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Ä Established in 1968 (Kolhapur)
Ä Established by '
Ä ë9th AGM (formed a LTD company)
Ä Continued by Ñ ' ( 
Ä = Tehsils, 76ë Societies, ë89 villages.
Ä Ganeshwadi, Gandhinglaj, Jath, Mudhol, Solapur
Ä Today 400 crores turnover.
Ä ISO 9001-2000 & HACCP food safety certificate

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Ä Distribution is the process of moving a
product from its manufacturing source to its
final consumers.
Ä Including distributors, wholesaler, retailer and
Ä Distribution is the phase that follows

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? The process on RMRD starts from unloading the Raw
milk from Vehicles
? The cow and buffalo milk is collected separately on
RMRD system.
? Warana dairy is well equipped with testing machines &
weighing system.
? MBR test(methylene blue reduction),and Oraganoleptic
? The cow and buffalo milk are heated at 80° C.
? After heating the milk are stored at storage tank at
below 4° C.


Ä ë1=9814 lacs litre distributed in Oct 10.

Ä 1.= lacs litre per day.
Ä No. of Distributors #6
Ä Distribution starts 11 pm to ë am.
Ä Area : Western - Borivali, Bhayendar & Virar.
Ä Central ʹ Titwala, Dombivli, Thane & Dadar.
Ä Harbour ʹ New panvel, Vashi, Turbhe.
Ä Distributor͛s limit min 1000 ltrs.
Ä 40-=0 booths in new mumbai.

Ä Company Company Company

Ä Distributors Retailers Customers

Ä Retailers Consumers

Ä Consumers

We would like to give our sincere thanks to

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for giving this wonderful opportunity to
present ourself in front of you all.