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by the Teen Appreciation Coalition

12th Edition - 31 May 2010

Freely distributable in whole or in part

Did you know that famous films like "The Godfather", "American Beauty", and "Romeo and Juliet"
depict topless teenage actresses under the age of 18?

Did you know that lots of German teens subscribe to magazines that include nude photos of teenage
girls and boys (both under and over 18), with no evidence that seeing such photos harms them, and
with no evidence that the teens posing for such pictures were harmed either?

Did you know that thousands of teenage girls under 18 have posed topless or nude for general-
audience magazines, newspapers, calendars, books, websites, and other media, almost always with
no ill effects?

These are just some of the many interesting and unexpected facts you will learn more about in our
attempt to shed light into the controversies of teenage nudity and sexuality and in so doing dispel
the myths that have become prevalent in today's world due to an unending campaign to suppress
these images, censor this knowledge, recast all nude models as victims, and shame and arrest those
who merely look at these materials.

According to the people and organisations that spread these myths to today's religious and political
circles, we are supposed to believe that an image of a nude 17 year old female is just as evil as the
image of a young child being raped, that any girl who poses nude before precisely her 18th birthday
was necessarily "exploited" and "victimised" -- even if she and her parents consented in writing,
even if she earned money in the process, even if there was no coercion or voyeurism involved...
even if she made the image herself with her own camera! We will dare to show why these claims
are false, using scientific and anecdotal evidence.

We will also dare to present an accurate and detailed catalogue of adolescent models and actresses
who have appeared in various media topless, nude, and/or in simulated sex scenes.

We will dare to expose the corrupt, inhumane, and inconsistent practices of many law enforcement
agencies and court systems as they continue to arrest parents who take innocent photographs of
their own children, nudists who take photographs of their young nudist friends and family,
artistically-inclined photographers who wish to create works similar to those sold in their own
towns/states/provinces/countries, and ordinary people who simply purchase or view such visuals.
Don't you think it would be better if laws were applied consistently across the board? And if those
laws would be more fair? Think law enforcement merely defines "child pornography" as imagery
depicting sexual abuse of a child (which, of course, is rightly outlawed)? Read the laws for yourself
and you'll see the overbroad nature of these laws. They don't just deal with rape, or only with young
pre-pubescent children, or only with non-consentual depictions, or even just with nude minors...
despite the fact that anti-child pornography laws were originally enacted in response to the
commercial circulation of visual depictions of underage sexual acts. A new and dangerous trend is
to not only arrest people for involvement with fully nude minors or minors engaged in real sexual
acts, but also for TOPLESS minors, for FICTIONAL STORIES about underage sex, for
CARTOON representations that don't depict real people, for SIMULATED SEX in mainstream
films by paid actors and actresses, for images of people who LOOK LIKE THEY ARE UNDER 18
but aren't, and for photographs of CLOTHED minors that are deemed too erotic. It is thought
control at its very worst.

We will challenge those in "child protection advocacy groups" and law enforcement who suggest
one of today's biggest priorities (in countries from Norway to the Netherlands to Canada to the
United States) is stopping teens from posting nude photos of themselves to blog community sites.
Did you know that underage teens have gotten arrested for taking pictures of themselves on digital
cameras or webcams and for circulating these images? We ask: Where does harm arise from? -- the
existence of the pictures themselves... or from society's attitudes and the shaming of the "victim"
and his/her photographer (if any)?

Increasingly, due to intervention from supragovernmental agencies like the United Nations and
European Union, a uniform standard setting age 18 as the minimum level for nudity and hardcore
pornography has become almost universal around the world, even though minimum ages under 18
had worked quite well for decades in many of the countries. In the European Union the decisions of
individual legislatures were overturned in what may be described as violations of their sovereignty.
We will document the beginnings of the "18+ only" campaign in the United States of America in the
early 1980s and the way it has destroyed freedom and stifled artistic expression.

Many photographers and average people have lamented the hype and hysteria of today. Some
photographers are frightened to work with teenaged models for any reason. Some webmasters are
scared to have any model under 18 on their websites whether clothed or unclothed. Some
bookstores and video stores no longer stock titles that they used to carry. And, of course, people are
scared to talk about these issues, or to admit to holding a different opinion, which only furthers the
one-sided nature of the debate (as far as what average people can see). What can be done about it?
The knowledge we provide to a wide audience will, perhaps, help to combat the hysteria and,
eventually, reverse the fascist thought-control laws that exist today. At the very least, it can suggest
defence strategies in court for certain situations involving the making or owning of certain kinds of
materials, if it can be shown that like materials are openly sold in that person's place.

Now, with this document, you have the opportunity to learn about these issues in depth, and to
know precisely what sorts of materials exist without having to view the materials themselves. This
may be especially valuable for researchers, journalists, writers, activists, and attorneys. An alternate
point of view to the loads of propaganda against teenage nudity has never before been presented in
a clear and comprehensive way. Even photographers, videographers, and filmmakers who work
with teenage models or actresses are unaware of most of the facts presented herein.

While it will take decades to undo the damage the puritans and mythmakers have done in our world,
this is a starting point for evaluating these issues in a systematic and objective way, rather than in an
emotional and distorted way.

I. Exploring the effects of posing and acting nude on teenage girls.
II. The rationale for child pornography laws.
III. Real-life examples of governmental tyranny.
1. Teens arrested for taking naked pictures of themselves (USA and elsewhere)
2. The Jock Sturges case (USA)
3. The Kathryn Lesoine case (USA)
4. The Jimmy Stephans case (USA)
5. The Steven Yurick case (USA)
6. The Pál Nánási investigation (Hungary)
7. The destruction of a major art photography community (Japan)
8. People arrested and convicted for receiving cartoon child porn (USA, Canada, Hong Kong,
and elsewhere)
9. Nick Gill sentenced for owning fiction about child sex (Australia)
10. Parents arrested for taking innocent pictures of their young children (USA, Canada, UK,
and elsewhere)
11. The Robert Bruce Craft case (USA)
12. Man charged with a misdemeanor for owning legal pictures (USA)
13. Man arrested for pasting children's faces onto nude women's bodies (USA)
14. People arrested for buying, transporting, and owning adult porn (USA and Austria)
15. Arrests in Florida over legal topless pictures (USA)
16. Graham Ovenden art book materials seized by U.S. Customs (USA)
17. Nudist magazines not delivered to their recipient until a court order (USA)
IV. A catalog of depictions of the nudity and sexuality of teenage girls aged 13-17 in commercial
Part 1. Mainstream films.
Part 2. Television programs.
Part 3. Naturist/nudist videos.
Part 4. Sex education videos.
Part 5. Documentary films and videos.
Part 6. Music videos.
Part 7. Softcore erotic films and videos.
Part 8. Hardcore erotic films and videos.
Part 9. Girlie magazines.
Part 10. Artistic photo-books.
Part 11. Books about nudism.
Part 12. Books about mainstream films.
Part 13. Books about porn.
Part 14. Sex education books.
Part 15. Human anatomy books.
Part 16. Books of a documentary nature.
Part 17. Newspapers.
Part 18. General magazines.
Part 19. Teen magazines.
Part 20. Nudist magazines.
Part 21. Calendars.
Part 22. Atlases.
Part 23. Video games.
Part 24. Record albums.
Part 25. Song lyric books.
Part 26. Novels.
Part 27. Lobby cards for films.
Part 28. Trading cards.
Part 29. Playing cards.
Part 30. Puzzles.
Part 31. Stand-alone works of art.
Part 32. Official e-books and digital archives.
Part 33. Membership websites with actresses and models.
V. Comparing Web modelling with art books.
VI. Moral and cultural issues.
1. The roles and rights of teens in modern societies.
2. Is seeing nudity harmful to teens?
3. Do teens understand nude modelling?
4. Ephebophilia (love of adolescents) versus paedophilia (love of preteens).
5. Issues concerning teenage pregnancy.
6. Issues concerning sex education.
7. To what extent should adolescents be integrated into the sexual world?
VII. Legal issues.
1. The early history of child erotica and child pornography.
2. The United States tackles the child pornography problem.
3. Other countries begin to regulate child pornography.
4. Judicial and legislative expansions of the definition of child pornography in the United
5. Nudist, aboriginal, and medical photographs are legal in the United States.
6. South African law.
7. Canadian law.
8. Dutch law.
9. The dictators from above.
10. English and Welsh law.
11. Danish law.
12. Swedish law.
13. Finnish law.
14. Belgian law.
15. Austrian law.
16. German law.
17. Swiss law.
18. Romanian law.
19. Czech law.
20. Brazilian law.
21. Chilean law.
22. Japanese law.
23. Sri Lankan law.
24. Australian federal and state laws.
25. Laws at the state level in the United States.
26. Emancipated minors cannot participate in porn.
27. Sex offender registries expanded to include child porn.
28. Porn or art? ...Or both simultaneously?
29. Child porn laws are used to arrest creators of nude art with minors.
30. Government censorship of artworks and films.
VIII. Hysteria and misinformation must be confronted by rationality and truth.
IX. Lost opportunities for artistic expression due to fear.
X. The implications of our research.

I. Exploring the effects of posing and acting nude on teenage girls.

So-called "protectors" claim that all children and teenagers who pose or act nude before the age of
18 are "harmed", "exploited", and "victimized". The censors furthermore claim that the continued
distribution and existence of their nudity causes them to be "re-victimized" and scarred for life. Are
these claims true when it comes to non-coercive modelling and acting assignments? Our research
into this issue found little support for this view. Instead, it appears that any actual psychological
damage often comes from the shame the girls are made to feel by others and/or their enforced
separation from their parents.

The examples we document here include girls who posed and/or acted nude, whether "artistically
nude" or "sexually nude", during their teen years prior to age 18. Many of these girls later stated
that they enjoyed the experience and that it helped them, whether with their careers, their love or
acceptance of themselves, or for another reason. With others, even if they did not state it in words
we could locate, the record of their modelling or entertainment career shows that it was part of their

* American actress Melanie Griffith appeared nude and semi-nude at age 16 in two mid-1970s
films, "Night Moves" and "Smile". Melanie told Roger Ebert that the director of "Night Moves",
Arthur Penn, "was very nice to me" in the article "Melanie Griffith puts heart into 'Stormy
Monday'" in Chicago Sun-Times on 8 May 1988. She made a video tribute for Penn that was played
at Penn's Academy Salute at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on 17 November
2005, saying "You created me. ... I love you, and you're just an amazing man." When she was 18
she was nude again in the film "Ha-Gan". At age 19 she posed nude for Playboy's October 1976
issue. Her career really took off, with important roles in such films as "The Bonfire of the Vanities"
(1990) and "Another Day in Paradise" (1998), to name just a few, and in the mid-2000s American
television sitcom "Twins".

* American actress Robin Mattson, who began acting in commercials at age 6, appeared topless in
"Bonnie's Kids" and nude in "Candy Stripe Nurses" as an adolescent before she turned 18.
Beginning in 1976 she had a string of successful roles in American daytime television soap operas,
including "The Guiding Light" (playing Hope Bauer), "General Hospital" (playing Heather
Webber), "Ryan's Hope" (playing Delia Reid), "Santa Barbara" (playing Gina Blake Timmons), "All
My Children" (playing Janet Green), and "The Bold and the Beautiful" (playing Sugar). Mattson is
also a professional gourmet chef. She hosted the cooking show "The Main Ingredient" on the
Lifetime channel from 1996 to 1997 and wrote the cookbook "Soap Opera Café: The Skinny on
Food from a Daytime Star" which was published by Warner Books in 1997.

