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FROM “EXCESSIVE FRIENDSHIPS” TO “CANNIBALISM REVISITED”: BRAZILIAN AND SPANISH AMERICAN LITERARY AND CULTURAL ENCOUNTERS Directed and Edited by Liicia Helena Costigan Chas: eit de eat atioamarena CONTENTS: Lica Helens Coan, “Pom 'EcesveFrienthi to Canin Revise” Fanci Orga “Eaceve Frege Facet-face and Paya Cina’: user tthe ing (150) “asa Raato, “The Life Tne of Masa de Lancs in Ana Mia's Maca Aja aries, “Bas de Cun and he Tap of te Republom Drea Famine Rove, “Looking Bat, Losing Troupe: Coll Visions ‘a Motes ‘nm bel Sar “Cine Novo dd Newt Cnt Revit: Asses, Calure “es Poe iseen Nips“ Tat Realy Tee? Hie ané Tht in (Some) Brian ‘Nel Heiner Jr, “Dulombo ad loo Frac!» Poses Aten io Reve Coittporary Histo an Clonal itr in Bras nd Cat ere Peey Wee sau All of Tus Concemang Catalin Revises 6 ‘From “Excessive Friendships” to Cannibalism Revisted eaing wih tic otic me in he ae Pains wre so essged 0 freon pnt xing compe ld ote nme faa br eed 'Eae caine spre by salen spicion ch te Modern Canguge ‘ascnion te tin Ameren Stes Anos te Amen Aun o Tete of ‘Spm sd Porson e rasa Ses Aiton eo ale ouomes of he NE Sus Ine mentored i te aie me “ner Leon for San oa se ati Aon Se” wt sd eloped ty iy Bary Bo fo Pity Sate Unveny,sevlsfecs proponent oe aus acy wt tb intent ego te AATSP Gap Ro te leiola 20 t pponin be Hn cages a be Ase ret Ge Lien Conpete ABRALIO) ec somes tps CASA meegh ahd oer tay so inp png comes Yves Sh Ane ad Shee he puban i te Spee 203i f Hien, ve te ere ew developmen coming tom heparin. Anan ben we sly apes ope act {be nme, ene pres Dag sod a Br ed fesse cose et Sate pie ipa on tr ue of oe fb apt Te oun at now Song rose oe pase sree ponte pt i ate NEM a ad ‘Seach nd aching ny cle ml sv reget th Ute See Toul ke ce aware wis aoe ts oe paps wb cove sig ft inet of le hot Ln Aven ching sec So woud ke da Rone Ado sod Ran tna te agporig les of ‘evmnedaton a ey soo ees te Nal Eaves Han Tet Rig, icin iv, Way Reber, Cote Pu, Sr Cato Rar Maa de Mtoe Sosa, Rol Rano, Taos Cohen, Doge Rada Cure Rone Via St Waar ign, clea to tng he fait, bean my deep Fly two eo tate Carmen Fn, Dena Rony, Reb ey aa ‘u Thoo Ads re er EXCESSIVE FRIENDSHIPS: FACE-TO- FACE AND PLAY IN CAMINHA’S “LETTER TO THE KING” (1500) Francisco Ortega University of Wisconsin-Madison Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogoté ‘othe on who has jus aves! whore lyf pie Is eon me its nth Lind often (messi oa amy! (Monnign, “De Pie) ewe di cogs all andvan, daar tiara spre om ono, sm un boi aoe come ‘2 sce aus amiga aston do gue nt ea Vee Canina) Alley mets someting Ub Huns) 1 woul keto sa by recaing arabe ome in the “Leter of eto Vat Cain to King Mane (Ca do scat" Portage Ring Doe Manoel afer anfing onthe cost of Brel in 1500! Fur days ae coeabring "A petinnay tow inthe wpe of pul ndtips. This ey seo the meme tenpa, © ‘acumen as vera cana solani (Note 12)Anio Lae Feo fe Insane, vies a Carina “0 pitar6o econ. (Wis let # em aaa Impress, que morta scapula de obterapnconpeesto” 28), and David Haber wrote survey of ool Brana ere at Carina was "eal, ‘moved by he Deny of a he sev ding the ten ay be pectin hs ewe, ‘sting owe a poet and eto mye vison of felted imoseee™ 7" Recet scholp, more i ne wih acssan abet be icv preccdions| ‘or dana, presen ptbalyapost sane, wh, weve, eins eos {hens of Seaton nd mines Many of ae rigs Do he imperas "For wvcet overview ofthe dt, se Jorge Cost, 4 comrade Bran Amerinos porepus © oictnas dot 6 porament iat de Qusheiot Cia Bligee Common 1995), 171.82 Lam boroming he concep of els aonng ‘So Sighs Grebo ns to dsp the bight saenes Gig he ely tmodem pened tat pce care mote Sraishle ew std eel det of sie Desnaon whch were themes Ain modes of easing. Renoannce Sl lshonig From Mav to Shabpare (Ceo U of Cage Py 180) 19. "te his eg, Guilemo Gils tht i wl be import we, et he isn of cc hought re a he tay of the ah aol Sof ek (ore Bra 1300133, as Caos Nong (Ro de abe: Reso, 1993) 