi’s bookshelf with the keys and took out those books. Sunita didi is in
college now studying post graduation. I saw they were Hindi magazines, but not film magazines. There were lots of
stories, which had pretty strange names. I scanned through some of them, viz. “Naukrani Bani Biwi”, “Rukmini
Pahuchee Meena Bazaar”, “Doctor Ya Shaitan”, “Bhabie Meri Jaan” etc. etc.

There were also pictures accompanying each story and most of them depicted a male and a female and some had
only females in scanty dresses. My ears were getting hot seeing those pics and something was happening in me I
could realize. In one story, there was a set of pictures, very bright and clear, where a man was kissing the girl on
her lips in the first photo, next he was holding her breasts with both hands, the girl was only wearing a brassiere,
her legs could not be seen. Next the man was kneeling before her and embracing her naked legs and here I realized
the girl was wearing a panty only. In the last one, the man was sucking her nipples and she was not even wearing the
brassiere in this pic. I quickly closed the book and was breathing heavily.

“Nita, Nita!”

I heard my uncle calling me. Though my name is Anita, he calls me lovingly “Nita”.

Me: Chachu, aa rahi hoon. One minute.

I quickly put the books in the shelf, locked it and went out to see what uncle wanted. When I went into uncle’s
room, I was still breathing heavily and was not out of the effect of those “adult magazines”. I tried to remain
normal, but uncle somehow caught me.

Uncle: Nita, do kadam aane me tu haaf rahi hai? Kya baat hai?

Me: Nothing chachu. Aise hi.

Uncle was looking at my breasts, which were rhythmically moving up and down within my top and bra. I tried to
divert the topic.

Me: Chachu aap mujhe bula rahe the? Koi kaam hai kya?

Fortunately my uncle did not drag that inquiry, but still looking at my twin peaks intently, he asked me to bring the
knife from my mother’s room, as he wanted to cut some fruits. I readily went for that and the first thing I did
coming to mummy’s room was to check myself in the mirror. I was panting a bit no doubt, which was actually making
my top stretch a bit on my tits, but otherwise looked okay. I was 16 then and had normal sized boobs, very erect
and tight, along with a thin figure and somewhat fleshy hips for a girl of class X. I used to wear tops and skirts at
home and that day also was no different.

As I was growing fast at that age and most of my skirts were getting shorter for my height, my mom used to
select skirts for me to wear at home, and I invariably found that she chose the shorter ones for home and the
longer ones for outside. She hardly discarded any skirt and today also I was wearing one of them from my mom’s
collection. I noticed my mom did not mind much if I wore short skirts at home, but while I went outside she was
very particular about my skirt covering below my knees. Even she kept aside one skirt for my sleeping purpose, that
too when I slept with my didi, which was horribly short now, as probably that was brought when I was in class VI.

For the last one year, I always wear a brassiere at home, as my mom insisted that, saying
“teri doodh ab bari ho gayi hai Anita. Hamesha bra pehna kar.”
Today also was no different. I took the knife now for uncle and went back to his room. As I entered I saw uncle
was changing his dress. On other days, if my aunt was present, uncle would certainly use a towel or turn back to the
wall, but today to my utter disbelief, he was changing it openly. It seemed to me as if he was waiting for me and as
soon as I entered his room, he started to pull down his lungi. His vest was already off and now he was standing
naked except for his shorts. I dropped my eyes from directly looking at him and placed the knife on the table and
was about to leave the room.

Uncle: Nita, almirah se mera ek lungi dena.

Me: Ji chachu.

I opened the shelf and picked up a lungi for him and when I turned I saw uncle had come forward and was standing
within a couple of feet from me. He was looking so odd standing only in his blue shorts and the bulge was so very
distinct within his shorts. I was feeling very uncomfortable and my eyes were inadvertently going time and again to
his shorts. I quickly left the room handing him the lungi. I went back to my room and was wondering why my uncle
behaved that way!

I put on the headphone and listened to some music to clear out the uncomfortableness that I was having due to
reading those magazines and seeing uncle’s bulge in his shorts. Then after around half an hour I went for my bath.
Since our house was an old fashioned one, we did not have attached baths, but used a common bathroom. I took my
spare clothes, a fresh set of undergarments and the towel and went inside the toilet for taking a shower. I was
almost done with my shower when I heard uncle shouting to open the toilet door!

Uncle: Nita, Nita, ek bar darwaza khol jaldi, I have cut my finger.

Thump! Thump! Uncle was hitting the door and I was a bit puzzled. Though I had completed my shower, I was
completely nude then and water was all over my body.

Me: Chachu mai to naha rahi hoon.

Uncle: Nita its bleeding heavily, jaldi darwaza khol.

Since my uncle was insisting me to open the bathroom door, I quickly started rubbing my wet body with the towel
and at the same time requested uncle to wait for a while.

Me: Chachu ek minute please. Kapde to pehen-ne do.

Uncle almost ordered me now in a very stern voice.

Uncle: Itna khoon beh raha hai idhar, us-e kapde ki padi hai. Tu nangi hi nikal aa.

I was shocked listening to him, but thought probably it was bleeding very profusely such that he wanted me to get
out of the bathroom urgently. I tried to rub my naked body dry very quickly, but uncle was getting very impatient.

Uncle: Nita, kya hua? Nangi ane me sharm aati hai to towel lappet le, lekin bhagwan ke liye jaldi nikal.

Me: Ji chachu.

I quickly wrapped the towel around my body, but at the same time felt it was very inadequate and was exposing a
lot of my young tender body. There was no more time to think about my physical show off, as my uncle was striking
the door again and I had to open it. Uncle almost rushed inside the toilet and held his bleeding finger under the
running tap. I was really surprised to see that the cut was not that severe, at least the way he behaved and made
me get out of the toilet forcefully.

Uncle: Kitna bleeding ho raha hai dekh Nita.

Me: Yes chachu.

I was more concerned about my compromised condition in terms of clothing than his bleeding. The towel was good
enough to cover my both jiggling boobs, but all of my fair legs and thighs were totally exposed. I felt like wearing
that short skirt, which my mom had kept for sleeping, which only covers my round bottom area. Though I had tied a
knot with the towel around my body, I was not at all comfortable as my movements might just open it and the towel
might slid off my naked body. As uncle was washing his finger, he was watching me also time and again.
Uncle: Tu to ab sachmuch badi ho gayi hai Nita.

I giggled a little at his comment and replied innocently to him.

Me: Aj malum pada aapko?

Uncle: Nehi Nita wo baat nahi hai. Actually towel mei to tujhe aj pehli baar dekh raha hoon na, is liye.

I giggled and blushed and did not even know what to reply.

Uncle: Aj tak towel mei to mai sirf teri chachi ko hi dekha hoon.

We both laughed at this. Then what happened in the next one minute was the weirdest thing and I least expected

Uncle: Good, ab bleeding lagbhag stop ho gaya hai. Let me wrap it with something.

Saying that he looked around. My dress I was wearing before my bath, I kept that set in a bucket for washing and
my fresh set was hung on the door hook. A blue skirt and a white top was hanging there and I had kept my bra and
panty on top of the tap, as I would wear that first thing after my bath. I almost got a kick in the teeth when I saw
my uncle chose my panty, which was kept over the tap, to wrap his finger!

Uncle: Filhal isi se kaam chala leta hoon. Baad mei bandage kar lunga.

Me: Chachu par wo to meri…

I had to make an objection, as uncle was about to pick up my pink colored panty.

Uncle: ‘wo to meri’ – kya? Tu bhi naa. Ja, room me ja aur dusri panty pehen le.

Saying that he picked up my panty and stretched it to see its dimensions. My ears turned red now, as he was seeing
my panty intently close to his face. I decided not to stop there and went ahead for my room.

Me: Chachu mai room mei jake kapde pehen leti hoon. Fir ake apka bandage karti hoon.

Uncle: Okay ja, jaldi ana.

I was so relieved to be in my room and quickly closed the door behind me. I was breathing heavily now standing so
long clad in a towel only. I opened the cupboard and took a fresh set of white undergarments and wore it. I picked
up a blue top and a matching light blue skirt. But as I saw in the mirror to wear a matching skirt, I was exposing my
legs beyond the limits of modesty, as this skirt was again quite old and was literally short. It must have somehow
evaded my mom’s eyes I thought. I hesitated for a second to wear it, but finally decided for it as there was no one
in the house except uncle. My light blue skirt just looked like a bigger miniskirt, as it was exposing half of my fair
thighs. I went back to uncle’s room to get him the bandage.

Uncle was sitting on bed in his room and as soon as I entered inside the room he asked me a very strange question.

Uncle: Nita, tu mujhse jhoot kiyu boli?

I walked to the side of the bed where he was sitting. I noticed he had wrapped his finger with my pink panty. I was
feeling so ashamed seeing my panty wrapped on my uncle’s finger.

Me: Jhoot? Kaun sa jhoot chachu?

Uncle: Tu boli ke ye teri panty hai.

Me: Ya chachu, ye to meri hai.

Uncle: Ek baat bata Nita. Tu teri chachi se choti hai ya badi?

I was not getting at all what uncle was trying to mean and so innocently continued the conversation.

Me: Choti hoon. Chachu, ye koi poochne wali baat hai?

Uncle: Wohi to. Ab bol ke ye kaise ho sakta hai ke teri chachi tujhse choti panty pehenti hai?

Me: Kya?

I was surprised and somewhat irritated at such a lewd comment. Uncle went on explaining.

Uncle: Tu jab chali gayi to mai dekha ke ye panty to teri chachi jo pehenti hai us-se badi hai. Ye kaise ho sakta hai?

I argued innocently and was dragging in more humiliating situations for me.

Me: Chachu, ap ko kaise pata hoga chachi ki undergarments ke bareme? Ap to kharidte nehi ho unke liye.

Uncle: Sirf kharidne se hi pata chalta hai? Nita, tu bhi na.

Me: Chachu, ap hawa me baat karoge to mai maan loongi kya?

Uncle: Nita, mai teri chachi ko roz dekhta hoon early morning nahake toilet se nikal kar mere samne panty pehenti
hai. Aur tu bol rahi hai mai hawa me baat fek raha hoon?

For the moment I was taken aback listening to such a comment about my own aunt. My aunt had a heavy figure at
least compared to my mom. She had big boobs and big hips. I tried to imagine the scene as uncle told that she is
coming out of the toilet after the bath and wearing her panty in front of uncle.

Me: Chachi kya nangi bahar aati hai toilet se? Ya fir aj jaise mai nikli uncle ke samne waise?
I murmured within myself. I was feeling a thirst continuing such conversation with my own uncle.

Uncle: Okay, tu yakin nehi kar rahi hai na. Mere saath aa idhar.

Uncle stood up and went up to their almirah. I followed him. He opened the almirah and after some scrambling and
jumbling of their clothes, he took out a couple of panties of my aunt. I was feeling a hot wave was passing through
my body as my uncle brought my aunt’s panty in front of me. It was such a tiny one that I myself looked down in

Uncle: Ab bol Nita, kya mai galat bol raha tha?

Now uncle readily opened my tied panty in his finger and was trying to show me how big my panty was compared to
my aunt’s.

Uncle: Tu 16 saal ki hai aur teri chachi 35 saal ki hai. Dono ki panty dekhke mujhe to ulta lag raha hai.

He burst out in laughter to his own words. I had to say something, but what I said put me in a messier situation.

Me: Ji chachu, mujhe to iski size dekhkei sharam aa rahi hai.

Uncle: Tu sharam ki baat kar rahi hai, lekin teri chachi to bolti hai ajkal ye sab fashion hai. Ye dekh. Ye sab
magazines dekhke to wo ye sab kharid ti hai.

Uncle threw a couple of English colorful magazines before me. I saw the name of the mag is “Cosmopolitan” and
when I turned the pages there were only pictures of tons of girls wearing only bra and panty. My head was like
spinning seeing so many of them, among which some were also topless. I was really amazed to know that my aunt
goes through this mag, where my mom does not even allow filmi magazines in our house for revealing pictures.

I was really feeling very ashamed now looking at those very revealing pics of girls before my uncle, but could not
directly come out of the situation also. I was really wondering what to do, but my uncle dragged me into more
humiliating situations and talks.

Uncle: To Nita mai to sabit kar diya ke ye panty to teri nehi ho sakti. Mujhe lagta hai ye zaroor teri mummy ki hogi.

While saying he pointed towards his wounded finger where my panty was wrapped around like a bandage. I was still
fighting innocently trying to prove my point.

Me: Nehi, nehi ye mummy ke nehi hai. Mummy to…

I stopped myself, as I almost told my mom’s secret to my uncle. My mom does not wear a panty generally except
during her periods, but how can I tell that to uncle? I quickly tried to cover that up.

Me: Chachu ek kam karte hai, chaliye mai apko apne almirah dikhati hoon, usme isi size ka aur bhi panty agar mil jaye
aapko yakin ho jayega?

Uncle: Ye thik rahega. Chal.

I thanked god in my mind that I did not reveal my mom’s secret, but little did I know that I would have to reveal
much more in the next few minutes. We walked to our room, I mean my parents room because though Sunita didi
and I slept and studied in a separate room, we had one common almirah. Chachu very rarely comes to this bedroom
as most of the time while chatting we are in the dining hall. I went up to the almirah and opened it in front of him.
It was full of female clothes only, my mom’s, my elder sister’s and mine of course. My mom had made each shelf in
the almirah for one person - like the top one for her, the middle one for me and the lower one for Sunita didi. I
quickly scrambled my shelf and got hold of two of my bra and panty and showed it to uncle.

Me: Ye dekhiye chachu, same size hai ki nahi?

My uncle took this new panty again in his hand and stretched it as if to see how much it will cover my buttocks. I
was feeling so ashamed as he was doing this very openly. Then quickly he noticed a panty, which was poking his head
from the lower shelf.

Uncle: Ye kiski hai? Bhabie ki?

Me: No chachu, ye to Sunita didi ki hai.

I replied innocently. Uncle picked that panty also from below and started comparing the two. Sunita didi’ s panty
was also slightly short than mine. The prime reason being my mom did not want me to wear skimpy panties and
hence usually brought those with a bigger base so that almost the whole of my bottoms are covered properly. But I
have seen many a times Sunita didi wearing a panty, which exposed more of her round ass cheeks than covering.
When I asked, “Didi is panty to teri aadhi gaand bhi nehi dhak rahi hai”, she replied “Tu jab badi hogi tab samjhegi
aisi panty pehenne ki maza.”

Uncle: Nita, ye dekh. Ye panty bhi teri wali se choti hai.

Me: Chachu mai kya kar sakti hu agar mummy mere liye aise hi types kharid ti hai to.

Uncle: Arre to aise bol na. Isi liye mujhe samajh me nehi aa raha tha.

Thank god! He understood. Uncle was still inspecting intently Sunita didi’s panty.

Uncle: Nita ek baat bata, tu boli ke bhabie tere liye kharid ti hai, to Sunita ke liye bhi kharid ti hai kya?

Me: Nehi chachu, didi apni inner khud kharid ti hai. Ek din to mummy aur didi mei is mudde pe ladai bhi hui. Mummy
ko to is type ki undergarments bilkul na pasand hai.

Uncle: Dekh Nita, mai to bhabie ko itne saal dekh raha hoon. Wo badi conservative kism ki lady hai.

Now I could not resist myself from innocently revealing my mom’s very personal secrets. I was such a fool at that
age and my uncle was gulping the ‘rasila’ info from me.

Me: Chachu ap nehi jante, wo sirf meri aur did ke bare mei conservative hai.

Uncle: Nehi nehi, ye mai nehi maan sakta. Bhabie jis style se sari pehenke bahar jati hai, ghar mei jis kism ke nighty
pehenti hai…

I interrupted uncle and was now innocently revealing my mom’s very personal secrets, but I never realized that my
uncle was only poking me to know more. I stood up on my toes and from the backside of the top shelf of the almirah
brought out a nighty to show uncle.

Me: Ye dekhiye chachu, ye kya conservative hai?

It was a pink colored looked normal looking decent nighty, but the was appallingly short for any average height

Uncle: Wow!

Me: Mummy ye kabhi kabar sone ke waqt pehenti hai.

Uncle: Ye to koi filmi dress se kam nehi!

Me: Haan chachu.

Uncle was now inspecting my mom’s nighty very closely especially from the waist part downwards and stretching to
see how much was its width.

Uncle: Iski jo length hai aur bhabie ki jo height hai, ye pehenne ke baad bhabie to adhi nangi rehegi. Tu to dekhi hai
teri mummy ko ye pehene hua, mai kya galat bol raha hoon Nita?

I myself blushed listening to uncle’s words and could only nod. I had seen mummy in that dress not for lot many
days, but certainly on some Saturdays.

Me: Ji chachu.

Uncle: Lekin is dress ke sath to bhabie ki conservative panty nehi jamegi. Iske sath to teri chachi jaisi pehenti hai,
wo wali panty chayihe.

He paused just for a moment and asked me a bumper question with a smiling face. .
Uncle: Kya re Nita, bhabie is dress ke niche panty pehenti hai ke nehi?

Me: Ap bade besharam ho. Kya sab puch rahe ho chachu.

But within my mind I distinctly remembered that mummy was not wearing anything below the dress on at least one
occasion as when I saw her in that attire, she was lying on bed already and my dad was taking a bath and I could
clearly see her pussy though she quickly covered herself with a blanket.

Uncle was looking very intently now as if visualizing my mother in that dress and I could now distinctly see a bulge
in his lungi. It was looking like a small pole being erect out of the lungi. And as soon as I noticed that I started
feeling uncomfortable, but soon had a height of uncomfortableness by my uncle’s request.

Uncle: Nita tu thodi help karegi? Mai ek cheez dekhna chata hoon.

Me: Kya cheez?

I asked innocently. Uncle was looking at my eyes directly and in a very unusual manner. He was holding my mom’s
sexy dress in his hand.

Uncle: Nita mai teri chachi ke liye ek aisa nightdress kharidna chahta hoon.

Me: To kharidiye na kaun roka hai? Lekin ap kya cheez dekhne ki baat kar rahe ho?

Uncle: Dekh Nita, bhabie ko to mai dekh nehi sakta is dress mei. Lekin at least kisiko to dekh loo before I buy. Tu
kiyu na ekbar pehen isko? At least mujhe idea ho jayega.

Me: Kya?

Uncle: Nita. Is me sochne wali to koi baat hai-I nahi. Teri mummy jab pehen sakti hai, to tu kiyu nahi? Aur aj to
ghar mei koi hai nahi.

I would not say that I never felt wearing that dress, but did not get the opportunity to wear it, which was also
true, but never ever did I thought to wear it in front of someone, especially a male, but now I could not refuse my
uncle straight away also.

Me: Par chachu…

Uncle’s tone was changing from request to command.

Uncle: Nita abhi to tu mere samne sirf towel mei khadi thi, to ise pehen ne mei sharm kaisi?

Me: lekin chachu …

Uncle: Bakwas bandh. Ye skirt aur top utar aur ye pehen le.

I had nothing to do but to obey my uncle’s order. I took the dress from uncle’s hand and went to the attached
bathroom in my mom’s room and closed the door. I was growing fast and was almost my mother’s height by then,
may be a couple of inches shorter. Yes, proportion wise I was not as plump as my mom, which is quite natural also at
my age of only 16. Though I was wearing a shorter skirt today than what I wear normally, mom’s dress would still be
simply half the length of that. The heaviness that my mom has in her boobs and hips due to her age and marriage
were missing in me of course, but still when I looked into this dress I felt that it would keep me highly exposed.

I took off my top above my head first and then dropped my skirt to the floor. I kept both of them in a hanger in
the toilet. I was standing in my bra and panty only. I appreciated my somewhat lean figure on which my tight boobs
stood proud clasped in my white bra. My panty was adequately covering my firm ass cheeks and my pussy. As I held
the dress in front of me I could realize it won’t cover anything more apart from my ass. I have never worn such a
short dress till then. Even the skirt my mom had kept for sleeping went down at least to my mid thigh. Out of
natural shyness probably my left hand went to my buttocks and with my fingers I tried to stretch the material of
my panty over my ass cheeks so as to cover a bit more of my round fleshy buttocks, but it had already stretched to
the fullest and did not extended a centimeter on my ass.

Uncle: Nita so gayi kya? Ek simple sa dress pehenne mei tu kitni time legi?

Me: Chachu zara sabar to kijiye.

I pulled in my mom’s dress now over my head and got it down through my shoulder over my twin peaks and belly. The
dress was fortunately covering my breasts quite appropriately, but due to the cutting at the top and shoulder
laces, my white bra strap remained exposed over both shoulders. It was looking very vulgar to me, but I could not
find any way to wrap them. The length of the dress was as expected just enough to cover my round bottoms.
Seeing my condition, I had no doubt that when my mom wore this dress surely the bottom part of her hips would
remain constantly exposed.

Moreover, the mid portion of the dress was rather flimsy, which I did not notice initially, but now became aware of.
And my navel and belly remained exposed through the very thin material of the dress. “How could mummy wear
such a dress? How could she be so shameless at this age!” I thought to myself and seeing me in the mirror I
flushed and my ears were instantly red. Should I go like this in front of uncle? I was in a dilemma.

Knock! Knock!

Uncle: Nita come on!

I had no other alternative but to open the door and come out in front of my uncle in that revealing dress. Though
hesitant I opened the door and out of shame was unable to come out of the bathroom. Without wasting a second
uncle came inside the bathroom and saw me standing with my face down and legs joined together. The whole of my
fair legs and thighs were completely bare in front of his eyes.

Uncle: Aj tak towel mei to mai sirf teri chachi ko hi dekha hoon.

We both laughed at this. Then what happened in the next one minute was the weirdest thing and I least expected

Uncle: Good, ab bleeding lagbhag stop ho gaya hai. Let me wrap it with something.

Saying that he looked around. My dress I was wearing before my bath, I kept that set in a bucket for washing and
my fresh set was hung on the door hook. A blue skirt and a white top was hanging there and I had kept my bra and
panty on top of the tap, as I would wear that first thing after my bath. I almost got a kick in the teeth when I saw
my uncle chose my panty, which was kept over the tap, to wrap his finger!

Uncle: Filhal isi se kaam chala leta hoon. Baad mei bandage kar lunga.

Me: Chachu par wo to meri…

I had to make an objection, as uncle was about to pick up my pink colored panty.

Uncle: ‘wo to meri’ – kya? Tu bhi naa. Ja, room me ja aur dusri panty pehen le.

Saying that he picked up my panty and stretched it to see its dimensions. My ears turned red now, as he was seeing
my panty intently close to his face. I decided not to stop there and went ahead for my room.

Me: Chachu mai room mei jake kapde pehen leti hoon. Fir ake apka bandage karti hoon.

Uncle: Okay ja, jaldi ana.

I was so relieved to be in my room and quickly closed the door behind me. I was breathing heavily now standing so
long clad in a towel only. I opened the cupboard and took a fresh set of white undergarments and wore it. I picked
up a blue top and a matching light blue skirt. But as I saw in the mirror to wear a matching skirt, I was exposing my
legs beyond the limits of modesty, as this skirt was again quite old and was literally short. It must have somehow
evaded my mom’s eyes I thought. I hesitated for a second to wear it, but finally decided for it as there was no one
in the house except uncle. My light blue skirt just looked like a bigger miniskirt, as it was exposing half of my fair
thighs. I went back to uncle’s room to get him the bandage.

Uncle was sitting on bed in his room and as soon as I entered inside the room he asked me a very strange question.

Uncle: Nita, tu mujhse jhoot kiyu boli?

I walked to the side of the bed where he was sitting. I noticed he had wrapped his finger with my pink panty. I was
feeling so ashamed seeing my panty wrapped on my uncle’s finger.

Me: Jhoot? Kaun sa jhoot chachu?

Uncle: Tu boli ke ye teri panty hai.

Me: Ya chachu, ye to meri hai.

Uncle: Ek baat bata Nita. Tu teri chachi se choti hai ya badi?

I was not getting at all what uncle was trying to mean and so innocently continued the conversation.

Me: Choti hoon. Chachu, ye koi poochne wali baat hai?

Uncle: Wohi to. Ab bol ke ye kaise ho sakta hai ke teri chachi tujhse choti panty pehenti hai?

Me: Kya?

I was surprised and somewhat irritated at such a lewd comment. Uncle went on explaining.

Uncle: Tu jab chali gayi to mai dekha ke ye panty to teri chachi jo pehenti hai us-se badi hai. Ye kaise ho sakta hai?

I argued innocently and was dragging in more humiliating situations for me.

Me: Chachu, ap ko kaise pata hoga chachi ki undergarments ke bareme? Ap to kharidte nehi ho unke liye.

Uncle: Sirf kharidne se hi pata chalta hai? Nita, tu bhi na.

Me: Chachu, ap hawa me baat karoge to mai maan loongi kya?

Uncle: Nita, mai teri chachi ko roz dekhta hoon early morning nahake toilet se nikal kar mere samne panty pehenti
hai. Aur tu bol rahi hai mai hawa me baat fek raha hoon?

For the moment I was taken aback listening to such a comment about my own aunt. My aunt had a heavy figure at
least compared to my mom. She had big boobs and big hips. I tried to imagine the scene as uncle told that she is
coming out of the toilet after the bath and wearing her panty in front of uncle.

Me: Chachi kya nangi bahar aati hai toilet se? Ya fir aj jaise mai nikli uncle ke samne waise?
I murmured within myself. I was feeling a thirst continuing such conversation with my own uncle.

Uncle: Okay, tu yakin nehi kar rahi hai na. Mere saath aa idhar.

Uncle stood up and went up to their almirah. I followed him. He opened the almirah and after some scrambling and
jumbling of their clothes, he took out a couple of panties of my aunt. I was feeling a hot wave was passing through
my body as my uncle brought my aunt’s panty in front of me. It was such a tiny one that I myself looked down in

Uncle: Ab bol Nita, kya mai galat bol raha tha?

Now uncle readily opened my tied panty in his finger and was trying to show me how big my panty was compared to
my aunt’s.

Uncle: Tu 16 saal ki hai aur teri chachi 35 saal ki hai. Dono ki panty dekhke mujhe to ulta lag raha hai.

He burst out in laughter to his own words. I had to say something, but what I said put me in a messier situation.

Me: Ji chachu, mujhe to iski size dekhkei sharam aa rahi hai.

Uncle: Tu sharam ki baat kar rahi hai, lekin teri chachi to bolti hai ajkal ye sab fashion hai. Ye dekh. Ye sab
magazines dekhke to wo ye sab kharid ti hai.

Uncle threw a couple of English colorful magazines before me. I saw the name of the mag is “Cosmopolitan” and
when I turned the pages there were only pictures of tons of girls wearing only bra and panty. My head was like
spinning seeing so many of them, among which some were also topless. I was really amazed to know that my aunt
goes through this mag, where my mom does not even allow filmi magazines in our house for revealing pictures.

I was really feeling very ashamed now looking at those very revealing pics of girls before my uncle, but could not
directly come out of the situation also. I was really wondering what to do, but my uncle dragged me into more
humiliating situations and talks.

Uncle: To Nita mai to sabit kar diya ke ye panty to teri nehi ho sakti. Mujhe lagta hai ye zaroor teri mummy ki hogi.

While saying he pointed towards his wounded finger where my panty was wrapped around like a bandage. I was still
fighting innocently trying to prove my point.

Me: Nehi, nehi ye mummy ke nehi hai. Mummy to…

I stopped myself, as I almost told my mom’s secret to my uncle. My mom does not wear a panty generally except
during her periods, but how can I tell that to uncle? I quickly tried to cover that up.

Me: Chachu ek kam karte hai, chaliye mai apko apne almirah dikhati hoon, usme isi size ka aur bhi panty agar mil jaye
aapko yakin ho jayega?

Uncle: Ye thik rahega. Chal.

I thanked god in my mind that I did not reveal my mom’s secret, but little did I know that I would have to reveal
much more in the next few minutes. We walked to our room, I mean my parents room because though Sunita didi
and I slept and studied in a separate room, we had one common almirah. Chachu very rarely comes to this bedroom
as most of the time while chatting we are in the dining hall. I went up to the almirah and opened it in front of him.
It was full of female clothes only, my mom’s, my elder sister’s and mine of course. My mom had made each shelf in
the almirah for one person - like the top one for her, the middle one for me and the lower one for Sunita didi. I
quickly scrambled my shelf and got hold of two of my bra and panty and showed it to uncle.

Me: Ye dekhiye chachu, same size hai ki nahi?

My uncle took this new panty again in his hand and stretched it as if to see how much it will cover my buttocks. I
was feeling so ashamed as he was doing this very openly. Then quickly he noticed a panty, which was poking his head
from the lower shelf.

Uncle: Ye kiski hai? Bhabie ki?

Me: No chachu, ye to Sunita didi ki hai.

I replied innocently. Uncle picked that panty also from below and started comparing the two. Sunita didi’ s panty
was also slightly short than mine. The prime reason being my mom did not want me to wear skimpy panties and
hence usually brought those with a bigger base so that almost the whole of my bottoms are covered properly. But I
have seen many a times Sunita didi wearing a panty, which exposed more of her round ass cheeks than covering.
When I asked, “Didi is panty to teri aadhi gaand bhi nehi dhak rahi hai”, she replied “Tu jab badi hogi tab samjhegi
aisi panty pehenne ki maza.”

Uncle: Nita, ye dekh. Ye panty bhi teri wali se choti hai.

Me: Chachu mai kya kar sakti hu agar mummy mere liye aise hi types kharid ti hai to.

Uncle: Arre to aise bol na. Isi liye mujhe samajh me nehi aa raha tha.

Thank god! He understood. Uncle was still inspecting intently Sunita didi’s panty.

Uncle: Nita ek baat bata, tu boli ke bhabie tere liye kharid ti hai, to Sunita ke liye bhi kharid ti hai kya?

Me: Nehi chachu, didi apni inner khud kharid ti hai. Ek din to mummy aur didi mei is mudde pe ladai bhi hui. Mummy
ko to is type ki undergarments bilkul na pasand hai.

Uncle: Dekh Nita, mai to bhabie ko itne saal dekh raha hoon. Wo badi conservative kism ki lady hai.

Now I could not resist myself from innocently revealing my mom’s very personal secrets. I was such a fool at that
age and my uncle was gulping the ‘rasila’ info from me.

Me: Chachu ap nehi jante, wo sirf meri aur did ke bare mei conservative hai.

Uncle: Nehi nehi, ye mai nehi maan sakta. Bhabie jis style se sari pehenke bahar jati hai, ghar mei jis kism ke nighty
pehenti hai…

I interrupted uncle and was now innocently revealing my mom’s very personal secrets, but I never realized that my
uncle was only poking me to know more. I stood up on my toes and from the backside of the top shelf of the almirah
brought out a nighty to show uncle.

Me: Ye dekhiye chachu, ye kya conservative hai?

It was a pink colored looked normal looking decent nighty, but the was appallingly short for any average height

Uncle: Wow!
Me: Mummy ye kabhi kabar sone ke waqt pehenti hai.

Uncle: Ye to koi filmi dress se kam nehi!

Me: Haan chachu.

Uncle was now inspecting my mom’s nighty very closely especially from the waist part downwards and stretching to
see how much was its width.

Uncle: Iski jo length hai aur bhabie ki jo height hai, ye pehenne ke baad bhabie to adhi nangi rehegi. Tu to dekhi hai
teri mummy ko ye pehene hua, mai kya galat bol raha hoon Nita?

I myself blushed listening to uncle’s words and could only nod. I had seen mummy in that dress not for lot many
days, but certainly on some Saturdays.

Me: Ji chachu.

Uncle: Lekin is dress ke sath to bhabie ki conservative panty nehi jamegi. Iske sath to teri chachi jaisi pehenti hai,
wo wali panty chayihe.

He paused just for a moment and asked me a bumper question with a smiling face. .

Uncle: Kya re Nita, bhabie is dress ke niche panty pehenti hai ke nehi?

Me: Ap bade besharam ho. Kya sab puch rahe ho chachu.

But within my mind I distinctly remembered that mummy was not wearing anything below the dress on at least one
occasion as when I saw her in that attire, she was lying on bed already and my dad was taking a bath and I could
clearly see her pussy though she quickly covered herself with a blanket.

Uncle was looking very intently now as if visualizing my mother in that dress and I could now distinctly see a bulge
in his lungi. It was looking like a small pole being erect out of the lungi. And as soon as I noticed that I started
feeling uncomfortable, but soon had a height of uncomfortableness by my uncle’s request.

Uncle: Nita tu thodi help karegi? Mai ek cheez dekhna chata hoon.

Me: Kya cheez?

I asked innocently. Uncle was looking at my eyes directly and in a very unusual manner. He was holding my mom’s
sexy dress in his hand.

Uncle: Nita mai teri chachi ke liye ek aisa nightdress kharidna chahta hoon.

Me: To kharidiye na kaun roka hai? Lekin ap kya cheez dekhne ki baat kar rahe ho?

Uncle: Dekh Nita, bhabie ko to mai dekh nehi sakta is dress mei. Lekin at least kisiko to dekh loo before I buy. Tu
kiyu na ekbar pehen isko? At least mujhe idea ho jayega.

Me: Kya?

Uncle: Nita. Is me sochne wali to koi baat hai-I nahi. Teri mummy jab pehen sakti hai, to tu kiyu nahi? Aur aj to
ghar mei koi hai nahi.
I would not say that I never felt wearing that dress, but did not get the opportunity to wear it, which was also
true, but never ever did I thought to wear it in front of someone, especially a male, but now I could not refuse my
uncle straight away also.

Me: Par chachu…

Uncle’s tone was changing from request to command.

Uncle: Nita abhi to tu mere samne sirf towel mei khadi thi, to ise pehen ne mei sharm kaisi?

Me: lekin chachu …

Uncle: Bakwas bandh. Ye skirt aur top utar aur ye pehen le.

I had nothing to do but to obey my uncle’s order. I took the dress from uncle’s hand and went to the attached
bathroom in my mom’s room and closed the door. I was growing fast and was almost my mother’s height by then,
may be a couple of inches shorter. Yes, proportion wise I was not as plump as my mom, which is quite natural also at
my age of only 16. Though I was wearing a shorter skirt today than what I wear normally, mom’s dress would still be
simply half the length of that. The heaviness that my mom has in her boobs and hips due to her age and marriage
were missing in me of course, but still when I looked into this dress I felt that it would keep me highly exposed.

I took off my top above my head first and then dropped my skirt to the floor. I kept both of them in a hanger in
the toilet. I was standing in my bra and panty only. I appreciated my somewhat lean figure on which my tight boobs
stood proud clasped in my white bra. My panty was adequately covering my firm ass cheeks and my pussy. As I held
the dress in front of me I could realize it won’t cover anything more apart from my ass. I have never worn such a
short dress till then. Even the skirt my mom had kept for sleeping went down at least to my mid thigh. Out of
natural shyness probably my left hand went to my buttocks and with my fingers I tried to stretch the material of
my panty over my ass cheeks so as to cover a bit more of my round fleshy buttocks, but it had already stretched to
the fullest and did not extended a centimeter on my ass.

Uncle: Nita so gayi kya? Ek simple sa dress pehenne mei tu kitni time legi?

Me: Chachu zara sabar to kijiye.

I pulled in my mom’s dress now over my head and got it down through my shoulder over my twin peaks and belly. The
dress was fortunately covering my breasts quite appropriately, but due to the cutting at the top and shoulder
laces, my white bra strap remained exposed over both shoulders. It was looking very vulgar to me, but I could not
find any way to wrap them. The length of the dress was as expected just enough to cover my round bottoms.
Seeing my condition, I had no doubt that when my mom wore this dress surely the bottom part of her hips would
remain constantly exposed.

Moreover, the mid portion of the dress was rather flimsy, which I did not notice initially, but now became aware of.
And my navel and belly remained exposed through the very thin material of the dress. “How could mummy wear
such a dress? How could she be so shameless at this age!” I thought to myself and seeing me in the mirror I
flushed and my ears were instantly red. Should I go like this in front of uncle? I was in a dilemma.

Knock! Knock!

Uncle: Nita come on!

I had no other alternative but to open the door and come out in front of my uncle in that revealing dress. Though
hesitant I opened the door and out of shame was unable to come out of the bathroom. Without wasting a second
uncle came inside the bathroom and saw me standing with my face down and legs joined together. The whole of my
fair legs and thighs were completely bare in front of his eyes.
Uncle: Chal ab khana paros de.

Me: Chachu ap ek minute ruko, mai room se jaldi se ek nighty pehen leti hoon aur apka khana paros ti hoon.

Uncle: Uhu… Nita mai kya bola tha? Mai bola tha ‘mere samne ye dress utar de aur, mujhe khana paros de’ – matlab
ye bra aur panty pehenke tu kitchen mei jayegi aur mere liye khana parosegi.

I was looking like a dumb fool at my uncle’s face.

Uncle: Nita, khali peeli time waste mat kar. Aaage aage chal, mujhe teri gaand sirf panty mei kaisi lagti hai dekhna

I had no other option, but to follow his command. I walked in front of my uncle clad only in my bra and panty and he
followed me. He was making lecherous comments and I was feeling so very embarrassed that I was sobbing. I went
to the kitchen in that condition and arranged for food. I remained in that state while I worked in the kitchen and
my uncle watched me from the kitchen door. Each time I was bending for any work in the kitchen, my both boobs
were almost out of my bra cups and uncle was making very vulgar comments.

At the dining table also, as he ate his food, I stood there in that half naked state. Honestly I thought it was
better to be completely naked, but to be in undergarments in front of a male. At last my humiliation stopped with
my uncle finishing lunch.

Uncle: Ja Nita, ab room mei jake skirt-blouse pehen le. Dil khatta mat kar. Aur yaad rakh ek baat, aj jo bhi hua iski
zikar agar tu kisise karti hai, to teri khair nehi.

I went to my room and closing the room broke out in tears. I felt okay after sometime and went up and wore a
dress to cover myself up.

!!Flashback ends!!

Me: Uday, that’s the story. I felt so very embarrassed when I first realized what actually happened that day, I
cried the whole day ‘feeling’ about my embarrassment.

Uday: True Madam. How our own relatives exploit us and we cannot do anything about it. My feeling coincides with

We had some more talks on this topic and after sometime reached the bank and from there went back to the
temple again. The cart was already there and with a half satisfied, regarding my ass fucking by Uday, and half
depressed, regarding my teenage exploitation, I returned to the ashram.

It was quite late. I went to the toilet straightway and had the bath, which I was having after each of my heavy
orgasms, now for the fourth time. I was so joyful in my mind with the number of turn-ons I had in the last 48
hours. I was feeling so lively and my acts of shamelessness were not bothering me at all considering my vivacious
feelings. I never reached so many peaks in my married life even. In my mind, I thanked Guru-ji and was really
hopeful that this way I would achieve my goal of a fertile womb. As I bent down while bathing I was having a slight
pain in my ass hole where Uday fucked me really hard, though he applied some oil, but though I did not feel that
much pain then, I was having quite a bit of pain now in my ass hole along with the associated area. I thought a good
tight sleep would soothe me and hence I quickly took my dinner and went to sleep. In the interim, Meenakshi came
to pick my wet pad and reminded to attend Guru-ji at 06:30 am and she went off with a very meaningful smile at
which I blushed, as if she could read everything in my eyes. I did not waste much time and changed to my
nightdress and switched off the lights for sleep.

“Knock! Knock!” “Knock! Knock!”

I woke up by this irritating sound on my room door. Though I wanted to have some more sleep, I had to reply to the

Me: Okay, okay, I am awake and will be there in front of Guru-ji in half an hour.

Generally they woke me up half an hour before Guru-ji’s appointment time so that I had enough time for using the
conveniences and getting fresh before I made a move. I replied not even bothering to know who was knocking at my

“Knock! Knock!”

Me: I told you I am coming.

“Knock! Knock!”

Now I was a bit puzzled. Can’t he or she hear me what I am saying? I had no option but to get out of the bed and
open the door. I was aware that I was not wearing any undergarments, but thought it has to be either Meenakshi
or Nirmal who must be knocking, I did not bother to put anything below my nightdress, but straightened it over my
body so that I looked reasonable.

Me: “Who is it?”

I murmured as I opened the door. Before I could realize anything I felt a hug and I was kissed on my tender lips.
My sleeping spell immediately went off and I was fully conscious by hot male saliva on my tender lips. Since there
was darkness still outside as it was very early morning, I could not make out who it was, but could well realize he
was a strong man. As I had just awakened from deep sleep, I was physically also feeling weak and before I could
gather any resistance, the man gripped my waist by his right hand and with his left hand he grabbed my right boob.
It was freely jiggling below my nightdress, as I was not wearing a bra, and he immediately started squeezing it very

Me: Aah! Who are you? Stop this!

Uday: Madam it’s me. Uday. You could not recognize me?

I was shocked and excited at the same time. I never expected him to be here and the way he hugged and kissed me
as soon as I opened the door, I hardly got any chance to guess who it was. I was so relieved.

Me: Its still very early morning. They come to wake me up at 6.

Uday: Yes Madam, its 5:00 am now. I was feeling restless, so I came to see you.

Me: So, this is the way you see a woman?

We were both standing and hugging each other in the middle of the room, the room light still switched off. Uday’s
lips were very close to my face, his both hands encircling my waist and at times he was feeling the roundness of my
ass over my nightdress.

Uday: No this is the way I see you. You are special.

Me: Hmm. You are special too my dear.

We kissed each other. It was a long kiss and our tongues explored each other’s. While we kissed I was hugging him
tight, but I found escaping my hug, his hands were exploring my pumpkin ass and was squeezing my firm ass cheeks
Uday: Madam I missed one thing in the boat. I want to complete that.

Me: What?

I almost whispered in his ears though was a bit puzzled at his comment what he wanted.

Uday: Madam since Babulal was there on the boat, I could not see you naked.

I was already pretty aroused by his intimate touches and wanted to be explored more by Uday and honestly this
request pleased me, but I did not express it to him.

Me: But Uday you have seen every part of my body on the boat.

Uday: No Madam, since Babulal was there I did not remove your panty. But now no one is watching us, I want to see
you fully naked. Are you wearing a panty Madam?

He paused and did not waited for a reply from me and with both hands felt, rubbed, and kneaded my ass cheeks
over my nightdress to check as if I was wearing a panty or not.

Uday: Madam, your ass feels so good without the panty.

He murmured in my ears. I closed my eyes and was elated by his act. As he was teasingly checking my ass for a
panty, he pulled up my nightdress to an alarming height almost exposing my round ass globes. As it is the nighty was
short and as he pulled it, I looked awfully naughty standing in that pose where my whole thighs and legs were
exposed and my nighty bunched up near my ass.

Uday left me for a second and bent a little and then lifted me in his lap and swung me in the air as heroes do it in
the films. I was enjoying that to the hilt. My husband had never done this to me while lovemaking, neither at home
nor when we went for our honeymoon. Uday seemed so sure about what he was doing.

Me: Uday please get me down.

Uday: Get you down where Madam? On bed?

We both giggled and he kept me in his lap for sometime feeling my intimate parts with his hand and face and then
got me down. Uday again started kissing me very tightly on my lips and his free hands were slowly pulling up my
nightdress first over my legs, then my well formed thighs, and now almost up my ass. I could realize my ass cheeks
were out in the open and I could feel his direct touches on them. I removed my lips from his lips and tried to stop

Me: Uday please…

Uday: Yes Madam, I will please you.

He pulled up the nighty to my abdomen and bent down to look into my pussy. I was shivering in excitement though
coiled back in shame as he brought his face very close to my naked pussy and started kissing me there. He was
rubbing his nose on my pubic hairs and inhaling the pungent smell with deep breaths. His tongue was probing my
pussy lips now and I was very wet down there. He was encircling me with both hands and cupping my firm naked ass
cheeks. My husband had also kissed and rubbed me at my honey pot, but for all those instances we were in bed.
Standing in the room panty-less with my nightdress pulled up to my waist and a male other than my hubby kissing
my pussy was the first time in my life.

In no time I was cumming heavily and Uday’s face was wet with my discharge. After completing his licking my pussy,
he stood up and put his right middle finger inside my pussy hole and fingered my pussy for at least two minutes.
Getting the opportunity, I also caught hold of his thick hard penis within his dhoti and I was stroking and feeling
its hardness with both hands. Uday was simply giving me heavenly pleasures and now I wanted to get fucked by him.
Yesterday I was under a drug spell, but today morning I was the normal woman and wanted to get a hard fuck by
my man, Uday. Though at the corner of my mind, my housewife identity was raising a meek obstacle. The pleasure
and the situation was such, I dropped all my shame and pleaded him for a fuck like a slut.

Me: Uday, please do it now. I am dying to get you inside me.

By that time, Uday pulled up the nighty with one hand above my round boobs and now practically the nighty was
bunched up to my shoulder and whole of my body was naked before Uday. My boobs looked like two searchlights
jiggling freely with every movement of mine and naturally attracting all attention of Uday. My nipples were rock
hard and they also had grown to the fullest and looked rosy pink and swollen. Uday’s lips kissed, licked and sucked
them amply till they were glistening with his saliva. I was so heated now that I myself pulled up the nighty off my
head and stood completely naked in front of him.

This was the first time ever I stood naked in front of any male other than my husband. I was not feeling any
shame, rather was much urged for a fuck!

Uday: Madam, lets go to bed then…

He whispered in my ears and then only the whole dream as if broke!

“Knock! Knock!”

Uday was as if electrified the way he left me and stood up and kept his finger on his lips.

Uday: Madam, please reply but do not open the door. I will be in a big fix.

Me: Yes, who is it.

I pretended to my level best though my heart was beating fast. I replied in a sleepy tone as if I was fast asleep
and woke up due to the knock. I was still standing naked and realizing that I briskly covered myself with the

Nirmal: Madam, its me Nirmal. Its 6’o clock.

Me: Okay thanks for calling. I am getting up and will be there before Guru-ji by 6:30.

Nirmal: Okay Madam.

We heard Nirmal going away and we both were relieved.

Uday: Uff! What an escape. Madam, I must go now.

Me: But Uday, leaving me in this condition…

I was still highly aroused and my 28-year-old body fully heated up and was breathing heavily, standing naked with
my pussy dripping and I was seeing that my man was about to leave. One could easily realize what my condition was.

Uday: Madam, please understand, I have to go now because if anyone catches me here I will be in a big soup, as I
have violated the norms of the ashram.

Uday did not bother for a reply from me and opened the door slightly, looked around outside and went away closing
the door very gently leaving me alone in that hugely aroused state. My condition was so susceptible that I was
giving me a self-massage on my warm boobs and fingering my own pussy. I realized after sometime that I cannot sit
like this and went to the toilet. I was still discharging and somehow managed to take a bath though much heat
remained within my body I realized. I wore a fresh set of herbal washed sari, blouse, and petticoat, took my
medication, and went to Guru-ji’s room.

Guru-ji: Come, come Anita, how o you feel after two days?

Me: Fine Guru-ji. I think your therapy is working on me. I feel more energetic physically and mentally.

Guru-ji: Good.

Me: Guru-ji, what was the finding of my, err. I mean the pads?

Guru-ji: Anita, the finding is not bleak, but not excellent also. The later two pads do tell that you are having better
discharges, but its not adequate still.

I was a bit depressed listening to Guru-ji’s words, as I was quite hopeful that everything was quite okay considering
the long discharges that I had in last two days. Guru-ji probably read my eyes.

Guru-ji: But Anita, I do not think you should worry on this. What I am there for? You just participate
wholeheartedly in whatever you do as I instruct you. Bas!

I nodded my head though had a subtle concern that my discharge was not adequate. I was also wondering what
treatment was waiting for me now. In no time, Guru-ji spelt out that.

Guru-ji: Now I will offer puja to Linga Maharaj. You also participate in that Anita and after that I will do a check
up of yours, as I want to see why you are having a somewhat inadequate discharge even after full arousals?

Guru-ji paused a little and looked directly into my eyes. I was also looking at him.

Guru-ji: By the way, how were your last two temple orgasms?

I had to tell a lie regarding my second adventure with Uday.

Me: Yes Guru-ji, it was okay. Pande-ji was a bit harsh though.

Guru-ji: I can understand that. You cannot simply blame him, as you have such an attractive figure Anita for your

I was a bit taken aback by this sort of a statement from Guru-ji, though he quickly recovered.

Guru-ji: I mean these people like Pande-ji and all are part of your treatment process and if any one got carried
away please don’t mind it and forgive them. You must keep your focus on your goal only to achieve pregnancy
through my therapy. Right Anita?

Me: Yes Guru-ji, that’s why I did not react and controlled myself.

Guru-ji: Right, mind control.

I was still feeling concerned about low discharges on full arousals, though I thought I discharged more vaginally
than when I do intercourse with my hubby.

Me: But honestly Guru-ji, I got full excitement…

Guru-ji interrupted me in the middle.

Guru-ji: Anita, it’s not the question of excitement only, as there are several other aspects that contribute to this.
I need to know your vital signs like pressure, pulse, heart rate etc. and do a checkup like the doctor does. I am no
different from a doctor, but my ways of treatment are different.

I was gulping what Guru-ji was saying eagerly.

Guru-ji: You know, sometimes it so happens that due to some other organ’s dysfunction, the vaginal discharge does
not reach the desired amount. For example, may be there is a slight hindrance in the vaginal pathway or some other
problem in any other part. So before I conclude anything and give you meds, I must be sure.

Me: That’s true.

Guru-ji: Have faith on Linga Maharaj. He will take you through. You do not worry at all Anita. Will start you on meds
today and then tomorrow you will undergo the maha-yagya that will wash out all negative factors from your body to
achieve pregnancy.

Guru-ji paused again. I was eager to know more.

Guru-ji: It’s a two day long yagya, very tedious and strenuous Anita, but the result is sweet as nectar. But you know
yagya alone cannot do wonders, medications will have to take the support role. And if you can satisfy Linga Maharaj
through maha-yagya, you will be gifted with the fruit you have been long longing for. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: I will do my best Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Now the puja and then will do your checkup.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I responded positively for the checkup not even knowing that in the coming half an hour Guru-ji would delve into my
‘jawani’ in the most subtle and clever manner in the name of checkup. Guru-ji closed his eyes and started to chant
mantras. I also folded my hands and started worshipping to Linga Maharaj. The puja went on for 15 minutes and
after that Guru-ji went to the toilet to wash his hands. Till such time he was sitting and as usual he was wearing his
saffron dress. When he went to the toilet, the light was falling on his body from behind and I was shocked to
notice that he was not wearing a chaddi inside his dhoti. When he turned sideways and was facing the light in an
oblique way I could see his banana-like hanging lund! I quickly turned my eyes off him, but what I saw for a split
second made my nipples erect instantly.

Guru-ji said to follow him and we went out of the room to another adjacent room, where I did not go before. I
could not see any of his disciples in the ashram corridor, may be they are busy with other chores. My eyes were
searching for Uday, but there was no trace of him. There was a rectangular table in this room, which was probably
the examination table, and another table on which there were doctor’s apparatuses like thermometer, stethoscope,
blood pressure reader, spatula, forceps, etc.

Guru-ji: Anita, lie down on the table. I will arrange for the apparatus and will start the checkup.

I went up to the table. It was quite high than a normal table, almost to my upper abdomen level, probably for
convenience of the person who is doing the checkup. I realized it would be just the right height for Guru-ji who is
fairly tall, but for myself I found it rather impossible to ride it, as there were no stairs. It was like climbing a wall
and after a few tries I gave up. I tucked my pallu to my waist, held the table with both hands, and raised my right
leg to climb the table, but noticed my sari was getting lifted to alarming heights exposing my fair legs; thus
refrained from my efforts. I looked for a stool to climb, but there was none.
Me: Guru-ji, the height of this table is very awkward and here there is no stool also.

Guru-ji: Oho! You are unable to climb up. Actually since it’s an exam table, the height is a bit… Anita, just wait a

I stood there like an obedient student and after some moments Guru-ji came forward.

Guru-ji: Anita you try to climb up, I will just give you a little push so that you are up on the table.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I held the surface of the table with both hands and raised my toes to maximum height and then gave pressure to
climb up. I felt Guru-ji’s hands on the back of my thighs and he gripped me there and raised up. I was feeling very
awkward in this position as my full round gaand was just before his face. So I quickly tried to get onto the table,
but Guru-ji surprisingly removed his hands off my thighs halfway! I was practically hanging at that point of time, as
there was nothing to give support for my legs and if I tried to extend and lift my leg for the tabletop, my sari
would surely expose my lower portion. So I had to sought help.

Me: Guru-ji, please push me a little more. I cannot get up from this position.

Guru-ji: Oh! I thought you could manage.

My huge ass was just before his face and I felt Guru-ji cupped my ass cheeks with both hands to push me up the
table. I was surprised at his act, he did not push me, instead gave a firm squeeze with both hands on my fleshy ass

Me: Ouch!

Automatically came out of my mouth, as I was not expecting such a behavior from Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Oh! Sorry Anita. I almost slipped.

Me: Oh! Its okay Guru-ji.

I had to say, but I was very sure that he purposefully squeezed my buttocks. Now he gave me the desired push and
I was up on the table. I felt Guru-ji did not remove his hands off my flaring hips till I was fully up on the table and
he was feeling my sari-covered flesh. Uday had already made me very horny, which I somehow calmed down through
the bath, but again a male touch on my buttocks made my pussy wet once more. I realized my vaginal fluids were
soaking my panty slowly. Altogether I felt so very awkward to climb like this with my huge gaand before a man’s
face, more so as he was also pushing my ass cheeks to help me climb! My ears were red already and my breathing
heavier. I was somewhat alarmed by such a behavior from a person like Guru-ji, but at the same time was not fully
convinced that he did that on purpose. I was wondering did he actually slip? Did he cupped my ass deliberately?
Could he not help me by holding the back of my thighs as he initially did? I was confused.

I now sat on the examination table and Guru-ji went back to the other table. I pulled off my pallu off my waist and
adjusted my sari properly and lay down on the table. As I lied down, my pallu got stretched on my firm boobs and I
noticed my mangoes were looking like two conical hills moving up and down below my sari and blouse. I tried to
adjust the pallu to look decent. Guru-ji was back to the exam table now. He had brought a blood pressure reading
equipment along with a stethoscope and an unknown device, which looked like a meter with a wire connected to a
small monitor.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita. Are you ready?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: First let me check your BP. Do you know your range?

Me: No Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Okay, I will check and let you know. Raise your left arm a little.

I raised my left arm from the lying down position and Guru-ji started wrapping the black cloth there and after
finishing started pumping the bulb for the mercury to rise up in the equipment. I was feeling the pressure in my
hand and my BP came to be 130/80, which Guru-ji told was almost normal though on the higher side. He unwrapped
the black cloth off my arm and while doing that I noticed time and again he was watching my heaving boobs.

Guru-ji: Now let me see your pulse.

Saying that he held my left wrist. His warm fingers pressed on my tender wrist and I did not know why I was
feeling so uncomfortable and having a racing heartbeat. May be only some minutes ago I had a hot session with

Guru-ji: Strange!

Me: What Guru-ji?

I could not guess why he said strange.

Guru-ji: Anita, I see your pulse rate is very rapid, as if you are very excited. But you just attended the puja and
then we come here! It should not be… Let me check again.

Guru-ji again pressed my wrist with two fingers, but I knew very well why he was getting an increased pulse and
waited anxiously with a worrisome face if he probes into it further.

Guru-ji: What is the matter Anita? Apparently you look calm, but your pulse is racing.

Me: I do not know Guru-ji.

I tried to tell a lie, but Guru-ji looked directly at my eyes and as if was searching for an answer.

Guru-ji: Let me confirm it with your heartbeats.

Saying that he left my wrist and took the stethoscope and put that in his both ears and holding the knob at the
end of the tube, he proceeded towards my breasts. I was feeling a bit uneasy as he placed the knob on my upper
chest over my sari. I could still feel the cold knob touching my skin over the thin sari material. In the process I
felt Guru-ji’s hand gently brushing my conical peaks. He was almost bending over my breast though was looking
intently at my eyes. I was feeling thirsty and my heart was beating even faster now as Guru-ji was checking it.
Guru-ji now shifted horizontally the stethoscope knob over my actual breast area and immediately there was a
slight shiver in my body out of womanly shyness. He was pressing gently on my pallu and blouse covered left boob
and I realized the stetho-knob was inches away from my nipple. I was breathing heavily naturally.

Guru-ji: Anita, your heart is also beating faster than normal. There has to be something.

I tried to look as innocent as possible while replying.

Me: Guru-ji, I do not know why this has happened.

Guru-ji was still holding the stethoscope on my left breast and probably feeling the spongy action of my bra-
covered boob. I was feeling extreme tightness within my blouse now with this constant press resulting in heavy
breathing. He at last removed the stetho-knob over my breast and was staring openly at my undulating blouse-
covered peaks. I adjusted the pallu out of regular reflex though there was nothing to adjust, as Guru-ji did not
remove my pallu off my chest area while checking my heart rate.

Guru-ji: Anita, you are not a little girl that you won’t know why your pulse and heart rates are high. You are a
matured lady and you must not conceal anything from me.

I was in a dilemma regarding what to say and how to put it. I could not escape Guru-ji’s checkup and had to

Me: I mean Guru-ji I had a err… a wild dream, probably that effect…

Guru-ji: But you woke up at least an hour ago, but how can the effect be so pronounced now?

I was not able to answer properly. All along I was lying on the table and Guru-ji standing by my side, just beside my
breast area.

Guru-ji: Anita, the way your breasts are moving up and down still now, I think it has to be something else.

I blushed to such a direct comment about my intimate body part and I desperately tried to divert him.

Me: No, no Guru-ji, that’s because of your...

I deliberately did not complete the sentence and showed him in sign language with my right hand the way he was
pressing the stethoscope on my breast. Guru-ji seemed amused with my sign language. He laughed loudly at my

Guru-ji: If the touch of an inanimate stetho can race your heartbeat that much, you surely would collapse if you
get a male touch?

He continued laughing and I also smiled in return.

Guru-ji: Okay I take your word Anita that you had a hot dream and now me checking you made you feel horny.

I was so relieved hearing this.

Guru-ji: But let me tell you this is not a good sign. The pulse and the heart rate are alarmingly high even if I
consider what it should be when you are having sex.

I looked blank at Guru-ji not knowing what was the implication of this.

Guru-ji: Let me just take your body temperature also and complete the vital signs. Put it in your left armpit.

Now this was a tricky situation for me. Usually at home during taking temperatures I used to put the thermometer
in my mouth, but here Guru-ji told me to put in my armpit, but I am wearing a sari-blouse now and I have to open at
least half blouse hooks to put it properly in my armpit.

Me: Can I put it in my mouth Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: No, no Anita. The thermometer is not clean and neither do I have dettol here. There is a chance of inviting
I realized I had no other option but to put the thermometer in my armpit.

Guru-ji: You just open a couple of buttons of your blouse and…

There was no need to complete his sentence, he also knew that and I readily sat up and taking the veil of my sari
pallu, I took my hands over my blouse and started to unhook. Guru-ji was standing beside the exam table only a foot
away and he could clearly see all my hand action below my pallu. I opened the top two hooks and took the
thermometer from Guru-ji to put it in my armpit.

Guru-ji: Open one more hook Anita, otherwise you cannot slide the thermometer inside properly and if it is not
placed properly I will not get the proper reading.

I was a bit shaken to hear such direct comments about opening my blouse hooks from another male apart from my
husband. My husband has an obsession of opening my blouse I noticed many times, but I wondered often how could
a container attract him more than the content. I could not refuse Guru-ji and placing the thermometer on the table
again took my hands below my pallu and as I looked down at my blouse I could clearly see my fair bulging cleavage
above my brassiere and the open blouse hooks through my pallu. I looked from the corner of my eye and noticed
Guru-ji also gulping my advertisement. I realized if I open the third hook I would surely let my bra visible through
my half open blouse, but I had no other option and had to open it.

Guru-ji: That’s better. Now insert the thermometer.

I raised my left arm slightly and slid the thermometer by the side of my half open blouse into my armpit. I tried to
adjust the pallu so that I expose my breasts to the minimum to the now glittering eyes of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Wait for two minutes. I will keep an eye on the watch.

It was so very awkward for me to sit like that in my half-open blouse before a male. Specifically for these sorts of
reasons, I always avoided going to a male doctor for a checkup or for OB/GYN purposes. I was not feeling that
much of shame in front of Guru-ji though; more so due to the ‘experiences’ in the last 48 hours.

Guru-ji: Time is up. Okay bring it out Anita.

I took out the thermometer and handed it to him and started buttoning my blouse promptly knowing little that I
would have to soon open it again!

Guru-ji: The temperature is normal, but in this early morning you have sweated a lot.

Saying that he touched the bulb of the thermometer with his fingers and felt the sweat there. I blushed, but had
little to say. To my utter shock I saw Guru-ji took the thermometer tip to his nose and took the smell of my armpit
sweat. I had my eyebrows raised at this action fo Guru-ji, but he seemed to have an answer to everything.

Guru-ji: You must be surprised why I am taking the odour, but you know, a foul odour is an indication of improper
metabolism. And for successful copulation I need to check that too in a person.

I felt much relieved hearing this. Guru-ji kept aside the BP meter, thermometer etc. and started examining me by
the organs now. I was sitting on the exam table as he started further checkup. He first checked my eyes, ears and
throat. His warm fingers were giving me a very uncomfortable feel. More so, it was reminding me of Uday’s touches
just a few minutes ago on my intimate body parts. Guru-ji’s face was close to my face and at times I could feel his
breathing over my face, which was making me almost shiver. He then examined my neck and shoulders removing
partially my sari from those areas. It seemed to me that the incomplete job by Uday was as if triggered by Guru-ji.
I tried to remain as normal as possible though my heart was already drumming faster.

Guru-ji: Anita, you now lie down. Let me check the abdomen.
I again lied down on the examining table and this time Guru-ji without asking me removed the sari off my stomach
area. Out of natural resistance I took my hands to my sari and tried to keep it in place, but Guru-ji’s hands were
forceful enough and he simply uncovered my stomach and simultaneously the base of my boobs also got exposed due
to this action. The pallu remained aside and I was trying to see what he was about to do between my two blouse-
covered peaks. Guru-ji started feeling my abdomen firmly with his fingers and giving pressure with his palm also.
My tender skin was felt adequately by his warm hands and I was almost trembling at his touches. Guru-ji palpated
my liver, spleen and other internal organs thoroughly. Now suddenly he started fingering my navel, which gave me a
very ticklish sensation and I almost giggled and my legs crossed in my lying position.

Guru-ji: Don’t laugh Anita, I am examining and uncross your legs.

Me: I am very sensitive there Guru-ji.

I uncrossed my legs below my sari, but giggled again and constantly shifted my ass while lying, as he continued to
finger my navel.

Guru-ji: Okay, okay, done.

I was much relieved, but I already felt my vaginal fluids moistening my panty due to Guru-ji’s examination.

Guru-ji: Anita, now turn over and face the table.

It was so very awkward to turn upside down before a man - this only a woman knows. I turned over to lie on my
stomach. Now my sari-covered round fleshy pumpkin ass was in full display before Guru-ji and he could also see my
boobs from the sides sandwiched under my body weight. I looked at Guru-ji as he took the stethoscope again and
checked the sounds of my back over my blouse cover. He was holding the knob of the stetho in one hand while the
other free hand was casually resting on my posterior over my blouse. To tell the truth, I could feel unmistakably
that he was actually tracing my brassiere over the top of my blouse. It was so subtle, yet so obvious.

Guru-ji: Anita, take a deep long breath.

I followed his command and took a long breath, but immediately felt his fingers exactly on my bra hook and I could
not hold the breadth and I gasped.

Guru-ji: What happened?

Me: Err… nothing Guru-ji. I am trying again.

My heart was beating so hard that he was probably also able to hear it. I tried to recover myself and he also had
shifted his fingers from my bra and I took a long breath again.

After the completion of checkup with the stetho, I felt Guru-ji’s hands on my bare back on the area between my
blouse and my waist. I did not know what he was checking, but it seemed like as if he was massaging me there. I
almost was shaken up when I felt Guru-ji stretched his fingers on my back and even inserted part of his fingers
inside my blouse! His touches on my bare skin on my back and inside my blouse were enough to ignite me.

I was now anticipating the same action downwards also and I should feel Guru-ji’s fingers move inside my waistband
and how correct I was! Guru-ji rubbed and stretched his hands down my blouse along my midriff to my waist. And
not stopping at my sari cover on my waist, Guru-ji inserted his fingers through my sari and petticoat and reached
till my panty over my roundish buttocks.

Me: Aeeeiiiiiii….
I uttered a weird sound, which meant nothing but my vulnerable state in the hands of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sorry Anita. I should have asked you to open the sari first to do further checking.

He took off his hand off my back and told me to do one of the most bizarre things of my life.

Guru-ji: Anita, take off the sari. Let me get the lubricant, torch, and the spatula for your pelvic exam.

Guru-ji went off to the corner of the room leaving me to open my sari. I was in a dilemma about what to do – the
table was too high for me to get down and get out of my sari and of course I did not want further cupping on my
ass by Guru-ji as I would definitely need help to get up again. The other option was to remove my sari standing on
this table. I had to choose the latter.

Guru-ji: Anita, please do it quickly. After your checkup I have to arrange for a ‘jagya’ for a local family.

I stood up on the table. It was so odd standing way up from the floor. I started to pull off the sari from my body
and noticed Guru-ji was looking up to see the scene, which made me feel so ashamed. I had never done this in my
life and I feel hardly any woman had to undergo this– taking off her dress standing on a table! I could realize very
well that I was looking awfully vulgar as I now stood in my blouse and petticoat on the table.

Guru-ji: Fine Anita, but if you are wearing a panty, also take that off, as I need to check your vagina.