* American actress Cristi Ellen Harris had topless scenes in four films made when she was 16 and
17, following small roles on television in "Growing Pains" and "Full House". Cristi's parents
supported her decision to do the topless scenes, having since early childhood instilled in her the
notion that the nude body is beautiful rather than dirty. She also did a little modelling around this
time and appeared in a television commercial for Doritos tortilla chips. To pursue her career full-
time she had dropped out of school, but later she earned her GED and studied in college. She got
the opportunity to play Emily Davis on the American soap opera "Sunset Beach" from May 1998 to
December 1999. She sang with the Swing Cats on their album "A Special Tribute to Elvis" (2000)
and was the vocalist on the Swing Cats track "I'm Gonna Love You Too" on the album "Platinum
Girl: A Tribute to Blondie" (2000). She appeared on an episode of "Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal
Investigative Service" in April 2004. She played Tina on eight episodes of the American soap opera
"Passions" aired from November 2004 to January 2005.

* Hungarian model Bea Hargitai posed nude at age 17 for Playboy Hungary's April 2001 issue.
After she turned 18, she continued modelling for Playboy and also for Hawaiian Tropic. She has
fond memories of her Playboy Hungary experience, telling Hawaiian Tropic in 2003: "After 1 year,
when I was 17 my childhood dream came true! I shot the cover for Playboy! This is how I became
the youngest playmate in the world! Now I am traveling much all over the world!" She posed again
for Playboy Hungary's March 2005 and December 2008 issues, including as the cover model both
times, and for Playboy Hungary's 2007 calendar, as well as for the Hungarian men's magazine CKM
and the Hungarian edition of FHM. She appeared in Playboy Special Editions published in the
USA, including "Nudes" (2004), "Playboy's Lingerie" (August/September 2005 and
February/March 2006), "Playboy's Hot Shots" (2007 and 2008), and "Playboy Girls with Girls"
(July 2007). She has also appeared at fashion shows and other events, and she opened a website at

* Susan Bernard, a 1966 Playboy Playmate at the age of 17, played Linda in the film "Faster
Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" around the same time as her Playmate photoshoot. She played Beverly
Cleveland Fairchild in the American television series "General Hospital" in 1968 and 1969. Among
other television roles, she appeared in one episode of "Room 222" in 1969 and two episodes of
"The Beverly Hillbillies" in 1971. She wrote, directed, and starred in the 1999 film "The Mao
Game". She has acted live on stage in various theatrical productions in Los Angeles. She is also the
author of books showcasing her father Bruno's glamour photography of women, including "Bernard
of Hollywood: The Ultimate Pin-Up Book", "Brunettes!", "Redheads!", and "Blondes!".

* California girl Reanna Taylor posed repeatedly for Richard Murrian's soft-focus art photo book
"Reanna's Diaries" (2004) beginning at age 14 in October 2000, and in some sessions she was
topless and nude. Later, at ages 18 through 21 during 2005-2007, Reanna posed at her successful
soft porn (nude) sites planetreanna.com and reannamae.com. (Note: Back when she was a minor,
reannamae.com was strictly a non-nude site, starting in October 2000.) As of 2009 she's a model at
the nude multi-model paysite purrfectgirls.com. Reanna has also posed for fashion advertisement
and catalog projects for several companies, including Venus Swimwear and Union Bay, and has had
numerous magazine appearances, including in the March 2001 issue of Women's Wear Daily, the
January and February 2001 issues of Glamour, and the March 2001 issue of Jump Magazine. She
appeared in TEEN Magazine three times: in the February 2001, December 2001, and January 2002
issues. In her model profile at OneModelPlace.com as of the end of 2005 she proudly says: ''And
yes I am the Reanna from the top selling art book richard murrian's "REANNA DIARIES" you can
find it at any book store.'' In her earlier OneModelPlace.com profile from October 2004 she called it
"a great book". She joined ModelMayhem.com in October 2007 and in her profile at
http://www.modelmayhem.com/reannataylor she wrote that she considered "Reanna's Diaries" to be
her "biggest" modelling accomplishment to date.

* Another girl who appeared topless in "Reanna's Diaries", Canadian model Jen Hilton, has run a
successful glamour/mild topless website jenhilton.com since her mid-teens in 2001. After Richard
Murrian took photos of her during two sessions in August 2001, when she was 16, she wrote the
following at her website's news blog: "he is a great photographer and I had a great time working
with him. He is going to have a gallery of some of the shots that we did up on his site in a while and
I will put a link to it in my news section. I seen a few samples and the pictures are really pretty."
Starting at 16 and continuing when she was an adult, Jen appeared in sets at Cinnamyn Magazine at
www.cinnamyn.com, including sets with see-thru tops and nudity. As for offline work, according to
Jen's autobiography at http://www.terababes.com/almostfamous/jenhilton.htm, she has "modeled
products for a couple companies and I also have been in a few magazines." In addition to that, Jen is
on the front covers of CDs released by the hard rock band Trixie, including "Trixie" (2003) and
"Lift You Up" (2005), and on the front cover of Quiet Riot's CD "Live & Rare, Volume 1" (2005).
She has also been included in a number of print calendars. She's comfortable with total nudity as
demonstrated by her video "Cabin Fever!" that became available at her website in 2007. At the ages
of 20-21 she posed for purrfectgirls.com including while nude.

* Another of Richard Murrian's young models, Sofie Luyten of Belgium, who had been a model
since 2000 and posed topless and nude for Murrian at 17 in June 2002 in Brussels for a set
published online at MET-Art.com and excerpted in "Reanna's Diaries", continued to have success
with modelling, later posing for such professional photographers as Arno Nollen, Noël Konings,
and Alain Gray. She went on to study photography at Karel de Grote-Hogeschool in Antwerp with
the goal of becoming a professional portrait photographer.
* Sandra Nicole, an American who posed topless for Richard Murrian in 2001 when she was 16,
cross-linked her solo paysite www.sandranicole.net with Murrian's site www.richardmurrian.net. At
http://sandranicole.net/links_page.htm she praised Murrian: "His work is outstanding and
beautiful!" Another professional photographer she worked with in 2001 was Jay Carreon. She posed
for a third photographer in fashions, bikinis, and swimsuits for most of the pictures at
www.sandranicole.net, which existed in the first half of 2002.

* English schoolgirl Louise Germaine posed erotically nude under her original name Tina Reid at
ages 15-17 for such magazines as Mayfair and Escort. As an adult she continued posing nude for
magazines like Whitehouse and Praline. When Maxim Magazine UK asked her circa 2005 "This
isn't the first time you've stripped for the camera is it?" she responded: "No. When I was young I
took my clothes off for Mayfair. Unfortunately I was in my own school uniform for the shoot. One
of my friends put it on the wall of the headmaster's room. So I got expelled. I don't regret it, because
it moved me on to better things. Such as Lipstick on Your Collar."
magazine.co.uk/girls/schoolboy_crush/schoolboy_crush.php?id=6940&page=2) She's referring to
her appearance in the television series "Lipstick on Your Collar" (1993). She also appeared in "The
House of Windsor" (1994) and the television movie "Bramwell: Our Brave Boys" (1998) and
various other productions.

* English girl Sarah Brightman posed topless at 16 in her home country. In 1976 she joined the
television dance troupe "Pan's People" on the top-40 music programme "Top of the Pops". In 1978
she became the lead vocalist of Hot Gossip, a dance group that also recorded some pop songs. In
1981 Brightman won a role in the musical "Cats" and this led to a string of important roles in other
musicals, including "The Phantom of the Opera" (1986). Brightman's subsequent solo albums
showcasing her soprano voice were well-received, including "Fly" (1995), "Timeless" (1997),
"Eden" (1998), "La Luna" (2000), and "Harem" (2003).

* Anaïs Jeanneret, born Valérie Jeanneret in France, started her entertainment career by modelling
nude in explicit poses as an adolescent well before her 18th birthday for several photographers
including Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and Burt Bunger. Anaïs also became a talented photographer in her
own right, working particularly in black-and-white. Her fame grew when she got hired for
numerous acting roles. She has worked in television films, such as "L'Étrange château du docteur
Lerne" (1983) and "Le Fils de Paul" (1995), as well as cinematic films like "L'été 36" (1986) and
"Baby Blues" (1987). She made television commercials for Mobalpa Cuisines. She also modelled
women's undergarments for catalogs. In addition, she is a writer and painter. Her published novels
are "Le Sommeil de l'autre" (1990), "Les Poupées Russes" (1994), "Les Yeux Cernés" (1998), and
"La Traversée du Silence" (2002).

* Gail McKenna posed nude at age 16 for German magazines and then topless in newspapers in
England for "Page 3" from age 17 till her early 20s. She also had additional nude photographs
taken. She became famous and once she participated in a debate in which she supported the concept
of Page 3 modelling. She quit modelling in 1990 and became a devout Christian. From 2000 until
2006 she was a presenter on "How 2", an educational television show for children in the United

* Brazilian actress Dira Paes was topless and semi-nude at 15 in the film "The Emerald Forest". She
continued her acting career in her native Brazil. For instance, she had a noteworthy role as Helena
in the film "2 Filhos de Francisco" (2005). She has also appeared on television, such as in the
television series "A Diarista", playing the part of Solineuza since 2003. In 2004, Paes started the
Festival de Belém do Cinema Brasileiro, an annual film festival for which she serves as executive

* Olivia d'Abo, whose first acting role was in a television commercial at age 13, appeared nude in
the film "Bolero" (1984) when she was 14. In later years she had many more acting parts, including
a role on the popular television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in 1992, on a revival of
"The Twilight Zone" in 2002, and on several episodes of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" aired
from 2002 to 2005. She has also had characters in films like "The Spirit of '76" (1990) and "Live
Nude Girls" (1995), and has appeared in the Broadway revival of "The Odd Couple" with Matthew
Broderick and Nathan Lane. She has also recorded a number of solo albums and performed
character voices for animated feature films.

* French actress Vanessa Paradis, who appeared nude at 16 in the film "Noce Blanche" (1989),
continued her singing career in France with some level of chart success, and became known as a
model for the French company Chanel, helping to promote their fragrances and handbags in
advertisements. In 2008 she modelled for handbag advertisements by the fashion company Miu

* Brazilian actress Mariana de Moraes was completely nude when she had her breast suckled and
her legs opened at the age of 14 in a love scene in the 1986 film "Fulaninha". An actress since she
was 8, she had many further acting roles in films after "Fulaninha", including "Leila Diniz" (1987),
"Paixão Cigana" (1991), "Alma Corsária" (1993), "Nachtsonne" (2004), and several more. In 1988
she had acting roles on the television shows "Juba e Lula", "Vale Tudo", and "Olha por Olho". For
several decades she has also acted live in theatrical productions like "As Bacantes" and "Os
Sertões". As an adolescent she studied the piano and the viola as well as vocal techniques. Her
practising and persistence led to a successful career as a bossa nova singer. She performed on the
CDs "A alegria continua" (1997), "Mariana de Moraes" (2001), "Choro rasgado" (2002), and "Se é
pecado sambar" (2007) and in live concerts.

* English glamour model Pamela Green started posing nude as an adolescent in the late 1940s to
make some money. She started with nude figure modelling in front of students in art classes, and
when she was 17 she started posing for art nude photos by Douglas Webb, because she earned even
more money from photos. She grew up in a family where she says "there was no shame about
nakedness" and her father liked to draw naked people. She became very popular and modelled for
several decades. In 1957 she co-founded the monthly magazine Kamera with photographer Harrison
Marks. Kamera featured female models, and her job was to choose them, train them, and work on
costumes, props, and staging. The magazine achieved a wide readership. She played a model named
Milly in the controversial 1960 film "Peeping Tom". She also appeared in the films "The Day the
Earth Caught Fire" (1961), "Otto und die nackte Welle" (1968), and "Legend of the Werewolf"
(1975). She remained proud of posing nude throughout her life and also became skilled at painting
and piano-playing.

