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Meeting Minutes

Action Team Name: Active Living ; Meeting Date: July 10th, 2008 - Note Taker name: Taraya Gibson and Jim Plumb

Attendees: Taraya Gibson, Jim Plumb, Christiaan Morrisink, Tina Sloan-Green, Dottie Wells, Roy, Hoffman, Alissa Weiss, Brandon rown,
Michele Holloway, Brenda Shelton Dunston, Abbie Santana, Angelica Vazquez, Lamarr Kendrick, Jessica Vazquez, Tiffany Carter, Jazmin
Cradle, Amy Hicks, Jameir Hughes, Kurt Andrews, Rashan Burrell, Donnita Payne, Zafir Cotton, Laquanda Dobson, Emmanuel Aboah, Jesse
Poole, Margaret O’Niel

Agenda Item Discussion: Main Points Follow-up Actions Responsibility

Introductions Overview of PUFFA; Youth Group

Previous Meeting Overview of activity to date
New Topics Domains:
• Playgrounds
• Little kids use, but older kids stay
away because can get shot
• Need people to get involved in
cleaning up parks; people stay away
because they don’t want to be targets
• Music and food will bring people out
• Some parks do have security and
people get fined for littering and Determine exactly what current All
dumping policies/requirements are
• Why not community service for all
schools; various requirements
• Field trips – some student s have
never taken one
• After school programs:
• Spend so much time in school, just
want to go home and chill
Created on 28/07/2008 16:02:00
• Teachers say can’t go outside during
school; lunchroom for lunch; gym for
• Gym has been cut down; 50% of kids
are not participating
• New schools need to be designed to
facilitate active living
Active transportation
Get Andy Dyson involved in PUFFA Jim
• Neighborhood Bike Works has been

Next Steps Philadelphia has money and resources; Jim

Need to hold people accountable for Christiaan
what they are supposed to do

Lots of model programs and resources

in Philadelphia
Synergy: List examples Laquanda and Black Women in Sports
of synergy provided at
meeting Brenda Shelton-Dunston – Black
Women’s health Alliance – Violence
Next Meeting Date:


Created on 28/07/2008 16:02:00

Created on 28/07/2008 16:02:00