16. scp of Europes tne nd dem atecon hat Toa cl th “sea ‘recy edb Wyte texts (58). Tay far on he wa in which he ot eres odo wn ha apace tree in ver ofthe ane (Baro 15-80), ‘Reon coeruct an en dehunsied sive Fon 1413, Youn 13438) {nd any the way chp pace en hie ees ats he domination an bens of dans (Raminls 137-9). Whe hs pocedae corey pind ute curve coin eee he ext nent an he ‘Bseqen®eaahisumet of be canal egme sed fomuiion of pera at, propo to fest on ti eter at alo coming fires possible ta imo leelp-or a la i co 2 hegemony Farhemore, {mul Re © age ‘tant tea fhe ees ot ony posse bt tis asp wes. ‘We ould renenbe athe lee kes poe before the ven oe ad as (Gamma woul 79136) ae Vr at ta Yer inl moment whe he ‘nd of Vera Cr wa i he roe of beng ered” Uae Spar, i 1500 "Guile Gul ts sggeted we much: “oe econzor iam © cate Sinpoctaro hsp ae ot Vals copia © cuales talon Guete © Inenlopeechonl” Ramen 4m eso provsc, breve, Sagi,» sngiee ej lates einer” Sm Ie on "org Cot ss thet onsen Bra eit sir poses. The politcal nog and jay the ces rng the soln pr were fered ‘ing fr wo decades fe Cobar ava 104 he Tea of Fede: ‘fd the gh of Spent and Foruese to explore and el the ace Euope ‘fol a 803 Amengo Vspces punised hs eter “ons Nowa” Wek be ‘Shed hat the nwa lads Wee par of «ow an es wae cone tia Tter, thee. ppens the fst Gein of thy Tupanbe = besa and st Tha er he et otra war ait n Cabo Fo ade po ra. [ISD ie Spanh Cov mctonel ne evs engine nay of inns Sn ating them pezcon saa te sare fe congas Towade LI ae She bil for he Pogue tip Bra roveshe comme arene at bina! fred aan nor and an inte eave coos eat ples ‘Tobie rpotucnd in Frcs Ads Varhagen Hae pra do res vole (Sie Palo Mebane, 184) 1" 47192 To 52, Jo Lips Pls Rb Submis the Crown of Cal ial ean af be Repurinin, arl acunt ‘hat dep fom te sie Tes gona hve sh fo et coment tales nauves willy sub o ke cngeizasr Stl nein 152 te Portage ‘Gown deci Yo aot te inden! nye of Capos eras (Heeiary ‘spincie) to promote inet in ral nd Sho Vem eid. 148, ie {Gown re-orgnnesoe la tine he aloe and maes To Ge Sura et Gener foveror of Sra Te allowing yer, te governor wien 9 Dante: ‘Siler ate sew ear of lb suastaton Te Jest -commandd ye ‘ngoie Mant da Nébvepe—arive wah im or me one sow emer of he ota Sra eth ny, Cs ral 85 38, 20799, SEAL Felipe ge Aloeas, Orato dare Forms o Brat ns dnt Sa 14 Bxgrenive Pets: Fees Face nd Playin Caritas “Leer tote King” orupse aeion ws fed chevire sol fing, Gough oly ere ‘ntl sama lectin yo Forage cone ul pati ees (Gace 1." Tow mene be Cons uncatg, Ae ong be pet oes tp or outa fal agate props te ido atgne hepa spore ene oe neers tree mn {Sie ean agen funn prea met de Ct (a) baste Geo eTtsnent cay popese Bre goed oporares inh Aeon OS i pole Bossy ripe, ha ch 4 hora tat MELEE pte mans nd hat ind wold eens mn SS re soy fa 1 Thug Cons's ier id plety SPemeplantc enna tne ue era a ot etal erent SES ia bee mpraleps, sn bene impr 24 Sacer pn: ange nt wc begat yan fe se spau br pj teens so a rpc md oa ‘Tn hence! te ov pews "ata en tron ein ant eur sce Pcp plea cnperert soa boos impr SSDI nn Suse pneu moan wd oe RE Smeal opener sve se epering, eweetng ed ering be OS Sh oe cases Or amis wrt, oe fo "opr eS, epee a nero como jes alone: 7 i Gecko te Seton af Anica on 2 elo Een SEDER Ta eis Sum wns sap eens © cs er ma at seme aga rope, 2 oe #0 TLEET las an were steven Obes ce stone deamon Set co we is agecaly no ae tey orate oly ea cecaaly, Ang 2 sion cl coity ower ety Roden ‘Stee nd cea nga poy, inten ccs oeroks mies ian 171 «Ato Pao: Campin de Les, 200) Fly, 9 Wee Sec serene a Pores poy tomar en SST ole ent ox organo Bra 0D, rn eis Srl (to Palo: Baer oye 98) po te history of Partagute expansion in he een and sxe cei, the now Gane Chale Rap Bone, The Pormguate Seabore Empire 1415-1825, (atcha: Cucnee Cause Guten Foundeon, 1991) and wo 1 of Frcs Sebenour and KN. Chnthan, ein, Hira da expone poreuss, $ vole (iid Chen de sites 19982000) For a dcaaon of fe ey Sage of ‘cep tenet