* English porn star Linsey Dawn McKenzie posed topless and nude for magazines and videos
beginning at age 16 in the United Kingdom, soon after her introduction to topless modelling in
newspapers at age 15, and at 18 she started modelling in the United States. In her 20s she opened
websites to promote her career and made the X-rated video "Linsey Dawn McKenzie: Maximum
Insertion" (2004). She was selected as Score magazine's Model of the Year 2004.

* English glamour model Gemah Lambert posed topless and nude at ages 16 and 17 in 2004 and
2005 for the Sentry Promotions websites Toplessbabez.com and Teenybabez.com under the stage
name Bailey. In 2006 she was voted by the public to become a member of FHM (For Him
Magazine)'s British dance troupe High Street Honeys and subsequently performed on their Dance
Workout DVD at the age of 19. She also appeared in the music video for their 2007 CD single "I
Touch Myself". In 2008 Gemah teamed up with two teenage girls to form the singing group EGM,
which stands for "Every Girl Matters".

* Welsh glamour model Cherry Frampton, known to the broader public as as "Cherry Dee", started
posing topless at the age of 16. She posed at ages 16 and 17 (and later) for the Daily Sport and
Sunday Sport newspapers and this got her foot in the door, though it cost her her job as the mascot
of the football team Buckley Town F.C. On 8 January 2004 when she was still 16 she wrote the
following in her diary: "And now i wanna say a big THANKYOU to the Sunday Sport and the
Daily Sport for giving me the chance to achieve my dream and to my photographer Antony
Farnworth for the brilliant photographs he has taken which have put me where i am today"
(http://web.archive.org/web/20040206073321/www.cherrydee.co.uk/diary.htm) Topless photos of
Cherry appeared on ZOO Weekly Magazine's website, zooweekly.co.uk, before she turned 18. The
assignments kept rolling in when she reached adulthood. She was photographed for the 27 January-
2 February 2006 issue of Nuts and for an issue of Fast Car Magazine. The Connaught Motor
Company hired her to unveil a new sports car, the Type-D GT Syracuse 2006, at the National
Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. At 19 she was the cover model for the January/February 2007
and May/June 2007 issues of FIT For Men Magazine and became the magazine's "Dear Cherry"
advice columnist. The magazine's company, Spirit Media Publishing, issued the "Official Cherry
Dee 2007 Calendar", photographed by Richard Unger. On 28 February 2007 Cherry was voted
"Miss Sunday Sport 2007". She decided to retire from modelling in August 2007 when she was 20.
She declined an offer from an American company to pose full-frontally nude with her legs open
because she was never interested in showing more nudity than her breasts. She also didn't like how
many of her fellow glamour models snorted cocaine around her and urged her to do the same. In an
interview with Clare Hutchinson in Daily Post North Wales, 20 December 2009, she also said: "At
the end of the day I wanted to do something more than standing in front of a camera and getting my
boobs out... Glamour modelling is part of my past now – it’s just something that I did."
25430661/) After quitting modelling, she started working at a nursing home.

* Ukrainian schoolgirl Alevtina Antonyan, best known by her stage name Katalin, posed nude on
numerous occasions before her 18th birthday for photos and videos sold at Ukrainian websites like
Video Angels, Lolitas Castle, LS Magazine, and TeenFuns. Her career began around the age of 14.
Many of these visuals portray her in hot erotic poses with her legs spread wide. Some of her sets
with the so-called "18+ only" website TeenFuns were photographed in December 2003 when she
was just 16 and they show her not only nude but also spreading the lips of her pussy and inserting a
dildo into her pussy. She got really wet and it is obvious from her expression that she was having a
great time. After her 18th birthday arrived in early 2005, she continued posing for erotica and
pornography at ages 18 and 19, including for MetModels.com (the set called "Rozi and Syuzanna"
showing her with her long-time friend Julie, herself a porn model since about age 16 with LS
Magazine), for Club Seventeen, for FritzRyan.com (as "Yeva"), and in the May 2006 issue of
Penthouse Ukraine. On 19 December 2005, when she was aged 18, Alevtina told her fans at
forumophilia.com (the official forum for AngelFuns, where she modelled at the time): "Thank you
for your love and your appreciation of my work. I really like my work and I'm pleased to give you
some pleasure."

Many years later, most of the pin-up girls are proud of their pictures. For instance, Penny Baker,
Patti Reynolds, and Cynthia Myers, who were all nude in Playboy at 17, repeatedly attended
Glamourcon during the 1990s and 2000s, reminiscing about their Playmate days, signing
autographs, and displaying their Playboy photos without shame or regret. Judy Tyler, another 17
year old Playmate, appeared at "Glamourcon 8" in 1997.

Dozens of girls who went nude before cameras as adolescents did so again numerous times as
adults, sometimes into their 30s, 40s, or 50s, and this demonstrates that they did not feel victimised
by appearing nude. Julie Delpy was naked at 16 in "The Passion of Beatrice" (1987) and showed
her breasts again in later works like "Killing Zoe" (1994), "Investigating Sex" (2001), and "The
Hoax" (2006). Linda Hayden was nude at 15 in "Baby Love" (1968) and at 17 in "Blood on Satan's
Claw" (1970) and showed nudity again in films like "Confessions of a Window Cleaner" (1974),
"The House on Straw Hill" (1975), "Love Trap" (1977), and "Confessions from a Holiday Camp"
(1977). Victoria Abril showed her body prior to turning 18 in "Obsesión" (1975) and "Cambio de
Sexo" (1977) and did so again decades later in films like "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!" (1990),
"Gazon maudit" (1995), and "101 Reykjavik" (2000). Sophie Marceau showed skin at 17 in
"Joyeuses Pâques" (1984) and "L'Amour braque" (1985) and again when she was older in works
like "L'Étudiante" (1988), "Beyond the Clouds" (1995), "Firelight" (1997), and "La Fidélité"
(2000). Samantha Fox posed topless and nude regularly for several years starting at age 16 in 1983,
worked again in the 1990s, and posed nude again at age 42 in 2008. They could have stopped, but
instead they chose to be seen naked repeatedly.

There are also plenty of other documented examples of young teenage models and actresses gaining
further professional success as a result of their topless and nude appearances, as well as a feeling of
personal or sexual satisfaction. It is clear from our research that the vast majority of teens who act
or pose in the nude prior to turning 18 benefit from the experience and suffer no hardship as a
result. The lives and careers of Jenny Agutter, Brigitte Bardot, Julia Brendler, Sophie Marceau,
Sophie Favier, Ornella Muti, Valeria Golino, Izabella Scorupco, Christy Turlington, Adriana Lima,
Kathy Lloyd, Samantha Morton, Susan George, Kate Winslet, Maribel Verdú, Marion Cotillard,
Natalie Jay, Aiko Asano, and others testify to this.

And lest we forget, there are many ways of measuring success, both in and out of the entertainment
field. In addition to further modelling and acting, and other ventures like singing and dancing, some
of these girls later experienced success in other ways. Many of them found happy marriages and
had joy raising children. Others started small businesses. Still others went into other lines of work.
Here are some examples:
* Patti Reynolds, the 17 year old Playboy Playmate, later designed birdhouse accessories and
became a competitive horseback rider.
* Teddi Smith, another 17 year old Playmate, became an interior decorator.
* Shannon Long, a Playmate in Australian Playboy at 16, became a computer specialist.
* Suzanne Mizzi, a topless newspaper model at 17, became a gallery-exhibiting painter and also
started an interior design business.
* Marina Baker, another topless newspaper model at 17, became a journalist (writing mainly for the
newspapers "The Independent" and "The Guardian"), an author of books for teens, and a politician.
* Ewa Aulin, who showed some skin before she was 18 in "Col cuore in gola", became a teacher.
* Simonetta Stefanelli, a topless actress at 16, later designed handbags and shoes.
* Carole André, who went nude in a film at 17, became a businesswoman in the field of marketing
and public relations.
* Phoebe Cates, a 17 year old nude actress, has been married for a long time and retired from acting
to become a full-time mother to her two children, though she recently opened a gift boutique in
New York City.
* Vanessa Paradis also has a lasting relationship and two children, though she and her partner aren't
* Sisters Madeleine and Mary Collinson, who were nude in a lesbian scene in a film before they
were 18, both married and raised children (three and two respectively); this fulfilled the ambition
they mentioned in their Playboy Playmate of the Month data sheet in October 1970, published when
they had just turned 18: "I'd like to become an actress and someday marry and have lots of
These ladies don't sound like they were "victims" in any sense of the word.
To be objective, we must also mention an exception to the general pattern that we came across. The
English model Debee Ashby (full legal name: Deborah Jane Ashby), who first posed topless at 16,
which led to a long-term career as a pornographic nude model, told interviewer Rachel Bell (in a
section below Kira Cochrane's article "Is this your idea of glamour?" by Kira Cochrane in "The
Guardian" on 15 November 2005) that she regretted entering topless and nude modelling: "I was 16,
naïve and in public school. I didn't think I was attractive enough to do Page 3, so I was flattered. I
was bulimic for about seven years. There were a lot of drugs, a lot of men preying on young girls.
Most people treated me like a bimbo but I exploited that attitude. One newspaper exec said he'd bed
me before I was 18. He didn't. If you've been a model and your looks go, it's hard to adjust. I was in
therapy for four years. What did I learn? Don't judge someone on their looks and don't trust anyone
till they've earned it." (Note: The Guardian misspelt her last name as "Ashbee") In the mid-1980s
when Debee was 18 she was interviewed by Tym Manley for a magazine article. She told Manley
about problems she had during the first year or two of modelling: "I was very depressed. I just went
down. I'd been going through adolescence and I had the same problems all adolescents have --
leaving school, exams and all that -- and at the same time I was well-known and had to grow up
very quickly. It's very hard to cope with... I was fairly bad. I had to keep going to see a doctor. I was
just really down. Maybe it was because I couldn't cope with going out. You know; the strain of
always looking great whenever you go anywhere. ... I wanted to grow up. I was thrown into it at 16
and I wasn't properly grown up." Another thing she told Manley she didn't like was that the
photographer of her January 1984 Men Only pictorial "took a picture of me nude as I came out of
the shower. ... I didn't know it was being taken..." The picture revealed her pubic hair even though
"I only wanted to do topless." Also she told Manley she found it awkward being asked to write a
diary about her sex life for Men Only magazine "when I was still a virgin". Debee's education got
cut short, too; her topless shots for Page 3 got her expelled from King Henry VIII Public School
before she was able to complete her "O" level exams. Yet she told Manley "I loved getting kicked
out!", that she did enjoy modelling, and that she didn't have regrets over the problems she faced.

English model Zoe Parker's brief modelling career at age 16 began at her own initiative, but the
London-based "The People" condemned Zoe for modelling so young without her clothes on and ran
articles claiming her stepfather, Robert Parker, who served as her manager, was exploiting her.
Responding to the criticism, Zoe told the Bolton Evening News on 7 August 1998: "Many models
have to start young to make it. Samantha Fox started at 16, but no one made an example of her. I am
also a born exhibitionist, I love it in front of the camera and I also think I am gorgeous. If I've got
the confidence to flaunt what I've got and get paid for it as well then why shouldn't I make a living
as a model?" This article also says that Zoe claimed she had only posed topless for newspaper
pictures and that she denied she had posed fully nude for a porn magazine. Our sources confirm that
Zoe wanted very much to be a topless model, but that the explicit porn modelling she did for
Whitehouse International made her uncomfortable and was something her stepfather pressured her
into doing. As late as early October 1998 Zoe still had a positive attitude and appeared on television
(ITV's "Trisha" show) defending her stepfather and the concept of topless modelling, but a while
later her opinion of her stepfather changed and she regretted having worked with the porn magazine
world. According to the 7 March 1999 issue of "The People", she was especially embarrassed by the
fact that her stepfather "forced her into telling degrading lies about her sex life to filthy mags. Head
bowed in shame, Zoe said: I thought about the most outrageous situations and pretended they'd
happened to me." The real lesson of Zoe's experience is that girls should never be encouraged to do
things they feel uncomfortable with, not that topless or nude modelling is a bad thing to do. Had
Zoe continued working exclusively with newspapers, and never posed with her vulva showing, she
may have continued modelling for many years.

