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Golmen Gazette

Volume 2, Issue 12 November 5, 2010

What’s New? What is happening in 4th grade?

November Character Trait is Two Digit Multiplication
RESPECT!! We will be full swing with 2 X 2 digit multiplication next week using
the Break Apart method. Have your child teach you this method for
Demonstrating honor and value extra practice!!  Please continue to practice multiplication facts
through actions! at home to make this process as easy for your child as possible!! Our
focus was on the 4s fact family this week.
Weekly Quizzes &Work
Responding to Reading
Friday ~ Math Check Up, Spelling Test,
One of the easiest ways to increase your child’s reading
Reading Skill Assessment comprehension is ask them questions about what they read. After
Daily- Reading towards 100 minutes for your child does their nightly reading, take a minute to ask them
the week, DLR questions like these: Who are the main characters? When and where
does the story take place? What is the problem in your story? How
do you think that problem will be solved?
Future Plans!
Box Tops Competition
Nov. 5- PTA Movie night
Mathews Elementary once again is collecting Box Tops until
Nov. 10- Veteran’s Day Assembly @
9 a.m. December 3. The top collecting class will be rewarded with a
Nov. 11-Positive Parenting Class celebration. Please send in your box tops to help support new
Nov. 24-26- NO SCHOOL resources for our school. It is a quick and easy way to gain new
items and/or technology for our school.

Website Awareness
Practice with Working with Words:
Our Merit Award winners for this week are:
On this interactive website, students
will be able to complete a variety of Aubrey Stevens
activities using their spelling words.
There are multiple games and printable and
worksheets for students to practice
their spelling words. Brandon Smith

What’s Coming Up?

Reading: Fact and Opinion
Writing: Persuasive writing
Working With Words: everything. don’t, our, continuous, swimming, queen, quart, quilt, quick, quiz
Suffix: - ing, -ous Pattern: qu- words
Math: 2X2 digit multiplication
Science: Ecosystems