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Feature operation Services and Telephone Option menu

Hold Services Menu

Place a call on hold
Return to a held call
The Services menu contains the Telephone Option, Password
Transfer Trans Trans Admin, Virtual Office, and Media Gateway 1000B (MG 1000B) menus.

Conference Conf Conf

Note: The Password Admin, Virtual Office, and MG 1000B menus
Ring Again may not be available on your IP Audio Conference Phone 2033. Consult
Activate RngAgn your system administrator.
When notified RngAgn Telephone Option
Volume adjustment
Quit RngAgn
Call Forward Select Select
Activate Fwd Fwd Speaker
Select Select
Quit Fwd
Reinstate Buzzer
Fwd Fwd Select Select
View number Disply Fwd
Contrast adjustment
Call Pickup Pickup

Select Select
Date/Time format
Icon Action
Press the Hold key. Select

Dial a number. Local DialPad Tone

Press the Line key. Select
Press the Services key.
Ring type
Press the Message (Inbox) key.
Play Select
Press the Navigation keys.

Press the Shift soft key to access the second layer of soft keys.
For additional information on the operation of your IP Phone, consult the
IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 User Guide.
Fwd The flashes when a feature is being programmed. The
lights steadily when a feature is active.
The indicates there is additional text or prompts on the
display. Press the navigation keys to scroll the display.
Introducing the Nortel IP Audio Conference
Phone 2033

Nortel IP Audio
Conference Phone
For Nortel Communication Server 1000

Quick Reference Card

Date: April 2005

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