rate 0 omnes ety Jin Rae ‘gue in Hatin depo porapuese 1; so HB. Johan, “Po "Rene 15001580" Clonal Sane Btal Lee (Came: Canis UP, ro Fanci Ones is noni an lows te anbigstos Oath tered, aren suggest np pols deve shaptaar comings tnd etd mae Accord. sae ponies in sey tx eigen at of ae Peo Var de Camina's “Cara do achamero” wis writes on May Ie 15000 te King Dom Maula semife repo delighted Cal aye ina Teele ie Liston on ach, SO and ald a Souwenry ds oma te ize of Good Hope They rice lant oo Sunny Apc 23 smelt Vere Cr ‘epee water a woot Sop ad dpe + smal vere tk 9 Lion 0 repr he ing bee ceparing ovis aia My 3. Cannister aon ‘aos decarmen roiual for be purpose of afoming he Cros of te voyage, bt tectse of tse prose, eenany of exapuen, and he poifaton of hs Bua e Hotta cle Eden mots, he eter has become he ot ie! read Acumen in he sory of Brass ely exlarson New efans of te lett oen pen with Copan de Abe's. founding sitemeet of aoa Brean sarpapy ting tthe leer ithe spam al rad 4a do erode lm alone Fran (Abreu 150 [the eter ia Beh ere oat mac an be achived by arung nt fe esmen exes a sch nephn), wht henae tbe rete posbiterespelly tose enceang moder af cya een with And whe oes we pee ey Hugh ur on rai Hai ad ice "see Sergio Buaue de Holand, Yor el parton. Motor edncot en decry lanai del ra (Casas Bie Nara 1987) Howe, Bexgue tps Ga the spe perl among Porogsee coils ~nceing (Carita cana bedevil a indugng inthe Gioue ofthe mavens Fo bi ‘hey eae 3 ealmo paces” neha pagans ha nit ag toe etc! re of pl ano suey the mater er Bau e ands, Yon det para 26, 38406 Fo sry of teeter sesh pein sly ‘ame Coes in saa de Paro Yar de Canina T3113 pure, PAL Tow ihr repo re anv the ter by Mase Jos Faas an he sll “Rela Pine asin” The are both educa in Palo Rate Das Pres ly Ore ‘ew een om ol en es ‘ ion, Ven S02 expditon picked up Alan Rib and he oe epedaie (ahd), ho give ay scsunt oftheir experience Opn retanng 1 aie Venus 150M Np bd "Acuna ein Or neem brn ders pect up with Ses ot 16 Expres Fidship: Facet-Face and iy in Cain's Lett the Kina! (One way of les he gunn, at I mentioned tf, to age ht the novel of te vet produ! stperion of atonal earl ads sd ated he erpnce of meng fier, taifrance ange Pern 1-0). Howere ack [Eine athe disuse comer nape th ovey wars an ans Tir imporat ‘eal that Caras xa sn of fee yon of he frees arin powets inthe ‘eh ceny—as on rote 19 Call, ta, 1 low up Vase du Gu's lepenay 149799 recone wave. Da Gans exon bad Yen ct fining an ooo ote othe Eat rou the Cape of Gon Hope, nd Cas et ‘hip fet wa tent i oder 9 sore eons (eating pos). Mes on oad were soe wnveles,uph ad frened by previous voyage, v7 when in dieu ‘eeu satiny and rey Yo we foe if pecemry. Wat Cabral a he men found drag bet top Bean peu, was detniely mt ose the cones of-rorml expeseme for Posies samen" 1 rie lune ae rot de vogm he e's lop of Vato da Gana’ 1687.95 | ‘xpaton conte ths america. Acerig toe Rati, sory before ming he ape God Hopesn December of 97, te et eres salty, which hy eles ‘Sioa ina efor owinihe Asem nates god wil hepa re Ie ound el andthe Hote ae ido have pe hem op probed the Pargne esi Late ht dey. ‘Ra Sido vem obra de 200 egos, ee grandes © peguens, ¢ como won ft logo em Yara comer loo de ‘tuna qe oncravam mato bem pan eps de ue seo ee ‘Suscn = tole como aegrn £0 iidomer andoa tanger st ‘omit ¢ nie, nor bs, Saldvans e 0 aplto-mor de voll Contes eos desea ot, i mo et ca onhanes "parca ver, eal rngatnos un bol nego ports mais, © Gl [inios a0 Dang; ear mito gr, encanto cme Ge Portage (Veo 1) (cen nd, Vanda Ga eet more bells and cap wile oe Hore anv very beset eum. "A see pint te ler ai much For inte, aftr the mass, Nilas ‘coco bangs emus cess eo om rifles qo Be earn ae oe ‘Soran (623), Che Bone masa cue pon Pormpuse Emp 9: , ‘Vein Magar Gia, Or dazebrimenr a eoroma mud? el 4 vole {Citbon 198) VoL a Satay Jane Contempo at the depen of ‘SeTopismbe inthe lever uae a mel proces of oeparson Wit enable ‘ue (103-13, Franco Onegt ” However, he