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Fact or Fiction?

I. Guest if the sentences are True (T) or False (F).

1) ___ Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

2) ___ Hurricanes always have ladies’ names.

5) ___ A penny dropped from a skyscraper can kill a person.

6) ___ Hair and nails continue to grow after death.

7) ___ Birds are stupid.

8) ___ No two snowflakes are the same.

9) ___ Bats are blind.

II. Listen to the track and check your answers.

III. Listen to the track again and find the correct answer.
1) The function of a lightning conductor is...

a. to stop lightning striking

b. to be struck by lightning time and time again.

c. to create electricity.

2) The hurricanes are named...

a. randomly.

b. by the person who discovered them.

c. One for each letter of the alphabet.

5) A penny dropped from a skyscraper might...

a. give you a cut or a bruise.

b. make you feel dizzy.

c. send you to the hospital.

6) People think that hair and nails continue growing after death because ...

a. hair and nails cells take longer to die.

b. an optical illusion.

c. because they contain self sufficient cells.

7) Crows are smarter than...

a. bats.

b. parrots.

c. chimpanzees.

8) Two identical snowflakes...

a. have been found.

b. are not possible to find.

c. are likely to be found.

9) Bats...

a. don’t have a sound radar.

b. have a sound radar.

c. hunt insects in the dark because of their excellent eyesight.