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FORMATIONS ‘The options plays at ths site can be ran out of ifferent backfelld sets. (Bene.winglhete) You chose, keep itbasic and rep fyrep it rep i —@ @ FO orae » RBs feet at ‘nose on inside E_4vz yards__hip of guaret. — PRO RIGHT. TITE RIGHT_4 i. ° © 08000 a. 0908000 O° O° | TWINS RIGHT ] SLOT RIGHT] og oBo0 oo ° o 2.0800 ° a0 — UMB TWINS RT] | UMB SPLIT RT| ° ° 208000 o @08 000, oO oO OUTSIDE VEER Every offense has its signature play Forus, ffs he ouside veer Rting off tackle wary quickly whila out numisering the defense onthe porimoter The plays ample option bute ond up ghina ito he divebacke ‘30% ofthe time, We wil read the DE and ty to seal everyone inside of him. Teams we face wil make diererit adustment suc as playing 25 tech. tien we run inside veer} or play he end on a 7 tech ten we run more log option, Again the pay hs wit ping quelness andthevefore te go rust lake proper steps to.got goad mesh ancitha ptiback rust sprint for good pitch-relationship Wis cruial for usto gettho LE salad on the outside vaer bute must also got rovarent onthe dowvlinsrnen eal, ye wuld ks to havo ourtripia team drive the daw defender doap anaugh a cutoff the LE's and create pila. The OLITSIDE. VEER has been a mainstay in our offense ands the primary reason we use spli-backs, Fs [OUTSIDE VEER VS OAKIE c ¥ 3 w fy s By (“Sager | (] READ E Z\ OPTION OB" - rust act quicly to gett the mesh point while reading the DE. Ye have him slep at 3 o'lack with 3 20" step followed by to 10" ger staps 10 gat hi tothe inside fp of te tackle is th step yal ride dowel withthe mesh. Unless the DE erashos dawn, he wil vs to he diveback We tl himto thine dive unless the DE clases harci were he wal pul the bel arciturn upfield ancl option te next defender. RB's - PLAYSIDE backwillhitthe inside hip ofthe tackle and mesh with the QB. fis importartfor him to hug the tiple team and nat goto mide. the DE closes and takes dive, he must drag rim wih hi, BACKSIDE back must sornt hd for sideline to get good pich relationship. — LINE - ye ll combo black he first down defender inside the TE. tis impartantto get movernent onthe dow rian andithen have one ofthe biackers get of 1oL® Ioeely, the tiple lean wall cs off the LBs = vik’ - wil execute tel staeblacks TE" tackle is covered. Itech te wll combo down vith tackle and slide of to LB Sect teal double th tackle and guard wil sid off ta LE ittackle isnat caverad ‘toch to will raleace inside and seal playsida LB Tech te wll elease outside and sea playside LB OUTSIDE VEER (cont) OUTSIDE VEER (umb twins) VS4-4 FS Cc [OUTSIDE VEER(umb pro) VS 6-1 Sy w. fy M aut x Jo x tee OUTSIDE VEER VS 4-3 with 7 tech or S . a } INSIDE VEER With all ofthe evan detonces outthers now: fe inside west has ance again became a big play nour offense. n years past te iy defenses gave us problems with quick double reads for ur OB. The even dofanses dant pose that treat for us so we haeo sean qoina backeto itmore and mors. Wa readit as atnple ‘pion butunlike the cus weer, the inside veer vil genital be 2 OB or Ph Play. Ary play that can get ‘Ur ponies autside, makes this avery explosive affanse. Theplay's much lke tha of the outside veer except ‘we feadithe fst domin defender on or outside the tackle end aterpt to seal everyone lined up inside that dlefander Tha plays ran as atriple option and can ba rant ust about any formation, has been a good plajvs defenses who male adjustments to sip te Outside Veer. You may fin te play one of your narder ‘nas to teach and execu, butwil go along way in maléna your pacisaae complote FS ss ll mesh withthe DB at tho cutside hip ofthe guard His frst stap should be a 20" step 23 otlock with his second