encour with he Hons i ugh dh eon. The Porugvie ‘Eando na Ana de Sip Bras tomanso ips, uma qaratin, eos ua ene Pao. qual eet Rass de ua mez © Ek qt epi. eta ns prep ia ange vio cha se 10 ou 12 neon gus, ane gu 2s da paen, ‘deren sein acme amo 0 Pai. (13) Ase etieepene ex moder ve rigor rangement wis anes, deren of sig ost inforaion bt gt ad oe hes, ‘elamations of bemty eoncemig the lan he ue of miele disease sep Seersiont wou ihe lociion and mikey steak, peroming repose Cerenonier-al of tee ae any fod in Vanco a Game's 149799 Roar. To Cecomand expen of marvel athe map of the uj ewan mt a Acomile ra fge ofthe erty mode sel grein the cursive ‘Sentely of Camis eter Furhemare, en te tearabe rc siies ‘vec ds Gas Aono ade eer, ay wea ako esis unis te dapat, aie lock uly valle owes ihe sae ere. ‘Were lid an aleratveto de tempat dese te eter as te expesion mine ee Raven comes tele he ee of cong eal onwoa ws ity amctuce tat conbor tema development wth the fom ‘uni of he geste. ry Cayo fr inte agus te strife ey Imeem pared general ge actu oo sr, thf whch ae aul impor ‘he sy te marine el and the try fh care ol ling (22-25). Tas, ‘whe ding tne came we mus py aesion othe gue perlormnc, fo ‘islaguige nd nt wors lon bews torical pein well tr end we coe eather obvi od vy neve reinon te eer (toa be conse sauce” Latest prt of buesate ese orl watibon speech ct een, ental legal cuenta ot {be coc hn, snr and ect mpl ns nian sd on the ot ea ot open be King on mci poss Tie many scum of explora, te eter ranma conoineEurpen ret ith he soy fund terior astra at of anflng sovereiy, ~(coth {ls one a shamento dana vo ter oor" (27)- Int uration, he ‘wy font ne fm the sane, The ara a vreau wh conveys imperaatowiege about te etn. ure td preset Saas of i pew dma (eter inate politcal o 9c he led it for ctivaton canines one of seven dcamens pose by the ating. OF tase icanens seven se pesved tod taro fod made pubic a Coma Se 1 Exprenive Fens: Faceso-Fee and Pay a Cain's Lete teh King” saint priest wine ft rule's fling over, ad by vite ofthe scout, peor such a of ufldng.Fushemere, ave the parry ‘eligour—if mebne—lsns of enn sates dng te ey oder pr, to ‘nerings conver onthe once f wines tht of conveyer, ta orp of ers knowlege tou ansher ream of expres hearal aifneo e tren wines formal ad oe wage of stone or seep dcowse”) tthe Dic meaning of ary, presen an voucher of the rine maleston 0 eat wes to he freon of hs lade oem pan it Cea and The lees compinarangemen may exe arogane, bt the is rathing cnet ot insincere atou ih perl st of spropriaion. I was sow of selfconece, lanl dependent th epusve pone ofa odes epic an he ler nde seed the Curette feed fhe wel ™ Ad at tnt les te letra constiwes pot of mest td ayy nexcange fr wich te teil expected to resi recputon a evident upon clon" peg per fer ingot rh under dete Se Sa Tor aged Osi geo (gr El recebrs on mua et”). "Foc terete wage of opt dcoure a an shor saegy, se Anbooy agen, Erpeon Ensue th he ew Warts New Haven, Yale UP, 193) 31.87, Fanos hog, Th Mio Medan Tt Rapevnnon ofthe Oth ache Wing of Har, ts. eet Cay (ely: U of Calon P1985) 28658 "Fo te regs sessing of teimony, se Wil Sith, Dtnary of the Bible Compras dnt, Bray. Geography and ena Hy (Hato (Ch ‘The 1B. Bur Polishing, 186). Al, Pal Reooy Ese Ble! Perpraon (Phd: Fores. 198, cpecilly “The Heres of Tesinony” 19-5, Cus BrnanPinto sce wed forthe stepson of te ltr scoring te ‘Reine ips cates wey stared by Pops of te Seon cena. See “Por Revited, Baa Redscoveret" Gaba Impact fhe Porc Language, of Ata Ropes de Lage (New Brnoice Tame 2001) "Anthony Paging ain Europe in 1492 “al ected men sceptedhe t sspeioniy of te clues of te Gree Roma word ovr all ae pose eles” ‘Shing Anois: Buropean Repereatons he Aeron Indi sce Caan” sion of Ameria since 102, Deters Madsen (New York St Man's P1998) 23. Twotd kee oe owe ck aon, Many of hom, ety the most elo, leh have wen thesis pinay spe ove othr clare However, eves ver th eholgeal pir war ab arlbe Tce kof