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INGERSOLL-RAND: © ‘KIR COMPRESSORS XF(EP/HP/HXP 50 SE OPERATORS/ eet INSTRUCTION MANUAL. OPTIONS ‘Before installation or starting the compressor for the first time, this manual should be studied carefully to obtain a clear knowledge of the unit and of the duties to:be performed while operating and maintaining the unit, RETAIN THIS-MANUAL WITH UNIT: ‘This Technical manual contains IMPORTANT SAFETY DATA and should be kept with the alr compressor at alltimes. APDD-486C-93, August 1965 ‘ln COMPRESSOR GROUP BONDED WARRANTY & REGISTERED STAAT UP “Waar cemran oe gr ominrce i mh ere ool aca anos iauamtaraesh ae er tar casa as Cee carmen BERS ee Cobre came co tiem are bervestrae ee npae eer oo Si ath GEtaS Oates oF ceNG tan A HORE nearer Scr eam rt See ete "penance Boa ih hngnecomangt cS Gas tyr aes eget chores te Sieur en jenna oe EXTENDED AIREND WARRANTY ‘The Ingersoll-Rand Company Rotary Serew Air Compressor that has been filled prior to its original shipment from Ingersoll-Rand Company wth ULTRA. COOLANT and which has been operated solely on ULTRA COOLANT there air shall have its AIREND warranted for twenty-four (24) months from the date of placing the COMPRESSOR in operation or thirty (30) months rom the date of shipment, whichever oceurs fist, Except for the above warranty period, the standard warranty provisions shall apply and the conditions outlined herein are understood tobe a supplement to the standard Ingersoll-Rand Company warvanty ‘This EXTENDED AIREND WARRANTY applies to all COMPRESSORS operatingon ULTRA COOLANT after February 1. 1987 (Singers Rand Comany ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR ‘This unit was purchased from Ingersoll-Rand Company reserves the right to make ‘changes or add improvements without notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes or add ‘such improvements to products sold previously. Model: No. of units'on order Customer Order No. Ingersoll-Rand Co. Order No. For ready reference: Record the serial number and model number of your unit, here. Serial Number: Mode! Number: ENCLOSED UNIT 0.0 03 10 20 3.0 40 5.0 TABLE OF CONTENTS 6.0 TROUBLE SHOOTING SAFETY AND WARNINGS DECALS RECEIPT OF EQUIPMENT 1.1 Inspection 1.2 unpacking and handling 1.3 tools INSTALLATION 2.1 ventilation 2.2 foundation requirements 2.3 piping 2.4 electrical installation INTELLISYS, 3.1 emergency stop switch 3.2 power on light 3.4 push buttons 3.5 set point procedure 3.6 warnings 3.7 alarms SYSTEMS 4.1 general systems 4.2 alrcooled compressors 4.3.coolant.system 4.4 compressed air system 4.5 coolant/air separation system 488 electrical system 4.7 capacity control system MAINTENANCE 5.1 maintenance schedule 5.2 maintenance records 5.3 maintenance procedures 5.4 sheave alignment 8.5 V-belts 5.6 belt tension adjustment 5.7 shaft seal replacement 5.8 inlet air filter 5.9 coolant filter 5.10 cootant 5.11 separator tank scavenge orifice/screen 5.12 coolant separator element 5.13 cooler cores 5.14 drive motor lubrication 5.18 coolant/ubricant changeout 5.16 intellisys removal SAT hoses 7.0 OPTIONS 80 Weight: Cooling Air Flow: ‘Ambient Temperature Limi Power inlet Wiring: Tools: 7.4 automatic across the line starter 7.2 star-delta type start 7.3 automatic startistop 7.4 remote startistop 7.5 auto-startistop remote start/stop, PORO 7.6 sequencer contro! REFERENCE DRAWINGS 8.1 electrical schematic - full voltage 8.2 electrical schematic - star delta 8.3 foundation - enclosed 8.4 foundation - unenclosed 8.5 basic flow schematic - full voltage - NEMA 1 8.5A basic flow schematic - full voltage - NEMA 4 18.6 basic flow schematic - star delta - NEMA 1 8.6A basic flow schematic - star delta - NEMA 4 8.7 typical system flow GENERAL INFORMATION ‘See foundation plan, Section 8.0 ‘See foundation plan, Section 8.0 5°F to 115°F (2°C to 46°C) Coolant; Factory Filled SSR Ultra Coolant Coolant Change: 6000 hours or two years whichever ‘comes first Coolant Capacity: 50H.P.