The word ‘vagina’ was so clearly pronounced by Guru-ji that I almost closed my eyes in shame. He also mentioned
that I could keep my petticoat on if I wished and just remove my panty from below it. My ears grew red as I
started lifting my petticoat standing on the table. I drew my hands below it and wriggled and struggled to get out
of my tight little panty. I could realize I must be looking like a ‘randi’ removing my panty with the petticoat on and
that too standing on a table. By that time Guru-ji was also back near my table with his exam apparatuses and he got
an awesome upskirt view of my panty removal. But I was helpless and had to do this standing on the table as per the

Guru-ji: Anita give me the sari and your panty. I will keep them there.

Saying that he gave me no chance to virtually say anything and took the sari, which was kept in a heap at the table
corner and snatched the panty lying below my feet. In a moment he was back and I now lied down on the table
again. Guru-ji this time was very forceful and confident in his behavior. He simply raised my petticoat to my waist
and gently spread my knees apart. He now lifted each of my well-formed feet onto the supports on the examination
table. Guru-ji then switched on the torch, which he had picked up from the other table and focussed between my
legs. I clinched my teeth in the lying position as I could realize that my inner thighs and the whole of the pubic
area were completely exposed to his eyes.

I was watching Guru-ji all along from my lying status helplessly. My teeth still clenched in shame and nervousness.
Guru-ji now spread my pussy lips gently apart with his fingers. I felt he was running his finger along the outer labia
and spread them open a little. Guru-ji then spread a drop of lubricant on his fingers and inserted his index finger
into my pussy gently. My pussy was already very wet with fluids, first due to Uday’s fondling and caressing and now
due to Guru-ji’s warm touches in the name of checkup. My pussy lips were moist and Guru-ji’s finger went very
easily deep inside my vagina.

Me: OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I gasped as he went inside and withdrew the finger.

Guru-ji: Anita, relax, this is just a checkup. Let me see the cervix.

I saw Guru-ji’s finger was completely moist with my vaginal discharge as he withdrew his finger out of my pussy. He
rolled one finger around my cervix and pressed it lightly against it. I almost squirmed and wriggle on the table in
excitement. Guru-ji continued his probe. I realized now he had inserted two fingers in my pussy.

Guru-ji: I need to check your uterus and ovaries also for any abnormalities.

Guru-ji had big hands and his fingers were fairly long and strong. It felt like a thick penis inside my pussy as he was
rhythmically moving the fingers. I clearly understood he was giving me the intercourse rhythm as if he is fucking
me with his fingers. I continued to wriggle in ecstasy and lying there on the table with my lower body completely
nude with my petticoat above my waist and displaying my honey pot to this aged Godman.

Me: Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! Guru-ji!

I was feeling his fingers inside my pussy as he twisted and curved his fingers inside. With his fingers inside my
pussy, Guru-ji now with his free hand palpated down firmly my hairy pubic area and then got the spatula and
gradually inserted it in my vagina while holding my pussy lips apart with the other hand.

Me: Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Guru-ji please stop. I can’t take it.

I was shouting shamelessly. My nipples were rock hard and I was feeling the tightness within my bra. I winced
heavily when I felt the cold external material entering my honey pot. I spread my legs more and more apart on my
own in excitement and my pussy was now on full display held open by the spatula, so that Guru-ji could see deep
inside my hole. Guru-ji checked my cervix closely for a few minutes and then took a sample.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, I am done, you can close your legs.

I was simply not in a position to do that. I remained in that position with my legs, thighs and pussy entirely bare in
front of this male. I oriented myself in some moments and covered my pussy first with my petticoat and tried to
look decent, but guru-ji did not allow that.

Guru-ji: Anita, don’t pull down the petticoat. I will have to next check your rectum.

I was simply not expecting this, but there was no chance for me to ask questions.

Guru-ji: Lie on your stomach. Please be quick.

Guru-ji’s eyes almost sparkled as he watched me turn over in a very seductive way on the table and readily raised
my petticoat to expose my big bottoms totally. It must be a stunning sight for Guru-ji to watch me like this, as I
knew my ass was ‘attractive’. Guru-ji now separated my legs a bit till my anal area and my pussy also must have been
clearly exposed. Guru-ji now went to the other table again leaving me in this embarrassing position. I noted he came
back with a pair of latex gloves on. He then squeezed out some lubricant and smeared some on his gloved index
finger. Guru-ji spread my butt cheeks apart with his left hand and inserted his index finger gently into my ass.
Me: Oooooooooooooooohhhhhh!

I was gasping and grabbed the edge of the table tightly.

Guru-ji: Just relax Anita, it will not hurt you.

He told me to relax though my thoughts had already taken me to the ass fuck I had yesterday in the hands of
Uday. I was cumming heavily now and more so as I was charged up due to Uday’s cuddling and now Guru-ji touching
me everywhere. I was enjoying now, but unfortunately this checkup was a very short one and Guru-ji probed his
finger only about a minute in my ass hole. He did not miss to squeeze my naked fleshy butts with his free hand as
he was probing. He wrapped up the rest of the exam in another few minutes. After he was done, he helped me to
get down from the table. I was feeling so excited I almost hugged Guru-ji while I descended from the table and
deliberately pressed my very erect boobs to his hands and chest. Unlike any other man, I was surprised to note
that he did not take the opportunity to hug me or squeeze my breasts, but simply glided me down. I realized he was
in a hurry, but his face advertised he was satisfied seeing my private parts.

Guru-ji: Anita, you dress up and go to your room. I will let you know the results of my checkup in the evening.

I nodded and he went away. I was standing half done. I was feeling so frustrated as both Uday and now Guru-ji
took me to my sexual peak and left me without fucking. Honestly I was dying to get fucked now. I was cursing Uday
why he came early in the morning and had that incomplete love session!

I went back to my room from the examination room and closing the door simply jumped on to the bed. My heart was
still beating fast and due to the incomplete orgasm I was feeling very restless. I hugged the pillow tight to my
breasts and pressed it thinking I was hugging Uday. Since it was not a long side-pillow, I was not getting proper
fulfillment of my desire and could not wrap my legs on to the pillow and I was getting more and more frustrated. I
was getting a terrible itching within my pussy as normally girls get for the desire to get fucked and quickly undid
my sari from my body. My nipples were tight today from the early morning and honestly they were paining now. I
also opened my blouse and unclasped my bra to relieve the pain. I was lying on the bed now in a topless condition
vigorously self massaging my full-grown boobs with one hand and scratching my pussy with the other over my
petticoat. I was feeling so horny!

I was restless and feeling so impatient that I decided now to be completely naked to douse my inner fire. I quickly
came out of my remaining clothes and dropped my wet panty to the floor and stood stark naked. I went to the
toilet in that condition and looked at myself in the life size bathroom mirror. I started playing to myself what Uday
did to me in the early morning, but I was amazed to note that a simultaneously thinking was coming to my mind
about how Guru-ji probed my vagina just a few minutes ago and I began to cum increasingly. I examined my erect
tits and grabbed my boobs with both my hands and started massaging them vigorously. It just was not enough I

I now went very close to the mirror and raised my hands and held the mirror and started to rub my naked breasts
against the mirror. I was gently rubbing my face and cheeks too on the flat surface of the mirror. I was simply out
of control. I was shamelessly gyrating my large bottoms also like a dancing vamp. I was soon completely wet. I now
grabbed the head of the tap and started rubbing my pussy against its nozzle from where water comes out. I was so
desperate that I tried to derive pleasure out of it. I was simply drooling by now. I massaged my inner thighs and
squeezed them hard and getting sufficiently heated again, I inserted my index finger into my wet pussy and
fingered it vigorously to get a full discharge and pinched my clit really hard to get to the peak and self-exhaustion.

I dragged myself out of the toilet, still not a thread on my body and fell on the bed. I fell asleep
after a while and went into a deep slumber, more so probably due to my early waking up today for Uday’s love
making session. I got up after I don’t know after how much time and felt really ashamed to be on the bed in the
nude status. I jumped out of bed and went to the toilet and washed myself thoroughly and got dressed. I was
thinking how very bold and shameless I have become in just 2-3 days. I was comfortably walking naked in my room
with my boobs jiggling openly and my butts advertising nudity! I could not think of this even a few days ago and
would always wrap my upper treasures or wear a panty at least even when only with my husband in my bedroom if I
alighted from bed for any purpose. What a change, I was bowled over by myself!

It was around 11:30 am then and I was just planning to take the bath, when there was a soft knock at the door.

Me: Who is it?

I went up to the door to open it and it was not the common voice replying. I was wondering whose voice it was
though I must have heard that. I opened the door and it was Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Madam, I have come to guide you on the massage. Guru-ji must have briefed you.

I was puzzled for a split second, but remembered Guru-ji’s words.

Me: Oh! Yes, yes. Please come in.

Rajkamal: Thanks Madam.

Rajkamal was the youngest of the lot amongst the disciples. He seemed younger than me too, hardly 21-22 years.
His stature was thin and he looked pretty pale. Due to this fragile structure, he looked younger probably. He was
wearing the usual saffron ashram dress. I noticed that he was carrying a bag from which a mattress was poking its

Rajkamal: Are you willing to do the massage now?

I was a bit anxious. Does he mean he will do my massage? I was of the impression from Guru-ji’s words that he
would guide me and I would follow that.

Me: Will you not tell me how to do it?

Rajkamal: Madam, this is a full body massage with medicated oils. You cannot do it yourself unless I show you the
technique. Though in any case you have to take help.

I was still not getting convinced to get a massage from this young lad.

Me: By the way, how old are you and how long are you here in the ashram?

Rajkamal: Am 21 years Madam. Guru-ji picked me up and kept with him from my childhood.

My god! What I was thinking was correct. He is just 21 years and myself a 28-year-old married woman. He was just
about the age of my ‘devar’ (=brother-in-law)! How can I take a massage from him I wondered?

Rajkamal: Madam, I am trained by Guru-ji and you don’t worry, you will get full satisfaction through my massage.

I lowered my eyelids out of womanly virtue hearing him saying he would be massaging my matured body. I tried an
alternative avenue.

Me: Don’t you think I can get the massage from Meenakshi if you guide her?

Rajkamal: Madam, surely Meenakshi didi can do it or you can try it yourself, but Madam, the goal of the massage
will not be fulfilled. You will never get the desired stimulation if the massage is done by Meenakshi didi or you do a

Me: Yes that I agree.

Rajkamal: The medicated oils have their role to play and my expert hands have their role in the massage.

Me: Hmm. I understand.

I was rather convinced by Rajkamal’s explanation.

Me: How long will the whole thing take?

Rajkamal: Madam, generally half an hour if you cooperate.

My eyebrows rose instantly.

Me: ‘Cooperate’? What do you mean?

Rajkamal understanding my natural query explained at once.

Rajkamal: Madam, you know I have been doing this massage for the past one year. I have massaged several women
here in this ashram, but there were many who objected to the method and delayed it unnecessarily.

Me: I did not get you.

Rajkamal: Madam, you will probably laugh listening to these cases. There was a lady who asked me to massage her
back over her blouse. Just imagine.

He paused a little and was judging my reaction.

Rajkamal: For example only last month one madam told me to do massage at her back with the blouse on. How can
that be possible? Then there was another lady who refused to allow me to touch her feet for the massage. Again
there was another who would not apply the medicated oil to her hairs. Madam, convincing and explaining these
women took a lot of time. That’s why I said ‘to cooperate.’

I laughed a little, as if to prove that I was not like those ‘women’. Rajkamal looked at me and returned a smile as if
to say he knew that I would not pose such objection and unfolded the mattress on the floor before me. He now
turned back and closed the door and bolted it. I was a bit nervous now seeing the locked door and asked the most
foolish question.

Me: Why did you lock the door?

Rajkamal probably was even more surprised by my question and did not know for a moment what to answer back.

Rajkamal: Err… I mean for you Madam. You need to take off your dress, I mean…

I restored myself immediately.

Me: Okay, okay. I got it. Actually I have never taken a massage like this.

Rajkamal: Most women who come here say that Madam, but after the massage they say we never got such

He smiled meaningfully.

Me: Hmm.

I thought in my mind that this massage might give me some relaxation and mental calmness from my sexual urge
triggered by Uday and Guru-ji though the sleep had subsided much of its intensity.

Rajkamal: Guru-ji’s medical oils do wonders I tell you Madam.

I nodded and honestly hoped so.

Rajkamal: You come and sit on the mattress and I will get the oils ready.

One good thing was Rajkamal was not looking greedily at my figure at least and that made me quite comfortable,
but the very thought of this young lad would massage my body was making my nipples inside my bra taut again.
Rajkamal was not in a mood to waste further time and opened a bottle of scented oil and poured some onto his right
Rajkamal: Madam, I will start with your hair. Please open the knot and flow the hair over your back.

I was wearing the saffron cotton sari and blouse. Rajkamal sat just behind me and first loosened my long hair and
let it fall in a cascade. He started applying the hair oil onto my hair and definitely the scent was mesmerizing. I
took a couple of deep breaths and felt really good.

Rajkamal: The texture of your hair is quite good Madam.

I did not feel like replying to his praise. The whole room got filled up with the sweet fragrance of the hair oil. He
carefully applied the oil to my scalp and then put his fingers through the strands of my hair.

I was a bit nervous still, as I was somehow not getting entirely comfortable to this body massage by a male and
that too by someone younger than me, he looked just like the next-door lad! As he was massaging my scalp, I was
trying to imagine how would he massage my back? I have to open my blouse and I looked round that I have in fact
nothing to cover also. Even the towel was in the toilet. I should have been more careful. I almost shuddered as
Rajkamal’s knee touched the roundness of my hips while he was applying oil to my hair.

Even after having such extravagant sexual escapades recently, I had a strange mixture of nervousness, shyness,
and uneasiness to this massage process. My heart began to throb, as he was about to complete the massage with
hair oil.

Rajkamal: Madam, you must have noticed the way I was stretching your hair and massaging the scalp. Please follow
that when you do it yourself or get it done by someone else.

Me: Okay.

Rajkamal next applied the massage oil on his both palms and applied them on my forehead.

Rajkamal: Madam, a good massage should always start from the top of the body and go down in steps. And there
are separate oils for each region. This oil is for hairs and face.

I nodded and started enjoying the massage. Truly it was a nice feeling now. Rajkamal’s nimble fingers massaged my
forehead and then my soft cheeks. I blushed heavily as he pressed my cheeks with his fingers like we do it a little
chubby girl. I tried to relax and enjoy what he was doing. Rajkamal was rubbing my cheeks in a circular fashion for
a long time so that my cheeks were rosy already - I do not know in what percentage due to my blushing or due to
his rubbing!

Completing that part, his hands came close to my ears. He took out from his bag a small stick with a cotton ball at
its head carefully cleaned the interior of my ear and applied oil in every part of my external ear.

Me: Aaaaaaah………

I exhaled a sigh of satisfaction. It was so relaxing, so enjoyable. I thanked Guru-ji in my mind already for awarding
me this massage. I wanted him to continue with my face for some more time, but Rajkamal surely had more things
to do. He now took out another oil bottle and poured out some on his palm. Rajkamal's fingers now approached my
neck. He carefully massaged my throat and neck region making sure my blouse was not spoilt by oil.

Rajkamal: Madam, this oil is for neck and back. Its written on the bottle though.

Then he took my right palm in his hand and gently rubbed it with his palm. Getting a male touch on my palm, as if he
was holding my hand, made me attentive again from relaxation state. Rajkamal individually massaged each of my
tender fingers and repeated the same for my left palm. He was talking in between and which frankly made the
atmosphere easy. I was having pink nail polish on my nails. With the oil on the nail polish, my nails were looking very
impressive and almost gleaming.

The next item of massage I anticipated was surely my arms. And I was not wrong, Rajkamal started rubbing my fair
hands with force and sometimes pressing and kneading. I could certainly sense that my blood flow was increasing
and I was feeling somewhat hot even though the ceiling fan was revolving right above my head. The lad gathered
greater and greater strength and continued to massage my hands till the elbows, my saffron blouse covering rest
of my hands. When his fingers moved above my elbows, he softly whispered in my ears.

Rajkamal: Madam, your blouse…

I guessed because of his decency he did not complete the sentence, but I could clearly get the signal that I need
to remove my blouse from my body. Although I was apprehensive of this at the start of the massage, when the
moment came, I was so much engrossed in this lad’s massaging that I didn't hesitate much to remove it. I
unbuttoned my blouse from the front and Rajkamal helped me to take it out off my hands. This was probably the
first time I was allowing a 20-year-old boy to help me take off my blouse. I was breaking all my individual
shamelessness records!

I was wearing a white bra inside and I promptly covered the exposed parts of my back with my sari pallu.
Rajkamal’s fingers could now freely move above my elbows, right up to my shoulder joints and armpits.

Rajkamal: Madam, your skin is oily type, so I am applying less oil. You also remember that when you do a self-

Saying that he started massaging my full-length arms with greater strength and energy. I was now having amplified
blood circulation and wanted him to continue the massage in this manly way. Though Rajkamal looked fragile, he had
good massage technique I must admit. He now shifted to my shoulders and uncovered my pallu to the extent that
he could completely massage the upper area of my back.

Rajkamal: Madam, how do you feel? If it helping you to relax?

Me: Yes, it’s very comforting.

Rajkamal’s touches were simply magical and I really was revitalized now. I was so deeply engrossed that I didn't
even bother to protest, as Rajkamal's trembling fingers unhooked my bra strap at the back. I woke up after
actually it was unclasped.

O My god! I was never prepared for this. The youngster removed my bra in one swift action and frankly I was also
not very unwilling to do that, as I simply loved his massage technique. Now I had no other option but to protect my
big boobs with my sari. Rajkamal was sitting behind me and was able to freely massage all over my completely bare
back. He started gently with my spinal cord and the regions around it. As his fingers moved up and down my smooth
back at one stage I felt that his fingers were quite close to me freely hanging boobs. It was an extremely steamy
sequence for any lad of 20-21 years. At the same time I was wondering what would happen if his fingers
accidentally touch my ripe breasts. My ears were hot and my heart was beating faster on the thought.

Under no circumstance I would like to indulge in sexual activities with this boy at least, but I was unable to rule out
the arousal part also due to Rajkamal’s constant touches on my body. I was torn between embarrassment and
arousal. I could very well realize that from a state of relaxation I was going into a horny state. I couldn’t stop him
either as I was really enjoying it. I was confused, what to do? The face of my devar was again coming in my mind, as
if he was giving me a massage.

Oh No! I could never sit in such exposed condition before him! Am I forgetting all social norms? Am I still in my
senses? My face was getting red, my eyes were burning, I was biting my lips… I began to feel the ‘sexy sensation’
between my legs. As expected I was again getting aroused and I tried to live for the moment. I wanted Rajkamal’s
hard to squeeze my breasts. I was now desperately waiting for an accident to happen and wanted that by error his
hands touch my naked breasts, which are just covered by my thin sari pallu. But no! Nothing of that sort happened.
Rajkamal’s hands were still keeping a modest distance and doing my back massage.

After some moments, I was purely getting restless for his touch ‘there’. Seeing Rajkamal was still busy with my
back, I pretended as if my pallu slipped accidentally off my breasts. The two ripe apples were fully open and I was
rather reluctant to cover them quickly as I normal woman would do. I was sure Rajkamal was getting an eyeful of
my uncovered tits – the two perky nipples, the pinkish areolas and the flesh – I kept exposed all of my upper
treasures for at least 10 seconds. I could listen a gulping sound from Rajkamal and felt his hands on my back froze
for some moments. I smiled in my mind and wrapped my boobs again with my pallu.

From the corner of my eye I tried to look at Rajkamal’s pajamas. His swollen cock made it a tent and I could make
out that he was equally (s)excited. I was trying to visualize his young manhood inside his pajamas and felt that my
pussy tingling strangely. As expected, my trick worked instantly.

Rajkamal: Madam, back massage is complete. Now if you allow will start the, I mean, err… breast massage.

He stammered a bit. Natural. Rajkamal could not wait any longer and I saw he oiled his palm again with different oil
from another bottle.

Rajkamal: Madam, this is the breast massage oil.

Saying that he came in front of me. He squatted before me and waited for me to make open my breasts for him to
massage. It was a rather precarious situation for me – a young male crouching in my front and I have to uncover my
boobs for him to massage. I was feeling very uncomfortable and ashamed and had to suggest something slightly

Me: Rajkamal, can you do this, I mean, from my back.

He looked a bit puzzled and dumb. I had to be more elaborate.

Me: I mean if you massage my bre… err… breasts from my back, I will be comfortable.

He understood. Thank God! I kept my pallu of the sari as a pseudo cover on my breasts just to look decent and not
sit simply topless in front of Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Okay, okay Madam. I got your point. But don’t feel ashamed in front of me. This is my job.

Rajkamal tried to look professional, but his lund under the pajamas was telling a different story.

A shiver went throughout my spine as he went to my back and cupped both my resting naked boobs with both palms.

Me: Oooooooooooooohhhhhh… Sssssssssssss……………

I writhed in excitement and squirmed.

"Squeeze it! Squeeze it more!" That's what I wanted to shout, but I had to apply brakes on my lips. Rajkamal was
initially touching my round naked breasts gently and cupping each of them and glistening them with oil, but once it
was done, I could very well realize it was the same squeezing that I had plenty from different males in the last
couple of days. He was now clearly feeling my hard nipples, circling them, twitching them, pressing them at his free
will and making me wild with excitement. He was massaging my breasts with both his palms, sometimes softly and
sometimes tightly giving me a different sensation at every moment.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhh! Sssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh………

Who taught this young lad to be a lover like this? Guru-ji?

While Rajkamal was kneading my breasts, his hands were working under the pallu of my sari and I was still a bit shy
to expose my breasts fully in the open. Although my boobs were completely in his possession, I had a consolation
factor in my mind that my globes were out of his direct view, as he was sitting behind me. Now suddenly what he
did made me almost breathless. Rajkamal started bouncing my naked tits with his oily hands and pressing my taut
nipples with two fingers at times.

Me: Hey, what are you doing?

Rajkamal: Madam, don’t interrupt. This is a massage technique.

I remained silent, but was feeling unusually uncomfortable at this act and getting wet by the moment in my panty. I
could hear him breathe heavily near my ears at my back. I could understand he was also heavily excited getting the
opportunity to do such lewd acts with a married woman. He was virtually playing with my boobs, bouncing them,
holding and releasing them in rhythm making me excited and embarrassed simultaneously. Never ever in my life did
anyone dare to do such bouncing with my breasts while close to me – neither my husband nor anyone in the recent

After some moments Rajkamal stopped and I was s-o relieved. I was almost profusely sweating by this erotic act.
He was kind enough to give me a respite in between my boob massage and the next one now.

Rajkamal: Madam, now lie down on the mattress.

I was wearing the sari still at my waist and was holding the pallu before my boobs as a decency measure. I covered
the upper part of the body with the sari and was in a supine position on the mattress. I could very well realize my
erect nipples and glistening areolas of my taut tits were amply visible to Rajkamal through the semi transparent
sari. Without wasting a minute, Rajkamal was faithfully on to the next part of the massage. I immediately got a
tickling sensation when his index finger reached my navel. He took a different bottle and put some extra oil inside
my deep navel to make it look like a pool and began tapping there.

While he was attending my navel area, I was trying to imagine the next part of his massage. Where would it be?
Must have to be down my waist and lower belly, I could not imagine more closed my eyes. Time and again my devar’s
face was coming to my mind during this massage, I didn’t know why, probably due to his age similarity with
Rajkamal. I tried to imagine I am taking a massage from my devar like this lying on my bed in my bedroom and he is
almost sitting on my body and I am not wearing any bra or blouse... Oh No! Impossible, just next to impossible, but
then I was doing exactly the same with Rajkamal!

God! I couldn't imagine anything more. My sex-starved pussy was creaming with a fresh supply of my juices. It was
paining. I was unable to explain how a shy housewife like me, who was ever so faithful to husband, could become so
‘bold’ coming to Guru-ji’s ashram! Rajkamal’s words broke my thought level.

Rajkamal: Madam, now that your upper part is complete, I will do an outline massage from head to waist. So if you
could …

I could not get him. I was lying down, do I need to sit again.

Me: If I can what? Shall I sit again?

Rajkamal: No, no Madam. You be in this position. I will now stretch my hands from your head to waist, so…

He again left his words incomplete, but this time the suggestion was very apparent to me that he wanted me to
divulge my breasts completely off the sari cover. I had little to object to this, as he had already touched both my
tits. I reluctantly slide off the sari off my breasts and lay in front of Rajkamal in a topless condition. His eyes
almost bulge out of the sockets seeing the beauty of my naked ripe boobs, which were still warm and reddish with
the increased blood flow resulting from his massage. Every inch of my naked breast area was moist and glistened
with oil. Rajkamal hadn't missed a single spot and his fingers touched me everywhere. I couldn’t keep my eyes open
in this compromising condition that too in front of this lad, and had to close my eyes.

When he did not touch me after a few moments, I had to open my eyes again. I saw he was still rubbing some new
oil to his palms. From the corner of my eye, I noticed he was visibly a bit tensed seeing me in topless state and I
was tempted to look at his pajama. I saw his cock had formed a tent there though I could also find spots of
wetness in that region. Rajkamal’s precum. Frankly, I was losing control a little. My hands were now eager to touch
the strong manhood of this young lad, but the subtle feeling of hesitation remained somewhere in my mind though I
tried to get that off now, as my wet pussy was itching once more!

I wanted my lust to flourish under the disguise of massage. Now he stretched his hands from my head, pulling my
hairs gently and then squeezing my both cheeks and finally down my neck to my undulating boobs. His hands rested
on my eager breasts and he was very directly twisting and twirling my hard erect nipples, as my husband would do
while intercourse. I moaned loudly, expressing my passion, as he built up his strengths more and more. Rajkamal
started squeezing my breasts now, in the same manner as Mishra-ji and Pande-ji had already taken pleasures. I felt
my whole body getting baked in the heat of passion of Rajkamal’s massage.
Me: Oooooooooh! Do it more…

Rajkamal seemed very excited hearing my last words and he was squeezing and pressing my oily boobs with more
force and vigor and automatically my legs started to get parted within my sari and petticoat. He was till now sitting
my by side, but now his movements were getting bolder and I noticed he put one of his knees on my thighs to have a
better grip on my naked breasts. This continued for another few moments and probably he was unable to keep the
excitement and hence stopped it. I saw he was panting and quite similar was my condition too. He now wiped off the
oil off his palm using a clean cloth from his bag.

Rajkamal: Madam, now your lower half. Your sari Madam…

Me: Yes you please take that off. I cannot sit up now.

I really did not have the strength to get up now. My whole body was aching in sexual excitement and the young boy
seemed more than happy getting such an invitation of opening the sari of a married woman from her waist.

Rajkamal: Okay, okay Madam. You just relax.

He looked at my waist where the sari was tied and pallu was flowing on the mattress.

Rajkamal: Madam, can you please lower your abdomen a bit so that I can pull off the sari?

I nodded and did that. He whiffed off the folds of my sari underneath my petticoat.

Rajkamal: Madam, now can you just lift your err… buttocks a little so that I can drag your sari from your bottom.

I had no other alternative but to do that as I myself decided to remain lying. The scene was really vulgar I realized
-a housewife with a fleshy figure like me lifting her bottoms in a topless condition and a young boy taking off her
sari. I wriggled my plump hips and Rajkamal was smart enough to get my sari out completely in a flash. I thought he
must have done this before to other ladies also. Now my petticoat was the only garment that covered the lower
part of my body.

Rajkamal: Madam, now lie on your stomach.

Me: Okay.
I obeyed again to him, and in fact felt better to have at least my jiggling bare boobs under the cover of my body.
But Rajkamal obviously had other plans.

Rajkamal: Madam, I think its better I remove your petticoat also because it will get spoilt in oil.

My face was towards the mattress and my butts towards the ceiling. I felt comfortable to reply also in that

Me: I do not want to spoil my petticoat.

I kept my voice as calm as possible giving him the permission to open my petticoat in an indirect way.

Rajkamal: Right Madam. You just relax I will do the needful.

Saying that he took his hands below my body down my navel and obviously I had to accommodate his hands lifting
my abdomen slightly. Rajkamal's fingers reached the knot of my petticoat string. I aided him to unfasten it and he
did the rest. But I could never sense his plan that he would pull down both my panty and my petticoat
simultaneously. And before I could fully realize that he was pulling down both from my waist.

Me: Hey, eiii….. What are you doing?

Rajkamal pretended like an innocent boy.

Rajkamal: Why Madam, what happened? Did I do anything wrong?

I was having this conversation now with half of my ass crack being exposed and I remained in that state with
Rajkamal’s fingers still holding the elastic band of my panty.

Me: Why are you pulling my I mean…

I was losing out words in this awkward situation. Rajkamal was now truly acting the scoundrel.

Rajkamal: What Madam?

Me: My panty, you idiot.

I was a bit angry now.

Rajkamal: But Madam to get massage in your lower part, you have to be naked.

Me: Don’t you think you should have asked me?

Rajkamal: Sorry Madam, I thought…

He did not complete and this made me more irritated. But due to my compromised state, I could not just sit up on
the mattress.

Me: What did you think?

Rajkamal: Madam, I have seen most women feel shy to remove their brassiere and panty, so I thought not to
mention it separately. Sorry again Madam.

Me: Hmm.
I calmed a little by his apologetic tone.

Rajkamal: Madam, then what to do?

What a question I thought to be answered.

Me: Since you have dragged it halfway, do the rest.

I pretended to be strong in my voice. Rajkamal did not waste a second and started dragging my petticoat along with
the panty down my round buttocks, then down my well-formed thighs, then down my legs and finally down my heels -
and I was now completely naked lying before to be massaged before this 21-year-old boy.

Though I was conversing with this massage boy, my pussy was quivering for something more and I felt that all my
juices would now burst out of it. My mind just drove me wildly into a new state, where I rather enjoyed and was
excited by my own nudity in front of this young boy. It was the sense of my ever-growing excitement that took all
my shame away. I closed my eyes and completely surrendered myself to this young masseur. I could feel Rajkamal’s
hands reached my firm ass cheeks and as am I adequately fleshy down there, even a soft pressing of his fingers
could penetrate deep into my flesh. Rajkamal was using his both hands to knead my buttocks in a rhythmic manner.

Me: Ahhhhhhh... Mmmmmmmmmmmm..... Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

I was so very excited by Rajkamal’s oiling my bottoms that I was automatically making moans out of my mouth. He
was making all sorts of hand movements on my open buttocks. He was stroking it, rubbing it, squeezing it and what
not. Once he even started slapping my ass cheeks.

Me: Ouch! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….

I was really enjoying this to the hilt. No male has ever dared to slap me there, but this young lad was doing it so
effortlessly in the name of massage. Rajkamal was gripping very tightly my fleshy round ass in both hands and was
squeezing in a way, which seemed to me as if was preparing the ‘maida’ for ‘kachauri’ as we see in a ‘halwai shop’.

Me: Do it nicely, everywhere.

I said that without clearly explaining the word "everywhere". As he pressed my buttocks more and more, I could
feel higher pressure in my pussy, more juices coming out now. Subconsciously I took my hands to my crotch area
and put my right middle finger inside my moist pussy hole. I didn't dare to look at Rajkamal's condition. I guessed
in my mind his erection would now be at its peak and he must be close to reaching his orgasm. He might be
desperately trying to close his floodgates and prevent any embarrassment in front of me. Rajkamal's oily palm
slowly went up slope into the crest of my ass cheek and then traveled down the slope throughout my ass crack.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….

It was a wild feeling, so good. Half of his palm was securely buried inside my deep ass crack and I could understand
he was trying to locate my ass hole. After finding it he carefully oiled me there too. There was so much of an illicit
pleasure in it getting oiled in my ass hole from someone aged as my devar!

Slowly he proceeded with massaging the backside of my well-formed thighs. His fingers were working relentlessly
on my flesh. He seemed not tired at all, rather continued to grow in strength I felt through his expert touches. He
went further down onto my knees, my legs, my toes till my toenails. I just cannot describe how wonderfully he did
everything. One who has not taken a full body massage would never know the thrill. My entire body was shivering in
pleasure, something I had never experienced before. Direct lovemaking and Sexual arousal and this arousal through
massage were different, I bet.

Now honestly I was desperately waiting for a rock hard cock to penetrate me with a force. I had this feeling in the
early morning too when Uday did everything to me except fucking. I continued the similar feeling in Guru-ji’s hands
when he examined me on the exam table. After finishing my toes and the nails, Rajkamal paused. There was not a
single spot in my developed body left to be massaged!

Both of us were speechless.

There was an uneasy calmness and the only sound that could be heard was the moving ceiling fan. The only portion
of my body left to be touched was my dark hairy triangle and I was in no way prepared to leave that out. Perhaps
he too was eagerly waiting for a signal from me. Seeing no reaction from me, he started again rubbing his palm on
my nude back and hips, this time moving up and sideways. He was crouching down now, which I could see from the
corner of my eye from my lying position. A heard a whispering tone near my ears.

Rajkamal: Madam, the…

Rajkamal could not complete what he wanted to say, as there was a knock at the door. I was really stirred up by the
thumps on the door. I remembered how Uday left me half-done in the morning, and did not wanted that to be
repeated. I was feeling so relaxed that frankly I was not at all eager to rise from this state. But I had to do
something, but Rajkamal did the first query.

Rajkamal: Who is it?

Nirmal: Rajkamal, there is a visitor for Madam.

A visitor for me here? In this ashram? I was certainly puzzled. Even after hearing that I was still so enthralled by
Rajkamal’s massage, I could not react properly to Nirmal’s words from outside the door.

Nirmal: Is Madam’s massage over Rajkamal?

Rajkamal: Err… Yes.

Nirmal: Okay, send Madam, I have kept the visitor waiting.

Now I had to say something. I voiced in trembling tone.

Me: Who is it Nirmal? I mean a male or a female?

Nirmal: An aged male Madam. Come down, he is waiting. I am going.

Who could it be? I was thinking though not completely out of Rajkamal’s magical massage spell. I was still lying
naked on the mattress and now I had to alight, I realized. Rajkamal was looking like a dumb fool, because I could
see the eagerness in his eyes and his erect dick within his pajama was telling the story. I was confused what to do.
As I got up from my lying position, I could see the mattress having wet spots because of my vaginal fluids. Rajkamal
was looking at those spots also. I lowered my eyes in shame though was shamelessly sitting naked in front of him
without trying to cover my ‘jawani’ at all.

My body was aching in sexual desire and Rajkamal could read that very well. But we both were trying to maintain
some decency and not be crude. But I found that would not fulfill my want, and today from the morning this is the
third time I am being sexually aroused heavily without being fucked. Last two days, I was on drugs, and could not
actually felt my pussy longing for a lund. I tore apart all my shame, inhibition, and decency measures and shifted
close to Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Madam, someone is waiting for…

Me: Just shut up and complete my massage. You cannot leave me in this state.
I was trying to take control now over this young lad.

Rajkamal: Madam, but your massage is complete, so…

Me: I told you to keep your mouth shut or I will seal your lips.

I was getting bolder and I did not know where from I derived courage to take control on this boy and was creating
new limits of shamelessness. I came very close to him in sitting position and hugged him sealing his lips with mine. I
started sucking his lips, but instantly realized Rajkamal was struggling to get rid of me. I was so surprised!

Rajkamal: Madam, this is not right. I cannot deviate from Guru-ji’s instructions.

I was getting so angry at this boy’s attitude that was unable to control myself.

Me: What did your Guru-ji teach you? Make a woman naked, massage her body, and then leave her in that state?

Rajkamal: Madam, please be patient.

Me: Then why this has grown up?

I straightway caught him by his hard lund and dragged it and he almost cried out in pain. He then jerked me off
and stood up. I was lying near his feet, still completely naked and my whole body was gleaming with the oily layer on
my skin. I was now pleading from my state of anger out of desperation.

Me: Please. Do not leave me in this state. Please.

Rajkamal: Come to the toilet.

I stood up on the mattress. My pussy was very wet though now not dripping any more. My bushy triangle was clearly
before his view. I walked in my nude state and as if was following him like a faithful dog.

Rajkamal: Madam, I can understand your need, but am helpless today. Moreover someone is waiting for you. I will
quickly give you some relief.

He came close to me and hugged me for the first time. His slender body was not fulfilling my desire. My soft boobs
pressed against his flat chest and in one swift action, he turned me and my ass was now pressing his crotch and I
could clearly feel his lund poke my broad ass area. Now he bent a little and took his right middle finger to my honey
pot and started fingering my wet pussy. Since I was a married woman my vaginal path was quite broad and
Rajkamal’s fingers being slender, he was able to push a couple of his fingers in my hole.

Me: Uhhhhhhh…………. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………. More………… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

I was shamelessly moaning and shouting in ecstasy. Rajkamal’s other hand was gripping now my hanging boobs and
twitching my nipples. I very quickly reached my peak this time, as I had a number of arousals from the morning and
could not hold my ‘fluid’ any longer. Rajkamal’s fingers were all moistened with my juice and he was doing a ‘fucking
action’ with his fingers what he would have done with his lund. I was trying to quench my long thirst with this finger
fuck. My body jerked furiously within his arms as I discharged completely.

I was feeling so weak that I sat on the bathroom floor. My naked body looked marvelous, I myself appreciated, as
it glistened with oil and sweat. Rajkamal was quickly applying cold water to my body to refresh me. In some
moments I was also fully in my senses and realized my vulnerable state. I was the wife of someone, now sitting on
the floor of this ashram bathroom after a finger fuck, no thread on my body, my matured boobs fully exposed, my
hairy pussy, my big buttocks, my thunder thighs – all feasted by a young boy who is exactly the same age of my
devar. Oh! God! Get back my senses.

I was off of the bathroom floor in a flash and quickly covered myself with a towel. I noticed Rajkamal smiled a bit
seeing my action. He went out of the toilet and handed me my sari, petticoat, blouse, and bra and he himself closed
the toilet door before my face making me more ashamed. I was quick enough to wipe off the extra oil off my body
with the towel and get dressed rapidly. Now that my sexual thirst was somewhat met and I discharged fully, my
concern was who could it be who had come to see me in this ashram?

With an enigmatic mind, I slowly approached the guest room of the ashram. Rajkamal went off from my room
minutes ago arranging his oils, etc. in his bag. I was trying to speculate who could have come here to meet me, but
tried in vain, as I could not figure out anyone living near this place. I entered the room and was very surprised to
see ‘mama-ji’!

Me: Mama-ji! You! Here?

Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani.

Mama-ji was my mother-in-law’s brother. He was 50+ in age and remained unmarried throughout his life. Though he
came in our marriage and participated actively, I have not seen him in recent times coming to our place. How could
he know that I am here!

Mama-ji: Actually this place is not far away from my residence. It’s an hour’s drive from there and when your
mother-in-law called me up, I assured her that I would certainly pay a visit to you.

Now I understood the whole story. I went forward to him and bent forward to touch his feet as a gesture of
‘pranam’. He held me by my arms and put his hand on my head as a sign of ‘ashirwad.’

Mama-ji: So how are things here Bahurani?

Me: I have already taken diskha Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Wah! Good. I hope with Guru-ji’s blessings you get your much-awaited reward soon.

I could understand he was referring about my pregnancy. He smiled and as I looked at his face my heart started to
beat faster. I was now wondering how much Mama-ji knew about this place. Does he know what goes on here or
about the treatment processes? How did he know about Guru-ji? I smiled back and tried my best to look normal
and hide my concerns, but was rather getting curious to know what Mama-ji knows about this ashram.

Me: Mama-ji, how did you locate the ashram? Do you know this place?

Mama-ji was still holding to my arm and I was standing pretty close to him and after listening to what Mama-ji
replied I almost felt a tremor throughout my body.

Mama-ji: In fact I came here a couple of years ago. I have heard of Guru-ji long back, but never actually believed
in these things. At that time my maid was having some problems and she told me to take her to this place. This is
probably the third or fourth time I am coming here.

Me: O I see.

I tried to maintain my composure, but I could feel my hands and feet getting cold listening to Mama-ji. I tried to
inquire more.

Me: What problem was your maid having?

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you know these lower class people, they have all the nasty problems. Actually my maid’s husband
was having an affair with another girl to the extent of physical relation. My maid wanted him to get back on track.

Me: Was it solved?

Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani, but that’s a long story.

At that moment, Nirmal entered the room with a glass of orange juice and sweets. We sat on the sofa now and
Mama-ji had the juice and the sweets.

Mama-ji: By the way, your mother-in-law told me to ask if you need anything. I can bring that from the market.

Me: No, no Mama-ji. I have everything here.

We were sitting on the sofa and now that Nirmal was away with the plate and glass, we were alone again there in
that room.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, I last saw you when I visited your place for Pushpa’s marriage. Right?

I was getting relived slowly from my tensed condition seeing Mama-ji’s normal conversations. I hoped that he did
not know anything about the treatment process of Guru-ji.

Me: Yes Mama-ji, you are right. You have a good memory. Still its two years since I guess.

Mama-ji: Hmm… More than two years. But good to see that your mother-in-law is taking good care of you.

He laughed gently saying the above.

Me: Why do you say that Mama-ji?

I giggled and asked him.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, look at the mirror and you will know that. You have added weight.

Saying that he laughed again and lightly placed his palm on my thighs. I did not mind that and smiled and blushed. I
am now almost normal and the fear of him knowing about this ashram disappeared from my mind and was getting
engrossed in chatting.

Me: Mama-ji am I looking fat?

Mama-ji looked at me and chuckled, which triggered my natural womanly virtue of nagging.

Me: Tell naa. Mama-ji please. You can actually tell the truth, as you have not seen me for a long time.

I was almost pleading Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: No, no Bahurani, you don’t look fat. But…

Me: Mama-ji, this is not fair. You males are all the same. Rajesh also does like this. Saying half.

Thank god! I still remembered my husband’s name considering my sexual escapades in the last two and half days.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, just stand up once.

I alighted from the sofa and stood in front of him, he was still sitting on the sofa. Mama-ji now directly touched
my right ass cheek and commented.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you certainly have added fat here. This certainly looks a bigger circumference than when I last
saw you.

I instantly remembered I was not wearing a panty. Rajkamal when handed me my clothes he did not give me the
panty and at the moment I was not that conscious about that. I clearly felt Mama-ji’s palm resting on my firm ass
cheek and obviously he could feel the roundness of my butts over the sari and petticoat cover.

Me: Yes Mama-ji, I know.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you have developed a small tummy also, which is not a good sign.

I looked down at Mama-ji and looking at his eye level, I instantly realized my pallu had shifted giving him a grand
view of my whole belly area and the base of my blouse-covered boobs. More so, as he was sitting on the sofa and I
was standing in front of him sideways. I could not shift my position instantly as that might look rude and hence I
just reluctantly lowered my sari pallu to cover my bulging boobs fully.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, after childbirth you will obviously gather weight. So you should be careful from now on. What’s
Rajesh doing? He should make you exercise …

He put a small break in the sentence and added, almost whispered, “not on bed alone.”

He broke out in laughter and I blushed heavily now. And Mama-ji gently slapped on my sari-covered bottom in one
swift action and it looked so normal that I could hardly react. Mama-ji’s palm smacked me just over my ass crack
and myself being panty-less, my heart almost stopped for a second getting hit there.

Me: Mama-ji, you are very…

Mama-ji laughed loudly and held my arm and made me sit on the sofa. While holding my elbow region, he felt the oil
in his hand. Though I wiped it off by the towel before I got dressed, my skin was still oily.

Mama-ji: Why is your skin so sticky? Have you applied something?

Me: Yes Mama-ji, I have applied oil.

I consciously suppressed telling him about my massage session. But what Mama-ji told in reply was so stunning that
I was simply speechless.

Mama-ji: Oh! Guru-ji has not changed his treatment technique it seems in years. He gave some massage oils to my
maid also I remember for her to look youthful. Were you taking a massage?

My heart started pounding and I did not know what to say. Since he was such an elderly person I was feeling quite
embarrassed to tell her about my massage, more so simply because he was a relative of my husband’s side.

Me: No, err… yes. I mean I was applying the oil myself.

Mama-ji: Strange. I distinctly remember that when my maid came here Guru-ji told to use the oils not for self-
massage, and you know Bahurani, one day my maid even asked me to apply the oil to her body, as her sister was

He laughed on his own mind and I almost trembled hearing that. I was feeling so anxious that Mama-ji knew about
the massage! Simultaneously I was getting curious also out of my womanly virtue to know what Mama-ji did with her
maid. Did Mama-ji massage the whole body of the maid? How old was she? Must be above 18, as she was married.
What was she wearing when Mama-ji massaged her? Did she become naked in front of Mama-ji, as I did in front of
Rajkamal for the sake of massage? Did Mama-ji leave her without fucking? Oh! My god! I was getting increasingly
‘hot’ in my mind thinking in these lines. Its true that I never heard any scandalous incident regarding Mama-ji
though he did not marry.

Though momentarily I was thinking in that way, but I rebuked myself for taking my judgment in such lines about
this elderly and respected person.

Mama-ji: Anyway, Bahurani I think you should take a bath, as you have applied oils to your skin before it gets too

Me: Its okay Mama-ji. You sit naa, we have met after such long time.

Mama-ji got off the sofa and I realized he was about to leave now. I also ascended off the sofa.

Mama-ji: How long you will be here? Did Guru-ji say that?

Me: Yes Mama-ji, seven days, today is the third day.

Mama-ji: Wah! Then I will make another visit so that you also feel good and not feel bored in this ashram

I could not say “No” to that of course and greeted him with a smiling nod.

Mama-ji: Okay Bahurani, its time for me to go.

I went a couple of steps forward and bent in front of him to touch his feet as per custom. When first time I bent
down to for his ashirwad, he held me by my arms and lifted me, but this time he held me by my waist, and in fact
his fingers were partly grabbing my soft ass cheeks. Getting a touch there, by reflex, I quickly got up from my
bent position.

Mama-ji: Be happy my child. Bahurani, I will pray that you and Rajesh get a baby soon.

Saying that he held me close, his hands still in my waist area and I also got a bit emotional and he hugged me.
Believe me, it was not the first time an elderly relative hugged me, but I was feeling very uneasy. All females have
this sixth sense and we can differentiate between an affectionate hug of a male and a hug with a ‘different’
intention. Mama-ji initially lifted me holding my waist and now as I was almost clinging to his chest, I could feel
distinctly his fingers were creeping on my back, inch by inch as they progressed up. I was careful to cover my
boobs with my arms so that they do not touch him. He now held my head in both hands and kissed my forehead.

Apparently anyone seeing this would definitely believe in this elderly person’s affection towards me. But I was
unable to believe in his touches. After showing the gesture of love and care through the forehead kiss, he should
have left me, because there was nothing else to do. He had given his ashirwad and now had kissed my forehead, but
to my near disbelief Mama-ji smiled a bit and brought his hands down my head to my shoulder. He brushed his
fingers all along my neck.

Mama-ji: Keep faith in yourself and you can overcome your problem.

While saying that, I could clearly sense his right hand thumb was tracing my bra strap over my blouse on my
shoulder. And since he was still talking to me holding me close, I had to lower my arms to my sides. Previously I
could keep them crossed over my breasts as a protection, as he was hugging me. Now my protruding full boobs were
just inches away from his chest.
Mama-ji: Bahurani, don’t worry. If you need anything, do let me know. Still I will give my phone number to the
ashram so that if you need anything, they can call me.

While he was saying all this, he pressed my shoulder and gently pulled me towards him such that my pointed boob
tips now started brushing his flat chest. It was a very awkward feeling for me, for that matter any woman, to
stand like that with the edge of my bulging boobs touching another man’s chest, who is facing me. My boobs were
not pressing, but were rather grazing Mama-ji’s chest such was the position. Mama-ji securely held me in that
position and conversed.

Mama-ji: I have told your mother-in-law not to worry at all and keep faith on Guru-ji. You know how very anxious
she is.

I could realize my nipples getting harder and harder standing in that position. I tried to lean back subtly, so that it
did not look indecent, but Mama-ji’s grip on my shoulder did not allow me that. My 28-year-old heaving sari-covered
breasts continued to graze and brush my 50-year-old relative’s shirt-covered chest.

Mama-ji: I will call your home tonight and update them that your diksha is complete.

Me: Okay Mama-ji. You also take care.

I tried to finish off the conversation as I was at a height of uneasiness, but Mama-ji seemed uninterested.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, my dear, you also take care.

Saying that he took his right hand off my shoulder and in a playful manner pinched my left cheek flesh softly. I
was not at all prepared for such a behavior from him and stood there like a duffer. He was still holding my left
shoulder firmly making me touch my boobs to his upper body. Then he took off his hands off my body and just
casually patted my pumpkin-like bottoms.

Mama-ji: Especially here Bahurani.

Mama-ji’s slap on my bottom was surely not ultra-soft and the flesh of my buttocks wriggled under my sari to this
action. At the same time, I could feel Mama-ji deliberately hollowed his palm as he slapped my ass and I could
sense a semi-squeeze on my panty-less ass cheek. And finally when he left me I realized my nipples had grown to
their full size within my bra in excitement. Mama-ji had delayed his exit so much that I had no other option but to
adjust my bra in front of him, as I was feeling outrageously uncomfortable now. I took my both hands to the sides
of my breast and pushed my boobs up a little within my bra and then in one swift action I took my right hand under
my sari pallu and stretched gently my bra cup so that my taut flesh could accommodate better within my bra.

Mama-ji bid me good-bye saying that he would come over the weekend and I went back to my room with a puzzled
mind regarding Mama-ji’s attitude. I was definitely quite sure of his ‘touches’, especially the way he traced my bra
strap on my shoulder and patting my ass twice, but still was not able to relate it to this elderly person’s personality.
Due to the overdose of sexual activities, was I taking my thoughts just a bit too long? May be. Mama-ji calls me
‘Bahurani,’ and he is almost double my age, how could he lust for my body, but the ‘touches’ - I must be wrong

I went to the toilet and had a long bath, as it took significant time to wipe off the oil from my whole body,
especially from my back and my butts, as it was difficult for me to reach there. I had my lunch and was about to
take a nap, when Sanjeev came and interrupted.

Sanjeev: Madam, sorry to disturb you now, but Guru-ji wants to meet you once now.

I was a bit surprised hearing that as I distinctly remember Guru-ji told me after my exam that he would meet me
in the evening.
Me: But Guru-ji said he would let me know of my exam results in the evening.

Sanjeev: Yes Madam, but he needs to go to Mr. Yadav’s house in the town this evening. It is an unscheduled visit.
Mrs. Yadav actually wants to perform an urgent ‘yagya’ for her daughter.

Me: O, I see. Does Guru-ji go to others’ houses to perform yagya?

Sanjeev: Not normally, but Mr. Yadav is Guru-ji’s old disciple and unfortunately he is disabled also. So…

Me: Okay, okay I understand.

My thoughts and respect level for Guru-ji appended hearing this.

Me: By the way, what for will Guru-ji perform this yagya?

Sanjeev: Actually Mr. Yadav’s daughter failed in Class XII exam last year and this year also in the school test, she
passed by whiskers. So Mrs. Yadav wanted to perform a yagya before her final exams.

Me: Okay, but why in this urgent basis?

Sanjeev: Madam, Mr. Yadav will go for a checkup in Chennai for a fortnight, that’s why Mrs. Yadav wanted to do the
yagya on an urgent basis.

Me: O I see.

I did not waste any more time, as I was also anxious to know the exam results also and followed Sanjeev to Guru-
ji’s room. Guru-ji as usual was sitting before the image of Linga Maharaj in his usual saffron dress.

Guru-ji: Come Anita, come.

I offered him a ‘pranam’ and took my seat on the floor. Sanjeev kept standing by my side.

Guru-ji: Anita, actually I will be going to town in the evening.

Me: Yes Guru-ji, Sanjeev told me.

Guru-ji: Okay then you know. Actually I will stay tonight in Mr. Yadav’s house for the purpose of this yagya.
Sanjeev and Meenakshi will also accompany me.

He paused briefly and continued.

Guru-ji: So I wanted to let you know of your pelvic exam results and my further plans for you.

I looked visibly anxious, as my pelvic examination results were about to be unfolded.

Me: What did you find Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, can you bring my notebook? Anita, it’s not that exciting, but at the same time not a real doom
situation also.

My heart started pounding in fear. What was the problem that Guru-ji detected?

Me: Guru-ji…
I could not complete my words and a drop of tear almost rolled from my eyes.

Guru-ji: Anita, this is the problem with you females. You do not listen fully and jump to conclusion.

His words were firm. I controlled myself. Sanjeev handed him the notebook and Guru-ji opened a page and glanced
through it and looked up at me.

Guru-ji: See Anita, there is some block in your vaginal path and I also noticed a couple of hemorrhoids.

As I had little medical knowledge, I looked at Guru-ji with a confused face and realizing that he explained me.

Guru-ji: Look Anita, your do not have a major physical problem, which could hinder pregnancy. But the smaller
obstacles sometimes cause a bigger problem. Maha-yagya will help you get rid of the negative factors in your body,
as I told you before also. In fact, Maha-yagya will help you prepare both physically and spiritually for pregnancy
and make your vaginal path smooth and cure you of your problems.

A yagya will make my vaginal path smooth? I was a bit puzzled hearing that and wanted to know more.

Me: But Guru-ji how can a yagya cure me?

Guru-ji: Anita my dear, Maha-yagya is not just sitting in front of the fire, chant mantras, and worshipping. It’s
much more than that and you have to be fully involved in it. You just keep faith on me and leave the rest to Linga

I was much relieved hearing that.

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: But Guru-ji, you were saying something like ‘hemorrhoids’. What is that Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Yes, I noted some inflammation of blood vessel in your anus. I will apply herbal cream for that. You don’t
worry about that Anita.

I had to lower my eyes hearing the word ‘anus’ and automatically blushed a little. And listening about applying cream
there, I blushed further.

Guru-ji: Now go to your room and take rest. I have scheduled Maha-yagya for you tomorrow and the day after. In
the meantime, do take the medicines, as I have directed you.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I was almost on my way out of Guru-ji’s room, when he asked me something.

Guru-ji: By the way, did you like Rajkamal’s body massage?

Sanjeev and Guru-ji were both looking at me and it was so humiliating for me to answer to that question, but I had
to reply.

Me: Yes, it was good.

Guru-ji: He has magical fingers. Anyway, remember if you take further massages from him, do not allow him to
massage your err … I mean gaand, as I noted inflammation there.

I could not even respond through a nod. Sanjeev now made me totally dumbstruck by his next comment.

Sanjeev: But Guru-ji, I beg to differ. I think Madam can take massage from Rajkamal on her gaand, but she just
needs to inform him not to apply oil in her asshole.

Guru-ji: Right, right. Anita, I feel Sanjeev is right. You can actually take an ass massage, but do not allow him to
touch your hole.

Guru-ji looked at me with a smiling face and I was as if dying out of shame hearing this piece of conversation
between two males about my ass massage. My ears were getting hot and I was completely bowled over.

Sanjeev: Guru-ji, I feel Madam will be safer if she does not pull off her panty during the massage.

Guru-ji and Sanjeev both were looking at me and I desperately wanted to push off from there. I could not meet
their eyes. I realized very well that they both knew that I had opened my undergarments in front of Rajkamal. I
was feeling awfully abashed.

Guru-ji: Very true Sanjeev. The panty would act as a shield. Anita, this would be a very good safety measure. In any
case, you can certainly ask Rajkamal to massage your flesh over your panty. Will that…

I had to cut Guru-ji short. I could not take it any more.

Me: Guru-ji… I understand…

Guru-ji probably realized my condition. Thank God!

Guru-ji: Okay, okay. Now go to your room Anita. I need to brief Meenakshi and Sanjeev regarding my evening visit.

I was more than relieved to get out of that room. I returned to my room with red ears and heavy breathing. It
seemed as if Guru-ji and Sanjeev’s little chat was still ringing in my ears. I felt so very humiliated. I rested for a
while sitting on my bed and then went for a nap, but several things were clubbing into my mind, especially the maha-
yagya topic. Guru-ji told that it was a yagya, which would extend to two days and through it my vaginal block and
discharge issues would be solved. But how? What would I have to do for two days? Why did he say it would be
‘strenuous’? There was no answer available with me!

The additional trouble issue in my mind was ‘Mama-ji’, as he said he would come again. To tell the truth, I was
unable to form an opinion regarding Mama-ji. I certainly felt his fingers not acting the normal way on my youthful
body. Mama-ji never behaved like this before though there was very little chance of me and him getting along
‘alone’. Still I was not convinced to consider such things about this 50+ man. Thinking on all these lines, I did not
know when I went into a deep slumber.

“Knock! Knock!”

“Madam! Madam! Please get up”.

I quickly alighted off the bed to this call and was about to approach the door, but noticed that I was not wearing
my sari. Actually before I went to bed I opened it to be comfortable on bed. I stopped and quickly wrapped the
sari around my upper part of the body and opened the door. I could recognize the voice. It was Nirmal. But why is
he shouting?

Me: What has happened?

Nirmal: Madam, Guru-ji is calling you urgent.

Me: Why? Anything serious?

Nirmal: I am not sure, but he asked me to call you.

Me: Okay. I am coming right now, you can go and tell that Guru-ji.

I noticed Nirmal’s eyes fully grazing my petticoat covered lower half of the body, as I was holding my sari with
both hands over my breast and abdomen. Nirmal went off and I closed the door and went to toilet to urinate, as I
was feeling the pressure, and then wore the sari properly, and combed my hair and went towards Guru-ji’s room
again. What could have happened? I was wondering, but not getting a clue.

Me: Guru-ji, were you calling me?

Guru-ji: Yes, yes Anita. I am in a bit of trouble and I need you help.

I was feeling rather uneasy that a man of Guru’s stature is asking for help from me.

Me: Please do not say it like that Guru-ji. Anything for you.

Guru-ji: Anita, as you know, I was scheduled to make a visit to Mr. Yadav’s residence and Sanjeev and Meenakshi
were supposed to accompany me, but from the noontime Meenakshi has been running a temperature and now the
fever is quite high.

Me: Oh! Really?

Guru-ji: Yes. I have given her medicines, but unfortunately she is not in a state to accompany me. But I need at
least one female to act as the medium for Mr. Yadav in the yagya. So, I mean…

Me: Yes Guru-ji?

It was very evident that Guru-ji was hesitating.

Guru-ji: I mean if you could go along with me.

Me: No problems Guru-ji. Why are you so hesitating Guru-ji? It will be my pleasure if I can be of any assistance to

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. But we will have to stay there tonight, as it would late in the night to complete the yagya.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

Sanjeev now added.

Sanjeev: Madam, Mr. Yadav’s apartment is very spacious with lots of rooms and generally we stay in the guest
rooms, which are very cozy. You wont have any problem.

Me: I see. Then when do you plan to start Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Now its 5:30. We will start at 7 o’clock. Anita, you do one thing, go to Meenakshi’s room and get a brief
idea about how a yagya is arranged, as you will have to help me to set that up at Mr. Yadav’s place.

Me: Right Guru-ji.

I went off from there to Meenakshi’s room. The room was dimly lit and Meenakshi was lying in bed and someone was
sitting near his head and applying a balm on her forehead. The illumination was not enough to make out clearly who
it was.

Me: How are you now Meenakshi?

Meenakshi: The fever is still there in spite of Guru-ji’s medicines.

As I came near the bed, I saw Rajkamal sitting near her head. I touched her neck and cheeks and they were very
warm and surely her temperature was well above 100 degrees.

Me: Hmm. It’s quite high still.

Rajkamal: Its 102 degrees Madam. I checked it minutes prior.

Meenakshi: Madam, did Guru-ji tell you to go to town with him?

Me: Yes. He told me just now.

Meenakshi: Sorry Madam for this trouble, but I am really helpless.

Me: Its absolutely okay. You just take rest.

When I entered from outside in the room, my eyes took some time to adjust. Now I noticed that Meenakshi was
lying on the bed in a very tempting way considering a male is present in the room. I was shocked to see that her
pallu had so much shifted off her big round boobs that half of her treasures were clearly visible above her blouse
and Rajkamal being seated near her head was getting a majestic view. As I looked more intently, as if a shock wave
went passed my spine, as I noticed Meenakshi was lying on bed on doubt, but her head was on not on the pillow, but
on Rajkamal’s lap! He was applying balm to her forehead and the way Meenakshi was breathing I smelt a rat.

Meenakshi: Madam, I have been to Mr. Yadav’s place prior also, you won’t have any problem there.

Me: Okay. But what will I have to do in regards to the yagya?

Meenakshi: Madam, there is nothing much to do, but to arrange the yagya materials like the logs, oil, other list of
yagya items, flowers, utensils etc., which Sanjeev will guide you and its more or less like the puja you perform at

I was much relieved hearing that, as I definitely was a little anxious.

Me: Guru-ji was saying something about ‘medium.’ What is that?

Meenakshi: Madam, in simple words, its like during the yagya a common man needs a medium through which he or
she can attain the goods of the yagya and Guru-ji says to get best effects the genders should be different.

Me: ‘Different’ meaning?

Meenakshi: A male should have a female medium and vice versa Madam.

Me: Okay, okay, I got it.

Meenakshi smiled very meaningfully as I said that and I could not comprehend the significance of that smile.
Meenakshi: I am feeling thirsty.

Rajkamal: One sec…

Meenakshi slightly raised her head and Rajkamal got his lap out and alighted from bed and brought a glass of
water. Meenakshi tried to get up, but Rajkamal forced her to stay back in her position and helped her to drink
water from the glass. As Meenakshi drank, some water dripped down her chin onto her upper chest and Rajkamal
openly touched her upper breast area to wipe it. I tried to take it in the normal spirits, but what he did next did
not allow me to get convinced.

Rajkamal kept the glass on the adjoining table and got back to his original position and Meenakshi also readily lifted
her head to his lap.

Rajkamal: Did water spill to your blouse?

Meenakshi: I don’t know. My body temperature is so high that I cannot feel that.

Rajkamal: Okay I will check, you relax.

Meenakshi: Madam, its better to take one set of clothing with you, as you will have to take a bath after the yagya.

Me: Yes, I also have thought so.

While we conversed, I noticed in the pretext of checking whether water had spilled onto Meenakshi’s blouse,
Rajkamal was virtually feeling every part of Meenakshi’s heaving globes. And most surprisingly Meenakshi was so
casual about that and did not even bother to cover her breasts with her pallu. My heart almost stopped when I saw
he was touching her cleavage, which was exposed over her blouse, with his fingers to see if it was wet!

Rajkamal: Madam, can you get me a cloth from the cupboard?

I was a bit surprised at Rajkamal’s words. Why does he need a cloth?

Me: What for?

Rajkamal: Actually her blouse is wet at parts and I just want to put a cloth inside so that she does not catch a cold
over her fever.

He wants to insert a cloth in the blouse of this fully matured 35-year-old plump woman lying on his lap! I got off
and got the cloth and tried to save Meenakshi from feeling embarrassed.

Me: Let me put it. Which part is wet Rajkamal?

Meenakshi: Madam, you please do not get worried. Rajkamal will do it.

I was spellbound by this lady’s attitude. She wants to have a male hand inside her blouse! I had no other option but
to hand the piece of cloth to Rajkamal.

Rajkamal: Thanks Madam.

He now shamelessly pulled and lifted Meenakshi’s blouse from the front off her skin and inserted the cloth onto
the top of her boobs. I could clearly see this lady’s very attractive sized tits going up and down within her bra.
Rajkamal inserted his fingers along with the cloth on her boobs within her blouse and planted the cloth there. I am
sure he got enough opportunity to feel and cup her matured boobs while offering this ‘help.’
Then Rajkamal was back with his fundamental job of massaging and I thought there was no point sitting here and
watching these shameless acts any more.

Me: Okay Meenakshi, take rest. I will go now.

Meenakshi: Okay Madam.

Rajkamal: Bye Madam.

I went back to my room and started preparing to go to this disabled man, Mr. Yadav’s house with Guru-ji.

I went to the toilet once and used the conveniences to be absolutely fresh. Since I had a tight sleep, I thought it
would not be a problem for me to keep awake till late night if the yagya takes longer period of time to complete. I
took a spare sari, blouse, and petticoat in a bag along with a set of bra and panty. Around 6:30 p.m., Nirmal came to
give a reminder to get ready, but I was ready by that time. I locked my room and went with him to Guru-ji’s room.
Guru-ji was also ready and Sanjeev and Uday were arranging the yagya materials in one place. Within another 15
minutes off we went from the ashram in a car, which Mr. Yadav had sent.

There was not much conversation in the way except Guru-ji and Sanjeev telling me not to be anxious, as they would
guide me what exactly to do. We reached within an hour to Mr. Yadav’s house. It was already dark as the clock said
it was nearly 8. The house was a two-storied building and we went straight upstairs and Mrs. Yadav greeted Guru-ji
very warmly. I noticed Mrs. Yadav was a matured lady, probably nearing 40, who had a proportionate figure for her
age though slightly on the plump side. She took us to the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was sitting on the sofa. He
was also an elderly man, 50+ surely, with specs and a thick beard on his face. He was wearing a white kurta and
pajama and his left leg was strapped in a wooden cast. He was holding to a walking stick and was clearly
handicapped I noticed, as when he tried to stand up, Mrs. Yadav had to support him.

Mr. Yadav also greeted Guru-ji with a warm welcome, but I could not find the girl for which Guru-ji had come to
perform the yagya. Guru-ji was addressing Mrs. Yadav as Nandini and Mr. Yadav as Kumar. After the initial chat,
Guru-ji introduced me to both Mr. and Mrs. Yadav and explained that Meenakshi was ill and could not come.

Guru-ji: Nandini, where is Shilpa? I am not seeing her.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, she is taking a bath, as I told her she needs to attain the yagya.

