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Axia College Material

Appendix B

Building a Medical Vocabulary Ch. 1

Complete activities A, B, & C.

A. Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in
problems 1-8. Click the grey box to begin typing.

-ic sub- -ectomy -oma

-pathy gastr/o- poly- -ous
hepat/o- ven/o- hemat/o- neur/o-
an- esthes/o- -ous appendic/o-
-megaly cutane/o- -ia intra-

1. Pertaining to the liver Hepatic

2. Pertaining to underneath the skin Subcutaneous

3. Surgical removal of the appendix appendicectomy

4. Pertaining to within the vein intravenous

5. Disease of many nerves neuropathy

6. Enlargement of the liver hepatomegaly

7. Swelling of the blood hematoma

8. Condition of not feeling anesthes

B. Define the following word parts.

-ac relation to -ar Of, relating to, or resembling

-ary relating to, connected with -ion State or condition

-osis Diseased or abnormal condition Peri- Surrounding or around

Hyper- Excessive, excessively Brady- slow

Post- After or behind Anti- Against or opposed

Dys- Bad difficult Laryng/o- Of or pertaining to the larynx

HCA 220
C. In the following activity, break the medical word into its word parts. Using the word parts, create
a definition of the word. Write a sentence using the word in a medical context. Use the table to
record your answers.

Medical Word Prefix Combining form Suffix Definition

etym Ology The study of the history of words
Sentence: In college I had to take an etymology course to complete my medical training

mast Ectomy Surgical removal of breast tissue
Sentence: Because she suffers from breast cancer she must have a mastectomy

Neuroma Neur/
o oma Growth of nerve tissue
Sentence: The surgeon had to remove the painful neuroma from the patient’s wris

tachy cardia Condition of a fast heart rate.
Sentence: Due to the fact that my granddaughter suffered from tachycardia she must wear a heart
monitor at night.

Endo Trache/o Inside the windpipe
Sentence: The anesthesia doctor placed an endotracheal tube for surgery

HCA 220