-(3.4 gal) (12.9 liters) Discharge Temperature Limit: 228°F Recommended conduit: metallic flexible Greenfield, or equivalent, ‘maximum trade-size 2.5" US. Standard and metric are required to perform maintenance G 0.0 SAFETY AND WARNINGS ot Before you install this air compressor you should take the time to carefully read all the instructions contained in this manual. Electricity and compressed air have the potential to cause severe personal injury or property damage. Before installing, wiring, starting, operating or, making any adjustments, identity the components of the air compressor using this manual as a guide. ‘The operator should use common sense and good working practices while operating and maintaining this unit. Follow all codes, pipe adequately, under- stand the starting and stopping sequence. Check the safety devices following the procedures contained in this manual. Maintenance should be done by qualified personnel, adequately equipped with proper tools. Follow the maintenance schedules as outlined in the manual to insure problem free operation after start up. 02 Safety instructions in this manual are bold-taced for emphasis. The signal words DANGER, WAR- NING and CAUTION are used to indicate hazard seriousness levels as follows: Danger is used to Indicate the presence of 2 jury, death, oF substantial property damage it the warning is ignored, Waring is used to indicate the presence of [SWARNING] hezara which can cause severe personal in- jury, death, or substantial property damage it 9 fs ignored, Caution is used 1o indicate the presence of @ PRI TET] razor wich wit or can couse minor per- ‘onal injury or property damage if the warn: ing is ignored, Notice is used to natty people of installation, RUSE operation, or maintenance information which Is important but not hazard-elated WARNING. COMPRESSED AIR AND ELECTRIC- ITY ARE DANGEROUS. BEFORE DOING ANY WORK ON THIS UNIT, BE SURE THE ELECTRI- CALSUPPLY HAS BEEN CUT OFF— LOCKED & TAGGED AND THE EN- TIRE COMPRESSOR SYSTEM HAS BEEN VENTED OF ALL PRESSURE. 1. Donot remove the covers, loosen of remove any fittings, connections or devices when this unit is in operation. Ho! liquid and air under pressure that are contained within this unit can Cause sovere injury or death. 2, The compressor has high and dan- gerous voltage in the motor start- fr and control box. All installations. must be in accordance with recog- nized electrical codes. Before working fon the electrical system, be sure to remove voltage from the system by use of a manual-disconnect-switch. A circult breaker or fuse safely switch must be provided in the electrical supply line leading to the compressor. equipment. ‘and the excessive this equipment must provide suitable grounds, maintenance clearance and lightning arrestors for_all_electrical ‘components as stipulated in 0.S.H.A. 1910.308 through 1910.329. _ofair. operated. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING, READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING THE ‘COMPRESSOR OR PERFORMING ANY MAINTENANCE 3, Do not operate the compressor at higher discharge pressure than those specified on the Compressor Name- plate or motor overload will occur. ‘This condition willresultin motorcom- pressor shutdown, 4, Use only safety solvent for cleaning the compressor and auxiliary 5. Install a manual shutoff valve (Isola- tion type) in the discharge line. A tives safety valve, with sufficient capacity to relieve full Compressor capacity, must be installed between the compressor isolation valve. 6, Whenever pressure is released through the safely valve, itis due to sssurein the system. The cause for the excessive pressure should be investigated immediately. 7. Before doing any mech: fon the compressor: 1) Shut the unit down, ».) Electrically isolate the compressor by use of the manual disconnect switch in the power line to the unit. Lock and “Those. responsible for installation-ot tag" the switeh-s0-that-t-cannol be c.) Blow down the compressor and ‘isolate the unit from any other source 8, There can be adverse effects it compressor lubricants are allowed to} enter plant air systems. Air line separators, properly selected and installed, will minimize any liquid carryover: ‘The use of plastic bowls on line filters without metal guards can be hazard- ‘ous. Their safety can be affected by either syntheticlubricants orthe addi- in_mineral cits. From a safety standpoint, metal bows should be used on any pressurized system. Review of your plant airline system is. recommended. 9, When a receiver is installed, itis recommended that occupational sate~ ty and health standards as covered in the Federal Register, Volume 36, num- ber 105, part 11, paragraph 1910:169 be adhered to in the installation and maintenance of this receiver. 10, Before starting the compressor, its ‘maintenance instructions should be | thoroughly read and understood. 41, After maintenance functions are completed, covers and guards must be replaced. © ical work dhclient PEQUNTEERE basice wich wat cause severe pereoral i OS Nee le) eure ath “There is a high discharge air temperature shutdown function built into the Intellisys on each ‘compressor. Its factory pre-set at 228°F. This function should be checked at regular intervals for proper operation, once a month is recommended. Procedure: 4. Block off the cooling air discharge. 2. The alrend discharge temperature will rise at a rapid rate. Shutdown should occur when the yo. D>» i i Ina ar farts Slow down 48 6.0 TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART TROUBLE CAUSE &/OR DISPLAY WHAT TO DO ‘Compressor falls to start if 5V control voltage not avaliable. “STARTER FAULT “EMERGENCY STOF “MAIN MTR OVERLD” “FAN MTR OVERLOAD’ ‘PRES SENSOR FAIL" or “TEMP SENSOR FAlL"” —Ghack fuses. Check transformers and wiring connections. Anspect contactors, Rotate emergency stop button to disengage, and press" SET” button twice. Manually reset main of fan motor aver- load relay, and press "SET" button twice. Check for defective sensor, bad sensor connection, or broken sensor wires. | Compressor shuts down. NOTE: If @ shutdown oc- curs, press the DISPLAY SELECT button once to activate the LE.D. display table. Using the adjacent up fend down arrows, the values| displayed will be those im- mediately preceding shut- down, Use these values when trouble shooting @ problem, “HIGH AIREND TEMP.” “HIGH AIR PRESS.” “LOW SUMP PRESS.” “PRES SENSOR FAIL" or “TEMP SENSOR FAIL" “CK MOTOR ROTATION.” “MAIN MTR OVERLD" “FAN MTR OVERLOAD" “STARTER FAULT.” —Insure that installation area has ‘adequate