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365 Reasons Why I Love My Dad…

 He takes care of me.  He taught me how to swim at the

 He does my taxes. YMCA.
 He has cool white hair.  He fills the cars up with gas.
 He wakes me up in the morning.  He can fix anything.
 I’ve got his blue eyes.  He’s learned from some very tough
 He made sure I grew up going to lifetime experiences.
church.  He encourages me.
 He prays for me.  He took me to work all the time –
 He gives me zingers when I get sick. and helped me to get the jobs in
 He loves the Lord. the first place. (“Getting a job IS
 He thought it important that I go to a a job!”)
Christian college (important enough to  People say I’m like him.
pay for it!)  He keeps telling “Dad” jokes. (The
 He reads his Bible – every day. kind that make you say, “Oh,
 He has a wealth of experiences behind Dad!!!”)
him.  He has great respect for his
 He’s not afraid to cry. parents and family.
 He shook us off to dry after our baths  He gave us piggyback rides.
when we were kids.  He always smiles a huge
 He gave us fun vacations (on a beaming smile when one of his
shoestring! – no Disney for us ) kids walks through the door.
 He sat through my many (sometimes  He was a fun kid himself.
painful) violin lessons.  He’s talented (music, woodworking,
 He let me make important decisions creativity.)
(like college.)  He tries SO hard to give us a good
 Others love and respect him. time (December 14th tradition,
 He has integrity. vacations, etc.)
 He always put his family first.  He’s pretty laid-back.
 He made sure I had breakfast every  He has really cool handwriting.
morning (he made it for me – oatmeal,  He hates live and beans – so we
toast, OJ, and coffee!) never had to have them for dinner.
 He came (drove 6 hours in the  He has so much compassion for
snow) to see me and pray with me struggling people.
when I was having a tough time at  He has a gift for finding the
college. one person at a gathering who
 He read us Bible stories every night. seems uncomfortable, and
 He stayed with me in the hospital. quickly makes them feel
 He ran after us when we were in welcome – befriends them in
parades to take pictures. such a sincere way.
 He took me deep sea fishing.  He’s Scottish!
 He makes great muffins.  He went through tough operations
 He was so concerned when I was sick. and never complained.
 He stuck up for me when I was in  He gave me a wonderful
trouble. example of the kind of guy I
 He was my cheerleader. should marry.
 He tolerated my violin practicing (-or  He doesn’t play poker and hates
lack of it.) gambling.
 He helped me move into my college  He’s happy when his wife and kids
dorm with a car full of stuff, and out of are happy.
my college apartment, with a van, 2  He lets me be me.
cars, and U-Haul full of stuff.  He’s creative with “fix-its.”
 It takes a lot to get him mad.  He was just scary enough when we
 He’s nice to my roommates. were little kids – we didn’t want to
 He likes dogs. “tangle” with Dad.
 He’s very logical.
 He’s a godly man.