aowege oo Wa lay oer the ahr seo th meine nmin such cnc. Pot es “thd views fly Eup moder se Aan du Sra ia Os cescobrinet ‘2 probly cual do sido X70 Lhe: Eta Prsora, 198) eed Joye Capi Set Mater, Teil the Body. and Stee onthe flamer ‘Fromer 15061676 (Canbege: Hara UP, 2001, Fractes Onege » Fer the tetera etely a i ac ffl cia ay and 0 effet persue poner onthe King it mt cee 3 et ofa tle, paliy dtaarorines The poms clin simply, precln, tn sods feeling ease rasan bes de ao Frat e meta le un ono” 32), an aaece of byperoie (agi mo de pir mais do ge agi qe vee preces” 2) ad be composed in acorace wih he lvl reqiene of offi conmuieaton™ Esa tera, Setor,preceane qs depot gue mais cons al ios, sci yon irene em ec et ions oan Tras longo do mare gum parts anes Saree, at ‘ermetay cues bana ea de cna tach emai han de [Dwaesarvred.De por » po ¢ te pam cate muito emo Peo seo nos purse, sa do ma. oun pane; pre + sede bos, ao podimos versa era © aoreb—rr e ob pee mato eee (65-67) ‘ich intonatn wil be wted Ie tocatGeby apo Gd wd and water ‘upplin,a oeish& provi! Rdg pos ies clued ppv a omen thoy of te sxveye, Fans Harog wil (3) soso ‘2 ibn he loa cess at wl hlp re expdione “Asmar prenecapon with conveying arf information svete pmage a shee scout of he Topinunba The cncem ere ie mae th Sehr pes, Toh oko Ado Hann ha oe he er enix etaton 0 he be an ae he Nave Esorta Sa comarei 9) “snot ea pene foe a Ge Ado nlo sin mie” (68). The peeve i observa (os vies mas Se prot emai tors von, ileal eurouy, and ential each ‘Uns anavam gars cous tis, utes de metas cures de tas faa como em po de ase nos com Beas aes, aos oo ans fe, estates soem (53) ia ht they hve jut la othe ad a oth cnet pct of ew ‘pers te lel of in eontenponey tarealoge rns ts ae Seek mebousive dance, tgeder wih he eah of ence deals an sabe Pring, eoublsh a seue of imputaliy. The saimacy exprmsed i» diet Tran te auor begins by invoking the tpor of flee huni Captio enloine. Se Clee, De monn I 18 Foe an ove of the ites, Paicin Seo, Ceremonies of Paseion ix nope’ Conus ofthe New Ward, 193-140 (Cage Canbrége UP, 135) ‘Als stony Page, “Diosesing oe Batra: The Langue of Spas Tos {ie Debus ove the Property Rg f the Ameen tan Tae Langu of ell hoy Ear Moko Epes Say Page Cae: Ci ‘ur 1967, 18 ExpreniveFrensis: Fae so-Fbe and Pay in Cmist's Lene the King” ‘elonizaton iste privilege wines of he urs nfling sven by vive ofthe scnunt, pororms sich at of ufldng. Furhemr, given the parely ‘eliious—if menane—lams of ea stot rng teeny mode pr, fe ‘nenings convey onthe oer af wines that of conveyer grunt orp ‘of esol knowlege abou acer realm of expres hetarcal mane te ‘non wines formals ul te wage of autape or seeng dere”) a he ‘ileal meaning of mary, pent an voucher of te ne aration 9 abt wes he frm coven of hes lade en pan i Cet an The let's complex arangement may exude arogance, bt thre fe mtn coveted ot insincere abou ea eral st of rpropraion. I was sow of selecondece lay dependent on th expasve power fel odes epic she lena mane spread the Cured ort cd te worl" Ad lt bt not ete ltr abo contaes pot of mes td ayy exchange fr wich te Chenier expen to eee rcgntion a evident upon long pep pre fae inguin rh nev ete Se Sa Tor gece Ove geo (gE vectra met” (8). "Foe he reel wage of ope dicoure a an sul sag, se Anbooy agen, Eapeon Encuners th he New Word Now fate, Yle UP, 193) 31.87, Francis hog, he Mio of eda Tt Repression ofthe Oth ache Wang fH, tas. et Loyd (Bey: U of Calo, 1985) 20658 forthe regs meng cf tony, se Wilt Sith, Dietlonary ofthe Bile Comriina dnc, Brapy. Grgrapy and Nenra sy (Hato (Ch ‘he 1B Bier Polishing, 86). Al, Pal coer, Esnyr m Biblia npn (Phindihis,Forwss 1900, epecilly “The Hermeneic of Tesineny” 119-5, Cus BrnanPintoecenly woe! for te stpretston of te ler scree sine ious ears wey shared by Forges of ee cet cy See “Poruga Revised, Bas Rediscover," Global Imac of he Pou Language ‘ol Atea Ropes de Lagena (New Brno Teton 007) "Aotony Pn ape hat i Eup in 1692" etd en sce