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Administration & Human Resource S.O.P

Date: 11/10/2010


Housekeeping Responsibilities

1. Ability to read, write and follow verbal and written instructions.

2. Ability to operate cleaning equipment; i.e. vacuum cleaner,
polishing machine, mops, brooms, etc.

3. Provide water to the guest when staffs are in meeting with them if

4. Must be able to push or pull 18 kilos on a regular basis.

5. Performs routing tasks to clean and maintain assigned work area to

ensure sanitary, neat attractive conditions, in accordance with
established procedure.

6. Empty trash. Clean, mop, scrub, sweep or vacuum floors and halls.

7. Clean, wash or polish hardware like tables, chairs & mirrors.

8. Clean offices thoroughly by mopping floors, window frames and

cleaning and washing bathroom fixtures and walls.

9. Clean drinking water glass.

10. Report to Administer about the repairs needed like broken

water taps, windows, leaky water valve, toilets, loose tiles and
damaged furniture.

HR / Administrative Responsibilities

1. To oversee the analysis, maintenance and communication of

records required by law or other departments in the organization.

2. To maintain personnel records.

3. To establish and monitor performance system.

4. To identify legal requirements and government reporting

regulations affecting human resources functions and to ensure
policies, procedures and reporting are in compliance.

5. To study legislation, settlement decisions and collective bargaining

contracts to assess industry trends.

6. To coordinate with the accounting departments to complete

Administration & Human Resource S.O.P

procedures on personal income tax, social insurance and health

insurance for all staffs.

7. To establish & monitor procedures on employment and termination.

8. To organize the recruitment of employees for the company,

including analyzing resumes, pre-select, shortlist, conducting

9. To administer performance review program to ensure effectiveness,

compliance, and equity within organization.

10. To administer programs such as health, vacation, sick leave,

leave of absence and employee assistance.

11. To prepare reports and recommend procedures to reduce

absenteeism and turnover.

12. Should make the processing contract by getting the

information from concerned department; and review the Contracts
clause and make sure that all clauses are protecting the company.

13. Setup and coordinate meetings and conferences.

14. Support staff in assigned project based work.

15. Collect and maintain PC inventory.

16. Research, price, and purchase office furniture and supplies.

17. Maintaining the firm website

18. Maintain staff / workers attendance.

19. Ability to prepare, compose and assemble confidential


20. Patience and the ability to perform tasks accurately

21. Posses excellent management and organization skills

22. Familiar with office machines like scanners, copy machines,

fax machines, and multi-line phones

23. Responsible for maintaining good rapport with management,

staffs and workers.

NOTE : Subjected to amend