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Blender 2.5 Hotkeys Reference by Pedro Amado. Version 3, 2010-11-23. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.

5 Portugal License.


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1 Headers
2 Split /Join Windows LMB DRAG (HASH GRIP) Window Hash Grip Control
3 Swap Window Contents ALT LMB DRAG (HASH GRIP)
4 New Aplication Window SHIFT LMB DRAG (HASH GRIP) 2+ Monitors, Same Application Instance
5 Maximize Screen CTRL UP
6 Minimize/restore Screen CTRL DOWN
7 Cycle Screens CTRL LEFT /RIGHT Cycle through the 8 different editing window workspaces
8 Tool Shelf T Tweak Panel, F6 Tweak Properties
9 Properties N Display/Selected Object Properties (Face Normals, Editing Mode)
10 Tool Browser SPACEBAR Search for Tools by name/reference
11 Quad View (Toggle) CTRL ALT Q Toggle
12 Render F12 Image
13 Render Border SHIF B, LMB DRAG Add in Camera View. Remove by selecting outside the Camera frame.
14 Restrict Render Unselected W new
Hide unselected objects from Render. Use Hide Objects Instead
15 OpenGL Render Active Viewport new

16 New Blend File CTRL N

17 Pan SHIFT MMB /ALT SHIFT LMB* *Emulate 3 Button Mouse activated in preferences
18 Zoom WHEEL / CTRL ALT LMB* *Emulate 3 Button Mouse activated in preferences
19 Rotate MMB /ALT LMB* *Emulate 3 Button Mouse activated in preferences
20 Front View 1 Numpad, or Numpad emulation.
21 Side View 3 Numpad, or Numpad emulation. (Right View)
22 Top View 7 Numpad, or Numpad emulation.
23 Orthographic /Perspective View Mode 5 Numpad, or Numpad emulation.
24 Back /Side /Bottom View CTRL 1 /3 /7 Numpad, or Numpad emulation.
25 Solid /Wireframe View Z Toggle
26 Textured View ALT Z Toggle
27 Save (image/frame) F3 Opens File Browser
28 Show/Hide Render View F11 Toggle (view last render)
29 Make Screencast ALT F3 new
Use with Render Settings



30 Select RMB Object /Edit Mode. Use Tweak for further options
31 Add Selection SHIFT RMB Object /Edit Mode
32 Select Object behind ALT RMB new
Object Mode
33 Select all / Deselect all A Object /Edit Mode
34 Select Inverse CTRL I new
Object /Edit Mode
35 Border Select B, LMB DRAG Rectangular Marquee, Object /Edit Mode
36 Brush (Circle) Select C, LMB, ENTER WHEEL /+ /- To Increase or Decrease Radius
37 Lasso Select CTRL LMB new

38 Delete Selected X / DEL

39 Accept procedure LMB (ENTER)
40 Cancel procedure RMB (ESC)
41 Add Objects SHIFT A Geometry, Lights, Cameras,...
42 Move Transform (Grab) G
43 Rotate Transform R
44 Scale Transform S
45 Transform Constraints along axis X /Y /Z Double Tap on key to use Local Coordinates
46 Transform Constraints axis lock SHIFT X /Y /Z
47 Snap Transform (incremental) CTRL new
With G /R /S. Snaps to Blender Units /Grid. Use with Precise
48 Precise Transform SHIFT new
With G /R /S. Slower /more precise transforms. Use with Snap
49 Mirror CTRL M, /X /Y /Z new

50 Create Parent CTRL P

51 Remove Parent ALT P
52 Create Duplicate SHIFT D
53 Create Instance ALT D
54 Snap Menu SHIFT S
55 Pivot Transform Center . (period)
56 Bounding Box Transform Center , (comma)
57 Move to Layer M
58 Hide Object H
59 Show Hidden ALT H
60 Track To Constraint CTRL T Object /Camera Orientation
61 Clear Track ALT T
62 Copy Location RMB Location Select Object & SHIFT select Target Object. RMB on Property Spinner
63 Reset 3D Cursor to Center SHIFT C new



64 Edit /Object Mode (Toggle) TAB

65 Add vertex CTRL LMB
66 Make Face F
67 Extrude E
68 Proportional Edit Falloff — PEF (Toggle) O WHEEL to increase /decrease Falloff
69 PEF Modes CTRL O
70 Snap Menu SHIFT S
71 Set Origin Center SHIFT CTRL ALT C
72 Mesh Select Mode CTRL TAB Vertex, Edge, Face Select Mode
73 Select Linked (Islands) L
74 Separate Meshes (Partition) P
75 Join Meshes CTRL J
76 Spin Tool ALT R Tweak panel, Ortho View, Z View transform, 3D Cursor
77 Tweak Properties F6 Tweak Panel
78 Remove Doubles W Specials Menu, Tool Shelf
79 Merge ALT M Specials Menu, Tool Shelf
80 Loop Cut and Slide CTRL R WHEEL To increase /Decrease number of cuts
81 Select Edge Loop ALT RMB
82 Specials Menu W (Subdivide, Merge, Remove Doubles,...)
83 Vertex Specials CTRL V
84 Edge Specials CTRL E
85 Face Specials CTRL F
86 Shrik /Fatten ALT S new