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Meghan Elsman
Fabiola Nelson
Blaese Romano
Arjuna Sathianathan

Eng 352 ± 003

October 9, 2008
Technical Writing

V „efinitions
± False Advertising
± „eceptive Advertising
V False Advertising
± Examples
V „eceptive Advertising
± Examples
V Relation to Technical Communication
V False advertising:

A message is communicated to a target

which the target believes to be correct
but the sender knows the message to be
V „eceptive advertising:

An exaggerated message is
communicated to a target which the
target can believe to be correct

V When falsely advertising, the company is deliberately

misleading a potential consumer about a product, service, or
company by reporting false or unsubstantiated information.

V Advertisement companies use misrepresentations that utilize

words to increase the perceived value of a product.

V Some companies fail to have evidence to support claims

made in their advertisements.
O   | 

V Airborne recently settled a
lawsuit for false
advertising. The box
claimed the supplement
was a ³miracle cold
buster´ with no factual
evidence of preventing

V Bodyflex, an 18-
routine with a Bodyflex
Gym Bar, guaranteed in
their ads and infomercials
that in just seven days you
can lose 4 to 14 inches off
your waist.

V Companies must advertise in a
wide range of media.

V Before and after complex

medical problems such as
acne, weight loss ect.

V These ads often tend to only

highlight the positive aspects
not the undesirable.

V Other companies have people

(usually actors) exhibiting an
unrealistic enthusiasm


V Axe

V Gatorade
Technical communication: Specialized message sent
to a target medium
Advertisers using technical communication:
V Goal: to convince the target
V Use certain method of delivery
± use bigger font sizes & speed tone
± overstated product
± might present false evidence
V End result: target does what they want them to do
± Seize the target¶s attention
± The target is mislead by misinformation
V False Ads - „eliberately Misinform
± As Seen with Airborne & Bodyflex Ads
V „eceptive Ads - Over Exaggerate
± As Seen with Axe & Gatorade Ads
V Technical Communication Relation
± Goal
± „elivery
± Result