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Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets by Larry Pesavento Contents Our Purpose About Byron Tucker How It All Began Astrology and Trading SECTION I — INTRODUCTION Introduction About the Author ‘The X and ¥ Axis The Opening Price Confidence Success as a Total Process The Gartley “222" Entry Technique A Perfect Gartley “222” ‘Stock Index Futures The Mental Edge The Moon Void of Course A Typical Trading Day Anatomy of a Crash SECTION Il — GEORGE BAYER Mercury Changing Speed ‘The Holy Grail Mercury Speed in Geocentric Longitude of 59° The Winning Attitude Venus Conjunct Sun Geocentric Timing ‘Venus Heliocentric Latitude at 0° Mars and Venus in Perihelion The Nature of the Market Mars at 16° 35’ of Any Sign Mercury-Mars Speed Differential of 59° Discipline Mercury-Mars 161° Aspect 128 SECTION Il — ASTRO ANALYST 135 What ts Real? 136 Planetary Harmonics Using the Astro Analyst 137 Treasury Bonds with Venus-Uranus Aspects 138 Goal Setting is Goal Getting 150 ‘The Venus-Uranus Fibonacei Cycle 152 Microcosm and Macrocosm 158 Treasury Bonds with Moon Conjunct Mars. 159 Intuition 164 Fear and Greed 165 ‘Treasury Bonds with Mars Changing Signs (Geocentric) 166 Flesdbility 175 Treasury Bonds with Mars Changing Signs (Heliocentric) Taking Time 182 Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Jupiter Declinations 183 Safety in Numbers 188 Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Mercury Retrogrades 189 Death as an Adviser 192 Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Jupiter Retrogrades 194 Bibliography 201 Our Purpose 5 Our Purpose e wrote this book for five primary reasons, not including the profit motive. First, the financial community has become more receptive to the possibility of a connection between planetary events and price activity (fear and greed). Second, George Bayer was virtually unknown for more than 40 years and now is the time that this man's research into astro-harmonics should become part of the public domain. Third, to il- lustrate the power and accuracy of planetary harmonics and stimulate your thoughts on the subject. Fourth, it allows us to share some of our continuing research and build a network of very intuitive traders with some incredible approaches to the market. Fifth, to give you the exact dates of certain events to 1995. To best benefit from using astro-harmonics, you must first familiarize yourself with the various approaches and how they intermingle. We feel this discipline of market cycles can be used for both short term and long term trading. The monographs interspersed throughout the book are written by Byron Tucker. He is a long-time friend, student of the market and an experienced success- ful speculator. Formerly, he managed Goldman-Sachs operation at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. About Byron Tucker yron Tucker is an independent international stock and futures broker, floor trader, trading adviser. private investment banker and venture capitalist with his own firm, Tucker International. Inc., in Chicago. He is a contributing editor to Astro-Cycles and has been a featured columnist for Euromoney Magazine as well as a financial comen- tator for KWHY in Los Angeles. His experience includes work with Goldman, Sachs & Co. as Head of Floor Operations at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Continental Grain in New York and the Corporate Finance Department of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., New York. Mr. Tucker, a Tennessee native, gaduated from Amherst College in Massachu- setts cum laude and the University of Chicago with a Masters of Business Admini- stration in Finance and International Business,