ventalation. insure that coaling fan is operating. It ‘ot resat circult breaker inside starter ox. Check coolant level. Add if required —Cooler cores dirty. Clean coolers. Check for restricted or malfunctioning lowdown valve or minimum pressure ccheck valve. Check for air leak from tank or blowdown piping. Check for defective sensor, bad sensor ‘connection, or broken sensor wires. Interchange any two line connections (L1,L2,L8) at the starter. Check for loose wires. —Check supply voltage. —Gheck heater size Cheek for loose wires. —Check supply voltage. ‘Check heater size Check for dirty cooler cores, Inspect starter contactors. Check for loose wires. Low system air pressure 46 ‘Compressor running in “Unload” Mode. Controller offline set point too low. Dirty air fiter element \V-Belts slipping Air leak, Moisture separator trap drain st Inlet valve not fully open. 3k open, ‘System demand exceeds compressor delivery. —Press "UNLOAD/LOAD” button —Press “UNLOAD/STOP" button, set off- line sot point at a higher valve. Check filter condition. Replace a required, Adjust balt tension, —Check air system piping. Inspect and repair Inspect and repair. Check control ‘system operation “Install larger or an additional compressor. © TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART (Continued) TROUBLE CAUSE &/OR DISPLAY WHAT TO DO High coolant ‘consumption/coolant In alr system Excessive coolant level Plugged separator element, Separator element leak. Plugged separator scavenge orifice” screen. Comprassor operating at low pressure (75 psig or below) Coolant system leak, —Check level, lower if necessary by raining. Check separator pressure drop. —Check separator pressure drop. If low, replace element. Remove and inspact orifice/screeen, Clean if required. Operate at rated pressure. —Reduce system load. —Inspect and repair leaks. Water in Air Syste Detective moisture separatoridrain trap Trap drain or drain piping plugged. Aftercooler core dit. Enclosure panels not in place, No aftercooler on unit. Drain line/drip leg incorrectly installed No retrigerated of desiccant dryer in air eystem. Inspect and clean if required. Replace separatoritrap if defective. inspect and clean. inspect and clean. —nstall enclosure panels, Install aftercooler. —Slope drain line away from trap. install dip fog —Contact local Ingersoll-Rand Distributor or Air Centr. Excessive noise level Betts slipping Compressor defective. (Bearing failure or rotor contact.) Enclosure panels not in place. Loose component mounting. Contact authorized Distributor or Air Center immediately, do not operate unit install enclosure pants ‘Slnspect and tighten | | pats eer opts b Excessive vibration Loose components Motor or compressor bearing failure. Extemal sources. Inspect and tighten. —Contact authorized Distributor or Air Center immediately, do not operate uni —lnspeét afea for other equipment. ‘Shaft Seal loak Dofective shaft seal. —Replace per this manual or contact ‘authorized Distributor or Air Canter Black residue on belt guards Vebelts loose. ‘Sheaves misaligned. Excessive belt wear. Adjust belt tension. —Align sheaves. —Replace bets. Pressure rolief valve opens | Compressor operating over pressure. [Detective valve, Adjust Intellsys set points —Replace vale. 47 ee 7.0 OPTIONS 7.1 AUTOMATIC ACROSS THE LINE STARTER By use of builtin Automatic Across-The-Line type starter, the compressor can be started using full voltage electric current. The starter is completely automatic and controlled by the Intellisys controller. Refer to the electrical schematic, Section 8.0 schematic 8.1 7.2 STARTER-DELTA TYPE STARTER By use of a builtin Star-Delta type starter, the com- pressor motor can be started and accelerated using a greatly reduced “inrush” electric current. The starter is completely automatic and controlled by the Intellisys controller. Rafer to the electrical schematic, Section 8.0 schematic 62. 