he al seperate ofthe Gre Ronan word on i oe pose eles” ‘Stiting Astor: open Repecetaons of he Arena sce Columba” Yan of des since 12, Dehras Mase (New Yost St Ma's P1982) 22'T wl ie ow Gove sch aaron. any often cette at ee Sere isp piety urea abs Tee ek fine ene ‘hy oir the ater sieo the mot ieviably dried uch snc. Pot ees tne pn ee lo a Olney ‘6 problontiy cultural do siado X70 (hon: dtl Prsora, 196) sd Joye Capi, Stet Mater Teno se Body. and Stee onthe fgio-Anercon ‘Fromer 13061676 (Cambsge: Harvard UP, 2001. Fracites Onege » Forte letra etctely ul ia ffeil cia ya oft pecsave poner onthe King it mt cee a et of Cy, tel, optliy ndtanworines, The potas clin spy, pre, sodas of eelng deans rasan © bee de bao feud emetiy en o” 32), an aarce of yperol (apna i de ie mais ge apo qe vee pte” 2) be omposed in acorance with he lel queef efi communication” Esa tera, Senor, preeane qu dept gue mais con ol ios, se oar oma que conrao ne ver, de gu steps Rowemes ‘s,s manta gue vers nS ite ote eis lego Se cn Tata Ingo do mar em gums pares panes bares nas ‘eel outa baa ea dena tach em haa de ‘Dusaesarvoreds. 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Ges ws a" stan Cons am ts odermor, et, ede argent mala No ey Fe La em Re~ Sem Beileon rat Francisco Oneps Ea oncapsence (fll, Queson 23, It ase)" Fetherore, Chin cai, slike ‘Anatole’ pil, plbes ie eaeship wid ll meson he same lel, hy al frestres of God Dom Manus copa of Con's pe for Sa ld ny the feandson or epee area betes he oil whch ew he Topnanbaat Ms and spit ren which ews hema pvr) is aera ages Freire in be Jeter tough mona deste "gu tos sera talon © overtios a0 Geo de Voun Alea (6) lene a aps so feu he ele ofcourse cn cons ad of aeons on dnour, th a's ellos» pefomave upshot ThePorugs xy ott ‘alga xenon tt nbs he a sion wich melo aco Sering ich sane and pertaps amusing) aes the Tpianon we more 1 [tit ant Ks rom (3), om writen th ves fervor, the Popa at ‘nove compan an eto the iheoren of i osenion 0 te an {Theta eon sch colton gi Cami sown loa ri projet oe the Tapanb, whish produce Tupianba dese for Cvietnty anda tm, ‘onaer Porupeee potted occption—doe nt eke down i Bec the ‘hoist eegnces tt price the Typmanbs for sper anaanpion cote ‘Hentve mens foreign ipo saenes 2! nto enly ove In more than ne way Canta aie optizn Jesus proime 0¢ [rival almos Oye te bul th ese ers fx towards th redeemabie ‘re of Indane For afr ll nh enol cet eae! oes of Eedship “io objetvameme cma toss degra.” (lamen Ee de omer 5) "Eclpon povided = nguage to spreted te Tepe ood Chin seoplyls, pune acunulsionmeamarned the into 29 eg abr ce. 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It hence of ch inl, teeter podnn asoherdemined ensue a whch te {ophraferfomaies cect ars promise, Thus, saves we at dered soy, Regis in Mil Fakal's Other Se Phosoplere om Francie (Ganapls HostenPtshing Company 1991 166-8) The inion ws eed ‘by Las Cass fo age the nen to congue te Inns by Eenly moms Set hanes, Barolo de Ls Cas, Dal unico mode de ror ido io pura ‘erdader lg, ens, Atnigees Sai, Agsa Miles Co (MeN: Fang de Cunea Heed, 1975); Cpt st 5,418 > Tsvng Popes feria had ber woking Cabo Verde ($84), Sto Tomé snd Pani (175) ol Sto Jorge Ge Min (182) Cater teCai ee, (Bee opened ter portant acing spot auch ule (102), Soft (500, osambiwe (180) st Goa (S10) See Got, Of descobrimenar «8 economic 26 Bepesive Pentti: Faces Fee an Playin Cai Lene tthe King” oie, and genous wig peter: “Alan dle aia wea ese « deren io fe wen de carp por gular enim gue er davan(S9), In acter psa, ‘rhente Tupsamon seem exenied wih the “nen” Cami inert a & vilingness oexcange ud for rakes, “cone se diam or por equ” (S)™ In ‘hangs tat ives sof eeprecy an ty, Canin finds ong Bu he Sigs of fire tang beets, Th Tpiani ae eave with dake commerce {dhl gesture and ste nebed acon othe Pogues vm ai lair When ceo te ais pois the Capa colar and twas eat ‘ver cndlesick, Camino ike Columbus pt yas Before hime tat ean indication of the peece of gold an iver ili and elect cet 8 ‘oprohy of deve (3-0). dh theta sre within which Tapia sce osetia frendines—as fae sve, aledy ceesized bodies ke Sait “Sets, whieh, by te way, he na’ ep forthe fat Tp ws eben her (40). 