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Official Journal of the European Communities

C 103 E/113

Likewise it is too early to say what amounts will be allocated to the region under the Community Initiatives Interreg and Urban.

In the case of Objective 1 the Commission sent each Member State a proposal for distribution of the available appropriations among the regions concerned. These proposals are based on the Commission’s

method of distributing Objective 1 appropriations among the Member States. The Commission is sending


copy of the proposal for Spain direct to the Honourable Member and Parliament’s Secretariat.


must be stressed however that these are merely indicative proposals. The actual allocation is agreed by

the Member State and the Commission when the Community support framework or single programming document is adopted.

(2001/C 103 E/127)


by Raffaele Costa (PPE-DE) to the Council

(11 July 2000)

Subject: Community aid for hazelnuts and chestnuts

In the last three years the European Union has granted compensatory aid to nut producers in order to mitigate the effects of competition from producers outside the Community.

Many producers in Piedmont were able to benefit from the aid in respect of hazelnuts and chestnuts, which are among those covered.

The legislation has now expired.

In view of this, can the Council say whether it intends to renew the provisions in question and what prospects there are of implementing Community plans for the structural improvement of the above- mentioned products?


(7 November 2000)

Although the Council currently has no proposals before it on the production of hazelnuts and chestnuts, it

is aware of the problems affecting this sector. Consequently, at its meeting on 17 July 2000, it invited the

Commission to propose that the payments to nut growers be continued within the budget for 2001 for those programmes which would otherwise expire in 2000.

Moreover, in the context of the report which it will submit on the fruit and vegetables regime before the end of 2000, the Commission will study the situation of the nut sector.

The Council would draw the Honourable Member’s attention to Mr Fischler’s reply, on behalf of the Commission, to Written Question E-0524/00 ( 1 ), in which the Commission mentions the possibility of social and environmental support measures for this sector i.e. within the framework of the regulations on rural development.

( 1 )

Reply not yet published in the OJ.