Guru-ji: Fine.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji we both are very concerned about her studies. You know that she failed last year and this year

Guru-ji interrupted Mrs. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Nandini, have faith on Linga Maharaj. The yagya will take care of your child. Don’t worry.

All along Mrs. Yadav was standing by her husband and it seemed to me he takes a lot of care for her husband. Just
then a nice-looking, jolly girl entered the room. I could realize this was Shilpa. She looked quite matured for a class
XII girl I noticed, both inn her face and physically also. She was wearing a green top and a black long skirt and with
her hair tied up high and a smile on her face, she looked pretty attractive. Everybody’s focus was on her now,

Shilpa: Pranam Guru-ji.

Shilpa came forward and bent to take ashirwad from Guru-ji. I noticed that her boobs jiggled under her top, as she
approached the center of the room towards Guru-ji. She must be wearing a loose bra I thought, which we females
do wear sometimes at home. I noticed Sanjeev’s eyes were already fixed on this girl’s very youthful waggling

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beta, what’s happening to your studies?

Shilpa: Guru-ji, I am trying my best, but somehow I am unable to produce what I am learning at home.

Guru-ji: Hmm. Concentration problem. Don’t worry Beti, now that I have come, I will take care.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, I am very anxious. My marks have been very low.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, the yagya will make your mind blossom fully and you will have no problems in concentration
there on.

Shilpa along with her parents seemed very pleased with Guru-ji’s words. I could realize all this time while Guru-ji
and Shilpa conversed, Mr. Yadav was giving me stares through his specs. Mrs. Yadav was still standing very close to
him. Initially I didn’t notice that, but now I am quite sure that he was eyeing me. Out of natural womanly virtue, I
adjusted my sari over my boobs and hips though it was perfectly all right. I looked at Mrs. Yadav if she is noticing
her husband, but she seemed too engrossed with Guru-ji’s words.

Guru-ji: Okay then, Nandini lets move to the ‘puja ghar’.

Guru-ji and Sanjeev followed Mrs. Yadav and I had to trail them and was rather happy to get out of Mr. Yadav’s
eyesight. The ‘puja ghar’ seemed at the end of first floor, but I saw there were steps going above. Mrs. Yadav was
climbing the steps first followed by Guru-ji, then me, and last was Sanjeev. As I looked up, my eyes automatically
focussed on Mrs. Yadav’s huge undulating gaand, as she climbed the steps. Probably a blind man also would not miss
that. Mrs. Yadav, though looked nearing 40 age wise, I noticed her bottoms looked quite tight and firm as they
swayed behind her sari. Guru-ji was just behind her and his face was nearly touching her swinging gaand as he
followed her.

Alarm bells immediately rang in my ears, as I realized my moving ass would also be a feast for Sanjeev’s eyes, as he
was just behind me climbing the steps. I had no way to bypass the situation and had to climb the stairs just in
front of him. It must have been a grand view for Sanjeev, as by any means my bottom-line was pretty attractive
for a woman of 28. Thankfully there were only a handful of steps and we were there at the ‘puja ghar’, which was
located at one-and-half floor.

Guru-ji: Nandini, I notice you are panting. But you only climbed a small number of steps?

Mrs. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji, I have developed this problem recently.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, check her pulse once.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji and I walked past them into the puja-ghar, but as I glanced back I saw Sanjeev standing to Mrs. Yadav
alarmingly close, which sparked a curiosity in my mind. The puja-ghar was a rather small room with images of gods
and goddesses. Guru-ji was busy to unload the yagya items and asked me separate the flowers and garlands, but I
was rather interested to see what Sanjeev was doing. So I shifted my position such that I was quite close to the

Mrs. Yadav: I do not believe in these allopathy medicines Sanjeev. Dr. had given me some, but am not taking.

Sanjeev: But Nandini Madam, your problem will aggravate if you do not take the pills.
Mrs. Yadav: What more aggravation of problems are you talking about Sanjeev? You know Kumar. He is a drunkard.
Moreover, he is now handicapped for the past 5 years. Shilpa failed last year. Sanjeev, which way should I go?

I could not see them directly, but could hear them clearly and was getting an unknown thrill overhearing them like
this. I could clearly sense that Sanjeev has a good relation with Mrs. Yadav, as she was quite frank to him.

Sanjeev: But Nandini Madam, you cannot change your destiny. Still I tried to do my best within my limited capacity.

Now I shifted my position more towards the door. I looked from the corner of my eyes at Guru-ji and saw he was
quite occupied in arranging for the yagya. The pathway to the puja-ghar was adequately lit up and hence I could
clearly see Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev. I noticed there was certainly a changed behavioral pattern in Mrs. Yadav - in
front of his husband and now in his absence. Sanjeev to my utter shock was almost hugging Mrs. Yadav!

I could not believe my eyes and my eyes almost popped out seeing this scene. Sanjeev’s one hand was roaming
around Mrs. Yadav’s waist and buttocks and she was also leaning on to Sanjeev in a way, which was very indicative. I
noticed she stood as if with a broken waist and her buttocks were looking very provocative, protruding outside, and
boobs were thrusting forward towards Sanjeev. As a woman I could readily understand Mrs. Yadav’s intention
seeing her pose.

Mrs. Yadav: I do not blame you Sanjeev, it’s my destiny. I have been suffering for 5 years.

Sanjeev remained silent. I could well understand that there was a relation among them, most likely physical,
because no married woman would allow another male to touch her the way Sanjeev was holding her. With a
handicapped husband, I could clearly see the missing desired sex life in Mrs. Yadav.

I could clearly see that Sanjeev’s right hand was now very evidently feeling Mrs. Yadav’s flesh of her wide ass
cheeks over her sari and she was also inclining more and more towards Sanjeev. I couldn’t see Sanjeev’s left hand
from my position. Was it on her boobs? I guess so because the way Mrs. Yadav is subtly moving her heavy ass in the
standing position, it was very suggestive. I was deriving immense pleasure, I don’t know why, overseeing them in
that compromising position.

Sanjeev: Nandini Madam lets go inside, otherwise Guru-ji might.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, yes. Kumar can also silently come down the hallway here.

I realized they were parting and I pretended to be engaged in my work with flowers. Sanjeev came inside, followed
by Mrs. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, did you find a faster pulse in Nandini?

Sanjeev: No Guru-ji, its normal.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, when shall I ask Shilpa to come here?

Guru-ji: I will need all three of you in the beginning. I will send Sanjeev to call you. Still it will at least take half an
hour to arrange everything.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: As you know, in the yagya, all should sit in clean white clothes.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji, I remember that.

Then within half-an-hour all was ready for the yagya. The fire was created at the center of the room with the
image of Linga Maharaj just behind that. There were so many items neatly arranged by Guru-ji, me, and Sanjeev
that I appreciated the arrangement in my mind. Sanjeev closed the door and Guru-ji started the yagya. It started
at 9:00 p.m. With the fire flame, the scent of sandal incense sticks, and Guru-ji chanting mantras loudly the
atmosphere within the room instantly changed. Guru-ji sat in front of the fire and Sanjeev to his left and myself
to his right. Sanjeev had already called the Yadav family.

Mr. Yadav was wearing the white kurta and pajama, as he was wearing earlier when I met him in the drawing room.
As he came I noticed he was leaning on to his wife and trembling. What a change in Mrs. Yadav! She seemed to be
so devoted to her husband now, as I saw her bringing him to the puja-ghar. She has changed her sari and was
wearing a white cotton sari along with a white blouse, which was extremely transparent, I must quote. Anyone and
everyone could clearly see the position of her white bra inside and her fair skin through the transparent material.
Shilpa was wearing a nice tight-fitting embroidered white salwar suit and looked quite appealing, as she was not
using a chunri. They all sat opposite us in front of the fire.

Initial mantras and worship went on for around 20 minutes. I really had nothing much to do once the yagya started.
The atmosphere in the room was getting stuffy with the smoke and the heat of the yagya fire, more so as the room
was pretty small and there was no ventilation. I realized since I was sitting close to the fire, I was sweating and my
armpits and lower back were already wet.

Guru-ji: Now, I will do the individual ritual for Shilpa. Each of the parents must participate in it. Though the main
yagya will be involving Shilpa Beti alone, but this is also mandatory.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji, if you start with me it would be of help as…

Guru-ji: Yes Kumar, absolutely. I do not want to strain you unnecessarily. I will start with you and then release you.
You can take rest.

Mr. Yadav: Thanks Guru-ji.

Mrs. Yadav: Guru-ji, please call me when you are done with Kumar.

Guru-ji nodded and Mrs. Yadav and her daughter went off and Sanjeev again closed the door.

Mr. Yadav was again giving stares at me, but I was more concerned about sweating. My blouse was getting wet
already. I wiped of some of the sweat from my back and neck with my pallu. Just then Mr. Yadav talked to me for
the first time.

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji, Anita is feeling hot I guess, can we not keep the door open?

I was shocked to see he was addressing me by my name straightway. I was quite irritated understanding that he
was watching me closely.

Guru-ji: No Kumar. That would deviate concentration.

Mr. Yadav: Right, right.

Guru-ji: Anita, you will now act as Kumar’s medium in this part of the yagya.

I looked dumb, as I was still not sure what exactly I have to do to be the ‘medium.’

Guru-ji: Kumar and Anita, come to my left side. Sanjeev you start preparing the ‘bhog.’

Sanjeev already was preparing for the ‘bhog’ I noticed sometime back and now I realized that there was no other
option but to go and help Mr. Yadav to stand. I had to do that. I alighted from my sitting position and had to
wriggle my ass a little in front of these three males as my petticoat and sari were sticking to my ass. I then went
to the opposite end to Mr. Yadav.

Me: Can you stand up alone Mr. Yadav?

Mr. Yadav: No Anita. I need your help.

I was getting increasingly irritated each time he was taking my name, but was helpless due to Guru-ji’s presence.
Before I could offer an assist, he grabbed my hand and with the other hand put pressure on his walking cane to
stand up. In turn, I held his hand and shoulder and helped him. He was very shaky as he walked and I felt bad for
the disabled condition of this man. I offered to hold my shoulder, as I saw Mrs. Yadav was doing, and he walked
better clinging to my blouse-covered shoulder.

Guru-ji: Anita, now hold this ‘thali’ and offer it to Agnidev first. Kumar, you hold her from behind and whisper
mantra in her ears, which I tell. And Anita as the medium you will utter that loudly to Agnidev. Okay?

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

I took the thali from Guru-ji and stood in front of the fire. Now I was directly in front of Guru-ji, the yagya fire
separating us. I noticed Mr. Yadav slowly came and stood behind me with his walking stick.

Guru-ji: Leave the stick Kumar and hold this book in one hand.

As Mr. Yadav kept his stick aside, I instantly felt warm male fingers on my waist, partly above my sari cover and
partly on my bare abdomen. I understood being disabled and off of his walking stick, he had to hold on to something
support, but my whole body shivered at his warm touches. I was looking hopeless I knew, as my nipples started to
grow hard, and I looked questionably at Guru-ji. Thankfully Guru-ji understood what I meant to say.

Guru-ji: Kumar, hold Anita’s shoulder and start whispering the mantra from the book. It’s marked there.

Mr. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji.

He removed his hand off my waistline and held me by my shoulder like an obedient boy.

Guru-ji: Anita, you offer the mantra loudly to Agnidev and I will repeat that to Linga Maharaj. Both of you close
your eyes. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I closed my eyes and felt Mr. Yadav’s hot breaths on my shoulder. He was so close to me. He started whispering
mantras in my ears, which I uttered loudly and Guru-ji repeated that in turn very loudly. The first few minutes
were okay and then slowly I realized as Mr. Yadav was whispering he was moving closer. I ignored that thinking of
his disability. I felt his knees touching my thighs first over my sari and in no time his crotch was pushing me subtly
on my ass cheeks. I shifted a bit as I uttered the mantras, but that was not helping me, as being more close to the
fire was making me sweat profusely. Gradually I felt very deliberate efforts from Mr. Yadav to push his crotch
into my firm ass.

I cursed myself that moments ago I was showering sympathy in my mind for this disabled man and now I could
clearly feel his erect lund poking my butts. I was thinking what to do. Should I slap him and teach a lesson? But I
did not want to create a scene here. It’s a matter of prestige for Guru-ji also and hence I remained quiet and tried
to concentrate on the yagya. But that handicapped rascal did not stop. He was now touching my ears through his
lips while whispering mantras. I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable and getting excited now with Mr. Yadav’s
hard dick poking my pumpkin-ass constantly and his lips grazing my ears. Naturally, heat started generating in my
body and the heat of the fire in front of me was making things literally ‘hot’ for me.

Luckily in a few more minutes the mantra chanting part was over. I was relieved. Very temporarily though only to
find myself more entangled with Mr. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. You did a nice job. Give the thali to me. Now hold this bowl and pour the oil very slowly on
the fire. Very slowly. Kumar you also hold the bowl.

Momentarily I forgot that Mr. Yadav was still holding onto my shoulder for support and bent forward to take the
bowl from Guru-ji. His hand slipped off my shoulder and he partially lost balance.

Guru-ji: Anita, Anita. Hold him.

Guru-ji almost shouted. I instantly turned back and realized my mistake. But before I could completely turn back
and seize him, he almost fell over my back. Though I managed the situation, but I realized I should have been more
careful as I previously did notice him to be trembling when he stood up or walked. Mr. Yadav stooped over my
youthful body and his face fell flat on my neck area, but he was quick enough to search for a support and almost
hugged me from my back.

Me: Ouch!

Automatically it came out of my mouth as Mr. Yadav fell on my back for an assist. Though apparently it looked like
he fell down and in the process held me from my back, but I could feel the actuals. I was already by then pretty
much aware of his stares and touches, but this time he crossed all limits. I could feel his nose poking my back and
his hot tongue and lips on the upper portion of my back, just above the U-cut of my blouse. He grabbed me for
support and embraced me, his right hand holding my hand, but his left hand grabbed me in my pelvic area directly
touching my pussy area over my sari. Though I recovered in a few seconds, but I felt his hand pressure on my panty
over my sari and his tongue licking my bare skin over my blouse.

Mr. Yadav: Sorry Anita. You suddenly bent and I lost balance.

I had to be apologetic though was quite irritated by his behavior. He is such an elderly person, moreover disabled,
what sort of behavior is this? I could not say anything due to Guru-ji’s presence otherwise certainly would have
slapped this pervert.

Guru-ji: Kumar, are you okay?

Mr. Yadav: Yes Guru-ji. I caught Anita in time.

Guru-ji: Okay, now lets settle down and Anita offer the oil as I narrate the mantra. The custom is to first worship
Agnidev and then we will worship Linga Maharaj for Shilpa’s academic future.

We nodded and again Mr. Yadav came very close to me and held the bowl from behind me. This time I felt his whole
body pressure was on me and his fingers touching my fingers too. Guru-ji started pronouncing the mantra very
clearly and loudly and I was pouring the oil slowly on the yagya fire. I could well realize that Mr. Yadav was feeling
every part of my body from the back without any hindrance now. I even felt he was gyrating his pelvis faintly onto
my firm buttocks. Frankly I was getting a bit excited now by all these acts of Mr. Yadav.

As I poured the oil, the yagya fire was gaining proportion and I had to shift a little backwards due to the intense
heat. I jolly well understood Mr. Yadav liked my approach, as my firm sari-covered ass pressed more into his crotch
and I felt his lund, which was hard enough to excite me, probing my posterior globes. He was also pressing me from
the sides with his elbows and I was almost cramped within his arms holding the bowl. This session seemed to be a
long one, as Guru-ji continued chanting mantras and I was pouring the oil very slowly on the yagya fire.

Seeing the opportunity probably Mr. Yadav now held my fingers on the bowl so firmly that I had to give him a stare
turning my head. He smiled wickedly and I was even more irritated by this though his ‘male touch’ was giving me a
pleasant arousal. I looked up at Guru-ji, but he was chanting the mantras while closing his eyes and Sanjeev had
already started cooking and none of them were noticing us. As I was looking around, I did not realize that Mr.
Yadav was also looking for further chances. Suddenly I felt a whisper in my ears.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, I am removing one hand from the bowl. I am having an itching.

I reluctantly gave a nod not understanding where he was having the itch. And believe me, that shameless old fox
was having an itch in his penis, which he referred to me! Guru-ji did not notice anything, as his eyes were closed,
and Mr. Yadav took his right hand off my fingers from the bowl and put it right away in his crotch and started
scratching. I did not have to turn back to see that, as I felt his hand between his pelvic area and my buttocks. He
continued it for some moments and just prior to taking it off from there, he started feeling and cupping my right
ass cheek.

My nipples immediately responded to Mr. Yadav’s squeezing my firm ass flesh and I felt my nipples becoming hard
and started pressing my bra cups. I felt a tightness in my blouse and with my both hands engaged with the bowl of
oil, I had to turn back to stop this lewd act. He immediately behaved himself getting his hands back on the bowl.
Within a minute or two, the oil-pouring episode ended. Now I was sweating very profusely, not only from the heat
of the yagya fire, but also from the subtle physical advancements from Mr. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Now that offering and worship to Agnidev is complete, we will satisfy Linga Maharaj. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Mr. Yadav and myself both said “Jai Linga Maharaj!” in chorus. Guru-ji started throwing all sorts of yagya items
into the fire chanting new mantras, which went on for another 5 minutes. Sanjeev was still busy with the cooking
and a nice scent was filling the room as he was preparing the ‘bhog.’

Guru-ji: Anita, I know this part would be a bit odd for you, but a medium has to take this pain. You have to worship
for Kumar now to Linga Maharaj.

Apparently I did not find anything “odd” in what Guru-ji stated and I looked dubiously to him as why did he mention
the word “pain?”

Guru-ji: As the medium, you will carry Kumar and offer a pranam to Linga Maharaj stretching yourself on the floor.
Your navel and knees should touch the floor Anita.

I nodded, still not understanding what it actually meant. I gave the walking stick to Mr. Yadav and helped him to
stand on his own. Guru-ji offered ‘Ganga jal’ to me to clean my hands and after that showed me the position from
where to offer the pranam. I went there and sat on my knees first on the floor and then stretched my body
completely on the floor with my macro-sized buttocks facing the roof.

Guru-ji: Stretch your hands forward for pranam. Is your navel touching the ground? Let me see.

Guru-ji did not give me an opportunity to react and he himself removed the sari off my abdomen and inserted his
finger below to see if my navel was touching the floor. I had to lift my bottoms up a bit so that he could check and
it was such a ticklish sensation as his middle finger touched my navel that I almost laughed, but controlled myself.

Guru-ji: Fine.

Saying that he took off his hand from below my belly and patted on my sari-covered ass cheek to get it down. I
obeyed Guru-ji and also extended my arms above my head. It was so very clumsy to be lying on the floor upside
down in front of two males. I noticed Guru-ji now helped Mr. Yadav to come near me.

Guru-ji: Anita now you will carry the worship of Kumar to Linga Maharaj.

Me: How Guru-ji?

I had to ask now, as I was still not sure what exactly I needed to do. I saw Guru-ji helping Mr. Yadav to sit beside

Guru-ji: I told you Anita. You will carry Kumar.

Guru-ji seemed a bit irritated having to say that again, but I was really puzzled now. What does he mean by
“carry”? Does he mean…. Oh No! That can’t be.

Guru-ji: Kumar, you stretch yourself on Anita’s back and whisper the mantras from this book, which are marked.

Mr. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji.

I had to say something now. Guru-ji was telling this man to lie on my back and whisper mantra in my ears! It was like
I was lying in bed with my bottoms facing the roof and my husband on top of me enjoying me!

Me: Guru-ji, but this…

Guru-ji: Anita, this is the custom of this yagya and the medium must abide to that.

Me: But Guru-ji, he is an unknown male…

Guru-ji: Anita. Do as I say.

I noticed an instant change in Guru-ji’s voice. It was an order and he sounded louder than normal and his voice was
cold as steel. I did not have the courage to utter another word and I silently allowed what was to happen.

Guru-ji: Kumar, what are you waiting for? Time is precious. Auspicious time for Shilpa ends at midnight.

I felt Mr. Yadav was riding on my back. I was feeling so very embarrassed. Guru-ji helped him to stretch his body
on my youthful body. What an embarrassment for me I thought. If my husband saw this scene, he must have
fainted. I clearly felt Mr. Yadav adjusting his penis to exactly fit in my ass crack. I felt his hands holding my
shoulder and his whole body weight was on my body. It must have been a grand feeling for him to ride like this on a
married woman.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! You can start Kumar. Anita you concentrate on the mantras and offer that loudly to
Linga Maharaj.

I could see Guru-ji from my lying position. He closed his eyes and Mr. Yadav started whispering the mantras in my
ears. I really was unable to concentrate. Can any woman concentrate in this position with a man lying on her back?
Mr. Yadav was no fool and began to take full advantage of my compromised state. He was now thrusting more
pressure on my soft buttocks and pressing his lund more into my crack. Thank god! I was wearing a panty today,
which was actually hindering his penis to probe deep in my ass crack.

Mr. Yadav’s voice was trembling as he narrated the mantras as I could pretty well realize he was slowly thumping
my gaand, as if he was fucking me. I tried to keep my voice as much steady as possible as I was chanting the
Sanskrit words aloud. Guru-ji had his eyes closed and Sanjeev’s back was towards us and so it was a free ride for
this disabled man. I could feel his wooden casted leg over my sari on my legs, but apart from that he seemed quite
able in this age too! His thumping speed was increasing and his hardness too.

Now I could clearly feel he was also tasting my ears and cheeks with his lips and tongue in between the pauses of
uttering the mantras. I knew I should not allow this, but the way Guru-ji reacted previously, I did not have the
courage to interrupt things interim. I was breathing heavily now and I could realize Mr. Yadav was panting almost.
It was ‘some’ pleasure surely for him at this age. Just at that juncture, he did something, which made my heart
miss a beat.
I was in a pranam posture, though lying on floor, with both my arms extended forward above my head. My blouse-
covered boobs pressed against the floor and were open from the sides. The rascal did not miss to spot that, and
seeing Guru-ji still had his eyes closed, he took off his hand off my shoulder and also kept the book from his hand
on the floor. Then he kept both his hands to my sides to support his body. I was a bit relieved in fact, as previously
the whole of his body pressure was on my back, but it was only momentarily. The next moment, he shifted his hands
to my sides and gently touched boobs over my blouse.

I closed my eyes in shame, anger, and excitement, but I could not explode thinking of Guru-ji’s presence.
Simultaneously since I was constantly being enticed by this man, I also by that time got a good arousal. Hence I did
not react to this outrageous act of Mr. Yadav and pretended I was engrossed in chanting the mantras. I could feel
initially he was only gently touching and pressing my breasts and now seeing I was still chanting the mantras loudly
what he whispered, he gained in confidence, which was natural also. Somewhere down my mind I wanted that
probably, as I was feeling horny.

Mr. Yadav now increased the pressure with both hands on my breasts, which were already smashed to the floor due
to his body weight on me. I realized he eased off his body pressure off my back a bit and the moment I also
loosened my body, he grabbed my ripe mangoes with both hands and felt the firmness and roundness of them. I
really at that moment was feeling that my husband was on top of me and squashing my youthful boobs. In fact at
home Rajesh often did that to me and I also enjoyed this sort of lovemaking. My husband used to insert both his
hands completely below my body and then grip both my boobs and playfully searched the nipples and twisted them
constantly till I was fully wet down my pussy.

Thankfully Mr. Yadav was not that courageous and showed some decency, probably myself being someone’s wife. But
he made sure that he got full pleasure cupping each of my boobs from the sides. Ow even my voice was thoroughly
trembling and I did not know what I was chanting.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji as if was awake from his slumber and Mr. Yadav was quick enough to remove his hands off my boobs. His
hot breaths were falling on my neck, shoulder and ears and making me feel more horny. I realized that Mr. Yadav
was complete with his mantras.

Guru-ji: Kumar, you be in that position and tell what you want for Shilpa in one sentence nine times in the ears of

Mr. Yadav: Guru-ji I just want her to pass this Class XII exam.

Guru-ji: Okay. Whisper that five times in her ears and Anita you rely the same to Linga Maharaj. After each vocal
pray, I will also pray for Shilpa and you wait till I finish and then narrate your next prayer. Clear?

Myself and Mr. Yadav both agreed to him.

Guru-ji: Everybody close your eyes and do the prayer.

I closed my eyes and before that noticed Guru-ji closed his.

Mr. Yadav: I just want my daughter to pass the Class XII exam Linga Maharaj.

He whispered in my ears ensuring that his lips touch my ears and neck and his pelvis exerting more pressure on my
soft and rotund buttocks, which was suggestive of he wanted something more. I very well knew what that ‘more’
was – he wanted to have my boobs. I was enough heated by that time and retracted my extended arms for pranam
and exerting a bit of pressure with my elbows created a little gap below my armpit so that Mr. Yadav could easily
put his hands there to grip my blouse covered treasures. I was loudly saying Mr. Yadav’s desire for his daughter to
Linga Maharaj and Guru-ji was adding mantras in Sanskrit.

I had my eyes closed, but could very well realize Mr. Yadav now headed for my succulent boobs and as he squeezed
both with both his hands, he was breathing quite heavily and was gyrating his pelvis as if he was fucking me. I was
getting thoroughly wet within my panty with each thump of his on my flaring ass. And I noticed Mr. Yadav was most
active with his hands on my sweaty blouse when Guru-ji was narrating mantras and we both were silent. I also was
responding to his touches and squeezes and moved my hips gently to feel his piston more on my sari-covered ass

I was soon over with my five times narration of Mr. Yadav’s message for Shilpa to Linga Maharaj and was honestly
wondering what next!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Mr. Yadav stopped fucking my ass and rested quietly just beside my body. I was feeling his prick very evidently on
my ass and in fact wanted to remove my panty now as I was not getting full enjoyment as it was obstructing his tool
onto my ass crack.

Guru-ji: Okay, now a little break and then the last part, which is meditation for Shilpa Beti.

Now I had to adjust my bra and blouse a little as Mr. Yadav had pressed and squeezed my boobs in such a manner
that I was feeling awful tight within my clothes. At the same time, I now desperately wanted to get out of my
panty to feel Mr. Yadav’s hard lund completely on my ass. Moreover, I wanted to urinate also to feel comfortable. I
instantly thought of a way out.

Me: Guru-ji, can I go to the toilet once?

Guru-ji smiled and nodded. The smile made me as if so exposed in front of these males. Everybody as if knew why I
was going to the toilet. I lowered my eyes and went out of the room, but I realized I did not know where the toilet

Me: Sanjeev, which way is the toilet?

At that very moment, Mr. Yadav also expressed the same thought to Guru-ji about using the conveniences.

Guru-ji: Kumar, you can show Anita the way to the toilet.

Guru-ji paused a little and then added.

Guru-ji: Oh! But you need someone to help you there. Anita can you help him?

I was not prepared for this and almost stammered to reply.

Me: Err… Ya. No problem Guru-ji.

I went back inside the room again and helped Mr. Yadav to get up from floor and this he held me like he was
clinging on to his wife. He was holding my blouse-covered back and of course his fingers inched very close towards
my sweaty armpit. With the other hand he was latching on to his walking stick.

Mr. Yadav: This way Anita.

He showed me the way indicating through his walking cane. We were now completely out of the puja-ghar and out of
view of both Guru-ji and Sanjeev. Mr. Yadav looked back down the stairs to see probably if someone was coming or
not. I also glanced back and saw the stairs and hallway was clear. Believe me, I was expecting some manly action
from this old man now, like taking hold of my boobs or squeezing my ass flesh and a tight hug may be. What more
could I expect from this disabled person! But to my utter frustration, after having walked a few steps down the
puja-ghar, Mr. Yadav did not do anything and walked dragging his feet towards the toilet. And in no time, we
reached the toilet.

What should I do? I was cursing this old man in my mind, as he was so active while he was lying on my back, but now
he seemed a real disabled creature. My whole body was almost aching for a tight male hug.

Me: You stand here; I will finish in a moment.

I said in an irritant voice.

Mr. Yadav: But Anita, I cannot stand alone. I will fall down.

Me: Then what to do?

I was speaking in a reluctant voice and still not aware of what he wanted actually.

Mr. Yadav: We have to go to the toilet together.

Me: What?

I looked angrily at him. What does this old man think? Yes, I have allowed him to touch my body for a while, but
that was due to the compromised position of the yagya.

Me: What do you mean?

Mr. Yadav: Anita, please don’t shout. You can see my disabled state. You please hold me while I am in the bathroom.

Me: Okay, that’s different. I thought…

Mr. Yadav did not ask me any more question and slowly progressed within the toilet and I accompanied him. As I
slowly pushed back the toilet door behind me, Mr. Yadav kept the walking stick on the bathroom wall hook. And
then in a flash he opened his pajama string and lowered his underwear to bring up his semi erect lund to my view. I
could not control myself and readily grabbed his tool, but pretended as if I tried to help him to urinate. We both
were trying to maintain some decency through our acts. He held the toilet wall with one hand and my shoulder with
the other for support. I could see his semierect penis was gaining in confidence as I held and stroked it.

I could realize Mr. Yadav’s right hand slowly making a progress from my shoulder over my blouse to my back and
under my armpit and finally grabbing my right breast within my blouse. He removed the pallu slightly so that he can
also view my deep cleavage and oozing flesh trying to break through my tight blouse. I continued to stroke his lund,
now with two hands, and I was surprised considering his age, it got rock hard in moments. I had a belief that males
take longer time to get erection with age, but this old fox got a full erection within a few seconds. The size of his
penis was almost similar to my husband’s and I quickly removed the foreskin off the penis head.

All along I was stooping a bit and was stroking Mr. Yadav’s khada lund and now he was a bit too much excited
probably for his age. Initially he was breathing heavily and was squeezing my tight right boob very hard. Now
suddenly he took off his hand from the wall and as well from my boob and dragged my head towards his face with
his both hands. Naturally he lost control, he leant onto my body and I almost fell, unable to keep his full body
weight. Somehow I held him and as soon as he was stable, he forcefully started kissing me. His thick beard was all
over my nose, lips, chin and cheeks. I was having an enormous tickling sensation. Honestly I was never kissed by any
bearded man and hence never knew the feeling.

I tried to get his wet lips out of my lips, which were already filled with his saliva. I noticed though Mr. Yadav was
disabled, he had great strength in his grip. Instead of getting his lips out of mine, he now started kissing me
harder and inserted his tongue within my mouth and held me by my hair so that I could not move my head at all. I
was still holding his lund with both hands, but what he did next forced me to stop caressing his hot tool. He was
kissing me and simultaneously holding my head to keep it steady with both hands, and now suddenly he removed one
hand from there and started pulling up my sari, petticoat and all from my waist.

What a pull! Before I could realize very well I could feel Mr. Yadav bunched up my sari off my round ass and with a
couple of jerks almost my panty was exposed! I immediately left his penis and tried to save my modesty. But as I
tried to drag my sari and petticoat over my bottoms, he was forcefully pulling them up and exposing my full gaand.
Mr. Yadav left my hair and now he engaged both his hands to expose my gaand and my struggle went feebler, as I
could sense this disabled man’s hand strength.

In a flash, he pulled both my sari and petticoat up above my waist. I was trying in vain to save my modesty. He was
still kissing and biting my lips and now seeing that he had exposed my lower portion, he hugged me very tight. I
remained in his arms with my flaring panty-covered ass clearly visible. He left my lips just for a moment and I could
utter only two words. I was gasping desperately.

Me: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Stop.

Very obviously that plea went to deaf ears and I realized the old man was more curious to expose me completely
now, as his hands were on the edge on my panty waistband now and he was pretty eager to pull that down. Though
no doubt I was pretty excited, but was not completely off my senses and to be naked in front of an unknown man,
that too fifty plus in age, was not acceptable to me. I thought the best way to get this old humbug off my body is
to jack him off. And I started to stroke and coax his hard lund with the goal to get him masturbated. But he was a
tough nut to crack.

I stroked and stroked his penis and it was throbbing to explode, but unfortunately by that time, Mr. Yadav’s
desires were fulfilled. He was able to pull my panty down off my waist down my buttocks. I could not even obstruct
him and stood with my panty stuck between my thighs and Mr. Yadav vigorously milking my plump ass cheeks. He
had tucked my sari and petticoat in my waist and was enjoying a free ride of my bottoms. Now he was naturally
eager to put his lund in my choot, but my thorough coaxing paid off at last and he jacked off vigorously right at
that moment. My hands were filled with his cum and Mr. Yadav looked quite displeased that he could not hold out
any more.

The toilet floor was filled with a pool of white fluid and without delay I dragged him to the toilet wall for support
and also put his walking stick in his hand and for the first time in a long time I was free from his clutches. He was
visibly not happy for natural reasons. I quickly tried to pull up my half-down panty, but soon realized that the way
Mr. Yadav had dragged it down in his hurry, it had rolled miserably. I had to take that off because I could not
stand with my sari and petticoat pulled up to my waist and try to straighten my panty down my thighs in front of a
male. I dropped my sari down and pulled my panty down to the floor and picked it up and kept it on a wall hook. I
adjusted my sari very quickly and tried to look decent. Mr. Yadav was all along watching me with lust being melting
from his eyes.

His penis looked so limp now and I pulled up his pajama and knotted the string. Even after ejaculation, he seemed to
have not lost all heat from body because as I was tying a knot to his pajama he grabbed both my boobs from the
front and started cupping them. I tolerated this indecent act of his and I could realize how vulgar it was looking. I
was tying a man’s pajama and he was openly pressing and gauging my boob size over my blouse! After I finished my
job, I was really feeling an urge now to urinate. With all these hugging and groping and exposing, I had to

Me: Can you stand here for a moment as you are standing now?

Mr. Yadav nodded. I readily went to the latrine, sat down, pulled up my sari and started urinating. The hissing sound
of my urination was clearly heard by Mr. Yadav due to so close proximity within this toilet. It was a long piss and I
shamelessly had to do it making this 50 year old hear every bit of it. After voiding fully, I was feeling so alleviated
that I could not express in words. I rose from my sitting position on the latrine and pulled my sari down and went
back to Mr. Yadav. Since I was not wearing a panty, droplets of urine tricked down my pussy to my inner thighs I
realized. I casually took my right hand on my thighs and pressed the sari there so that it gets soaked.

I was about to leave the toilet with Mr. Yadav that I noticed my panty hanging on the wall hook. I quickly took it
off the hook and the old fox obviously did not miss to comment.

Mr. Yadav: Where would you keep this? You cannot go to Guru-ji with it in your hand.

I knew that very well, still he had to tell it. The rascal.

Mr. Yadav: You can keep it to me if you don’t mind. I can keep that in my kurta pocket for the time being.

I thought at this moment to keep my panty concealed from others’ eyes, the only place I could keep it was within
my blouse, but that would be very uncomfortable for me.

Me: But…

Mr. Yadav: When the yagya is done you can take it from m. I will hand you over in such a way so that no one notices

I did not think much and agreed to him and handed him my semi soaked panty. Mr. Yadav took it and kept it in his
side pocket. We were both out of the toilet now, Mr. Yadav walking with his stick and my support.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, one thing I must confess. You have a very sexy body. Your husband is an extremely lucky man.

I smiled with a slightly surprised face.

Me: How do you know that I am married?

Mr. Yadav: My experienced eyes can figure out that.

We both smiled and walked slowly towards the puja-ghar.

Mr. Yadav: Married women would be envious of you about this.

Completing the words, his lips came very close to my face and brushed on my cheeks and he was looking down my
blouse. He quietly moved his right arm down from over my shoulder and cupped my right breast and gave it a very
tight squeeze. I almost trembled at this behavior in the open hallway. And at the same time, his thick beard tickled
me on my face.

Me: Please behave yourself.

Mr. Yadav: You are smiling and saying to stop me. How contradictory!

Me: That’s for your beard. It’s tickling me.

We were then at the turn in the hallway just before the puja-ghar and the place was a bit secured, not open at
least, and Mr. Yadav did not allow that opportunity to go abegging.

Mr. Yadav: Give me a chance dear. I want to tickle your naked body with my beard, which your hubby can never do.

He whispered in my ears, now getting alarmingly closer and his right hand slipped inside my blouse now. I did not
resist fully, but was still hesitating as we were still in the open. And Mr. Yadav probably could anticipate what was
going on through my mind.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, no one will come here. You just hold my stick.

Me: No, not again. Pleeeeease.

Mr. Yadav: Have some mercy on this handicapped man dear. You are an angel Anita.

I was really not unwilling to have more male touches on my body and frankly though this man looked aged and was
disabled, his grips were much stronger than my husband even. Yes, I cannot love him like Uday, but he was
acceptable, except for his beard. That was giving me a real hard tickle as he approached me closely. I finally took
his walking stick from his hand and held him otherwise he might fall.

Mr. Yadav was probably only waiting for me to take his walking aid and hugged me from the front as if he would
grind me within his arms. My matured boobs crushed on his chest and he made sure that I could not utter a sound
as he sealed my lips with his thick lips and started kissing me real hard. His thick beard was again giving tickling me
on my face and I was feeling very amused as well as uncomfortable. But Mr. Yadav did not allow me much to think on
his beard since he inserted his hands within my sari though my waist and started cupping my naked ass cheeks as I
had removed my panty while I was in the toilet with him. My petticoat knot was also not very securely tied, which in
a way helped him to do this lewd act.

I was instantly aroused to the full as I felt his warm and rough palms pressing on my bare flesh of my buttocks.
And within moments, he took out his hands and moved up to pair of juicy upper treasures and directly tried to open
my blouse buttons.

Me: Mmmmmmmm….

I struggled to speak, as all along his lips were sucking and biting my tender lips. I tried to nod my head vigorously
indicating a “No” to this act, but Mr. Yadav seemed determined to grab my boobs in the naked form. I could realize
he already opened a couple of my blouse hooks and was pressing my bulging flesh over it. I now started obstructing
him with more force with my hands, but just then, we were both froze hearing a voice!

Sanjeev: Madam! Madam!

Sanjeev was coming in search of us.

Me: O! My god!

Mr. Yadav: Just keep quiet Anita, I don’t think he can see us in this corner.

We both waited quietly for Sanjeev to pass that corner in the hallway and to proceed towards the toilet. We both
were breathing very heavily as we were very much aroused sexually, but still tried our best to be silent. Sanjeev
passed that area without seeing us and I immediately handed over the walking stick to Mr. Yadav and adjusted my
sari to decency. It had fallen from my waist and my petticoat was visible, which I at once covered and then hooked
up my blouse though much of my cleavage was visible due to Mr. Yadav’s heavy duty squeezing. In a few moments we
started walking ‘normally’ on the hallway back to the puja-ghar as if nothing happened and we knew very well
Sanjeev would be back soon not seeing us at the toilet.

Exactly that happened and we had not even completed ten steps that Sanjeev was back and he expressed his
surprise that he did not find us in the hallway, neither in the toilet. Mr. Yadav smartly managed the situation and
we were back into the puja-ghar.

Guru-ji: You took so much time that I was worried that…

Mr. Yadav: No, Guru-ji I did not fall, but took some extra time in the toilet.

Guru-ji: Okay. Now let us get back our concentration and finish off with you Kumar.

Mr. Yadav: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Now that we have offered our prayers to Agnidev and Linga Maharaj, now we will meditate for Shilpa Beti.

We both were standing in front of the yagya fire and Guru-ji was sitting opposite to us. I noticed Sanjeev was over
with the bhog preparation and he was also standing beside us.

Guru-ji: Anita, you get back to your previous position for the ‘pranam’ posture.

I obeyed Guru-ji’s words and sat on my knees first and tugging my pallu to my waist so that I make minimum
exposure lied on the floor with my plump buns facing the three males. I also extended my arms above my head for
the ‘pranam’. As I getting down of the floor, Sanjeev was holding Mr. Yadav.

Guru-ji: Kumar you also get back to your original position on your medium.

I felt Mr. Yadav’s body weight again on my body and his erect penis pricked me on my soft buttocks. Now that I
was not wearing a panty, the feel was more evident and the arousal was more certainly. It reminded me of the same
memories in my bedroom when my husband would ride my back wearing a lungi and I wore just a nightie and nothing
inside. I tried to control myself and tried to concentrate on Linga Maharaj, but of course in vain.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, take this bowl and keep beside Kumar.

I saw Sanjeev came with a small bowl of white fluid with a spoon in it and kept it near my head. There were some
small edibles floating in the fluid.

Guru-ji: You again pray for Shilpa Beti with full concentration and whisper that in Anita’s ears as before, but
addition will be you fed her with one spoonful of the yagya ras (=fluid extract of this yagya) after each prayer.
Okay Kumar?

Mr. Yadav: As you say Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, this time there is a slight change for you.

Me: What Guru-ji?

I replied from my lying position turning my head towards Guru-ji and noticed that his eyes were fixed on my
hillock-like sari-covered ass, as I lay on the floor. As our eyes met I clearly realized Guru-ji shifted his attention
from my gaand.

Guru-ji: After Kumar feeds you the blessed ras, you relay the prayer to Linga Maharaj, this time in your mind, and
then turn upside down. Kumar will repeat the same and the cycle will continue for six times, 3 above and 3 down.

It took some time for me to realize and before I could comprehend fully, Sanjeev explained me in very crude words
what shamelessness I will have to exhibit now.

Sanjeev: Madam, its very simple. What Guru-ji meant was now you are lying upside down. Mr. Yadav will do his first
prayer in this position. Then you recline in the normal horizontal position as we normally lie down in bed. Mr. Yadav
will do his second prayer in that position. And like this a total of six prayers are to be performed. That’s all. Jai
Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Anita I know it’s a bit clumsy for any woman, but a yagya custom is a yagya custom. I
cannot bypass it.

I had nothing to say, but to nod and obey Guru-ji’s words. My ears turned red instantly thinking of the very scene.
I will be lying on the floor horizontally and Mr. Yadav would climb up my body for his second prayer. Prior also, he
was riding my body for prayers, but still it had some dignity for me, as I was facing the floor, but this time it is
like I am lying on bed and my husband would hug me getting on top of me. And to crown it, I would be watched doing
this shameless act by two males. I could not look up at all and just kept my head down with my hands extended in
the form of pranam.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, you stay near Kumar to help him get up and get down.

I realized Sanjeev came near me and sat beside me. Now Mr. Yadav was sitting on my left hand side and Sanjeev to
the right hand side and I was lying on the floor in between them.

Guru-ji: Okay, Kumar you may start your first prayer. Everyone concentrate. Jai Linga Maharaj!

I felt a hand resting on my left ass cheek and a leg crossing my thighs and could well realize Mr. Yadav was getting
on top of my back. Sanjeev must have helped him, but I was shocked the next moment, as I felt two different
hands on my body. One was Mr. Yadav and surely the other one had to be Sanjeev! Mr. Yadav had not yet rested his
body on my back fully and he was holding my blouse-covered back shoulder for support I could realize, but Sanjeev
instead of dragging Mr. Yadav’s disabled leg onto my legs, he was gripping and feeling my well formed inner thighs
over my sari! I was in such a clumsy position that I could not turn back, but fortunately in a few moments Mr. Yadav
was fully stretching his body on my back and Sanjeev had removed his hands off my legs.

I heard Mr. Yadav whisper his first prayer. I was feeling much amused that he could still pray for his daughter! I
evidently felt Mr. Yadav’s lund was growing harder within his pajama getting the touch of my alluring sari-covered
flesh. This time the feel was much more appealing for me and unrestricted, as I was not wearing my panty. Same
was the case with Mr. Yadav also, as I found in no time he was moving his pelvis in a subtle rhythmic fashion
pressing more and more on my buttocks.

Now he took a spoonful of the yagya ras and fed me. My lips were already open due to the activities on my back.
Sanjeev helped Mr. Yadav to feed me the fluid. It tasted really good and I wanted to gulp more, but Guru-ji’s order
was one spoonful at a time. I then closed my eyes and relayed his prayer to Linga Maharaj.

Sanjeev: Madam, I will get Mr. Yadav down and now you turn to face us.

My heart was almost pounding as Mr. Yadav descended off my body. Now I had to turn and face Sanjeev and Mr.
Yadav. As I turned I could very well realize I was looking rather tempting and noticed that both of them were
looking very lewdly at my youthful body. I looked up and noted that Guru-ji was also looking at me with a smiling

Guru-ji: Now Kumar, you do your second prayer. Anita, as the medium you accommodate him fully on your body. The
ritual says that the medium should be able to listen to the devotee’s heartbeat.

I was feeling so ashamed that I just nodded lying in front of these three males. Mr. Yadav was more than eager to
ride me and as he rose on my body, I simply shut my eyes out of utter humiliation of being watched. As I turned to
lie on the floor in normal posture, I did one change from my previous posture, mainly out of natural womanly
shyness and kept my hands folded on my bosom. But…

Sanjeev: Madam, please keep your hands above your head in the pranam stance.
Me: I am feeling very uncomfortable like that.

I had to say now, but later found it was better not to have raised the issue, as Guru-ji made me more humiliated by
his words.

Sanjeev: But Madam…

Guru-ji: Anita, we all know that you cannot remain comfortable if a male gets onto to your body. But my dear, every
activity that we perform has an objective. If you keep your arms crossed on your breasts, how can you feel the
heartbeats of Kumar? How would you feel the impulse of his prayer as a medium if your breasts do not meet his

He paused a little and there was absolute silence in the puja-ghar. All three males were looking at my folded hands
on my undulating blouse-covered full breasts.

Guru-ji: If it was a tantra yagya and you acted as the medium, I would have made you strip your clothes because
that’s the norm of that ritual.

I was feeling so very disgraced hearing all this in front of these males and was cursing myself why I raised the
issue at all. Wasting no more time, I raised my hands above my head from my lying position and naturally my pallu
shifted a bit off my twin mountains and my blouse stretched making my boobs look more appealing and tempting.

In no time, Mr. Yadav was on top of my body and as he did that I clenched my teeth in shyness. I almost had the
same feeling as if my husband was getting on top of my body and I am lying supine on bed. He would first kiss my
neck and shoulder and then kiss my lips and his one hand would surely cup my breasts over my nightie or blouse,
whatever I wore in the house, and would twist my nipples. Then he would definitely pull up my dress to expose my
legs and thighs even if it was not an intercourse session, but just a limited love making episode. At times he would
let me pass not pulling up my dress till my waist and hence not making me somewhat uneasy to expose my panty or
pussy. Likewise Mr. Yadav placed himself quite securely over my body touching me everywhere almost except my

Since my arms were extended above my head, he virtually had an unrestricted access to my upper part of the body
and as he adjusted himself on my top, he even pressed by right boob with his elbow at least twice and also even
touched my pussy over my sari as if adjusting his crotch. He positioned himself perfectly over me for fucking and I
was feeling so very dishonored lying like this with two other males looking at me. Mr. Yadav now whispered his
prayer at my ears and while doing that he licked and bite my ears too. Though my eyes were closed, I could very
well realize that Sanjeev, who was sitting so close to me, must have been seeing this old man’s acts.

Now Mr. Yadav fed me with the fluid and while doing that his right hand was resting completely on my left peak and
he was even openly pressing a particular portion of my bulging flesh, as he had traced my hard poking nipple
through my blouse and sari. Sanjeev again helped him with the bowl and spoon and now I relayed his prayer to Linga
Maharaj. I only knew what I said to Linga Maharaj, as I was again getting horny with this intimate cuddling by Mr.
Yadav in the name of prayers.

I had to repeat the procedure a total of three times for his six prayers and at the end I was not only sweating
profusely, but also having a very violent orgasm. As understandable during the later prayers, Mr. Yadav was more
aggressive in his hugs while he whispered prayers in my ears. Once he even touched and brushed his thick bearded
lips on my tender lips and tried to kiss me, but I was alert enough to avoid that. With later prayers he gyrated his
pelvis even more indicatively and felt my whole body. And with each time helping Mr. Yadav, Sanjeev made sure that
he touched every part of my lower part of the body. I felt him cupping my ass cheeks at least twice or thrice and
felt the shape of my thighs over my sari on all the occasions he tried to help Mr. Yadav.

As I was not wearing a panty, my vaginal discharge was now dripping down my pussy to my inner thighs making my
petticoat wet. I was then thinking that I wish I had my panty on. When this process was over with Guru-ji and
Sanjeev shouting “Jai Linga Maharaj” and Mr. Yadav finally leaving my body, Sanjeev nailed the final pin to my
humiliation crusade.

Sanjeev: The room has become very hot Guru-ji. We are all sweating. We should take a small break Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Yes, we can take a small break, but we must complete everything within auspicious time, which is by

I had got up from the floor by that time and realized that I immediately needed to adjust my bra, as Mr. Yadav
had almost got my left nipple out of my bra cup through his continuous pushing and pressing on my breast area. But
I simply could not do that in front of these males and was planning to go to the toilet in fact.

Sanjeev: Right Guru-ji. Mr. Yadav, can you give your hanky once. I am sweating too much.

Mr. Yadav looked visibly puzzled. I realized immediately what was Sanjeev referring to. It was not Mr. Yadav’s
handkerchief, but my panty kept in his pocket in a crushed form.

I was feeling so nervous and anxious and did not know how to manage the situation. Same seemed the case with Mr.

Mr. Yadav: I mean err… this is not my hanky.

Sanjeev: Is it someone else’s?

Mr. Yadav: No, no. I mean it’s not a handkerchief.

Sanjeev: O! But it resembles one surely. By the way, what is it?

Mr. Yadav was looking at me now and I really was frozen, as I saw no way out.

Sanjeev: Is there any problem? Am I asking anything too personal sir?

Mr. Yadav had to answer something now and he let the cat out of the bag.

Mr. Yadav: It’s nothing of that sort. I mean… err…

He paused just a little, glanced at me and reveled that the thing in his pocket was not a hanky, but my panty!

Mr. Yadav: Actually when we went to the toilet, I mean when Anita went to the toilet, she was feeling some
discomfort, so she decided to take off her panty. As she had no proper place to keep it, I kept it in my pocket.

Saying that Mr. Yadav pulled out my panty from his pocket and openly showed it to Sanjeev. I lowered my eyes in
extreme shame and felt like dying in front of these males. All three males were looking intently and attentively to
my scanty undergarment. Sanjeev again remarked a superfluous humiliating statement.

Sanjeev: Oh! Madam then you are panty-less now?

I did not reply to his question and tried to avoid the situation.

Me: Guru-ji, if you please excuse me I will go to the toilet once.

Guru-ji: Surely Anita. But be back within five minutes, as the next yagya custom will involve Nandini.

I got off from the floor and almost snatched my ‘displayed’ panty from Mr. Yadav’s hand and went out of the room
towards the toilet. I heard a soft laughter from Sanjeev and Mr. Yadav and felt so very offended and cursed
myself time and again about my mistake of putting my undergarment into his pocket. I went to the toilet and
washed my face and pulled up my sari and petticoat and washed my inner thighs too, which were sticky with my
vaginal discharges, and then wore my panty though it was slightly wet in the front. As usual almost the whole of my
round gaand remained exposed out of my panty line and I lowered my sari and tried to look normal and decent.

When I was back, I could not see Mr. Yadav, he must have left the puja-ghar and went to the drawing room, and
Mrs. Yadav was there instead.

Seeing Mrs. Yadav again, I smiled at her and she smiled back. I thought if she only knew what his husband was
doing with me all this time! Mrs. Yadav was in the complete white attire as before and now with more sweating, her
bra was even more visible through the flimsy material of her blouse. She and Sanjeev sat side by side before the
yagya fire opposite Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Nandini, all this time Kumar was praying for Shilpa Beti abiding the norms of this ritual. This yagya
demands for a medium, which would transfer your prayers to Agnidev and Linga Maharaj. For you, Sanjeev will act
as the medium.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, if you feel you can go and relax outside, as I would not require you right now.

For a moment I thought to agree to it, but remembered that Mr. Yadav would be around outside and he would
definitely lust for me again in his wife’s absence. At the same time, the smoke and the heat in the room was also
suffocating me somewhat.

Mrs. Yadav: You can spend sometime with my daughter. She must be feeling bored as I am here now.

I thought that was not a bad idea and that way I would also be avoiding Mr. Yadav and his forceful approaches.

Me: Okay. That would be better. Where is she?

Mrs. Yadav: You go down the hallway and stairs and instead of going straight to the drawing room, turn left. Shilpa
is in her room only.

Me: Fine. Guru-ji then…

Guru-ji: Sure Anita, you can chat with Shilpa Beti and I can finish off with Nandini by that time.

I nodded and went out of the puja-ghar. I was really curious to know how Mrs. Yadav would behave in front of
Guru-ji with Sanjeev. I wondered if the norms would remain the same for Mrs. Yadav as it was with me or would be
something different. I was again getting a feel of unnecessarily curiosity within me. But now that I was out from
that room, I had little option to see Sanjeev and Mrs. Yadav. I was thinking how could I steal a peep into the puja-
ghar, but as I was walking simultaneously, I reached the stairs and started descending towards the drawing room
pathway. I remembered Mrs. Yadav told to turn left for Shlipa’s room.

As I turned left I encountered a person, looked like the servant of the house and he looked at me questionably,
which was obvious too.

Me: Actually Mrs. Yadav told me to go to Shilpa’s room. Where is her room?

The servant indicated to a door and we were standing almost in front of that.

Me: Thanks.
The servant went away and I stepped ahead and knocked at the door. There was no response from inside the room.
The door was locked. I knocked again.

Shilpa: Who is it?

I could clearly make out from her voice that my knocking irritated her. I was wondering what I would reply to who
I was because surely she would not recognize me by my name. Fortunately I did not have to reply and Shilpa opened
the door. She peeped her face from the thick curtain on the door.

Shilpa: O! It’s you Aunty. I thought…

She did not complete the sentence and let open the door for me to get in.

Me: Your mom actually is busy in the yagya now. So I thought to spend some time with you.

Shilpa smiled and welcomed me to her room. As I entered the room, she locked the door behind me. The room was
quite spacious, well decorated and with lots of electronic gadgets. As I turned my eyes from the room furniture
towards Shilpa, I was a bit surprised to see that she was not wearing the pajama of her suit and was walking in
front of me only wearing the long white kurta. Though she looked decent as she was covered till her knees, I could
not find a proper reason for her at that time to be like that.

Shilpa: Aunty, you are with Guru-ji for how long?

Me: Actually I am with him for not so long, only recently.

As she talked she looked visibly uncomfortable and I noticed she was breathing heavily too. Her tight salwar was
making her boobs look more prominent as she breathed heavily.

Me: What problems are you having in your studies?

I sat on the couch as I asked the above. Shilpa stood in the middle of the room and was probably hesitating for
something and I looked questionably at her.

Shilpa: Aunty you sit for a minute. I will be back from the toilet. Actually I was going for it and hence had opened
my pajama also.

Me: Oh! Okay, okay. I will wait. You can just switch on the TV for me.

As I said that I noticed the video player kept below the television was already ON!

Me: Were you watching any movie?

Listening to my question, suddenly there was a change in Shilpa’s face I noticed. She looked visibly anxious.

Shilpa: How do you know that I mean…

Me: The video player is ON, that’s why I said.

Shilpa: Oh!

She said in such a tone, as if she missed it completely. I saw the TV was switched off and could well realize now
surely she was watching a movie and as soon as I knocked she switched the TV off, but forgot to switch off the
video player. The teenager looked evidently caught red handed and now tried to act smart.
Shilpa: Yes Aunty, but that’s actually a very boring movie. I will switch on the TV for you.

I was getting curious now out of my natural instinct and wanted to know what Shilpa was watching. I must know why
she had taken off her pajama though she said she was going to the toilet, but I was not convinced. As she
proceeded to switch on the TV, I could see she was wearing a pink panty through the long cut of her kurta.
Generally the salwar suits that I wear has the cut at the sides below my waistline, but I noticed in the kurta, which
Shilpa was wearing, it was much higher, in fact above waistline, and it was abundantly exposing her sides and part
of her petite butts even. I appreciated again in my mind her captivating figure.

Me: What’s the name of the movie?

Shilpa: It’s a dubbed film Aunty. Very slow, you wont like it watching from the middle.

I could well realize that she tried her best trying to refrain me from watching it, but I was now quite focussed to
check that out.

Me: Shilpa, its just time pass. In 10-15 minutes Guru-ji will call you. Lets watch that only.

I left no way out for Shilpa and she reluctantly switched on the television for the movie to continue. I noticed that
she was very quick enough to get inside the attached toilet with her white pajama in her hand. I concentrated on
the TV screen and after some blurring on the screen the movie started playing.

Me: Ooooooooooooooh!

The very first shot that I saw was a passionate kissing scene. The shot was taken from close quarters and then
camera slowly zoomed out. The male actor was hugging the actress tightly and sucking her lips. The actress was
also responding by scratching his back and pulling his hairs. They were in a room, but not on bed. Indeed the scene
was hot, as the actress was wearing very scanty clothes and the actor was touching her everywhere. The camera
panned from the back of the actress and rested at a side-view. The heroine was wearing something better than a
brassiere, which could not hold her big sized breasts with a very small skirt advertising her ample-sized bottoms. I
was shocked to see that the actress was not even wearing a bra. I must say she was looking extremely sexy in that
outfit. It was a long teasing scene and they both were kissing and fondling each other for an extended period of
time and throughout the camera panned on the heavy dose of skin exposure by the actress. The male actor was
doing everything that sometime ago Mr. Yadav was doing to me behind the closed door of the toilet.

I could very well realize now why Shilpa was breathing heavily and had opened her pajama and was probably at the
verge of masturbating when I knocked. It was a dubbed South Indian film and things were getting hotter on the
screen every moment, as I noticed the actress was made topless removing her bra-like top, which was in any case
quite nonexistent. Automatically and unknowingly my hands went to my breasts and felt my flesh and touched my
nipples over my blouse and bra. My ears were red and I was also breathing heavily now exactly like Shilpa. I am at
least 10 years elder than her, but the effect was probably the same.

I was really not used to see such movies though my husband did bring some porn VCDs after my initial days of
marriage, but they were all English. In fact I have rarely watched such desi masala video. In most of the English
porn VCDs that my husband brought everything was so very direct – the actress came to the screen almost naked,
the males simply waiting to drop their pants, and intercourse was like bread and butter. I admitted in my mind that
I liked this desi exposure and heating up process much more than what my hubby used to bring.

The actress was now only wearing a black panty and she was indeed a buxom lady flaunting her assets on the screen
shamelessly. The male actor was also stripped to his chaddi and his erect covered tool was making me feel so
restless. At that very moment, the door of the room opened and another lady appeared and from the dialogues I
could realize that the two females were sisters who both loved this man. In no time, the male actor dragged the
newcomer into the room and closed the door and in no time the newcomer girl was also stripped to her
undergarments. Now the man was hugged from the front by the newcomer girl clad in her bra and panty, and he was
hugged from behind by the original girl wearing only a panty. Both girls were pressing their ripe mangoes on the
male actor’s body.

Me: Oooooooooooooooooo! O! My god!

When this blow hot scene was going on, the toilet door opened and Shilpa entered the room. I saw her eyes were
stuck to the screen as well. In fact, any woman from 16-46 would have their nipples hardened seeing this sort of a
scene. Shilpa like me was no exception. But I had to react so that things looked normal and I could not simply sit
and watch this porn stuff with this teenager, though very honestly I wanted to see more.

Me: What’s this? You were watching this sort of a movie?

Shilpa was in the apologetic mode right away.

Shilpa: Aunty, believe me, I did not know it was like this. My brother gave it to me and said to watch privately.
Aunty, please do not tell my parents.

Me: Brother?!?

Shilpa: Actually he is my father’s elder brother’s son, he is in college now.

Shilpa was visibly nervous and came near and held my hands.

Me: Your parents are so very concerned about you and you are wasting time by watching these filthy things!

I tried to act like a strict elder and Shilpa now virtually broke in my arms. She started weeping almost hugging me.
Again in my mind I appreciated her developing figure. She was leaning on to me and my hands were touching her
taut boobs, and they were so tight over her dress that I was made to remember my school days. I also had a good
attractive figure in Class XII, but of course I didn’t have the sharpness of Shilpa and overall she looks prettier
than me.

Me: Shilpa do not try to act innocent. You are not a little girl by any means.

I tried to shrug her off my body. She was still leaning a bit and wiped her wet eyes. I noticed her young breasts
were protruding forward stretching her tight kurta fabric, as she breathed heavily due to sobbing. I do not know
what went past my mind and suddenly I started behaving like a very strict teacher who had as if caught a
misconduct of a pupil in class. Was I jealous of her very attractive developing figure, or her prettier face than
mine, or her compromised situation before me? I really could not comprehend why, but I started conducting myself
in the shoes of a ‘mistress.’

Me: Okay, enough. Stand properly.

I had paused the movie on the video player prior, as soon as I started conversing with Shilpa. She stood erect now
and was not getting courage to look into my eyes.

Me: Shilpa, tell me the truth and then I will not let your parents know anything, but truth. I only saw a part of it,
but you must have seen the whole movie?

Shilpa did not raise her eyes and nodded affirmatively.

Me: Tell me the story.

Shilpa: Aunty err… its mostly… I mean there is no...

She was stammering and I stepped in with a strong command.

Me: Whatever is the story just tell me.

Shilpa: Okay Aunty. Please don’t get angry. I am telling. Actually there is a girl who came for an outing at a sea
beach with her family. She has two more sisters and here they meet another group and become friendly with them.
The three sisters have an affair with the three boys of that group. Even the parents were shown to have affairs.
Aunty there is nothing in the story.

Shilpa told the entire thing looking at the floor and I was getting an eccentric feeling of supremacy over this sweet
teenager girl.

Me: Which part did you like the best Shilpa?

Shilpa: Aunty I told you its very boring, only full of those scenes. I didn’t like the film at all.

Me: Then why had you opened your pajama?

Shilpa: Aunty err… I actually… I told you I wanted to go to….

She was stammering and trying to voice a confident reply, but I did not give her any chance to do that.

Me: Am I to believe that each time you go to the bathroom, you remove the lower part of your dress?

Shilpa kept her head down and stood dumb.

Me: I want to know the truth.

Shilpa: Aunty actually, I mean, I was feeling very restless and hot seeing the scenes and so…

Me: How many times have you seen it?

Shilpa: This was the second time. I swear Aunty.

Me: When did you watch it first time?

She again kept dumb and was twitching her lips with her teeth. I was also feeling a circulatory boost within my
blood vessels, as I was as if interrogating this sexy chick.

Shilpa: Aunty, please don’t tell mom. She would beat me to death.

Me: I will not till the time you reply me.

I tried to sound very strict.

Shilpa: Last evening, mom went shopping and dad was in the study and then I watched it.

Me: Did you get the same feeling like today?

Shilpa: Yes Aunty.

Me: You opened your pajama yesterday also?

I knew I was going a bit too far and asking too many private questions to this teenager, but I felt great thrill in
cross-examining her. Shilpa’s face turned visibly red at this question and his hands automatically crossed in front
of her pussy. Shilpa nodded her head in negation.

Me: Tell the truth Shilpa.

Shilpa: Aunty I am telling the truth. Yesterday evening I was wearing a skirt, so…

Me: Okay, say that.

I realized she must have fingered and rubbed her pussy pulling up her skirt.

Me: Shilpa, do one thing. You just forward the movie to the portion, which you liked the most. Here is the remote.

I handed her the remote and she was obviously tentative about doing that, but I portrayed a very strict
appearance and commanding mode such that it looked very real. She took the remote, but was still thinking.

Me: What happened?

Shilpa: Aunty the film is full of those scenes.

Me: But you enjoyed them, isn’t it? I want to see which part you enjoyed the most. Don’t panic. I will not tell you
anything. Just fast forward to that scene.

Though Shilpa was hesitant, but did not have the courage probably to drag the conversation further. She started
fast forwarding the video and stopped after a while and pressed on the “play” button. The movie rolled on and both
of us were concentrating on the television screen. Shilpa stopped the movie at a place where a girl was walking on
the sea beach with a boy. Both were teenagers. It was not the same actress, whom I was watching when Shilpa was
in the toilet. She must be the sister of that girl, I presumed. She was walking uncomfortably on the beach as her
miniskirt was rising time and again due to the wind and exposing her legs. She was trying to cover her properly
when the boy suggested her to sit on the beach. The girl liked the idea, but as she sat on the sand, the stiff wind
raised her skirt so much that her panty-covered ass was flashed on the screen.

I looked at Shilpa from the corner of my eye and she was already breathing heavier and her hand on her pelvic
area. I concentrated back on the TV screen. The girl could not even sit properly that the boy jumped on her and
started pulling up her dress from everywhere. It looked so odd and it was clearly meant for male audience pleasure
I understood, as time and again the girl’s skirt was pulled up to her waist by the boy exposing her white panty.
Though the girl was trying to keep her skirt down, the effort was not enough. Within moments the girl’s top flew in
the wind on the beach and her upper part was only clad in a white brassiere. Though she appeared like a teenager, I
noted she had full boobs and they were abundantly groped and massaged by the boy on the open beach. The boy
was now kissing the girl and also cupping her ripe mangoes over her bra.

I again took my eyes off the television screen to look at Shilpa only to find that both of us were watching the
movie with our hands on our respective pussies. There was no difference in our approach - myself being married or
Shilpa being a virgin. The fire in me was still there because of what Shilpa’s father did to me some minutes prior
and seeing all these hot activities, I again started feeling the tightness within my blouse and the itching in my

The scene continued and I noticed Shilpa’s eyes wide open and glued to the screen. And why not? Even if I had the
opportunity to watch this sort of pron at my teenage, I would get the same thrill. The boy was off of his jeans and
T-shirt and was down to his shorts and the actress was almost naked except for her white inner wears. The boy
was already in the fucking position with the girl below him and gyrating his hips very provocatively on her pelvis and
squeezing her ample boobs with both hands. The camera was sometimes zooming on the girl’s face, boobs, and
within the gap of her legs being parted below the boy’s legs and she was uttering all kinds of sexual sounds.
Me: Decrease the sound.