This was written and put into a daily calendar by Wally’s daughter, Joy.
She gave it to him for his birthday on May 9th, 1996.
365 Reasons Why I Love My Dad…
 He gave me a great vocabulary by
the way he talked.
 He was bold enough to put up a wall in  He often knows what I’m thinking.
the big bedroom (to create 2 rooms).  He thinks the same way I do.
 He was humble enough to take that  He sees me as his little girl, and
wall down (when mom came home, also as a woman.
discovered the wall, and WASN’T too  I feel proud to be seen with him
happy about it.) and as his daughter.
 He took Greek once  He always knows how to make
(ω, ε ι σ , ε ι , ο µ ε ν , ε τ ε , ο υ someone feel included in the
σ ι . . .) conversation or party.
 He knows how to fly a plane.  He lets us take seconds from his
 He’s a dreamer and a visionary. dinner plate. He offered it.
 He keeps growing as a person and  He waited patiently to get ready for
a Christian. church.
 He has high expectations of me.  He’s not dogmatic at all.
 He laughs a lot.  He was always nice to my friends.
 He isn’t afraid to be venerable. (Even the weird ones!)
 He’s not afraid to apologize.  He put up with, and drove, some
 He kissed me goodbye every day lemons patiently. He always gave
before I went into school. mom the better car.
 He never forgot my birthday.  He bandaged me up when I fell off
 He’s a handsome man. my bike at age 18.
 He ran outside in his underwear to  He’s my mentor.
catch the burglar who tried to break  He was willing to look foolish to get
into my room. (He tried!) pictures of us at graduation.
 He prays for his family.  He tells me I’m beautiful.
 He’s got a warm, friendly smile.  He tells mom she’s beautiful.
 He listens to me.  He knows the world of business.
 He always “likes” the gifts I give him  He likes slapstick humor, like
(even when I was little and made him a Tommy Boy.
orange pottery ashtray in  He knows how to grow older
kindergarten.) gracefully. His mind will
 He works hard around the house. always be young.
 He made me coffee in the morning.  He licked our ice cream cones to
 He told me stories about when he was keep them from dripping.
a kid.  He always took the dog out for
 He came to all of my recitals. walks.
 He quizzed me in spelling and the  He always prayed before we went
times tables. on a trip for safety.
 He was protective when I was dating.  He taught me how to mow the
 He let me learn from my mistakes. lawn, wash the car, change the tire
 He consoled me when I bombed a and oil.
project or recital.  He taught me many physics
 He always told me how proud he lessons.
was of me.  He took me to see Raiders of the
 He used to always let me pick the Lost Ark three times in the theater.
“Three Little Pigs” story to read.  He covered our eyes at the bad
 He put up with all of my girl stuff and parts of the movie (like at Indiana
makeup to buy at Walgreen’s. Jones).
 He turned my music (pages) for me.  He didn’t let us make fun of each
 He played chauffeur many times. other.
 He knows a lot about tools.  He painted my first bike yellow and
 He taught us how to do the “Nestea” bright green, just like I wanted it.
plunge at the YMCA pool.  He taught me how to ride a bike.
 He loves my mom’s relatives and their  He carries my picture in his wallet.

This was written and put into a daily calendar by Wally’s daughter, Joy.
She gave it to him for his birthday on May 9th, 1996.
365 Reasons Why I Love My Dad…
 He gave me his good genes (well,  He helped me to learn how to read
some of the bad ones too). by having me read Bible Stories.
 He’s dynamic.  We are ‘cut from the same cloth’.
 He can get people talking at parties.  He never complains.
 He always seems so happy to see me.  He’s a great bible teacher.
 He always told me I had great  He has strong faith in God’s
potential. plan.
 He’s traditional.  He sent me to a Christian school
 He implanted a good work ethic in me. even though it was more
 He can make a great peanut butter & expensive.
jelly sandwich.  He learns from his mistakes.
 He never burped.  I could write a book about him and
 He was the only white-haired guy to his experiences.
walk of the “Demon” at Great America.  His clothes always match.
 He was proud of me at graduation.  He takes out the garbage.
 He went into debt to send us to school.  He taught me the principles of
 He took me all over to visit colleges. nuclear power.
 He makes awesome pancakes.  He always sits at the head of the
 He did magic tricks at my Birthday table.
parties.  He gave me his basement
 He’s got a cool singing voice – one we bedroom.
heard every week at church.  He sent me to camp.
 He knows how to make my oatmeal  He forgives me.
just like I like it – “dry as sawdust.”  He never hid anything from us.
 He taught me how an airplane works.  He funded my braces so I could
 He’s polite. have a perfect smile.
 He tucked me into bed when I was  He NEVER swore.
little.  He always helped me out.
 He calls me at college.  He helped us play ‘surprise’ in the
 He knew after I had been on a retreat car when waiting for mom to come
that it had been a bad weekend. He out of a store.
took off of work early, picked me up  He taught me how to build stuff in
after school, and took me to buy a the garage.
curling iron and to talk about it.  He let us clomp around in his BIG
 He would take off work to care for me shoes when we were little.
if he needed to.  He invited very interesting people
 He would carry me to bed when I fell over for dinner.
asleep at the TV – or even when I  He taught me the reality of spiritual
pretended to. warfare.
 He drove me to school every morning  He was an encouragement to my
so I wouldn’t have to take the bus. mom.
 He taught me how to get a job.  He killed big bugs and spiders.
 He encouraged ‘us kids’ to go out with  He worried about me.
each other.  He tolerated giggling at slumber
 He was so kind to us, we would worry parties. (all night long)
that he’d get mad or let him down or  He’d always give us his last $2 –
disappoint him. always crisp and tri-folded.
 He has cool scars – like the stab mark  He insisted that a guy always come
on his back. to the door before I went out on a
 He knows how to carve a turkey. date.
 He knows how to choose a good tie.  He’d be happy when I got a date
 He doesn’t play golf. for the dance.
 He always took ‘the lesser’ car, even  He encouraged me when I lost
when he shouldn’t have. weight.
 He’s a great arbitrator.  He never complains about being
 He likes history. sick.

