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Special Thanks!

We would like to offer our thanks to everyone who showed such commit-
ment to working behind the scenes to make “The Best Christmas Present

Sound & Media: Manny Villalobos, Jessie Simoneaux, Wade Miller

Props, Costumes, and Scenery: Sandi Craig

Behind the Scenes: Jaime Beck, Amanda Nickens, and Marcie Burruss

Special Thanks to all our unnamed parent helpers!!

Thank you for allowing us to work with your children during this busy
time of year. They were a blessing to us.

We are honored by your presence this morning! Our prayer is that you
have received the true gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ. If you do not have
a church home, we whole-heartedly invite you to attend our services at
10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Also, we invite you to a special
Christmas Eve Communion Service at 5 p.m.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Pastor Bobby Ready and the
River of Life Worship Center Family

DECEMBER 12, 2010 10:00 A.M.

DIRECTED BY: Whitney Ready

Miss Wright Robin Bashrum Mia Baily Bashrum

Rod Stark Robert Ready Chloe Mallory Miller
Soloist: David Ridenour, Bralee Nickens,
Tony Peterson, & Pierce Willis Camera Man Tristan Williams Lily Bralee Nickens
Emma Makayla Bruno Abby Rylee Lanoux
Good News! Great Joy!
Soloists: Makayla Bruno, Naitlyn Wascom Ellie Naitlyn Wascom Connor Dillon Bashrum
Natalie Kylee Vampran Aidan Branton Williams
I Heard You Knocking’
Nothing Is Impossible With God
River of Life Children’s Choir
Soloists: Gracie Langlois, Dillon Bashrum
Kaylin Louque Ethan Williams
Wise Guys (Walkin’ in the Light) David Ridenour Gracie Langlois
Soloists: Hayden Willis, Seth Miller, & Trey
Hayden Willis Emily Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson Seth Miller
Let’s Go and Tell the People Today Breeanna Penalber Pierce Willis
With Go, Tell it on the Mountain Tony Peterson Trey Peterson
Soloists: Rylee Lanoux
Nathan Wascom
Time to Begin Manger Scene
Soloists: Dillon Bashrum and Rylee Lanoux Mary Elizabeth Johnson Wise Man Ethan Williams
What Will You Do Joseph David Ridenour Shepherd Gavin Ridenour
Soloists: Kylie Johnson, Mallory Miller, &
Angel Mackenzie Milam Angel Anna Grace Johnson
Baily Bashrum
Happy Birthday, Jesus
Trey & Tony Peterson Emily Johnson
Soloists: Breeanna Penalber
Pierce Willis Nathan Wascom
Finale includes Celebrate, Love the
Lord and Good New! Great Joy!