Shilpa immediately controlled the volume so that sound did not go outside the room and she was so engrossed
watching this hot sequence that she did not even bother to look at me. In no time the television screen became a
sexual ground with the girl was stripped completely naked and the boy also threw off his shorts and took out his
lund. Seeing a male penis made me very excited again and the boy was all ready to penetrate her on the open beach.
I wondered where it was shot. The beach though looked empty, the girl and the boy were now absolutely naked. I
was really not ware that our desi actors and actresses have become so bold and hot scenes like these are shot in
the open! The camera was showing the girls’ pussy in close up, but I was dying to see the actor’s penis, but that was
rarely shown. Strangely the fucking scene did not continue for long and abruptly the next scene showed two girls
on bed chatting.

Shilpa: Aunty, the scene is over.

Me: I can see that.

I was a bit dejected for the short longevity of the fucking session, but there was more waiting for me. The two
girls chatting readily turned into a long and erotic lesbian scene and honestly for the first time in my life I was
seeing lesbianism and that too with desi girls like us! Both girls were wearing nighty, but of course very sexy types
exposing a lot of flesh. They came closer and started kissing each other and each one was squeezing each other’s
boobs simultaneously making things look extremely obscene. The kissing was so slow and teasing, each girl licking
and sucking the other girls’ lips, I was slowly getting wet within my panty now. A girl kissing a girl – I had never
seen this and I could realize my heart was beating faster and seeing this after the initial fucking scene on the
beach, unknowingly both my hands went to my heavy bosom and started tracing and twisting my nipples over my sari
and blouse. I could even hear my own heart beat!

I looked at Shilpa and she was no different. She also was breathing deeply and her boobs were now looking even
sexier in her tight kurta going up and down. I turned to the movie again. The two girls were crossing all limits now.
They had opened their nighties and were clad only in their panties now. They both had good-sized boobs and were
looking extremely appealing in topless condition on bed. Their naked and freely hanging boobs were swaying and
jerking at every movement and each girl in turn were pinching each others’ nipples. Things looked really hot and wild
when they started licking each other’s bare boobs and squeezed each other’s buttocks over their panties.

Right at that moment, a very weird idea struck me. Though for a moment I thought I should not proceed with it,
but considering the compromising position Shilpa was in, I thought to go ahead with it. Honestly, I wanted to
experience this new approach of excitement I was seeing on screen. The girls displayed heights of shamelessness
when they pulled each other’s panties down and started licking each other’s pussies. I must admit I was getting
excited by the moment seeing this desi lesbianism. I made up my mind.

Me: Shilpa.

I tried to speak in a strong cold voice, but my sexual thrill inside made my voice tremble. Shilpa was also not
prepared for a word from me right at the middle of this blow hot scene. So she was a bit startled and looked up at
me questionably.

Me: Come here.

Shilpa came forward and stood exactly in front of me.

Me: I have decided that I will divulge to your parents about your watching these dirty materials. It’s the question
of your studies, I cannot compro… .

Shilpa: Aunty, please. What happened? Did I do anything wrong now? Please do not do such a thing. My mom will kill
me. Aunty please.

Me: No, no. I cannot let you go.

Shilpa almost was begging me for a let off now. She held both my hands and was pleading me.

Shilpa: Aunty, please. Mom will make my life hell if she comes to know about this. I will do anything for you Aunty.
Please Aunty don’t tell…

Me: Okay, okay. I can let you go on one condition.

Shilpa: I will do it, but please aunty, don’t tell mom.

Me: Shilpa I want you to enact the scene here that’s going on in the movie.

Shilpa looked very puzzled. She was looking blank almost.

Shilpa: W-h-a-t?

I looked at her eyes and tried to look as firm as possible.

Me: You do what you see on TV.

Shilpa: Aunty, I did not get you fully. You mean…

Me: Yes Shilpa. If you are so interested in watching these, I feel you must be equally interested in doing so. Right?

Shilpa looked with a very surprised face at me. She could not expect this sort of an approach from me I could
realize very well. But for me the itching of my pussy is more important now than what this teenager thinks about

Shilpa: Aunty you mean I will do what the girls are doing in the movie?

Me: Yes and hurry up. Otherwise…

I did not have to complete my sentence as Shilpa agreed readily now.

Shilpa: Okay Aunty. I will do it. Will do it.

She was in a mixture of excitement, panic, and anxiousness regarding the whole subject.

Me: Get the video at the beginning of this scene.

Now I started to act quickly. I got up on the bed and indicated her to follow me. She started rewinding the video
to the end of the beach fucking scene and paused there. She then followed suit and got up on the bed. The bed was
a double bed and large sized. As she crawled on her knees on the bed to come near me, I saw her kurta’s neckline
hung low exposing her tight biggies.

Me: You have a nice figure.

Shilpa could not even speak anything now. Her face was clearly saying that she was so very apprehensive at my
approach. She just nodded.

I tried to guess her bra size, should be 30. I know pretty soon once she goes to college and with the introduction
of a boyfriend, her boobs would certainly grow to larger size.

Me: Turn on the video in slow motion and you do exactly what you see on screen. Okay Shilpa?

Shilpa: Okay Aunty.

Shilpa was still evidently hesitant and I had to take the command of the situation. The video started in slow motion
and the two girls were again seen lying in bed chatting among them. I pulled Shilpa close to my body with somewhat
trembling hands. My heart was thumping, as I was about to get into my first lesbian experience. Never ever in my
life did I think of this, but today due to the situational urge I dragged myself into it. I was not only feeling quite
nervous now, but also a bit shaky though Shilpa had lowered her eyes as I touched her. Her pretty face was turning
red and her palms were cold, I guess out of anxiousness. The sexual heat and drive within me took my mind’s
control and I in turn took Shilpa in my control.

In the movie, the girls were now close enough and started embracing each other. I hugged Shilpa and felt her
young perky boobs almost bounced off my matured heavy bosom. She was very hesitant to hold me and I forced her
to hold my blouse covered back and we started feeling each other’s bodies.

Shilpa: Aunty I am feeling very uncomfortable.

She almost whispered in my ears. I hugged her more close to my body and assured her.

Me: If you did not feel uncomfortable watching it, why are you feeling ashamed now? Just watch the movie and not
think of anything else.

Saying that I brushed my cheeks on hers. Her skin was extremely smooth, the fragrance of youth advertised on
every part of her body. The girls on the movie had already started kissing now, but I did not have the courage
somehow to kiss this teenager girl. Instead I cupped her tight breasts and tried to ignite her. Her boobs were not
very large, but they were full and very firm and Shilpa was blushing heavily as I traced my finger on her nipples
over her kurta and bra.

Me: Shilpa your skin is soooooo smoooooooooth!

Shilpa smiled and blushed again. I now took one hand off her conical breast and held her hand and put it
straightway on my blouse covered mammaries. She readily started feeling my full breasts over my blouse and then
gently started squeezing them. The action on the television screen made our activities more vivid and courageous.
As the girls in the movie hugged, kissed, and almost stripped to nakedness, I was also growing hornier. I dropped
my pallu on the bed and even pulled a part of my sari and petticoat above my legs till my knees. Simultaneously I
made sure that Shilpa’s kurta was also over her tight breasts exposing her bra.

Me: Shilpa, now open my hooks.

I whispered in her ears and pulled up her kurta almost to her head exposing her upper part. Shilpa almost shivered
at this action as she was shamelessly exposed now.

Shilpa: Aunty please, don’t do it.

I had no time to listen to her words and wanted the same sexual firepower to explode her too. I dragged her closer
and entered my left hand straight within her bra cup and caught her young firm breast within my palm. The feeling
of touch on her naked boobs made Shilpa go wild with excitement and my trick worked perfectly on her. She was
almost hissing in ecstasy and sexual excitement. Her boob size and vibrant flesh did remind me of my school days
again. Little did I knew then that I was unknowingly preparing her for Guru-ji, an incident I would never forget in
my life, as that’s the only time I saw a LIVE virginity loss session in front of my eyes.
I could well understand that my direct touching and cupping of her naked boobs over her bra had made her almost
mad with excitement and to add oil to the fire I deliberately twisted her nipples quite hard to turn her on quickly.
Shilpa by that time had unbuttoned my blouse fully and I also made her half exposed like me by pulling off her
kurta over her head. Now we both were in our bra along with our remaining clothes and fiercely hugging each other.
I had driven Shilpa go wild with excitement and she was delivering me the tightest hugs and squeezes at my
intimate body parts. Now to make things more exciting, I simply pulled off her pajama knot at one go and brought
my heavy body on hers and made her lie down on the bed below me.

Shilpa: Ouch!

Shilpa gasped as I did that. Our bra covered breasts were resisting and bouncing against each other and now
myself on top of her in a very advantageous position, I caught hold of her bra and pulled it up and exposed her very
firm tits completely for the first time. I touched and felt them and honestly they were so smooth, so soft yet so
firm that I was somewhat envious. I very well knew the teenage psychology and Shilpa also as if to reciprocate my
action, she hugged me tight with her both hands from her lying position and in no time unclasped my bra hook on my
back. Unlike my husband who has opened my bra hook the maximum number of times and to tell you the truth, he
still fumbles, Shilpa unclasped it in one smooth go and now we were both topless in each other’s arms.

There was practically no need to look at the TV screen now as we both were thoroughly charged. Frankly I was also
enjoying and getting excited by Shilpa’s touches and hugs though not exactly as it would have been has Shilpa been
a male, but still it was a new thrill, which felt extremely good. Since I was still on top of her, Shilpa was fondling,
pressing, and gripping my boobs from her lying position making me wild with excitement. I was already pretty wet
within my panty and I naturally wanted something to be done there.

Me: Shilpa, my dear, now deliver something more.

Shilpa: What do you want aunty?

Me: Open my panty and…

I did not have to complete the sentence as Shilpa smiled and blushed at the same time and gave the nod. I pulled
myself from her body and lied on the bed and she instantly got up and went towards my legs. Her naked boobs
sprung and moved very alluringly as there was no bra to hold them. She threw a pillow at me to rest my head and
pulled up my sari and petticoat a bit and inserted her hands within and went up towards my waist. A tremor passed
my spine as she touched my panty and kept her palm directly on my pussy. I lifted my heavy gaand a bit and
wriggled in that position so that Shilpa could pull my panty down easily.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I exclaimed as she slowly pulled my panty down till my mid thighs. Now she took her right back to my pelvic area
and rested it on my hairy choot. She was feeling my pubic hairs and teasingly pulling some of them with her fingers.

Shilpa: Aunty you seem to have a jungle there.

We both laughed at her words and she started massaging my pussy from the outside.

Me: Aaaaaaaaah! What a relief!

I again exclaimed and was feeling on top of the world. This is one exercise my husband also would like to do most
obediently, i.e. massaging my choot with his palm, rubbing my thick pubic hairs, tracing a finger down my pussy hole
to almost my ass hole and then fingering my hole. But his problem is he wants to do this making my lower half
completely naked, but the way Shilpa was doing it I was feeling more comfortable as my sari was still tucked at my
waist. Generally with my husband on bed, I wear a nighty mostly, though at the initial stage of my marriage on some
weekends he forced me to wear skirts on bed and enjoyed my shameless upskirt views. But whatever I wore, skirts
or nighties, he liked to do this massaging making me completely naked, which I did not appreciate at all, as most
times he was still wearing his vest and pajama or shorts and I felt rather uncomfortable lying like that and my
husband sitting down my legs.

Shilpa continued my choot massage and fingering for quite some time and I was rubbing my firm naked mammaries
on my own with my two hands and enjoyed the whole process thoroughly. I turned to the TV screen once to find
that the lesbian scene was over, but another sequence was going on where a lady, must be above 35, was wiping the
floor and giving a man huge cleavage views. I concentrated back on bed with Shilpa.

Me: Stop now and come to me.

Shilpa pulled out her hand from below my sari and crawled towards my face. Her boobs were hanging like two apples
and swinging vigorously as she moved. Any male would have voluntary masturbation seeing that scene I thought. At
the next moment I thought seeing me lying on bed in topless condition would not also be far behind in terms of
voluntary masturbation. I smiled within me reading my own thoughts.

Me: Do you want the same pleasure?

Shilpa: No, no aunty. I am okay.

I pulled her towards me and he fell on my body and I touched her cheeks with my lips and finally was able to kiss
her very tender lips. It was not a long one as we both were uncomfortable as we both were kissing a similar
gender’s lips for the first time in our lives. Shilpa was almost panting after the kiss and looked visibly nervous
again. I coaxed her and tried to wipe out the guilt from her mind. At the same time I was on the verge of a
discharge after my first lesbian experience and I was pretty much satisfied. Though I was not fucked on both
occasions, first by Shilpa’s disabled father and now this lesbo thing, still I was not feeling frustrated.

Me: Who will go to the toilet first?

Shilpa: Aunty if you don’t mind I would like to go first.

I smiled and nodded. Shilpa got out of the bed and walked topless to the toilet and admittedly she was looking
gorgeous. She picked up her bra and kurta off the bed and a fresh panty from the wardrobe for understandable
reasons and disappeared behind the toilet door. I was feeling a bit tired now having two orgasms in quick
succession. My semi dry panty was again wet almost fully with my vaginal discharge and I was still discharging in
slow jet. I just closed my eyes and rested for a while on Shilpa’s bed.

Shilpa: Aunty, you can go now.

Shilpa looked fresh and I noticed she had changed her hairstyle and was looking prettier. I was still lying on the
bed with my milk jugs gaping openly towards the roof and being in the semi-nude condition, my nipples remained
taut. I got out of the bed covering my upper treasures with my sari and picked up my blouse and bra and was about
to go to the toilet when Shilpa interrupted me.

Shilpa: Aunty the toilet floor is fully wet as I have splashed water there. It will be better if you leave your sari

Me: Right you are.

I whiffed off my sari to the floor and was standing now in my petticoat only and my freely hanging uncovered
mammaries jiggling with every movement. I noticed Shilpa was staring at my naked boobs in an appreciative manner
and I started feeling somewhat proud in my mind for my figure. Shilpa’s admiring looks actually made me more
inclined about displaying my full figure to her.
Me: It will be better to leave my petticoat also here.

Shilpa: As you please Aunty.

We both laughed a little. I untied my petticoat knot and it slid off my waist brushing my thighs to the floor. I was
now standing in front of this teenager wearing only a panty. Shilpa did not pronounce anything, but I could gather
the “Wow!” from her looks at my naked heavy figure.

Shilpa: Aunty, your panty is spoiled. It’s fully wet.

I blushed a little hearing this though from a female. I bent a little to note it and found a circular wet mark on the
front of my panty.

Me: I have to take it off. No other way.

Saying that I went to the toilet and closed the door though in fact there was no need as I was so shamelessly
displaying my assets. I cleaned myself getting out of my last clothing and was feeling much fresh. I took my time
and dried myself with the towel and got out of the toilet just casually wrapping the towel to my waist.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

That was what which went out of my mouth as soon as I stepped out of the toilet. I never ever in my wildest
dreams expected that there could be someone else present in the room aside for Shilpa. And so I was very relaxed
and did not bother to cover my mammaries at all and my towel wrapping on my waist was also very, very
inappropriate. In fact, my big ass cheeks were partly exposed as I draped just to cover my hairy pussy. As I
stepped out of the wet floor of the toilet with my panty in my hand, what do I see?

No Shilpa in the room, and a middle aged man standing with a bucket, whom I was seeing for the first time, looked
like a servant of the house, standing in front of me! I was so dumbstruck by the situation that I made a complete
mess of the whole situation. My first instant reaction getting out of the toilet in an almost naked condition was to
cover my big swaying breasts. I tried to do that with both hands struggling to cover my whole proud flesh,
ultimately covering only the central portion of my mammaries, i.e. my areolas and nipples, with my palms. This very
action made my towel instantly drop from my waist to the floor, as it was not tied and my hairy choot was clearly
displayed in front of the servant who was also absolutely astonished seeing me in such a horribly exposed condition.

Servant: Madam, any problem?

I was in no position to answer his question and never ever in my life I was in such a clumsy position. Now came the
worst part. I instantaneously bent down in an entirely naked posture to pick up the towel before that person, who
was standing right in front of me. When I was half the way up from my bent position picking up the towel and
trying to cover my open pussy again, in a hurry my panty, which I was holding in my right hand, slipped from my
fingers. I should have simply ignored that because by that time that guy had seen my body entirely nude and that
too in the bright illumination of the room. The light was so adequate that he could probably visually segregate even
my pussy hairs!

After picking up the towel from the floor, I held it in a bunched up fashion in front of my pussy as a cover for it,
but as I saw my panty slipping off my fingers, my reflexes prompted me to catch that while it was still in the air
and in trying to do that I made an absolute muddle of everything. Though all these were happening within the wink
of an eye, but to me it seemed to be never ending.

The awareness of my naked condition in the presence of a completely unknown man made me so panicky and tensed,
I tried to do things in great haste and jumbled up everything. As I tried to catch my panty before it could touch
the ground from a half stood up position, I lost my balance and my outstretched fingers in trying to grab it, hit the
panty further away from me to the legs that guy standing with the bucket. I was significantly unbalanced, more so
due to my heavily built lower half, and was down onto my knees on the floor. Naturally my left hand drifted off my
pussy and so was the towel cover, and again my pussy was fully disclosed to the eyes of this lower class man along
with my bubbling boobs.

I did not know what to do and before I could get up and ran into the toilet for a cover, that man who was till then
standing with a bucket and gaping at me came forward for my help. For the first time I concentrated for a split
second on him – he was a middle-aged man, very repulsive looking, dark complexioned but well built, wearing a blue
shirt and a dhoti and probably had come to clean the toilet.

Servant: “Madam, careful, careful.”

He moved in quickly and caught me by my naked shoulder. For a split second my position was awesome in that room –
I was unbalanced and standing on my knees on the floor, not a thread on my body, my jiggling vivacious boobs were
hanging like two ripe pomegranates and my pinkish red nipples fully erect on them as if inviting that male, and he
bent forward supporting me holding me by my shoulder!

I straightaway jerked his hand off my shoulder and covered my hanging boobs with the towel and stood up. I did
not waste a second’s time even and ran into the bathroom, which were three to four steps away and I had no other
option but to display my huge naked gaand in full proportion to this man till I closed the door. I closed the door and
was so, so relieved. I was significantly panting, as I was feeling so ashamed and tensed. I took some time to recover
and very soon I realized that I was only behind closed doors, but had simply nothing to wear! I had only the small
towel and my wet panty to be dressed with. I tried to make out leaning to the closed toilet door if I could hear
Shilpa outside, but there was no noise. Some moments passed and suddenly the servant spoke out almost shaking

Servant: Madam, I will clean the toilet, please dress up quickly. I have other things to do also.

Me: Wait, wait.

I was now slowly sweating a bit as I found myself in a tight spot regarding what to do. I looked around in the toilet
to look for any used clothes of Shilpa. I did not find any dress hanging on the wall hooks, but as I explored further
I found some dress material dumped in a bucket. I jumped into it and ran though it only to find a couple of colored
brassieres and panties along with a pleated skirt and a crushed top. I was still standing stark naked within the
toilet and as there was no other option I decided to wear whatever was available.

Servant: How long will I stand Madam?

The man was nagging me now and was getting over my nerves. I replied him with a stern voice.

Me: Either wait or call Shilpa once.

Servant: Madam, Shilpa didi has gone upstairs for some work of Seth-ji.

I could well understand that I was almost in a catch 22 situation. I could not get out of the toilet naked before a
male and simultaneously if I ask this servant to call Mr. Yadav, he would certainly not leave me without enjoying me
again when he would find me in this compromising state. The other option was to call Mrs. Yadav who would have
saved me, but again she was busy in the yagya. Then I thought if I ask this man to pass me over my sari and blouse,
but realized that could invite more trouble as he would knew that I have nothing to wear. So I dropped all ideas of
calling this man and concentrated about how to wear whatever was available.

First thing I did was to wear my own panty, which was available with me though semi wet, but I really had no other
alternatives. I bent a little and pulled up my right leg into the cut out hole of the panty and dragged it up till my
knees and then pulled up my left leg and inserted it into the other hole and drew it up my smooth thighs to my
plump buttocks. I took both my hands to my back and stretched the fabric of the panty on my wide curvy ass
cheeks and tried to cover them decently and then wriggled a bit to ensure the whole of my long ass crack was
properly covered by my panty.

Secondly, I picked up the couple of bra and could easily see that they were of same size and were of course of
Shilpa. The cups were much smaller compared to what I wear, but there was nothing else I inserted my arms into
the straps of the bra and tried to cover my mammaries. I knew it was not possible, but at least now my large
roundish areolas were covered along with my perky nipples. I was no longer looking vulgarly indecent. The bra hook
remained open at my back.

Thirdly, I kept aside the other bra and picked up the skirt. It was a nice pleated skirt and fortunately not very
short and as I wore it, it covered me pretty decently till my knees. But the problem was elsewhere as the waist
circumference was much smaller for me and I could not button it. Shilpa’s waist must be 28 or 30 and mine was 34
at least and with my bulging fleshy ass, the skirt fitted rather tight at my buttock area. I ignored it, as I knew
once I get out of here, the first thing I would do is to put on my sari.

The remaining thing to be done was to cover my breast area decently. I lifted up the crushed top from the bucket
and tried to smoothen it. Shilpa’s top was not getting smoothened at all as probably it was there in a crushed form
for a long time. Then when I tried to insert my arms into the sleeves, I realized it was too short and too tight for a
full-grown woman like me. I was a misfit from all angles for that modern short top. I dropped it into the bucket
again and instead took the towel and stretched it in a way so that my full round globes remain covered tolerably.

Servant: Madam, any problem? Are you okay? Shall I call Seth-ji?

Me: No, no. No need to call anyone. I am coming out.

I was thinking whether I should tell him or not, but decided to tell him.

Me: Can you do one thing? Lock the door once.

Servant: Why Madam?

Me: Actually, I mean.. err… I do not have my sari in the bathroom, so…

Servant: Yes, yes Madam. I can see your sari on the bed.

Me: Right. Close the door and let me know.

Servant: But Madam, the rest of the things must be belonging to you also, as I know very well these are not Shilpa
didi’s clothes.

I was thinking what to reply to this odd question by this man. He must have noticed my sari bunched up with my
used blouse, petticoat and bra, as they were kept at same place on the bed.

Servant: Madam all your clothes seem to be here only. What have you taken then in the bathroom?

Me: Actually I forgot to take them, but…

I could not even complete my words than he intervened. He seemed to be a very talkative person and I was not at
all amused by his words. It not only made irritated, but also was taking me to the height of embarrassment!

Servant: Oho! Now I realize that’s why you were not wearing anything when I saw you. But still Madam, you should
be careful. Always lock the door of the room. No one will know that you are… err… ‘bilkul nangi’.

He paused just a little and then started again.

Servant: But Madam let me tell you… Wait one second, let me come close to the door.

There was silence for a moment and then I heard his voice as if just beside my shoulder. I realized he was glued to
the toilet door and was also talking in a low husky voice.

Servant: Madam, I am telling you a secret. If my Seth-ji had seen you as what I saw, he would not let you go easily.
He does not have a good character. He might be disabled, but very cunning. Madam, please be careful.

He halted briefly.

Servant: Even Shilpa didi wears very little clothes in her room, but still not like you Madam. Aap to bilkul nangi nikli
bathroom se!

I had no words to reply and stood at the other side of the door with my lips half open to say something, but I could
not verbalize anything in shame.

Servant: Madam, you still tried to cover yourself seeing me, but Shilpa didi does not even care to cover her in front
of me! The girl is spoilt already. What more I can say being the servant of the house.

I gathered some courage and feebly expressed a couple of words. But how long will I continue like this standing
within the toilet I wondered.

Me: I see.

Servant: I am telling you Madam, but don’t tell anybody. Countless number of times I have seen Shilpa didi lying on
bed not wearing a dress.

Me: What?

Servant: I mean she was not wearing a salwar or a nighty, but she wore only a brassiere and a skirt Madam. I wipe
the floor and she remains on bed in that fashion. On same days, when I clean the toilet, she comes up to give me
instructions. You know wearing what Madam?

He paused and probably meant I should ask him. I was getting some encouragement hearing Shilpa’s stories, which
was surely only out of my womanly virtues, otherwise in this state it was rather impossible to concentrate on
anything else, but to save my dignity.

Me: What?

Servant: Madam, didi had on her body a short top and just a chaddi like thing, what the girls in the city wear below
their skirt. Time and again I forget the name. Madam you were also holding it in your hand. What is its name? I
cannot remember it at all.

Me: I can understand. You don’t have to name it.

Servant: No, no Madam. Tell me once. I forget its name particularly. Actually one day my wife also told me that she
wants to wear this below her ghagra, but I objected. These are all city styles. Madam? It starts with “P”, isn’t it?
Pa… pa… ?

I had to tell him and stop this pa… pa… It was so annoyingly embarrassing.

Me: Panty.

Servant: Yes, yes Madam. Panty. I cannot remember its name I do not know why.
I was thinking that now I should ask him again to close the door so that I can get out of the toilet comfortably, but
he was talking nonstop.

Servant: But Madam, it is such a small piece of dress that I wonder why you people at all wear it? You know Madam
my Sethani-ji also wears it. When she gives it for a wash, I cannot stop laughing.

Me: Why?

I was slowly starting to take pleasures out of this narration and almost out of reflex action asked “why”, which the
next moment I realized could have been avoided as the reply was very obvious.

Servant: You must have seen my Sethani-ji Madam. What a gaand she has! What would this little thing cover
Madam? You tell me - na gaand, na choot!

I was shocked to hear such slang terms so directly and casually spoken to me and stood behind closed door
speechless. I tried to console my mind by thinking he being a lower class man he must be used to talk such slang. I
tried to ignore it, though honestly hearing those words from a male mouth made me feel tight and unknowingly my
fingers reached skirt and rested over my ‘choot’!

But when I thought of the reality, I was feeling rather ashamed and irritated that I was tolerating such language
from an unknown man, that too a low class person, the servant of the house. In our residence when I came after my
marriage, there are fortunately no male servants, but before my marriage in my father’s house there was one, but
never ever did I hear such direct things from him in colloquial chats. Though his language was okay, but his attitude
was not. I distinctly remember he trying to grope my body when he used to bring me from my school in the hand-
pulled rickshaw. I was not a small girl then, I was in Class IX or X, and could very well sense what he was up to, but
could never gather the courage to protest as he was there in our house for a long time.

The servant class is like that only I thought and tried to ignore this man’s vulgar words, as I used to ignore my
parental servant’s groping when I was a teenager. Now I had to come out, but as I looked down upon me I was
looking disgracefully sexy in this combination of towel and skirt and if any member of the house sees me in this
state would certainly think very wrongly against me. So I again decided to ask him to close the door.

Me: Have you closed the door?

Servant: No Madam. I will close it right now.

I heard the noise of the room door closing and felt somewhat relieved.

Servant: Madam I have closed the door, but how would you come out? All your clothes are on the bed!

Me: That’s none of your concern.

Servant: Madam, will you come out in the same manner as you came out earlier? I must thank God.

Me: What rubbish! What do you mean?

I lost my patience at this nonsense question and opened the latch of the toilet door and came out. I for the first
time looked with proper concentration to this man. He was wearing a blue shirt and a white dhoti, dark
complexioned but well built, ageing nearing 40. He had the same servant-cutting looks in his face. I noticed the
man’s eyes as if lit up and he was not looking at my face but staring directly at my sexily clad matured figure. The
look was so hungry and shameless that I had to lower my eyelids in uneasiness. The skirt was rather tight on my
fleshy thighs and I could not walk properly, moreover I was holding with my left hand to the skirt at my waist, as
the button could not be closed due to my wide waistline.
Servant: Ya Maila! Madam you are looking like Mamta Kulkarni.

I ignored his words and walked towards the bed where my sari was resting. I was aware that my back was fully
naked and the loose bra strap was hanging there and so I tried to walk avoiding to display my back towards this
man. But the whole scene changed for me into a hell within the blink of an eye.

Servant: Where are you going Rani?

The man jumped in front of me hindering my way towards the bed. I was so taken by surprise at his approach that
my skirt almost slipped from my left hand and I lowered my eyes for a moment to gather it properly and the
bastard took that advantage and simply snatched the towel off my breasts making my boobs exposed again, though
this time being partly covered in Shilpa’s bra.

Me: What’s this nonsense? Give me the towel. I will shout.

Servant: You want to shout Rani? Okay. Okay.

As he spoke, in an unanticipated manner he gripped and twisted my left wrist in a one smooth action and my skirt
slipped from my fingers and dropped down near my feet on the floor.

Servant: Now shout. I want to see how much you can shout my Rani. Shout.

I was simply thunderstruck at these couple of events, which happened in not more than 30 seconds and stood there
speechless before this man. I was standing as if wearing a bikini, if I can term that because Shilpa’s bra was so
small that it was exhibiting the shape and size of my two matured breasts fully except for covering my areolas and
the nipples. I tried to cover my dignity with my arms.

Servant: What happened Madam? Shout. Let everybody come and see you and know what you have to offer.

I immediately felt a cold shiver running down my spine. I realized I was in a trap. I could not attract people here,
as I am standing in a very compromising posture almost stripped to nakedness. I could think anymore and was
totally blank and did not know what to do or how to come out of this situation. I stood there in front of this
servant of Mr. Yadav’s house clad very sexily in an unfastened bra and a semi-wet panty with my arms diagonally
kept to cover my bulging globes.

Servant: Shout? What happened? Saali randi.

I almost had tears in my eyes hearing this slang from the mouth of this servant and virtually died of dishonor.
Never in my life did someone refer me by that term. I was feeling so helpless being humiliated like this in the
hands of a low class man.

Servant: Do as I say. Otherwise I will shout and draw everyone out here. Do you understand?

His voice was very commanding and rough. I did not dare to speak and contradict him, but I thought of begging my
dignity from him.

Me: Please leave me. Don’t treat me like this. I am also the wife of someone.

Servant: Then roam naked in front of your husband. Why here?

Me: Believe me, I did not know that you were here in the room.

Servant: Shut up! Guru-ji keeps this sort of high-class randi with him?
I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth hearing this. I could not take it anymore. Tears burst out of my eyes
draining off my cheekbones. I was praying to God to save me now seeing no other way.

Servant: Don’t act and waste my time. Panty utar aur choot darshan kara sali.

Me: Please bhaiya. I am not that type woman. Please have mercy on me.

Servant: Address your husband by ‘bhaiya’. Open it.

Saying that he moved ahead one step and I was so frightened that I meekly surrendered to his command.

Me: Okay, okay. I am…

I hesitatingly removed my folded hands off my almost naked mammaries and I could very well realize that he
wanted to see me nude again, which he saw me when I came out of the toilet and realizing that it was a hopeless
situation for me I had to gratify him. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I took my both hands to the
waistband of my panty and started dragging it down. I was looking at the floor in shame and that bastard was
standing with his hand on his lund within his dhoti. I wondered in my mind that in the last 3-4 days, rather till such
time I had come to the ashram, the innumerable times I had to pull down my panty for different reasons! At the
same time, I was trying to speculate the inevitable. Because surely next thing this man would force me to go to bed
and would surely try to fuck me. What should I do? Shall I shout? But when Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and even Guru-ji
would see me naked with this servant, what impression they would have of me?

Servant: What a choot Rani!

I was going through this dilemma and was unable to decide what to do to come out of this predicament when a
sudden jolt and thrust followed by a tight hug almost flew me onto the bed. Before I could comprehend fully, I felt
the body weight of this man on my body and my body was sandwiched between him and the cozy mattress of the

Me: You bastard! Leave me right...

I could not utter any more words as he had put a dirty handkerchief in my mouth between my open lips. The
pungent odor of his body was making me feel nauseous and the handkerchief almost choked me. My eyes were wide
open and my body struggling under his very strong body. With his right hand he inserted the handkerchief so much
deep in my mouth that I could hardly generate any sound from my vocal cord. Now he took off his right hand off
my mouth and with both hands controlled my fighting arms and lifted his body and sat right on my naked belly area
and had total control on me. I was throwing my naked legs in the air in vain and realized that was of no use. I was
also moving my head furiously and trying to stick my tongue out to get the hanky out of my mouth, but the bastard
had placed it so deep and securely that soon I realized I was struggling for no good reason.

Servant: Now Rani, what will you do?

I just avoided eye contact to this bastard from my lying position and he was simply on top of me and there was not
a thread on my body as he had thrown off my brassiere too to the corner of the room. I could not still believe that
I was molested to the ultimate by this servant class person. He now started feeling and touching my private parts
taking hold of my both struggling arms in one hand and it at once gave me memories of the days when I was groped
by this sort of a low class person in my teenage days. The feeling was almost the same in my mind and it was the
sense of abhorrence and revulsion. Previously also, and today even, this servant class people took advantage of my
sheer helpless condition.

The man became very excited touching my ample naked flesh unhindered, but since his one hand was blocked
controlling my hands, he could not exactly pivot himself to fondle and fuck me. I was also trying to kick his back
with my heavy thighs. Most of his time was wasted in controlling and holding my struggling hands and at last placed
himself comfortably to squeeze my ripe mangoes one at a time and twisted my taut nipples very hard. Then he
suddenly bent on my chest and started sucking and biting my nipples.

Me: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

I could not utter any more sound as my mouth was blocked by his hanky, but the feeling was obviously very
(s)exciting like any woman would feel when a male (known or unknown) sucks her nipples. My legs automatically got
parted and I was wriggling shamelessly on bed under his body. His full body weight was on my body and his erect
lund was now piercing his dhoti and knocking hard on my open choot. His foul body odour was suffocating me and as
I realized that he was almost of the verge of raping me now, I was intensely praying to God with tears rolling down
my cheeks to send a releaser.

Knock! Knock!

As if God heard my call. I was so happy! Immediately the man was very alert and almost got down from my curvy
figure and looked with a pale face at the door.

Knock! Knock!

Shilpa: Aunty. Aunty.

Servant: Madam, if you tell anything against me I will expose you in front of everyone. Mind you.

I indicated him through my eyes to take the handkerchief out of my mouth. He immediately released the hanky and
it seemed to me that I breathed normally after an age as if.


That was the first thing I did. It was the culmination of my anger and the feeling of abhorrence to this dirty low
class man. He simply digested my slap on his cheek and clenched his teeth. I ignored that and quickly draped my
sari that was on the bed on my naked body. It seemed as if I was being naked for ages and felt so soothing in the
cover of the sari!

Servant: Madam, you go to the toilet and I will say that you have gone to latrine and will pretend to clean the room.

Me: Say whatever you like. Now just turn back you rascal.

The man was looking so frustrated that he could not screw me and his jaws were hanging down. I wasted not a
second and again put on my panty and wore my bra.

Knock! Knock!

I pushed the man towards the door for a reply and quickly took my sari, blouse and petticoat and ran into the

Servant: Shilpa didi, one second, let me open the door.

The man opened the door and Shilpa did not inquire much, especially why the door was locked, and after some
moments I also came out of the bathroom and found that Shilpa was alone in the room and there was no trace of
that filthy person.

Shilpa: Aunty, how long will mom take to finish?

Me: I am not sure. Must be in the last stages. Soon you will be called.

She had brought some magazines, which she handed over to me and she switched on the TV and started watching a
film channel where movie songs were being played. I simply was unable to concentrate on the magazines and time
and again my experience with their servant was coming to my mind. I never thought that coming with Guru-ji to
help him out in Mr. Yadav’s house would turn out to be such a horrifying and dishonoring experience for me. It was
the same disgracing experience that I used to have when I returned from school in rickshaw with our servant.
Those days also when I was abundantly groped I had to keep dumb, and today also when I was almost raped I have
to keep dumb – such is the situation!

As Shilpa watched television and I turned the pages of the magazine with a blank look on my face after what I had,
I vividly remember those days when I returned from school in hand pulled rickshaws. Our servant who was middle
aged used to come to take me from school. Previously we used to walk the length from school to my house, but when
I was in Class IX or X, my mom arranged a rickshaw to take me and our servant would guard me. My mom’s logic was
I was grown up then and the locality was also not good as boys used to throw comments to passing girls and so it
was safer for me to ride the rickshaw. But little did she knew that the road romeos would only tease with
comments, but the arrangement she made would craft me more ‘grown up’!

Initially it all started okay, but as days went by and monsoon season came, things turned out of very uncomfortable
for me. As it rained during that part of the year, all the rickshaws in our locality used a polythene cover from the
hood on the passenger’s head till the footboard of the rickshaw so that when the passengers take the seat they
are fully covered at the front from rain though the sides remained open. No exception was there in the rickshaw,
which I took from school to my house and when the first day I sat in the rickshaw with rain falling I realized the
intimacy one might have under the covers. Our servant’s name was Natwar and on the first couple of days he was
sitting on the rickshaw seat almost glued to my body as raindrops were coming from the sides. I did not mind, as
that was quite natural I thought.

Usually I held my bag on my lap while I sat on the rickshaw, but soon I noticed Natwar was almost compelling me to
give the bag to him on the rickshaw giving various reasons, such as the heaviness of the bag, my relaxation, etc. I
did not agree to him not due to anything else, but for a pure womanly reason. It is our natural tendency that if we
are wearing anything which is not covering our legs fully, like a skirt or a mini ghagra, we tend to keep our bag on
our lap just as a safety feeling also ensuring a double cover at our most delicate region, otherwise we would have to
keep our hands on our thighs which would actually look somewhat indecent. But I found Natwar’s pleading was
getting more intense by the day and especially on Fridays!

Truthfully at that age it was not possible for me to guess his dirty intentions. Actually on Fridays we had PT
classes in school and I used to wear my PT dress, which was the same skirt and top, but the skirt length was very
short and almost half my regular day school skirt. Since ours was a girls’ school we did not have any problems in
school regarding upskirt and all, but still we had to be careful on road as the PT skirt material was very light and if
there was a strong wind many a times it raised and exposed our panties if we were unmindful. My mom always
alerted me on this on Fridays. I had friends in co-ed schools where they had the same short PT skirts, but with
have a split like a bermuda, but since ours was not a co-ed school, the authority probably did not pay much
attention to this aspect.

I was thus quite reluctant to hand over Natwar my schoolbag, as when I sat the skirt raised so much that it
exposed till the midway of my smooth hairless thighs. But my resistance had to fail one day in the monsoon season.
Till such time it was only sitting close, or very close, side-by-side in the rickshaw due to the rain, but that day he
first pawed me.

That Friday when I was getting out of the school it was already raining heavily. I was under the umbrella and as I
climbed the rickshaw, I had to hand over my bag to Natwar who was already sitting on the rickshaw seat. He took
my bag and gave his hand and lifted me up. The rickshaw puller immediately covered the front of us very securely
with the polythene cloth and today as the rain was very heavy Natwar told him to cover the sides also. Within
moments I was sitting with our male servant as if in a closed room as we were guarded by the polythene from the
front as well as from the sides. The incessant chattering sound of the rain falling on the cover could be heard.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, you don’t take the trouble, I can carry my bag.

Natwar: No, no Baby. Today let me carry it. It has added weight as its wet.

He used to call me ‘Baby’ and I thought he was telling the truth, as my bag was already pretty wet.

Me: Okay Natwar Bhaiya, today you carry it.

I smiled and I noticed he had held the bag on his lap in a peculiar fashion and looked very much like Swami
Vivekanand with folded arms on his chest and my schoolbag within that. I laughed in my mind seeing his gesture.
Very soon the polythene at the two sides of the rickshaw gave way and raindrops were drenching both of us. I had
to shift to our servant’s side a bit more and he did the same too and as a result the tip of his folded arm was now
directly touching my small but erect boobs. Those days I had started wearing brassieres and my boobs were
growing into a nice round shape and with each jerk of the hand pulled rickshaw, I felt Natwar’s fingers were
brushing my left boob as he was sitting to my left. I honestly did not mind this act and thought it was a situational

As the rickshaw left the main road and took the alley, its speed dropped as the lane was not an asphalt road and
the jerking was more severe, more so as the lane was already water logged. I was holing the hood sticks of the
rickshaw with my right hand and kept my left hand as a cover to my exposed thigh and now due to the continuous
wobbling effect of the rickshaw I could feel Natwar’s folded hand constantly touching and brushing my left boob
over my top and bra. This went on for the whole journey and when I reached home, I realized that I was not
feeling ‘normal’. Though my mom was more concerned about how much I was wet, but I felt my nipples standing very
upright within my bra.

This was the beginning and on other rainy days this was the routine more or less, but Natwar behaved so normally
on sunny days, I dared to think anything negative about him. On another rainy day, he allowed me to carry my bag,
obviously that wasn’t a Friday, and as the rickshaw proceeded off my school rains started coming from the sides
and my top and skirt were getting wet. I had to shift closer to him and he today in turn kept his right hand at my
back on top of the rickshaw seat. It was such a normal thing that I did not even notice it, till on a sudden jerk I
leant on him and he almost embraced me with his right hand. I tried to readjust, but in vain.

As the rains were coming continuously from the sides, I had to get very close to Natwar’s body and in the course I
felt our servant’s hand first on my shoulder, then as the rickshaw jerked, it slipped to my arm, and then with
another sway it was near my waist and that day when I was getting down of the rickshaw, he actually pawed my ass
cheeks as if to help me get down. Till such time it was within my tolerance level and ignored most of it and did not
mind at all except for one or two deliberate touches. But as days proceeded I realized this low class uneducated
man was taking advantage of my helpless situation on the rickshaw. The last two days made me so disturbed and
disgraced that I had to quit the rickshaw drives back from school.

I distinctly remember it was a Thursday-Friday combination and it was raining quite heavily out of monsoon. On
Thursday we walked down to the rickshaw under umbrellas and our rickshaw puller had already applied the
polythene sheet and as usual he climbed the rickshaw first and then asked for my bag. I handed him over the bag.

Natwar: Eh! The seat is so wet.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, take this hanky and wipe it.

Due to the rain, the seat was wet and Natwar took the hanky and dried the seat. I climbed up and was about to
take my seat beside him, when he commented something very odd.

Natwar: Baby, the seat is still wet. Do not sit on your skirt directly.
I looked at him questionably, as I did not get what he meant.

Natwar: You sit as you sit on the floor. That would save your skirt Baby.

Actually that was the usual practice we girls do when we sit on the floor or grass in the open, so that our legs are
mostly covered nicely. But doing that on the rickshaw would definitely be a bold thing, especially in front of a
sitting male. But due to the situational request, I could not find a proper reply to avoid that and had to reluctantly
commit myself to do that. I was standing on the rickshaw floor half bent and Natwar was sitting on the rickshaw
seat. I took both my hands to my skirt and raised the hem trying to keep decency level and sat on the seat. I could
not even comprehend how much exciting the scene would have been for a male to watch this from a sitting posture
while I did that from a standing position!

I stretched my skirt in the form of a circle almost and sat down on the rickshaw seat. I immediately felt wetness
in my inner thighs, as the seat was still wet and in no time felt that my panty was also getting wet from the water
on the seat. But I could not verbalize that to my servant out of shame and remained quiet. But Natwar had other

Natwar: Eh! The seat is still wet. My pant is getting wet.

Me: Yes, it’s slightly wet. It’s okay.

I tried to act normally and avoided to get involved into this conversation, but he dragged me into it.

Natwar: Baby, what are you saying? My undies are getting wet below my pant and you are saying it’s slightly wet.

The rickshaw had started moving and I was a bit puzzled how to react to this.

Natwar: Give your hanky. Let me wipe it again.

Me: But how can you do that when we both are sitting?

It came out spontaneously from my mouth and this low class man was exactly waiting for that to be asked.

Natwar: I will just lift my bottom a bit and you wipe it and likewise I will do that side.

Saying that in fact he slightly raised his bottom with my heavy schoolbag clung to his chest within his folded arms
and I had to turn sideways and insert my hand under his bottom and wipe the rickshaw seat. Time and again his
round bottom was touching my hand as the rickshaw was jerking and swaying and simultaneously as I had turned
towards him the fingers of his folded hand was touching my face. I did not mind as my servant’s fingers were
touching my cheek and ear, but when it started brushing my lips almost I was feeling rather uncomfortable and
quickly completed my wiping. My face turned immediately red as a male finger grazed an area so sensitive in my
body as my lips.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, it’s done. You can sit.

He sat down and I handed over the hanky to him and now I had to lift my bottoms. I lifted my bottoms a bit from
the rickshaw seat and held the side framework for support. Natwar handed me over my bag and I noted that my
skirt was still covering the seat that my servant was about to wipe. Without even asking me for permission, he
simply raised my skirt to see the rickshaw seat and to wipe it. I almost froze in shame as my servant raised my
skirt much, much higher up than actually needed and exposed me almost till my bottoms. I was so helpless as my
hands were engaged carrying my own schoolbag. The rickshaw moved on and since there was the polythene cover in
our front and sides, no one on the road could see that a girl of 16 was half-standing on the rickshaw with her skirt
hiked up till her round bottoms.
My servant was wiping the seat so slowly that I had to intervene.

Me: Is it done?

Natwar was raising my skirt with one hand to see and wiping the seat dry with the other.

Natwar: No baby. It’s still wet. Actually the hanky is wet itself.

Me: Doesn’t matter. Let me sit.

And I lowered my bottoms a bit only to feel this dirty man’s hand on my panty covered buns.

Natwar: Eh! Baby, your pant is so wet. You do one thing. You sit on my lap and keep the bag on the side. Look the
rain is coming down heavier now. You will get wet from the sides also.

I was perplexed at this comment and blushed severely not knowing what to reply. Though I did not find the rain to
be heavier, but water was dripping from the sides of the polythene on the rickshaw was true. I tried to reject his
proposal, but his reasons were stronger and he being much older than me in age and no one was able to see me, I
agreed to sit on his lap till the rest of my rickshaw journey. I did not know how much enjoyment that dirty mind got
from me sitting on his legs, but I had a hard time controlling his hands. I kept reluctantly my schoolbag to our side
and stretched my skirt fully on my buttocks with my hands and sat on his thighs. I tried to exert minimum weight
on his legs, but since the hand pulled rickshaw was jerking so much, I slowly kept the full weight of my buttocks on
his thighs.

My young body was almost shivering sitting on the thighs of a grown up man and my heart likewise racing very fast.
In no time I felt his right hand on my right thigh area over my skirt and his left hand alarmingly embraced me
round my waist to keep support. I was holding the rickshaw framework above my head with my right hand and hence
I was rather unprotected and vulnerable on the right side from my perky breast down to my waist area. I
understood by then that it was a blunder for me to have agreed to Natwar’s suggestion and I could merely retract
now. I was so helpless and defenseless in the hands of this dirty-minded person. Of course, his hands were not
static and as the rickshaw was moving along, his hands were feeling my thigh, waist, and abdomen areas over my
school dress. On at least one occasion I had to virtually stop him by holding his hands from directly groping my
private parts.

Once as the rickshaw took a turn while moving, I almost slipped from his thighs probably due to the smoothness of
my skirt-covered round rear portion and to keep me in position on his lap, he pulled me by my waist more towards
his body. Then as if to keep the grip more secure on me, Natwar raised my skirt up halfway till my mid thighs and
firmly held my naked skin with both hands. I could not react as it was done in such a casual way that it really
appeared that he wanted to stop my further slipping.

Natwar: Baby, this way you won’t slip anymore.

To crown it, he verbalized what he did and I remained quiet, but was feeling so exposed and uncomfortable that I
had to stretch my skirt over his hands covering my thighs to save some dignity. But that action actually triggered
things for him! In some moments I felt his fingers were climbing up my smooth naked thighs below my skirt and it
was such an uncomfortable feel for me that I cannot describe. When his fingers were almost touching my panty
line, I thought that I must react. I simply caught his moving hand and he immediately stopped the nonsense.

That day was over as we soon reached home, but Natwar gathered all the courage from today’s incident. I was
feeling severely detested towards this maid servant that I did not even wanted to talk to him. Next day was a
Friday and unfortunately in the afternoon, it was again raining quite heavily. As it was a Friday I was wearing my PT
skirt and my mom, as she does on every Friday, gave her usual warning to me of not to loiter on road in this dress.
Since ours was a girls school it did not look odd in school, but for a girl of 16 and with a developing body like mine, I
definitely looked sexy in that small skirt.

Today unlike other days Natwar did not climb up the rickshaw first and instead I took my seat. It was raining, so
our umbrellas were open. I then noticed Natwar had a bag in his hand, which he was about to keep on the rickshaw
floor. The rickshaw puller was already on his seat and urging us to get up quickly as it was raining, but Natwar was
taking too much time to keep the bag at my feet and at the same time he was holding his umbrella on his head.
Initially I was not conscious, but suddenly I felt he was trying to peep inside my skirt, as he was standing on the
ground and I was sitting up on the rickshaw seat; furthermore he was keeping his bag right between my legs.

I tried to glance down, but the umbrella on his head hindered my view, but for a second got a peek and I almost
froze as I saw he was gaping openly inside my skirt. I quickly tried to close my legs, but as the bag was already
there could not do it fully. I was very sure that he must be having a very clear view of my red panty and my ears
were getting hotter. Even in school if I drop my pencil to the floor and I stoop down to gather it from under the
desk, I could very clearly see the panties of everyone sitting in the back benches, especially on Fridays due to our
PT skirts. Of course, not to speak of the scene in the PT class doing calisthenics where it was a compulsive show to
expose panties for all girls. But since only girls are present, no one really bothers about this, but here the case is
certainly different.

My face turned red and throat thirsty, as I tried to lower my schoolbag to hide my dignity, but Natwar was done
by that time, as he closed his umbrella and quickly climbed up the rickshaw. We were sitting side by side as usual
and getting closer due to the rain droplets racing in from the sides. I realized the force of the rain was increasing
and the surrounding was getting darker, which actually supplemented my servant’s further dirty actions.

Natwar: Let me hold the umbrella half open to your side. Baby, then you will not get wet.

I honestly liked the idea, as my right side was already pretty wet including my shirtsleeve due to the improper
covering of the hand pulled rickshaw at the sides. Natwar half opened his umbrella and took his right hand from
behind me and held the butt of the umbrella and he asked me to hold the spread umbrella end so that the whole of
my right side is covered.

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, you then hold my bag.

I simply had no other option, but to offer my bag to him to properly protect myself from getting wet, but in the
process giving him a grand view of my naked thighs in my PT skirt that I was wearing that day. As I was in a sitting
posture and my legs were somewhat spread due to Natwar’s bag being kept between my legs, my skirt had all the
more reasons to get higher up on my thighs making me look awfully sexy. I looked from the corner of my eyes down
towards my legs and was shocked to find that the exposure I was giving had surely crossed the decency level.
Actually since my schoolbag was on my lap, I was not that concerned about how much my skirt had hiked up in my
sitting position on the rickshaw seat, as the bag was comfortably covering my well formed thighs.

But now my position was definitely compromising. I did not react as I had no intention to make my servant aware
that I was uncomfortable regarding my skirt, but within my mind I was very conscious that one unmindful
movement could actually expose my panty. My mom would surely have a heart attack seeing me sitting like this in
front of a male. I noticed Natwar’s eyes were also hungrily lapping the beauty of my exposed legs. My breathing
was heavy, but I felt relieved to see Natwar behaving absolutely normally and was more concerned that the
umbrella was in the right place at my side so that I do not get drenched. Little was my relief period and before
long the man started his smutty moves.

Natwar: Oh! I am getting wet from this side completely.

Me: Why don’t they put proper cover during monsoon?

Natwar: Baby, you know these rickshaw pullers… Let me get out a polythene packet.
I was doubting if he would again ask me to sit on his lap so that we are both somewhat saved from the rain coming
from the sides of this hand pulled rickshaw. But, thankfully he didn’t quote that, but in any case I was determined
that I would not sit on his lap today. In the meantime, I saw Natwar took out a pouch from his trouser pocket and
at the time he was opening it, the rickshaw bumped on a pothole on the watery road. Due to that impact the packet
almost slipped from his hand and in order to gather it properly, the coins that were inside the pouch spilled all
over. Natwar did try to control things, but there were quite a few, which dropped out of his pouch. Though a bit
odd, but probably due to the jerk, the coins that spilled out of the pouch were all showered on my body!

Natwar: O! My God!

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, don’t panic, none has fall out of the rickshaw.

Natwar: Yes, that’s the only relief. Baby you then hold the pouch securely and let me gather the coins.

Now my both hands were engaged – with my right hand I was already holding the stretched umbrella cloth and now
my left hand got engaged in holding my servant’s pouch. At that very moment alarm bells rang in my mind - since I
was engaged in holding the umbrella and his pouch, he obviously would pick up the coins, but from where? Obviously
from all over my body and as I glanced down to note where the coins were, I saw them scattered all over on top of
my skirt including my exposed thighs, on the folds of my shirt on my frontal body area, and down my legs on the

Natwar: Baby, you don’t move and I will pick up the chillar.

‘Chillar’ is the term we use for coins. My thoughts were not even complete that Natwar started his lewd act. He
started obviously with the easier located coins on my skirt top. As he touched my thighs over my skirt for picking
up the coins, I almost quivered and tried to not to look at his act. I looked to my side where the umbrella was and
felt his hand on my abdomen over my shirt picking up a coin. I could even feel Natwar’s fingers brush my erect left
breast. Then he bent down and started picking the coins that were on the footboard. I tried to close my legs but
couldn’t due to the bag between my legs and I could convincingly understood that my servant was getting an eyeful
inside my short school skirt.

Natwar: Baby, please lift your legs a bit. I cannot see the full footboard.

I looked round to him weakly, but could not avoid the situation. I knew that was outrageously vulgar to raise my legs
wearing this sort of a tiny skirt before his eyes, but could not find a way out. I raised my legs slightly and was of
course expecting a request from Natwar.

Natwar: Baby, a little more up please. I need to look to your right side also.

I knew I had to lift my legs more and now as I did it I was feeling so cheated by this low class man taking
advantage fully of my position. As a result my PT skirt slid another couple of inches up above my thighs and the
insides of my smooth fair-colored thighs were advertised to the eyes of Natwar. My condition was simply
indescribable and dreadfully indecent. I was sitting in a moving rickshaw wearing a short skirt with my legs raised
and a man was bending down almost between my legs.

Natwar: Okay Baby, seems I have gathered all from down there.

He was counting the coins and I was so very relieved, but no sooner another dirty proposal came up!

Natwar: Seems some are still missing, which must be on the seat.

He looked directly to my crotch area and to my back.

Me: Is it? But seemed all spilled in the front.

Natwar: No Baby. Just see, here was one.

Saying that he took a coin out of his dhoti almost from the region of his manhood. He was pulling his dhoti up to see
if any coin was still left in it and I could see his very hairy dark legs. And believe me, I saw his blue-colored brief
for sometime as was still searching for the dropped coins in his dhoti. I shifted my gaze from his pelvic area and
tried to remain normal.

Natwar: Baby, can you just stand a little so that I can check the seat?

Me: Natwar Bhaiya, the rickshaw is moving and I am holding to the umbrella. How can I stand?

Natwar: Right, right. You cannot stand. You just shift a little bit forward and I will check the seat.

Me: Okay Bhaiya.

The next few moments I was severely groped by my servant and his dirty mind reflected on his act pretending to
search for his chillar. As I shifted a little bit to the front on the rickshaw seat, he immediately put his right arm
behind me, to be precise on the rickshaw seat and was searching for the coins. In the process, he touched and felt
the roundness and smoothness of my skirt-covered buns and to my utter shock he did not stop there! He was
inserting his fingers, as if he was looking for a spilled coin, under my ass. For a moment I clearly felt his finger into
my ass crack over my PT skirt and my panty. I could not stop but to utter a spontaneous reaction off my mouth.

Me: Ouch!

Natwar: What happened Baby?

He was immediately cautious and had removed his finger.

Me: Nothing. Have you got all your coins?

Natwar: Baby, am not getting a couple of 5-rupee coins.

I immediately wanted to end this process.

Me: Okay, I am raising my body once and you check the full seat.

In my hurry to finish off this irritating episode I made a further mess. I was not holding onto any support as both
my hands were engaged in holding the umbrella to cover me from the rains and my servant’s pouch, and as I raised
my buttocks off the rickshaw seat, the rickshaw took a turn and I got completely disbalanced. Natwar’s hand was
already by then on the seat under my bottoms and his other hand was supporting my schoolbag on his lap, but as I
got disbalanced, first thing that happened was that I sat with my full body weight on his stretched hand on the
seat. Next thing was due to the turning movement of the moving rickshaw, my left arm holding the pouch outspread
in the air, as I fell and my servant in trying to support me held me by my left boob. The situation was precarious
for any girl and by the time I could gather my composure I was thoroughly fondled by my servant.

That man got only a few seconds time and I was amazed that within that short span of time, his right hand cupped
my ass over my skirt and panty, and simultaneously I felt a couple of very tight squeezes on my developing left
breast over my school top and bra. I immediately tried to lift my body weight off his hand and raised my back again
and Natwar this time crossed all limits.

Natwar: Baby, Baby, don’t do this, you will fall.

Saying that as if protecting me, he also lifted his hand off the rickshaw seat, and to my utter shock, I felt he had
inserted his hand under my short skirt and was touching and pressing my panty-covered pussy with his fingers.
Though it lasted for a couple of seconds only and he instantly helped me sit on the seat holding my ass cheek. My
servant made sure that his right hand on my ass kept my tiny skirt uplifted and expose till my panty. I quickly sat
on the seat, but all along his dirty intention was going on as he held me very directly by my right ass cheek over my
panty as I sat.

His dirty plan was still ON for the upper part of my young developing figure. He initially grabbed me by my left
boob as my arm was outstretched in an off balanced position. But as soon as I felt his hand grabbing my boob, I
brought my arm down, but his foul play was helped by this act. Now his left hand on my breast was under my arm,
rather sandwiched in my left armpit. I was having a very sexy feeling and did not know how to get his hand out.
Getting the press of my underarm on his hand holding me, he seemed quite encouraged and before my eyes he
started cuddling my firm breast with his palm.
I had to jerk his hand off and as I regained my position on the seat, I did that. My face and ears were pretty red
in shame and due to the feeling of a male palm cupping my breast I was also feeling an unfamiliar sensation within
my panty.

Natwar: Baby, I still did not get the two coins.

I was so much annoyed and irritated by this low class man’s dirty objectives that I did not feel talking to him. His
touches were as if still lingering on my body. The way he touched my panty and clenched my ass cheek I was feeling
like slapping him. How dare he touch me there I was thinking! Then I realized these people were like that only, they
always look for opportunity and helpless conditions of girls and tries to take advantage of that. The servant class!

“Aunty! Aunty!”

I was as if called from my sleep. The magazine was still open on my lap, but my mind went back to my teenage days
relating the embarrassing moments I had in the hands of our house servant, which was very similar to the one I had
sometime back here in Mr. Yadav’s residence though today’s experience was awfully shameful myself being a
married woman of almost 30.

Shilpa is calling me.

Shilpa: Aunty! Aunty!

Me: Ya… err… Yes, what is it?

As if I woke up from a slumber and tried to look composed.

Shilpa: Guru-ji is calling us.

Me: Okay, okay. Lets go.

I kept the open magazine from my lap to the table and adjusted my sari and followed Shilpa. As she walked in front
of me, I did note the alluring way she was swaying her kundi. I was as if envying Shilpa for her tight figure though
I knew I should not, as she was at least 10-12 years younger than me. Her proportionate ass was dancing within her
dress as she walked briskly. I hurried along to keep pace with her. As we entered the puja ghar, I found there
everyone of the family - Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and their daughter who came along with me. Of course, Sanjeev and
Guru-ji were also there.

Guru-ji: Now we have arrived at the pinnacle of this yagya and Shilpa Beti has to now carry forward its epitome

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.
Guru-ji: Sanjeev, distribute the bhog to Nandini and Kumar. The regulation is that the parents must complete
taking the bhog before their lass sits for her part in the yagya.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, your role in the yagya is also over. You can relax outside. Anita, you need to stay to help Shilpa
attain the spiritual goal.

Mrs. Yadav offered pranam to Guru-ji and helped his husband also for pranam and then they left the place. Sanjeev
also followed suit with a couple of bowls of bhog already cooked by him. Now we were only three in the puja ghar –
me, Anita, and Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, can you make sure if Sanjeev has kept all the basic ingredients for the yagya? Check for bilva
leaves, china-rose flowers, milk, ghee, rose water, honey, sandalwood paste, and turmeric.

I nodded and sat down to check that. As I sat down I realized that my panty cloth was getting inside my ass crack
in the form of a rope slipping on my smooth skin. I could not stop or adjust in front of a male and allowed my panty
to roll inside my deep ass crack making my ass globes virtually bare within my petticoat. I remember I was hasty
while putting on my panty in front of that bastard house servant and hence this happened. Not focussing much on
that simply because I could not adjust my dress in front of Guru-ji, I started checking for the items Guru-ji

Guru-ji was expounding Shilpa on spiritual explanations of life, human goal, devotion, studies, etc. and Shilpa was
obediently listening to Guru-ji. Only if did he know that this schoolgirl do watch soft porn and sometime back was
expertly supporting me in an lesbian act even! I noted that Sanjeev had nicely sorted out everything on the floor
for the yagya to proceed, but only thing that was missing was milk. I waited patiently till Guru-ji finished his

Me: Guru-ji, all other things are there except the milk.

Guru-ji: Okay. Can you please get around a liter of milk from Nandini and get it boiled on the stove here? Also ask
Nandini that I asked for a new white sari, I am not seeing it here.

Me: Sure Guru-ji.

I went out of the puja ghar and as I passed the door outside I heard Guru-ji again getting back to explain spiritual
facts to Anita. The moment I went outside the vacant corridor towards the steps, I thought of adjusting my panty.
It was giving me a torrid time now, because as I walked its giving me a frictional feeling on both my pussy and ass
hole with its rolled edges. I have to get it straight, but this area was not at all safe, as I did not know if that
rascal servant was around anywhere. So I did not take any chance going to this toilet, as the passage was
completely empty.

I went down through the hallway towards the drawing room and could realize from a distance that someone was
sitting there. I looked intently and could well realize it was Mr. Yadav. He was sitting there with…

Me: My goodness!

He is drinking alcohol and that very servant who molested me was sitting near his feet. My feet were as if
cemented immediately and I knew if given a second chance they would surely strip me and tear off my choot with
their rods. I briskly went to the other side in the direction where Shilpa’s room was. I thought this was a rather
secure place away from everyone’s eyes and quickly started adjusting my panty. There was no other way but to pull
up my sari to my waist and adjust it. I briskly pulled out the edges of my panty from my ass crack and stretched it
over my ass flesh as far as possible and also fiddled the panty front over my hairy choot. There was no one,
thankfully, and I was so much relieved after adjusting from this continuos ‘sexual’ tickling offered by my

Suddenly I heard some light sound of bangles, as if a woman was moving her hands there. I stepped ahead, but
could not find anyone. Here the passage turns to the left and ends in a balcony and yes, the sound is coming from
the balcony, which could not be seen from here. I could have called Mrs. Yadav, but was curious to see who was
there, as I did not see Sanjeev with Mr. Yadav in the drawing room. I tried not to make any noise and peeped into
the balcony. The full moon was splashing on the balcony and I could see very, very clearly – Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev.

But, but… What are they doing? Uuuuuuuuuuuu……………

I exclaimed within myself. As I said Mrs. Yadav was plump and though middle-aged was fleshy at the right places
and in the bright moonlight in the white sari draped tightly on her figure she was surely looking sexy. Sanjeev was
holding her hands and whispering something. My timing was just about right as soon I realized that Sanjeev was
trying to persuade Mrs. Yadav in lovemaking in that open balcony, but she was obviously hesitant as her husband,
though disabled, was very much present in the house. I could jolly well see that Sanjeev’s pleading to lovemaking
was getting more physical. His persuasion posture from holding Mrs. Yadav’s hands was now getting into a half
hugging scene, and certainly her objections were also melting. After some moments of inappropriate hugging by
Sanjeev, I heard an affirmation from Mrs. Yadav.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Baba. Do what you want.

Sanjeev was as if only waiting for that nod, since the way he embraced her was exceptional, and envious too for any
woman! He now was feeling Mrs. Yadav’s back over her white blouse and extended his arms to touch the naked skin
of her midriff. Mrs. Yadav almost jerked to his touch and as she was facing me, I saw she closed her eyes in
ecstasy. I completely forgot that I came to Mrs. Yadav for milk and the white sari, but was completely absorbed in
watching this horny activity. I saw Mrs. Yadav had closed her eyes and why not? Getting passionate hugs from this
energetic male who had now started caressing her smooth and fair midriff with his palms and hugged her matured
figure at his free will. In no time Sanjeev turned Mrs. Yadav within his arms to face her away from him so that he
could massage her heavy jiggling tits abundantly.

I saw Sanjeev put his big-sized palms on Mrs. Yadav’s mammaries and cupped simultaneously both of her large,
round, firm and full boobs. Mrs. Yadav naturally started wriggling in elation, as any female would do. I noticed her
hands were scratching her own choot over her sari. Now suddenly Sanjeev stopped all motion and stood still, but
kept his palms just holding her globes over her blouse, but not fondling them. Mrs. Yadav was a bit surprised as if
someone had come, but I could well understood Sanjeev was relishing the feel of her very attractive sized boobs.

Mrs. Yadav: You naughty.

Saying that she turned again to face her, but Sanjeev was still cupping her blouse-covered breasts and it looked so
indecent! Sanjeev’s hands were now under her pallu and I knew what they were doing under that cover. Sanjeev for
the first time now placed his lips onto Mrs. Yadav’s lips and they were lip-locked for sometime. And like all men
Sanjeev also craftily pulled down her pallu displaying her blouse-covered bobbling breasts and now to my sheer
disbelief I saw he was whiffing off Mrs. Yadav’s sari from her waist also.