7.8 AUTOMATIC START-STOP Many plant air systems have widely varying alr demands or large air storage capacity which allows for automatic standby air capacity control. The Intellisys system has been designed to carry out this function utilizing a software module. Automatic Start-Stop is available as @ factory in- stalled option or as a field installation kit During periods of low air demand, if the line pressure rises to the offline set point, the Intellisys begins to time out. If the line pressure remains above the online set point for as long as the set time, the compressor will stop. At the same time the Automatic Restart light on the display pane! will be lit to indicate the compressor has shut down automatically and will restart automatically and the display will show “AUTO RESTART: An automatic restart will occur when the line pressure drops to the online set point. The offline and online set points and shut down delay time are set on the Intellisys control panel, 48 7.4 REMOTE START/STOP The remote start/stop option allows the operator to Control the compressor from a remote mounted start/stop station. This option may be factory install- ed or a field installation kit is available. This option is a plug-in module, With the optional plug-in module installed, two dit- ferent switches can be wired to the Intellisys® for remote start/stop. Refer to (Electrical Schematics 8.1 or 8.14 for wiring locations). The switches are customer supplied and must be of the momentary type. The stop switch contacts are normally closed and start switch contacts are normally open. 7.5 AUTO-START-STOP, REMOTE START-STOP, AND POWER OUTAGE RESTART OPTION When both auto-start-stop and remote start-stop are desired, andior the Power Outage Restart Op- tion is desired, a combination field installation kit that contains all three features is available. The op- tion includes a plugin module and all of the hard- ware necessary ‘The Power Outage Restart portion of the option is for plants that have interruptions in thelr incoming ower supply to the compressor and must maintain an uninterrupted supply of compressed alr. When ‘tumed on, the option allows the compressor to ‘automatically restart and load 10 seconds after in- coming power is restored after @ power interruption. 7.6 SEQUENCER CONTROL ‘Sequencer control capability can be added to the Intellisys System by utilizing 4 sequencer interface. This option is available as a field installation kit. TeLT Y37TONLNOD @sAsT TINT 8.1 ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC - FULL VOLTAGE 49 437 T0N1LNOD @ASTVISINT ob 8.2 ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC, STAR DELTA ar wore | foe | | 8.3 FOUNDATION PLAN - ENCLOSED MBIA INOwS ou 01 310" 335 MBIA 30IS 1537 Gren naIA uvay NAIA 3018 LNT cc DHETOSESM METS a 0 MBIA d0L 8.3 FOUNDATION PLAN - ENCLOSED 52. ft sonszace & MBIA 3018 1437 Main uvae ay fF Gore wa © cam ce 8.4 FOUNDATION PLAN - UNENCLOSED 53 4 counaece M3IA WOLLOE nen em oe" xn M3IA 30S LHOY M3 LNOUS 8.4 FOUNDATION PLAN - UNENCLOSED 54 35 a cvENT) 8.5 BASIC FLOW SCHEMATIC - FULL VOLTAGE - NEMA 1 85 COMPONENT 8.5A BASIC FLOW