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Nama Siswa : Hari/Tanggal :
Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Waktu :
Kelas : XI Jumlah soal : 30 butir soal pilihan ganda
1. Jawaban dikerjakan pada lembar soal
2. Sebelum mengerjakan soal-soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu pada lembar jawaban: nomor peserta ujian,
nama lengkap, dan asal sekolah SMP/MTs!
3. Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat/benar dan berilah tanda kolom pilihan jawaban yang disediakan!
4. Berilah tanda pada satu pilihan jawaban saja untuk satu soal! Bila tanda X lebih dari satu untuk satu
soal, maka jawaban dianggap salah.
5. Jika terjadi kesalahan memilih jawaban, maka coretlah tanda dengan dua garis lurus mendatar pada
jawaban yang dianggap salah (contoh : X ), kemudian berilah tanda pada jawaban yang dianggap
6. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika, atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
7. Berdo’alah sebelum mengerjakan
8. Periksalah pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian!

Santi : Could you tell me how big a about the problems, and see
blue whale is? what he suggests.
Prof. Big : Well, let me tell you. The blue Student : What if he says I should
whale is the largest animal ever continue with the class?
known. It exceeds elephants Mr. Malique: Then follow his advice.
and dinosaurs in size. A blue He doesn’t want to fail you.
whale can weigh up to 115
tons. 5. What student says to Mr. Malique is
Santi : Wow! It’s an amazing fact. the way how …
a. offering advice c. asking for
1. The underlined sentence is advice
expressing… b. offering help d. asking for things
a. sympathy c. surprise
b. pain d. gratitude 6. Mr. Malique is…
a. offering advice c. asking for
2. ‘Could you tell me how big a blue advice
whale is?’ is one of how to express… b. offering help d. asking for things
a. asking for help
b. asking for information 7. I am 21 and fairly happy, but I haven’t
c. giving help had a serious relationship. I had one
d. offering something relation-ship, but I’m pretty sure I was
just being used. Do you see a man
3. ‘Out of order’ is usually used for… coming into my life? (still waiting)
a. the tickets that are sold out. What is still waiting’s problem?
b. the rooms that are to rent in a a. She hasn’t had a serious
hotel. relationship.
c. there is no jobs in a office. b. She had one relationship.
d. a machine that is not working. c. She feels sure she’s just being
4. ‘Mind your step!’ is appropriate to d. She needs a man come into her
warn someone when … life.
a. your sister has just learned how to
swim. b. your friend is cheating during 8. Jimmy : Dad, may I go to the cinema
the test. tonight?
c. your grandma is standing on Daddy : Okay, you may go.
anescalator The underlined sentence expresses…
d. in a crowded supermarket. a. permission c. apology
b. possibility d. ability
Student : Mr. Malique, what do you
think I should do about my Mr. Eka : My name is Eka
English class? Should I drop it Sukriswandi. If you like, you
or continue with it? can use ‘Mr’ with my name.
Mr. Malique: I think it would be a good Students : Okay, Teacher.
idea to talk with Mr. Eka
Mr. Eka : Please, don’t call me 15. ‘If I had a phone, I would call him.’
‘Teacher’. Please call me It means that…
Eka or Mr. Sukriswandi. a. I have a phone, so I call him.
b. I don’t have a phone, so I won’t call
9. From the dialog above, we know that him.
Mr. Sukriswandi is … c. I don’t have a phone and I call him
a. requesting something d. I call him because I have a phone.
b. inviting students
c. introducing himself 16.Al Pacino : Come on! You can do it!
d. introducing someone else You’ll see beautiful scenery
up here!
10. Why did the students call Eka De Niro : Oh… That’s a relief!
Sukriswandi ‘Teacher’? From the dialogue we know that De
a. They didn’t know his name. Niro is expressing …
b. They were trying to show respect. a. sympathy
c. He couldn’t pronounce his name. b. love
d. They felt confused. c. pleasure
d. relief
11. Why did Eka Sukriswandi ask the
students not to call ‘Teacher’? 17. Juliet : What’s the matter? Why do
a. He didn’t really being a teacher. you
b. He wanted to be friendly. look so sad?
c. He thought his students were being Nurse : Lady, ouch! My head aches!
rude. The italic phrase shows that the nurse
d. In his country America, only very is …
young pupils call their teacher a. expressing pain
‘Teacher’ b. promising
c. complaining
A tornado is a powerful, twisting wind d. asking for help
storm. It is one of the most destructive
storms on earth. A tornado is also called 18. Halimi : Hey, this is a good news.
a water spout. I’ve the
A tornado is a long cloud which comes entrance test at the
down from the sky. It is shaped like a university.
funnel and consists of wind which whirls Dion : Really? Great!
around and around extremely fast. In The underlined phrase is expressing
fact, the wind can reach a speed of more …
than 900 km per hour. a. pleasure c. curiosity
Most tornados form a long a front b. complaint d. command
(boundary) between cool, dry air and
warm, humid air. Weather scientists are 19. Yayah : After that the girl’s soul
unable to know exactly when tornados could not
will occur. Fortunately, the tornado is not rest peacefully and turned
usually very big and it does not last long. into a
12. The type of the text above is called a Okta : Oh, that’s scary! Look, the
… hair on
a. recount c. report my neck is standing up!
b. narrative d. description The underlined phrase is expressing