I was really shocked that Mrs. Yadav being a fully matured woman allowing such lewd acts by an outside male
standing in the balcony of her house. Though the road cannot be seen from the balcony, but anyone approaching the
house would surely notice her. Mrs. Yadav was clutching Sanjeev in such a way that it seemed to me as if she was a
teenager experiencing her first date. Sanjeev was doing his job quite swiftly and in virtually no time he unhooked
her white blouse and with both hands slid her white bra upwards to expose her rotund mammaries. Being the
mother of a 16-year-old girl, Mrs. Yadav had enviously large and firm breasts, which jumped out of the tight bra. I
saw the nipples were almost black in color and very erect for obvious reasons.

Sanjeev now encircled her waist with his arms and lifted up her chin towards him and propelled his tongue through
her lips and into her mouth. Mrs. Yadav was hugging Sanjeev and scratching her fingers on his broad back. By this
time, Mrs. Yadav’s sari was completely off her body and lying on floor. Her blouse was open and her bra uplifted
and her petticoat was saving her dignity. I noticed Sanjeev started pushing his crotch into her pussy over her
petticoat. The scene was extremely heating up and I stood there simply gulping every bit of this very hot

Sanjeev’s palms were now openly fondling Mrs. Yadav’s big boobs, while he had pulled her tongue into his mouth and
was sucking it.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhh………

It seemed I was more excited and thrilled seeing this scene. I remembered Uday’s kissing on the boat. I truly
cherished it. I was repenting if Uday was here, we could have had another steamy love session. The very next
moment I thought why did I not think of my husband? He also did kiss me like this at times though not on a regular
scale, as he is not a big believer in kissing. He is more into the direct act. But Uday’s kissing was so spontaneous and
he resembled very much like Sanjeev was kissing Mrs. Yadav. I saw Sanjeev’s arms now came down on the lady’s
gaand and he started caressing and squeezing her big buns. My right hand was automatically scratching my pussy
over my panty and my left hand self massaging my breasts and pinching my nipple over my blouse and bra.

Sanjeev then peeled off her blouse and bra completely from her body and threw on the balcony chair and Mrs.
Yadav, the mother of a 16-year-old girl, was now standing wearing only a petticoat in a full topless condition. I was
stunned to see the courage of this housewife - she was hugging a male in a topless condition in the balcony of the
house knowing that her husband was very much present in the house! I could never ever do that in my house. Even
when my husband was away at noontime and if even a salesman had come, I made sure that I do not attend him in a
nightie or without wearing my bra because in most cases it was the nap time for me and during that period I was
surely not properly draped. However, Mrs. Yadav here was crossing all limits!

Sanjeev made Mrs. Yadav raise her hands in air in order to lick her armpits and I noticed that she was having an
absolutely clean armpit. Sanjeev gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to it. He started smelling and deeply
inhaling her armpits, which though looked extremely vulgar and then started licking them vigorously and Mrs. Yadav
was writhing in exhilaration. I was unable to take it anymore and was now wondering how to enter in this sweltering
scene to tell Mrs. Yadav to provide me milk and a white sari, which Guru-ji had ordered. It was also getting late I
realized and Guru-ji might just be angry. I apologized to Mrs. Yadav in my mind, as I had to now stop her blow hot
love episode.

I went back at least a dozen steps. I still was midway in the passage towards the balcony. I was also at a safe
distance from the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was having a drink and I started calling Mrs. Yadav.

Me: Mrs. Yadav. Mrs. Yadav.

I did not deliberately move a step ahead as I knew hearing my voice she would immediately try to wear her clothes
back and I need to give her that time. After a moment or two, I called again and took only a couple of steps. After
sometime, I heard a feeble reply.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, I am here.

I walked very slowly towards the balcony. As I stepped on the balcony, I saw Sanjeev was sitting on the chair as if
enjoying the beauty of the moonlit night and Mrs. Yadav looked extremely sexy with the blouse on her body with all
the hooks open and the sari draped in a very lewd fashion. I knew I should have given her more time to recompose.

Me: Guru-ji asked for a bowl of milk and a white sari that he had already told you of.

Mrs. Yadav: Oh! Yes, yes Anita. I forgot about the sari. Why don’t you sit here in the balcony? I will get you both in
a minute.
I did not want to embarrass Mrs. Yadav. She was panting as she conversed and the sexual heat was showing on her
face. I nodded and took a chair. Mrs. Yadav hurriedly left the place and from the tingling of her chudi I could make
out she was probably dressing her standing in the passage. Sanjeev was absolutely normal and conversed with me
and within another five to seven minutes Mrs. Yadav was back with a bowl of milk and the sari. I thanked her and
left the place. As I walked down the passage towards the stairs I speculated whether Sanjeev and Mrs. Yadav
would again engage in passionate lovemaking in the open balcony or take me as an alert and go in some room to fulfill
their desires. But I could well apprehend that if this is the nature of Mrs. Yadav, I could not blame her daughter
much for watching porn CDs.

I knocked and entered the puja ghar. Guru-ji was still explaining something to her and she was listening intently
with folded arms. Guru-ji looked up and noted that I had got the things he ordered for.

Guru-ji: Anita, lock the door and get the milk boiled in the stove.

I nodded and handed him the sari and went up to the stove to get the milk boiled. As I handed Guru-ji the sari I
noted for the first time that it was a thin cotton sari, the type generally worn by widows. I could not understand
why that was needed in this yagya. I was about to ask that, but Guru-ji by that time was directing Shilpa for the
first worship.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now we will do the first worship to Linga Maharaj. One needs a medium for this worship and as
your parents used your Sanjeev uncle and Anita aunty as their mediums, you will use me as your medium. Okay?

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Beti, the focus has to be worship and worship only. You must not deviate. If you deviate you will have to
undergo the ‘dosha khandan’ (=eradicate the error) process. So only concentrate on your worship for studies. Jai
Linga Maharaj!

Shilpa nodded and stood up. She did not know what to do and Guru-ji indicated through a gesture to me for the
start. I took her to the area where I lied on the floor and I told her to be on the floor in a prone position, i.e. her
bottoms facing the ceiling. Shilpa’s back was looking very attractive as she was lying on the floor wearing the tight
salwar kamiz. While giving her the puja flowers, I noticed her face was red in natural shame, as then she got the
hint that Guru-ji would get on top of her back. I handed her over the puja flowers and asked to stretch her hands
in the worship form.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. You can sit there and mind you no noise. Shilpa Beti, I will whisper in your ears the mantra
five times and you will chant that loudly to Linga Maharaj. Then in turn you will whisper me what exactly is your
wish and I will transfer that to Maharaj. Okay?

Shilpa: Okay Guru-ji.

I thought I should ask Guru-ji that previously the process was different because as the medium I was no floor and
Mr. Yadav enjoyed me from top, but did not gather the courage to ask Guru-ji. He roared forward to Shilpa’s body
chanting “Jai Linga Maharaj” time and again. Guru-ji’s gigantic figure was no match for this teenager and her body
was fully covered by Guru-ji’s mammoth stature as he placed himself on her.

Guru-ji: Don’t mind Beti, as this is the norm of this yagya. I will not place my body weight on you. You just

Guru-ji was now riding Shilpa’s body and I was watching from a distance of few feet. I noted that Guru-ji very
cleverly adjusted his body length, pretending to straighten his saffron garment, to place his pelvic area exactly on
Shilpa’s buttocks. He was not even finished whispering the first mantra in Shilpa’s ears that I saw the subtle
movement of Guru-ji’s pelvis on her gaand. I was shocked to see Guru-ji also deviating by Shilpa’s young flesh. As
the mantra chanting was getting to an end, I found Guru-ji’s pelvic movement was getting more obvious on Shilpa’s

Now Shilpa had to whisper her wish to Guru-ji and he would transfer that to Linga Maharaj. I saw Guru-ji took his
face very close to her face, his thick lips almost touching the girl’s cheeks. Guru-ji’s hands, which were till then on
the floor on both sides of Shilpa, now moved. He kept his right hand on Shilpa’s shoulder very casually as he
dropped his face near her lips. Soon that part was over too and Guru-ji alighted from her body. Believe me, I
clearly saw Guru-ji’s erect tool protruding like a pole his saffron dhoti. He quickly adjusted that before Shilpa
could raise her head from her lying position.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, did you concentrate fully during your worship?

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji.

I noted that her voice was almost trembling, probably in excitement.

Guru-ji: Then why is your voice shaky? Why are you not confident?

She was breathing heavily like any woman if a man rides her back. But Guru-ji’s voice was stern and harsh.

Shilpa: Believe me Guru-ji, I was thinking only on my worship.

Guru-ji: Why are you telling a lie Beti?

There was pin drop silence in the room as the cozy atmosphere has changed. I was also a bit puzzled seeing the

Guru-ji: This is the reason for your failure. Your mind is not steady, it’s curious about things other than studies.
The same thing happened here, your mind was more inclined about my physical touch, and not on the worship.

Shilpa was still trying to save her face.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, believe me, I was praying only for passing the final exams.

Guru-ji: Beti, you are forcing me to prove my point and I will do that. Anita, just come here and check if her mind
was diverted or not.

I was baffled. How do I check that? Shilpa stood with her face down and I was sure she was telling a lie. Her
concentration definitely was focussed on the male touch.

Me: But Guru-ji, how? I mean err… how do I check?

Guru-ji: Its simple. You just check her nipples and you know that she was excited or not.

Myself and Shilpa both were rather appalled hearing that, especially from a male. But as I gathered back, I
thought that Guru-ji had hit the bull’s eye, because to catch a woman if she is sexually excited or not, the
appearance of her nipples is the best catch.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

Shilpa: But Guru-ji…

Shilpa was red in shame and probably realized that she could not fool this Godman, as he was much more
experienced and wise.
Shilpa: I am sorry Guru-ji. You were right.

Guru-ji: Hmm. So you see Beti, there is no point in misleading people. Always tell the truth. Okay?

Shilpa simply nodded and I could well understand her position in front of this gigantic male character. I noticed
Guru-ji now took out a couple of replicas of Linga Maharaj from his bag. They looked exactly like the deity that was
there for worship here.

Guru-ji: Anita, please hand me over the milk, bilva leaves, rose water, and honey. Also pour some ghee in the yagya

I did as Guru-ji said and he started making a mixture out of them. He crushed the bilva leaves and mixed it with
honey. Then with the other ingredients, a thick fluid was prepared. Then Guru-ji started pouring the mixture on
one of the replica of Linga Maharaj. He massaged and stroked it slowly so that it was fully laminated with the fluid
mixture. Then he took the other replica and made it shudh (=purify) in the fire and then cleaned with rose water.
Lastly he performed some puja on both the models. Shilpa and myself were both watching him silently.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, come here and stand by the fire. Close your eyes and pray to Agnidev the mantras that I

The yagya fire had already flared up as I had poured ghee in it and the heat, the smoke along with Guru-ji’s loud
vocal narration of mantras made the atmosphere of the room very gripping. I saw Shilpa’s lips moving as she was
repeating the mantras. This went on for another three to five minutes.

Guru-ji: Beti, now this is a very important part of the yagya. You must dedicate your mind fully on this. These
models of our Linga Maharaj will now energize you. It is called the Jaagran Kriya (=wake up process). You will have
to gulp down holy fluid on it and concurrently I will guide the other model through your body to invigorate you.

Shilpa nodded her head with a question mark on her face and I was damn sure that she could not fully interpret
Guru-ji’s words, but she did not have the guts to ask him. I was also not fully sure what Guru-ji would do exactly.
Shilpa had closed her eyes with her hands folded for worship standing in front of the yagya fire and the fire had
supplemented a reddish tinge to her body hugging white salwar kamiz. Guru-ji was standing just beside her, very
close. I was on the opposite of the fire.

Guru-ji now was shouting mantras and held the fluid laminated Linga replica to Shilpa’s mouth. She opened her lips
initially just a little, but then realizing to accommodate the Linga diameter she had to open it wider, did that. Guru-
ji inserted the Linga model in her mouth and she started sucking it. The fluid must have tasted good as Shilpa was
licking it up fast. Guru-ji was slowly pushing it more and more into her mouth and now it looked so vulgar to me. It
looked more like an oral sex scene where the female takes the erect male cock in her mouth sucking and licking it.
Shilpa was exactly doing that.

Guru-ji: Hold the Linga with your hands and mind you throughout this ‘jaagran kriya’, you should have it in your

Shilpa followed the command. Her eyes were closed throughout as Guru-ji originally ordered. She held the Linga
structure in both hands and was sucking it. She was gulping it further, but she looked so crude that I had to lower
my eyes. Guru-ji was watching her closely and must have been enjoying the scene - a 16-year-old sexy teenage girl
standing in front of him with a structure, which very much resembled an erect lund, in her mouth. As Shilpa was
almost complete with sucking the tip part, she lifted her face and almost inverted the Linga over her mouth and
more fluid trickled in her mouth. She continued to sop up the fluid and inadvertently was producing a very sexy
sound, which reminded me of my married bedroom life.

I had done this oral thing for my husband only on one day and was not at all comfortable with it. The first day when
my husband offered me to do this, I quivered in shame and promptly refused. He requested me the same thing on
some other days too, but then not seeing my urge in this act did not poke me further. But one rainy evening, I was
feeling very horny reading a novel and when my husband returned after work, I was quite eager to have sex.
Apparently he was very tired and was not in the ‘mood’. That day deliberately I went for my bath late and made
sure that when I got out of the bathroom my husband was on bed. I went to the dressing table and purposefully
got out of my panty from under my nighty standing there, so that my hubby got a sexy view and myself also could
watch his reaction on the mirror. It worked as when I came near him on bed, I noted his semi-erect tool under his

But he was visibly tired and only after a couple of kisses he was planning to sleep. But I desperately wanted
lovemaking at that time. I started playing with his hair as he was lying on bed and also adjusted my nighty a bit so
that my big tight boobs remained half open over my nightdress near his face. In general I am somewhat
conservative on bed like most women, but that day in trying to ignite my husband was behaving shamelessly. I
noticed my husband was gearing up, but definitely slower than other days and he inserted his fingers within my
nighty to feel my private parts. I was myself so eager that I had already exposed my body by lifting up my nighty
to mid thigh and was giving him the feel of my naked plump thighs. He was responding to me, but I found his lund
was not getting erect to the same hardness that I would like. And by the time my husband switched off the lights
to make more intense lovemaking, I was stark naked on bed except for my ornaments. Today I was trying to stroke
and massage his cock more to get his full hardness, and probably realizing his physical tiredness he offered me to
suck his cock. I did not refuse and did this cock sucking for the first time. Honestly I did not like it at all, which I
also told my husband next day, but that day it worked for me as my husband was charged immediately and we had
an enjoyable intercourse.

Today as Shilpa was sucking the Linga model, that day I also sucked and licked my hubby’s hard cock and his precum
did make his lund slippery and the same sound was yielded through my lips, which Shilpa was producing now. Guru-ji
was already chanting mantras and now he started to guide the other Linga replica from his head downwards. It
appeared as if a magician doing some trick with his magic wand. Guru-ji was stopping at one place on Shilpa’s body
and verbalizing mantras and then was proceeding to the next stop. First on her head, then to her neck and now
further down brushing all over her back. Shilpa almost jerked as Guru-ji grazed past her full salwar kamiz covered
back with that Linga. Then Guru-ji did something, which would appear very offensive to any woman.

Guru-ji had positioned himself to Shilpa’s backside now and as he slid the Linga structure to Shilpa’s waist, he
pulled up the end of the freely flowing kamiz from Shilpa’s buttocks and exposed her pajama-covered round butts.
Shilpa naturally was shocked and stopped her sucking process and was probably going to take out the Linga from
her open mouth, but Guru-ji indicated her to continue.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, as I told you – you concentrate on what you do. And for your information, this energizing
process through Linga model allows for a maximum of two cloth covers on an organ. If there are more, one must
remove that. You are wearing your undergarment Beti, over that you have the pajama – a double cover already, so I
had to pull up the kamiz.

Saying that Guru-ji paused to see the teenage girl’s reaction and seeing she understood, looked at me.

Guru-ji: Anita, can you please pour in some more fluid on her Linga?

Me: Sure Guru-ji.

As I answered I noted that light was falling from the opposite side on Shilpa’s back and as Guru-ji had pulled up
her kamiz to her waist, Shilpa’s pantyline could clearly be seen over the thin material of her pajama. It is a fact
that we girls bother very nominally about the thinness of our pajamas that we wear in a salwar suit as our pelvic
and bottom areas remain covered securely with the kamiz flowing over them. But in this case, as Guru-ji had pulled
Shilpa’s kamiz up, I was shocked to see that I was able to see the exact position of her panty on her ass cheeks.
And Guru-ji as a male must have been enjoying her pantyline.

I picked up the bowl of fluid and went up to Shilpa and she also took out the structure off her mouth and was
virtually gasping. Her eyes were still closed and due to that everything what Guru-ji did seemed more erotic. I
transferred some fluid onto the replica in her hand.

Guru-ji: Hurry up girls! We are losing out on the auspicious time frame.

I went back to my position and Shilpa too inserted the Linga in her mouth and again began to lick the rod thereby
sucking the fluid. All this time Guru-ji stood behind Shilpa having pulled up her kamiz till her waist revealing
Shilpa’s pajama-covered full gaand. Now as she started to lick the Linga again, Guru-ji now rolled the Linga
structure onto his round hips. I adjusted my position a bit so that I could see Guru-ji’s activities. I noticed Guru-ji
now left the uplifted kamiz cloth and held the Linga in both hands beneath her salwar kamiz tip and was
articulating mantras. His hands beneath Shilpa’s dress were constantly moving and only Shilpa knew what they were
doing as I was unable to see that. The way Shilpa jerked and moved in her standing position I could guess Guru-ji
must be feeling and massaging her panty covered gaand over her thin pajama.

The process looked extremely vulgar till it stopped. Shilpa for the first time was visibly uncomfortable. Why not?
She is an unmarried grownup girl and if a male rolls a rod on her gaand with both hands and simultaneously she has
to suck another rod, even a married woman would feel horny. Guru-ji was constantly chanting mantras and continued
his energizing process. He had now come to Shilpa’s front and held the Linga model on her knees and slowly rolling
up over her pajama-covered thighs. I was having butterfly in my stomach, as now Guru-ji was approaching her love
spot. But unexpectedly Guru-ji called me.

Guru-ji: Anita, come here once.

I took a circular route to come down before the yagya fire near Shilpa.

Guru-ji: You hold her kamiz up and let me energize her yoni.

I was a bit taken aback hearing that word from Guru-ji’s mouth, but realized it’s a yagya process that had to be
followed. It was very humiliating for any woman to have her dress pulled up and a male touching her pubic area, but
it was ‘accepted’ due to Guru-ji’s presence. Shilpa also did not react much, more so probably due to my presence. I
gently pulled up her kamiz with one hand from the front till her waist, but Guru-ji asked me to pull it up properly
with two hands and further more. Hence I lifted Shilpa’s kamiz up a bit more exposing till her beautiful bellybutton
along with the waistband of her pajama and the knot. Again due to light falling from the opposite direction, Shilpa’s
panty position could clearly be assessed from the front.

Guru-ji started rolling the Linga rod with both hands on her pussy and now his mantra expressions were louder than
ever. I noticed due to touches to that very sensitive part, Shilpa’s face naturally turned red and her sucking
process was also ceased though she was still holding it in her mouth. As I turned my eyes to Shilpa’s pussy area
again I clearly saw that Guru-ji was probing his fingers over her pajama and panty on her pussy trying to trace the
slit and inserting his finger. I immediately got hardened nipples within my bra seeing that sight. With Guru-ji’s
fingers openly touching her pussy over her clothes, Shilpa started to almost moan now with her eyes closed.

Shilpa: Ummmmmmmm….

Guru-ji was now practically feeling and pressing Shilpa’s pussy area with his fingers and the role of the Linga was
negligible. He was kneeling before this sexy teen’s honey pot and doing this Jaagran Kriya. Shilpa was now
constantly moving from her standing position and I could very well understand her uncomfortableness. But she did
not have to wait long, as the process was over and Guru-ji stood up to proceed towards her another sensitive area,
her mammaries. I dropped her kamiz and she looked visibly comfortable.

Guru-ji: Pour some more mixture.

I took the bowl and poured the thickish fluid onto the Linga structure not even asking Shilpa to get it out of her
mouth. The fluid naturally overflowed the rod to her lips and chin and even glided down her slender neck into the
top of her dress. Guru-ji by that time had rolled the Linga model through her flat stomach and was approaching her
twin peaks. With a male hand groping Shilpa’s gaand and pussy area, she was now breathing very heavily and her
perky breasts looked more firm and jutting out within her salwar suit. Since I was standing pretty close to her, I
could clearly make out her left nipple impression above her dress and honestly she was now looking extremely
tempting. Since Shilpa was not even using a chunri, things were worse.

Shilpa was gulping down the fluid, which I poured and it seemed even Guru-ji was somewhat out of place after
groping every inch of this sexy 16-year-old girl because I noticed his jaws were hanging and he was himself
breathing heavily now and his manhood was alarmingly sticking out through his dhoti. As expected, Guru-ji lost some
composure and though he was narrating the mantras, the voice was lower, and as he placed the Linga rod on Shilpa’s
youthful boobs, his fingers were directly trying to touch her kamiz-covered jiggling flesh. I noticed Shilpa had
closed her eyes and Guru-ji was probably more charged by this and completely ignoring my presence, he took his
left hand off the Linga rod and directly grabbed Shilpa’s left boob.

Shilpa: Ummmmmmmmmmmm…

She could not utter much, as her mouth was blocked by the Linga rod and her eyes were also tightly closed,
probably in excitement. Guru-ji was now crossing the limit, I thought, groping this girl who was virtually her
daughter’s age. He was now feeling the roundness and firmness of Shilpa’s left breast with his palm from the front
and it looked so very indecent that I had to turn my eyes elsewhere. Guru-ji was taking undue advantage of the
situation and feeling the body of this rosebud. But it was short-lived as Guru-ji quickly recovered and was again
chanting the mantras loudly and held the Linga rod in both hands and rolled it on Shilpa’s breasts. To finish off this
ritual, he pressed Shilpa’s round boobs with the base of the Linga rod and his act appeared as if he stamped her
boobs with the Linga structure as we see post office workers do when they put stamp marks on the letters.

Guru-ji: Okay Shilpa Beti. Open your eyes. Your Jaagran Kriya is complete. Take the Linga out from your mouth

Shilpa: Uffffffffffffff……………..

Shilpa exhaled a sigh of relief. She was sweating profusely now I noticed standing close to the fire and also due to
the male touches on her private parts.

Guru-ji: I hope your full concentration was here. Otherwise you will face ‘amangal’ Beti and also will not succeed in
your exams.

Shilpa: No Guru-ji. I was concentrating.

Guru-ji: I hope so. Well, the first part of the yagya is complete, now for the next part. Anita, please get me the
sanctified rope from my bag.

As I went to the other side of the fire to get Guru-ji’s bag, I heard Guru-ji saying something very shocking for

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, if you are ready, we will get along with the next part and as per custom, the devotee needs to
wear her medium’s clothing.

I turned back and saw Shilpa was looking questionably at Guru-ji. Quite natural. I was also a bit surprised. Guru-ji

Guru-ji: As the medium I have put forward your plea to Linga Maharaj and now you have to authenticate that from
the materialistic angle by wearing my dress and perform the rest of the yagya together, i.e. now the medium and
the devotee are one and the same. Jai Linga Maharaj!
We both chanted “Jai Linga Maharaj!”, but I could clearly make out the lack of confidence in Shilpa’s voice as she
jolly well understood that she needs to take off her salwar kamiz now. Guru-ji did not give Shilpa much time to
think and took of his saffron cloth that he was wearing from the upper part of his body and forwarded it to Shilpa.
Guru-ji’s massive hairy body was half exposed now. He was only wearing a saffron dhoti. Seeing him in that
condition would make any girl frightened.

Guru-ji: Beti, don’t waste time. The auspicious time is running away.

Shilpa was standing like a dumbstruck. A grown up girl like her being asked to change her dress in front of a male
probably made her so astonished that she forgot to react even. At least she got back her voice.

Shilpa: But Guru-ji, I mean… How can I wear this? This is just a shawl like cloth!

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, you are not going now to attend a party so that you need to dress up properly. This is a yagya.
You need to abide by the norms. There are so many yagya you know where the devotee has to attend it fully naked.
One must devote in the purest form. There is no term called shame in front of Linga Maharaj? Silly girl.

Guru-ji’s voice was firm as steel. Shilpa did not have the courage to utter a single word after that.

Guru-ji: Anita, she need not open her undergarments. You wrap it on her waist like a lungi.

I looked at Shilpa and her eyes were telling the story. She drooped her head and quietly went to the corner of the
puja ghar and started opening her kamiz. She took it out over her head stretching her arms up in the air. Then she
untied her pajama and started pulling it down and as she bent to pull it down, her panty covered full gaand looked so
inviting that I noticed Guru-ji for a split second stroked his lund. Shilpa’s back was towards us and though she
quickly tried to drape her in the saffron cloth, Guru-ji had a clear view of her undergarment clad body from the
back. I stepped forward to her now and helped her cover her lower part of the body starting from her navel till
her knees with that saffron cloth and tied the knot securely below her navel. Honestly I thought she would look
less vulgar if she remained in her bra and panty only, but now she was looking extremely sexy, as her white
undergarment was so very prominent through this semi transparent cloth.

She now came in front of Guru-ji with her eyes to the floor in shame as she was so much exposed in front of a
male. Her boobs jiggled within her bra and young flesh was oozing out of her bra cups. In fact, seeing her limitless
exposure in front of a male I was myself feeling uncomfortable. Her 16-year-old bubbly body looked so very
fascinating that myself being a woman was getting green with envy. Her boobs looked so firm and erect within her
scanty bra and her flat abdomen dancing into the thin waist and further down into her curvaceous ass appeared so

I handed the rope to Guru-ji and he bent down to tie that to Shilpa’s waist. She was so shy that she was also
bending a bit towards Guru-ji to his touches at her waist. When the tying of the rope was over and as Guru-ji
ascended from his bent position, his head directly collided with Shilpa’s jiggling bra-covered boobs as she was
bending inwards. Guru-ji looked up and Shilpa’s pomegranate boobs were right in front of his lustful eyes. Naturally
she blushed heavily and though Guru-ji said “Sorry”, I could read a different story in his eyes.

Guru-ji: Beti, hold this rope for now. Anita, please forward me the sandalwood paste once.

I took the sandalwood paste dish and handed that over to Guru-ji. He now closed his eyes and started chanting
mantras. Shilpa was looking down at the floor; she must be feeling immensely ashamed to be standing only in her
bra and panty in front of a male. Though the saffron veil was hanging from her waist, but practically that was
nonexistent as her tiny white panty was visible like daylight. Guru-ji opened his eyes and came right in front of
Shilpa and placed a sandalwood tilak (=mark) on her forehead.

Guru-ji: Now repeat the mantras loudly as I say.

Narrating the mantra he now bent again to put a sandalwood tilak on Shilpa’s navel and then squatted in front of
her before her legs and pulled up the veil to make her thighs naked and then put tilak on her smooth thighs.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now we will do havan together. Havan is the procedure of eradicating inner imperfections
prevalent in our being. If you are through with it, you will overcome your problem of studies.

Shilpa nodded and stepped towards the fire as Guru-ji was already there. I was standing at a distance now, not
directly facing them, but watching them from the side. Guru-ji now picked up the ghee pot.

Guru-ji: Beti, now hold this.

Now Guru-ji came to Shilpa’s back and positioned himself right behind her. Now he inserted his hands through the
underarms of Shilpa and he also held the ghee pot. I noticed as he did that Shilpa had to raise her both arms
slightly to accommodate Guru-ji’s inserted arms. I saw Guru-ji’s strong arms were now holding the ghee pot and
simultaneously pressing Shilpa’s bra-covered boobs from both sides. But the way Guru-ji adjusted his pelvis into
the buttocks of Shilpa, I was shocked and doubted his intentions. Now both held the ghee pot and slowly poured
ghee into the yagya fire and Guru-ji was chanting extensive mantras.

As I was viewing them from the side, I could see their every movement. Guru-ji was now very deliberately rubbing
his arms on the sides her upright boobs and the touch of young firm mangoes must have ignited the passion in him,
otherwise why would he start gyrating his pelvis on Shilpa’s panty-covered gaand. Shilpa also must be feeling the
heat – from the yagya fire as well as this man’s hot touches. She was looking like the goddess of Venus clad only in
a bikini like clothing in the arms of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now I will face you from the front and you put in your arms from my both sides to pour ghee in
the fire.

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji took out his arms from below Shilpa’s armpits and came to her front. Shilpa now extended her arms
through the underarms of Guru-ji and started pouring the ghee. I noticed Guru-ji adjusted his position so that
Shilpa’s boob tips were now touching his flat hairy chest. Naturally like any woman, Shilpa was also uncomfortable
as her boobs were touching a male’s chest and retracted from her position, but I saw Guru-ji drew her towards him
to get the proper posture. Shilpa was avoiding eye contact with Guru-ji and most times kept her eyes closed as she
was repeating the mantras chanted by Guru-ji. This probably gave Guru-ji a better chance to milk her. Guru-ji was
now moving his fingers up and down her tummy and to her bottoms over her panty. She was wriggling subtly as I
could comprehend that Shilpa was unwilling to make her reactions to the male touch very evident. This went on for
a minute and then suddenly Guru-ji stopped sounding the mantras and pulled back from Shilpa.

Guru-ji: Beti, what is this? I did warn you to concentrate on the mantra and worship only. But it seems you have not
taken any lesson!

Shilpa’s face was pale. She was dumb. Her nipple impressions could clearly be seen over her bra cups and that
proved certainly she was entertained by Guru-ji’s touches.

Guru-ji: You are not able to succeed in studies because you are more curious in other things, which are not a part
of your concern till you are a virgin. I am very annoyed with you.

Guru-ji seemed very upset and there was pin drop silence in the room.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, please forgive me.

Guru-ji: There is no question of forgiveness on my part. That means you have throughout this yagya concentrated
on your physical excitement rather than the worship. I need to tell this to your parents.
Shilpa hearing this reacted so vulnerably that she made a mess. She immediately held Guru-ji’s legs for a mercy
and started crying. But she did not know this posture made her look so enticing that I had to almost take my eyes
off her. Her whole back was naked except for the sheer bra strap and as she bent on the floor with folded legs,
her panty was stretched by her fleshy buttocks sliding it down marginally exposing the tip of her ass crack. I
figured out that the panty Shilpa was wearing must be an old one with a slackened elastic waistband. Any male
would get a hard on by that scene. Shilpa’s ass crack was unmistakably noticeable over her panty through the semi-
transparent saffron cloth that she was wearing at her waist.

Guru-ji: Beti, beti get up. Behave yourself.

I now had to step in and tried to get Shilpa up from Guru-ji’s feet. After much pleading she got up, but as she
ascended from her bent position, she displayed her deep cleavage, the insides of her breasts, and the exact shape
of her boobs, which would be enough to get a turn on for any male, any age.

Guru-ji: The only way out for completing this yagya is now the ‘dosha khandan’. Are you ready for that?

Shilpa: I will do whatever you say Guru-ji.

She was sobbing and with her exposed condition it seemed as if she was crying to get back her clothes. Guru-ji
quickly went towards the other side of the yagya fire and started preparing more sandalwood paste.

Me: Guru-ji, I can do it if you say.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita, but I can manage. You take care of her and ask her to stop weeping. She is no more a child.

I went ahead to Shilpa. She was looking so helpless from all angles – physically and mentally too. I kept my hand on
her head and asked her to be quiet. I wiped her cheeks with my sari pallu and Shilpa started getting normal.

Guru-ji: Anita, is she okay now?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Fine. Now stretch on the floor here the white sari that Nandini had given you.

I nodded and obeyed him. Shilpa was standing quietly in her semi-clad condition. Guru-ji had prepared sandalwood
paste in a large bowl and I was wondering what would he do with so much sandalwood! Guru-ji now stood up and
suddenly opened his loin in front of us. As he did that I almost exclaimed seeing his large tool draped in the tiny
brief. Guru-ji himself was quite an enormous figure and now standing only wearing his undergarment looked rather
fearsome for any woman. I saw that his thick lund was stretching the cloth of his brief very awkwardly and we
both girls had our eyes glued on his manhood.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, don’t panic, as this is the custom for ‘dosha khandan’. When you are offering yourself to Linga
Maharaj, you must be in your purest form.

Saying that he stood in front of the fire on one leg, closed his eyes, and stretched his hands upwards in folded
form and started vocalizing mantras. The glowing fire was making him look quite dreadful. I looked at Shilpa and
she was still staring at Guru-ji’s underwear-covered thick lund. Following her, I also again directed my vision to the
same item, unmistakably any woman’s favorite thing, and confessed in my mind that all the male penis that I had
seen till that day, this was the most gorgeous, even within the underwear. Guru-ji completed the episode and
opened his eyes.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, since are no more a child and you have completed 16 years of age, what you are doing as hide
and seek from your parents and thereby hampering your studies, you should know like daylight.
Guru-ji was still in that one-legged position before the fire, and seeing that almost mechanically Shilpa folded her
arms in the form of worship and looked into his eyes.

Guru-ji: I can clearly see the natural astonishment in your eyes Beti, which I do not see in your Anita Aunty’s eyes.
You know the reason? That’s because she is married and had seen and felt the male sexual tool, which you have not.

My ears immediately got hot listening such words from Guru-ji and I simply could not look directly at him though he
was not talking to me at that moment.

Guru-ji: Every girl has this curiosity about male body, their touches and the excitement, which is the normal
behavior of this age, but getting diverted from you focus is a poor action and you must do a behavioral
modification. And this ‘dosha khandan’ will help you do that also.

He paused and then again continued.

Guru-ji: What inquisitiveness you have today, I also had the same at your age. We males are similarly interested in
female bodies, their touches, and the excitement. This is life.

The environment seemed to be getting a bit cozier now with Guru-ji explaining things.

Shilpa: You are right Guru-ji. I am unable to concentrate and all the time…

Guru-ji: I can understand that, but ought to have a talk with Nandini when you saw it was hampering your studies.
Isn’t it? But actually your psycho did not allow you to do that, as you believed your parents would come up with a
stick if you share such things with them.

Shilpa: You are absolutely right Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Come near me Beti.

Shilpa went up to Guru-ji and stood by the yagya fire with folded hands. Her almost naked body looked reddish in
the fire flame.

Guru-ji: Do not hide anything in front of Linga Maharaj. As your medium, I am also his part. Tell me do you have a

Shilpa blushed and was dumb for a minute. Guru-ji patiently waited for her to reply.

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Hmm. And I believe you are deviated from your studies mostly once you have met him.

Shilpa nodded affirmatively.

Guru-ji: How often do you meet? Is he in college?

Shilpa: Yes, he is in college Guru-ji. We meet twice or thrice a week.

Guru-ji: How long do you know him?

Shilpa: For about 3-4 months.

Guru-ji: And how far has your relation progressed?

Shilpa lowered her eyelids and kept looking at the floor. I was quite amused the way Guru-ji was craftily digging
out her personal details.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, you have not done a sin that you are feeling guilty. Tell me how far it has progressed?

That was a tricky question for a girl of 16 to answer, as she had to tell how far she had allowed her male partner
touching her body.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, we spend time together, I mean err… that’s all, nothing more.

Guru-ji: Have you kissed each other?

Guru-ji now started hitting directly the bulls’ eye. Shilpa after keeping silent for a while, replied.

Shilpa: I tried to protect me from doing such things, but Guru-ji believe me, the situations made me so weak that...

Guru-ji: Hmm. Where do you spend time generally?

Shilpa: In the Waterworld or in the Lumbini Park.

I was not much aware of these places, as I was not a resident of that area, but Guru-ji seemed to know the places.

Guru-ji: Lumbini Park! That’s a dirty place. Especially in the evening it becomes a den of crooks and unsocial

Shilpa: But Guru-ji, we never went there in the evening, we go there after school around 4 p.m.

Guru-ji: Now tell me how situations made you weak as you said. Do not hide anything Beti. Tell everything in front
of Linga Maharaj and feel free at heart.

Shilpa was now sweating and I could see beads of sweat on her naked upper half of the body. She was also
breathing a shade heavier making her ample boobs ooze a bit more over her bra.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, initially it was just chatting sitting on the park bench and holding each other’s hands while walking,
but as days went by I could feel the urge to get his touches. Then one day it was drizzling and we were walking
under an umbrella. The bench where we sat generally was occupied that day by a couple and we sat by their side.
That day I could not resist him, but it was not my fault completely.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, tell everything that happened. This is also a step towards your “dosha khandan”.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, as we sat beside that couple on the park bench, they were already quite close and soon started
touching each other’s lips and in no time the man made the woman almost lie on the park bench and was they kissing
feverishly. Guru-ji, they were just a foot away from us. The woman was almost Anita Aunty’s age and she was by
that time in a horribly disrobed condition in the open park to the extent that I had to stop my partner from seeing

Guru-ji: As I said Beti, tell me everything because from that actually you got close to your boyfriend. Right?

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji. Just imagine in the open park they were kissing and the woman’s sari pallu was flowing on the
ground and one of her tits was flashing out from her open blouse and bra.

Me: In the park?

I could not stop myself asking that question.

Guru-ji: Anita, you do not know this place. Since one has to purchase tickets and go inside, there is no disturbance.
Moreover there is no security inside also. Okay Beti, then?

Shilpa: Guru-ji, we both were quite excited seeing such things at such close proximity and then when he embraced
me I could not resist. That was the first day, I mean I was kissed.

Guru-ji: Then?

Shilpa: We were both quite excited about our meetings and simultaneously I was getting distracted from my
studies. We met, chatted and had a nice time in the Park. I could realize his temptation was growing and the silence
of the Park added fuel. In the third or fourth meeting there, the kissing extended to his touches on my whole body
and inside my dress. Guru-ji, believe me, each day I made up my mind when I met him that today I would not indulge
in intent body contact, but…

Guru-ji: Hmm. Linga Maharaj wants to know Beti how far you have proceeded? Have you gone to bed…

Shilpa: Ssssssssssss. No, Guru-ji. Never.

There was pin drop silence in the room. Guru-ji still standing on one leg with his hands up in the air in folded form,
but the bulge within his brief had grown further and was looking so very odd. It looked like a thick pole covered by
a rag.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, believe me, we chat mostly, but most times there is a couple nearby in the Park doing spicy things
and we get influenced also. He has touched me over my dress, but not directly… err… I mean…

Shilpa paused a little and Guru-ji threw a very indecent question at her.

Guru-ji: Have you touched your boyfriend’s tool?

Saying that he indicated with his eyes to his lund and Shilpa immediately blushed, and blushed very heavily. I was
also feeling a hardening of my nipples within my blouse and bra and simultaneously felt an itching in my pussy.

Guru-ji: What happened Beti? You told your boyfriend has touched you on your breasts, but did you not touch his

Shilpa nodded, negatively.

Guru-ji: Tell the truth. You are in front of Linga Maharaj.

Shilpa was again silent for a while and was looking down at the floor. Then she let the cat out of the bag.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, you know everything. Yes, he touched me inside my inner wear and I also felt his manhood. While in
the Park everything was restricted to kissing and cuddling me over my dress, though at times he inserted his hand
within my top, but I always tried to avoid such situations. But when we started going to the Waterworld, we got
closer. As we started spending time in the pool, I could not resist when he came closer to me in the water. And
under the water, he touches me everywhere over my costume and Guru-ji, I also touched and felt his tool over his
brief under the water.

There was a slight pause as Shilpa took a long breath and then continued her confession.

Shilpa: Naturally I longed for his touches, but one day things went a bit too far and I immediately made
restrictions on his approaches and he also told sorry to me for what he did. In the Waterpark the costume
changing rooms for boys and girls are side by side and these are small rooms for individuals. On weekdays in any
case the crowd in the pool is very thin and that day due to heavy rains it was very sparse. The changing room area
was also very desolate and the guard was also not there probably due to rains. As I was half way done in the
changing room, I heard a knock and the voice of …

Shilpa avoided naming his boyfriend.

Shilpa: I opened the door slightly and he just pushed in. I was just clad in the same way as I am now. I was about to
wear the costume over my undergarments that he entered. He had already changed into his brief and he embraced
and started kissing me. Guru-ji, I tried to escape, but being almost I mean err… naked, each of his touches made
me so weak...

Shilpa was silent as she lowered her head.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, for the first time I got touches inside my undergarments, and so you can understand my condition.
The fear factor was also working and I literally threw him out seeing no one outside the changing room and
fortunately the episode was over.

Guru-ji: Did he not try to do anything more?

Shilpa: He almost tore off my, I mean…. my inner wears, but due to my strict resistance he could only pull it up

Guru-ji: And what about?

Guru-ji indicated through his eyes towards Shilpa’s panty. How outrageous! But little could this teenage girl do.

Shilpa: Yes, err… Guru-ji, I mean he pulled it down, but I quickly recovered before he could do anything more.

Guru-ji: Hmm. So he saw your choot? Did you see his lund?

I was struck by thunder listening to such direct words from Guru-ji’s mouth. Shilpa also was not prepared to reply
to such direct things. It was a very clumsy situation for her, I understood. In fact I was feeling heat in my ears
hearing to such a question. Shilpa could only reply after a while with a drooped face.

Shilpa: No Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: But you must have felt it with your hand in such a situation.

Shilpa: He forced me to touch his…

Guru-ji: Okay. Its good to know that you saved your virginity. But this conclusively proves Beti why you are
distracted from your studies. But you also must keep in mind that before your marriage a physical relation or even
a boy kissing you or touching your body are not within accepted norms of our culture and society. Right?

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: So, you better keep distance from your boyfriend, but do not spoil the relation if you really like him. And
as you have confessed your mind to me in the presence of Linga Maharaj, you are through with half of the “dosha
khandan” process.

Shilpa nodded and smiled for the first time after a gap, visibly much relieved.

Guru-ji: Okay then. Anita, can you please get my Beti ready for the rest of the yagya?
I nodded, but questionably looked at Guru-ji not knowing exactly what to do now. He read my face.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now I shall alleviate you from your distraction. You were sidetracked in the mantra chanting
and worshipping sessions to Linga Maharaj and now offering yourself to him, you would get rid of your indulgences.

Shilpa, not understanding anything, nodded affirmatively.

Guru-ji: Anita, stretch the sari that Nandini had given you on the floor here and apply the sandalwood paste on her

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

I stretched the sari that Mrs. Yadav gave me on the floor where Guru-ji indicated and indicated Shilpa to come
and sit there.

Shilpa: But this is not my mother’s sari.

Guru-ji: Beti, I know. I asked Nandini to buy a white sari for yagya purpose.

Me: Yes, this looks more of a widow sari.

Shilpa lied down on the white sari. Her bra-covered boobs were appearing like two peaks. I took the big bowl in
which Guru-ji had prepared the sandalwood paste.

Guru-ji: Anita, now you can take that cloth off her waist.

Shilpa reluctantly lifted her buttocks and I pulled off the last decent clothing from her body. Though her white
panty could clearly be seen while she was draped in that cloth, still it must have been giving this 16-year-old girl
some comfort in front of Guru-ji. Now she was in an absolute two-piece – clad only in her bra and panty. She
immediately kept her right hand on her panty to save some honor. I took the sandalwood paste in my right hand and
started rubbing it on her forehead and cheeks. Then completing that I came down to her neck and her upper chest
area. The color of sandal and her wheat-colored breast area were as if complementing each other. I naughtily put
some sandalwood in between her bra cups in her cleavage. Shilpa was not even in a position to smile at this point.

Guru-ji was sitting now in front of the yagya fire and had his eyes closed. Seeing that Shilpa raised her head
slightly to tell me something.

Shilpa: Aunty, why am I being rubbed sandalwood on the whole body?

I nodded negatively to her whisper. Then she asked a very obvious question.

Shilpa: Aunty, shall I have to remove my… ?

Shilpa asked indicating towards her undergarments and I really had no reply to that because if the doctor ordered,
no way she could shun that. Shilpa probably understood what I meant from my facial expression and put her head
back on the floor. I had completed layering her abdomen with the paste and her body was filled with the sweet
fragrance of sandalwood. Now I started rubbing the paste on her naked thighs and I could feel she was shivering
to my touch on her bare skin. I noticed Guru-ji had opened his eyes and shouted “Jai Linga Maharaj!”

Me: Guru-ji, do I need to rub it on her back also?

Guru-ji: No, only on her frontal part. Thanks Anita. Now you can sit aside.
Guru-ji alighted from his sitting posture and his manhood was still very awkwardly poking out of his brief. His
gigantic naked hairy body was looking rather fearsome in the glow of the fire. He came and sat by Shilpa. I noticed
Shilpa had already closed her eyes. This time I noticed Guru-ji was proactive in his approach. Shilpa was lying in
front of her on the white sari wearing only her bare necessities. He threw some flower petals on her body and
chanted some mantras and went towards her feet.

Guru-ji: Beti, first I will wipe your “dosha” from your body surface. You remain in the same position as you are. I
will do the needful.

Shilpa remained silent and I was shocked to see Guru-ji now kneeling over her feet and started licking her and
giving her no chance to react or move, he gripped her naked legs firmly with both hands and was licking up the
sandalwood that I had massaged on her moments ago. His tongue was sticking way out and briskly moving on the
sexy teenage girl’s smooth skin. Naturally her body was mildly shaking with each stroke of Guru-ji’s wet tongue on
her legs. I could see her fisted hands and she was clenching her teeth to control her emotions. The male wet
tongue must have made her libido flow, which was just about very natural in any female.

I could very well understand Shilpa’s condition. She was an unmarried girl and myself being a married woman and
vividly experienced about sex still gets a shiver each time my husband did this act. Though not a very regular
feature in our conjugal life, but my hubby had given me this pleasure a number of times. One thing I don’t like
about my husband’s approach while licking my naked legs and thighs is that he wants to do this making me fully nude
on bed, but I prefer to enjoy this being in at least some kind of clothing. It’s probably my natural womanly shyness,
which compels me to think that way, because when am allowing a man to sniff my thighs, its most likely that I am
naked in his arms, but my problem is that when my husband skims his lips and nose on my legs, his hand constantly
rubs and pulls my pubic hair, which makes me very, very uncomfortable. Hence for me it is always a better
experience in this sort of love making if I am wearing a panty, but seldom could I do that.

Guru-ji was very eagerly licking the sandalwood off the well-formed legs of Shilpa. His hands were kept on both
sides of her legs to keep his body balance. I could see the prick within Guru-ji’s brief getting stiffer and more
prominent. Quite natural, I thought. He might be a god-man, but a human after all. Guru-ji was already up around
her knees and his tongue was gliding and sweeping her well-formed thighs. Her teenage skin was naturally very taut
and I thought Guru-ji surely was having a wonderful time. Guru-ji now gave a halt and chanted some mantras loudly
and then again became engaged in licking the naked legs of this sexy teenage girl lying on the floor in a bikini as if.
Shilpa remained stationary in her posture with her eyes tightly closed and a fully blushed face. As Guru-ji was
nearing her panty-covered crotch crossing her marble like thighs, he lifted his head to say something.

Guru-ji: Uncross your legs a bit Beti.

Shilpa opened her eyes with a question mark on her face. I was certain that she could realize that if she spreads
her legs, Guru-ji would surely put his head between her legs. She was naturally very hesitant.

Guru-ji: Beti I need to perform the act properly. You must unfold fully before me and not shy at all.

I was watching all along. Shilpa very reluctantly uncrossed her legs before Guru-ji’s eyes, but he was not fully
satisfied and Guru-ji somewhat forcefully parted Shilpa’s nude legs creating a triangular gap between her legs.
Before she could say anything, Guru-ji shouted “Jai Linga Maharaj” and placed his head near her love spot and
started licking the inner sides of her milky white thighs.

Shilpa: Uhhhhhhhhh! Guru-jiiiiii!

Guru-ji paused again and lifted his head.

Guru-ji: Beti, just keep recite this mantra in your mind and do not concentrate on your physical emotions.

Saying that he gave a six-word mantra to Shilpa and she started murmuring that while Guru-ji continued his sexy
act. I could see Guru-ji’s tongue lapping up the last bit of the sandalwood from Shilpa’s upper thighs. Guru-ji’s
mouth was now dangerously close to her panty and Shilpa was visibly very uncomfortable and was shifting and
moving on the floor. Guru-ji’s nose was poking her now at a position, which always remain covered by clothes – for
that matter not only for her, for any woman, for me also. Guru-ji’s tongue was now actually roaming on her upper
thighs, very up, just below her panty and even if a girl wears a miniskirt, this part of her body would surely remain
covered, and to have a male tongue and nose probe that area would surely make any woman go crazy in excitement.
Shilpa was no exceptional and she was giving out moans and screams loudly.

I noticed Guru-ji avoided touching Shilpa’s love spot, but made Shilpa more crazy, as he shifted his attention to
her sandalwood paste covered navel and belly. At the same time, now Guru-ji was almost over Shilpa’s body also and
the scene definitely would remind me my husband climbing my body on bed for a steamy intercourse session. I was
myself breathing very heavily now seeing all this in front of my eyes and I felt the same tightness slowly again
within my bra when I was enjoyed by Mr. Yadav an hour back. I would never forget the way he molested me in the
toilet and the way I jerked made him masturbate to save myself getting fucked.

Guru-ji was now almost complete with his licking the middle part of Shilpa’s body. Now as he proceeded further, he
was stretching his body on Shilpa’s tender body and things were really looking very hot. Though Guru-ji was
chanting mantras from time to time, but my focus was now fully physical. Shilpa was murmuring the mantra, which
Guru-ji gave her minutes ago, but how can a girl concentrate on anything else when a male is licking her body? He
now completed licking Shilpa’s neck and shoulder and was almost over her face. For the first time, I noticed Guru-ji
placed his body weight on Shilpa lying on the floor and he started licking gently her forehead. The sandalwood was
briskly vanishing as Guru-ji’s tongue was slurping her skin.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji uttered this and now did exactly as my husband would do on bed, i.e. placed his full body weight over
Shilpa’s body and with some slight adjustments made sure his lund was exactly over her panty-covered honey pot!
Guru-ji’s heavy flat chest was now crushing her bra clad budding boobs as his body lay over her. The way Shilpa was
uncrossing her legs I could easily realize that she was fully excited by this continuous male intrusion on her body. I
tilted my head a bit to see the whole scene and saw Guru-ji held Shilpa’s face with both hands. Shilpa’s eyes were
closed. And, then Guru-ji slowly proceeded to meet Shilpa’s lips! Guru-ji was kissing Shilpa. Initially like any woman,
Shilpa was a bit hesitant, but probably due to Guru-ji’s personality, she succumbed in fear and respect.

The kiss was slow, but long. I was sitting and watching all this with a dry throat, honestly wanting to be touched
again, but obviously not the way Mr. Yadav treated me. I could still feel his lips on mine when he was enjoying my
youthful body in the toilet. Seeing I am not watched I scratched and rubbed my pussy a bit over my sari and
adjusted my sitting position and parted my legs a bit. Guru-ji on the other hand was making very definite moves.
The kissing was complete and Guru-ji lifted his head off Shilpa’s wet lips. Shilpa was virtually gasping for a breath
after being kissed by a personality like Guru-ji. Her face though depicted she enjoyed the lip lock, but the fear and
astonishment was also telling on her face. Guru-ji now pulled his body off her body and sat beside him.

Guru-ji: Beti, now I will help you relieve from all distractions and “dosha” from your mind and body. I noticed you
were shivering while I was cleaning your lips. Why? What are you afraid of Beti?

Shilpa: Err, yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Why Beti, did you got afraid when your boyfriend kissed you? I must follow the “dosha khandan” norms of
the yagya, otherwise Linga Maharaj would be unhappy and not only you, I will suffer in life too. So, instead of being
afraid, you just relax Beti.

Shilpa just nodded her head. Guru-ji continued.

Guru-ji: For example, just see how long you have been in this two piece garment? You were feeling shy and afraid
initially, are you feeling that much shyness now? No. So, do not bend your mind on these aspects, just worship the
mantra that I gave you in your mind and let me do whatever is needed to clean your soul.

Shilpa looked visibly very shy again, as Guru-ji reminded her that’s she is only wearing her bra and panty and
nothing else and a pair of male eyes was watching her constantly. She could not answer anything.

Guru-ji: Yes, I know there is a ‘but’ in your mind and that’s why you are getting distracted each time. I want you to
attain that ultimate level so that your distraction ends.

Shilpa: How Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Just close your eyes, murmur the mantra, and respond to my actions. No ifs, no buts, no questions. Okay?

Shilpa nodded not knowing she actually signed the visa for Guru-ji to enjoy her sexy virgin body.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Beti, close your eyes and worship the mantra again and again till I say to stop. In “dosha
khandan” the next step is to wipe out the salt off your body. Anita, can you pass me that bowl please.

I was not prepared for any command from Guru-ji at this stage and was not expecting he would look at me also. I
fumbled a bit, as I was then feeling and pressing my nipples over my blouse with my right hand, actually quite
turned on seeing Guru-ji’s hot acts with Shilpa, but tried to quickly recover.

Me: Yee. Yes Guru-ji.

I alighted quickly and picked up the bowl of herbal water from beside the yagya fire and went in front of Guru-ji.
He took the bowl, but indicated with his eyes towards my gaand. I was heavily surprised at his gesture. I looked
with a question mark on my face at him and he without spending a word turned me slightly by holding my thigh area
towards my right side and with his hand pulled out my sari that was tucking in my ass crack. I virtually flushed, as I
was feeling so ashamed to be caught and corrected like that so openly by a male. Since I alighted quickly from my
sitting position I did not remember to straighten the sari over my hips and my sari remained tucked in my ass crack
as I walked before him. I very well knew I look pretty much indecent when this happens, more so since I possess a
rather heavy gaand. I turned red naturally in shyness like a newly married bride standing before this Godman and
my eyes automatically dropped towards the floor.

It was not the first time this has happened though I try to remain alert in most instances when I stand up from a
prolonged sitting posture, but there were occasions when I missed, like today. The other problem especially for me
as I mentioned before is my panties not fitting properly on my buttocks and slipping into my ass crack, which
fosters this. Once I remember I went to the market via a bus and got the window seat and when I alighted from
the bus I was unaware that my sari had tucked within my ass crack. That day also my panty must have slid into my
deep ass crack and I loitered the whole market like that and every male must have had a feast for their eyes with
my swinging heavy hips making the scene more alluring. I was made aware only when a female customer at a
cosmetics shop alerted me. But honestly, never ever in my life did a man have the courage to indicate me that my
sari was sticking in my ass - not even my husband. I believe my husband must have seen me doing daily household
chores many a times and once or twice when I was unmindful ‘this’ must have happened, but…

Wait! Wait!

Then did he purposefully not alert me and watched me walking in front of his eyes with my sari tucked in my ass
crack? ‘Rajesh! You naughty brute’, I murmured within myself.

I came back to my senses as Guru-ji started narrating mantras as he sprinkled the water on Shilpa’s body and
indicated me to get back to my position. In no time I noticed Shilpa’s body got wet and Guru-ji was cleaning the last
bit of sandalwood off her shinning naked skin. It seemed someone was buttering bread with a knife, as Guru-ji’s
right hand effortlessly worked on her almost naked body. Shilpa remained on the floor in the lying position with her
eyes closed, but was shaking just a little to the touches of Guru-ji on her thighs, navel, belly, and neck. I noted her
bra and panty were getting wet as Guru-ji was sprinkling ample water on her body. Now I could clearly see her
nipple impressions over her semi-wet white brassiere. She must be quite heated up through Guru-ji’s prolonged
licking. The watering episode was over.

Guru-ji now was watching Shilpa intently sitting just beside her on the white sari spread on the floor. I observed
Guru-ji looked down and feasted his eyes under Shilpa’s deep cleavage. Her fair and taut skin, being watered,
looked shinning and very, very inviting. Now Guru-ji was on his knees and balanced with his hands on the floor on
both sides of Shilpa’s body and bent down over her face. What would he do I wondered? He gently touched and
kissed both her ears. I saw Shilpa’s whole body trembled to his touch. Then his lips grazed down her cheeks and
moved to her neckline and kissed her all over my neck. Shilpa was gasping now and her legs getting gently parted. I
was pretty sure now what was in store for this teenage virgin girl.

I was no doubt enjoying this sort of a love scene. Guru-ji then kissed Shilpa’s hands. His lips grazed her whole
naked arms, one by one, up to her armpits. The kissing and touching was very slow. I could see Shilpa breathing very
heavily now because I feel this was for the first time she was touched by a male in her lying position wearing such
scanty dress. Guru-ji completed this process touching her navel, thighs, and knees. Then he sat down near her legs
and took Shilpa’s left leg in his lap. I saw Guru-ji’s lund was very erect by now within his mini brief and he
deliberately made Shilpa’s naked foot touch his lund!

He closed his eyes for sometime probably feeling her feet on her covered manhood and then lovingly did the same
to her right leg. Then what Guru-ji did would make any woman go wild with excitement. He simply lifted her feet
and started licking the sole of her feet!

Shilpa: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Guru-ji. Please.

Shilpa uttered in ecstasy, which was very natural. She was moving her hips on the floor forcefully with each of
Guru-ji’s tongue stroke on her foot sole and with her foot up in the air in Guru-ji’s hands and her hip gyrating, the
scene looked utterly vulgar. I had to drop my eyes for a moment, but action continued. Guru-ji did the same
process with her other foot and Shilpa must have been already wet within her panty. She had her eyes closed – I
was not sure what the exact reason was – may be in shame or in sexual delight or both.

I observed Guru-ji acted cleverly and did not give Shilpa even a moment to respite and made her stand up. Shilpa
could not meet my eyes and was looking at the floor. Guru-ji’s now positioned himself right behind her. Very clearly,
his erect manhood was poking Shilpa’s bulging ass cheeks. Guru-ji encircled her with his large muscular arms feeling
her upper belly region. I noticed Guru-ji was whispering something in her ear, which I was unable to hear. Shilpa
stood motionless with her eyes tightly closed and lips murmuring, probably the mantra Guru-ji told her to narrate
in her mind. Guru-ji’s fingers for the first time crawled on the most sensitive part of a female body, her love spot.
Guru-ji was slowly moving his fingers on Shilpa’s panty covered pussy. Shilpa leant back on Guru-ji’s body and seeing
the scene my nipples were then and there rock hard piercing the fabric of my bra. I subtly adjusted my blouse and
bra to be somewhat comfortable.

Guru-ji by that time had made Shilpa more uncomfortable by unhooking her bra, which resulted in a weak protest
from her.

Shilpa: Guru-ji please, I am feeling so …

Guru-ji: Beti, you must have the mental makeup to sacrifice physically to Linga Maharaj. And what is the shame in
front of me? I hope you are not feeling any discomfort due to your Anita’s presence?

Now as Shilpa made the slightest movement within Guru-ji’s arms, her open bra was accenting the jiggling of her
youthful mammaries.

Shilpa: No, no, am okay in front of aunty, but…

She was still leaning on Guru-ji’s body while speaking and Guru-ji was also replying while moving his fingers on her
lower belly region. That was the height, I thought.

Guru-ji: Beti, this is not the first time I am executing this “dosha khandan”. Isn’t it? What is your age? 16 or 17.
Women of your mother’s age during “dosha khandan” has to open their undergarments in front of me. That’s the
norm Beti. And if they don’t shy, why are you getting so withdrawn?

Shilpa: But…

Shilpa was still trying to put up an argument, when Guru-ji suddenly inserted his fingers within her panty and
started scratching her pussy area.

Shilpa: Ouch! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The scene was extremely hot and now Shilpa was virtually struggling and gasping with an open bra and a male hand
within her panty front. Guru-ji was executing each step very tactfully.

Guru-ji: Beti, if you really feel very shy, do one thing. Close your eyes and keep your arms crossed over your yoni.

I was amazed to see Guru-ji advising the girl with his hand inserted within her panty. Shilpa was still not convinced,
which was natural a girl for her age.

Shilpa: No, no Guru-ji, I can’t…

Saying that she did something, which was very unexpected. She turned towards Guru-ji and hugged him and buried
her face in his flat broad chest in shame. Guru-ji had to take out his hand off her panty and could not react for a
moment, but recovered quickly.

Guru-ji: Beti, don’t feel shy. See your aunty is smiling at you.

Definitely I was not smiling. But as Guru-ji and Shilpa both turned to me I had to smile and say something.

Me: Yes Shilpa…

I could not say anything more. In fact, what would I say? ‘Yes, go ahead, open your undergarments and become
naked.’ How can I say that to a female, being a woman myself? Though Shilpa was by then virtually naked with her
open bra through which all the beauty of her twin boobs were very evident and her panty just clinging somehow to
her trunk. Guru-ji completed my incomplete sentence.

Guru-ji: Now that your aunty also nodded, you should not feel shy anymore.

Saying that he distanced himself from Shilpa and honestly she looked hopeless. She stood with her head down,
fully open back with the bra strap and hook almost vanishing below her armpits, and arms crossed to cover some

Guru-ji: Beti, don’t waste time. Open your undergarments. Get naked.

Shilpa remained static and Guru-ji repeated his order with a stern voice.

Guru-ji: Nangi… I said.

Shilpa slowly started peeling off her open bra from her attractive breasts and when she dropped her bra to the
ground, her boobs looked like two fresh pomegranate bokey. Her boobs were very tight and they were handful in
size and looking very sexy with the standing pink nipples on them. I noticed Guru-ji was seemed enthralled by their
beauty – afterall, naked boobs of a 16-year-old girl and that too of a girl like Shilpa, who possessed a very
developed figure.

Then she bent a bit and started pulling down her panty from her waist. The scene was extremely alluring for any
male, I know, as when we women do this, our boobs hang like pendulum in the air. Personally I always try to avoid
this, even while changing in front of a female, as I look very awkward especially with my hanging mammaries. Shilpa
looked damn sexy in that posture and I saw Guru-ji’s lund was growing in strength within his brief and it was looking
absolutely like a tent. Ultimately she got out of her last clothing and stood stark naked in front of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: That’s like a good girl. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Saying that he almost jumped to Shilpa’s naked flesh and hugged her. Shilpa’s naked body was shivering at his
touches, which was visually very evident. Guru-ji knelt down and buried his face deep in her belly. He was rubbing
his face there and Shilpa started to moan, naturally. Guru-ji was now getting excited with every move and
feverishly licking all her flat smooth stomach while his hands were caressing and squeezing Shilpa’s naked ass
cheeks. Shilpa also now slowly initiated responding to this Godman’s sexual desires. She gradually put her hands on
his head, for support I guess.

My eyes were popping out seeing this naked skin show. Guru-ji’s hairy and muscular body was already naked except
for his mini brief holding his erect penis and now this 16-year-old girl with a very developing figure had not a
thread on her body! I watched Guru-ji putting his tongue in her navel and was circling it making Shilpa go wild in
excitement. For me it was an unbelievable experience. I had never seen such lovemaking LIVE, if I could term it.
Guru-ji quickly was up again and now he focussed to the most obvious thing, Shilpa’s twin peaks. Her tight hooters
were in front on his eyes and very near his lips. Guru-ji’s mouth remained wide open for a while looking at her tight
boobies. He put his mouth to one of her boobs and straightway started sucking the nipple and with the other hand
did what men loves doing the most – squeezed her other boob.

Shilpa: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My god! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

Naturally Guru-ji’s heavy dose of squeezing and licking had made Shilpa, like any woman, go wild in stimulation.
Guru-ji virtually attacked Shilpa’s jiggling young naked boobs with his mouth, lips, tongue, and hands. This went on
for some minutes leaving Shilpa panting. Guru-ji was not at all giving a chance to Shilpa for a breather and was onto
his next act. Now his right hand moved to her round ass and continued squeezing them till they turned red! After
that he hugged her again and probably to give himself some breathing space. He hugged her tight and her boobs
were crushing against his chest. Shilpa also, I saw, wrapped her hands around his neck and Guru-ji’s both hands
were caressing her naked scratch-less back and firm buttocks.

Guru-ji pushed his pelvis against her pussy and pulled her closer to him. Clearly now Guru-ji lund was knocking on
her bare choot. Guru-ji now slowly made her lie down on the sari on the floor and he followed suit lying on top of
her. Guru-ji was now openly kissing Shilpa on the lips and was also licking her face, kissed her neck and of course
was cupping and crushing her twin mangoes at his free will. I was getting restless now, as Guru-ji was spending
plenty of time on this and my condition was getting torrid by the moment. I felt like uncrossing my leg widely and
scratch my pussy. My bra was getting tighter seeing the steamy action in my front, but I could not open it also to
make free my firm balls.

Shilpa: Aaaaaaah! Oiiiiiiiiii Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Guru-ji probably gave a hard bite on Shilpa’s boob and hence such a reaction from her. I thought in my mind, which
male would leave this opportunity when he has got such a sexy girl completely naked under him? Guru-ji was now
going down from her boobs and I saw that Shilpa’s both breasts were glistening with Guru-ji’s saliva and her nipples
were absolutely upright and taut. In fact, my position was also not far way from Shilpa in terms of nipple erection
if I open my blouse and bra now. They had also raised their heads fully within my tight bra. Guru-ji quickly was up
to his next subject and his tongue started probing the young girl’s pussy area.
Shilpa: Nooooooooo. Noooooooo. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Shilpa’s request fell to deaf ears as Guru-ji held her both hands with his strong muscular hands and vehemently
licked her pussy area through her thin pubic hairs. He kept licking and licking and kept moving down inserting his
tongue into her pussy now. Shilpa practically went mad in excitement and was squirming left and right on the white
sari on the floor and kept moving her naked ass up and up. As Guru-ji’s head descended from her pussy towards her
milky thighs, I could see her pussy juices shinning on her inner thighs. Shilpa was moaning very loudly now and I
doubted the sound would go outside the room. But since the puja ghar was at a remote corner of the house, there
is little chance it would go to her parent’s ears. She was jerking more her ass in the upward motion in order to meet
more of Guru-ji’s tongue.