Spanish actress Penélope Cruz appeared topless at age 16 or 17 in the film "Jamón, Jamón" (1992)
where she had her nipples repeatedly sucked on camera by two male actors. She appeared next in
such acclaimed films as "Belle Epoque" (1992), "All the Pretty Horses" (2000), and "Vanilla Sky"
(2001). "Jamón, Jamón" disturbed her for years, according to the article "One dirty film made me
feel like a piece of meat and drove me to a nervous breakdown" by Gerard Couzens and Stephen
Martin in the 4 March 2001 edition of Sunday Mirror, because she thought the nudity was
gratuitous. Her uncle, Manuel Cruz, told Couzens: "Penelope felt like a piece of meat after Jamon,
Jamon, like just a product... although she had agreed to the nude scene, she was horrified when she
saw the end result and felt there was no justification for it. It hurt her deeply and she vowed never to
do nude scenes again unless there was a good reason." Couzens and Martin noted that for a while
"she changed her image from sex siren to androgynous and sexless." Gradually, however, she
recovered from her nervous breakdown, started appearing in new topless roles (such as in 1997's
"Open Your Eyes"), and saw the positive aspects of "Jamón, Jamón". Penélope told Daily News
(Los Angeles) in 1999: "It was a great part, but...I wasn't really ready for the nudity. But I have no
regrets because I wanted to start working and it changed my life." In 2006 she told BBC News:
"That movie gave me a lot of opportunities because the character was really good and demanding in
many ways."

German actress Nastassja Kinski appeared nude in several films before she turned 18. Later in her
life she claimed acting nude before 18 caused her anguish, in an interview with Louise Farr, "Kinski
Business", that appeared in W Magazine in May 1997: "If I had had somebody to protect me or if I
had felt more secure about myself, I would not have accepted certain things. Nudity things. And
inside it was just tearing me apart." She made a similar comment to Suzie Mackenzie in the article
"Daddy's girl" in "The Guardian" on 3 July 1999 regarding her film "Stay As You Are": "There was
no one prepared to say, 'She shouldn't do that. There is no point.' No one to protect me. I was just a
young girl, in Italy. It was stupid." Kinski does not sound credible when she pretends to dislike
acting nude, since she appeared nude for decades as an adult in the 1980s through 2000s, including
in films like "Cat People" (1982), "The Hotel New Hampshire" (1984), "Susan's Plan" (1998), and
"Say Nothing" (2001), and in a famous photograph where a large snake is wrapped around her nude
body, and she was nude on the cover of Brazil's "Status Plus" magazine's September 1981 issue. If
she's so uncomfortable appearing nude, why did she do it so many times? Kinski was interviewed
by Harlan Kennedy for the article "A Perfect Tess" which appeared in American Film magazine's
October 1979 issue. She said: "I dislike Passion Flower Hotel so much I wish I had the money to
buy it up and burn it. And with the Lattuada film [Stay As You Are], although I signed three
contracts concerning the release of pictures from that film, I find that they have appeared in
Playboy. I was brought up to believe that there is nothing shameful about the naked human body.
Nudity does not bother me as such. It's beautiful and quite natural. But when pictures are taken out
of films, and the context is lost, it's perhaps a different thing." And in her article "'Day' Tripper"
with Boxoffice.com's Bridget Byrne at http://www.boxoffice.com/apr97sneak2.html she doesn't
exactly sound unhappy about having been nude in her films: ''"My children caught a glimpse of
["Cat People"] on TV once and exclaimed, 'You were completely nude!' I found myself explaining,
'Well, as a cat, wouldn't you expect me to be nude?'" Kinski laughs, noting she hasn't appeared in
many films her kids can watch yet.'' That's an interesting comment for a woman who had tried to get
some of her nude scenes cut out of "Cat People" before release -- because she thought it could harm
her career.

At the time of American teen Jessica Biel's topless photo shoot in "Gear" at age 17, she was an
actress on the popular American television series "7th Heaven", playing a "good girl" daughter of a
Protestant minister. She desired to get released from her contract with the show and assert her
independence from the show's producer. She didn't like being typecast, and in fact she was cast in
the quite different role of Jane Burnham for the film "American Beauty", but had to drop out
because of conflicts with "7th Heaven" executive producer Aaron Spelling. As expected, the
producers of "7th Heaven" disliked her photo shoot in "Gear", and wrote her character out of the
show at some point during the following season. Stephen Collins, the man portraying her father on
the show, described the photos as "child pornography". Interestingly, the role of Jane Burnham, later
filled by 16 year old Thora Birch (see her listing), included a topless scene. Due to the bad reception
she got over the photo shoot, after all she lives in a puritan country with issues over female breasts,
Biel later expressed regrets over it. She said: "Gear was such a huge mistake, and it was a huge
embarrassment for me and that's why it's taken me so long to come and talk about it. ... It's a part of
my life that has just helped me learn and grow into being a young adult." Around February 2001 she
told Salt Lake City's Deseret News that it was "not the right thing for myself." Around 2002 she told
Us Weekly: "The pictures were supposed to be a little more mature and sexy than what I had done
before, but it went further than I expected or wanted it to." In 2008 she told Entertainment Weekly
"That photoshoot was a bad decision." but admitted "I learned a whole lot from the experience, so it
was definitely a blessing in disguise." Despite the controversy, her acting career did not end, and
she has appeared in more recent productions, such as "The Illusionist" (2006), and even more
interestingly "Powder Blue" (2009) where she showed her breasts and buttocks.

Traci Lords has continued to do quite well for herself since her porn star days, appearing in
numerous American mainstream films and television shows and even as a character in several video
games. Her film credits include "Cry-Baby" (1990) and "Blade" (1998), among many others, and
she has appeared on TV in "Melrose Place", "Tales from the Crypt", "Gilmore Girls", "Will &
Grace", and many other shows. It is well-known that Traci displayed tremendous enthusiasm during
her under-18 hardcore scenes and was genuinely enjoying the sex. She called her sex scene with
Joel Silvera in "Suzie Superstar II" at age 16 her "most thrilling sexual experience on or off-
camera." Greg Dark told Stag magazine in 1985: "She is the most enthusiastic performer I've ever
worked with." Traci's story changed after she got caught by the FBI for being underage. She
thereafter concocted a tale according to which she had been addicted to cocaine, that her memories
of her porn star days were hazy because of the alleged drug use, and that she had been exploited.
But her co-stars, including Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, and Bunny Bleu, stated that she did not use
drugs, that her mind was sharp, and that she was always on time for her shoots. In the May 1995
issue of the monthly American magazine "Details", Traci was quoted as saying: "...it was never
about sex. It was about self-abuse and anger. I was punishing myself. I never said, 'They made me
do it'. Nobody made me do anything. I was never a victim." So, according to her own words, she
does not consider herself a victim, even though she makes a not-so-credible claim that she didn't
enjoy what she did. Can you guess why she didn't just admit that she enjoyed having sex on film?
Because female sexuality, particularly female sexuality of minors, is still regarded as shameful and
taboo in America, and the idea that what she did was wrong has been ingrained in her ever since she
and her producers were arrested by the FBI.

The late Candy Barr (d. 30 December 2005) was a famous stripper and dancer from Texas. The
1950s stag film in which she appeared, "Smart Alec", is regarded as a pioneering event in American
hardcore cinema, made at a time when such risque films were underground productions. In the film
she is depicted engaging in actual sexual intercourse. For several decades, segments from "Smart
Alec" have been duplicated on various compilations (such as "A History of the Blue Movie" from
1970). The problem with this is that Candy regarded the film as a depiction of rape -- at least in
interviews she gave late in her life. The following quote by Candy comes from the article "Candy
Barr: She used to be the center of attention, both scandalized and adoring. Now she just wants to be
left alone." by Skip Hollandsworth in TexasMonthly (September 2001):
"'I was a fifteen-year-old girl being molested in front of a camera,' Candy says, and her eyes begin
to fill with tears at the memory. 'Men who've seen the film always talk about how I smiled while I
was having sex. I was told to smile. And I knew if I didn't smile, something worse would happen to
me after that camera was turned off.'"
She had elsewhere claimed that she was either drugged before her performance or had a gun pointed
at her forcing her to act. Some writers have disputed her claims. For instance, Phil Hall, a
contributing editor at FilmThreat.com, said that if she was really coerced to make the film "then she
was the greatest actress of all time. There is absolutely nothing in this film to suggest a narcotized
state or violent coercion. In fact, Barr's self-confidence is so astonishing that it is impossible to
imagine her being anyone's victim." ("The Bootleg Files: 'Smart Alec'", February 3, 2006,
http://www.filmthreat.com/index.php?section=features&Id=1686) Hall also noted that Candy
refused to perform fellatio on the man. All this raises the question of whether Candy Barr was a liar
like Traci Lords -- pretending to be a victim because she lived in a society that condemns what she
did. Melissa Hope Ditmore in "Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work" wrote "The FBI later
prosecuted the producer for exploitation of a minor, with Barr's assistance." Did the FBI influence
her viewpoint just as they appear to have done with Traci? This film wasn't Candy's only
involvement with the sex trade; she later posed topless for photographs and continued stripping for
live audiences for many years.

Alexandra Quinn, another girl who performed in porn in the USA before she was 18, played the
"victim" for a short time after she was discovered to be underage. She was interviewed by Hard
Copy for a segment called "Little Girl Lost" and she pretended that she had been an innocent girl
trapped by a ruthless porn industry that exploited her. Quinn later returned to the porn industry,
revealing the opinions she expressed on Hard Copy to be less than sincere. Quinn got paid $5,000
for appearing on "Hard Copy". Some people say that it is "Hard Copy" that exploited Quinn, not the
porn industry. The truth, as she later admitted to "Hustler Erotic Video Guide" (in 1997) and to "The
Howard Stern Show" (in June 2000), is that she made a fake ID card in her high school library and
got a fake Canadian passport, that becoming a stripper and porn star was her own idea and
happened by her own initiative, that she first had sexual intercourse (with an 18-year-old young
man) when she was 12 (so she was hardly innocent when she began doing porn several years later),
and that she thinks most men are good people.

Nor can most of the numerous Dutch girls who participated in photo shoots and videos with explicit
nudity and sex acts be described as victims. There is no evidence to support such a claim. Until
2002 it was legal in the Netherlands to produce hardcore porn with 16 and 17 year old girls and
boys. One company that took advantage of this opportunity was Video Art Holland. Arthur Martin,
the company's director, told journalist Clifford Cremer in 1997: "Eighteen years ago we started with
Seventeen, a sex magazine which featured only teenagers. That way we not only catered to the
traditional porn consumer, but to teenagers as well. Because young people buy sex magazines too, if
only out of curiosity. Our magazines for example circulate a lot around high schools. The perception
that porn only caters to dirty old men is not true. To recruit models is easy. Hundreds of girls want
to join. Mainly out of curiosity. The girls who do this work were raised very liberal-minded, and
most of the time even their parents know what they do in our studios. You can't say they're from a
certain background, because we get girls from all walks of life. High school or university, the
runaway kid or the daughter of the dentist... Most of the girls like the idea that later on thousands of
boys and men will see their naked bodies. It's a kick for them to undress in our studios. Sometimes
they do it out of a spontaneous impulse, just to undergo the experience. Biologically, women are
exhibitionistic and men are voyeuristic. Look at girls and young women: they like to dress
provocatively, to show their bodies. Maybe once in ten years a girl regrets what she did. If possible,
we try not to use her pictures or films again. But in the last 25 years, that has only happened three
times. ... But most of the girls in our films only have sex with their partners. They don't want
anyone else, partly out of fear of AIDS." (quoted at
http://www.lukeisback.com/essays/essays/seventeen.htm) If being featured in Seventeen products
had actually harmed the girls, more than just three of them would have requested to be removed
from the company archives.

