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Generic name/ Classification/category Mechanism of Indication Contraindication Nursing

Trade name action responsibilities

Mefenamic acid Non-steroidal Anti- Mefenamic acid For treatment of Inflammatory 1. If patient have
Inflammatory Drug, binds the primary intestinal diseases, had a stomach
Cyclooxygenase prostaglandin dysmenorrheal, for ulcer or bleeding,
Active peptic tell healthcare
Inhibitors, Antipyretic synthetase treatment of
Dolfenal, Ponstan ulcers, provider.
drug receptors COX-1 Dysfunctional
and COX-2, Uterine Bleeding, 2. Instruct patient
Hypersensitivity to
inhibiting the for headache, to avoid alcohol
action of muscular and body (includes wine,
prostaglandin pain, trauma pain, beer, and liquor)
acid) or other non-
synthetase. As post-op, post- when taking this
steroidal anti- medicine since it
these receptors dental extractions inflammatory can cause
have a role as a and postpartum agents, increases in
major mediator of pain. stomach irritation.
inflammation Renal failure.
and/or a role for 3. Use caution if
prostanoid the patient has a
signaling in weakened heart. It
activity-dependent may cause
plasticity, the increased
shortness of breath
symptoms of pain or weight gain.
are temporarily Then recommend
reduced. to talk with
healthcare provider
or its own

4. Avoid aspirin,
products, other
pain medicines,
other blood
thinners (warfarin,
clopidogrel), garlic,
ginseng, ginkgo,
and vitamin E while
taking. Talk with

5. If patient is
allergic to any
especially aspirin,
or have asthma.
Make sure to tell
about the allergy
and how it affected
the patient by
consulting its