Now it was time for Guru-ji to show his erect and thick manhood to Shilpa and of course me who was the spectator
and my eyes almost popped out seeing the thickness of his lund.

Me: My god! What size!

I mumbled to myself. Shilpa must have fainted if she saw that. Alas! Guru-ji doesn’t have a wife, I thought; she
would surely feast on that proud manhood each night. Guru-ji became completely naked by throwing his brief to the
floor and it landed just inches away from me and I could see the orange brief was wet with stains of precum. I
could not take away my eyes off his lund, as it was so stout and looked like a polished rod. It must be at least 8-9
inches clean in length. Before coming to ashram, I had only seen my hubby’s erect prick, but after coming to ashram
I have seen and felt more than one male tools, but I am sure this looked the ‘best’. Shilpa was not in a position to
see Guru-ji’s open lund, as she still had her eyes closed. A virgin girl would not know actually what that lund meant
to me, a married woman, who has taken a male dick many a times. Involuntarily I was twisting my tongue on my lips
seeing Guru-ji’s open jiggling pole, but as soon as I realized that, I felt so shy about my shamelessness. I was
pretty sure that Guru-ji’s penis would tear Shilpa’s cunt apart.

I could sense that the lovemaking of Guru-ji and Shilpa was reaching the climax. With his hands he started
spreading her legs further and lifted them as well. Guru-ji now held her legs up and put them on his shoulders.
Shilpa had to open her eyes to this act. She looked at Guru-ji and instantly dropped her eyes in shame. Guru-ji
twisted and pinched her nipples once casually as if he was cuddling the cheeks of a baby! He brought his upright
dick near her choot, adjusted the tip onto the right hole and very slowly initiated to push it inside.

Shilpa: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Loud moans were coming out of Shilpa’s open mouth and she held Guru-ji’s hairs in ecstasy. Since Shilpa was a
virgin, Guru-ji naturally could not enter at the first attempt. He spread her cunt lips with one hand and holding his
penis with other hand, pushed it harder and this time and a very loud scream came out of Shilpa’s mouth. Guru-ji
quickly glanced at the closed door of the room and then quickly kept his mouth over Shilpa’s lips to shut her
screaming. I could realize it must have been a very painful experience for the teenage girl, more so due to this
mammoth piston trying to enter her hole. I am pretty sure that even matured experienced women would fumble
taking this tool within their holes. Guru-ji was careful enough not to hurt too much to Shilpa and was stroking very
gently and kissing her continuously and simultaneously twisting her nipples to get the maximum discharge off her

Shilpa: Ooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

Shilpa was struggling near Guru-ji’s heavy stature and writhing in pain. Their nude boides about to copulate looked
like heavenly bodies in the golden glow of the yagya fire. I was almost mesmerized by the scene. They both were
sweating profusely in the heat of the fire and their won body heat due to the sexual act. Guru-ji now was
increasing the thrust and while Shilpa constantly moaned and cried I noticed drops of blood on the white sari below
Shilpa’s bottom. I could well realize that her virginity was broken. Guru-ji did not stop for a moment at her
screaming and slowly pushed his dick into her vagina more and more. Shilpa was struggling as if like a chicken when
cut in a meat shop. I was feeling pity for her as I could very well realize the pain taking that huge tool into her
very tight pussy. After quite some time Shilpa seemed to be enjoying Guru-ji’s strokes and the white sari was red
with bright blood from Shilpa’s pussy. I was spellbound seeing the scene, the first time I saw an intercourse
session in front of my eyes. Guru-ji had also shifted his mouth off Shilpa’s lips, as she was feeling less pain and
screaming less. I saw Guru-ji’s huge palms were covering both her erect boobs and were being kneading heavily as
he pumped into her.

Guru-ji was now gasping for the first time and I realized he was loading off his semen into Shilpa’s honey pot.
Shilpa was again moaning in sheer ecstasy. I remembered my first sexual experience with my husband and that
night I also had a tremendous experience of fun, pain, tears, and excitement like Shilpa had today. But honestly I
missed Guru-ji’s stout piston, as my husband’s tool was just a normal 6-inch erect penis and certainly not as
‘healthy’ as Guru-ji’s. Both their bodies now came to a halt slowly – utterly exhausted – both were sweating
profusely in the heat of the yagya fire. Guru-ji’s body lay over Shilpa’s nude 16-year-old stationary body after the
long sexual act was complete and they both had their eyes closed.

My mind was again and again hovering around Guru-ji’s manhood, as I had never seen such a thing in my life! It was
not that I had not seen pron VCDs, which my husband used to bring, but the penises of the actors there were no
match to Guru-ji. Even in the desi CD, which I watched in Shilpa’s bedroom, when the camera zoomed on the male
actor’s genitals for some seconds, I noticed he possessed a mediocre sized penis like my husband. In its full form,
which I saw as he was about to pin Shilpa, his bare lund was so stout, firm, and bursting, and the penis bulb was so
broad – I could not obliterate that off my eyes! I was feeling so very hot and uncomfortable, as my panty was
soaked with my juices and my globes very taut and firm within my blouse.

Noting that both Guru-ji and Shilpa had their eyes closed, though Shilpa was still moaning in her lying position, I
quickly once scratched my pussy over my sari though I was simply feeling like fingering it. Then I lowered my sari
pallu for a moment and adjusted my bra to breathe a bit easy. A thought had already started to bug my mind
although I knew myself being a married woman, I should refrain from such taboo thoughts, but it kept hovering my
mind. My want was simple – to have Guru-ji’s healthy lund at least once in my choot.

I rebuked myself for thinking in such derogatory lines and only thinking about my physical pleasure rather than the
original motto of coming to the ashram of being treated for pregnancy. How could I be so dishonest to my husband
Rajesh who loves me so much? Whatever I had undergone in the ashram recently I believe was part of the
treatment. Yes, I agree during that process I behaved very shamelessly to undress in front of unknown male and I
was touched, groped, and fondled by more than one male. But that was treatment afterall as per Guru-ji’s
instructions, which I could not deviate from. One error I can accept is the affair with Uday crossing the limits of
normalcy and beyond Guru-ji’s directives, as I was rather carried away by Uday’s physique and personality. I
reorganized myself talking within me and tried to control my desire.

Guru-ji alighted from his lying position; he was still stark naked and even in the unexcited position I saw his lund
was hanging like a big banana. I was looking at that intently and suddenly as I raised my eyes, they meet Guru-ji’s
eyes and I immediately lowered my eyelids in shame. Didi Guru-ji caught my gazing at his bare manhood? He
alighted from his position and showing his naked ass to me performed a ‘pranam’ to Linga Maharaj and the yagya
fire. Shilpa was now trying to get up and I thought I should help her. She was lying naked on the white sari with
ample stains of bright red blood. I do not have words to describe her condition. Guru-ji’s semen was still flowing
out of her pussy and into her thighs. I took a white cloth and approached her.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now you are pure. “Dosha Khandan” is complete. I think you will not have the distractions you
were having prior now that you know what the secret is.

Shilpa was not in a position to answer anything, as she could not yet have recovered from the fact that she has lost
her virginity moments ago in the hands of Guru-ji! I wiped her body especially her boobs, lips, and her pelvic region.
Guru-ji handed me a bowl of hot water and I cleansed her pussy area in a minute, which was covered with blood,
Guru-ji’s semen, and her own juices. Then I washed her face, her swollen boobs, and thighs and I could realize she
felt refreshed. As I cleaned her, I was getting the same mixed odour from Shilpa’s vagina that I get from my
pussy after my husband completes fucking me on bed.
Guru-ji: Anita, first use this patch in her vagina and the pain will go and then give this pill.

Saying that Guru-ji handed me a tube, which was a gel to be applied in her vagina and a tablet for her to swallow.
Shilpa recovered remarkably from Guru-ji’s medications in some minutes and I helped her to stand erect on the
floor. Guru-ji was getting dressed and I quickly took a last peep at his banana before it was covered by his brief
and saffron dhoti. I could not stop transmitting a breath of shyness. Shilpa probably was used to nakedness now.
She was a 16-year-old girl with blooming assets, but was not much bothered about her completely bare body in our
presence. But I was feeling very awkward, as Guru-ji and myself were fully dressed. I picked up her undergarments
first to get her cover her private parts.

Shilpa: Aunty, please.

She seemed unwilling to wear her inner wear.

Me: But Shilpa, you must wear this. Other people will soon come here.

Saying that I pointed to her bra, but Shilpa nodded her head again. I could realize she was thoroughly exhausted.

Shilpa: Aunty, my whole body is aching. Ufff!

Me: But Shilpa, how can you go without a bra in front of others. What will you parents think?

Guru-ji: Beti, you aunty is speaking sense.

Shilpa had no other option but to agree to wear her bra. I put her white bra on her young jiggling boobs and then
helped her wear the salwar kamiz. Guru-ji removed the blood stained white sari from the floor and everything
looked so normal again!

Nothing much happened in Mr. Yadav’s house after that, though the landlord did not miss one last opportunity to
take hold of me before I left his house. But before that episode, we all had the ‘prasad’ together, which Sanjeev
had cooked. It was delicious. Mr. Yadav was drunk, but was not ‘out’. He thankfully did not misbehave. Mrs. Yadav
visibly looked pretty happy and why not? The way she was involved in lovemaking with Sanjeev, I wonder when I was
in the puja ghar during Shilpa’s fucking, what those two were doing!

I was having a difficult sleep throughout the night and was distracted time and again by the royal fucking that I
saw before my eyes. Oh! What a size! I recapped again in my dream about Guru-ji’s erect penis and I was calling
that in my dream with the name of “Lund Maharaj”! I got up early in the morning as Guru-ji had mentioned that we
would move off from Mr. Yadav’s place early. I went to toilet and got refreshed. Near about that time there was a
knock at the door and I heard Sanjeev’s voice. I opened the door slightly as I was wearing only my nightdress and
no undergarments beneath.

Sanjeev: Madam, we are ready. You come down to the dining hall.

He went away and I got dressed and went downstairs. I could see Mrs. And Mr. Yadav along with Shilpa and Guru-ji
there. All were present.

Mrs. Yadav: Good morning. Hope you had a nice sleep.

I nodded and took my cup of tea.

Guru-ji: Nandini, you were saying you wanted to place a Hanuman deity in the puja ghar. I think Sanjeev can guide
you where to place it and which way to face it. Sanjeev, if you can please…
Sanjeev: Most certainly Guru-ji.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Guru-ji. We will be back in 5 minutes then.

Guru-ji: Sure.

I saw Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev left the dining hall and Mrs. Yadav looked more than happy to get this chance to be
with Sanjeev one last time before he leaves. Everybody except Shilpa seemed to be looking at their departure
path, which was underlined by Mrs., Yadav’s swaying hips under her tightly worn sari. Shilpa appeared to be
unmindful, obviously still not out of her virginity loss episode and she must have hid that fact from her parents.

Guru-ji: Anita, you have not seen the small temple of their home-god, isn’t it?

I nodded negatively.

Guru-ji: It’s a wonderful small structure, worth seeing once. Kumar why don’t you show that to her by the time
Sanjeev is back from upstairs?

Mr. Yadav: Surely Guru-ji. My pleasure. Come Anita.

I noticed Mr. Yadav suddenly had a big smile on his face and greeted me to follow him. Honestly at that moment
the thought of Mr. Yadav’s dirty mind did not punch me at all. He walked slowly with his crutches and I followed
him. We left the dining space and were out in the lawn and going to the back of their house. Now that Sanjeev and
Mrs. Yadav were upstairs, Mr. Yadav and myself were going to the house-temple, I wondered what Guru-ji would
say to Shilpa, as she is all alone now with him.

In no time, I realized that rather than thinking about Shilpa and Guru-ji, I should protect myself. The template
was at the back of the house and I had to admit that it was a truly well crafted marble finished small structure
with complex designs on the walls. Hardly did I finish appreciating the work in my mind that I felt a hand on my
blouse-covered back as we were climbing the two to three steps into the mini temple. I looked at Mr. Yadav

Mr. Yadav: Just a little support Anita to climb the steps.

I had to allow that to this handicapped man, but he immediately started taking advantage of that. I could clearly
realize he was feeling with his warm fingers my bare below-the-neck portion just above the blouse. I tried to
redirect my mind off his touches and tried to concentrate on the temple carving. But as we entered the temple
floor from the steps, I felt Mr. Yadav’s palm slowly creeping down my back over the thin fabric of my blouse
tracing my right bra strap. I immediately turned at him and gave him a very firm look disapproving his moves. His
hand stopped crawling right away and remained stationary over my back, but still over my bra strap.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, have a look at the roof now.

Me: Wow!

That was a spontaneous reaction from my mouth seeing the beautiful painting on the arched roof of this small
room. As I looked up I realized his hand shifted down to the fold of my abdomen and rested there. Frankly I was
feeling so uncomfortable now with a male hand touching the naked skin of my abdomen that I had to react verbally.

Me: What’s this? Stop this nonsense and…

Even before I could finish, I felt a full body weight on me and a very tight hug. It happened so unexpectedly that I
could not even protect my boobs and they openly crushed and bumped in Mr. Yadav’s chest.
Mr. Yadav: Anita, my sexy darling.

Me: Ouch! You…

Mr. Yadav: Anita, I could not sleep yesterday the whole night thinking about you.

Me: Behave yourself. Aaaaaaaaaaaa! What are you doing?

I was struggling in Mr. Yadav’s arms and tried my best to move off his hands off my shoulder and waist. His face
was so close to mine that his spectacles were touching my nose and his thick beard was giving me a tickling
sensation, but his clutches seemed to be getting stronger by the moment and I vainly fought back within his arms.
Mr. Yadav was very openly feeling my copious blouse covered mammaries on his flat chest and pressed me more and
more towards him to enjoy the sensation of my firm heavy boobs on his upper body. He now stuck his lip out and
was grazing my cheeks, lips, and nose as I tussled in his control. Suddenly I felt something poking in my abdomen
and stinging me. I cried out.

Me: Ah! Take that out. Oh! It’s hurting me.

I soon realized Mr. Yadav’s wooden crutch was piercing my belly, as that rascal had to still hold to that for balance
while hugging me. He adjusted a whisker so that the crutch did not poke into my belly anymore and kept his control
on my body. We were in front of the deity within the mini temple and seeing no one was around, this disabled man
utilized the opportunity to the fullest. Mr. Yadav shifted his position a bit to have my struggling hands under his
complete control and was now embracing me in an extremely lewd manner. He was hugging me from the side, his
right hand was holding me by my right arm and his left hand gripped my left arm and was now pressing onto my
blouse. With his two legs, from the standing position, he pressed my left thigh and I was completely cramped.
After a minute or two of struggling I realized very well that it was of no use; simply I did not have the physical
strength to get rid of this animal.

Mr Yadav: Shhhhhhhhhhh! Anita, you are sooooooooooo sexy! Aaah!

If it was just an expression of his feeling, I would have still accepted that, but the old humbug simply released my
struggling right arm and openly pinched and cupped by bulging left boob over my blouse and then to my utter
disbelief kept on pressing it while kissing my cheek. He was trying to get to my lips, but I somehow prevented that.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuu! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Mr. Yadav was gripping my left boob very firmly and his fingers hungrily feeling each inch of my young breast
within my blouse. Instantly I got a very huge turn on as his thumb was directly pressing on my nipple under the
cover of my bra. I almost sighed in ecstasy and momentarily closed my eyes in excitement. Mr. Yadav was an
experienced player and he instantly realized my condition and quickly retraced his thumb over my tight blouse and
the bastard started pressed exactly over my left nipple again and again.

Me: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please stopppppppppppp. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

I was too late to stop him now and he almost ransacked my left breast by even inserting his fingers within my
blouse. I also got heated with such intrusions to my private parts and Shilpa’s fucking scenes still hovering in my
mind. But hardly did Mr. Yadav give me a chance to cooperate to his touches. He threw the crutches to the floor
and dragged me to the wall, which was about a couple of feet, balancing completely on my body. I felt the cold wall
on my back and soon realized that I was in a more compromising position now being pinned to the wall. Mr. Yadav
almost pounced upon me and I was virtually sandwiched between the wall and his body weight. Though he was
swaying a bit for balance as he had thrown his crutches to the corner of the room, he was intently feeling and
touching me all over.

The moves were more affirmative and he seemed pretty sure what he was doing. I could not gather enough
strength to protest against him and was surrendering slowly. He was cupping my ass cheeks over my sari very hard
with both hands and brushing his beard all over my face. Obviously his moves were not limited to squeezing and
cupping only, he was pulling up my sari from all corners exposing my legs vividly. Naturally I was quite heated by
this time and was feeling wetness within my panty due to this extensive groping. And the rascal made most of it by
enabling me to allow him to kiss on my lips. As he started kissing he immediately shifted his right hand off my
buttocks and placed that on my right boob and started tracing for my nipple. An electric shock went through my
body as if as I got a triple action on my body; Mr. Yadav’s lips on my wet lips, his one hand squeezing my right
buttock, and his other hand pressing my nipple.

I had my eyes closed and frankly I was enjoying his touches now. But suddenly there was the noise of footsteps.

“Gaata Rahe Mera Dil, Tu Hi Meri Manzil…”

Someone was coming towards the temple gumming that song. I saw Mr. Yadav also became alert at this new

Mr. Yadav: Shhhh. He is our gardener. But why is he coming to this side?

I quickly picked up the pallu and tried to adjust my sari, but Mr. Yadav had pulled my sari almost completely off my
waist and my petticoat was clearly visible. Moreover a couple of hooks of my blouse got open due to this heated
encounter, but I did not have time to fix that.

Me: Will he come here?

He immediately put his finger on my lips. We could still hear the song and it was not approaching, which meant the
man was doing something standing outside.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, talk very softly. If he comes here and sees us in this situation I will be in big soup. This gardener
is a pet of Nandini.

He almost whispered in my right ear.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, get my crutch quickly. If he sees that while passing, he would surely enter here.

Me: But how can I move like this. Can’t you see my sari is…

I spoke in a somewhat louder tone and immediately Mr. Yadav pinched my ass cheek over my petticoat and indicated
to speak softly. I felt rather ashamed at such a procedure to indicate me something and would surely have slapped
him otherwise, but my situation was such then that I had to digest that.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, try to understand. If he sees me here with you… You just get my crutch. Quickly.

I was still dillydallying with my sari and probably seeing that Mr. Yadav held my arms with one hand and unwrapped
my sari completely off my body with his other hand. I stood there in front of him clad in my petticoat and blouse.
My back was still touching the wall.

“Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua To Pyar Se Phir…”

We could hear a new tune and fortunately it was not approaching us. The gardener must be stationary now while

Mr. Yadav: Anita, for heaven’s sake. Get that crutch.

I was a bit taken aback the way my sari was taken off by him, but understanding the graveness of the situation did
not say anything. I made him stand holding the wall and went ahead to get his crutch. As I walked I quickly
fastened the two open hooks of my blouse and covered some exposed cleavage of mine. It was definitely an odd
feeling walking without my sari, more so as I knew Mr. Yadav was watching my every movement. I picked up the
crutch and looked outside through the temple door, but there was no one. I quickly ran back to him and handed him
the crutch. I immediately started wrapping my sari when I heard the song approaching us!

Mr. Yadav: Anita, not a word. He is coming this side.

He held the crutch in one hand and grabbed me with the other and immediately pulled me on him. My heavy jiggling
boobs again bounced directly on his chest as my face almost bumped on his specs. My heart was beating faster now
as I was also scared to be caught by someone in this very compromising state – being clad only in my blouse and
petticoat, my sari on floor, and being hugged by a man.

Mr. Yadav: He is probably on the door.

He whispered in my ear and I almost buried my face in his broad chest in anxiety. There was silence then for some
moments. The song started again.

“Gaata Rahe Mera Dil, Tu Hi Meri Manzil…”

And this time it was very close to us. Mr. Yadav hugged me very tight now probably out of nervousness. I also
cooperated and did not struggle at all. But his movements made me very confused. He was clearly feeling my twin
blouse-covered mangoes on his chest the way he was thrusting his chest on my firm round flesh. Mr. Yadav also
started pushing his pelvis into my crotch. I could very clearly feel his lund over the clothes poking my lower
abdomen or upper thighs. And with his free hands he was very slowly cupping my gaand over my thin petticoat
fabric. How could a man behave like this if he was nervous of being caught?

I controlled my reaction and took my hands backwards to shrug off his palms off my gaand. As I tried to catch his
hand, he slid his palm on my smooth buttock flesh and continued like that as if I was playing with him! The
scoundrel! He had kept the crutch balancing on the wall just beside him and playfully moving his palms on my gaand
and at the same time pressing me and making sure I stick to his body. As my hands were behind, my body bent more
towards Mr. Yadav and I could jolly well realize he was thoroughly enjoying the full pressure of my firm boobs on
his chest. I realized it was of no use trying to stop him that way, as he was playfully grazing my full ass cheeks as I
struggled to catch hold of his hands.

Me: Will you behave yourself?

I reacted in a rather loud voice, but instantly made a face by projecting my tongue out partially that I had made a
mistake by speaking aloud.

Mr. Yadav: Anita, my darling. He is gone!

Oh! That’s right! I could no longer hear the humming of the song anymore. The gardener must have been away.

Me: Ouch! Hey! Stop! Stoppppppppppp!

Before I could even get back my hands from my hips, that bastard simply pulled up my whole petticoat above my
waist and grabbed my naked plump thighs with both hands. I got back my senses and instantly tried to refrain him
from doing that, but by that time he had made my entire legs completely exposed. Before he could repeat the same
act as he did in the bathroom, I tried to regain my confidence to fight him back because I knew very well that next
he would surely try to pull down my panty.

Me: Listen, I will shout if you do not stop!

I was very firm in my voice this time. Mr. Yadav stopped for a moment; my petticoat still in his hand, lifted around
my waist, and my white panty clearly visible under my raised petticoat. Unfortunately he did not take me seriously
and tried to hug me again. But this time I did not show submissive attitude as I could well realize that this animal
would not leave me without inserting his lund in my choot. I raised my hand to slap him and right at that moment –

“Kumar! Kumar!”

It’s Mrs. Yadav’s voice. Probably she was calling from a distance. And the change in Mr. Yadav was worth watching.
He left me as if he was electrified, and snatched his crutches from the wall, straightened his clothes, and went
towards the temple door. His face was almost pale and he visibly looked very nervous hearing his wife’s voice. I
smiled within myself seeing his condition and realizing my sari-less condition was also not appreciable, quickly
draped the sari round me and adjusted my blouse, etc. to look decent.

The rest of the time I spent in Mr. Yadav’s house is not worth describing and we got back to ashram by the car in
another hour or so. In the car as we conversed I noticed Guru-ji behaved as if nothing happened yesterday night
and was not exhibiting the minimum slice of shame that I saw him completely naked fucking that 16-year-old girl.
Even Sanjeev, I caught him almost red-handed with Mrs. Yadav, but he was now behaving so casually! I was myself
feeling a bit ashamed to even have eye contact with Guru-ji thinking of last night’s incident, but he seemed pretty

Guru-ji: Anita, you have reached the climax of your treatment now. Take rest and mentally prepare yourself for
the ultimate, the Maha-yagya. Come down to me after lunch and I will share you the details.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I went back to my room, had breakfast, took my medicines, took a long bath, and closed the door and rested on my
bed. Lying on my bed I was trying to figure out what’s in store for me now, as Guru-ji said I have reached the
‘climax’ and Maha-yagya was the ultimate treatment for me. I did not know when my eyelids closed thinking on that
line and woke up at the knock on the door. It was Nirmal. He had come with my lunch. I felt so very dejected, as I
was having a pleasant dream. My husband and I were out for a vacation at a nice unknown place and we were
throwing snow at each other and while doing that I fell and he quickly held me and then was kissing me. Right at
that moment this dwarf knocked in!

I was in fact feeling rather drowsy and asked him to keep my lunch on the table, as I intended to take it later. I
noticed Nirmal was looking at me, specifically not at my eyes, probably due to his short height, but in no time I
realized why he was staring at me. I was rather careless about my dress code, as I opened him the door, and his
attention was focussed on my nipple impressions on my nighty. I was wearing no undergarments at that time and
sensing that I virtually instructed him to move off, as I wanted to take rest for some more time. With an unhappy
face he left my room. I closed the door and went to the toilet to check myself in the mirror.

Oh! My God!

Both my nipples were swollen to their full size and their impressions were clearly perceptible through the fabric of
my nighty. I blushed seeing myself like that and understood that the reason for Nirmal’s staring and unhappy face.
I pulled my nighty over my breasts a little so as to conceal my nipples impressions, but as soon as the fabric
touched my globes, my erect nipples again showed up and definitely I looked quite sexy and alluring like that. It
must have been the effect of the dream. As I got out of the toilet, I was smiling within me thinking about my
husband’s hug and the time I spent with him in my dream. I went back to bed and grabbed the pillow between my
thighs and closed my eyes and tried to recap the dream. Alas! I could not reconstruct it properly and after some
time got up dejected and had my lunch.

Wearing a fresh set of sari, blouse, and petticoat with a fresh pair of undergarment, I was almost ready to meet
Guru-ji in his room when there was a knock again. I opened the door and Nirmal again stepped.
Nirmal: Guru-ji is calling if you are over with your lunch.

Me: Yes…

He did not allow me to complete.

Nirmal: Oh! You are already! Madam, Sanjeev asked if there is anything to give for washing.

Me: Yes, but…

I checked myself, as I knew I had my yesterday’s dress to be given for a wash, but honestly I did not want to hand
it over to this dwarf because not only my yesterday’s sari would go for a wash, but also my blouse, bra, and panty.

Nirmal: But what Madam?

He inquired innocently. The nitwit. I quickly thought of telling him a lie to avoid handing him over my dress.

Me: Oho! Actually in the morning I handed them already to Sanjeev.

Nirmal: But Madam, I checked the boiling herbal water and there was only Meenakshi’s few clothes, no other

I was in a fix now, what to reply?

Nirmal: Today actually Sanjeev has taken off and I am doing his duties.

I could very well understand that my lie was caught by Nirmal and hence I had to try an alibi.

Me: Oh! No. I mistook with yesterday. You are right. I did not hand over my laundry today.

Nirmal smiled and I also artificially smiled back.

Nirmal: Madam, if you tell where they are, I can pick it up. You don’t have to then touch yesterday’s items again.

I did not know what to say and agreed to him, as there was no logical way out now.

Me: Okay thanks. They are in the toilet, right corner.

Nirmal smiled again and went to my toilet. I followed him though there was no need to do that. The dress I wore
yesterday to Mr. Yadav’s house was lying in a heap at the toilet corner. I was feeling so clumsy in that situation.
Thankfully I was standing at his back. Nirmal readily started picking up my bunched sari from the floor along with
the petticoat. He kept my sari on his right shoulder and my petticoat on his left. I was watching him from the
toilet door. I was feeling so awkward and released a sigh, as now even a blind man could see my white brassiere and
panty resting on the toilet floor in an entangled form along with my blouse. Nirmal bent down and picked up the
whole lot and turned towards me. I was not prepared for that and was so, so irritated by his teeth coming out
seeing my inner wears. He faced me and was trying to take out my bra from its jumbled position with the blouse.

The crook! He had to do all that before me!

I could see my bra strap somehow got tangled with a blouse hook and not realizing that he was trying to pull my bra
off. I had to step in.

Me: Hey, what are you doing? This way you will break the hook.
Nirmal looked amusingly at me though I was least amazed. He probably realized the problem and then took out my
bra strap off the blouse hook and said something, which irritated me from my nose to toes.

Nirmal: Madam, actually I did not realize that your bra was struck in your blouse hook. You cautioned me timely
Madam, otherwise I would have unknowingly torn your blouse hook.

Saying that he held my bra in one hand and my blouse in the other as if showing me that he had safely separated
them from the tangle. Nirmal made things even worse for me because while he was separating my bra from my
blouse, the panty slipped from his left hand to the toilet floor.

Nirmal: Oh! Sorry Madam.

Out of reflex action I bent to pick that up and I was feeling so very clumsy handing him over my rolled up panty.
Before coming to this ashram, hardly had I came across such a situation where I have to hand over my
undergarment to a male. In my residence I always wash my own undergarments, which was one good habit grown in
me by my mom from my teenage years. So the question of handing over my inner wears to the dhobi never arose.
Even I never ask my husband to hand me over my undergarments from the wardrobe or even after sex on bed I
make sure that my used bra or panty are in the toilet first thing in the morning so that my husband do not get a
chance to inspect them. On the first day in the ashram I remember I had to hand over my washed undergarments
to Sanjeev for a herbal wash. That was still acceptable, but this dwarf’s behavior was irritating me to the limit.

Nirmal now looked at my panty closely. Actually it had rolled up like a twisted thick rope, which happens majority of
the time not only for me, but also for other females. And as it was due for a wash, I did not care to straighten it
after I had open it in the morning after coming back from Mr. Yadav’s place. Never in my wildest dream did I think
that Nirmal would pose things so awkward for me.

Nirmal: Oh! Madam. It’s all rolled up.

I had nothing to say to this deliberate indicative remark and simply lowered my eyelids and was biting my lips with
my teeth in shame.

Nirmal: Let me straighten it, otherwise it wont get properly cleaned. Madam, can you hold these for a moment?

I was simply dumbfounded and speechless. A man was asking me to hold my bra and blouse while he intends to
straighten my panty! I just involuntarily put forward my right arm and held my blouse and bra. Nirmal now with
both hands was getting my rolled up panty to its proper shape. Seeing that I felt like dying.

After some more embarassesing moments, Nirmal completed his noble task of straightening my used panty and was
at last out of the toilet.

Nirmal: You can go to Guru-ji now Madam. He has completed his lunch.

He departed the place with an equally irritating smile holding my undergarments in his hands. I also followed him
closing the door of my room to Guru-ji’s room.

Me: May I come in Guru-ji?

Guru-ji was sitting on a couch and Sanjeev was also there in the room.

Guru-ji: Come in Anita. I was actually waiting for you.

I came in and sat on the carpet where Sanjeev was also sitting. He was entering some figures in a notebook from
some chits. I performed a pranam to Guru-ji and he gave me the usual ashirvad saying “Jai Linga Maharaj”.
Guru-ji: Anita, since I have to attend a devotee meeting after some time, I will go to the subject right away. I do
not have much time now. As I told you Maha-yagya is the last step to attain salvation from your problem of not
getting pregnant. It is a tough process and you will be challenged from all angles to complete it. Only you devotion
can take you through. You should only aim at the gifted fruit, which you will bear in your womb after Maha-yagya.

I was almost mesmerized by his talks. Guru-ji’s loud, reverberating voice was making me confident too. I nodded.

Guru-ji: The Maha-yagya path is difficult for any woman to undergo, but eyeing the sweet reward at the end, you
should prepare yourself. There are a few steps in Maha-yagya and as you pass each phase, you are nearer to your
goal. It’s an acid test for your mind, body, and patience. If you have faith in me and in Linga Maharaj, you will surely
attain your destination.

Me: I will surely do that Guru-ji. At any cost, I want to…

My voice chocked in as the pain of being childless suddenly was engulfing me.

Guru-ji: I can understand your pain Anita. You have successfully come so far and with Linga Maharaj’s blessings you
will surely complete Maha-yagya successfully.

Guru-ji was silent for a moment.

Guru-ji: I know it is very difficult for a married woman like you to accept other males touching your body, but my
treatment process is such that you have to accept it. Child bearing is related to sexual organs, isn’t it Anita? So
how can I bypass them during the treatment? If I do not get a measure of your discharge, if I do not know if your
vaginal passage has any blocks or not, how can I assess the next steps of the treatment?

I nodded to Guru-ji like an obedient student. In my ignorance, I was actually giving the nod for my majestic fucking
in the ashram.

Guru-ji: That’s why on the very first day I asked you to shed off all inhibitions and shame. And today when you
have traversed half way, I would ask you to be bold enough to undergo the Maha-yagya.

Guru-ji again halted for a split second and then went on explaining and unfolding Maha-yagya before me.

Guru-ji: What I mean by ‘bold’ is not to do a courageous act Anita, but be mentally bold to accept any situation.
Though you have already proved that, but Maha-yagya might demand an extra yard of shamelessness from you.
Actually what is a shameless act to you is a regular act for us. For example, yesterday in Kumar’s house you must
have thought wrongly about me being naked and having sex with Shilpa, but that’s how tantra goes.

I avoided eye contact with Guru-ji out of natural shame. My ears were already getting hotter.

Guru-ji: When I took tantric diksha under my Guru, we were a total of five, out of which two were females and at
that time it was a must to remain naked throughout the process. So you can understand…

I again avoided direct eye contact with Guru-ji and was breathing a little heavier now. Guru-ji was looking at my
eyes while he continued talking.

Guru-ji: So, Anita, what I would again stress is – rather than focussing on your bodily condition, converge on the
process that’s going on. Then only you can achieve the eventual. Got it?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Now as I told you before Maha-yagya is a two-night affair, , which will start tonight from 10 p.m. You will
take rest tomorrow daytime and get ready for tomorrow night’s concluding part of the yagya. I will not get into the
detailed steps of the yagya right now, but will unfold to you as we proceed. Okay?

I nodded again.

Guru-ji: Fine. Sanjeev can you see if all the devotees have come or not? Then I can make a move.

Sanjeev: Sure Guru-ji.

Sanjeev closed his notebook and went outside the room. Now I was alone with Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: So Anita, as I mentioned, the Maha-yagya and the tantra philosophy are not formulated in recent times
and are age-old and tested and hence its modus operandi demands disciples to be in the purest form while
performing it. But keeping in mind that today men and women from cities and towns are also seeking its benefit, we
now-a-days allow the “Maha-yagya Paridhan” (Paridhan=dress code). Previously, let me make this very clear again, it
had to be done in the nude form, both the participant and the executor.

Guru-ji gave a pause probably to see my reaction. I was trying to guess what I would be allowed to wear and already
feeling thirsty vaguely speculating about the “Maha-yagya Paridhan”. I wanted to ask him what the ‘paridhan’ would
comprise of, but was searching for words to build up the question. Guru-ji as if read my mind!

Guru-ji: Anita, I agree the Maha-yagya Paridhan is not adequate for a matured woman, but little can I do about it.
But again, as I said a number of times, your focus should be on your goal and not on other things.

Me: But still Guru-ji…

Guru-ji: I know Anita you will be curious. But focus should be worshipping Linga Maharaj, that’s all. Rest all, leave it
on me.

Saying that he smiled and was about to ascend. Honestly I was by then pretty concerned regarding this “Maha-
yagya Paridhan”.

Guru-ji: I need to move off now. By the way, I hope you don’t have any reservations to give measurements to

Master-ji! Oh No. Not again! Instantly I remembered my humiliating episode at the hands of Master-ji and Ramlal
and I almost flushed.

Me: But Guru-ji, can I not wear…

Guru-ji: Anita, the “Maha-yagya Paridhan” is a very special attire made of exquisite cotton, which is not available in
the market that you go and just buy it. How can you ask such silly questions?

Guru-ji almost grudged. I did not want to annoy Guru-ji at any cost at this crucial juncture, as I knew he is my
savior to my pregnancy goal.

Me: Am sorry Guru-ji. I should have understood that.

Guru-ji: You will be surprised to note that Master-ji will stitch your dress today itself and within 10 p.m. You
prepare yourself mentally for the yagya and let him do his job. He will be there at your room at 2 p.m.

I nodded and had to alight from my place on the floor, as Guru-ji was all set to leave the room. Though still I had
the million-dollar question in my mind, but due to Guru-ji’s towering personality I was unable to voice it to him.

Guru-ji: You can leave now.

I had no other choice but to leave his room and went back to my room. My mind was intrigued by the curious
thought about what this “Maha-yagya Paridhan” would be, but Guru-ji did not give any clue. I tried to recap what
Guru-ji said regarding the dress, but the only statement I could recollect was ‘I agree the Maha-yagya Paridhan is
not adequate for a matured woman’. How could I assess about the dress from this remark? I could realize that it
will not be a full-fledged dress like a sari or a salwar kamiz, but something shorter than that surely.

Me: Eureka!

I said to myself. Suddenly a thought came to my mind and I was sure I could get a clue. I thought about asking
Meenakshi about it because I will certainly feel uncomfortable to ask about it to any of the males in the ashram,
but Meenakshi was a safer bet.

Me: Meenakshi! Meenakshi!

She was in her room and asked me to come in. She was sitting alone on the bed doing some stitching. I went ahead
and sat on the bed.

Meenakshi: So, how was your trip to Mr. Yadav’s place?

Me: It was okay. Actually I have come to ask you something.

She smiled and looked inquiringly at me.

Me: Actually as you must be knowing Guru-ji will perform Maha-yagya for me and…

Meenakshi: yes, yes I know.

Me: Yes, and he briefed me just now regarding that.

Meenakshi: Any problem?

Me: I mean, err… Actually Guru-ji was referring about the Maha-yagya Paridhan…

Meenakshi: So?

Me: No, actually I wanted to know what that dress is.

Meenakshi: Oh! But you seem to be pretty much anxious about it.

Me: Yes, as you can understand that I will have to remain in that dress throughout the yagya, so…

Meenakshi: True Anita. This is a problem with we females. Males can actually remain in just a brief throughout the
day, but we cannot.

I felt I got someone at last who could realize my shyness being a woman herself.

Meenakshi: Anita, I cannot provide you a very hopeful scenario, as Maha-yagya demands for total devotion and
purity of body.

Me: Yes, Guru-ji was also saying likewise.

Meenakshi: Still I can assure you that these two areas will remain covered.
Saying that she indicated with her right hand towards her breasts and pussy area over her sari and smiled
naughtily at me. Definitely I was a bit relieved hearing that and smiled back, but still I was visibly anxious. Seeing
that, she kept the cloth she was sewing, bent a little towards me, and twisted my right cheek forcefully with her

Meenakshi: Don’t worry my dear. Let the suspense remain about your dress.

She burst out in laughter and I also was chuckling at her behavior.

Meenakshi: Hey, how long you have been married?

Me: 3 years.

Meenakshi: Oh! God! Then your husband must have enjoyed you 300 times, isn’t it?

She was laughing incessantly and my ears were turning red at her direct verbal poking.

Meenakshi: You still have any shame left? Where do you keep that my dear?

We both guffawed on the bed at this.

Meenakshi: I am thinking to suggest Guru-ji, as per the norm of tantra, not to allow any clothing for married women
in Maha-yagya.

We were still laughing, as I pinched her on her hand at this remark, and frankly my anxiousness had diluted a lot.

Meenakshi: Jokes apart, you now simply relax Anita.

She paused a bit and we adjusted ourselves to sit properly on the bed again. Meenakshi’s pallu had almost fallen
over her boobs and I could see the huge cleavage being exposed. More so as the top hook of her blouse was also
open. I also pulled my pallu properly.

Meenakshi: Leave aside silly issues like this Anita and just worship to Linga Maharaj so that you get the desired

Me: You are right Meenakshi. I should only concentrate on that. Only I know how many nights I have only wept

We both were silent for a moment and then after some casual talks I left her room and went back to mine. Its
already 1:30 p.m., so I was approaching the time when Master-ji would come. I had a faint cloud of irritation again
in my mind thinking of facing Ramlal again. Honestly I did not digest the humiliation he did to me verbally and
physically. I still remember his very direct and vulgar commentary like
‘I have heard if proper sucking is done on the breasts, unmarried females can also produce milk.’
‘What a gaand you have Madam. It’s so smooth and firm.’
And how can I forget Ramlal’s naked erect dick before he masturbated! I was already feeling tightness in my
blouse and I quickly tried to concentrate elsewhere. But hardly did I get the time, as there was a knock on the

“Already!” I thought and opened the door. Master-ji was there with his ever-smiling face.

Master-ji: Madam, I am back again!

I smiled back to him and welcomed him to my room. There was an unknown face with him whom I had not seen
Master-ji: How are you Madam?

Me: Fine. Hope you are keeping fine too.

Master-ji: Madam, this age does not allow remaining in good health. Only a day before I had fever, now am fine

Me: O I see.

Master-ji: I hope Guru-ji has briefed you about my coming.

Me: Yes Master-ji. But who is he?

I pointed out to the boy accompanying Master-ji.

Master-ji: Actually I have stopped keeping Ramlal for measurement purpose, but have kept this boy who is learning
sewing and stitching and helping me in taking measurements.

I was so relieved hearing Ramlal will not be here while Master-ji takes my measurements that I uttered a “Bah!”
Master-ji looked inquiring to me and I quickly recovered the situation.

Me: I mean this boy can learn quickly from an expert like you.

Master-ji nodded while he kept his notebook and pencil on my bed. The boy was standing by the bedside with a
carry bag.

Master-ji: True. He is a keen learner and he questions a lot, which is a good trait of an apprentice.

Me: But what happened to Ramlal?

There was no need for me to ask this question, as it unnecessarily brought some talks that made me severely
uncomfortable with this 60-year-old man.

Master-ji: Madam, what would I say to you.

He paused a little and looked at the boy.

Master-ji: Deepak Beta, can you bring me a glass of water.

Deepak: Sure Master-ji.

He went out of the room to get the water and Master-ji came closer to me.

Master-ji: Madam, I did not want to tell this in front of this boy, after all Ramlal is my brother.

I was getting quite curious.

Me: But what happened?

Master-ji: Actually Madam, we have to go to town for orders and one of our distributors there last week referred
me to a rich customer of his shop who wanted to stitch some English type clothing and she specifically wanted an
aged tailor. So my distributor recommended me and I went there. Naturally my brother was also accompanying me.
When we met that Madam though she initially was hesitant to give measurements in front of Ramlal, but ultimately
agreed. But you know what that swine did?

I was looking inquisitively at Master-ji and I could realize my heart was beating just a shade faster, as I was
getting more and more curious as Master-ji was narrating. It seemed Master-ji was also quite encouraged seeing
my interested face, which I should have avoided, as this led to Master-ji giving more detailed portrayal of the

Master-ji: Madam, you know, she wanted a hip-hugging gown for a party and while taking measurement of her hip
circumference I was unable to get the exact assessment over her clothes and hence asked her the sari at least.
Initially she was not in agreement, but later reluctantly gave consent. I told that Madam not to open the whole sari,
but to lift it over her petticoat so that she was comfortable, but unfortunately she was unable to get her sari
properly picked up from the standing position, so I asked Ramlal to do that. He picked up her sari and stood exactly
behind her while I was taking the measurement over her petticoat. When I took my hands behind her hips for
measurement, Madam what should I say about this brute; he is my brother, he was in fact poking his lund into that
Madam’s gaand!

Me: What?

I controlled myself a bit.

Me: You mean he opened his pant and *@#%?!?!

Master-ji: No, no Madam, what are you saying! He just opened his pant-zip and took out his …

I nodded quickly to indicate that I know very well what a male can take out opening his pant zip and avoided
Master-ji to use the male manhood term in front of me. I was getting rather keen to know what happened next and
continued gulping Master-ji’s commentary.

Master-ji: Probably that Madam did not realize initially, as she might have thought since Ramlal was holding her
sari bunched up at her backside, his finger must have been touching her gaand. I was so shocked at Ramlal’s
behavior that my fingers were trembling. At that very moment that Madam suggested that she wanted the hip
measurement a little loose, as she would not be wearing the regular undergarment below her gown, but would wear
an under-pant and she also mentioned that if the gown was too tight, it would be very apparent. I agreed to her and
started re-measuring her hips, but was in much tension seeing my brother’s outrageous acts.

He paused a bit and looked at the door to see if Deepak was back, but he was not. I was now holding the bedside
and was dying to rub my pussy once hearing such a lewd event, but could not do so in front of this male.

Master-ji: Madam, I was really frustrated that day seeing his deeds. Is this the way to behave to customers!
Anyway, as I was saying, as I sat down in front of that Madam and took both my hands to remeasure her hips,
Ramlal pointed out that as the ceiling fan was revolving in full swing her petticoat was flying somewhat, he would
hold that also. That Madam did not see any problem to that, but that brute instead of just holding to the cloth of
the petticoat with two fingers so that it does not fly, he pressed it to her gaand and held it there with his palm.

Just a little pause again and this time I shamelessly scratched my pussy area for a second in the name of adjusting
my sari. Master-ji did note that and smiled. My ears were getting hotter.

Master-ji: And Madam, there was no escape. The moment Ramlal pressed his palm on her gaand to hold her
petticoat, she was looking visibly uncomfortable and within the next one minute I did not know exactly what
happened, but only heard a thrash.
She started howling with anger and more so seeing my brother’s open pant-zip. She threw both of us out
immediately. Thankfully his husband was not present in the house that day; otherwise we would have been beaten
up surely. Just imagine my condition - at this age, this sort of humiliation.
I shook my head in disapproval to Ramlal’s lewd act.

Master-ji: I did not talk to him for one whole day, and Madam, I decided not to allow that swine in any of my
measurement work any more. He will only do cutting and sewing.

Me: Very wise decision Master-ji. A beast.

Master-ji: I apologize to you Madam that I allowed him while I took your blouse measurements. But Madam,
everyone is not like him. Actually that’s the reason I have taken this new lad Deepak who…

Master-ji was interrupted as Deepak entered the room with a glass of water. Master-ji had the water, though I
was feeling thirstier! Master-ji handed over the empty glass to the lad and was getting ready to start with his
work as I saw him taking out the note book, pencil, thread, scissors, etc. from his bag.

Master-ji: One good thing has happened Madam.

Me: What?

Master-ji: Last time Madam you did refer to that problem, which I was unable to address at that time, but will
surely fix it this time.

I instantly remembered that I did mention to this aged tailor about my panty problem, which in most cases slides
into my ass crack after sometime of wearing it. Very frankly I did want to get to a solution for this prolonged
problem, which was more chronic after I gained some additional weight on my hips after marriage. It’s not that I
did not refer this problem to the local shopkeeper from whom I generally buy undergarments, but he only
suggested me to change the brand. I did that a number of times, but to very little effect. Since this was a very
personal matter and my local tailor did not stitch undergarments, I felt shy to express such a problem to him and
was adjusting like that only. Though honestly it was quite uncomfortable a feel for me, as in the crowded bus or in
the busy market, whenever I brushed against any male, his hand would directly feel the roundness of my ass globes
beneath my sari as if my panty was nonexistent! Moreover, my buttocks being heavy, they jiggled more without the
panty wrap on my broad ass cheeks.

I was seriously eager to solve this problem and Master-ji being an aged man and experienced tailor, I did not
hesitate to discuss about my problem. Though there was the presence of a third person, Deepak, but he was rather
young, looked hardly 12-13 years of age, and I sort of ignored him and was eager to get to a solution from Master-

Me: Yes, yes Master-ji, its bugging me now for a long time. And you know I feel so uneasy…

Master-ji: I can understand Madam. Since I stitch panties I know what is the root cause. Your main issue is that
your panty slips off your hips. Right Madam?

Me: Exactly.

Master-ji: Which brand do you use?

Me: Currently I am using ‘Daisy’.

Master-ji: Daisy Normal?

I nodded.

Me: Do they have any other variety?

I was amazed to see myself talking so frankly about my undergarments to a male, but frankly as Ramlal was not
there, I was very free today. I could not stand that rascal. Deepak was gulping the conversation between my tailor
and me.

Master-ji: Of course Madam. Daisy Normal, Daisy Teen, and Daisy Mega.

Me: But I thought they only have variety in prints, Normal and Floral.

Master-ji: Madam, you see, the shopkeeper will always push the brand in which he gets maximum commission, but
you must be selective which suits your need.

Me: But I never knew that. What’s the difference Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, as you can guess from the name, Daisy Normal is the normal size panty with the normal cuts,
which you use actually. Daisy Teen is…

I interrupted Master-ji and tried to act smart.

Me: … for the teenager girls. Okay, that way.

Master-ji: No, no Madam. You got it wrong. Daisy Teen is not for young girls, but the name refers to the size and
the cuts of the panty. This panty is smaller in size than the Daisy Normal and the cuts are also higher. You can also
wear Daisy Teen Madam, nothing to do with teenage.

Me: Oh! I see.

Master-ji: Actually when orders come to me Madam, I also have to stitch to the various demands, like Normal,
Teen, Mega, MIG, and so on. Each company has a different name to call their female customer’s demand.

MIG?!?! What was that? I thought to myself, but was quite pleased by Master-ji’s thorough knowledge regarding
his trade and was now more open while talking leaving aside my female shyness.

Me: And what’s the Mega one?

Master-ji: Madam, Daisy Mega would actually be appropriate for you as you have very fleshy hips. That product is
actually meant for women with large round buttocks, like you, badi gaand wali.

I lowered my eyelids and my ears were hot instantly getting such a direct remark from this aged man. Master-ji
was looking at my sari-covered bottoms from the side and I saw the apprentice boy Deepak was also looking at my
ass! In trying to deviate from the current topic, I asked something which was suspended at the back of my mind.

Me: Okay. But Master-ji, you referred something called MIG, what is that actually?

Master-ji: Madam, that’s another panty type of the Diana Company. Have you heard of Diana bra and panties?

I nodded negatively because I had not heard of that company.

Master-ji: Madam, MIG is a Diana product, which I cut and sew on a regular basis. It’s a modern panty and popular
among upper class in the cities.

Me: What does MIG mean?

Master-ji: MIG is actually a shortened form of “Meager” and hence as per its name Madam it’s a very skimpy item.
Prints are like floral, plain, and textured. The MIG panty rear is very small and the cuts are also very deep with
stretchable elastic bands. Additionally it has a nylon net in the front of the panty, which gives it a very appealing

Master-ji smiled indicatively and gave a pause. I was visibly uncomfortable by his description, especially with the
“nylon net in the front”. I could jolly well realize that the lady who wears this MIG panty has her pussy almost open
as the nylon net obviously would be exhibiting more rather covering and I could not stop myself exclaiming.

Me: Who buys such an item?!?

Master-ji: Madam, you might not be aware, but world has gone a long way! I have got a very positive feedback
regarding this MIG panty and salesman from Diana company say though buyers are mostly newly married girls, but
middle aged women also form a significant clientele.

I was really shocked to know such data from this tailor. I was already breathing heavily and my ears and face were
all hot, as if I was asked to wear that MIG panty! But little did I know that Guru-ji had kept surprises sexier than
this MIG panty.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, lets get back to the basic issue. So you use the Daisy Normal brand and your problem
persists with this also like the ones you have used earlier. Right? Madam, I think there are two areas, which if
corrected, you will not have this uneasiness any more.

I looked at him with inquiring and enthusiastic eyes.

Master-ji: Only two things Madam, firstly, your panty rear has to be stretched and secondly, your leg cuts need to
be tighter with good quality elastic bands – that’s all.

Me: O! It’s that simple!

I could not stop expressing my feelings and a sigh of relief.

Master-ji: Experience, Madam, experience.

Master-ji smiled and I felt pretty much assured that my panty problem would now surely get solved. But one point
I never anticipated that to correct my problem I have to virtually do a full ass-show in front of him!

Master-ji: Madam, I hope you will not mind if I address that issue a little later and start with my core job of
Maha-yagya Paridhan.

Me: Sure Master-ji.

Though I said that, but I was in complete darkness about my dress for the Maha-yagya and was honestly anxious
about it still, but did not reveal that expression on my face.

Master-ji: Deepak Beta, bring the notebook where the drawings are there. Madam, I know you Guru-ji must have
briefed you, but just have a look at the drawings once before I start taking actual measurements.

I was actually more than eager to see that and went ahead towards Deepak who had the notebook in his hand. He
opened a page and Master-ji stood to his left and I was to his right side and zoomed into the open page. I saw
there were four drawings in that page – a blouse, a skirt, a bra, and a panty. Honestly I felt quite relieved to see
the blouse and the skirt, as I was really unsure how much revealing the Maha-yagya paridhan would be. I clearly
remember Guru-ji’s words: “… I agree the Maha-yagya Paridhan is not adequate for a matured woman, but little can
I do about it…”
I sighed a breath of relief and was now quite comfortable to go ahead with the measurement part.

Master-ji: Madam, as you can see this Maha-yagya paridhan is a two-piece costume with undergarments and based
on that I have made the sketches like I do for regular blouse cuttings.

Me: Okay.

Wait, wait! The sketch of the bra on paper looks so very different from the one I am wearing right now under my
blouse! What’s that?

Master-ji: Madam, would you mind if I explain the clothing and the techniques of measurements to this lad while I
work? It will be immensely helpful for this apprentice, but I know it would be boring for you.

Me: No, no it’s okay.

I was actually quite encouraged by such a proposal by Master-ji. I thought instead of asking my tailor directly
about my bra, which would always be uncomfortable for me being a married matured woman, if he explains to his
apprentice, I can get my necessary information.

Master-ji: Thanks Madam. Deepak Beta, for the next half-an-hour pay all your attention on Madam and see how I
take the measurements. And as I always say, ask questions if you are in doubt of anything.

Deepak: Okay Master-ji. I will keep my focus on Madam.

I was a bit taken aback by this statement of Deepak and looked attentively at his face, probably for the first time.
He looks pretty young, hardly 12-13 years of age, and it seemed to me he remarked that innocently. The thing,
which I was most impressed about him, was that he was never staring at ‘wrong’ places of my body. So I thought to
ignore his comment.

Master-ji: Good. Now Deepak, see here. The first two drawings are Madam’s undergarments, but they are not the
common bra or panty that we daily sew.

Deepak: Yes, Master-ji. I noted that. The bra does not have any straps and has three hooks at the back. Normally
what we supply only has a couple of hooks.

Master-ji: Right. This is a strapless bra and to give additional support to the cups, there are three hooks at the

Oh! I thought to myself. It’s a strapless bra. Honestly I had heard of that, but never wore such a thing. Nor did I
see any of my friends to wear that. To tell the truth I was a bit excited about that, as by then I was feeling
reasonably relaxed seeing that the Maha-yagya paridhan comprises of a choli and a skirt. I can admit now that I
thought from Guru-ji’s words, as he said this yagya was to be performed naked, the clothing would be more scanty.

Master-ji: And also you must have noticed that the panty is partially double layered.

Deepak: Yes Master-ji, I have noted that in the drawing.

Master-ji: Actually the deviations are there because the dress is meant for the yagya. Madam, I must tell you that
I have little to adjust or modify in this dress, as I have to abide by Guru-ji’s directions about this Maha-yagya

Saying that he turned the page of the notebook and showed me some scribbling, which were actually instructions
about the Maha-yagya paridhan from ashram. It was not possible for me to read that illegible handwriting.
Me: Okay. I also cannot violate Guru-ji’s words. So whatever he has asked you to stitch, I have to wear it.

Master-ji smiled and swayed his head in agreement.

Master-ji: So Deepak, we will leave aside the undergarments for now. Since the choli is sleeveless, you subtract the
sleeve cloth at the very beginning when you cut from the roll. Madam’s size is 32 and so you take the normal 32-
size blouse sleeve to deduction.

Deepak: Okay Master-ji.

Both males looked at my breasts as if to assess my 32” boob size. I dropped my eyelids momentarily to avoid their

Master-ji: Madam, the cloth I will use is very special and costly. Guru-ji never compromises on quality. This is
almost like the famous Muslin cloth – milky white and very soft. Deepak, show the cloth to Madam once.

Deepak readily handed me a piece of white cloth and when I checked that I had to admit it was really, really soft.

Me: It’s truly very soft and light.

Master-ji: You will feel great wearing it, I can guarantee Madam.

I handed back the cloth to Deepak and he kept that in his bag. I suddenly noticed that his hand shape, the visible
arm veins, and wrist width were like a grown up teenager and definitely not a 13 year old boy’s! I was confused, as
his face looked so innocent.

Master-ji: Please stand here under the light.

As I took a couple of steps and stood at the most illuminated part in the room, I was wondering how to know
exactly how old is this Deepak. I tried to chat with Deepak trying to get

Me: Deepak, what do you do apart from this job?

Deepak: I work part-time in a bookshop in the evening and doing apprentice under Master-ji.

Me: Oh! I see. How many brothers and sisters are you?

I generated normal conversation and from that tried to reach my goal. As I knew that for measurement purpose I
had to do some exposing before Master-ji, but I wanted to be sure that I can ignore Deepak considering he is a
little boy.

Deepak: I have two sisters, both elder than me and married.

Me: So you now look after your parents.

Deepak: Yes Madam, but from next year my wife would also look after them.

I was simply stunned to hear that!

Me: What? Your wife?

Master-ji: Madam, in villages, they get married very early.

Me: But how old is he?

Master-ji: He is 18.

O! My God! He is 18 years old. That means he is as good as a Class XII boy and by no means a class XII boy can be
considered ‘innocent’. And he is going to get married next year! Master-ji noted my surprised looks for Deepak.

Master-ji: Madam, he looks young because of his absence of beard and mustaches.

He laughed aloud and Deepak was also smiling shyly. I was not at all amused and was rather uncomfortable knowing
that Deepak was an adult. The person who is going to get married next year can be a ‘lad’ in the eyes of Master-ji,
but in no way for me. The problem is, at this juncture I could not even tell Master-ji that am feeling shy to give
measurements in front of Deepak, so had to keep silent.

I saw Master-ji coming up near me with a measuring tape, which was missing last time when he took my blouse
measurement and it was so very embarrassing as he touched me directly with his fingers over my blouse on my
developed breasts.

Master-ji: Madam, you must be surprised to see the tape in my hand. True, as I told you before, I rely on my
fingers and the thread for measurement, but since this is a special dress, I have to abide by Guru-ji’s orders.

I giggled, but was definitely happy to see the tape.

Master-ji: Madam, if you could please remove your pallu…

I knew it was on the cards, but prior I was not that concerned because I was treating Deepak as a boy, but now the
situation was different. I had to reluctantly drop my sari pallu off my breast and I held it in my left arm. I tried to
ignore Deepak, but knowing that I was watched by a grown up boy, I was feeling very clumsy. I could see my butter-
coloured breasts oozing out on top of my blouse with at least an inch of creamy cleavage clearly visible to both
these males present in the room. I noticed Deepak’s eyes were riveted on my blouse covered ripe mangoes and as
he met my eyes he quickly turned to his notebook.

Observing that my breathing became heavier. I could only shuffle a bit, as Master-ji was standing too close to me
adjusting his tape. I was by then fairly conscious within myself, as I was about to get male touches on my body
during the measurement process. Honestly I was quite at ease in front of Master-ji, probably because he was aged
and had already seen my body more than desired. But the fact that an 18-year-old young man was studying my
matured figure started to give me itching within my panty.

When I go to my local tailor also I have the same consciousness, as he is not as aged as Master-ji, but a middle-
aged man. During measurement process he would surely touch and press my blouse-covered boobs with his fingers.
And also during trial sessions, the tailor would rub his fingers on my breast area on the pretext of analyzing the
tightness and smoothness of my blouse. I know it is part of his job and he does it to all his customers, but never
could I take that normally and each time when I get out from the tailoring shop, I would certainly have a semi-wet
panty under my sari or salwar.

Master-ji: Madam, since this is a sleeveless choli you will be discounted of at least one measurement, the sleeves.

Me: Thank God!

We both smiled and I additionally blushed as I noticed Master-ji swiped a quick glance at my firm mammaries,
which were becoming further evident over my blouse each time I was inhaling and exhaling air. Master-ji now took
the tape to my neck and measured for my neck and back neck widths. He mumbled some numbers to Deepak who
noted them down beside the diagram in his notebook. The touch of Master-ji’s cold fingers on my shoulder area
made me shiver momentarily.
Master-ji: Choli strap on shoulder half inch.

He was about to go for the next measurement when I interrupted, naturally, hearing the strap width.

Me: Master-ji, half inch is nothing! As it is there is no sleeve.

Master-ji: But Madam, why do you at all need a wider strap? Your bra will be strapless.

For the moment I was oblivious of that fact that I will be wearing a strapless bra within this choli. So Master-ji
had a point.

Me: But Master-ji, if the strap is so mall in width, the whole of my shoulder will remain exposed.

Master-ji: But that’s the design Madam.

Me: Please Master-ji. That would be too revealing.

Master-ji: No, no Madam, it wont be that much revealing. Yes, your shoulders will be exposed but your breasts will
be fully covered.

I understood that its no use arguing further because the conversation would become more and more uncomfortable
for me being a female and hence accepted the half-inch shoulder strap for my choli. Except for one honeymoon
nighty, which had spaghetti straps, that my husband had bought for me I could not recollect exposing my shoulders
fully wearing any dress, neither in my teens nor after marriage. I still remember that hardly did I wear that
honeymoon nighty for 3-4 days in front of Rajesh and rejected it as it exposed me so vulgarly. On one hand as it
had spaghetti straps, it exposed my bra straps openly and on the other hand it’s length was also short just touching
my knees. It was a bit too much for a conservative female like me. I know it was good fun and top excitement for
my husband to see my in that semi-exposed state in our bedroom, but considering my curvy and fleshy figure, I had
to force my hubby to resign from his idea of me wearing a spaghetti strap honeymoon nighty on bed.

I was slightly unmindful, but realized Master-ji had moved to my backside and was checking something, which I was
not able to see. Some moments passed. There was silence in the room and he was also not touching my blouse and
that made me in effect more uneasy. I wondered what was Master-ji doing! I looked at Deepak and as our eyes
met, he immediately turned his eyes, but I was fairly certain that he was staring at my big boobs, which were
indeed looking sexy only in the blouse cover.

I was in a doubt whether to look back to see what Master-ji was doing. I was standing in front of him with my legs
spread just a little. He must be having a clear view of my spotless back as there was no pallu obstruction. Suddenly
I felt Master-ji’s fingers touching my skin and gently stretching the back of my blouse. I nearly quivered at his
sudden touch. Master-ji clearly understood that.

Master-ji: What happened Madam?

Me: No, no. Nothing Master-ji.

I flushed as I was caught.

Master-ji: Madam, you must be comfortable with this fitting.

Me: Yes.

Master-ji: But Madam for this new choli, the fitting has to be much tighter.

Me: But why?

Almost out of reflex I asked this foolish question and as I heard the reply my face and ears turned red.

Master-ji: Madam, if your size was 28 or 30 I would not have said that. Since you have heavy breasts, the outer
dress has to be tight enough to support the inside. Madam, you know what the main problem is? When you wear the
bra and start moving and doing things, it tends to slide down due to the weight of your breasts. So I have to ensure
you a tight choli so that you do not have such issues after wearing it.

My breathing pace increased hearing such intimate female things from a male. I didn’t know what to say or reply.
Seeing my silence, Master-ji went on to explain more to me and I had to admit to a tighter choli, as he suggested,
without any more ado.

Master-ji: Actually Madam if I do not that alter the new choli and keep it with the same comfort fit of the blouse
you are presently wearing, you will soon find that the cups of your bra slipping off your breasts since it would not
get the necessary lateral support from the blouse. And if you would only sit quietly wearing that pair, I would not
intervene. But you will have to take part in the yagya and that’s laborious Madam. So if I leave you with a comfort
choli, you might end up with a slipping bra exposing your nipples inside your choli!

Master-ji just stopped for a split second.

Master-ji: Madam, don’t take it otherwise, but as I said at the start, if you were slim or your breast size was small
or medium, this fitting would do with a very a minor alteration, but your size is 32+. Moreover, Madam, you are
going to wear the strapless bra for the first time. So it becomes my duty as a tailor to alert you about the alter,
otherwise you might land up in an embarrassing situation later.

Me: O… O… Okay Master-ji. I got you. Thanks.

I stammered to deliver a simple reciprocation, as it seemed a heat wave was running through my ears listening to
this tailor.

Master-ji: Okay Madam. Give me a second to check the back.

Master-ji had inserted couple of fingers within the back of my blouse probably to check how much tighter it can be
made. In the process I was getting a ticklish sensation as he was rubbing my exposed back. I realized he pulled the
back of my blouse a little more with his fingers and I was pretty sure that if he peeped inside he surely could see
my bra strap and hooks. Master-ji was dragging this session long as he continued manipulating his fingers within my
blouse back, just on top of my bra strap. I was obviously uncomfortable and was feeling the itch within my panty
again and shambled slightly. Master-ji was standing so close to me and since he was looking down my blouse back
from a vertical angle, he in all probability could see my ass globes moving within my sari. I rebuked myself that I
should stop this shuffling time and again as if giving measurement to the tailor for the first time!

Master-ji: Deepak, keep a note to shift the backstitch to half inch three threads to the middle.

Now Master-ji came to my front and I noticed, as he came, he was gently scratching his pelvic area. I giggled and
blushed slightly, but simultaneously felt a delight that my curves were fiery enough to arouse even this old man
nearing 60. He bent a little and his face was exactly in front of my firm boobs and he stretched the fabric of my
blouse base with his left hand and inserted two fingers of his right hand exactly over my sternum and tried to
create a gap between my skin and the blouse fabric. My blouse length was adequate and it reached at least two
inches down from where my boobs ended. Thus as I got Master-ji’s fingers touching me in such a portion of my
body, like any other matured woman, I trembled and closed my eyes for a moment.

Master-ji: Madam, take a long breath and deflate your stomach once.

I took a long breath and held the air within so that my stomach looked flatter. Master-ji obviously found it easier
now to insert his fingers into my blouse base. Previously his fingers were unable to move much due to the tightness
of my blouse, but now Master-ji was at least able to guide and move his middle and ring fingers up into my blouse. I
could feel he was touching my bra and the bottoms of my bra cups. I was definitely getting excited and had to
release the breath.

Master-ji: Oho Madam! You need to hold your breath for a little more time. Please do it again.