Frank Cordelle has photographed numerous American girls under 18 fully nude over several
decades. The editorial board of The Flat Hat, the student newspaper at the College of William and
Mary, told their readers that almost all of these girls had no problem with their photos being
repeatedly shown to the public in Cordelle's travelling exhibition: "And in its history, just one
woman who was photographed as a minor has asked that her picture be removed." (quoted from
their February 17, 2009 editorial "Century Project: art, not porn" at
http://flathatnews.com/content/70005/century-project-art-not-porn) In Julia Riesenberg's March 20,
2009 article "Art or Exploitation" in The Flat Hat Cordelle said "Many of these children volunteer
to be photographed a second time when they’re much older. I think that says a lot about whether
this is a good experience or not." (quoted at http://flathatnews.com/content/70300/art-or-

II. The rationale for child pornography laws.

Typical justifications for outlawing the possession and distribution of "child pornography" include
the following:

"Taylor, Quayle and Holland (2001) also argue that regardless of whether the children portrayed in
objectionable images are physically abused during the creation of the images, victimisation occurs
each time an image of a child is used for a sexual purpose (including sexual fantasy generation,
arousal and masturbation). In effect, this activity encourages non-consensual use of individuals as
sexual objects."
- "Internet Traders of Child Pornography and other Censorship Offenders in New Zealand" by
Angela Carr (Dept. of Internal Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand, April 2004)

"Child pornography, by itself, represents an act of sexual abuse or exploitation of a child and, by
itself, does harm to that child."
- Kenneth V. Lanning in "Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis" (National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children, 1992)

"Child pornography is not a computer crime. Every image depicts a child being abused. They are
crime-scene photographs."
- Michelle Collins, the director of the Exploited Children Unit of the National Center for Missing
and Exploited Children, as quoted in Edison/Metuchen Sentinel, The Examiner, and The
Independent (New Jersey, August 30, 2006) in an article about a man who sexually assaulted boys
and girls aged 2 to 8 and videotaped these acts plus placed hidden cameras in rooms where the
children undressed

"It cannot be emphasised enough that behind every horrid piece of child pornography is a tragic
case of an abused defenceless child, somewhere in the world."
- Chris Ellison, Australian Senator and Minister for Justice and Customs, as quoted in The Age
(Melbourne, Australia, February 23, 2005)

"It's chilling to realize that every photo on every page of every child pornography magazine... is a
permanent record of the works of a child molester."
- William V. Roth, U.S. Senator from Delaware and Chairman of the Senate Permanent
Subcommittee on Investigations, in Spring 1985, as quoted in The Los Angeles Times (September
16, 1985)

"While little is known about the specific long-term effects of use in child pornography, the
immediate trauma and effects of sexual abuse on children is well documented. Because child
pornography is a clear record of child sex abuse, its victims would therefore experience the same
emotional and physical consequences in addition to any harm resulting from the pornography. ...
Child victims of pornography face the possibility of a lifetime of victimization because the
pornography can be distributed indefinitely. Physical, psychological, and emotional effects of child
sexual abuse are coupled with the possibility of the pornography resurfacing. Being photographed
during sexual abuse intensifies the child's shame, humiliation, and powerlessness."
- "Child Pornography: The Criminal-Justice-System Response" by E. Klain, et al. (National Center
for Missing and Exploited Children, 2001),

"It is possible that victims of child pornography suffer as severely if not more severely than other
victims of sexual crimes. It is psychologically very devastating, because every time that image is
looked at or shared that child is being victimized again and again. The Internet allows these pictures
to be shared."
- Kelly Kennedy, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Attorney General's office, as quoted in The Fond
Du Lac Reporter (September 7, 2005)

"It does not threaten the First Amendment for the Federal legislature to conclude, for example, that
inducing children to engage in sexual activity can physically harm them, and consequently to
prohibit the photographing of children who have been induced to do so, and to legislate against the
publication and sale of magazines or films in which such photography appears. The publisher and
the seller are principals in the abuse."
- "Taking on the Censors" by Robert Sabbag in Oui, January 1978

"The use of children in sexually explicit films is of course criminal exploitation of people who can't
defend themselves, and it is cruelty to the children and an offense against the parental feelings of
anybody with the slightest amount of sympathetic imagination. I think the makers of such pictures
must be tracked down and imprisoned."
- "Dr. Ruth's Guide for Married Lovers" by Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Warner Books, 1986)

These statements have some validity - especially regarding preteens and particularly sexual acts
involving preteens. According to affidavits and literature summarised at
http://www.doctorsforlifeinternational.com/departments/legal/DereuckJudgement.doc, young
children who participate in nude or hardcore imagery in many cases have physical injuries from
sexual acts perpetrated upon them, and may develop anxiety disorders, anti-social behaviours,
anger, drug or alcohol abuse, promiscuity, problems with future relationships, or other problems.

It is important to differentiate the experiences of preteens from those of adolescents. As we saw in

the case studies in the previous section, teens typically have a more positive experience with nudity
and erotica, and the objective evidence appears to indicate that the vast majority of teens are not
harmed by being photographed or videographed nude or in real or simulated sexual acts, or by
having others see it. Drew Barrymore, Mie Holst, Leah de Wavrin, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Louise
Germaine, Mary and Madeleine Collinson, Shannon Long, and many thousands of other girls posed
and/or acted naked before they were 18, and there is no evidence that they feel devastated that their
images were released to the public. At the time, they clearly agreed to the idea, consentually,
otherwise their images could not have been made and released, and they would not have posed and
acted unclothed on so many occasions! Many of the teens who acted topless or nude before they
were 18 have said they had no problem with doing so because it was part of their film's script and
they are not embarrassed by their bodies. In addition, many girls have earned good money by
posing nude.

And teens under 18 who use their own cameras to pose nude, masturbating, or fucking on public
blogs, imageboards, and live video streaming sites likewise do so intentionally. According to their
own words in their blogs, these girls want to be seen as sexual beings and they want people to
masturbate while looking at their images.
For instance, here's the opinion of an Australian girl who in 2004 talked about the fun she had
posing topless at 16: "...at 16 you're also quite legally allowed to feature in pornographic material.
Australian law rocks. It recognises teenagers as sexual beings and gives them the power to utlilise
the creative outlet of nude photography if they choose to. ... Like I said above, there's no good
reason to draw a distinction between having sex and taking pictures of it. I guess it comes from the
idea that taking a few nudes when you're young can haunt you for the rest of your life, but that's just
because our society needs to get over this idea that sex is shameful. ... I did take some nude pictures
when I was 16... I can't honestly say that I regret taking those pictures when I was younger. ...I was
extroverted and wanted people to notice me. I particularly wanted them to notice me sexually, so I
occasionally took a picture of my boobs with my cam... It was a valid way of expressing myself..."

The big-time American porn star Eva Angelina wanted to start making commercial porn videos
before she was 18 but she had to wait because of American federal and California laws. In 2004 she
told Luke Ford: "I always wanted to do porn. It was only a matter of turning 18. I started making
my own home videos when I was 13. ... I carried my video camera in my car. I carried it with my
backpack. I would take a guy that I knew to a restaurant bathroom or whatever, go in the bathroom
stall and start blowing them, and they would tape it POV. It was great. I loved it. When I was 17, I
met a guy who was a wanna be poser porn-star dude who was totally into making home videos. I
had my collection. ... When I was younger, I was so scared that my parents would find the videos
that I would tape over it. A 14-year old filming her sex isn't accepted." To which Luke responded:
"What a cold cruel world we live in where a 14-year old girl can't even make pornographic movies
of herself without fear of ridicule, let alone arrest." Luke later asked "Why do you love porn so
much?" and she replied "I feel like I can express myself. ... I love fans. I love to be recognized. ..."
and she talked about how sexual she feels.

Kim Kardashian, another American who likes to be seen in the public eye, was portrayed in a
professional pictorial in the December 2007 issue of Playboy which was shot when she was 26. But
about a decade earlier, when Kim was just 16, she posed naked for an unknown photographer. Her
sister Kourtney also had nude photos taken, in explicit poses and having sex with a man, when she
was just 17. The sisters didn't appear naked together and the photos were not taken around the same
time. A California photographer, Eric Ford, got hold of the photos and tried to sell them, but had to
give them up to the FBI after he learned from the Kardashian family's representatives that the girls
were under 18 and he was threatened with legal consequences if he proceeded further in dealing
with the photos (see Ben Widdicombe's gossip columns dated October 8, 2007 and October 16,
2007 in the New York Daily News,
08_fbi_checks_out_fords_nude_shots_of_karda.html and

As Arthur Martin noted, there is a natural female inclination towards exhibitionism. And it has
become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon nowadays since so many girls and women of all ages
want to be seen naked. American organisations that are against adolescent porn noted a sharp
increase in the number of underage teens making nude snaps and videos of themselves during the
mid-2000s. Sometimes these girls like to wear Playboy jewelry with the rabbit head logo or T-shirts
saying things like "Single and Looking", "Single and Available", "two boys for every girl",
"FLIRTING MY WAY TO THE TOP", and "Behind every great girl is a guy checking her out". In
some videos the girls who are stripping laugh and smile and so do their friends. An example of a
video with lots of laughing and smiling is one that was posted to Youtube.com by a girl who looks
14 who gradually stripped naked and showed off her front and rear nudity, including her full brown
bush, while standing, as her girl friend held the camera; the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua played in
the background, whose lyrics include, appropriately enough, a reference to stripping everything off:
"you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere". There have even been instances where two
adolescent girls broadcasted themselves live at Stickam as they masturbated together. The trend of
adolescents making their own porn, sometimes for distributing to others while other times just for
private use, has also spread to countries like Singapore, as noted in the article "Parents must address
lax values" by Jeremy Au Yong and Nur Dianah Subaimi in The Sunday Times, 26 February 2006,
which quotes a 17 year old student named May as saying she spontaneously videoed herself having
sex with her boyfriend: "It's not like we planned anything. The phone was there when we were
doing it and so we just said, why not? It's no big deal."

Legitimate concerns have been raised when some of the less exhibitionistic girls don't want their
private videos to be seen by anyone other than themselves and their lovers and yet they do get seen
by others, without their permission, perhaps because their phone got lost or stolen, or because a
boyfriend she broke up with decided to take revenge, or because somebody hacked into their email
account. A worst case scenario would be if a third party profits monetarily by selling videos that
were intended by their makers to be private. Situations where girls discover that their images are
distributed to the public involuntarily are clearly distinguishable from those involving girls who
*want* others to see their images. Privacy laws and child abuse laws can be used to bring criminal
charges against those who steal and redistribute girls' pictures without their knowledge or
agreement. Also, a civil case can occasionally have success in granting a victim of unwanted public
exposure monetary compensation, if the victim became emotionally distressed as a result, as with
the Ohio state civil case Jane Doe v. William Barlock Jr. (2007). A civil case can also be initiated
over a copyright violation if the images were self-shot by the subject and published against the
subject's will; for instance, in 2009 the actress Ashley Greene threatened to sue anyone who
published her private self-shot nude photos.

Anthony Rich, a Florida teen, took a nude photo of his 15 year old girlfriend when he was 17, and
at the time she consented to him taking and keeping it. Later, after they broke up, he posted the
photo for the public on her account at MySpace.com, without the girl's permission. According to
columnist Tom Lyons' article "What he did with her photo is a crime" in the Herald-Tribune on
September 2, 2007, "she was naked and in a provocative pose" and the photo is considered child
porn under Florida law
(http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20070902/COLUMNIST36/709020338). His motivation was
revenge, since she was the one who had broken their relationship up. He notified her friends by
email with a link to where they could find the photo and also distributed over 200 printed copies of
the photo. According to Michael A. Scarcella's article "Man gets 30 days in jail for posting nude
photo" in the Herald-Tribune on August 29, 2007
(http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20070829/NEWS/708290301/1003/NEWS0107), the girl
was embarrassed by his actions and was getting lots of calls from people who had seen the photo.
Originally he was facing child porn charges, but the prosecutor reduced the severity of the charges
to "child abuse" and "attempted child abuse", and he pleaded no contest to those charges. He was
ordered to serve 30 days in jail, followed by 1 year of house arrest.

