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Carp Preparation for Cooking

1. 2. 3.

Start the filet by slitting the Run the knife down the Once you are past the rib
area behind the gills. Take backbone of the fish. You’ll bones, insert the knife
care not to puncture the feel the ribs with the tip of through the fish and con-
internal organs of the fish. the knife. tinue the filet process
toward the tail. Keep the
knife along the backbone
of the fish.
4. 5. 6.

Continue following the Remove the filet from the Cut the filet loose just
backbone and cut all of the rib bones by raising the above the belly meat.
way down the length of the loose piece cut from the
fish past the tail. dorsal fin side and carefully
slicing and separating the
meat from the rib bones
until you reach the belly
portion of the fish.
7. 8. 9.

Place the filet, skin side Note the mud- or red-line of Removing the red muscle
down, on a flat surface. Re- the meat that is found on the will require a shallow “v”
lease a small flap of skin center of the filet. You’ll shaped cut with the knife.
near the tail and hold the need to remove this portion
flap with your free hand because most of the stronger
while slicing toward the or unpleasant flavors are
large end of the filet. Keep associated with this red-
the knife close to the skin of muscle meat.
the fish while slicing.
10. 11.

Lightly score the remaining Scoring allows the hot oil

meat with a series of 1/8 to to permeate the small
1/4 inch cuts that start at bones making them either
the top of the filet and stop dissolve or cook to a
just short of cutting com- point where they are easy
pletely through the meat. to eat without risk to the
You’ll feel light resistance diner.
and hear an audible snap as
the knife cuts through the
tiny bones in the filet.

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