Undoubtedly my heart was beating fast as Master-ji’s fingers remained inside my blouse base touching my bra cups!
I again deflated my stomach as much as possible taking a long deep breath. And Master-ji was again moving his
fingers within my blouse touching my bra cup bottoms and gently pushing my firm tits from below. This went on for
few seconds and once when he poked his finger into my bra cup feeling the firmness of it, I had to resign.

Me: Ouch!

I released my breath and almost by natural reflex action held his hand trying to remove it from my blouse. Master-
ji looked at me with surprised eyes and I quickly controlled myself realizing that I have to allow this much during
the measurement process. I very softly whispered “Sorry” to him and lowered my eyes timidly. Master-ji realizing
my condition probably took out his fingers from my blouse bottom.

Master-ji: Deepak I will dictate Madam’s midriff, armhole, and choli length, you write it in that order.

Deepak: Okay Master-ji.

Master-ji took the tape from his neck and bent a little encircling the tape on my stomach. The cold tape almost
gave a shiver on my bare stomach. Now he slowly pushed it up to the base of my blouse and measured my midriff.
In the process, he again touched the base of my boobs making me very uncomfortable.

Master-ji: 24”.

Deepak: Midriff 24”.

Master-ji took the tape off my body and stood up from his slightly bent position.

Master-ji: Madam, please raise your left arm a bit.

I raised my arm in the air and Master-ji adjusted the elevation of my arm to the exact position, but I did not know
why his touch on my skin was making ripples in my mind. I tried to smoothen my mind by arguing about his age, but
felt my blood gushing rapidly through my vessels. Master-ji kept the tape on my shoulder and circled it into my
armpit. I was rather surprised to note that, as my local tailor does the other way round. I mean he keeps the
meeting point of the tape on my shoulder and the tape encircles my armpit. But Master-ji kept the meeting point of
the tape into my sweaty armpit and was taking the measurement. I was feeling so edgy and tight because each time
Master-ji adjusted the tape, he was touching with his fingers the damp spot on my blouse at my armpit.

I was getting rather anxious and apprehensive as I noted the tailor taking his face round the corner of my wet
armpit for noting the numbers on the tape. From that close proximity, anyone could even smell my armpit!

Me: Oh My God! What is this man doing?

I muttered to myself. My posture almost froze noting Master-ji was actually sniffing my armpit!

Me: No, no. I am not mistaken. There. There again!

From Master-ji’s uplifted chin and nose movement, I could clearly make out he was actually inhaling the odour of
moist armpit. Never in my life had I faced such an awkward situation that a male was directly sniffing my blouse-
covered armpit! What shame!

Master-ji: Okay Madam, you can drop down your arm. Deepak, 10.5”.

Deepak: Armhole 10.5”.

Thank God. The sniffing did not go any longer. Now he shifted the tape to the middle of my left shoulder and fixed
it there with his left hand exactly over my bra strap and dropped the lose end freely over my left breast. I was
giving a free show of my cleavage all along, as the front neck depth of my blouse was quite deep.

Master-ji: Deepak, what is the normal choli length?

Deepak: Master-ji, it’s 14”-16”.

Master-ji: Good. But Beta, you should always keep the client requirements in mind too.

Deepak: What’s that Master-ji?

Master-ji: For example, your customer might want a short choli and in case she is unable to give her measurement,
you should cut it to 12-13”. One inch is a big adjustment on female breasts, mind you. Again if the customer is
modern and from the metro city, she might want a mini choli also. Here the choli length would range from 10-12”
depending on her figure.

Deepak: Right Master-ji.

I was also a keen listener like Deepak to Master-ji’s class. Mini choli – that was a new term for me!

Master-ji: But Deepak, being a responsible tailor, your duty does not end only satisfying your customer.

Deepak: Then?

Master-ji: You should also alert her about the dress if the need is there. For example in the case of a mini choli, if
the lady wears a normal bra, it surely would slip below the base of her short choli at her back. So your duty is to
tell the lady that she should be careful to wear a close-fitting bra, tight enough such that it does not slip below
her blouse hemline at her back.

Deepak: Right, right Master-ji. That’s a very valid point.

Master-ji smiled in admiration and rapidly shifted back to me again.

The whole time I was standing with the tape hanging over my protruding left tit. Master-ji now stretched it just
my boob base. He did not even stretch the tape till the length of the blouse I am wearing right now.

Master-ji: 13”.

Deepak: Noted Master-ji.

I could well comprehend that 13” length would surely be a bit short for me considering my heavily sticking out
mammaries, but honestly I was nervous to raise the topic to Master-ji due to his shameless ‘direct’ language. I
ultimately settled in my mind that in any case I would not be allowed to wear a sari during Maha-yagya and the choli
will be the only piece of cloth on the upper part of my body, so even if I bargain and increase it by an inch, I would
not be covering much flesh of my exposed midriff. Hence I remained quiet.

Master-ji: Deepak, now Madam’s front and back neck depths.

He paused for a second and continued.

Master-ji: Madam, unlike your blouse, the new choli would be having a square neck.

Me: Meaning?

Master-ji: Generally for blouses, we have the U-neck, the square neck, or the boat neck as the customer prefers.
But Madam, as per the Maha-yagya guidelines, your choli will have a square neck.

I had never worn a square neck blouse, so was a bit anxious to know more about it. Master-ji as if read my mind.

Master-ji: Madam, don’t worry much on that, as the change will not be huge, except for your neckline to look

I was not fully satisfied by his answer and still looked at him inquiringly.

Master-ji: Madam, if you give permission, I can explain you the difference. Actually you might feel uncomfortable
as it’s related with your…

He did not mention the word “breasts”, but indicated that through his eyes. In fact, I was in no position to say
‘Okay don’t explain as its related to my boobs’ and hence I had to go ahead with the motion.

Me: It’s okay Master-ji. Talking to you I have learnt some helpful tips.

I had to coax him so that it looks normal especially in the presence of a third person, Deepak.

Master-ji: Actually Madam the basic variation is that the square neckline choli reveals more flesh of your breasts.
I will show it how.

Master-ji stepped forward right beside me and his right hand came over my breast area and rested over my

Master-ji: Now this is your current U-neckline (he started tracing the edge of my blouse neck and slowly came near
my cleavage). When the cut is like this way in the shape of a U, most of the upper part of your breasts are secured
and covered, but your cleavage will remain exposed.

My heart was as if drumming due to Master-ji’s demo acts. Deepak was staring at my pallu-less boobs and open
midriff drinking every drop of my jawani with his eyes. I was feeling severe itching in my pussy as I felt Master-ji’s
fingers gliding on my blouse.

Master-ji: Madam, now see what happens when you wear a square neck choli. (He took his hand back to my
shoulder). Now the cut is like this, it comes down almost perpendicular (he now began dropping his finger over my
right boob and stopped halfway down my breast). Now from around here, it goes to the right like a square (he
almost touched the areola of my right boob as he traced his finger over my firm jiggling flesh).

I very faintly whispered “P-l-e-a-s-e” with parted lips to Master-ji. I was careful enough so that Deepak could not
see my facial reaction. I was unable to restrict my left hand going over my sari on my pussy. Seeing my reaction
Master-ji loosened the tape slightly and my nipples could clearly feel the brush of his thumb and fingers as he
traced a straight line on the pretext of showing the square neckline. An obvious thrill ran down my body tingling
right down to my pussy and instinctively my legs opened just a little wider.

Master-ji: And then Madam, it goes up again like this (his knuckles were openly pressing my left boob feeling the
firmness and smoothness of my flesh). So you can very well realize that unlike your present blouse much of the
upper part of your breasts will remain exposed when you go for a square neckline. But Madam unfortunately that’s
the Maha-yagya prescription. I can hardly do anything about it.

I closed my eyes for a moment in excitement, as he removed his hand off my breasts and frankly I hardly was
hearing what he was saying, rather I was getting keen on the music that slowly was starting within my 28-year-old
fully matured body due to his close contacts.

Master-ji: Madam, I must obey Guru-ji’s orders. So…

I nodded and said, “Okay”.

Master-ji came up again on my breasts with his tape and measured for my square neckline and front neck depth and
murmured the numbers to Deepak. Now I was starting to heat up fully though I tried to be in command of my
emotions, but was certainly slipping. Master-ji also measured the back neck depth for my new choli. While doing
that Master-ji gave me very clear indication that he was not only taking measurements as a tailor, but also taking
chance on my jawani. He was at my back when he was taking the back neck depth measurement and he directly felt
my back with his palm and specifically pressed me on my bra strap and even on bra hook giving me very clear signals.

Obviously I knew that I should not encourage this man, but my emotions were paralyzing my mind to resist.

Master-ji: Madam, now please raise your hands up. I will take your bust measurement.

I lifted my hands up and kept them in the air. From the corner of my eyes I could see my sweaty armpits and there
were clear round wet spots in both armpits over my blouse. I noticed Deepak was looking at them, but I had little
to do, but to ignore that. I remained stationary with my hands help up in the air and Master-ji’s arms went round
my body as he wrapped the tape around my back over my breasts.

Master-ji: Deepak, come here.

Deepak came forward and stood near me. Now I was standing between the two males with my pallu on floor, hands
up in the air, and armpits shamelessly advertising big sweat spots!

Master-ji: Now Deepak Beta, when you take the bust measurement, it should always be taken around the fullest
part of the breasts. To get that you must ask the lady, whose measurement you are taking, to raise her hands up.
This actually gives two advantages. Can you tell me what are they?

Deepak: I can think of one.

Master-ji: What is that?

Deepak: In this state when I look at madam from the side I can easily get the fullest part of her breasts.

Master-ji: Right. So for bust measurement this posture is very helpful. Another advantage is when Madam is
standing like this you can see the fitting in a stretched condition, which is very important. You know Deepak, in my
initial days I stitched a blouse for a lady and as she wanted it skintight, I just did not leave any breathing space
while stitching and the very next day after delivery she came back with the blouse with a torn armpit. So you must
remember to give some freedom to the blouse fabric to skim over the bra. And you can assess that from this
posture as Madam is standing.

Deepak: Right, right Master-ji. I should have thought of that.

I was wondering when this tailoring class would end!

Master-ji: Now look at the blouse cups and what do you find?

Deepak now took his face a bit nearer to my blouse-covered tits and I could realize my nipples getting hard seeing
him trying to inspect my boobs!

Deepak: Master-ji, there is much looseness of cloth at the hooks and that can be corrected.

Master-ji: Good observation. Also some alteration can be done at the base, which I checked. Also this choli being
sleeveless you can adjust the armhole to make the blouse tighter to support the strapless bra.

Deepak nodded affirmatively with a smiling face.

Master-ji: O! Another very important thing Deepak. Madam, I hope you are not getting annoyed.

Master-ji turned and said the last few words to me with an ever-smiling face. That was a good one, I thought. You
two are openly passing comments about my breasts and being a 28-year-old married woman will I not feel annoyed!

Me: No, no. It’s okay Master-ji. But please if you can pace it up, as my hands would pain if I stay like this for some
more time.

Master-ji: No, no Madam, be rest assured. This is the only measurement where you have to raise your hands and I
will finish it soon.

Now he turned to Deepak.

Master-ji: As I was saying, when you take bust measurement, make sure that you obtain at least two more numbers,
one slightly up the cup and one below.

Deepak: Why Master-ji?

Master-ji: See Deepak, as you know female breasts are of various size and shapes. Every lady will not have as tight
and full a bustline as Madam’s, isn’t it? He he he…

He purposefully turned at me and expressed this laugh, which was infuriating that I cannot describe in words.

Master-ji: We measure so many women each day, but how many has such good shape even after marriage? So
remember to take at least two more measurements for ladies who have sagging bustlines, which you can easily
determine seeing their shapes over the blouse.

Deepak: Sure Master-ji.

I was simply amazed to hear such comments spoken so openly and normally in my front about my mammaries! Its not
that I was hearing remarks in relation to my figure for the first time from males. When I was in college when I
passed a particular turn on the way, comments were thrown at me by the Road Romeos, which I always ignored. I
still remember they passed filthy statements about my swaying ass and firm boobs. Ignoring was the only way out
to those comments. Then after marriage my husband flattered me on so many occasions praising my boobs before
intercourse or even when I was combing hair in front of the dressing table, etc., he passed comments regarding my
figure. Most of the time I enjoyed those though they were also not too decent. But what I am experiencing today
is unique! I obviously cannot enjoy these lewd talks and at the same time cannot simply ignore. A genuinely
precarious situation for me!

Master-ji: Okay, enough talks, lets go ahead with the work again.

Saying that Master-ji took his hands around me circling the tape round my boob circumference and as he did that
his chest pressed very gently on my breasts, though momentarily, I felt a real turn on by that. Actually unknowing
Master-ji’s chest touched precisely on my nipples under the cover of my blouse and bra. I could feel drops of
vaginal fluid getting soaked into my panty from my honeypot. My nipples also gained instant strength I realized and
poked more on my bra cup.

I immediately tried to divert my mind and counseled my mind how vulgarly Master-ji threw the smile at me when he
said, “Every lady will not have as tight and full a bustline as Madam’s…” and attempted to think negatively about
this tailor. But alas! I was losing self-control by the minute as Master-ji started taking my bust measurement
because my body was speaking in different terms than my mind.

Master-ji: Madam, you please remain still and not move your body while I take your numbers.

I nodded and he pulled the plastic tape over my firm boobs through the middle of my blouse cups. As the tap slide
and moved on my smooth round flesh, it gave me a very sexy feeling and concurrently I could feel Master-ji’s
fingers touching the core flesh of my mammaries. In front of my eyes in the pretext of smoothening the tape, he
openly was feeling the sides of my jiggling boobs clasped within the blouse. He was surely enjoying the tightness
and roundedness of my 28-year-old fully developed treasures and since I was childless till then, my boobs had not
sagged an inch.

Master-ji: Madam, I will slowly tighten the tape. Just let me know when you feel very tight.

Me: O… Okay.

I could hardly say that as Master-ji’s hands were still very much touching my ripe mangoes and naturally my nipples
started raising their heads in full resilience getting a male touch. Of course I also started breathing heavier and
probably my want for enjoyment was engulfing my mind gradually though I tried to convince myself internally that I
must not behave like this because if Master-ji gets a feel of my physical condition it would be very embarrassing
and awkward for me.

Master-ji now shifted the meeting point of the tape from where my blouse hooks were to my left breast and this
time he surely made me breathless. His fingers were now touching and pressing my left tit and I could feel the
meeting point of the tape over my left areola!

“Uuhhhhhh!” I whispered within myself.

Now he did the worst thing. To mark the position of the tape and the tightness, he pressed on the tape with his
thumb exactly over my nipple.

Master-ji: Madam, is this okay? This must not be too tight.

Me: Aaah. Ummm. I mean no.

I said somehow. My pussy seemed to be leaking now and since I was not wearing any pads, etc. below my sari, my
panty was getting soaked and I could feel the wetness now on my groins too.

Master-ji: 31.6 at tight comfort.

Deepak: Okay.

Master-ji: Madam, now keep your hands on my shoulder.

I was all along standing with my hands up in the air and was much relieved hearing that. I kept my hands on his
shoulders and he now removed his left hand off the meeting point of the tape and took it to my back to see if the
tape was properly place or not. In the process he not only brushed my right boob, but also felt my whole brassiere
on the right side. And left me gasping by again taking back his hand to the original position not before bumping on
my right boob and almost pushing it within my blouse cover.

As I had kept my hands on his shoulders, the sides of my protruding breasts were completely open and now he
shifted the meeting point of the tape to my right breast. He grazed his hands feeling every inch of my jawani.

Me: Shhh. Aaah!

I controlled myself to a whisper. My legs were automatically getting parted at my standing posture and my heart
was starting to miss a beat. He again marked the position with his thumb and this time I was very sure he was
trying to trace my nipple over the fabric of my blouse and bra. I could feel Master-ji was breathing faster and his
hands shaking marginally. The old man did not stop there and after he traced my nipple he was trying to grab my
right boob nipple, which was fully erect now, over my blouse with two fingers in the disguise of holding the tape
meeting point.

Honestly that was too much for me and I was unable to resist myself any more and gripped Master-ji’s shoulders
very firmly digging my nails into them. I knew that was a blunder to do. I was inviting trouble, as I was directly
indicating him that am getting excited by his moves. In all honestly, I could hardly control my sexual appeal. I also
knew very well that as long as I was suppressing my emotions and movements to him, things were within limits, but
once I had expressed my frailty, I was in effect opening the unknown floodgate.

I suddenly remembered that this very warning was also given to me by one of my friends once. Her name is Sunita,
whom I met after my marriage in our locality. She was married for five years and had two kids when I met her. Our
friendship probably triggered more due to our naming similarity, Sunita and Anita. She actually guided me to the
local tailor from whom I now sew my blouse, etc. We mixed well and had quite a bit of private sharing among us,
such as our sexual life, our husband’s sexual hunger, etc. etc. as is very common between young married women. One
day I went to her place in the afternoon and since her kids were off to school, we were having longer chats and
somehow the topic converged to our sexual feelings not originating from our husbands. I did mention to her about
my crowded bus experiences where male hands groped my ass globes or boobs, and on some occasions crossing the
decency limits, which I had to accept, as I did not want to create a scene in crowd and, truthfully, for some
harmless enjoyment. She then divulged her experience with her previous tailor.

Like me, she also got pretty excited by the tailor’s touches while taking her blouse measurements and one day when
the tailor was checking her fitting during a trial period, she got very excited by his touches. She even told me that
the other night she got a good fuck from her husband and was completely satisfied, but still strangely was
triggered by the tailor’s constant rubbing and pressing on her breasts during the trial. Thankfully she got back her
senses in time and the episode ended in squeezing and massaging only. But she did mention to me that it was
extremely difficult to get out such situations and if I can put that in Sunita’s words:

“…Anita, you won’t believe, it’s so very difficult to get out from such situations. The tailor by that time was fully
aware that his touches had made me weak and I was a pray. I was also so carried away by the momentary
excitement that I forgot that I am a mother of two and shamelessly allowed him to grope me amply over my blouse.
As he did not get a timely hindrance from me, he just went on and on and you know, how shameful it was, he even
inserted his hand into my backside within my petticoat! I had to stop and only I know how I controlled myself and
prevented him. I had to cook up a story and almost begged a release from his clutches. Otherwise the way things
were going, he surely would land up fucking me on the floor of the trial room. Just imagine! A small careless
enjoyment would make me feel guilty for whole life. Anita, if ever in your life you tend to slip by the influence of
any male other than Rajesh, mind you, DO NOT express your emotions to him. Once you do that you will only invite
troubled waters…”

Master-ji: Deepak, make it 31.2 tight. Madam, are you feeling too tight?

I as if got back to reality hearing Master-ji’s voice, but frankly it was not only the voice that awaked me, but also I
could now feel almost a grab on my right boob!
Me: It… It’s okay.

Though I was not at all ‘okay’ in the true sense, as the tape was pressing hard on my boobs now.

Master-ji now made the tape somewhat more short, increasing pressure on the nipple of my right breast.

Master-ji: Is this fine Madam? Or too tight?

Me: Uh! Ta… Tight.

My voice was a hoarse whisper. As the pressure of his fingers was increasing on my firm tits, my pussy was getting
flooded with the juices. I controlled myself somehow and stood still clutching on to Master-ji’s shoulder.

Master-ji: Okay, okay Madam, I will settle with the last number. Deepak 31.2 with negative 2-3 threads.

Deepak: Okay.

Master-ji: I will do one last check and then finalize it.

Deepak nodded. Master-ji seemed to have been adequately pumped up touching a full-grown woman’s breasts
unhindered. He also must have been encouraged by my silent affirmation to his moves when I dug my nails deeper
into his shoulder and also seeing my flushed face, which clearly portrayed my sexually aroused state.

Though apparently he was taking my measurement and telling the numbers to Deepak, I could clearly sense his
partial grip on my right mammary over my blouse and brassiere. I was almost shivering getting a direct feel of male
fingers trying to grab my boob flesh. I inquisitively glanced down to see what he was doing.

I smiled to myself seeing the slyness of old man tailor and his want to get sexually excited at this age even!
Practically I was his daughter’s age, but still he was feeling my jawani like my lover! Master-ji was no doubt holing
the meeting point of the tape with both hands over my right breast, but he had kept his right hand so craftily
under the guard of his left palm and in that disguise he was deriving all sorts of enjoyment from me. Seeing my
compromised condition, the old man indulged into all sorts of sexual pranks, including pressing my boob flesh with
his fingers from the front, poking the nipple with his thumb, gliding his fingers over my blouse assessing the
smoothness and firmness of my mammary, and trying to push it up by cupping it from below.

Through the corner of my eyes, I turned to Deepak, and thank god, as he was unable to see the right side of my
body directly and was unaware what his tailor-guru was doing with me. For the first time I also made a direct move
– I faintly thrust my boobs on Master-ji’s hands. I was very sure he could realize that because when my eyes met
his, he winked at me. Master-ji’s lewd actions were sexually tormenting me enormously and rising to simply
unbearable heights. I was dying for some very tight hugs and squeezes right away. Also very naturally my vaginal
discharge was amounting more and oozing out spontaneously now out of my honeypot. My breathing was heavier than
ever before, my lips parted, my legs getting weaker – everything imprinting my vulnerable state. Unconsciously I
had started swaying my hips also, as my excitement was speeding up, but once I realized it, I felt so ashamed and
was conscious instantly.

Master-ji: So Madam, I am finalizing your choli with this much tightness.

Saying that, he looked at my flushed face. I was simply not in a position to reply anything as this old tailor had
brought me to a boiling point very quickly with just a few deft touches and caresses. I could feel my panty-front
almost completely soaked and felt afraid that pretty soon there would be a wet spot on my petticoat. I was quite
aware that I was yet to be measured for the Maha-yagya skirt and surely Master-ji would not take the
measurements over my sari, but over my petticoat!
Master-ji: Now the last one, the shoulder-to-apex measurement and then you are done.

I was in fact unable to take any more of Master-ji’s touches. Physically as well as mentally I had gone too weak and
was virtually trembling with excitement. One more touch by master-ji, I didn’t know what I would do; I desperately
needed a tight squeeze at my boobs and some close hugs. But suddenly things changed rapidly and I will be a liar if
I do not admit that I simply loved the altered scenario.

Master-ji: Deepak, bring the notebook here once.

Deepak came near me and handed him the notebook. As Master-ji was glancing at the notes Deepak has taken, and
at that moment Deepak commented something that prompted swift transformation of the whole affair.

Deepak: Madam, you seem to tremble. Are you okay?

Before I could react and reply Master-ji took control of things.

Master-ji: Right, right. Madam, I also felt that you were somewhat shivering. Let me see.

He started checking my forehead.

Deepak: Madam, you are sweating a lot also.

I was fairly confused at their consecutive statements.

Master-ji: Your forehead is so cold! What’s happening Madam? Shall I hold you?

Though he asked the question, but without waiting for my consent, he held me by my elbow.

Me: It’s alr… Ouch!

I was about to say that I was ‘all right’, but suddenly I felt Master-ji’s pinch near my elbow and hence that sound
came out from my mouth.

Master-ji: What happened Madam? Deepak, bring a glass of water for her.

Me: But…

As Deepak turned away from me and Master-ji towards the corner of the room to get the water, Master-ji
grabbed my elbow very firmly and brought his mouth near my ear.

Master-ji: If you want more, just pretend as I say.

I looked at Master-ji with very inquisitive eyes at his whisper. But there was no time to think on his statement as
Deepak was coming with a glass of water. He did that rapidly as he must have thought that I was not feeling well in

Master-ji: Tell us Madam. What’s happening? Is your head spinning?

I could not generate within myself the ability to think more on this, as I could feel Master-ji was now holding my
elbow in such a manner that my fingers were brushing against his lungi-covered thigh. Deepak came and handed the
water to me and as I drank Master-ji was making my hand touch his erect lund under his lungi!

I gulped the water somehow and closed my eyes for a second, probably to tell the first lie.
Me: My head. It’s spinning…

I tried to pretend that I was ‘not feeling well’. Deepak seemed quite convinced!

Deepak: Master-ji, hold her well. Shall I get the chair Madam?

Master-ji was probably waiting for this opportunity and now that he knew I was pretending and Deepak was also
won over, there was no obstacle for him. Master-ji now held me with both hands at my both elbows from the front.

Master-ji: Madam, don’t worry. Just relax and take your time.

I nodded and closed my eyes and also swayed my head a little to make it look more real.

Deepak: Madam, do you get this head spinning often? Do you take any medication?

Master-ji saved me from answering those and craftily snatched the conversation in his own way.

Master-ji: Deepak, Deepak. She seems to be fainting. I can feel that. What to do? What to do? (he pinched me
again and this time on my both elbows so that I pretend to faint).

I had no other alternative, but to close my eyes and lean my head towards Master-ji’s body and pretend as if I was
having a “fainting spell”. Deepak was perfectly fooled.

Deepak: Master-ji, hold her tightly. I will also support you.

Saying that Deepak held me by my back touching me over my blouse back. And at last I got some relief from my
sexual aches when Master-ji embraced me tightly with his hands in the excuse of holding the fainting woman. My
heart was running very fast now as my eyes were closed and I was feeling Master-ji’s flat chest on my round
blouse-covered mammaries and his hands encircling me near my waist. Honestly, more than Master-ji, I myself was
squashing my firm protruding milk tanks into his chest.

Me: Aaaaaaaah!

I whispered to myself giving a sigh of ecstasy.

Deepak: Lets take her to the bed Master-ji.

Master-ji was taking the full feel of my young boobs in his upper body and obviously was reluctant to release me.

Master-ji: Wait, wait. Let me see for some moments if Madam gets back her senses. By that time you clean up the
bed at least.

Deepak: Okay.

Till such time, Deepak was supporting my back though actually there was no need as Master-ji was holding me like
an octopus. Now I realized he was away to my bedside and I felt it safe to open my eyes once. I found Master-ji
quite energetic though he was around 60 years in age. I looked for a split second towards my bed and saw Deepak
cleaning up my dresses, etc. from it, but could not concentrate there at all, as Master-ji was now holding and
pressing me as if he was hugging his wife! His mouth was sniffing my bare neck and blouse-covered shoulders and
taking full advantage of Deepak not seeing us, he pulled in his right hand within our bodies and started squeezing
my boobs. Only God knows how I controlled my moan not being aloud and enjoyed his squeezes on my ripe boobs

Deepak: Master-ji, it’s done. Has Madam got back her senses?
Master-ji was quick enough to behave properly and I also closed my eyes hearing his voice and leaned my head onto
Master-ji’s shoulder. A perfectly fainted lady!

Master-ji: No. We need to take her there. You give me a hand.

I did not see but realized Deepak came near. How would they take me to the bed I wondered? With Master-ji’s
figure and age he surely would not take me in his lap. Anyway, I was pretty thrilled and excited by this whole
pretending episode and shamelessness had gripped me firmly to continue this ‘harmless’ enjoyment.

Deepak: How would we carry her?

Master-ji: One second. You pull off her remaining sari first. It’s getting into my legs.

Me: Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!

I babbled within myself. Deepak was very swift to pull off my sari knot from my waist. Why not? Master-ji was
saying he would get married next year, so he needs to know how to pull off her wife’s sari. As Deepak pulled it
completely off my waist I was having a peculiar feeling as never in my life had I been stripped off my sari with
closed eyes! Yes, on bed, in the initial days of my marriage many a times my husband pulled off my panty and during
that time I kept my eyes closed in shame getting fully naked. But later on when intercourse was regular, I did not
feel that much shame as my hubby pulled off my bra or panty from my body. But this was indeed very different.

Even Master-ji noticed his swift handiwork and made a dirty comment.

Master-ji: Deepak Beta, go slow. Why are you taking it off so fast?

I did not hear Deepak replying anything, probably he was hurrying because he wanted to get me on bed quickly
seeing my senseless state.

Master-ji: She is not your wife afterall… that you pull off her sari quickly and will get a chance to raise her
petticoat. Ha ha haa…

Deepak: Ha ha hah.

Master-ji: Keep Madam’s sari on the chair.

I was now standing in Master-ji’s arms clad in my blouse and petticoat only. And I could well realize even with my
closed eyes that Deepak showed his back to us to keep my sari, as Master-ji grabbed my ample ass cheeks over my
petticoat and started feeling them sufficiently. My panty was as usual nonexistent on my buttocks, as it was stuck
in my ass crack, and so Master-ji could grab and feel my ass flesh directly. Obviously the pleasure of getting
squeezed over my petticoat with my panty covering my ass cheeks was less than directly getting the feel of male
hands on my bottom. Hence I was simply elated getting Master-ji’s hands toying with my fleshy buttocks.

I opened my eyes for a split moment and realizing Deepak was coming back quickly closed it and Master-ji also
shifted his hands off my round hips to my waist. I kept my head on Master-ji’s shoulder and my jiggling boobs were
pressing constantly against his chest. My panty was now all soaked with my vaginal juices and I was getting
increasingly horny.

Deepak: Lets take Madam to the bed now.

Master-ji: Yes Deepak. You do one thing; hold her legs and I will hold her shoulders.

I felt Deepak touching my feet and in a moment held both my legs and pulled me up from floor. I had now no
contact with the ground with Master-ji holding my shoulder area. My back portion and hips were hanging in the air
and they slowly took me to the bed. Since Master-ji was just near my head in my hanging position, I could feel my
head pushing into his erect penis inside his lungi. Immediately there was goosebump on my whole body and I felt so
ashamed within myself to express my inner self to these males. Deepak was holding me directly on my legs below
my petticoat and he surely would have realized that I was having goosebump!

I was trying to keep my legs as straight as possible because when Deepak held my legs and raised them off the
ground, my petticoat skated up my legs and it was dangerously hanging in the air creating a gap between my legs
and its hem. I was honestly to a certain extent afraid and ashamed of a needless upskirt before this young guy.
Thankfully, since the bed was only a few feet from where I was standing, I did not get entangled in any further
humiliating situation and was laid on bed in supine position with my head resting on a pillow.

Master-ji: Deepak, what do we do now? I am really confused. Shall I call Guru-ji?

Deepak: Master-ji, I have seen a number of fainting cases of my mami in our native village. I think if we sprinkle
water on her mouth she might get up.

Master-ji: Bring some water then. But does you mami have this disease?

Deepak: Yes master-ji and she got injured a few times also. Madam’s case seems to be different.

I was listening to them with closed eyes and was expecting water on my face. Deepak probably brought the water
and I was unsure who was sprinkling it on my face, but I tried my best not to react to the cold water.

Deepak: Master-ji, seems it’s having no effect on her.

Master-ji: Right. You were telling your mami has this disease. What do her family members do when she fainted?

Deepak: Check her breathing once Master-ji.

I could feel Master-ji took his hand below my nostrils to check my breathing pace.

Master-ji: Deepak, it’s very, very faint.

Listening to that I also stopped my normal breathing in case Deepak double checks me. I was enjoying this small
pretending act and was getting a high dose of unexpected thrill from it!

Deepak: Master-ji, then you have to do the first preventive measure, which I had seen in case of my mami also at

Master-ji: And what’s that?

Deepak: Pump her chest and I will rub her soles.

Master-ji: Good idea. Lets do that. You rub Madam’s soles.

My heart stopped for a moment. ‘Good idea’ – I corrected in my mind that Master-ji should have said ‘wonderful
idea’! I desperately needed some long squeezes of my taut flesh within my blouse. So in the disguise of getting my
senses back, Master-ji could now ‘pump’ my chest! I already had hard nipples within my bra expecting his massage
on my taut flesh.

Master-ji did not waste a second and grabbed my conical peaks, which were covered in my blouse and brassiere, and
started pressing them. In no time, in excitement, Master-ji was virtually mauling my 28-year-old full-sized boobs
openly with both hands. Thank God! My eyes were closed. The way he held and crushed my firm breasts, it seemed
as if he was pressing two cycle-rickshaw horns with his both palms. I was now gasping for breath and obviously my
legs were getting separated and my hips also starting to move.

Never ever in my 28-year-old life, I got this sort of a pleasure where I am lying on bed with my eyes closed and
someone massaging my developed breasts freely and I was not making the slightest movement except for clenching
my lips. Honestly, my pretending act and Master-ji’s smart moves were filling my heart with a wild enjoyment,
adventure, and satisfaction.

Deepak: Master-ji, I think Madam is slowly responding. I can feel her legs moving.

Hearing that I was standstill like a stone again trying to conquer all my sexual tingling within my body. Master-ji
also realized that and loosened his grip on my mammaries.

Master-ji: Then, let me check her breathing again.

I could feel Master-ji’s finger below my nostrils again. I was obviously breathing heavier than last time, but
Master-ji’s reaction was the same to Deepak.

Master-ji: No Deepak, there is not much improvement there. Is her soles cold?

Deepak: Yes Master-ji, somewhat.

Master-ji: Then? What to do next?

Deepak: Once I had seen my mami was given a mouth-to-mouth sucking. You can do that Master-ji?

‘Mouth-to-mouth sucking’ - my God! Will my tailor do that to me? That’s nothing but lip-to-lip kissing in this case.
Should I allow him to kiss me? A mere tailor would kiss me! And considering his age, around 60, how would it feel to
be kissed by such an aged person?

My queries were answered by my inner self only!

Why not? What’s the harm? He has given me so much pleasure; why not allow him to suck the honey from my lips
too. He might be a tailor, but he has already hugged me like my husband and afterall a kiss won’t snatch my
womanhood. Why not take all the delights of this pretending escapade?

I mentally got prepared to be kissed by a person of my father’s age.

Master-ji: Certainly I can try and if that can bring back Madam’s senses nothing like it. What’s’ the process of
doing that?

With closed eyes I felt Master-ji shifting his position more towards my head. I was certainly progressing towards
a climax for sure.

Deepak: Master-ji, you open Madam’s mouth and then suck the air within her mouth and then pump in air from your
mouth. Okay?

Master-ji: Okay. Let me try.

Deepak: But continue the chest pumping while doing the mouth-to-mouth breathing. That’s what I remember was
done in my mami’s case also.

Master-ji: O… Okay.
It was like opening the floodgate for this 60-year-old man and in a moment I could sense Master-ji’s cold lips
brushing my lips. Certainly the man was trembling with excitement. I could almost hear his heartbeats. Master-ji
opened my mouth with his hands and started feeling my lower lip with his lips in the pretext of sucking and exhaling
air into my mouth. Then he actually started kissing me and I felt his warm tongue was probing my mouth. His saliva
was mixing with mine and I was also responding positively by thrusting by lips into his. I soon felt his right hand
cupping my right boob and he immediately started milking it. I was certain that this time my blouse hooks would
surely break due to the number of times my firm globes were squeezed in this short span of time. My hard and
perky nipple was clearly felt by Master-ji’s big palm. He was so sure of its position that even when he was kissing
my lips he was pressing it with his thumb every now and then alternating with a tight grab of my right mammary.

Everything at this point was going a bit too far and beyond my control. My whole body had heated up immensely and
my breathing accented that only. I was very sure that Deepak could clearly realize that he had to force my legs
together to keep them steady, as my natural reaction was making them parted. Did he get the hint from this that I
was pretending to be senseless? No, no. Then he would have commented something. I tried my best to be steady,
but Master-ji’s heavy breathing on my face, his teeth biting my lips, and his tongue roaming in my mouth were
making me feel at heaven. As I was lying on bed with a pillow below my head, I was getting more inclined to think as
if I was having a love session with my husband.

Deepak: Any sign of Madam getting back to senses Master-ji?

Master-ji: Aye. Yee… Yes, yes Deepak. She is responding faintly.

Deepak: I also feel her legs are coming to senses.

Master-ji: But she is not fully aware still.

As he talked his lips were brushing my lips and it was such a sexy feeling for me words cannot describe probably. I
realized with my eyes closed that Master-ji now lifted his body off my face and also removed his palm from my
blouse. I was now actually having pain in my breasts with so many times cupping by Master-ji with my bra fastened
on my tight flesh.

Deepak: Master-ji, let us then try now the odour technique.

Odour! What odour I wondered, but in no way could anticipate what Master-ji was up to!

Master-ji: Bah! That’s a cool idea Deepak; why did it not come to my mind?

I realized Deepak now stood up from his sitting position rubbing my soles of the feet.

Deepak: Yes Master-ji. In case of my mami also, I saw that when she was getting to slight senses, the odour
technique was applied.

Master-ji: What was your mami smelt when she was senseless?

Deepak: Anything with abnormally pungent odour. But I don’t see anything here of that sort.

Master-ji: Bring your sandals.

Eh! Chi! Chi!

That was obviously my initial internal reaction. I have to smell his sandals now? Should I get up now to avoid that,
but I did not get any clue from Master-ji to do so. Hence I had to continue pretending unconscious.

Master-ji: Lets try this first.

I could realize he brought in Deepak’s sandals to my nose. Thankfully did not touch it there, but I did not open my

Deepak: Master-ji, we need something, which has a repulsive odour.

Master-ji: I have something in mind, but that will not look decent.

Deepak: What?

Master-ji: Leave it.

Deepak: It’s no more a question of decency now. We need to get back Madam to her senses quickly.

Master-ji: Then wait.

I did not hear a sound and was getting quite curious about what was happening. But with my eyes closed I could
hardly guess what was going on. What was Master-ji bringing for me to smell?

Suddenly I heard Deepak laughing.

Deepak: That’s not a bad idea.

Master-ji: I have been wearing this banyan (=vest) for the last 2 days, so should be…

I could feel a repulsive smell already, as he neared the vest that he was wearing towards my nose. Definitely it had
a disgusting odour of sweat, but not so much to get me up from my ‘senseless’ state. But I made up my mind that
next whatever these two bring for me to smell, I would definitely get up and end this acting.

Deepak: Nope. No response.

Master-ji: Just check, if the door is locked or not?

Deepak: Why Master-ji?

Master-ji: Do as I say.

I was also wondering why was he saying that, but at the same time thought that it’s better for me only if the door
is locked, otherwise if someone comes and finds me like this – lying in bed only wearing my petticoat and blouse with
half of my globes out of my blouse (courtesy Master-ji) with closed eyes and that too in front of two males – surely
would be very awkward and bashful for myself.

Deepak: It’s locked.

Master-ji: Okay, this is the last straw then. But am sure Madam will get back her senses smelling this.

He laughed a little, but with my eyes closed I was unable to grasp why he laughed. I heard I heard Deepak laughing
too. I was getting immensely curious regarding what was Master-ji up to!

Deepak: Yes, this would surely get her back to life.

I could now smell something pungent, but could not make out what exactly it was, though the smell was not
absolutely unfamiliar.

Master-ji: Beta, every married woman knows the smell of this.

Deepak: How Master-ji?

Master-ji: When you will get married, you will also know once you can force your wife to suck it.

My goodness! What’s they talking about! I could now get a skin touch on my nose a hard thing and undoubtedly it
was a PENIS. The smell of Master-ji’s lund very near my nose made me feel very guilty initially, but since my body
was totally charged up by that time, I started to inhale deeply to get its welcome odour.

I could easily have opened my eyes right now, but I was hypnotized as if by the scent of his cock. I nose could feel
wetness from the drops of precum of the penis bulb.

Uhhhhhhhhh! I said to myself. The smell and the touch was enough to take me to a new height of excitement. It is
true that I did not get enough delights in sucking my husband’s cock, but in this case I was terribly provoked to
take Master-ji’s naked lund in my mouth probably because abruptly in my mind came the scene of Shilpa sucking
Guru-ji’s mammoth erect penis. Master-ji most likely read my mind and now he was pressing his erect tool on my
nose and cheeks. I was also nodding my head slowly and was responding to his actions. Still I had my eyes closed.

Deepak: Master-ji, you were absolutely correct. See how Madam is responding!

In all probability Master-ji was getting past his control and especially considering his age it was also virtually
impossible for him to hold his fluid after such extended foreplays. I felt Master-ji’s fingers parting my lips and
opening my mouth forcefully and he readily inserted his erect tool in my mouth. I could realize this was going
beyond all limits, but did not want to miss the opportunity to suck a male cock and as my eyes were closed for a
long time, honestly, I was not feeling much shyness too.

Master-ji: Aa! Aa! Aaah! Suck, suck, suck more you bitch.

Master-ji was doing the same action in my mouth, as my husband does while fucking me on bed. I took his whole
cock in my mouth and was sucking with full vitality. It was smaller in size and thinner too than my husband’s dick,
but was enough to take me reach my climax. I could realize that I was now very shamelessly lifting my heavy gaand
in rhythmic motion as if I was getting fucked. But honestly I cared a damn for decency at that time and wanted to
get the full enjoyment. I was cumming heavily and reached climax now and started moaning also. My panty was
soaked completely and I could feel my discharges were even flowing down my smooth thighs. My mouth fucking
continued for some moments in presence of Deepak and finally Master-ji flooded my mouth with his semen and
actually I was not very prepared for that condition and gulped some of his hot fluid, as if I was in water not
knowing swimming.

I could not take it any more and had to resist now; with my tongue I pushed Master-ji’s somewhat limp penis out of
my mouth and opened my eyes. Once I opened my eyes, I as if came back to senses in the true sense of it. I did not
know what to do or how to react. Master-ji was standing with his lungi on floor and his wet lund in his hand just
facing my mouth. I got up immediately from my lying position.

Deepak: Oh! Madam, you got back your senses. Master-ji, she is back to life again. Great!

I was looking absolutely dumbfounded sitting on bed before these two males. I looked down and saw my mangoes
were almost out of my blouse and had to adjust them before these males, who were shamelessly looking at me
adjusting my brassiere and blouse to hide my jawani. My face was still wet with Master-ji’s semen.

Deepak: You gave us a very hard time to get back to your senses and we were quite scared when you suddenly

Me: Hmm.
Master-ji: Deepak Beta, give Madam a hanky to wipe her face. I will also clean myself and be back from toilet in a

I also felt the need to go to toilet immediately and clean myself – my face, my pussy, and get rid of my wet panty

Me: Master-ji, can I go first?

Master-ji: You will need some time Madam. I will just urinate and be back in a flash.

I reluctantly agreed to him, but desperately needed to pee.

Deepak: I will also urinate.

Master-ji: Come with me. We can go together. Madam, excuse us for a moment.

Both males disappeared within the toilet and they did not even bother to close the door and I could unmistakably
hear the sound of their pissing. I could realize things had gone far beyond my control now and now trying to be
decent was no use. Before I could think any further, Master-jia and Deepak were both back!

Master-ji: Madam, now you can go.

By that time when they were in the toilet I had wiped the thick semen off my mouth and nose and tried to look
normal though still was having a racing heart beat and as I tried to get off from the bed, Deepak intervened.

Deepak: Madam, madam, what are you doing?

I was rather surprised at his voice and looked up at him.

Me: Why? What happened?

Deepak: You have just got back your senses Madam. Have you forgotten that for the last 15 to 20 minutes you had
been unconscious?

I had to stop as I momentarily forgot that I was pretending to have fainted so long and I could not just get up and
start walking normally.

Deepak: My mami also once tried to act smart and within moments fell down and cut her forehead. Surely you won’t
like a repeat show here.

Master-ji: Deepak is speaking sense Madam.

I looked at Master-ji with angry eyes, as he very well knew that I was pretending to have a fainting spell, but could
not express anything in front of Deepak.

Deepak: Madam, let me hold you and then you try to walk.

I had to agree to his proposal and he readily came forward and held me by my arm and waist. I also pretended that
I was feeling a bit dizzy still so that it appeared real to him. I could feel his touches on my waist and I could
realize as a female that it was not just helping, he was ‘feeling’ me. Frankly, I was feeling abnormally uncomfortable
with my completely soaked panty and my vaginal juice trickling down my thighs within my petticoat. Hence I
deliberately took small steps and walked towards the toilet.

Me: Wait, wait. I need to change my pan… I mean err. I need to take the tow… towel.
There was one towel inside the cupboard I knew and hence thought would take a fresh panty along with it so that it
does not look too indecent holding only the panty in my hand while going to the toilet. Deepak was constantly
holding my hand and waist as I walked or talked. I could now feel Deepak’s grip on my waist was getting firmer. I
thought I should not blame this young boy for that, as what he saw in front of his eyes was too erotic, of course,
courtesy Master-ji.

As I stooped to get my towel and panty from the cupboard, Deepak released my hand and instead put that also on
my waist. So, now both his hands were on my waist over my sari. I of course did not want to allow this man to touch
me freely. But the situation was such that I felt like a whore and now after Master-ji, it was this young man’s turn
to touch me! I took my things as quickly as possible and went ahead for the bathroom and wanted to get rid off

Me: Deepak, I think I am quite okay now. You can release me.

Deepak: No, no Madam. I still vividly remember my mami with a bleeding forehead. That day she also insisted that
she could do her things on her own, but resulted in a fall.

Who will make this idiot believe that I was not a patient who had frequent dizziness spells! I had to somewhat
surrender to him because afterall his concern for me was genuine, as he had seen his mami suffer, which he was
telling time and again.

Me: Okay. So what do you want?

Deepak: Madam, please do not take any chances. I will help you to sit on the floor and will close the door and you
call me once you finish your...

Naturally my eyelids lowered to his proposal, but I had no other choice. I just nodded my head in affirmation. As I
sat on the toilet floor Deepak held my arms and back and helped me to sit there. It was so awkward for me to sit
like that in front of a male and in that posture and the upper portion of my firm boobs were now on display for him.
I looked up at him from my squatting posture only to find his eyes looking deep down my blouse. Natural. Which
male would miss this chance, I thought!

Me: Thanks. Now you can close the door.

Deepak: Madam, please don’t try to get up on your own. Call me.

I must have been looking absolutely hopeless sitting like that before a man in the toilet without even my sari on my

Me: Okay, okay. Now go.

I was getting impatient and was almost on the verge of pissing too! Deepak left the toilet and closed the door
behind him. I looked back from my squatting position to see if he had closed the door properly or not.

Oh! My God! The door was half open, but I surely got the noise that he closed it behind him!

Deepak: Madam, this door has a problem. It’s not remaining closed without the bolt. What to do? Let it be like

Me: What? I mean… how can that be?

Deepak: I will not come inside till you call. You are safe Madam.
He was offering me to pee with the toilet door open!

Me: No way. Let me close the door.

Deepak pushed the door and was immediately within the toilet again.

Deepak: Madam, don’t get excited or try to get up on your own.

He gently held my shoulders to ensure that I remained in my crouching position and did not get up. As I looked up
again at him, I found his shinning eyes looking directly down my blouse and I noted my bra cups were also visible
from that vertical angle. I felt like being molested through his eyes.

Deepak: Okay Madam. Let me do one thing. I will hold on to the door in closed position and when you are done, just
call me in.

Me: Hmm. Okay, but…

Deepak: Madam, you keep an eye on the door, bas?

I smiled helplessly and Deepak went outside the toilet again closing the door and this time he went outside holding
the handle of the door and stood there so that it remained locked.

Deepak: You can go ahead Madam. I am holding the door so that it doesn’t get opened.

I reluctantly said “Okay”.

This was one of the most awkward situations that I had faced in my life. I had to urinate pulling up my dress when
I know a male was standing at my toilet door. I immediately got up from my squatting stance and tiptoed to the
toilet door to see whether it was properly closed or not. I felt secured when I found that it was properly blocked.
I went back to the drain hole and lifted up my petticoat to pull down my panty first. I had to struggle to get rid of
my panty, as it was completely wet, and it was getting stuck in my round thighs, but somehow I managed to remove
it and instantly sat down to urinate. The hissing sound started and I was feeling so relieved! I waited for the last
drops to trickle off my hole and then got up. I was still holding my petticoat bunched up at my waist and hence my
butt cheeks and love spot were open.

Me: Aaaaaaaah!

It felt so good. I closed my eyes for a moment. But then only remembering that Deepak was at the toilet door and
quickly took my fresh panty and started wearing it. I tried to be as silent as possible while wearing the panty so
that Deepak did not find anything fishy inside. I did not even water my urination in fear that Deepak might come in
thinking that I stood up on my own.

Deepak: Madam, are you through?

I quickly squatted back to my old position as if I was urinating and replied him positively. I heard the door opening
and Deepak entering into the toilet.

Deepak: Okay Madam, I am holding you. You stand up.

I pretended that I was somewhat weak still and stood up. Deepak craftily brushed the sides of my boobs with his
hands as he lifted me up. I could not stop him doing that due to my compromising state, but made sure that he did
not go beyond the limit. I washed my face and hands and Deepak was still holding me by my waist, and in spite of me
being cautious, I could feel his fingers sliding down my waist as I splashed my face with water. I had to cut short
my washings and was ready to walk out of the toilet. I wondered what Master-ji would have been doing all this time
while was in the toilet.

Deepak: Madam, this disease is very bad especially for grownup ladies.

I could not figure out why he was stating that and casually asked the reason. I was taking small steps so that the
continuity of my acting was there in front of Deepak.

Me: Why do you say that?

Deepak: Madam, today you were lucky that you got fainted in front of us, but imagine if you fainted in front of
unknown people. Did you ever faint in public?

I was ‘lucky’? I was tongue-tied hearing that! I got mouth fucked by my tailor and my boobs got hand pressed more
number of times than what my husband does in one love session and what does this guy say? ‘I was lucky’! I smiled
and sighed within myself.

Me: I do not get this fainting spell often. It’s very rare for me. Today was an exception.

Master-ji: Madam, we are getting late. I still have to take your other measurements.

Deepak: Master-ji, I think Madam needs a bit of rest and then you can start again.

“Start again”? What does that idiot mean? But I liked Deepak’s idea of giving me a respite, as honestly I needed

Master-ji: Okay then, you sit and take rest on bed, while I will do the necessary cuttings of your blouse piece.

Me: Thanks Master-ji.

Deepak was still supporting me and made me sit on the bed. I was still roaming about in the room in front of two
males virtually like a prostitute wearing only my petticoat and blouse. Honestly I was getting used to it!

Deepak: Madam, you are blessed that you do not have this acute disease. The women who have it suffer a lot.

Me: Not only women Deepak, anyone having these fainting spells are bound to suffer.

Deepak: True Madam, but after seeing my mami’s case, I am convinced that women experience greater trouble.

Me: Why? What happened to your mami?

Deepak: I will tell you. Master-ji, you have seen her. She came here in last Diwali. Very fair and on the bulkier side,
stammered a bit while…

Master-ji: Hmm. Hmm. I remember. She has two kids.

Deepak: Right you are. You will not find any abnormality in her Madam – perfectly all right. But God has cursed her
with this ominous disease.

Me: Very sad.

Deepak started narrating the story of his mami…

It happened four to five years ago when I went to our native place. I had just entered my teenage years. That day
after taking her bath mami told me to accompany me to her neighbor’s place to give them some sweet dishes. I was
carrying the sweets. I knew them, they were a Muslim family.

Mami: Aslam bhai, is Sakina there?

Aslam chacha: No bhabie. She has gone to her friend’s place. Even Salma is not here.

Salma was their daughter.

Mami: Oho! Actually I had prepared some sweets for you all.

Aslam chacha: Wah! So nice of you bhabie. You can keep that in the kitchen if you like.

Mami: Yes, that would be fine. Deepak come with me.

I accompanied mami to their kitchen. Aslam chacha escorted us. And all of a sudden mami started feeling dizzy.
Luckily she caught the kitchen door, but within moments was senseless. Fortunately Aslam chacha was very near
mami and he caught hold of her before she fell on the floor. Mami’s figure was heavy and bulky and it was rather
strenuous for Aslam chacha to hold her as she abruptly dropped to the ground.

Mami’s massive stature was lying on the floor and Aslam chacha and myself was speechless for a moment in that
situation. I also got a bit scared seeing mami in that condition. I was 2-3 years younger and also immature at that

Aslam chacha: I know that bhabie has this disease, but today I am seeing it for the first time. Where is Bansi?

Bansi was the name of my mama.

Me: He has gone to the town in the morning and will return in the afternoon.

Aslam chacha went near mami’s mouth and checked her breath there and also checked her pulses and I did not
know for what reason shook his head affirmatively.

Aslam chacha: How long does she faint generally? Do you know?

I was thoroughly surprised by this question. Instead of trying to get her back to senses, he was inquiring this!

Me: I had seen her twice to be fainted at home. She was brought back to senses in 15-20 minutes.

Aslam chacha: Hmm. I have little time then.

I was puzzled by his query and reactions and could not understand why was he not trying to get my mami back to

Me: Shall I apply some water on her face?

Aslam chacha: No, no! You brat! You want to spoil the opportunity Allah has provided me!

I was getting more puzzled by his response and probably seeing my face reaction he tried to explain me now.

Aslam chacha: Don’t worry lad. You mami will soon get up. But I will show you a better way to get her back to senses
without applying water, etc.

I was curious and anxious too.

Me: How chacha?

Aslam chacha: Then do one thing, close the door there first.

He pointed to the outside door and I promptly went to close it. Now we were only three persons in that house –
Aslam chacha, mami, and me. When I came back I was shocked to see that Aslam chacha had already opened his
shirt and lungi and was only wearing his underwear.

Aslam chacha: Why are you standing like a stupid? Open your shirt and pant like me.

I was a bit taken aback, but since he was an elderly person obeyed him. I opened my shirt quickly, but I had no
shorts under my half-pant and was hesitating to open it.

Aslam chacha: What happened now? Open your pant.

Me: But…

Aslam chacha: You idiot fellow! Don’t you know your mami needs to feel your penis to get up?

Me: Is it?

I was now fully naked and Aslam chacha came near me and held my small penis with his fingers.

Aslam chacha: But son, your mami will not get up if she feels such a small tool. Can you not get it bigger?

I now looked more puzzled and confused. It was not that I did not had a hard-on till then, but frankly was not fully
aware why my penis got hardened at times. I understood that female anatomy has to do something to it, but was
still not fully illuminated in this subject.

Aslam chacha: Okay, don’t worry. I will show you the way and you will soon see your mami getting back her senses.

I saw Aslam chacha was now removing the pallu off my mami’s breasts and started cupping her blouse-covered
conical hillocks.

Aslam chacha: Aaah! What firmness! Even after two kids! And my Sakina, her mammaries are already so soft and
sagging… I wish she was my wife re…

After a few squeezes, he started to open my mami’s blouse hooks. I was feeling very uncomfortable standing naked
and seeing all this and within a blink of the eye Aslam chacha opened all the hooks of mami’s blouse and stretched
the open end of her blouse to both sides making her papaya-like breasts visible to both of us.

Aslam chacha: Wow! What bombs she keeps under cover! Just see. See. Ripe apples for sale!

He readily started cupping and pressing my mami’s naked boobs and was passing remarks.

Aslam chacha: Uhhhhhhhh! So big, yet soooooo firm. Umm. Umm.

I myself was somewhat stunned seeing the size and beauty of my mami’s exposed breasts. In fact they looked more
like two coconuts in Aslam chacha’s hands rather than apples. There was a large dark brownish patch at the center
of each of her boobs and mami’s nipples were looking like two seasoned grapes.

Aslam chacha: Hey! Just look! Your mama has sucked her nipples so much that they have turned black! Lucky
Mami continued to lay on the floor motionless, but visibly she was breathing marginally heavy now as Aslam chacha
was enthusiastically squashing her twin peaks with both hands in every way one can think of.

Aslam chacha: You motherfucker! Why are you just standing like an idiot? Jump here. You will never get a chance
like this.

My immature mind was so baffled by the whole situation that I simply obeyed his orders and was unable to think
anything by myself. Aslam chacha took away his hand off mami’s left breast and indicated me to touch that. I was
initially having some hesitation to touch my own mami’s breasts, but he slapped me on my back and urged me to
touch and press mami’s boob. In fact he indicated how to press them even!

I gripped my mami’s exposed boob and it felt so good to touch it. In fact that was the first time I was touching
the breast of a grownup woman and as if electric shock passed when I pressed and cupped my mami’s very well
developed naked mammary. The texture was so smooth and the flesh was so firm that automatically my eyes got
closed. I could also feel the trivial skin dimpling on her areola portion and as mami’s nipple was touching the inside
of my palm, I could realize my penis was getting harder and harder and gaining in elongation. Though naturally I was
getting very excited overcoming my initial hesitancy, bit I was still having a reservation in my mind, as I was unable
to completely write off that she was my “mami”.

Aslam chacha: Pump her more! Pump her more!

It was an unbelievable scene! My mami who was nearly 40 years of age lying in the kitchen with her sari pallu
flowing on the ground, blouse hooks all open, her big coconut-like boobs completely exposed, and two males
crouching near her abdomen pressing and massaging her juicy tits. She was still unconscious.

Aslam chacha: Why! My son? Are you getting good fun?

I was so engrossed in feeling the roundness and firmness of my mami’s naked boob that I did not care to respond.

Aslam chacha: Abbe Saale! I am talking to you.

I looked up now to him. My skin was heated and my breathing was heavy and hot.

Aslam chacha: What’s your plan? Keep some residue for your mama… ha ha ha huh.

He now released mami’s breast and also indicated me to follow him. Though I was reluctant, I moved away my hand
off her round tits.

Aslam chacha: It’s how long that you have come to her place?

Me: Three days.

Aslam chacha: Have you seen what your mama and mami do at night?

Me: No.

Aslam chacha: I will show you now you motherfucker. I will show you.

Saying that, he practically pushed me off from my mami’s side and almost jumped over her bare breasts and
started sucking my mami’s dark nipples, one at a time. In the pretext of doing that Aslam chacha was over her
figure and was hugging her body with both hands in the lying position.

“Chuk! Chuk! Chuk! Chuk!”

Was the constant sound coming out of Aslam chacha’s mouth while he was sucking mami’s nipples very energetically.

Aslam chacha: You idiot! You will never realize now what fun I am getting sucking someone’s wife’s nipples.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! That too such a matured maal like your mami. Aha! What luck!

I was enjoying the show thoroughly, as my erect penis was nodding its head. I waited patiently for his next
command. This sucking and hugging went on for another 2-3 minutes uninterruptedly.

Aslam chacha: Oh! Sala! I am so much heated up that I will burst now.

Saying that he quickly opened his brief and got completely naked like me. His lund was looking like a slender erect
rod pointing at my mami’s body.

Aslam chacha: Okay. Now do a quick favor. Go there and lift up her legs and hold them in the air.

I could not apprehend what he wanted to do. As I tried to lift her legs, I could feel they were very stiff, probably
as she was still fainted.

Me: I can’t lift. They are too stiff!

Aslam chacha: Oho! Move off. Let me see.

Saying that he picked her legs with some effort.

Aslam chacha: Abbe! Why are you standing idle?

Me: What... I mean what to do you didn’t mention.

Aslam chacha: You duffer! Lift the sari to her waist. Are you satisfied only seeing the boobs, who will see her
choot? Your father?

He paused a moment slanging me.

Aslam chacha: What sort of rascal is this? Quick. Lift the sari. Uff! These legs are so heavy!

I quickly executed his order and started pulling up mami’s sari over her hairless legs, to her ankles. My hands were
trembling now because I was now approaching her big plump thighs and further up. I continued pulling her sari and
petticoat together across her very fair thighs and as Aslam chacha gave all his effort to raise her legs a little
more, I was able to pull up everything till her waist exposing every inch of her lower half till her choot.

What a sight!

Myself and Aslam chacha both had our mouths open seeing her absolutely naked smooth and well-formed legs and
thighs. What a beauty!

Aslam chacha: Oh! What a choot!

We both were looking intently at her bare choot, which was surrounded by a mini jungle of thick black curled pubic
hairs. Aslam chacha immediately dropped down mami’s legs and crouched before her choot. Her sari and petticoat
were bunched up on her stomach area thereby enabling an unrestricted view of her slit to both of us. This was the
first time I was seeing a matured married woman’s choot fully uncovered. Aslam chacha started feeling the curls of
her pubic hair with his fingers and was uttering all sorts of lewd sounds. Then he started feeling my mami’s entire
slit and also poked his finger in her honey pot.
Aslam chacha: Uff! Saali randi. What a slit she keeps under the sari!

I was getting restless to touch my mami’s 40-year-old naked body lying on the floor and that’s what the doctor
ordered, I mean Aslam chacha ordered.

Aslam chacha: You bastard! Do I need to tell you everything? Don’t you know if a woman is entertained here, she
also needs some there?

I was mature enough to understand that ‘here’ means mami’s pussy and ‘there’ means her boobs. I readily nodded
and jumped on my mami’s big bare tits and cupped her tight flesh in my palms and squeezed them at my free will. I
noted Aslam chacha was vigorously fingering my senseless mami’s choot while I enjoyed the chance of my lifetime
squashing the naked boobs of a 40-year old married woman. I felt mami’s body was very faintly responding to our
touches and trembled marginally. I got scared because if she finds me in this state I did not know what would be
my fate.

Me: Chacha, mami is moving faintly!

Aslam chacha: When? Where?

His face as if turned pale. He looked up at me with a question mark on his face.

Me: I felt she moved a bit when I was…

Aslam chacha: Hmm. She must have got heated and reacted. But is she getting back her senses?

Me: Bah! Thank God!

Aslam chacha: Come here once.

I took off my hand off mami’s firm globes and stood up and went to him. My hard penis was moving like a pendulum
as I walked.


I was stunned at his behavior of slapping me.

Aslam chacha: You bastard! Son of a bitch! Are you not enjoying your mami’s body? Then why are you praying that
she come back to senses?

Me: Oh! But that was just a normal reaction.

Aslam chacha: Hang your reaction! Just get lost. I have little time now.

Saying that he virtually shifted me two feet away from my mami’s body and pointed his lund towards mami’s choot
and tried to enter it in her hole. It was quite touch as mami’s body was lying motionless, but he managed to get his
tool inside somehow and positioned himself on her body to fuck her.

Aslam chacha: What a big choot yaar! She can take three like me at a time. Randi saali…

He now started sucking mami’s lifeless lips and hugged her completely while his hips continued to gyrate slowly on
her pubic region. I could realize he did not get much enjoyment in kissing mami’s lips as she was in the senseless
state and quickly turned his focus on her most prominent assets, her boobs. He was ruthlessly cupping and mauling
her naked globes and pinching and sucking her big blackish nipples. He was licking her areolas time and again making
them moistened with his saliva. His hip movement was gaining speed and very soon his gas seemed to dry up and he
lay on my mami’s body like another senseless object. I was a bit puzzled. What happened to him now?

Me: Chacha, chacha! Are you okay?

He lifted his head after almost a minute or two, but I waited, as I did not want to irritate him and get another

Aslam chacha: Inshallah! How can I be okay after tasting such a delicious fruit…

Me: Chacha! Mami is…

I almost shouted as I saw mami nodding her head slowly and uttering a slight moan.

Aslam chacha left her body like a flash and stood up. He indicated to immediately get dressed up and we were
hurriedly wearing our clothes. Mami was still unconscious, but was probably getting to semi-sense once or twice
abruptly. Aslam chacha quickly took a mop towel and cleaned up the thick fluid on the floor between her legs and
also the discharge that was coming out of her bare choot.

Aslam chacha: How can she discharge so much being senseless. Amazing woman! Hey you, hold the towel on her
choot, while I will hook up her blouse.

I saw, before buttoning all the hooks of my mami’s blouse, Aslam chacha pressed and squeezed her gorgeous boobs
one last time, and he also placed her sari pallu on her blouse so that she looks decent! Now he quickly turned to me
and indicated me to pull down her sari and cover her thighs and legs. But that was a very difficult job for me to do,
as I was unable to pull out the sari bunch that was below mami’s heavy buttocks.

Me: Chacha, p. pl… please help…

Aslam chacha again articulated his choicest adjectives for me and I quietly digested them.

Aslam chacha: Just keep your mouth shut. She is getting back her senses.

He quickly came near me and almost whispered to me.

Aslam chacha: Roll her upside down. That’s the only way. She is too heavy to be lifted.

He then straightened mami’s legs as far as possible, but unfortunately her body was so stiff that he could not get
that done.

Aslam chacha: Nah! Impossible. Just get her sari down on her legs from her waist.

I did that and with Aslam chacha also helping me, we were able to drag her sari and petticoat from below her huge
gaand also covered her thighs and legs so that she looked decent. Then he brought a bowl of water and sprinkled
that on her face and after some anxious moments mami got back her senses. As if Hammer was beating within my
heart because I was fearing if mami would smell a rat, but fortunately she did not realize anything, at least at that

I am not aware if she realized that she was actually fucked by her neighbor while she was in the senseless state. I
only noted that she spent some extra time in the toilet after getting back home that day. I am also not aware if an
extra marital relation evolved for my mami after that incident, but even today when I see my mami, her vivid
exploitation in Aslam chacha’s hands haunts my mind, as I was the only witness...

Deepak paused and there was almost pin drop silence in the room. My face, ears were all red and heated up
listening to such a provocative story, that too from a young man’s mouth. My nipples inside my blouse were again
getting hardened.

Master-ji: Enough of gossip and all. Let us now get along with the work Deepak. Madam, can we proceed?

Me: Yes Master-ji. Am ready.

Master-ji had finished cutting my blouse piece while doing markings on the cloth by that time and was again ready
with the tape. Deepak also gladly took the notebook to write down my dress measurement figures as will be
dictated by Master-ji. I stood up and walked to my previous position under the light.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, let's talk about your Maha-yagya skirt now.

Master-ji said the words so casually that my heart almost skipped a beat, as I very well realized that his hands
would now be tracing my thighs and legs. Moreover, the encounter I had in Mr. Yadav’s residence with their servant
wearing Shilpa’s skirt gave me an immediate internal alarm. I closed my eyes for a while, but thought that I was
much safer here being with the tailor, but that person in Mr. Yadav’s den was simply a beast trying to molest me.

Master-ji: Madam, as per Guru-ji’s specifications, your skirt will be a pleated skirt. I hope you know Madam whats
the difference between a pleated skirt and a plain skirt?

Me: Yes, yes. Pleasted means it will have folds throughout the circumference of the skirt.

Master-ji: Absolutely. I have to made the folds on the cloth by doubling the material upon itself and then stitching
it into place. Its only tiresome for me Madam.