13. The generic structure of the text a. angry c. surprised
consists of… b. happiness d. scared
a. identification - description
b. general classification - description Long, long ago, the Sun and the Moon
c. orientation – complication - lived happily together in the sky. They
resolution always appeared together during the day
d. thesis – arguments - reiteration and night.
One day, the Sun shone brightly so
14. The function of this text is to … that it almost burned the Moon. The
a. to amuse the readers. sunlight hurt the Moon’s eyes very much.
b. to describe the way things are. This made the Moon blind.
c. to describe a specific thing. The Moon left the Sun although the
d. to explain ‘how’ and ‘why’. Sun had apologized to the Moon.
20. The type of the text above is called a
… 29. Irna : It’s awful sitting next to
a. recount c. report someone
b. narrative d. description blowing smoke all over you, if
you don’t smoke yourself.
21. Why was the Moon blind? Anis : Sure, I agree.
a. The Sun lived in the sky. From the dialogue above we know
b. The Moon lived with the Sun. that Anis … with Irna.
c. The Sun shone too brightly. a. surprises c. hates
d. The Moon left the Sun. b. agrees d. angry

22. The purpose of the text is … 30.Waiter : Is everything O.K. here?

a. to entertain the readers with a Man : Yes, thank you. Everything’s
story. fine.
b. to retell the readers about past The man is showing…
events. c. to argue the readers a. disappointment c. pleasure
about something. d. to analyze or b. anger d. satisfaction
explain something.
31. The following expressions below are
23. The generic structure of the text showing dissatisfaction, except…
consists of… a. I don’t like the color.
b. I want to make a complaint.
a. identification - description c. I’m happy enough with it.
b. general classification - description d. I am a little disappointed with the
c. orientation – complication - service here.
d. thesis – arguments - reiteration I personally think that English is the
world’s most important language. Why
24. If … a black cat, you’ll good luck. do I say that?
The appropriate phrase to fill the Firstly, English is an international
blank is… language. It is spoken by many people all
a. bad luck c. is red over the world, either as a first or second
b. you’ll have d. you see language.
Secondly, English is also the key
25. If the sky … this evening, the weather which open doors to scientific and
is going to fine tomorrow. technical knowledge, which is needed for
a. you see c. left the economic and political development
b. open d. is red of many countries in the world.
Thirdly, English is a top requirement
26. She failed in the examination … she of those seeking jobs. Applicants who
is lazy. master either active or passive English
a. because c. but are more favorable than those who don’t.
b. after d. that From the facts above, it is obvious
that everybody needs to learn English to
27. ‘One day in the early 1945, I was greet the global era.
driving home alone.’
The underlined phrase is an …. 32.The type of the text above is …
a. adverb of place a. narrative c. recount
c. adverb of time b. twist d. exposition
b. adverb of manner
d. preposition 33. The generic structure of the text is…
a. thesis – arguments - reiteration
28. Jaka : Did you read that article in the b. identification - description
paper about smoking? The c. general classification - description
person d. orientation – complication -
who wrote it must be crazy. resolution
Dio : I don’t think so. I think the
government should do 34.These are the reasons why learning
everything English so important, except…
to discourage people from a. English is international language.
smoking. b. English opens doors to knowledges.
Dio is giving an opinion that shows… c. English is a top requirement to
a. hate c. disagreement jobs.
b. agreement d. angry d. English is easy to learn.
35. The purpose of the writer in the text
a. to persuade by presenting
b. to amuse or entertain the readers.
c. to describe the way things are.
d. to tell an event with a humorous

36 The arguments in the text are

provided in paragraph…
a. one, two c. two, three
b. two, three, four d. four,

37. Firstly, secondly, thirdly in the text

are called…
a. alineas c. connectors
b. predicate d. subject

It was announced today that oil had

been discovered off the coast of a small
island nation in the Caribbean. This is
considered a very important
development. It came as a surprise, since
it had been believed that no oil existed
there. The prime minister declared that
drilling rights would be given to private

38.‘It was announced today’ is translated

in Indonesian to…
a. Itu adalah pengumuman hari ini.
b. Ia mengumumkan hari ini.
c. Telah diumumkan hari ini.
d. Hari ini belum diumumkan.

39. The following sentences are using

‘passive voices’, except…

a. It was announced today.

b. This is considered a very important.
c. It had been believed.
d. The prime minister declared.

40. She studied hard…she did not pass

the text.
The correct word to fill the blank is…
a. because c. and
b. after d. but

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