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The Drill Box

9 yds.

1 2 3

15 yds.

Color Scheme, Dimensions and Uses:

1. Black, White & Yellow (team colors)
2. Top / Bottom lines of box are BLACK ~ Side lines of box are WHITE
* Tell kids "Linemen on black lines and Backs on white lines". - for hitting drills
* 2 Dogs & A Bone ~ Breakout ~ Any other drill inside 'The Box'
3. The 4 corners are YELLOW dots
* Simulates cones for agility drills or line-up spots for 4 lines of kids.
4. Box is 9 yards by 9 yards. The dashed line is 15 yards downfield.
* Linemen must run/block ALL plays through opposite side of box (10 yards).
* Backs must run/block ALL plays past the downfield line (25 yards).
5. Paint play markers (S,T,W,T,S) where you want the backs to run THROUGH.
* Backs should cross over the play markers during ALL plays. This will help to
develop consistency when running your base plays.
6. The vertical lines inside the box divide it into equal thirds, numbered 1, 2 & 3.
* These are used by a coach standing behind the defenders when running 3-on-3 drills.
7. The short horizontal lines inside the box are only 1 yard long and 1 yard apart.
* Put one player on each line for mirror drills and call a number hole to run to.
* Put one player on each line for 1-on-1 hitting drills (stay between the vertical lines).
8. The 7 small lines just outside the top and bottom of the box show O-line positions.
* Have the players line up with proper splits and paint these lines at their feet.
* These should be different colors for speed teaching drills. (HC stands in center of box)
* Varsity Offense is called Black Offense so use black lines and the
Junior Varsity Offense is called White Offense so use white lines.
* We can also use these lines to start 25 yard sprints/agilities. Have boys make several
lines on the O-line positions. Then run sprints, frog jumps, gassers, bearcrawls, etc.
all the way past the downfield line. Then jog back and get in line again. Practice going
on 2 or on 3 during these drills.