Alex Phillips, a Wisconsin 17 year old, maliciously posted up two nude photos of his ex-girlfriend
on his MySpace.com page. The girl made the photos herself with her cell phone when she was 16,
and had sent them by email to Alex. According to a legal report filed in Lacrosse County Circuit
Court, one of the photos showed "full frontal nudity" while the other one showed her "buttocks,
anus and vagina". The girl told police that she didn't give him permission to redistribute them and
was very upset that he did so. A police investigator asked Alex to delete the photos from MySpace
and warned him that he'd go to jail otherwise, but Alex stupidly refused to comply, saying "fuck
that, I am keeping them up." The consequence was that police charged him with possession of child
pornography, sexual exploitation of a child by a person under 18, and defamation. The defamation
charge stems from the fact that Alex captioned the full frontal nude photo with these spiteful words:
"Yo tell me this bitch desurves this!!!!!!! This is HLK yall! Yo, U see how big her hole is! Its from
me! TF gets my leftover's to bad she fucked." Alex admitted to police that he posted the photos
"because he was venting." (source: "Teen Nabbed For Naked MySpace Photos" at The Smoking
Gun, May 21, 2008, http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2008/0521081myspace1.html)
When he attended his initial court session, he didn't say a word, so the judge interpreted it as a "not
guilty" plea and the case became headed for a trial.

Vanessa Hudgens didn't give permission for the public release of the full-frontal nude self-portrait
that she took in her bedroom in the first half of January 2004, at the age of 15, before she became a
famous actress. The photo is tasteful and reminiscent of the pose shown in the statue of David by
Michelangelo. One could easily argue that Hudgens's photo is just as artistic. But staff at Disney,
which tries to keep a "clean" image for the sake of young kids, disapproved of what she had done.
For example, Patti McTeague, a spokeswoman for the Disney Channel, called the photo a "lapse in
judgment". Hudgens herself said "I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken
these photos." It is not known how the photo ended up on the Internet. Her former boyfriend Adam
O'Neal was one of the original recipients, but did not distribute it himself, as he told the National
Enquirer in the September 14, 2007 article "Vanessa Hudgens' Ex Boyfriend: She Sent Me Nude
Photos, Too!" (http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/64204).

Early in August 2009 a second batch of Hudgens's private self-shot photos was distributed without
her permission. These photos are time-stamped, so we know she posed topless in her bedroom on
May 11, 2006 and topless and partially bottomless in a bathroom on June 9, 2006. She was 17 years
old at the time she made both sets. Vanessa Hudgens's attorney, Christopher Wong, wrote emails to
sites that displayed the photos to threaten them with lawsuits if the images were not removed, on
the basis that the copyright to them belongs to Hudgens and she did not grant permission to those
sites to redistribute them. Wong also warned infringers that "She was a minor at the time" and the
images "were obtained through illegal or improper means" (source: "Vanessa Hudgens Nude
Photos: Lawsuit Lurks for Those Who Post" by Sheila Marikar, ABC News, August 7, 2009,
http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/CelebrityCafe/story?id=8271362&page=1). Hudgens
registered her nude photos with the U.S. Copyright Office, and in December 2009 she sued Butter
Media in federal court for having disregarded her request to have her nudes removed from the site
www.moejackson.com (source: "Vanessa Hudgens Sues Over Nude Pics", TMZ.com, December 24,
2009, http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/24/vanessa-hudgens-sues-nude-pics-moejackson-butter-media-

Hope Witsell, a 13-year-old girl in Florida, shot a topless photo of herself using her cell phone and
sent it to a boy's cell phone. She didn't intend it to get more widely circulated than that, but another
girl used the boy's phone to forward the photo to other students at her middle school. Some of the
other students repeatedly called her a "slut", a "whore", and a "porn queen" when she walked the
school's hallways and when she would enter a classroom. One of Hope's diary entries said: "Tons of
people talk about me behind my back and I hate it because they call me a whore! And I can't be a
whore I'm too inexperienced. So secretly TONS of people hate me..." School officials made things
worse by suspending her for a week, and after she sent another topless photo of herself to some
other boys the school took away her right to run again as a student advisor for the Future Farmers of
America, a role she cared a lot about. Her mother Donna grounded her and took away her Internet
access and, eventually, telephone access. After being bullied and punished over her photo, Hope
committed suicide (sources: "Sexting-related bullying cited in Hillsborough teen's suicide" by
Andrew Meacham, St. Petersburg Times, November 29, 2009,
teens-suicide/1054895; "‘Sexting’ bullying cited in teen’s suicide" by Michael Inbar,
TodayShow.com, December 2, 2009, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34236377/ns/today-

It's even more reprehensible when people photograph or record girls without their knowledge.
Voyeurism laws are among the tools available to punish the perpetrators.

A 15 year old girl in Nineveh, Indiana was secretly recorded having consentual sex with a 14 year
old boy at a party. A 15 year old boy and a 17 year old boy videotaped them through a hole in a
door. Police investigated everybody who was at the party, and one of the boys confessed to the
videotaping. The girl later learned that not only had she been recorded but the video had circulated
to other local high school students (source: "Teen Charged After Juvenile Sex Act Secretly Taped"
at TheIndyChannel.com, March 20, 2009,

A 15 year old girl in Indianapolis, Indiana was secretly recorded with a cell phone while she
engaged in one or more sexual acts. The voyeur distributed the video to some students at her high
school, still without her knowing. According to Francesca Jarosz's article "Racy phone images can
haunt teens: As the practice becomes more common, authorities try to stay ahead of 'sexting'" in The
Indianapolis Star on March 22, 2009
(http://www.indystar.com/article/20090322/NEWS02/903220383): ''The 15-year-old girl has
received counseling, but her grandmother says the teasing from fellow students has damaged the
girl's self-esteem. "It's affected her a lot -- she's eating a lot more," said her grandmother, whose
name is not being used to help protect the identity of her granddaughter. "She just don't care for
herself no more."''

On the March 25, 2009 broadcast of Maury Povich's American television talk show, a 19 year old
girl sobbed as she recounted how when she was 16 she had had sex with a boy who secretly
videotaped the act and the boy distributed the video to people at her high school without her
permission. One day a group of students set up a video projector in the school cafeteria and played
the video. After that she was often teased by students, and felt so uncomfortable that she transferred
to another school. But the students at that other school soon found out about the video too, and she
dropped out of high school altogether. The boy wasn't charged with a crime.

Another legitimate concern is that young people feel especially vulnerable around the time of
puberty and can become embarrassed because they haven't yet fully adjusted to their newly nubile

One of Jock Sturges's models, Christina Russ, expressed her feelings about having posed nude at a
young age to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Steven Winn: ''Paging through a book that depicted
them nude as children, Russ said, "These pictures capture us at our moments of being strong and
powerful. The goal was to chronicle us through our whole lives." Only for a while, she said, when
she first started high school, did she not want to pose. "It was the first time I felt I had things to
hide," she explained. "I got over it."'' (quoted in Winn's "Art flaps fade away, but Sturges and his
nude photos thrive", October 18, 2006)

A Japanese girl named Sayo was photographed by her father, Sadahiro Suzuki, from the day she
was born until the age of 20, often nude. The photos got published in the book "Sayo: Daughter's
Photography Birth to Adult" (1996). Sayo wrote comments within the book. She indicated that she
thought there was nothing wrong with her father taking nude photos of her throughout her life, but
that she was embarrassed by it when she reached puberty. Despite her embarrassment, she didn't
want to disappoint him, so she didn't refuse to continue to pose while an adolescent.
It is understandable that girls like Christina Russ and Sayo Suzuki can be uncomfortable posing
nude for a brief time around 13 or 14 years of age. Photographers should respect the wishes of their
subjects. If they wish to take some time off from modelling, and the photographer doesn't pressure
them to continue, all is well. On the other hand, some girls have no problem posing nude even as
their breasts are enlarging and hips are swelling and around the time of their first period.

Many teenage girls have entered topless photos of themselves into mainstream contests in their
home countries. Under-18 girls who did this included 17 year old brunette Nicole, a contestant in
the Page 3 Idol 2003 contest in the United Kingdom, 17 year old Gemma Quinn, a contestant in the
Max Power Babe contest of 2005 in the United Kingdom, and hazel-eyed 17 year old blonde
Morgane Frey, a contestant in Miss Mobile 2005 contest in France, among many others. There are
several cases in which entry into a contest led to a lucrative modelling career. Perhaps the best
known example is Samantha Fox. Early in 1983 when Samantha was 16, her mother photographed
her topless wearing lingerie and submitted the snaps to The Sunday People newspaper's "Face and
Shape of '83" contest. The photos were published in the newspaper, and the subsequent publicity led
to a modelling contract with The Sun newspaper.

Some teenagers under 18 who aspire to become professional models have submitted topless or nude
photos of themselves to profiles they created within sites that invite models and photographers to
submit portfolios, such as Model-kartei.de.

Other underage teens have submitted amateur photos showing themselves naked to their portfolios
within Suicidegirls.com, so that all the subscribers can see them.

These facts undermine the case that nude teen images should be treated by law enforcement the
same as images of 4 year olds being raped or touched. In fact, they are not at all identical scenarios.
It is simply unacceptable that most people living under oppressive possession laws can no longer
safely own "pornography" involving these and other teens, which were created under fully
consentual situations. In many cases, what was once legal for a long time suddenly became illegal
overnight, often without citizens in that country ever having demanded of their legislators any
change in legal ages (see section "The dictators from above").

But according to the myth that teens are sexless "innocents", we are supposed to believe that we
should jail as many people as possible for pleasuring themselves over even the most innocent
representations of "childhood" nudity, let alone any sexual ones.

So far we have countered the claim that "child porn" is necessarily harmful to the "children" shown
in it. Unfortunately, that's not the only argument used to outlaw possession. Another is that "child
porn" is potentially harmful to children who *aren't* the participants in it.

Many have adopted the view that the viewing of such images leads to real sexual encounters with
children. They point to isolated examples where it did happen and pretend that this is a general
tendency. Michael Briere, a lifelong paedophile in Canada who abducted, raped, and killed a 10-
year-old girl, said in court, "for myself, I would say that, yes; viewing the material does motivate
you to do other things. In my case, for sure. The more I saw, the more I longed for it in my heart.
The more I wanted it. And that's the one time where I actually tried to do it..." But he also said "I
don't know how it is for other people". Well, neither do the so-called "experts", who don't admit that
the number of people who view "child porn" each year is vastly higher than the number of
abductions and child rapes. It could be argued that Briere was already heading in the direction of
violating a child. He said "for me, this concept of having relationships with a child has been there
forever ... it's always been part of my life." Is child porn the only possible trigger somebody can
have to go from thought to action? Of course not. And some paedophiles say they relieve their urges
with pictures of children as a substitute for violating them in real life.

"Federal judges argue for reduced sentences for child-porn convicts" by Felisa Cardona in The
Denver Post on November 29, 2009 quoted U.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthron of Oklahoma
City: "It is too often the case that a defendant appears to be a social misfit looking at dirty pictures
in the privacy of his own home without any real prospect of touching or otherwise acting out as to
any person. As foul as child pornography is, I am unpersuaded by the suggestion that a direct link
has been proven between viewing child porn and molesting children."