He smiled and I also smiled back.

Master-ji: But Madam… I mean, you might not be very comfortable with the.. err…

I was a bit surprised seeing Master-ji stammering and honestly could not make out what he was trying to indicate
that I would not be comfortable with. I looked questionably at him.

Master-ji: I mean the skirt is not the normal length Madam. It’s a bit short.

I gulped. I thought in my mind - ‘short’? How short? Knee-length?

Me: How sh… I mean how short Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, its… its like a miniskirt.

Me: What?

Master-ji: I knew you would have problems with that. Actually that’s why I was hesitating to say.

Me: Miniskirt! At this age? Impossible.

I could not believe it. I was nearly 30 years of age. Married. And considering my developed figure, if I wear a
miniskirt I would look no better like a saucy girl!

Master-ji: Madam, don’t get so scared. It’s not that short as you are thinking.

Me: That’s what I am asking you Master-ji, how short?

Master-ji: The problem is I can’t say that like this. The specification for the length of the skirt is 12 inches. Now,
as you can understand, it would depend on the height and figure of the lady…

Me: Hmm. Hmm. I can understand. But… 12 inches – that’s nothing!

I almost screamed.

Master-ji: Madam, madam. We really have little to do in this regard. No one can overrule Guru-ji directives.

Me: Yes, that I also know. But…

I was simply stunned. What does this man say? I will wear a 12-inch-length skirt! With my 34”+ hips! I was

Master-ji: Madam, instead of wasting time on this topic, lets complete the measurement and I assure you that I
will get the skirt fitting for you as decent as possible.

I tried to recover from it and prepared my mind to be ready to wear that tiny thing.

Me: I know you are talking sense Master-ji, but please understand… I am a housewife and have never worn such
skirts in my whole life.

Master-ji: I can understand. Have faith on me and I will guide you so that you are somewhat comfortable with it.

Me: How Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, see, this skirt will not cover anything more than your intimate parts, but if you can remember
certain key things, you can still look reasonable.

Me: Like?

Master-ji: Madam, look the basic problem with miniskirt is the constant exposure, but if you are constantly wearing
it, you will no longer feel that shyness. Do you agree?

Me: Yes, mostly true.

Master-ji: Madam, its absolutely true! Just like now. You do not move about in your house like this, not wearing a
sari, isn’t it? But here you are in this state for quite some time now, and you do not feel the same shyness when you
first got out of your sari. Right Madam?

I nodded though lowered my eyes in natural shame, as Master-ji reminded me the fact that I was still standing in
front of two males clad only in my blouse and petticoat.

Master-ji: Madam, it’s the same for the skirt also. But the key point that you need to remember is to avoid
unwanted peeps inside your skirt from the people around you.

Me: Hmm.

I replied like a shameless creature.

Master-ji: Madam, sometimes miniskirts can lead to upskirt depending on the way you are sitting in front of others.
For exapmle, you have to be very careful if you are walking up the stairs, you must keep your body as straight as
possible so that the person following you do not easily get the view of your bottoms. But if you naturally stoop while
climbing the stairs he will be able to see everything.
I was till then listening to Master-ji with my eyes fixed on his face, but hearing the last sentence I had to move my
eyes elsewhere.

Me: Master-ji, I got your point.

I wanted to put a full stop on further explanation from this old man. I saw Deepak was slightly smiling, which
actually made me feel more ashamed.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, then shall I proceed with my work?

Me: Yes.

Master-ji now came very near me looking down to my waist and upper thigh region. Though I had an almost full
discharge minutes ago, I was again feeling the itch in my pussy anticipating Master-ji’s hands below my waist area.
I was really unsure if I could take any more of his teasing hands, especially on my waist, thighs, and legs!

He now knelt in front of me and with one end of the tape pressed on my waist just above my petticoat, his hand
moved down brushing the back of his fingers on my firm and marble-smooth thighs over my thin petticoat. I almost
groaned and closed my eyes for that moment. Master-ji looked at his tape and marked the 12” mark as per Guru-ji’s
specification for the Maha-yagya paridhan.

Master-ji: Madam, this much will be the length.

I could feel his fingers on my upper thigh region.

Me: Bas!

Automatically that word came out of my mouth, as I was so shocked to realize the length of my skirt.

Me: But Master-ji it’s… How can I wear such a thing?

Master-ji: But Madam, I told you it’s a miniskirt. You cannot expect that it will cover your full thighs, isn’t it

Me: Yes, that’s okay, but only this much? This is not even half of my thighs! It’s as well not wearing anything!

Master-ji: But Madam, what can I do? It has to be done as per the specs.

Deepak suddenly pulled out his voice. He was silent for sometime after completing his mami’s story.

Deepak: Master-ji, I think Madam has a point. If the length of her skirt is so up her thigh where your finger is,
imagine what will happen when she sits?

Master-ji: You know very well Deepak that I cannot alter the skirt length.

I felt very hopeless and helplessly looked at Deepak.

Deepak: There is a way Madam.

As if I sprang to life listening his words.

Me: What? Tell quickly boy.

Deepak now came forward to me. Master-ji was already touching me at my waist and upper thigh in a kneel-down
position in front of me. Deepak straightaway touched me at my belly button where my petticoat was tied.

Deepak: Madam, do you always tie your petticoat here?

Me: Yes, err… I mean not always, but most of the time. Why?

Deepak: Master-ji has taken the length from here, but Madam, if you tie your skirt well down your waist, I think
you can conceal a fair amount of your legs.

Master-ji: Hmm. Yes Madam, this can be done if you agree.

In fact there was no other way, but to agree to this assistant tailor’s proposal if I intended to save some dignity. I
thought if I wear the skirt some inches below my navel it would cover additional inches of my big round thighs,
which were so plump and fair that it would really be very uncomfortable for me to keep them constantly exposed,
especially in front of males.

Master-ji: Madam, then… I think you should do a trial right now so that you are absolutely sure where to tie your
skirt and how much it would cover you.

Deepak: Master-ji, also that way Madam can tell you if she needs any adjustment in the pleats so that she is

Master-ji: Right, right. Pleats can also be adjusted Madam so that your skirt hem does not flutter too much.

This time I was truly impressed by the tailor and his apprentice’s approach. It seemed they sincerely intended to
help me out in this embarrassing situation.

Me: Yes, this can be tried.

Master-ji: Deepak, then check my bag. I have brought a sample choli and skirt.

Deepak turned back and went ahead to search Master-ji’s bag.

Master-ji: Madam, I did not ask you to try the choli as it’s 28” size, which would never fit you. Actually it is a
sample Maha-yagya paridhan, which I stitched three years back to get it approved by Guru-ji.

Me: O, I see.

Deepak came back with the skirt. In all actuality it looked so “mini”, especially for my heavy buttocks and matured

Master-ji took it from Deepak’s hand and checked the waistband of the skirt. I did not know what he checked.

Master-ji: Hmm. It’s all right. You can go ahead with it Madam.

Me: What about the waist?

That was a silly question to ask as anyone could see that there was an elastic band at the waistline of the skirt.

Master-ji: It’s free size Madam. 15 to 45 – any woman can wear it. Elastic waistband.

Me: Right. Right. I have noted that.

Saying that I took the skirt from his hand and my throat was already getting dry! It was such a scanty piece of
cloth that I kept aside even the thought of covering 50% of my thighs and was seriously doubting whether my full
ass will be properly covered or not!

Deepak and Master-ji’s eyes were as if glittering seeing me with that miniskirt in my hand because surely it would
be some scene when I would actually wear it shedding my petticoat. I was about to proceed to the toilet, but
stopped at Master-ji’s remark.

Master-ji: Madam, if you don’t mind you can change here only. No need to go to the toilet.

Me: What do you mean?

Master-ji: Madam, don’t take me otherwise. If you see carefully there is a hook at the waist of the skirt, which you
can open. Then the skirt will become a one-piece cloth just like a towel. Then you can wrap it on your waist and
simply untie your petticoat from below it.

I looked at the skirt. He was right, but I realized that performing this exercise of wrapping the skirt to my waist
over my petticoat and then untying the latter from underneath the skirt would be somewhat tricky, especially in
front of two males staring at me.

Me: Master-ji, I will be comfortable if I change it in the toilet.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, as you wish.

I went towards the toilet but could realize two pairs of eyes riveted on my swaying haunches as I walked.

Deepak: Madam, please be extra careful. You just have had that senseless episode.

Me: Yes. Thanks.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and stood in front of the large mirror. My heart was now in the actual sense
racing. It was a peculiar and uncanny feeling I was experiencing, which was not fully of shyness, rather a thrill to
get exposed! I had never in my life worn such a short skirt. I distinctly remember the skirt that I had to wear
coming out of the toilet in front of that bastard in Mr. Yadav’s house was at least decently covering me till my
knees, but this one in no way will save my dignity. I started opening the knot of my petticoat and readily it slipped
down to my feet on the floor leaving my legs and thighs completely naked. I was breathing faster and my nipples
were getting stiff and pressing on my bra cups.

As I looked at my exposed banana trunk like fair thighs my unusual passion to wear that tiny piece of cloth was
rising! I checked the front of my panty in the mirror and fortunately there were no wet marks. I quickly opened
the hook of the skirt and wrapped it on my waist over my panty and hooked it again. Though there was the elastic
band, as I tied the hook, I felt rather tight at my waist. I looked up in the mirror to see how I was looking and was
simply shocked.

Me: Huhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

My mouth opened wide as I uttered that expression. Every skin pore of my fair, banana trunk like thighs could be
seen, which remain exposed below my skirt. I noticed the skirt ended only covering my upper thighs! It was so small
that I could not do much even by stretching it down. The whole of my midriff was also bare making me look very,
very sexy.

Surely this skirt was not meant to be worn in public, rather in front of any male. It was so short and teasing that it
could only be worn absolutely privately or in the bedroom behind closed doors. Though for me also I had to wear it
behind closed walls of the ashram, but in front of several males including Guru-ji. And in no way I could evade this
situation of Maha-yagya. Hence I tried my best to make up my mind to be absolutely shameless keeping my focus
intact on my actual goal. I thought if that’s achieved, I would not want anything from God ever. I tried to assure
myself by saying that my husband would never know what I experienced here and I would never meet these people
in my life once I am back to my residence.

I bent down and picked up my petticoat from the toilet floor and kept it on the hook and opened the latch to get
out of the toilet. My heart was beating like drums as I was about to appear in front of two males clad in an almost
nonexistent miniskirt. As I stepped back in the room I was greeted with a big “Wow” from young Deepak. I could
not meet their eyes and had to lower my eyelids in natural shame knowing very well their eyes were feasting on my
fair, marble-like smooth thighs.

Master-ji: Madam, you are looking like a goddess. You are looking very beautiful in this skirt.

I thought I should be grateful to Master-ji that he used the word “beautiful” for me instead of “sexy”! I smiled to
myself and tried to behave normally wearing that micro-mini! I noticed Deepak’s jaw was more or less hanging as he
stared lewdly at my naked banana-trunks. Master-ji’s eyes were pivoted to my broad pelvic area and thankfully the
skirt was just long enough to cover that much.

Me: It’s very tight here. Master-ji, can you please check this?

I indicated my waistline and without delay the old man came forward to attend me. He stood very near to me and
inserted his finger into the waistband of the skirt and started feeling how tight it was on my waist. Honestly my
state was starting to get volatile wearing such a revealing dress in front of two males and as I began to get direct
skin touches, my head began swimming again. Master-ji’s hand curved around the waistband of my skirt and he was
checking the tightness pulling the elastic off my body. In the process he was leaning to my body almost. As he
pulled the elastic waistband of the skirt off my skin, my heart immediately started beating like a drum again, as I
could sense very well that Master-ji was now peeping into my white panty through the gap created. My ears started
turning red automatically and my lips were drying up.

Master-ji: Yes Madam, you are right. The waist needs three quarter inch cloth extra to get a proper fitting. And I
will also shift the hook half inch. Deepak, just note that.

Deepak: Okay Master-ji. Three quarter inch…. half inch. Okay.

Master-ji: But Madam do you tie your sari here?

Me: Why?

Master-ji: Actually I think you have tied the skirt a bit too high up.

Me: But I usually tie my sari at my navel, but I have tied the skirt down here.

I pointed out to Master-ji that I had tied the skirt at least an inch and half below my navel.

Master-ji: No, no Madam, you have to tie it still lower. Shall I fix it?

I knew very well that if he had to adjust my skirt, he would have to open the hook at my waist and lower the skirt.
I swallowed my saliva at the very thought.

Me: O… Okay.

Master-ji’s fingers were swift enough to undo the skirt hook and as if almost my whole dignity lay in his hands as
that small piece of cloth hung from his fingers. My tailor was now alarmingly close to me encircling his hands at my
waist on the skirt and as was bending marginally, my big firm boobs brushed with his body once or twice making
things more sensuous. He slid my skirt slowly, down and down, and at one point I felt as if my panty was exposed
and I had to interrupt.

Me: Master-ji. Please. Not so down.

Master-ji: Madam, please don’t intervene in my work.

I could now feel Master-ji’s fingers rolling on my panty waistband as he adjusted the position of the skirt. At one
point, I could feel Master-ji inserted one of his fingers into my panty band onto my skin! The old fox did not miss
this opportunity to caress me again!

Me: Ouch! Ahhhhhh!

It naturally came out of my mouth as I gasped for breath.

Master-ji raised his head and looked up and his head directly bounced with my erect blouse-covered left boob. I
was standing with my eyes closed now, my heart thumping as I knew the skirt hook was still open. Probably seeing
my eyes closed, Master-ji continued to brush my lower waistline a little more time with both hands trying to asses
the right position to wear the skirt, and simultaneously he kept his head touching and pressing my left boob. It was
such an erotic feeling! Master-ji just continued to brush and press his forehead on my tight oozing left boob.

At last he closed the hook of my skirt! Thank God!

Master-ji: Aaa. Ah! This looks fine. Now check Madam.

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath to suppress my excitement and then looked down.

Me: Eeeeeeeeek!

A sound of that sort came out of my mouth as I looked down at my navel region. My whole navel area including my
large belly button was exposed. I could realize my skirt waistband now almost coincided with my panty waistband!

Master-ji: Madam, look. Very frankly, I have stitched dresses for several women and I can tell you most women
would like to cover their thighs more than their lower abdomen if given a choice. So…

Me: That I also agree Master-ji, but…

Master-ji: Then? And moreover, gustakhi maaf Madam, your thighs are very beautiful and attractive. So I think
the more you can cover them in front of other people, the better for you.

As we conversed I tried to feel how much I was exposed at my back/hips. I could realize that the joint where the
midriff enters the waist, that juncture, remained exposed as the skirt was tied below that. I must have been
looking horribly sexy wearing the skirt so low down and as I looked at Deepak, his lustful eyes were portraying that

Me: Okay then, I will tie it here only.

Master-ji: Madam, please give me another minute to check the pleats etc. once so that I can finalize your skirt.

I nodded and the old man again sat before my naked legs in a squatting posture. His face was exactly in front of my

Master-ji: Pleats look quite okay on the outside Madam. Let me quickly check the insides.

Giving me no time to react, he straightaway inserted both of his hands below my skirt in the pretest of checking
the pleats and as the skirt was fairly tight fitting I could feel the back of his palms brushing against my naked
warm upper thighs. I obviously was not very prepared for this and naturally retracted back a little. Feeling a hand
near my panty within my skirt, out of reflex action I closed my legs as far as possible. Then I felt his hands
climbing up to alarming height almost to my groin below the skirt in the pretext of checking the pleats! I had to

Me: Hey… Master-ji. Stop this. What are you doing?

I clenched my lips and panted as I felt Master-ji’s hands moving in rhythmic fashion below my skirt - taking his
fingers from the hem of the skirt upwards along the pleats, and then again coming down to check the next one. I
could not take that action as my whole body had goose bumps by then. I grabbed Master-ji’s one hand below my
skirt and I could jolly well realize the scene looked awfully sexy. I was standing in front of a man and he was
crouching before me with his hands inserted below my skirt and now I was grabbing one of his hands over my skirt.

Master-ji: Wha… What happened Madam?

Me: I… I mean… please stoppppp.

Master-ji: But Madam, this is the way I check the inside pleats, otherwise I would have to pull up your skirt to
check the backside, which would be more…

Me: No, no. Take out your hands first. Please.

Master-ji looked pretty surprised, but he slowly took out his hands from beneath my skirt.

Me: Master-ji sorry, but I was having a… I mean having a ticklish feeling.

Master-ji: Oh! I thought… okay, okay. That might happen Madam, as you are giving measurements for a skirt for
the first time.

He laughed a little, and Deepak also joined him, and I also blushingly smiled back to make things look normal.

Deepak: Master-ji, we can do one thing. When Madam will change back to her sari, we can then check the inside
pleats of the skirt.

Master-ji: Deepak, everything has a logical reasoning in my measurement process. If that can be done what you
suggested, I would not have made Madam embarrassed like this. Isn’t it?

Deepak: Sorry Master-ji.

Master-ji: Deepak, if the inside pleats are not uniform, it would touch Madam’s thighs and give her an
uncomfortable feeling. That’s why I was checking while she was wearing it.

Now I was also clear. So the approach was noble as far as my tailor was concerned, but unfortunately I was having
goosebumps undergoing this sexy act.

Master-ji: Anyway, since Madam is not at ease, I will fix that later.

He paused just a little and continued. I was still standing like a whore in my miniskirt and blouse. No other covers
on my body.

Master-ji: Now Madam, if you want, I will do some further checks only to guard your dignity. But, if only YOU
Me: Master-ji, you seem to be displeased with me. But I was only…

Master-ji: No, no. It’s okay Madam. I am glad that you told me frankly that you were not at ease. But what I mean
to say now is – this has nothing to do with my measurements. Look Madam, since you are wearing a miniskirt for the
first time, you should crosscheck that you do not … I mean… you don’t flash your panty every now and then to
people around you.

I thought that was indeed one point, which was hovering in my mind, but frankly was not able to gauge how to
crosscheck that. Master-ji as if showed me a way!

Me: Hmm… Yes, err… I mean that’s needed, but I mean how do I check that?

Master-ji: Madam, you don’t have to do anything. I will guide you.

I felt cushioned by his statement and awaited further commands from this experienced old tailor.

Master-ji: Madam, now that you are wearing the skirt at the right position, I will do some basic checks regarding
your posture and will help you adjust and amend if I see any aberrations. Okay?

Me: Fine Master-ji.

Master-ji: The main problem of wearing a miniskirt, as you also can realize Madam, is the upskirt view, for which
you will have to be very cautious. If you abide by my guidelines, I think, you will certainly not look exhibit like a

I liked the way Master-ji was trying to help me and I nodded to him in agreement.

Master-ji: Deepak, can you tell what are the postures about which Madam should be alert while wearing the skirt?

Deepak: Certainly Master-ji. There are six main postures, namely standing, sitting, bending, squatting, lying, and

Master-ji: Good. See Madam, he has learnt quite a bit staying with me.

Master-ji and Deepak exchanged smiles and I stood in front of them like a sexy showpiece. Even I also appreciated
in my mind the coaching mode of Master-ji.

Master-ji: Okay then. Madam, let’s describe each situation so that you will have a clear idea about what to do and
what not to do.

Me: As you say Master-ji.

I was rather pleased with Master-ji now the way he was trying to guide me. Frankly, I thought he would discuss the
postures with me and guide me the do’s and don’ts. But soon I realized that it was rather a non-vegetarian session
and this time Deepak groped me amply in the name of executing master-ji’s guidelines!

Master-ji: Madam, when you wear this skirt for the Maha-yagya sitting, make sure to wear it where I have tied it
now, which should be approximately one finger above your panty waistband and also stretch the cloth to the hem
over the front and also the back like this.

Master-ji pretended as if he was wearing the skirt and imitated as if he was straightening the skirt at the front
and also at the back. It looked so very vulgar as he was moving his hand up and down over his lund and gaand. I
nodded to his gestures.
Master-ji: The first posture is the standing posture, which is by far the safest stance.

He smiled at me. Deepak also was smiling and his eyes were as if sparkling; probably anticipating the chance to
grope a 28-year old half-naked housewife! I looked dumb as if waiting to be exploited.

Master-ji: Deepak, is Madam standing correctly?

Deepak: No Master-ji.

I was a bit surprised because I was standing just normally as I always do, no matter what I am wearing, a sari or a
salwar kamiz.

Me: Why? What is the problem?

Master-ji: Deepak, can you…

Deepak: Surely Master-ji.

Deepak stepped forward and squatted in front of me before my bare legs. I was about to shuffle seeing him sitting
in that position so close to me, his face near my choot.

Deepak: Madam, you don’t move now till I correct you. Then you will also know where you were wrong.

Deepak directly touched my naked legs just above my knees and indicated me to close them further. I shivered
momentarily getting a warm male touch on my bare knees, but recovered swiftly and closed my legs at bit.

Me: Is it okay now?

Deepak: No Madam. I can still see a gap between your thighs. This should not be there.

Saying that he traced the thin gap between my two thighs with his finger. I felt like dying getting such treatment
from my tailor! The very next moment he cupped the back of my thighs with both hands and started feeling and
pressing them to close the thin gap. The whole act drove me so crazy that I started feeling jingle bells ringing in
my choot and instantly goosebumps covered the whole of my smooth thighs. I blushed and licked my drying up lips
to behave normally.

Me: O… Okay Deepak, I understood.

Master-ji: Fine Madam. So while standing you always remember to close your legs so that your thighs touch each
other. Actually since this is a western dress the difference has to be kept in mind Madam. When you are wearing a
sari or a salwar kamiz or even a nighty, your legs remain completely covered. So even if you stand with your legs
parted, it does not look very odd, but in this case…

Me: Hmm. True.

Deepak: Madam, really your legs are very shapely and beautiful. To tell you the truth Madam, each resemble a
banana tree.

I did not expect such a direct admiration from this young lad about my ‘legs’ and looked blank. I instantly
remembered when my husband on my initial marriage days compared my boobs with apples. Actually he pressed and
squeezed my naked boobs for a very long time that night and hence the blood flow was quite high due to my
excitement and constant touches by his hands, and they appeared almost reddish. Then he commented, “now your
boobs look like apples – round and red!”
Master-ji: Yes Madam. That you cannot deny!

Deepak now stood up from his bent position and I noted his eyes were as if licking my whole body. My boobs were
starting to go and up down at a faster pace and I could feel my globes exerting pressure on my bra cups inside my
blouse. I tried to make that up by itching my shoulder as if there was some irritation and thereby adjusting my
blouse to accommodate my heavier breathing.

Master-ji: Madam next comes sitting. There are two main positions, one, when you are sitting on a chair and two,
when you are sitting on the floor. Okay?

Me: Okay.

Master-ji: Bring that chair.

He signaled to Deepak and the latter brought the chair and placed in front of me.

Master-ji: Madam, being a woman you must be knowing that there are two ways to sit while wearing a skirt.

I looked at him questionably as I could not make out what he wanted to relate. Master-ji elaborated.

Master-ji: One way is straightening your skirt on your hips with both hands while sitting. And the other way is to
pull up your skirt slightly and flow it around and sitting on your err… I mean panty.

I was simply bowled over by the observation of this old man!

Master-ji: Madam, but in this case, as you can also understand Madam, the second option is out of question because
if you even slightly lift your skirt you will actually expose…

Deepak: Your big gaand Madam.

I was observing the increasing courage of this boy, Deepak! But I was only to blame for that for my overdose of
exposure and compromised state in front of my tailor.

Master-ji: Yes Madam. So only the first option remains.

I did not feel like answering anything.

Master-ji: Deepak, help Madam to…

Why do I need Deepak, I thought. I can do it myself only!

Me: I can manage it myself Master-ji.

Master-ji: I know Madam. But you need to know the exact way of doing it otherwise you will have to redo the
posture. That’s why I was asking Deepak to…

I thought he was talking sense and I had to allow Deepak to show me the precise approach.

Me: That’s also true. Okay Deepak…

I reluctantly indicated Deepak to guide me.

Deepak: Right Madam. First you sit on the chair, but please… slowly so that I can show you how and where to hold
your skirt and then only you will also know how to manage it exactly.
Deepak said it so very carelessly, however, I could well realize it would be very clumsy and knotty for me in
practice. I was now standing in front of the chair and Deepak behind it. In this position my skirt-covered big gaand
was facing him and certainly I was feeling uncomfortable standing like that. Master-ji was standing exactly
opposite to me.

Deepak: Madam, you have to hold the hem of the skirt by your thigh-sides, like this.

He held my skirt end from both sides and was touching me at my mid thigh area where the skirt ended. Though he
was gripping the hem of the skirt, the back of his fingers were constantly brushing and touching my naked firm

Deepak: Now slowly sit Madam.

As I bent my body to sit on the chair, my heavy buttocks pushed into my skirt thereby raising it significantly and
obviously Deepak’s fingers were also grazing up my thighs with the skirt moving up. When I finally sat my face
turned absolutely red, as there was nothing to hide, every inch of my legs and thighs were completely exposed. I
could sense that below my ass cheeks my skirt had raised midway up my gaand. I felt so much exposed that
Deepak’s fingers seemed to be touching me almost at my buttocks! His face was very close to my shoulder and I
could hear his heavy breathing on my neck. He removed his hands off my skirt and seemed to be annoyed!

Deepak: Madam, Madam, not so fast. I told you to sit slowly. I could not demonstrate you fully…

Master-ji: Just a minute Deepak. Madam, do you always sit like this?

I looked at my legs, all exposed. My fair marble-like thighs were looking extremely gorgeous. I was feeling so
ashamed that I could not even look at Master-ji.

Master-ji: If you sit like this, soon there will be a big crowd in front of you Madam!

Now I looked up at him. What did he mean? I could not exactly guess what exactly Master-ji was trying to indicate.
Yes, I could realize the sight of my exposed plump thighs was stunning, but was doubtful if Master-ji was
suggesting that.

Me: But…. But why Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, come on! If you sit like this with your legs parted so much, everyone opposite you, even standing,
can see your, I mean… your panty Madam.

Me: Oops! Ishhhhhhhh…

I exclaimed and closed my legs instantly. I felt very embarrassed to have flashed my panty to my tailor. I was
looking at the floor in sheer dishonor.

Master-ji: Madam, please don’t feel bad, because there is no one here, but you need to be watchful. Interestingly,
I have noted this tendency more common in married women to spread their legs while sitting. And you are also no
exception Madam.

Deepak: But Master-ji, any specific reason for this?

Master-ji: Ask Madam, she can tell you better.

Master-ji and Deepak both turned to me and I was simply not feeling like answering this absurd query and only
fumbled before them.
Me: Reason... I mean there is err… nothing in par…

Master-ji: Madam, I think the actual fact is - after marriage due to the regular conjugal life you have, you tend to
develop this habit to spread your legs while in leisure. But when you are at home wearing a sari there is nothing to
bother. Am I correct Madam?

What should I reply I was wondering and had to succumb by nodding my head in agreement.

Master-ji: Okay, enough talks. Lets redo the sitting posture.

I stood up from the chair and Deepak was as if waiting to hold my skirt end!

Deepak: Madam, this time sit very slowly.

Me: Okay.

Deepak: See, first you hold the sides of your skirt and then as you are about to sit you brush your hand on your
hips like this and then take the seat.

Saying that what he did was probably the worst sort of groping I ever encountered. He was first holding on to the
sides of my skirt and then moved his hands over my round buttocks and feeling the whole fullness and roundedness
of my gaand with his palm and fingers, he grazed his hands till my skirt ending.

Now was the nastiest part.

I thought he would certainly remove his hands off my skirt once his action was over. But I was mistaken! As I sat
on the chair, that scoundrel simply did not take away his hands off my butts and I landed my heavy bottoms on his
palms! I could feel my compact ass cheeks pressing against his palms and instantly I could feel his fingertips trying
to cup my ass flesh.

Me: Hey!

Naturally I jumped up.

Deepak: Sorry Madam. You did not give me the chance to take off my hands. Sorry again.

I felt very clearly that he cupped my skirt-covered round buttocks with both hands as I sat on his palms, but still I
did not want to make a scene out of it. I accepted his apologies and repeated the posture myself this time. Deepak
came to my front now from behind the chair, probably to provide me a more relaxed feel.

Master-ji: Bah! You did it perfectly Madam. And as I said, remember the golden rule to always keep your legs

Me: Okay master-ji.

Master-ji: Another sitting option would be to sit of the floor where the only choice to keep your panty under cover
is to sit like this.

Saying that Master-ji sat on his knees and rested his butts on his ankles.

Master-ji: I think you will have to be in this posture for the most part during the Maha-yagya. Try it once Madam.

I imitated Master-ji and bent forward to get my knees onto the floor first and then rested by body weight onto
the knees and placed my gaand on my ankles. In this posture I felt contended as the skirt did not hike up any more
and my exposure was quite limited.

Master-ji: Excellent. Okay, get up Madam.

As I tried to get up, I had to fold my leg and I realized that it would generate a clear upskirt view for Deepak, who
was standing more or less opposite to me. I tried to limit my movement while I raised my body off the floor, but my
skirt was so small that it climbed up my smooth naked thighs so much that I was sure Deepak got an unrestricted
view of my panty under my skirt!

Never in life did I do such deliberate vulgar exposures in front of any male. Not even my husband. No question. I
was feeling horrible and my face was all red in shame and shyness. The only good part was that Master-ji did not
allow any session to be unnecessary prolonged and hence my embarrassment was fortunately not lingering over me.

Master-ji: Next is the bending. This is especially important Madam.

Me: Why?

I thought all postures were equally important for me to save my dignity, if anything was left at all!

Master-ji: Because it’s a tricky one Madam as bending can refer to various angles and you must be aware to what
degree you should bend and when to stop.

I was looking uncertainly at him and he was experienced enough to catch that.

Master-ji: Madam, see. I will give you an example.

He dropped his measuring tape on the floor.

Master-ji: If I say Madam pick that up, what will you do? You will try to pick it up. But since you are wearing this
miniskirt, you have to modify the way you pick that up from floor. Got it Madam?

He continued to explain.

Master-ji: Imagine you are wearing a sari. Okay? I think then this would be the way you will pick up the tape…

Saying that he bent forward from his waist and stretched his right hand to pick up the measuring tape from the
floor and then looked up at me.

Me: Ye… yes, I would also do the same.

Master-ji: That’s the tricky part Madam! If you do that, can you imagine what extravagant view you would provide
to someone who is sitting or standing at your backside?

I caught his point immediately and realized what he meant.

Master-ji: Madam, you would be overgenerous if you do so. I am sure no woman would do that knowingly. So here,
what you need to do is you have to bend sidewise closing your legs and then fold your knees and pick up the tape,
like this.

Me: Right, right.

Master-ji demonstrated what he said.

I also followed Master-ji and demonstrated to pick up the tape from the floor. Honestly I was thanking Master-ji
in my mind, as I really did not think so much deep in this regard.

Master-ji: Fine Madam. But at the same time, you should also know how much you could bend from your waist
without showing anything… I mean, Madam you should be aware of that because you might need to actually bend
that way at any point of time during the yagya.

I thought that was again a noble thought from this old man who was now more of a counselor than a tailor. I
signaled in agreement.

Master-ji: Deepak, I will sit here and would guide you what to do. Okay?

Deepak: Okay Master-ji.

Saying that Master-ji positioned the chair and sat on it.

Master-ji: Madam, you stand from me at some distance, err… may be 4-5 feet. There.

He indicated to a spot and I stepped forward and positioned myself at that position nearer to the wall and 4-5 feet
away from where Master-ji was sitting. Deepak also followed me there. Master-ji was now talking to me from my

Master-ji: Madam, now spread your legs such that there is a gap of more than one feet between your legs.

I picked up my foot off the floor and placed it wider and nearly one foot wide. Deepak now stooped down to help
me out. He held my naked legs near my ankle and spread them further. I was having trouble believing myself. I
wondered what was in store for me now. As I stretched my legs apart I could feel my inner pantyline digging into
my groins. Also I was having an awkward feeling around my nipples as I spread my legs. Frankly I spread my legs on
purpose like this only when I am on bed with my husband; hence probably that sensation unconsciously was playing in
my mind. I quickly took my right hand to my boobs and tweaked each nipple gently over my blouse and also
cushioned my firm globes with my palm to feel comfortable. Deepak was unable to see that as he was stooping.

Deepak: Master-ji, okay?

Master-ji: Perfect! Madam, now slowly bend forward from your waist.

Me: What do you mean?

Master-ji: Madam, keep your legs straight and bend forward. I will let you know where to stop so that you will have
a clear idea how much to bend in front of people.

I had to turn back to Master-ji to talk.

Me: But Master-ji, this will look… I mean very err… very vulgar if I bend like this.

I must be looking utterly sexy as I saw Master-ji’s eyes fixed on my curvy figure, as I remained in that posture
with legs spread apart and my gaand facing him and I had only turned my face to converse.

Madam: What vulgar Madam? Who is seeing you here?

Me: No, but…

From Master-ji’s words, it seemed he and Deepak were non-existent! How could I simply ignore the two males
present in the room?
Master-ji: Madam, it will only aid you, otherwise you will keep on flashing your undergarment to everyone at every

I could not find words to fight against this argument because the fact remained that this piece of cloth I was
wearing at my waist was awfully short and I was really unsure how my pumpkin-buttocks looked as I moved or
stooped a bit.

Me: I will do as you say.

I reluctantly agreed and turned my face from Master-ji. I was now looking at the wall. Deepak now stood up and
was standing very near to me.

Master-ji: Then do as I was saying. Slowly bend your body from your waist towards the floor. Deepak, just hold
Madam’s feet so that she does not bend it by reflex action.

Deepak obediently nodded and readily crouched at my side and held my legs, this time he gripped me above my
ankles at my lower thigh region and I could jolly well feel he started feeling my exposed thighs with both hands.

I started bending my upper part of the body from my waist. Fortunately, there was no one in front of me because
my blouse began to create a gap exposing my deep cleavage over my brassiere. Simultaneously I could sense
Deepak’s fingers starting to clutch my thighs very firmly and enjoying the smoothness.

Master-ji: Madam, bend slowly till I ask you to stop. Okay?

Me: O… Okay.

I continued to bend slowly and could realize my skirt must be raising up my thighs exposing more of my intimate
parts. Now that my head was getting down, I could see Deepak and I almost froze seeing what that rascal was

Since he was squatting near my feet, his face was at the level of my thighs and as I was in a somewhat bent
posture, that rogue was taking full advantage of his position and was directly peeping under my skirt. He was so
desperate that I was shocked to notice that he was directly looking up turning his head upwards! Honestly his eyes
were just a foot away from my panty I gathered and he was getting an absolutely unrestricted view of my full

As soon as he saw me, he quickly turned down his face and gripped my thighs tighter. I felt like giving a tight slap
to this young ruffian, but restrained myself. I could realize I must have been looking horribly sexy in that pose. I
extended my vision to Master-ji and saw that he was openly scratching his loins with his both hands with his eyes
fixed on my protruding buttocks.

Master-ji: Madam, stop. I can see your panty now from this angle.

I could not think anymore the way things were progressing. A few seconds ago I saw the assistant tailor almost
poked his head in my skirt and was watching my panty and now the main tailor was declaring that he could see my
undergarment below my skirt!

Master-ji: Madam, in this position your gaand is looking exactly like an oval fry pan covered by the skirt!

I could not react to that as Deepak was already creeping his hands up my thighs and giving me a very sexy feeling.
He was feeling each inch of my naked thighs and his hands were now near the hem of my skirt!

Master-ji: Madam, hold on to that position. Deepak just help her so that she does not bend more.
I was purely perplexed at the sequence of events. Deepak now helping me to be fixed at that position brushed his
hands up along my thighs and under my skirt! I could feel his fingers on the lower half of my naked buttocks!

I heard Master-ji coming near me. I casually looked down at my breasts and was shocked to notice that most of
the flesh of my round milk tanks was splashing out of my blouse due to my somewhat inverted position.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, you can get straight now. I have noted the position.

Though Master-ji said that I was virtually trembling in excitement as Deepak’s fingers were now moving below my
skirt freely and squeezing once or twice my heavy butt flesh over my panty. I was gasping for breath when Master-
ji released me from this humiliating ‘awareness’ program.

Deepak had to stop now. He for the last time stretched his both palms fully under my skirt and cupped my full
gaand and felt its size and plumpness. I stood straight, but was feeling very uncomfortable, as Deepak had ignited
again new sexual desires in me by his acts. As a natural reflex action, I straightened my skirt over my gaand with
my right hand and also adjusted my blouse and bra so that my milk jugs look somewhat concealed.

One thing was playing in my mind after what I experienced just now and in fact I was scared about my rear upskirt
due to any stooping during the Maha-yagya.

Master-ji: Madam, the next posture is squatting, but there is no way you can accept that posture wearing this small
skirt. Do you agree?

Master-ji was smiling naughtily. I just nodded.

Deepak: Madam, if you really need to crouch in front of anyone, its better that you open your skirt and then sit on
your heels.

Master-ji and Deepak roared out in laughter sensing my humiliation. I stood dumb and continued to act shamelessly
as if trapped in that room.

Master-ji: Madam, same applies for climbing stairs also, as you can very well understand that if you walk up the
staircase wearing this skirt ahead of any person, without a doubt you are inviting him for a free show. I hope you…

Me: Yes Master-ji. I realize it. Hopefully I will not have to face it.

Deepak: Yes Madam, you know why?

I looked blankly at Deepak.

Deepak: Because… because there are no stairs at all in the ashram. Ha ha…

This time we all expressed amusement and laughed loudly. Honestly I was feeling a bit normalized also. My taut
blouse got a bit of relief as I breathed easy.

Master-ji: So the last one is the lying posture. Madam, now that you are quite aware and conscious, I want you to lie
on the bed on your own.

Me: O… Okay.

Master-ji: Madam, mind you, we will stand to that side.

They went towards the side of the couch where my legs would point once I lie on the bed. I sat on the bed and
instantly realized that the cold bed sheet was touching part of my naked ass outside my panty – the skirt was so
short! I kept my legs together, as straight as possible, and lifted them on bed. Master-ji and Deepak were looking
at my waistline and I was trying my best to save my dignity, but could realize that it was impossible to keep my
panty under cover. I could see my skirt mounting up my silky thighs almost to my groin and I quickly stretched it
with my right hand. But as I lied down on the bed, I had to fold my legs just to some extent and I was sure at that
time both the males who were standing down my legs got a good peep into my panty.

What a shame!

Myself being a housewife… What am I doing! Flashing time and again my panty to my tailors! My husband would
definitely get a heart attack if he saw me lying on bed like this wearing the tiniest of skirts with two males trying
to peep in my panty!

Master-ji: Great Madam! You are now quite prepared about how to go about the Maha-yagya wearing this dress!

I got up from bed and was thinking to get out of this skirt immediately and at last wear my sari, as I thought my
measurement session along with this extra thing must have been over, but...
I missed something, very important. In fact I was missing the only aspect benefitting me!

After along time goes

Master-ji: Madam, now that the main portion of your measurement is over, we are left with just a little before we
pack up.

Me: What else?

Knock! Knock!

There was a knock at the door and our conversation remained incomplete, as I was naturally busy to cover myself
up and get a sari over my scanty dress since there was someone at the door.

Master-ji: Don’t worry Madam I will see who is it.

He went to the door, opened it slightly and I could hear Nirmal’s voice saying “a phone call for Madam”.

Master-ji: Okay, I am sending her.

Nirmal went away saying “Okay” and I went inside the toilet with my petticoat and sari wondering who it could be
who has called here - from my residence? Mama-ji? As I was speculating, I got out of my skirt, tied the petticoat
at my waist, and wore the sari as quick as possible and went out.

I was adjusting my pallu as I walked down the passage to the ashram office where the telephone was. It was near
the guest room and as I entered I saw Nirmal standing there with the phone. The very sight of this dwarfish man
and his funny face made me grin.

Me: Who is it?

Nirmal: Your husband Madam.

Me: Oh!

I was overjoyed, pretty much surprised too, hearing that Rajesh had called. I picked up the telephone and went
ahead to talk with him.
Me: Hello.

Rajesh: Hello Nitu, it’s me!

Rajesh lovingly calls me ‘Nitu’, a short form from Anita.

Me: How are you? You remembered me after so many days!

I said with mock anger in my voice. Out of reflex action as if I was coiling my pallu in my free hand.

Rajesh: Come on Nitu! You knew that I went to Purangaon and came back only yesterday as per schedule. And from
where how could I call you? You know naa…

I remembered that Rajesh was scheduled to go to our native village, Purangaon.

Me: Hmm. Okay. Okay. Don’t create excuses.

Rajesh: Jaan, how are things progressing there?

My heart as if skipped a beat listening to that question and I gulped before replying.

Me: Things are… things are all okay here… I mean treatment is going on.

Rajesh: You must be consuming a lot of herbs as medication?

“Lots of herbs” or “lots of hands” I thought!

Me: Yes err... lots of herbal medicines along with puja, yagya, etc. in which you do not believe at all.

Rajesh: If there is a result, I will start believing, you know. But how are you? I hope no side effects to the

Me: No, no. I am… am fine dear…

“With so many hands groping and cuddling me here…” - I definitely could not verbalize that, but the fact played on
at the back of my mind, always.

Rajesh: That’s good to know. Here at home front all is okay, you don’t have to worry.

Me: That’s good to know. You know, Mama-ji came here to meet me!

Rajesh: Yes, yes. I heard that from mom. What did he say?

Me: Nothing in particular, just came here to ask my health and how are things here.

Rajesh: So kind of him.

Yes, very kind… the way he kissed my forehead, traced my bra over my shoulder, made me touch my boobs to his
chest, and the smack on my ass over my sari… I instantly remembered everything. Very ‘kind’ or very ‘cunning’!

Me: Hmm.

Rajesh: Hey Nitu. Is there anyone around?

I was a bit surprised at this question from Rajesh. I looked around and saw there was no one in the office room.
Nirmal had gone away giving me the telephone and at this hour there was also no visitor for Guru-ji also.

Me: No, I am all alone in the office room. But, why do you ask that?

Rajesh: Umm. Jaan, I am missing you… on bed.

There was a change in his voice instantaneously. He said the last two words almost in a whispering tone. In fact, I
have had the initial physical charge up from Deepak’s touches over my naked thighs and my bottoms a few minutes
ago and now with my husband’s loving tone, I started melting.

Me: Umm. Me too.

I could not curb my emotions.

Rajesh: Hey, kiss me once naa?

Me: This is ashram dear, you should not be…

Rajesh: Uff! Shut up! Just kiss me once. Don’t you miss my lips Nitu?

Me: Hmm. I miss you ssoooooooo very much!

Rajesh: By the way, are you wearing a sari now?

Me: Why do you ask that?

Rajesh: Actually then I have to open your blouse…

Me: You. You naughty.

Rajesh: Hey. Nitu…

Me: W-h-a-t?

I surely was getting very weak listening to Rajesh’s affectionate voice and honestly desired to get loved by him.

Rajesh: Open your lips.

I was so carried away by his emotions that I actually parted my lips in front of the phone receiver.

Rajesh: What happened? Open them please.

Me: Oho! I have parted them already… for you only.

Rajesh: If that is so how can you hold the receiver?

Me: Uff! I have opened my LIPS for you… dear! What has that to do with the receiver?

I whispered though stressed on the word ‘lips’ to his ears.

Rajesh: Nitu, my darling! I told to open the lips under your sari so that I can insert…

Me: YOU! YOU BRUT! I am disconnecting the line...

Though I thoroughly enjoyed his prank, but pretended to be quite angry.

Rajesh: No, no, please don’t. Okay, okay, let me kiss your lips.

I could hear Rajesh kissing me a number of times over the phone.

Rajesh: Nitu, the bed looks so empty…

I was getting pretty excited now listening to my husband’s inviting words. I was holding the phone in my right hand
and my left hand automatically went inside my sari pallu over my blouse and I started pressing and cupping my juicy

Rajesh: Close your eyes now. Let me squeeze my coconuts once… aah!

My eyes were in fact closed and I tried to feel as if my husband was holding and squeezing my “coconuts” clasped
inside my tight blouse.

Rajesh: Umm. Missing you jaan.

Me: Take me in your arms…

Rajesh: Umm. Nitu, kiss me once naa…

Me: No. I cannot do that from here.

Rajesh: Why? Don’t be ashamed. You told that there was no one… So?

Was there any shame still left in me, I wondered. But for my husband I was the same old shy and conservative

Rajesh: Hey… what happened?

Me: Hmm. O… Okay baba.

I was breathing faster and as a result my boobs were exerting pressure on my blouse and I felt tighter. I looked
around again and now loudly kissed my hubby over the phone. I myself was shocked to see my revelation.

Rajesh: You are a darling Nitu.

Me: Umm...

Rajesh: I just hope your ashram treatment gives us our much desired fruit.

Me: Umm.

Rajesh: Nitu?

I was still under the spell of my husband’s ‘love’.

Rajesh: When you will be back?

I tried to recover myself.

Me: Yes, by this weekend.

Rajesh: Okay, till such time I will call you each day.

Alarm bells rang in my mind, because Maha-yagya would start tonight and I was not sure exactly how long it would
extend, though Guru-ji mentioned ‘two days’.

Me: Hey. Listen naa. Don’t call here any more till I get back. Guru-ji doesn’t like interrupting phone calls in the
ashram from outside. So, please…

Rajesh: Hmm. I understand. It’s a divine place…

He paused just a little and then ended the call.

Rajesh: Okay. Then, bye jaan. If you need anything, do give me a call. Okay?

Me: Okay, you take care and pray to God that….

Rajesh: Yes, so that your treatment is successful. I will. Take care.

Me: Bye.

I was still holding the telephone as I heard Rajesh disconnected the phone and I put down the receiver. Poor
Rajesh! He could never imagine what I had to undergo here though it was part of my treatment and therapy. I still
had complete faith in Guru-ji and believed that he would certainly make me a ‘mother’ through his Maha-yagya. Yes,
I admit that I was a culprit in extracting enjoyment from some of the encounters, especially with Uday and some
with Master-ji, and also some other here and there. But I am also a human being, a matured married woman, nearly
30 years of age - how could I just evade the male touches on my body and still remain oblivious and not get incited?

As I was thinking all this, I was on my way back to my room where Master-ji and Deepak were waiting for me.

Master-ji: Who called you Madam?

Me: Rajesh. I mean… my husband.

I was a bit careless while walking back the alley and my pallu had shifted of my protruding right breast almost
completely and as soon as I met Deepak’s eyes I caught him enjoying the view. Immediately I adjusted my pallu and
wrapped my treasures properly and as I was breathing slightly faster than normal, my heavy boobs were stretching
my blouse.

Deepak: He must be missing you very much Madam.

Deepak indicatively smiled suggesting my husband must have been missing my appealing ‘flesh’.

Master-ji: Bah! Then you must be feeling refreshed talking to him?

Me: Yes, of course. It seemed it’s such a long time I had not conversed with Rajesh…

Master-ji: Madam, shall we continue?

Me: Yes, yes. What else is left?

I was still so much immersed with Rajesh’s thoughts that I was not paying heed to what I was talking to the tailor.
Honestly though Rajesh did not touch me, but due to the previous touches of Deepak and my husband’s passionate
talks, my whole body was heated up to a great extent. Master-ji was an experienced man and he probably caught
my emotions flowing and he quickly pushed me inside the main topic.

Master-ji: Madam, I need to stitch your undergarments too, as you cannot of course wear your regular ones in the

Me: Oho! Right, right.

I took this issue quite casually as my mind was as if gliding on my husband’s wings. I suddenly remembered

Me: And Master-ji, you must correct my longstanding problem, which I referred to you earlier… Do you remember?

Master-ji: Yes, yes Madam! Your panty problem. I will definitely fix that also. I will also stitch you some spare
panties, which you can use later going back home.

I smiled and nodded acknowledging a ‘thanks’.

Me: Honestly Master-ji, I will be very… I mean … very grateful to you if you can correct my problem. I am facing
the trouble for a long time now.

Master-ji: Madam, please don’t say ‘grateful’. If I am unable to fix my customers’ problems, then I am not an
efficient tailor. Isn’t it?

We smiled at each other. Actually my inner self felt quite relieved after talking to my husband and I experienced a
peculiar freeness in my approach!

Master-ji: If I can recall correctly your main problem is that - any panty you wear, after sometime, it tends to lose
the grip and squeeze into the center. Right Madam?

My state of mind was so blatant at that time that I did not feel even a tinge of shame discussing my panty with the

Me: Absolutely.

Master-ji: As I told you before Madam, the first correction that you need to do is not wear the ‘normal’ variety,
but wear the ‘mega’ variety of panty for your hip size.

I nodded shamelessly to this suggestion.

Master-ji: So Madam, next time when you go to shop for your panty, please ask for the Daisy Mega and do not get
into your shopkeeper’s words…

Me: No, no. I will buy that only.

Master-ji: Madam, if you can hand me over a spare one…

I did not gather what Master-ji wanted and asked a foolish question.

Me: Spare what?

Master-ji: A spare panty Madam…

Me: Oho! Yes, yes… just a minute.

I quickly tried to cover my foolishness and went to the cupboard and instantly pulled out one of my panties and
handed it to my tailor.

Master-ji: Thanks Madam.

Deepak now came closer to probably inspect my panty.

Master-ji: See Madam, the main reason for your problem – look at the back coverage.

Saying that Master-ji held the panty up, almost at my face height, and stretched its waistband and showed me its
back. Now I started feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Master-ji: The cloth is so small here that in the first place it’s not covering your back properly and see Madam -
the elastic here also is poor and hence the grip is loose. That’s why it is slipping on your bottoms and gathering in
the middle.

Me: I see.

Though I said that, but the feeling of uneasiness was slowly digging its roots in me discussing my panty with my
tailor. Deepak was also intently looking at my panty, which appeared to be on display for everyone in Master-ji’s

Master-ji: Next see Madam, the waistband, it’s so lose!

Me: But Master-ji it was okay when I bought it; after a number of washes the elastic gets loosened.

Master-ji: But this lose…! No, no Madam. If the grip is not good at your waist, the panty will not stay in proper
place and you will face all these problems.

Me: O-k-ay. But any elastic will get lose due to washing Master-ji.

Master-ji: I agree Madam, but then you have to discard that panty and buy a new one.

Me: Then I have to marry an undergarment businessman if I have to keep discarding like that…

We all laughed at my words and the environment was lighter. My uneasiness also decreased to some extent. Now
Deepak joined the conversation.

Deepak: Master-ji, what’s the average durability of the elastic that we give? Customers must be washing it like
Madam does.

Master-ji: Yes Deepak, the elastic that we stitch in is certainly of good quality and if it’s always washed in
lukewarm water, it should stay good for nearly five to six months.

Deepak: I can bet Madam must be washing her panty in cold water.

I looked at Deepak with a dumb face. What a bet he played on a housewife!

I nodded in affirmation to Deepak.

Master-ji: That’s clearly another reason for your problem. You should certainly avoid cold water, for even your bra
Me: Okay, I will try, but it’s difficult…

Master-ji: Difficult, but not impossible Madam.

We smiled at each other, myself nodding my head.

Master-ji: Don’t worry Madam, even if you cannot do that, I will fix your problem.

Me: Fine.

Master-ji: Deepak, can you tell me what’s the ideal back coverage for any woman?

Deepak: Master-ji, it’s I think 50%.

Master-ji: Right you are. And for a big shape like Madam’s, it has to be on the higher side. What do you reckon of
this one?

Master-ji indicated to my panty hanging in his hands.

Deepak: Master-ji, this would hardly cover 20-25% even if the back is stretched fully. That too I am not sure…
Madam has such a full thing!

Master-ji: Only 20-25%?

Deepak: Am quite sure Master-ji.

Master-ji: How can that be Deepak? No, no…

Deepak: See the fabric Master-ji, it will not stretch much.

Master-ji: Yes, I agree it’s not a quality fabric, but still… Only 20-25%? This is not a thong after all?

Thong? What’s that I wondered, but could well assume that it has to be a very skimpy thing.

Deepak: Master-ji, your assessment is chasing your age… Is Madam that modern to wear it? She must be hearing it
for the first time. Ha ha ha…

Deepak’s laugh was so irritating that I almost sank my teeth into my lower lips though the fact remained that I was
unaware what a ‘thong’ was.

Master-ji: True. True. Madam does not live in a metro city. How would she know?

They were both smiling curiously at my ignorance.

Master-ji: Madam, since he said that your panty would only cover 20% of your buttocks, I referred to a thong. I
guess you do not know what a ‘thong’ is?

I stirred my head gently indicating “No”.

Master-ji: Madam, the thong is like a panty, but smaller than it; it has a front cover and a narrow strip of fabric in
the back, which forms a “V” as it tapers into your crotch. It’s a modern day women’s wear.

He paused and looked directly at my eyes.

Master-ji: Madam, if you wear a thong under your sari or salwar kamiz, it will keep your whole gaand under your
dress pretty much exposed. I think you will have almost the same feeling when your panty actually gathers in the

My face was turning red as Master-ji described things and I wanted to terminate it.

Me: O! I see.

Master-ji: Can you relate it now Madam why I said it?

Me: Yes, yes.

There was no other way but for me to grasp and understand everything.

Deepak: Still Master-ji, it would be a real scene if Madam decides to wear a thong.

Master-ji: Why?

Deepak: Just look at her gaand. She has such a super size. So fleshy, so round…

Master-ji: He he… That’s true. Madam, he is not completely wrong.

Me: Master-ji, can we get back to…

Master-ji: Right, right Madam. Unnecessarily we are drifting away.

Deepak: Master-ji, do one thing.

Master-ji: What?

Deepak: You hold Madam’s panty like this and then you will take my point.

Master-ji: Lets see.

I saw Master-ji holding the waistband of my panty with both hands before his face and Deepak stretching the
panty fabric with both hands to assess how much flesh it would cover of my big round ass!

My mouth was half open already. What are they doing? The discussion was so casual – they were discussing my
PANTY and that too in front of me – I was simply bewildered. I could well realize things were getting out of my
hand, but I was in no position to get out of it.

Deepak: Master-ji, just see. Only this much and look at Madam’s… big gaand.

I was perplexed at his comment and both males tried to look at my sari-covered hips, but since I was facing them
they were not able to see it fully!

Master-ji: Madam, can you just turn your back to us? That will enable us to assess how much more cloth needs to
be added to your panty so that it covers you properly as well as not repeat your problem i.e. gather in the middle.

I was so bemused at this sudden development that I could not evolve anything at all from my thought process, but
a mumble.

Me: I mean… mmm… err… but…

Master-ji: Madam, why are you hesitating? You don’t have to do anything. Just turn back. That’s all.

Before I could properly comprehend what they are up to, Master-ji bowled me with a googly!

Master-ji: Madam, are you wearing a panty right now?

Me: What?

Master-ji: I mean you went to the toilet, so in case you have opened it … that’s why I was asking...

I was obviously irritated and annoyed by such a question. I just looked down and nodded positively. I felt so much
shame in answering such a question to a male at this age that I felt like running away from the room.

Me: No, but…

Master-ji: No? Are you are not wearing anything below?

Me: Oh! No, no. Am wearing it.

Master-ji: Okay. You said ’no’… Anyway, that’s great!

He was looking at the hourglass of my hourglass figure as he commented. I looked at Master-ji with a surprised
look. What’s there to be so much excited if I was wearing my panty, I could not comprehend.

Master-ji: I can start the inspection right now. I assure you Madam you will definitely not have your problem again.
Now please turn back once.

I was somewhat puzzled now. What would he do? Though I knew what my tailor would check, but was unsure of the
way in which it would be done. My panty’s back coverage was under the microscope, I knew, but will Master-ji lift
my sari up to my waist to check my panty?

Oh No! My God!! Can’t be.

Will he insert his hands under my sari and check the needful? Goodness gracious! I already had dry lips and was
getting extremely anxious.

Fortunately nothing of that sort happened, but the initial good feeling of talking to my husband over phone and my
physical excitement were evaporating rapidly due to the fear of once again getting groped by my tailor.

Master-ji: Madam, are you right now feeling the problem that you were referring?

Me: No, no… it’s absolutely okay now.

I answered in a meek feeble voice.

Master-ji: Bah! So you mean to say that your panty is now fully stretched on your… on your gaand?

I was aghast to hear time and again that word – gaand from the tailor! But I could reckon they were low class
people and would use those sorts of words only.

Me: Y… yes. I feel okay…

Master-ji: But Madam, you only mentioned that you start to have the problem specifically after sometime of
wearing your panty – right?
Me: Yes, but… no…

I was practically mumbling at every step to such direct questions about my inner wear.

Deepak: Master-ji, I think Madam meant that after some time of wearing her panty, if she walks or works, she
starts feeling the problem. Am I right Madam?

As if I got words from Deepak and instantly picked them up.

Me: Yes, yes. That’s what I meant. Exactly.

Madam: O-k-a-y. So since you are rather stationary here in this room, you didn’t face the problem. By the way
Madam, does it fully get inside your slit… I mean ass crack?

I had to revolt now. I was unable to take any more.

Me: What do you mean? What sort of question is that?

Master-ji: Madam. Madam. Please don’t feel otherwise. I know these are very intimate questions and you will feel
shy to reply, but if you do not tell me the exact detail, how can I fix the problem?

Deepak: Madam, Master-ji is like your doctor. Your dress doctor.

There was a silence of some seconds with Deepak and Master-ji both looking at me, rather my youthful sari
covered body, and I was licking my dry lips to get back some confidence in front of these males.

Master-ji: Yes, yes. Do you not tell intimate things to the doctor or not Madam?

I had to give a nod.

Master-ji: So it’s like that only. Don’t hesitate Madam. Tell me does the whole panty slips off your flesh and gets
inside your ass cheeks? I mean the panty lines on both sides. Did you check that ever consciously?

I was turning red like a tomato. My ears were emitting heat and I was breathing profoundly in this verbal
humiliation. I felt completely trapped. I could have protested, but thought that it would unnecessarily invite a loud
argument and would definitely attract the ashram people. Certainly the whole episode would be divulged, especially
how I pretended to be senseless and encouraged Master-ji to enjoy my youthful body. So I considered it wise to
stay silent and gulp the humiliation because afterall whatever was happening would remain confined to the four
walls of this room only.

Me: No… I mean… err… the major part…. sneaks in.

Master-ji: But… am not clear. Look Madam, if you don’t specify modestly I cannot make the right choice also for
the fabric of your panty.

I realized that I had to be rather shameless verbally in order to get to the end of this.

Me: I mean the whole fabric at my back almost gather round the middle and slips into my… I mean…

Master-ji: Hmm. Hmm. You mean to say the fabric feels like a thick rope and gets stuck in your crack. Right?

I nodded.
Master-ji: Hmm. Madam, that means your gaand remains fully naked below your petticoat, no cover on them?

I was dumb. That was quite obvious that if my panty slipped into my ass crack, my buns would remain bare. What
did he want me to reply?

Though in my mind I was congruent with his words as that’s what exactly happened in most cases when I returned
from the market or even when I visited my relative’s house, because hardly within half-an-hour to one hour, my
panty would invariably slip within my ass crack.

Master-ji: Deepak, do you realize the problem?

Deepak: Yes, yes Master-ji. It’s more or less like the problem of Padma Madam.

Master-ji: Padma Madam? Which Padma?

Deepak: Master-ji, you won’t be knowing her. It was during my job in the city shop last year.

Master-ji: O-k-a-y. I have a customer named Padma, but she only stitches blouse from me.

I was all along listening to this conversation standing in between the two males.

Master-ji: So Madam, you see, it’s not your problem only! In any case, Deepak what was her problem?

Deepak: Master-ji, peculiarly she was having the right side of her panty slipping into the middle as she walked for a

Me: And how was that solved?

I felt keen for the first time.

Deepak: Master-ji, unlike Madam’s, she had a slight leg length discrepancy and then realizing that we adjusted the
stitching likewise and her problem was solved.

Master-ji: Madam, as I said earlier also, you firstly need a bigger back coverage for your panty. That’s the prime
change you need to make alongside a thicker fabric with good side elastic would surely enable you to overcome your

Me: Okay Master-ji.

Master-ji: Deepak, just keep a note that the twill cotton 150 to be used when I stitch the spare panties for

Deepak nodded and scribbled in his notebook.

Master-ji: Okay Madam, now please turn back and let me first prove Deepak wrong.

I completely forgot that there was an argument between Master-ji and Deepak regarding the back coverage of my
panty and that issue came up again just when I was getting adjusted to this verbal disgrace, the physical part
dropped in.

Master-ji: Madam, please don’t waste time.

I clenched my lips and slowly turned my back. My full back and of course my protruding round buttocks were
inviting Mastering and Deepak now. I felt like dying to stand like this in front of two males when I know their eyes
are riveted on my ripe pumpkin-like gaand.

Master-ji: Thank you Madam. Deepak, you now tell me where Madam’s panty line is right now.

Deepak: Sure Master-ji, let me check.

Panty line! My heart as if skipped a beat. But before I could think any further, I felt a couple of hands on my sari-
covered bottoms gripping my ass flesh firmly over my sari. Deepak immediately gave me a couple of light squeezes
on my firm ass cheeks and my lips automatically parted and I gasped for air and I tried my best to control my

Master-ji: Are you able to feel the panty from above her clothes?

Deepak: Yes, yes Master-ji.

Saying that he now poked his fingers on my heavy-duty buttocks and in no time he was able to trace my panty line
through the thin layers of my sari and petticoat and started to feel it with his fingers of his both hands. I could
sense Deepak had knelt down in front of my gaand and keeping his body balanced on his knees, he was tracing my
panty line with his hands. This would certainly excite any woman and I was also no exception.

I could feel his hands all over my big gaand and leaving my panty line now his fingers lethargically started tracing
the line of my crevice! It seemed Deepak liked the shape of my butt formed over my sari-cover as more and more
of its contour was getting exposed as his fingers tried to push my sari deeper into my ass crack over my panty.

Master-ji: What happened? You seem to like Madam’s gaand very much! Ha ha ha…

The laughter seemed to be echoing in the room signifying my mortified state in the hands this tailor-duo.

Deepak: Master-ji, whatever you say, Madam’s back is very special. It’s so firm, yet its butter smooth! What a

I started biting my lips with my teeth and tried my best to ignore such lewd remarks. Though I was trying to
ignore everything, my body was unable to do that!

I could feel clearly that Deepak was playing with my buttocks. I felt his thumb pressing deep on my left ass cheek
and the rest of the fingers caught the elastic of my panty line over my sari and he started digging the sari deeper
into the panty! My body was emitting so much heat already that I had to shuffle mildly. My annoyance was now
mixed with exhilaration of this sexy groping. Deepak was taking his time kneading my big round ass with both hands
over the cover of my sari and petticoat.

Honestly I was also beginning to get fairly excited from Deepak’s heavy fondling. He was pressing and kneading my
buttocks nonstop in the pretext of finding my panty line!

Deepak: Master-ji, found it! Here it is!

Saying that he traced his finger on my smooth butt skin over my sari along the edge of my panty. My excitement
was added to by every movement of Deepak’s crafty hands

and my whole body started releasing so much heat now that I felt like removing my sari and stand in my petticoat
and blouse only!

Master-ji: Where? Let me see.

I could sense Master-ji also congregating with Deepak near my gaand. He also bent down to have his face near my
flaring ass. As Deepak was continuously touching my butts, I had to mildly wriggle my ass to feel at ease. I knew
the scene would look utterly vulgar to wriggle my heavy buttocks under my sari in front of two pairs of hungry
eyes, but I could not control myself aside from doing that.

Now I clearly felt another hand touching my gaand!

Master-ji: Hmm. O-k-a-y. Madam, let me trace it fully, then I will know exactly how much it’s covering you.

There was practically no need to tell me anything as I had succumbed to this already. He removed Deepak’s hand
off my left ass cheek and directly touched and pressed me there. I could invariably feel that Master-ji’s hand was
bolder than his apprentice. He immediately pinched my ass as if signaling me that it was ‘his’ hand. Deepak’s fingers
were still resting on my panty line on my right buttock.

My sari and petticoat were not thick enough to give me adequate protection from these hungry hands. Thus
Master-ji also, like Deepak, could easily grip my panty elastic over with two to three fingers of his hand. Master-ji
started moving his fingers down my left buttock following my panty line. At this point I was trembling in sexual
stimulation as he continued to trace my panty line and moved down… and down… and down till he reached my ass
crack! I could not bear that sexy hot wave jerking my body and reacted.

Me: Aah! Ouch! What… what are you doing Master-ji?

Master-ji: Madam, madam just be patient for a moment. My checking is almost over.

I shuffled standing in the same position and felt like parting my legs in horniness and created a slight gap in
between my legs (honestly to accommodate his hand down my gaand). Though I got a momentary relief from this
sexy uneasiness, but Master-ji started a new ‘inspection’!

He removed his hand off my gaand tracing fully my panty line till my ass crack. I exhaled a sigh of relief only to
find myself left with a wide, open mouth as I felt Master-ji exposing his palm fully and giving me a very tight
squeeze on my left buttock. My nipples instantly reacted to it and were fully upright within my bra. Automatically
whatever little shame was left in me evaporated, and I brazenly began to massage my juicy boobs over my sari and
blouse and also outset swaying my heavy hips slowly in elation.

I didn’t know whether Master-ji and Deepak noticed me doing this very sexy act, but they extracted all honey out
of my full-grown ass with their hands.

This went on for some more moments and finally when he stopped my sari naturally got bunched up along his finger
into my deep ass crack between my thighs.

Master-ji: Okay done.

Deepak: So, Master-ji, was I right or wrong?

Master-ji: Yes Deepak, I was mistaken. You were right.

Saying that he again pinched my bottom and this time a prolonged one, as if he was squeezing the cheeks of a little
girl with two fingers!