step dng wath the mesh, He wil Sadie fst conn defender on ar ausid the tele he ‘loses dav on tre dD, The la wil pul and sprint co»mhilto option tha nec defender. Asainst 3 racle ‘wren the defense Is tasling, we faverinn read tie slack This can be dMicultfor te young GE ana To Saiimatcchnse tn nin the rive ancieioantion and ant raadd a= 9 tinlantion fRa'y PLAYCIOE beck vl ithe outside hig ofthe querd ang mest with OS's important forhirnto hug the mple team andnce getto wida. Fine DE cosas and tales due, ha rust drag lm ath Fim BACKSIDE back rust sprit hard for sideline to get good pin rela onship [Line] cur tiocking mies are toread te fist cen defender on or outside the tackle and seal all therinside tiefenders by using comb and zone blociang Rerrernber, on al veers, we wai fo get mavemnent enc! top pursu — [wes il exccuts thor stalleblacks TE] whenplayside, wil arc release and block force, When arc releasing the TE wants to get width and nat depth ‘Yee have him pl (sion this shoulders square te the LOS) whi fosing a yarc. He wants to exoeuto the block near the LOS unless he gets GO-GO cally the PB. Fhe sto far aut rol el need To susan the block for be long. The TE mikes contact on the ouside shoulder and ties to seal hi to he inside. INSIDE VEER (cont) SIDE [INSIDE VEER (twins) VS SPLIT 6 not ><7 al ue c INSIDE VEER (PRO) VS 6-1 C. ¢ pach Md ay IN) = I Es ISIDE VEER (umb short) VS OAKIE GAPrs SPEED OPTION "Yee have never hacla size or stengl advantage aver an apponent, but eve made up for itwith speed end Suckress. Our best play, for taking advantage of our speed, 1s Ye speadicption_ Even wfien we cant see tO get fe [Fart blocked, we have been able o pet othe perimeter hthe speed, The plays a double ontion forusbetwsen the QB and pitehback Ye end up pitching the al 90% ofthe tine which is wnat ws prstor \We have found it ta be a simple pley to execcte and 8 good edition i even nor-opton offenses. We igeneraly have aur wide ats crack block ma cr \ 4 xs 1B "will open step with his plysics foot at & c'clock: Ha then pushes off with that sare foot direct for the end. We haw himnaneipate the pitch and asichim ta do so uns the end stretches wide oF ums the pitch, were he wal im it up hac [vam’s - Playside W's wil crack on frst defender off the LOS to show fuacker, backer, Hee) er = LINE! — we il option he endian on the LOS. We will scpop ar cul the down defenders unless they are ‘shaded playsida. Tho lineman wth down psopie acoss fom them will scrape off and seaiL FB'S- PLAYSIDE back sprintto tho sid lina and aim forthe inside shoulder of the comer ath good relationship wath the plchback We can use an aggressive block. the comer has callansed down inside, ne wil seal him anclrun outside. Pitchinack wil spin hard far goad pitch relationship (PR] and read lead backs block rc TE, - willatc release black when playside SPEED OPTION cont. Fs | speed fo twins vs oakie gap ch = c s AW ss Anite, TRAP Pursuit and penetraton can stop anj tenes, ba eepecialy an aptonteam Tha tap has bsen_ good play to counter those techniquas. Most af aur plays av avey dation wth the st step ofthe backtald. Ts ives the LLB’s e-quictoadiar ov and whion we don’ go tothe LB's we don get ho big pieys. The trap walsete the E's ‘doom or breck openif ey dont. We used torn our rep by handing the ball of snd coring to fake the ‘optenin tre seme direction. Wile we gettne LB's toflow,, most athe tackles were made ly the backside DE and EB WE row use the reverse spin by he cb and piichbace The 2 staps are snaugh to gel he LES rowing anche [reverse option fake seems to pullin the backside creating lane FS cB E VW S¢ pe E Sas woe 4 - SRW. q E é st Nx Aer YP A 4 % DD # * EF [TRAP VS 5-2 Q_ 4 OB" - steps