Amir Efrati's article "Judges Trim Jail Time for Child Porn: Data Show Trend Toward Leniency for
People Who View Images but Aren't Molesters" in The Wall Street Journal on January 19, 2009
(http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704363504575003271494106644.html) noted:
"While some child-porn viewers are accused or convicted of physical molestation, psychologists
who treat sexual deviants say it is unclear whether most viewers of child pornography are likely to
commit such acts. Many of the defendants convicted of downloading images said they would never
molest a child."

Even if it was true that porn tended to encourage sexual activity in real life, where is the compelling
government interest in discouraging people from having sex with people over the age of consent,
like a 17-year-old in a place where the age of consent is 17? If it is not illegal to have sex with
them, why would be it be illegal to possess their pictures? The contention that "child porn"
increases child molestation is meaningless in such instances, regardless of whether it's true or not.

Activists should demand that consentual and non-consentual situations should be recognised as
different in the wording of laws. Victimless "crimes" should not remain illegal.

Our informed opinion is that in all situations where "underage" teen models acted or posed topless
or nude, in any degree of nudity and in any pose, as long as there was no duress, stealing, or
voyeurism, and as long as there was parental consent for commercial use of these images, there is
no legitimate excuse for arrest of a photographer, filmmaker, seller, buyer, or owner of such

III. Real-life examples of governmental tyranny.

Here we give specific, documented examples of tyrannical applications of various anti-child

pornography laws.

1. Teens arrested for taking naked pictures of themselves (USA and elsewhere)

As part of the ever-escalating program of brutal suppression of adolescent sexuality, police and
prosecutors show no leniency for teenage girls and boys who take photographs of themselves that
violate the very restrictive laws governing their countries, regions, and states. They arrest these
teenagers and put them through the same legal processes as adults face when they take "illegal"
pictures of teenagers. But this process causes embarrassment to the teens, as well as a detriment to
their futures if they lose the legal case and get a permanent criminal record. How does that help
anyone? Let's ask: Does a 17 year old posing nude or masturbating cause abuse and psychological
harm to herself? Even if she showed the images to another person, even if that person was an older
man, where is the proof that she is harmed by their distribution? Could it be that it's the legal
system, acting in concert with prudish societal attitudes, that actually causes the harm? Why, in
some places, can someone have sex with the 17 year old but not see a nude picture of her?
A prominent American example is the case in 2006 involving a 16-year-old Rhode Island girl who
posed naked in two pictures with her 19-year-old friend. North Smithfield Captain Denis Smith
described their poses as "a very compromising position in which neither party had clothes on." His
police force considers the images to be sexual in nature. The girls evidently violated Rhode Island
state law, and both were arrested. Another 16-year-old girl, who helped the two teens with the
photography and with uploading the photos onto MySpace.com, was charged with a count of
conspiracy to help distribute child pornography.

Michael J. Healey, spokesman for the Attorney General's office, said that the law considers the
photographs illegal child pornography regardless of who took them. Expressing a disgusting
prediction that more teens will get arrested for photographing themselves nude, Healey said: "But
unfortunately, given the explosion in popularity of MySpace.com and these sites, we're going to see
more cases like this as we move along." The Attorney General himself, Patrick Lynch, called this
case "almost a study in stupidity". Actually, we think it's the law that's stupid.

In an earlier case of this nature, in the spring of 2004, a 15 year old Pennsylvania girl was arrested
and charged under Pennsylvania state law with "sexual abuse of children", "possession of child
pornography", and "dissemination of child pornography" for having taken photographs of herself
nude and masturbating and distributing these photographs to men using Internet chat rooms.

Another case took place in the summer of 2004 in Roanoke, Virginia when, as Judy Jackson and
Debbie Nathan explain, "two 16-year-old girls were charged with producing and disseminating
child pornography after they photographed themselves topless, then gave the pictures to their high
school boyfriends, who posted them on the Internet."

In October 2008 a 15-year-old girl in Newark, Ohio was arrested for using her cell phone to take
nude self-portraits of herself and for sending them to other students in her high school. She was
charged with two felonies: illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material and possession of
criminal tools. In the previous month, officials at Licking Valley High School had warned her to
stop taking nudes of herself. Starting in April 2008 the prosecutor, Ken Oswalt, had given lectures
at her school and other high schools in Licking County on the subject of nude photos of minors,
because he had been receiving tips about an increasing number of minors making and storing such
images. Oswalt attempted to justify his anti-youth-porn stance in an interview with ABCNews.com:
"There's a totally false perception among juveniles that there is no risk to this. That picture, once
taken and sent, gives anyone who receives it the ability to do anything with it, forever. If a picture
of you found its way onto the Internet, that's going to haunt you, potentially forever." But every
sane person knows that a felony conviction can haunt a teen forever too. The girl pleaded "deny"
(the juvenile court equivalent of "not guilty") to both charges, and her attorney filed a motion to
dismiss, citing State v. Lucas as a precedent, arguing that a person can't simultaneously be the
victim and the perpetrator. The case was not dismissed. Instead, as Martha Irvine explained in her
February 4, 2009 article, she got a plea bargain: "She eventually agreed to a curfew, no cell phone
and no unsupervised Internet usage over the next few months. If she complies, the charges will be

In January 2009 three Greensburg, Pennsylvania adolescent girls aged 14 and 15 were charged with
manufacturing, disseminating, and possessing child pornography after they used their cell phones to
take semi-nude and nude self-portraits which they sent to three or four teenage boys. Captain
George Seranko of the Greensburg Police Department told WPXI.com: "Taking nude pictures of
yourself, nothing good can come out of it. It's very dangerous. Once it's on a cell phone, that cell
phone can be put on the Internet where everyone in the world can get access to that juvenile
picture." According to Martha Irvine's February 4, 2009 article, "all but one of the students accepted
a lesser misdemeanor charge, partly to avoid a trial and further embarrassment, a public defender in
the case said. The mother of one boy [who was charged with possessing child pornography after
receiving some of these photos] is considering fighting all charges."

In January 2009 three girls aged 15 and 16 who attend East Pennsboro Area High School in
Pennsylvania were charged with disorderly conduct for taking nude portraits of themselves with
their cell phones and sending them to their friends. But the authorities later dropped the charges,
opting instead to force the girls to enter into a contract with the Youth Aid Panel, which often forces
juveniles to do community service, write essays, and/or undergo counseling. If they meet the
conditions of the contract, they will not have a criminal record. Dennis McMaster, the East
Pennsboro Township Police Chief, said "It gave them a message that you don't do this kind of dumb

In February 2009 Trooper William Mostyn of the Pennsylvania State Police, Woodland Barracks,
charged a 15-year-old girl from Clearfield County, Pennsylvania with possession of child
pornography, distributing child pornography, and creating child pornography because in June 2007
she made nude digital photos of herself and sent them to a 27-year-old man over MySpace. State
police found the photos on the man's home computer, and learned that he and the girl had also
engaged in some form of unlawful sexual activity. As a result, the man is also being criminally
charged. The Clearfield County District Attorney, William A. Shaw, Jr., told the media he worries
that young girls who post nude photos of themselves can be preyed upon by people who are
sexually attracted to them.

In March 2009 a 14-year-old girl from Clifton, New Jersey was charged with possession and
distribution of child pornography as a result of using MySpace to post nude photos of herself for her
boyfriend. The photos were described as "very explicit" by Passaic County Sheriff's Office
spokesman Bill Maer. Her photos could be seen by the public on her MySpace profile, and the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children noticed them and notified law enforcement. In
June 2009 the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office said the charges will be dropped after the girl
attends counseling for at least 6 months and doesn't break any other law during that period.

On January 19, 2007, a state appeals court in Florida upheld, by a 2-1 margin, the conviction of a
16-year-old girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend for having made digital photographs showing
themselves engaged in "sexual behavior" according to how it is defined under Florida state child
porn law. The boyfriend was also charged with possessing the photos. The photos were made on
March 25, 2004, solely for the teens' own private edification, as they never sent them to anyone
else. The trial judge in the original court case rejected the girl's attorney's argument that they were
entitled to a right to privacy as guaranteed by the Florida Constitution. After that, according to
Declan McCullagh, she "pleaded no contest to the charges and was placed on probation, though she
reserved her right to appeal her constitutional claim." The majority opinion laughably read, in part:
"Further, if these pictures are ultimately released, future damage may be done to these minors'
careers or personal lives." Yet, the District Attorney's prosecution of the teens, making their private
activities publicly known and giving them a criminal record, is what really wrecked their lives. To
his credit, the dissenting judge on the appeals court, Philip Padovano, agreed with the argument that
the prosecution of the teens "violates the child's right to privacy under Article 1, Section 23 of the
Florida Constitution."

In February 2009 twenty boys and girls from Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania between the ages of 11
and 17 were threatened with charges related to child porn possession, distribution, and production,
sexual abuse of children, and criminal use of a communication facility by Wyoming County District
Attorney George P. Skumanick, Jr. following the discovery in October 2008 of "provocative" cell
phone photos that showed minors scantily dressed and undressed. Skumanick told them and their
parents that the charges would be dropped if they agreed to pay $100 to have the youngsters be
indoctrinated in a 10-hour class where, among other things, they'd learn about sexual harrassment,
sexual violence, "what it means to be a girl in today's society", and to "identify nontraditional
societal and job roles" and they'd be forced to write that they did something "wrong". They would
also get 6 months of probation and be forced into doing community service and being drug tested.
Three young girls' parents refused to sign Skumanick's agreement and contacted the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU) of Pennsylvania to fight Skumanick in federal civil court. Part of the case
centres around the fact that the photos weren't actually pornographic, but merely show 13-year-olds
Marissa Miller and Grace Kelly wearing opaque bras and a 16-year-old girl who just came out of
the shower and is standing with a towel wrapped around her and her breasts exposed.

In fact it was Skumanick's pattern to consider non-sexual photos to be illegal. Among teens whose
parents agreed to the class were those whose "illegal" photos showed them fully dressed in
swimsuits, tank tops, and underwear. A 17-year-old girl wrote the following comment at
crime/ "A friend of mine had 2 pictures of herself on the popular website known as MySpace, one in
which she was wearing a tank top and one with her in her baithing suit. Neither of these were
provacotive, and she didn’t send them to anybody. However, some other students in my school
decided to send the pictures to their phones by saving it to their computer first. These phones,
containing the pictures, were confescated, and my friend had to take classes and complete 15 hours
of community service." At a group meeting Skumanick held with the parents on February 12, 2009
the father of a girl who had posed wearing a bathing suit asked Skumanick why he was going to
prosecute his daughter and Skumanick responded it was because she was "provocatively" posed. In
Dionne Searcey's April 21, 2009 article we learn ''Another confiscated phone had photos of a 17-
year-old girl that she described in an interview as "semi-nude pictures, underwear and stuff like
that." The girl, who took the photos herself, was debating whether to send them to her boyfriend
when a teacher took the phone.''

Skumanick was quoted in Josh Mrozinski's February 28, 2009 article as saying "Our main goal in
doing this [class] is to get these kids to understand the dangers and long-term ramifications of
having the pictures out there." In Michael Rubinkam's March 25, 2009 article Skumanick claimed
"we just wanted to protect these kids". And Skumanick told Zetter: "Once these photos are out, God
only know who's going to get them."

The ACLU's complaint was authored by Witold J. Walczak, Valeria A. Burch, and Seth F. Kreimer.
It sought to block Skumanick from charging the teens with child porn and argued that he violated
the minors' rights to free expression: "The two photographs, which depict no sexual activity or
display of pubic area, are not illegal under Pennsylvania’s crimes code and, indeed, are images
protected by the First Amendment." It also contended that Skumanick was violating the rights of the
girls and their parents in other ways.

