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Creating a pumpkin roll is no easy task for the average baker; it takes clear and concise

instructions that detail the complex steps to produce a successful pumpkin roll. We set out to

write a recipe that could be followed by the average baker Joe or Josephine. Our recipe included

many steps with detailed instructions on the preparation and creation of a pumpkin roll. Included

in the recipe are pictures of what the pumpkin roll is to look like at the most important steps of

the process. Our pumpkin roll recipe is targeted at those who enjoy baking. This person may not

be a professional baker but has experience under their belt when it comes to making fine pastries

and deserts. This person thoroughly enjoys baking and is up for the challenge of the higher

difficulty level of preparing and baking a pumpkin roll.


The purpose of our reader is to learn how to create and bake a pumpkin roll. Our reader is

most likely looking for an enjoyable dessert to be shared and enjoyed by themselves and friends.

Our recipe is a challenging and impressive feat and one to show off to friends and family. The

reader already brings a love of baking and some intermediate skill to the table so, it was our job

to create a recipe that would challenge them but also make the pumpkin roll process a delightful

experience. Being said, our reader is looking for clear and concise instructions that will assist

them in the process of making a pumpkin roll.

ïs challenging as a pumpkin roll recipe can be it was our objective to alter any fear in

our reader that they can accomplish the ambitious undertaking of baking a pumpkin roll. This

recipe could possibly be the moment in one¶s baking life that they realize they have the skill set

to complete difficult steps that are crucial to the success of a polished product. Not only will

friends and family be impressed with one¶s baking skills but the readers themselves will take

pride in their pumpkin roll results.


ït this point in our project we believe our recipe is very close content wise to what it will

look like as a finished product. We expect to make changes to it but most of these changes will

be appearance only. Our test readers were Jake¶s sister and Fiancee and we believe they were

good candidates because they both love to bake and would be the audience we are trying to get

our message across to. The location of our test was Jake¶s apartment and this also would be a

good representation of the conditions our target audience will have to work with. We asked our

testers to follow the recipe the best they could and at any point they had questions we recorded

that as a point we need to work on in our recipe. 


Overall, the results that our test produced were that of a fair communicated recipe. The

test readers were able to point out to the group, that some of the directions were unclear and not

as specific as it should be. In the directions section, it was brought to our attention that steps

3,6,9 and 10.

In step 3, the direction was to ³line greased pan with wax paper.´ In this direction, our

test readers didn¶t know how much wax paper was needed to adequately cover the jelly roll pan

and if the wax paper should come up the sides of the pan or just cover the bottom of the pan. In

step 6 the Jake¶s sister had a question about how much mixing that step required. The same

question came up in step 9 but his time it was Jake¶s fiancé that asked the question about how

well to mix everything together and if it was detrimental to the recipe to mix that step too much.

In step 10 both testers suggested that we be more specific with the description of the pan to pour

the mixture in and say in our directions that it is the prepared jellyroll pan. Lastly both of our

testers would have liked it if we were to be more specific with how to roll the cake in the

prepared towel.


Overall, we as a group were able to learn the essentials of being specific when giving directions,

whether it would be directions of a recipe, oil change or even teaching someone to tie a shoelace.

Some of the revisions that we will make would be to just be more specific in the actual direction

part of the process. This would be one place where we as a group would need to focus.