back at 5 otockand gives the ball deep and quick (no mesh) tis impotent for him notto Grottltha RE Bier he hen the QE wil reverse val and catty ut an option Fake opposite drecton — FES - PLAYSIDE back all step nth his inside foot headed forthe dhol. On his second step, he wil cu anc “allow behind re guard reading his black, The guard ill ganeray ick the OT outin wfich ur running ana vl 6 inset Bleek. Occasional, you wil faca a good DT tat wil squeaz6 dean inside wars wo tol our querdt log him and» waliunfarhar outside BACKS(E BACK wil ofan up andiake a step towards poy, hen teverse pivotand sprit opon eke vith he OE LINE. Wo wiltrap the fist down lineman on or outside the backside guard. Cento wil lack playside gap, Prayside guard wall pull quick haadinguptials He wants to ar fer the DTs uid shaulder and log him fhe Squeazes. backside guard wil back down, Tacos il base block co [ae - wallexecute tar statkctlocks TE, - illip inside andhick nate SS TRAP (cont) wee SS TRAP VS 6-14 A SS Ss =a [TRAP VS 4-3 GAP] TRAP VS PINCH sp TRAP VS DBL EAGLE \O ENS was TRAP VS SPLIT6 | [TRAP OPTION when LB collapses COUNTER DIVE ‘The "COUNTER DIVE" has fecemtly Become our Dest inside play. The plays predetermined and hits overthe center with ightnng quleknese, The keyfor the CO, ls tat wil eis 4 counter plky, the RB's do nottake countersteps, making ta very explosive and consistent, The Faveree spin-out by the QB does enough to freeze the LB's, while the angles bythe RBs make iC impossible te beth collapse on the CD and defend the "CD option” We ty to ise some sort ef fld blocking en the CO or can wedge or base block it. The CD can be a simple yet very effective pay and shouldbe considered for your veer offense complimented with the CD pion, Give etry [counter dive vs 4-3 shade | FS ss 5 z j b v4 Na C A ey yy T S 6 s E TTT x NG Liu Heounter dive vs 5-2 FS + caw a AS will rev ‘QB not crowd the DB, giving him plenty of room to cut back if needs ‘ut option fake with the PB. Taal We will try to ereate a fold block either with the C & G's or G's & T's, We can also base block or [LINE wedge block it but the folds give us great angles. We have the T's leave the DE's alone. Against ‘a even front. we ike the C to fold withthe G on the 1 tech side. no 1 tech, fold backsid [pes Plavside back will aim directly for the centers tail. He hits the hole at about 90% speed alowing IRE him to make a cut Backside back will sprint ard on his pitshroute. [va's wi insiae stam ‘spin and hand off the hall ust behind where he lined up. itis very important the os {QB must then sprint SPEED OPTION PASS £5 monlioned earlor, SPEED OPTION ts one of ourbest pes. When we can ost the Lbs and secondary blocked offectvely. ta play bacarnes explosive, Tearns that we face goneraly wil pay their Svang Safety ar Rover in {an pagressive fashion io hep onthe pic, or oferwalluse a oOV-2 wih the comers rlled up. Gur speed Dption pass series, i desiqnad tn take ackantane of tatoo af player and lesson them up We pice the package up ftom fie North Dakota State sf eisitcontibsted to us winning a state tile he very net season We ive ofthe pancipie that, ws Dy not lose yardage on any play evan iftainas go wreng with he specs ‘option pass, we have a deep tinea! a best, anda pic to our rb at worst With other pess pays, al of your Feclevers are covered, you sometimes can scramble, but the rest of theme, you ae thowingincompletes, INTs, or geting sacked. On These plays, au have several options to make positive lo great yardage. '8 WHEEL VS 4-3 CV-3 FS 2 genset] EE soso, cB “SCB) wee SsL_t “hf T 4 4 ~. e : — ‘QB! - willtake his normal speed option steps. We have him bel back about one yard so he can gel stound te block on the end