SCHEMATIC - FULL VOLTAGE - NEMA 4 56 BAVA woLyInGoH BAVA OIONIT0S. uns/3NTT AWA QION3T0S.NOLLY INGOH 159 BAIA GIONSIOS NAOONOTS ase AVA QIONSTOS. NOTLYINGOH ase ‘NTA GION310S avoTWN Asi wourns sunivuaanai way HoT | S4vI Wosnas sunvuadwar uty | — Live. wWanGSNYUL SuNssaud wI¥| Lave SATA NIVud_INYI002 40 SATA 437 73M SS3Md NYA 3S nud '3D141WO ZONBAYDS WOLVUVERS. oss. WALTEA 3ONBAVDS wOLviVASS | — 17355 NTA TOUINOD DTLVISONUSHL nO ‘MOLVUVaIS.3UNLSTOM SH '¥3100> 1671009 ry wWaL113 1NV1009 2 uswoouaay| wDLay AWA yoBHO SS3Ud NAWININ | ADaW YNVL W34T393U WOLYUVESS as 'WOSS3HANO> anv yaaa uty 13M av noTiaTusaa | ASweBY GN3931 IN3NOdWOD (ouzaMe 2401509) ‘gas SHOYD>INNOS WahioLsn> Wd“ “LINN, 49 My NoTLVaNRO4 soutisty NOTL4TNDS30. INBNOSWO? N/S_GSEDVLLY ‘OL uaaa8 NoTLatudsaa 3137dH03 Os w NIvuO asol aLWSN3GNO3 == bw van wivua' rasta ave na cvons2a00> waW0s BOUVHDSIO DVL 435, ‘atv WDE Sau 8.6 BASIC FLOW SCHEMATIC - STAR DELTA - NEMA 1 87 11nn 20 wig noravannos 2 ows Se | | pens ncmoeio> we “PERRET MNOSNOD MS. GEMIBY oy) | “53104 w wou eis | utdt4_Ny100> —- med = 5 | arty L | burst oun) anus rv i GHSDaT SNTaTa ue > Ew aiava vouvincon| au aus cron os sane/3Nt | ASB coxsmmen iso» BATVA GION370S NOLLWINGOW ASO ‘B9UVHDSIO =; OINYL 3s ! ‘BNTVA GION370S NHOGKO1E ASE uIY =I | euvaigioanelmoeae a ie = 1a, . Saveiaronanes evewn | Ast — voims Sunivesaai iar rom | str a] ‘oswas sunuvuadnal wiv | Live be) } @ wapnasnval aunssaud wiv] Lave oa | : "SHIVA. 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Nor aiuren WELL ae ce race nicer Sat PHOTO HELICr MaGnAELS SaIMaNOMETER TO MONITOR AP sNUBBER COMPRESSOR oh faosesrnnae TEMPORARY INLET SCREEN DBteCoutaeteon TO REMOVE WELD BEADS 6 SCALE LOW POINT ORAIN — ALWAYS FABRICATE INLET PIPING FROM: 1} SCHEDULE az ON ROTARY PVC. 2) STEEL PIPE FABRICATED AND FLANGED IN SECTIONS. GLEAN ePOxY PAINT INSIDE ~ PREVENT AUST 3) Staiuess STEEL. ‘ACOmNoM 45) ALWAYS CLEAN INTAKE PIPE THOROUGHLY (WELD BEADS SCALE, AUST, DIRT, €7C) Wie 2 PF aoe 0 i | 6 , eer Poe tol Ee IF curse ai | +t t It IWS i perrenttren edie ron bt cere SEEBNED corn | SERRA @ | . 8.7 TYPICAL SYSTEM FLOW 60 conTaot SIRUNE Ww RECEIVER AND NLM CLEANUP RX rr INSTALL UNION HERE ON NUM AND NLME-2 NOS MecesShhy on wlaraas AND e WHICH Have FLANGED CONNECTIONS, 'PRE FILTER BEFORE REFRIGERATED na Tdi ort © DO NOT PIPE TRAPS UP-HILL OR TOGETHER ‘AR FLOW N mobULE PREPiLTeR| PRE-FILTER & DAYER WITH BLOCK, SOME REFRIGERATED ORYERS | HAVE ACONDENSATE ste BRAIN OW ARTO Al (PRECOOLERIREHEATER) ExcHANGER TOO ‘OR DESCICANT ORVER coupensare DRAIN Cp tlettren re = 8.7 TYPICAL SYSTEM FLOW 61 i: DDAYER WITH POLISHING (NLM OR IR C SERIES) OR PARTICULATE IRP SERIES (FOR DESICCANT DRYERS) vauve union & ok @ 008) 1X XH Arter. fren DRY RECEIVER AND MONITORING DEVICES ON AIR QUALITY 8.7 TYPICAL SYSTEM FLOW 62 arren. acres NON LUBE setae A mw wooure on imersentes on tube arr. on The series ON PRL, SLOPE HEADER Fortow eon” é BRAIN [— oe wroinr HvGROMETER [=> Lusricanr npicaTor B AEQUIRED TO BE VERY CLEAN, THE RECEIVER INTERNALS SHOULD BE. 2 IF THE POINT OF USE Sin QUALITY Ie STRICTLY GALVANIZEO STAINLESS STEEL SRUINYEcoaTeD ETC. own 0 PoINTs oruse a Ty FALSELOADER (ee ouTsibe Fo suENcER wT RECIP OR ROTARY IPELINE APTERCOOLER 8.7 TYPICAL SYSTEM FLOW 63 64 DATE {LOAD TIME | RUN TINE wours) | (HOURS) T T MAINTENANCE RECORD WORK DONE oT, | | oNT | WORK ensure | "BY @ | Fo — MAINTENANCE RECORD | ae os a] {HOURS} | (HOURS) MEASURE BY 66 DATE LOAD TIME RUN TIME (WoURS) | HOURS) MAINTENANCE RECORD ‘WORK DONE ov. UN MEASURE ‘WORK ay