This was written and put into a daily calendar by Wally’s daughter, Joy.
She gave it to him for his birthday on May 9th, 1996.
365 Reasons Why I Love My Dad…
 He let me wear his clothes in high  He’ll make the perfect grandfather.
school because that was “cool.”  He didn’t wince at some of my
 He watched “Three’s Company” with strange-looking boyfriends.
us.  He’s mechanical.
 He appreciated my childhood crafts  He plays hymns on the piano.
(even the orange ashtray) that I made  He supports my decisions.
in kindergarten.  He wants me to have fun, exciting
 He has 1001 uses for duct tape. experiences.
 He appreciates cultural diversity.  He doesn’t play favorites.
 He led me to the Lord.  I got his nose.
 He took me to Baskin Robbins after our  He was good to Nick, the dog.
concerts.  He’s dealt with a lot, and remained
 He lives as if earth is not his home. strong.
 He gives me pizza money.  He wouldn’t read us “Jelly Beans
 He often made me breakfast. for Breakfast” or “Cream Puffs” to
 He lets me borrow his car. us before bed because they were
 He paid for college even though it put far too silly.
him in debt.  He married my mom.
 He thinks the Bible is exciting.  He’s respected by other people.
 He flipped us in the pool at the YMCA.  He’s fun.
 He tells awesome stories.  He survived my teenage years.
 He treats mom like a queen.  He’s strong.
 He took me on trips.  He hates ‘parlor games’.
 He goes to work every day to support  He’s open-minded.
us.  He’s got hearing aids, so he can
 He took notes at my violin lesson - he hear us better.
cared so much.  He didn’t have ‘guy buddies’
 He gives good advice. that he always had to ‘hang
 He’s honest. out’ with.
 He’s a man’s man.  He’s a positive thinker.
 He let us ‘dress him’ with cool clothes  He’s NOT a sports freak.
we picked out.  He’s proud of us.
 He always told us we looked pretty on  He taught me how to drive.
Sundays before church.  He taught me how to drive STICK
 He taught us to pray. SHIFT!
 He likes to teach the Bible.  He’s always made some plywood
 He started the December 14th tradition. table contraption for family
 He makes great pancakes and vacations. (Very useful!)
cinnamon toast.  He helped me decorate my dorm,
 He took me to concerts. and stapled material on my
 He was concerned about my grades. bolsters.
 He was my taxi driver, even when I  He knows how to smooth things out
was embarrassed. with my mom.
 He went to all of my violin / orchestra  He sees the best in people.
concerts.  He never stops learning.
 He made a ‘practicing’ time-clock seat  He took us to the Learning Tower Y
to “encourage” good violin practicing and bought us snacks (like Suzie-
habits. Qs) afterwards.
 He fell for my April Fool’s joke about  He’s a college grad.
being engaged, and then forgave me.  He’s sincere.
 He gave me roses when I was feeling  He defended my mom even when I
bad. didn’t want him to.
 He dressed up for the Taylor “Hoe  He let me go to prom.
Down” and searched endlessly for it  He’s a faithful husband.
before taking us to Azar’s Big Boy.  He’s good with babies.
 He’s kind to animals.  He’s a protector.
 He’s a great role model.