as wel as Squar his choulders before thravong He isreadingthe 9S the ‘nhole time, keying wether he 1s coming up fo foree orretetng fer pas. fhe SS comes up for Support he wee! shouid te oper Ye don focus of the outside feciever thee fronton ven fey ignore him. Ifthe SS widens wu the spit fenthe CB ums it upfelevath the opin, WR'S - OUTSIDE retievoril nin aither 2 2,8, or nina depanding on coveraos. INSIDE reciever wil run whee! rote lasing { yard sprinting har for sideline. tis important tat wee have seperation betiean the raciavers. We have him starring cup wher the k lined up TURE - will coop block wih curing action. We want alt of plas forthe LB's to have ta jume over. Playside tack as te very moortant job o cutiag and Seairg the and He wl Palo rormthe Rb if reoded rem RB's - PLAYSIDE back vllaim fo outside hip othe enc the tackle has sealed him, rb goes To ne lve = TE, - willrun abackside Oto keep the FS home, SPEED OPTION PASS (cont.) e oeeey y { oe fees sd] (== 7 are fl) woes 28 eres F lara 7 joaline irs stn ys sf i SEAL he ge we ‘ 2 Eee Se 7 fet ws. 55 | sin wry a rete BESET ; VEER PASS (Our veer pass is 21 reciever route te the Nanker G)_ 1's 2 simple play to execute and can be very effective vs agressive corners. In our system, the wideouts execute the stalk block on atleast 80% of the plays, We find that the threat of this pass not only Keeps the corner (or S on cv-2) honest, making his block much elsier to execute, but rewards him forall the hard work getting our ponies outside. We have found that even a corner in soft tech can stil be realed in when he sees the OB get outside with a pitchback behind him. ifhe sill gives a cushion, the Z wil simply turn his fy inte a fOyrd hook. Ifthe Z stil can't get open, we carry out the option withthe pitchback, 4 ‘«__ [VEER PASS VS OAKIE CV-2 ‘4 ‘apts down the line keying the corner the whole tine, He fakes the mesh as much as possible, but the dive backs angle is wider so you won't get a great fake. He then keys the comer the same as the Z.|fZ can get open, he throws to him. f not, he carries out option with pltchback. Trina & te will execute the same blocks they would on the outside veer, being careful notto get [Rabe Playside back wil fake a mesh while alming for outside hip of DE and seal him. This block is key. IRS's Backside back will sprint hard on his pitchroute. Toa? The flanker comes off the ball hard to the outside as always on a fy. At8 yrds, fhe Is even [W's with or pastthe corner, he continues. If not he wil top a€ 10 and come back to 8 expecting the ball HIDE PASS ‘The HIDE PASS is a good complimentte the inside and outside veer especialy when defenses are using fast pursuit to the ball. eis a 1 raciever route for us Involving the TE. The hide pass will generally attack the defense in the tall to fold area, an area many teams give up to stop the veer. ‘When we break down film, we find the backside LB and safety making a high percentage of the ‘tackles, The HIDE PASS has the same effect as a averse andwe highly recomend It A {fakes the mesh with the DB behind the guard. He must keep his head down as notto key the dary. After the mesh, the QB will ake a three step drop, Finding the tight end on his delayed drag route. Ifthe TE does not get open, the QE will tuck itand run. ill down block as he would on an outside veer. ARer delaying for2 counts, he wll release on 212 yrd drag while reading flow. He will find the open area, 10-17 yrds deep. Ifhe reads 2 deep, he will urn up between the FS & SS. LINE will execute their backside gap protection (see play-action protection) J R's will execute their back ‘aap protection (see play-action protection) al (R's. will run fade 9's to spread the secondary. [