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Science FCAT Interim

Assessment Review Tool

Zachary Nehme, Department Chairman
Prepared by A. D. Diamond, ED.S.
SC.A.1.4.3 1.C 2. 100
SC.A.1.4.4 1. D 2. 60
SC.A.2.4.5 1. C 2. G
SC.B.1.4.1 1. C 2. 12.5
SC.C.1.4.1 1. A 2. 22.0
SC.C.2.4.1 1. C 2. 2
SC.D.1.4.1 1. A 2. Deborah’s area
receives less precipitation because as moist air moves in
from the ocean, it moves up the slopes of the mountain
range. At higher altitudes, the air becomes cooler, losing it
ability to hold water, which falls as precipitation. By the
time the air has reached the other side of the mountains,
it has lost most of its moisture.
SC.D.1.4.2 1. D 2. This type of
boundary is know as a convergent boundary. As the South
American Plate is lifted up, the collision creates a
mountain range at the edge of the plate.
SC.D.2.4.1 1. C 2. If all of the birds
died, worm populations would quickly increase. Snake
populations would decrease because their primary food
source [birds] are gone. After a year, the worm population
would decrease due to increased competition among the
worms for food and habitat, while the snake population
would continue to decrease unless there was an increase
in another food source.
SC.E.1.4.1 1. B 2. There would be
no tides due to a lack of a shifting gravitational field
reaching the Earth. The Earth’s rotation is slowed by
tidal interactions with the Moon. If the Moon never
existed, the Earth would be spinning much faster.
SC.F.1.4.1 1. D 2. The
levels of O2 in the leaf increase, and the levels of CO2
decrease, slowing the rate of photosynthesis.
SC.F.2.4.3 1. B 2. The
primate has an advantage over the squirrel because it
can grasp the branch, swing on it, and hang with its
hands. The squirrel cannot perform these actions.
SC.G.1.4.1 1. C 2. Plants capture
and store solar energy for food. They are sources of
food and oxygen for humans. Human cellular
respiration produces CO2 which is used by plants in
SC.G.2.4.2 1. D 2. In a rain forest,
the biomass decomposes on the forest floor. This
causes nutrients to be released into the soil. In slash-
and-burn clearing, nutrients are removed through
burning and harvesting.
SC.H.1.4.1 1. C 2. 0.241
SC.H.2.4.1 1. A 2. G
SC.H.3.4.2 1. D 2. A power failure
would interrupt services such as transportation,
communication and hospital treatments. Our day-to-
day life requires that we have a continuous supply of