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Cor Jesu College

Sto. Rosario, Tres De Mayo Digos City

Health Sciences Department

Name of Patient: Labrador. Lilia Area: ICU- Bed #2

Mechanism of Nursing Dosage/
Generic Name Indications Contraindications Adverse effects
Action Consideration Frequency

Hydrocortiso Enters target  Replacement Concentrations  The ten CNS: Vertigo, 100 mg every
ne cells and binds therapy in - Allergy to any patient’s rights headache, 6hours
to cytoplasmic adrenal cortical component of the by Joyce Kee: paresthesias,
receptor; insufficiency drug insomnia, Route:
1. the seizures,
Brand Name: initiates many IVTT
complex  Allergic states – - Fungal right client; psychosis
Cortef, Solu-
cortef, reactions that severe or infections CV: Hypotension,
incapacitating 2. the shock, HPN and
Hydrocortone are responsible right drug;
, Cortenema for its anti- allergic - Amebiasis heart failure
inflammatory, conditions secondary to fluid
3. the
Classification: immunosuppre - Hepatitis B
 Hematologic right dose;
ssive thromboembolis
Pharmacologi disorders
(glucocorticoid - Vaccinia or 4. the m,
c class:
), and salt- varicella right time; thrombophlebitis,
Short-acting  Ulcerative
retaining fat embolism,
corticosteroid colitis
(mineralocortic - Antibiotic- 5. the cardiac
, adrenal
oid) actions. resistant right route; arrhythmias
Some actions infections Dermatologic:
steroid, 6. the
may be Thin, fragile skin,
cortcosteroid right
undesirable, - petechiae,
, assessment;
depending on Immunosuppressi ecchymoses,
drug use. on purpura, striae,
d 7. the subcutaneous fat
right atrophy
Therapeutic Precaution document; EENT: Cataracts,
8. the glaucoma,
Hormonal - Kidney disease
client’s right increased IOP
- Liver disease to Endocrine:
education; Amenorrhea,
- Cirrhosis irregular mens,
9. the growth
- Hypothyroidism right retardation,
evaluation; decreased
- Ulcerative colitis carbohydrate
with impending tolerance and
perforation 10. the DM, cushingoid
client’s right state, HPA
- Diverticulitis
to refuse. suppression
- Recent GI systemic ,
surgery Before hyperglycemia
- Assess for GI: Peptic or
- Active or latent contraindications. esophageal ulcer,