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Ae ‘oot chard Buston (Lond Hay Sse, 872). For covey. cea ‘pros, see Frocis Bakr and Petr Hun, Connon ond the Colonie Wold (Crates Canine UF, 150, 30° xpresive Fins: Faceo-Fae and Pay in Cain's “Later the ing” ‘Given he pac ad erany, an we tisk fh ene a2 moment sj. ouside the tras op fier nad? Diogo Dis, bre of obe of he commanding ofc wn veteran of Ciba’ voyages (Gree 2.) pusiouse eto par ours Dd st cal momen the leersaternaton betwee Porugune eons 1 eal fen con so Topinanba's pada repens to these as. Rete, Diage Dias iiaine eros the ak of comely emearratng the ren f Cabal’ sonagpesse Foley. Lopstealy, weve, seven Cal bebeved a's goad nares tefl nearng ts and communion with te ati. Ae the arcing inde We retold sen is with he depres ei conte wit he nas "or 4s omer alge, com gue tes fgeran” (5) In fet te Topioarba ape ‘come more Pusing an bepin to sow up i ge number Does hs alana ble oie in charge of cllesng op! ues (4), perchance Know hw to cha hi "Vitis? 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For at we iden, ‘nove posses tat were dared, forgot, ot epee, tee i ays the temptation of indulging ina new bck legend: Sevage Ewepeans who led Pada lope mowing ater! tas never ees er ht morales coal exept st tom selscruy by consring esse! scl tet that allow Ws rnp te nett of vole, ‘Second cloia docmens rhe evubl lpcy of moder comenpory Lain “Ameren. In inet there someting reonctive abl Wer a he come ave ater Independence by peering a matonl ppropion of th clonial pst Tat i sy, Cain's er Sat area hough he terpelato of what Loui Aer {ct the Heclpeal Sate Appantune™* Tirogh such atonal coding Cole documents became power promoes of ceain mode of scabiity vet ‘ers. Tis reba in he mansion theese reid Ss nt 173, Sthen See da Siva found iin he Archivo da Tote do Tomb i ison nd at later pls io de lane by Masel Aes So Ca in Corre Brain 107 ice then te lene has ben publ an finite tbe of ies ab has bes led ab represeing a putin nana text and a fundanetal at of sl frat The nets century historian erin Deis wrote tht “Cras 39 fap alee de stereo de que ew doiado (Camisha|, paras tbat fl ‘epee do oe tle, ¢ Braille tm Aatrinor 90 pipio dia do act cobras” ( Perea). “bw Ln Areca coll docments wee fit pulsed arth pid of tion independence Nien centr rian repided thee Gocuness 3 bodyag te cvs rue fe racer counter: Cotepory ei te novel ‘ote epee te alegoeal mode Thus, eis Leal Cana cals mass Inara’ letra primal ever Brac’ eat ie. SA etapa rt cepennin” Bran Bra rev de iteratre brass 13.8 (1995 “oc Atha the ISA ite ensemble oft intutions snd proseces that nee tie repedtin of labor power by eprodcing gener wubmiston fo tere of be ftublated cre Sen, Ideology sl Isso! Ste Azpartses” ip Lenin and ‘Pasopy ond Other Ete, Be Rewer (Now Yer Monty Review F197) 12-86 pec 152-3 ncn, woul eo sre te iterpelsion effected (elds deal noni ore 0 repos sparc ong ses oF ‘ison fy. “*rasenoned, ough he ters ben conned, he pegs bas hry mere ‘auch anton. Why mona bisoropaphy cid not sue ca tus page as 2 feundaonl ement? Why bs hs Bsecogrphy moter cae to ge copes of _coneiton~di ot foc more ceaaly on sul sete th pale of toa ‘raves? 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Inf Seno pera lof ths tn tom the Idan he maser ope of al te ‘Sees tht oie he sete of coal ln Lain Arron nue, "dine fom Mishel de Can, Heeeetr: Discourse onthe Other was Bian ‘Masson (eapol Uses of Mase, 186) De Cees cl hetaobony theese fr Oe vesignson of the ter, 36 Expressive Frietp: Faceo-Face nd Pay in Cain's Later the King” ily, in a eset wrecked bythe ease of emacipnonymetiarives the reecing of the p's unl posie sts the quation of he wpa fr our ese n such fr, oping he cere 9 ot ow put cone 4 Desoto fr th eoeet pai of whe i pole ola aad Tega imagine ta given tsar moment. Tag he daring peng apes pstle opngs to th Seca rehiaing of sop Tha H bce fo hak orc the xy oder of talerazaon i conde a Nel oe are lev cdot develop What wee Kf fey ht were pose bet {oo proper” Wea they mean? Wha i guy? Thee cola tet ae oe repay of socal menor, bth he see hy ere nate he els of Social webu sos be seat ty conte the horton ht bose he posshe wd ds wee poper oni retinkng wpa ough. 