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We hold the following academic profile for you for the 2009/0 academic year.

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Course of Study UBPPHARFT - Bachelor Of Pharmacy

UPHARSFT - Pharmacy Single
of Study

Year of Study 3

Mode of Attendance FT - Full-Time

Campus Location University of Technology, Jamaica

Current Status FCA - Financial Clearance Online

If the details above are incorrect, complete the online enrolment process and then contact the
Admissions Office.

Name Currie, Dena-Rae

ID Number 0700709/1

Academic Year 2009/0

Course of Study UBPPHARFT - Bachelor Of Pharmacy

Specialization/Route Pharmacy Single

Mode of Attendance Full-Time

Year of Study 3

Campus Location University of Technology, Jamaica

Enrolment Status Current registered on line

Course end date 19/Aug/2011

Fee Status Jamaican

Date of Enrolment Attempt 13/Aug/2009

This serves to confirm that you have successfully enrolled for the 2009/0 academic year. You are now
registered to take the following modules:

Year Period Module Name Credit
2009/0 SEM1 CHY3004 Medicinal Chemistry 1 4
2009/0 SEM1 HEA3011 Project Seminar 1 1
2009/0 SEM1 PHA3002 Antiinfectives 2
Biopharmaceutics/ Basic
2009/0 SEM1 PHA3003 2
2009/0 SEM1 PHA3004 Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics 1 4
2009/0 SEM1 PHA3005 Dispensing 1 ( Pharm Practice 1) 2
2009/0 SEM1 PHA3006 Pharmacology 2 4
2009/0 SEM2 CHY3008 Medicinal Chemistry 2 3
2009/0 SEM2 CHY3009 Pharmaceutical Analysis 4
2009/0 SEM2 PHA3007 Clinical Pharmacy& Therapeutics 2 4
2009/0 SEM2 PHA3008 Dispensing 2 ( Pharmacy Practice 2) 2
2009/0 SEM2 PHA3009 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2
2009/0 SEM2 RES3001 Research Methodologies 3
2009/0 SEM2 STA3001 Biostatistics 2
Total Credits for Academic Year 39

Congratulations on your completed enrolment and good luck with your studies in the forthcoming
academic year.

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