This was written and put into a daily calendar by Wally’s daughter, Joy.
She gave it to him for his birthday on May 9th, 1996.
365 Reasons Why I Love My Dad…
 He clicks his teeth when he laughs  He is positive in negative
really hard. situations.
 He likes classical music.  He taught me how to use a circular
 He’s patient – very patient! saw.
 He does dishes.  He let us laugh at him and laughed
 He’s sensitive. along.
 He read me stories when I was young.  He let me know he was praying
 He knows how to fix the toilet. for me and I know that when he
 He could laugh when he was in the said he’d pray for someone he
hospital. always did.
 He gave us chocolate on Valentine’s  He made us visit the historical sites
Day. on vacation.
 He answered 1000s of questions.  He got me to stop sucking my
 He helped me learned state capitals thumb.
and used pneumonic devices for  He’s smart.
spelling tests.  He knows how to use the
 He gave me a curfew. computer.
 He helped me memorize scripture.  He loves my violin playing.
 He took me to ‘The Artist’s Café’  He always sounds so happy to
downtown after I flubbed ‘The Bee’ hear my voice on the phone.
during a violin competition.  He always compliments the chef on
 He consoled me when I was down. He her meals.
seemed to sense when I was sad.  He taught me how to be a good
 He didn’t let me quit playing violin. worker.
 He’s cool.  He made my lunches.
 He tried me to improve my grades.  He remembers what it was like to
 He makes my boyfriend laugh. be a kid our age.
 He built me my own tool workbench  He will walk me down the aisle and
when I was little. give me away someday as a bride.
 He looked so handsome at Bonnie’s  He brought us back gifts from his
wedding. infrequent business trips.
 He’s organized.  He invested his life in his kids.
 He’s left-brained. (The logical,  He helps clean the house.
mathematical side of the brain)  He makes awesome French toast.
 He’s the best example of the love (or cinnamon toast, like before
of God I’ve ever known. watching Disney movies on TV)
 He let me have some of his coffee  I was his little ‘Tom-boy’.
when I was little.  He doesn’t act his age.
 He was patient when I spilled  He’s got a good sense of humor.
everything.  He’s not interfering.
 He has a sacrificial spirit.  He knows how to fix cars.
 He woke everyone up for church.  He was patient with endless
 He let me ask questions about my childhood questions.
faith.  He was the ‘chocolate monster’.
 He bailed me out when the cars broke  He was strong when I was weak.
down.  He didn’t have lots of hobbies that
 He’s always been there when I’ve would keep him away from his
needed him. family – he had 2 – flying, which he
 He helped me get to Europe. hadn’t done in decades, and
 He lets me buy stuff at Talbot’s with teaching the Bible.
my paycheck from Talbot’s.  He carried us in to bed when we
 He gives constructive criticism. fell asleep in the car (or pretended
 He’s loyal. to fall asleep.)
 He’s always walked in during the one  He took out my splinters.
bad part of the movie.  He emptied the mousetraps.
 He knows when to give guidelines and  He taught me success was not in
when to give rules. the result, but in the effort.

This was written and put into a daily calendar by Wally’s daughter, Joy.
She gave it to him for his birthday on May 9th, 1996.
365 Reasons Why I Love My Dad…
 He knows when to ‘let go’.  365 reasons I love him, was not
 He pulled the car up (to pick us up) so that hard to come up with.
we’d stay dry in the rain.  He’s the only one who believe I
 He let Bonnie and I laugh and talk at could DO ANYTHING I set my mind
night when we were little. to.
 He woke up when I got sick in the  He’d always sit behind mom in
middle of the night. church so that he could hear every
 He gave me a curfew in High School. note she played on the organ.
 He is my friend.  He always made sure mom had a
 He can find a mechanical solution to corsage for her concerts or
almost any everyday problem. Mother’s Day – an orchid.
 People say I look like him.  Just because he’s my dad.
 He was careful about what I watched
on TV.
 He wears good smelling cologne (like
Old Spice).
 He can laugh at his mistakes.
 He never passes gas or burps – at least
I’ve never heard him .
 He chased down burglars in ski masks
that were trying to get into the house
and CAUGHT them.
 He can make anything out of plywood.
 He got upset when others hurt our
 He watched PBS with us.
 God first, Mom second, us third – his
hierarchy was indisputable and
 He always speaks using good English.
 He never really wanted anything
he didn’t already have – he truly
knew contentment.
 He put his love into action.
 He once stapled his pants for a quick
‘fix it’. Glue or tape could also be used
when needle and thread, or buttons, or
tie tacks were not readily available.
 He made us laugh.
 He hated vandalism – and would “fix
it” himself if he came across it – like by
bending back a mangled stop sign.
 He knew where every donut shop was
– Winchel’s near Christian Life Church,
Amy Joy Donuts near the YMCA, and
Dunkin’ Donuts just about everywhere
 He never talked unkindly about anyone
– never gossiped.
 He wrote me letters at college.
 He made mom a birthday cake using
maple syrup as the icing.
 He always prayed over his cereal
in the morning.
 Education was a priority in our family
because of him.
 He rarely stayed late at work.

This was written and put into a daily calendar by Wally’s daughter, Joy.
She gave it to him for his birthday on May 9th, 1996.