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See, Facixa One dmiade ance da etnla om Faucul, Sig ae ibd ira du Cc, 2 (Re ae es Gl Francie Ones ” ne ps and rece toe moment whan reese modes of sibility speak Kom ‘Sevier side (ob ide, fest deman tt we move beyond th me ungient 9 ed wd ey Tet cr ay ye who oF what uns py eo ay detente ty san ley deetion whetheontt aeto eigen ima a nv pes, orm mexpeed sie ‘Sher ont ew ral th en of nter cour 3 human {Sua or Sie rea, rigor ad ig, ale fale Inter mnt re woul be nso x nol ino anon Alleciatieasiomy betwee, 9 he on nd, The lof iced Towiaiy (lo ge the am ara al of o's ore ad onsell 1 give Nor ber ots omy caronn thot aking a name oe compensation, bebe ttle’ of evn te lle cod, onthe her Sed the ms (ithe play eg das tae aways conto tt condita = (Dera OF Hast 7) Diogo Dias extern freee tal tla ut the eowhson that Portgusecleiaton utero nose hn at conare by ote Eufopean {ato powers hoveer anette anon reaps cern people Wi ‘ih eaty moder ata ano come tr using by emt sty eh n‘GeTheonning uch where eouar maker sale the posbity—as & frome tbe fledot ply tan arate nding moment or sets ch Tesi cocouner one may ever sty posmenphycaly—ae-senes preewiste for scene frie cbr presser erafcaton Taig th ‘Suable:Po py ad te sey of mele promises arrears or Wot gh Coat, These re the sno al fe seis ‘Avr, Sok Capstone Odescobrinmt do Brat Ri de neo 1929. io Pa: Martins Fos, 1935 ‘Ales, Lis Pg de, Orato dot vive Forma do Bras mo Atco Sa ‘Shlr AT «J Sho Ps: Compania ae Les, 200. ‘te, Lous Lon and Phlasphy and Other Eso Tran, en Brews, New ‘York! Moniy Review P97 isle: The Arto Rhetoric. Ta Joba Hesry Rte, The Leh Cc Libary 193 E46. Poni. Camp: Harvad UP, 198, ‘Bese Fanci al Pee Fle. Conlon and he Colonel Wor, Cambie Conige UP, 158. ‘are, al Figs Deore «renacment: mas dew pes nos sor T= ATL Lion ng. Naina de Mona, 1B. 28 rgenive Pienitip: Facetoce ang Pay in Cain's "Leterohe King”™ Bet Paik The ene Chllg, TR Howe, Boley: U of Benn cca, N Cha er pan pra $ Wow Lino Cree Eater 5004 Boe Cs fh The Peeve Emp, 143835, Mher Cec uo Cabnin Pe 1 figs Pom Coa “Prep Rese, Bast Ricard” Ga Int oe orto oe BA Reiger apna Now Bes reson mnie ‘son ey. Teele: Maing he Oi in ty Mote ue” Maing £4 Deas Caer ete Bans BPP TR eases SVs parts es so crit 7 inn it. Car oma Acct ans Rowe Lt et one Lame ge PGi, 91 oni eV de once hana BS Lass espe he ‘eis 8 — Arne PsP de Cm Cc «ones Eine Cares ‘node Lede orpa tn ain, Baie at ofthe Corer 28. Trans Che Sion, New “nt ce ck 8 Caso Sv“ Bra Dies Enid cpr et ar Braue Peo aceon" hen Pe ar dobooes O socakenesn So rat Sos Ws et hh Reel Dace oh Oh. ee Mas ‘cepts Vartan peo" BeBe Say Lf Te Sen Rl Bose Vf all The rg of Hy T To Coy New Yak Ca U5 Sut ‘Serene a an et tg “ier Fou 010 Cana feve Ut Col Ci Te meno oie ores cE. Ceol Vel nn wasn Eo 8 ea, Ae Femara Evo de 0 coer Ls "re ge Pre Ca ie ga Gt a, cnt, ee A core de rt Anedn, porno faa Si do enone cd ena i Bes Comn Cua, Ee Ua "Asana cogs pric” Dara: de Tom rn 3839) 4133. Denia fee OF Hap te Dfnie ts ous Dera ‘eon tes Rach Sty. Sin Ua Saf? 200 — Palco Pini. re Gein. Lota We Wr. Duvet Pa Let aps bts an e mii erplan (XVle sc "sane de Bri madara 500-1208. Ee Kane Que Maan, at Pas: Pree de Ue ae Pane Sorbonne, 1998 335. ‘ge In, La peso del act, ane i eBay a eco rcemoers Ma: Vir, Fete ‘lan tune: Tine ed he ther, How Atrpaogy Males Object New Yok: ‘Comba UP, 183, Feiner de Ovid, Goce, Mixer general nal deans, Vl 380. 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