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High Displacement Ammonia Compressors

Product Specification
High Displacement Ammonia Compressors
MAXCOOL Ammonia Compressor is the unique result of our long experience and
continuous joint venture with team work spirit of our R & D section by using the
latest machines, assembling and process control techniques to match the
stringent quality standards and are tested & subjected to strict test conditions
to maintain the high standards of reliability over competition.

Most of the people have the phenomenon that the high speed of the Ammonia
Compressor saves power but our R & D section has proved that power can be
saved by making innovation in the internal design of Ammonia Compressor. So
we have explored "ICE HILL" MAX COOL Ammonia Compressor with medium
speed to curtail the expensive wear & tear and to provide our valued customers
the smooth running and Maximum cooling in less power consumption.

As the time of developing our recent Power Economy Product MAXCOOL

Ammonia Compressor we closely and carefully studied the wastage area of Gas
in the existing available Ammonia Compressor and improved our recently
developed product MAX COOL Ammonia Compressor by vanishing the wastage
of Gas and have developed the following sizes of MAX COOL Ammonia
Compressor showing their Power Saving in Comparison with the presently
available Ammonia Compressor as per the chart given below.

Size of MAX Motor size of motor Capacity Capacity Milk

COOL Used previous used of Cold of Ice Chilling
Ammonia ammonia Storage Plant at Capacity
Compressor compressor at 35(lbs) 25(lbs) at 4oC at
L/P L/P 25(lbs)
185(lbs) 185(lbs) L/P 185
H/P H/P (lbs) H/P
MX-05 20 5" X 5" 25 HP 10000 (3-5) 16000
H.P. Bags Tonnes Liters
MX-10 40 6.5" X 6.5" 50 HP 20000 10 Tonnes 32500
H.P. Bags Liters
MX-15 50 7.5" X 7.5" 70 HP 30000 15 Tonnes 50000
H.P. Bags Liters
MX-20 70 8" X 8" 100 HP 40000 20 Tonnes 65000
H.P. Bags Liters
MX-30 100 9" X 9" 125 HP 60000 30 Tonnes 100000
H.P. Bags Liters
MX-40 150 10" X 10" 175 HP 80000 40 Tonnes 130000
H.P. Bags Liters
MX Gold 200 ............... .......... 110000 50 Tonnes 175000
H.P. Bags Liters

After Loading Compressor can maintain 25% more cooling capacity.