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Country Joke

One of mother is angry to his son because her son doesn’t want to drink rice gruel. Her son has got a
little fever. And then she shouted to her husband.
“Darling your son doesn’t want to drink rice gruel.”
Why not, I’ll tell to him. Father call to his son, talk to a little word to his son. After
that his son drunk to all rice gruel and run to out side.
That’s lady enter the dinning room asked to her husband, what have you told to your son to
drink to all rice gruel? That’s easy. She asked again. What have you told to your son?
If your willy wants to be a big, you must have to drink all rice gruel. That’s all I told to
him. Suddenly his wife hit with big stick to her husband back and talk to her husband.
Why don’t you drink, when you were young.

Rice gruel (Congee, boiled rice soup)

Remark: Most of Myanmar people: If they have fever, they drink rice gruel to be well.
Contributed by Nyi Nyi Htut