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1.Licence and agreement
3.Ability of hack or bypass
1. Licence and agreement
Property of Hacked Garena Blackshot, Descipe.net, Bs_owned and Crack Cocaine
(c)2010-2012. No leeching of Hackor Bypass result in Suspension or Permenant ba
2. Instructions
>>>>>>> 1. Run installer
2. Direct Installation to your Blackshot System file (Do not put in m
aunally) Mean > put the directory to Blackshot's System file do not install the
dll to other file or desktop and maunally put into Blackshot's System file
3. Run Blackshot with Launcher or Garena > Do not need anything to By
pass both launcher or garena
dun care garena it would not be detected
4. Then after Blackshot run at the charactor selection menu, Open Che
at engine or any trainer or inject dll s into Blackshot.exe because Blackshot pr
ocess will not be hiddened
3.Ability of hack or bypass
Speed hack >cheat engine, Activate Speed hack do not put more then >7.0<Speed
Wall Hack or
chams >Use injector to inject do not put in system file
Most important do not press the * key the hack there are not activated, i only e
dited the Garenaintergration.dll file it is the bypass. i dun wan to edit the ch
ams so you all can use because the dll belong to bs_owned except the GarenaInter
gration.dll i edit it if u wan the hack on the * button to work pls ask permisso
n from bs_owned.
But for me i am enjoying the BS_OWNED hack hahahaha

Credits: Mainly >Bs_owned
second >Hacked Garena Blackshot
Thirdly >Me > for editing GarenaIntergration.dll file
fouth >www.descipe.net
Trainer Tutorial
4.Press the button HOTKEY when in the game to On the Hack.
5.When the WORD under the Effect going RED , It's mean the hack is ON.