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Application For a Visa For Mauritius trent 6 fer ra GI ITPA (To be filled in English) ‘Answers should be typed or clearly weitten in capital feters - Photographs | ara afer areata Huet Safe | ‘Surname fear First name we Maiden name _ eae a efeT aT (for TATA) . Date and place of birth fe ora -faltt HET we Present nationality aaa eT : State whether Married, Single, Divorced, Widow frartea, afore, TarEgA sree free | Profession 2 Recent Rae “ Purpose of visit and period of stay apa aT TET TTR HH SAT ‘Address in Mauritius (Telephone No.) wife a FA, FATT I business visit, give names and addresses of firm or individuals or other organisation sek eras Tar Br i OH Taf WT aT TSA Date of arrival in Mauritlus flight No. Return Flight No. ara fat Exiahials Date fists Sus EEEEEEeepresessseseesss au JETESLESSSEES ‘Amount of money on which you rely for your upkeep during your stay pg: m0. rare raf fare aT TR F-T ‘ Have you visited Mauritius before 7 If so give dates. From Te ‘ear erg eaters Sr TT a Fe fel THT AH __ Names, date and place of birth and nationality of accompanying dependents an ETT A, FP, A TT TTT Passport No. place and date fo issue : said ea eT, BUT BTR a fafe Present address & Telephone No eee TT AT eh Re-entry Visa No, date of issue, date of expiry of passport uae ra 1 eRe, TET fae TT fee Particulars of passage ticket no, rat few 1 FT T have taken cognizance ofthe requirements forthe gran of visa ax per the guidelines agg ae Fe ee fea er 2 . ‘Signature: GENT Date + fafa + Applicants Telephone No. : . ar Office use : RRR fer, No. ot Vina. ‘Submitted by Agency Name And Address Teleplione No. Reference No.