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I am writing to you to welcome in my city and to inform you about a few things you have to know
about my neighbourhood and my home.

First of all I want to thank you that you agree with this exchange, you will not have any
disappointment and you will be very happy for your choise because is the best you could make. You and
your family will have a great year and I hope you will enjoy all the things that you can do here because
you have a lot to do and I hope you will not get bored.

My neighborhood is the best you can choose, with a park in the middle. is a close neighborhood to
the the center of the city. No one can not really find it . I can sit in the front window and watch the kids
play. We have neighborhood picnics and now you can enjoy it too. It is great I would not change it for
anything but this year i can not take any other choise because i have a scholarship in China and i think is
a great opportunity to experiment new things. It is situated near the underground railway and you can
quickly move with it.




I hope I open your curiosity and you will be very satisfied of your chiose and you will enjoy your
stay. I really want to meet you and to talk a few words about all of this until the change. I will wait for
your response.

Your faithful,