In an interview with Kim Zetter, Walczak said child porn involves more than just toplessness: "It's
not just pictures of kids that may show a little bit of flesh. It's either got to depict sexual activity or
it's got to be some lascivious display. If you've just got kids standing upright outside a shower, that's
not lascivious. ... If anyone needs to understand this, it's prosecutors who have this heavy hammer
they can bring down on people." Skumanick, however, told Zetter "Just depicting nudity could be
considered a sex act" because Pennsylvania law (18 Penn. Stat. § 6312) prohibits underage "nudity
if such nudity is depicted for the purpose of sexual stimulation or gratification of any person who
might view such depiction".

On March 30, 2009 U.S. District Court Judge James M. Munley granted a temporary restraining
order against Skumanick. Munley believed the plaintiffs would probably prevail in their lawsuit,
writing: "While the court emphasizes that its view is preliminary and not intended to absolve the
plaintiffs of any potential criminal liability, plaintiffs make a reasonable argument that the images
presented to the court do not appear to qualify in any way as depictions of prohibited sexual acts.
Even if they were such depictions, the plaintiffs argument that the evidence to this point indicates
that the minor plaintiffs were not involved in disseminating the images is also a reasonable one. ...
The court agrees with the plaintiffs that the public interest would be served by issuing a TRO
[temporary restraining order] in this matter as the public interest is on the side of protecting
constitutional rights."

Afterwards, Walczak issued a statement that said, in part, "We are grateful the judge recognized that
prosecuting our clients for non-sexually explicit photographs raises serious constitutional

On January 15, 2010 the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held a hearing to listen to the arguments
on both sides of the case. Walczak reiterated that the photos are not sexually explicit, saying "We've
been mystified how anyone can look at these photos as pornography. These photos are not even
close calls." Attorney Michael J. Donohue, representing Skumanick, argued "When a kid
disseminates a picture of themself, it puts themself and other children at risk. An image of naked
children draws predators like a swamp draws mosquitoes." Donohue claimed the topless photo
represents child pornography because supposedly "the transmission was for sexual gratification" of
the recipient. He also claimed no minor has a First Amendment right to distribute a nude photo of
herself. Wyoming County officials still wanted to charge that girl, but no longer intended to
prosecute over the bra photo. Judge Thomas Ambro, one of the three judges, pointed out "If the goal
is to protect children, then why threaten them with prosecution that could put a permanent blotch on
them for life?"

The court's written opinion, authored by Judge Ambro, was issued on March 17, 2010 and found in
favour of the plaintiffs (the three mothers and their daughters). A sentence in the opinion states "We
agree that an individual District Attorney may not coerce parents into permitting him to impose on
their children his ideas of morality and gender roles." Another point made in the opinion is "We
agree with the District Court at this preliminary stage that Nancy Doe likely can show that the
education program would violate her First Amendment freedom against compelled speech."

The court did not assess whether the photo of the topless girl is actually illegal, saying "we need not
opine" that question, but did note "we discern no indication from this record that the District
Attorney had any evidence that Doe ever possessed or distributed the photo." The opinion
concludes: "At this preliminary stage we conclude that plaintiffs have shown a likelihood of success
on their claims that any prosecution would not be based on probable cause that Doe committed a
crime, but instead in retaliation for Doe’s exercise of her constitutional rights not to attend the
education program. Therefore, we affirm the grant of a preliminary injunction and remand for
further proceedings."

Shannon Duffy's March 18, 2010 article in The Legal Intelligencer says ''Attorney Michael J.
Donohue... who defended Skumanick's actions in the appeal... said he took "some solace" in the
court's decision not to declare that teenagers have a constitutional right to send sexually explicit
images to other teens.''

This intolerance of self-made youth porn has spread to other nations. After complaints from two
"child protection" groups, Norway's Justice Minister, Odd Einar Dørum, spoke out against children
and adolescents making "sexual photos" of themselves and said actions would be taken against five
websites that were identified as carrying self-made underage "porn" as well as risque photos taken
by friends. He said that the photos didn't have to portray sexual acts to be illegal under Norway's
new law; they could still be considered illegal if the nudity is "of sexual character."
With all this misguided energy spent on suppressing teenagers' sexuality and making them feel bad,
why do these groups and police forces fail to act against the continued commercial circulation of a
porn film depicting 15-year-old Candy Barr having sex (she claimed it was rape, even though most
people dispute that claim), the distribution at the paysites Celebnakedness.com and
Virginsfresh.com of the private hardcore sex pictures of another 15-year-old girl, Emma Lidén (she
almost certainly didn't give them the permission to redistribute), and the sale of new and used
copies of juvenile porn books by Larry Clark and Will McBride?

Speaking of Larry Clark, his complete "Teenage Lust" series was exhibited at the Preus Museum in
the city of Horten, Norway from June 2, 2007 until August 12, 2007, with curation by the art
bookshop "Torpedo Kunstbokhandelen" of Oslo and collaboration from Galleri S.E. of Bergen, and
it contains underage nudity of a sexual nature combined with sexual interaction. That happened
AFTER Minister Dørum announced his campaign against youth porn.

Why has no fuss been raised over the 2005 DVD compilation "Girl Meets Girl Collection" from the
American companies RetroSeduction Cinema and E.I. Independent Cinema? The three films on the
compilation -- "Vampire Ecstasy", "Girl Meets Girl", and "Butterflies" -- all star Marie Forså before
she turned 18. Most notably, "Butterflies" shows real sex involving Forså at the age of 17. While
her ages and birthdate aren't mentioned, the compilation's article "Joe Sarno's German Trilogy" by
Michael J. Bowen gives a rather precise chronology of when the films were shot. But Forså's
birthdate is easy to locate in other sources and not in dispute. Did RetroSeduction and E.I.
Independent knowingly distribute child porn or did they honestly not bother to find out whether she
was of legal age? Ditto for Jean Jennings's hardcore porn film "Defiance", made when she was 17
as contemporary newspaper reports stated, but new copies are still easily available on DVD and
through video-on-demand from American stores and her sex scenes are even excerpted on a 2008
DVD compilation called "Sex Slaves of Satan" that was made in the USA by VCX, based in Las
Vegas, Nevada, and is sold throughout the USA.

And what kind of message does it send when the mainstream film "Blame it on Rio" is sold and
rented in places where it's illegal to take nude photos of minors, even of yourself? 17-year-old
Michelle Johnson can take a photo of herself naked within that film, and that's supposedly okay, but
the 17-year-old down the street can't do the same thing?

Starting in 2009 bills were introduced in some American state legislatures (including Ohio, Utah,
and Vermont) to propose reducing or removing penalties for child pornography crimes involving
self-portraits. An Ohio bill would make it a misdemeanor, rather than a felony, for a juvenile to
send, receive, or view such images and would eliminate the requirement that convicted teens get
onto the sex offender registry. Vermont criminalises porn depicting people under age 16, and some
Vermont state senators originally planned to legalise consentual porn depicting juveniles between
the ages of 13 and 15. Provisions in the bill S.125 would have exempted punishment in cases where
"the person is less than 19 years old, the child is at least 13 years old, and the child knowingly and
voluntarily and without threat or coercion used an electronic communication device to transmit an
image of himself or herself to the person." Under the bill, force, coercion, and voyeurism would still
be punished as usual, as would sending images to people not originally intended to receive it. But
after passing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, members of the House Judiciary Committee
proposed to maintain a small form of punishment for consentual juvenile porn, suggesting a
monetary fine of up to $300, but agreed not to put teens on the sex offender registry.

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2. The Jock Sturges case (USA)

The American photographer Jock Sturges has photographed American nudist children and
adolescents of both sexes in northern California to help create his portfolio. (He has also worked
with undressed preteen girl models in Rhode Island.) His photographs, frequently in black-and-
white, tend to be moody, thoughtful, and mysterious, rather than overtly erotic, and are usually
taken outdoors, including at beaches. The photographs are intentionally natural rather than stiffly
posed like in glamour photography. According to his interview with Metroactive Arts, Sturges made
sure to acquaint himself deeply with the families of the subjects, as well as to constantly ask the
subjects if they still enjoyed the experience and wanted to continue being photographed.

The FBI raided his studio in April 1990, confiscated his photographs, and charged him federally
with producing child pornography. The journalist Jan Van Hove explained that the photo the FBI
considered lascivious showed three naked girls posing together in California in 1989.

According to Sturges, the FBI agents proceeded to interview his underage female models "very,
very aggressively" and to harass them (they "were bugged by the FBI in the worst imaginable
way"). According to L.J. Whittemore, the agents asked them such questions as whether Sturges had
touched them, whether he had posed them in a lewd manner, and whether he had ever taken them
out of the sight of their parents. Other artists, as well as nudists, defended Sturges's work in public.
Fortunately, the grand jury that eventually heard the case dismissed all charges, and the government
sent him most of his photographs back. But some of the photo negatives were in a damaged state,
and the experience caused him a great deal of psychological distress, and he decided to move to
Europe. (He later moved back to the United States.) According to Sturges, none of the models
disliked his photographs of them or agreed with the FBI's action.

Due to pressure from a Christian activist group, prosecutors in Alabama brought state charges
against Barnes & Noble for carrying Jock Sturges's books and David Hamilton's books, claiming
they represented "obscene material containing visual reproduction of persons under 17 years of age
involved in obscene acts."

It is interesting to note that Sturges took photographs of teenage girls in northern California again in
the year 2002; Arianne and Allison are two of the American girls he photographed that year topless
and nude, and they appear to be under 18. (Their prints, as well as prints of many other Sturges
photographs, are sold through the Butters Gallery) He photographed Allison full frontally nude
again in 2003 and she still looked under 18.

Why did he even have to go through the court process in the first place? Why do police continually
arrest Americans for taking tasteful photographs of topless and nude teenagers when it was declared
to be constitutionally protected several times by the U.S. Supreme Court? Why are unconstitutional
state laws against toplessness and simple nudity still in the law registers in many American states?

"Naked Truth" by David Steinberg, in Metro (March 19-25, 1998),
"The Eye of the Beholder" by Richard Goldstein, in The Village Voice (March 4-10, 1998),
an article about Jock Sturges by L.J. Whittemore, in The Oregonian (June 23, 1991)
"Arresting images: impolitic art and uncivil actions" by Steven C. Dubin (Routledge, 1994)
"Altijd heibel over foto's" by Jan Van Hove, in De Standaard Online (September 25, 2009),
and other articles and books

3. The Kathryn Lesoine case (USA)

Kathryn Lesoine, a female amateur photographer in Pennsylvania, took photographs during 1995
and 1996 of her stepdaughter and three of her stepdaughter's friends. These included a 15-year-old
girl and a 16-year-old girl. In one set of photos, the girls were portrayed naked while washing off
sand in a public shower located at a beach on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. In the other set,
shot inside her Pennsylvania studio, the girls were partially clothed. In the opinion of the U.S. 3rd
Circuit Court written by Judge John T. Noonan Jr., no reasonable juror would be able to say that the
photos were lascivious. The court was unanimous in its decision to throw out a civil lawsuit
initiated by the girls' parents.

In the civil suit, the parents complained that the photos were taken without their permission. The
girls themselves gave their consent. The troubles for Lesoine began in 1996 when the Lackawanna
County District Attorney seized many of these photos. Fortunately, the D.A. did the right thing and
declined to prosecute her, explaining that she had not committed a crime. In 1997 the parents of two
of the girls had filed an initial civil suit, but that case was thrown out by a federal judge in 2001.
The mother of the third girl joined in as a party on the suit, but her complaint was discarded after
her daughter (who had since turned 18) filed a motion declaring that she had requested Lesoine to
take the photos and that her mother's lawsuit was filed without her knowledge.

Generally speaking, we feel that written parental consent should continue to be required for any
commercial productions, but that non-commercial productions (like these evidently were) should be
free for people to create even without parental consent.

The tyranny here came in the fact that the D.A. had seized the photos in the first place. Legal
photographs should be examined on the premises by any investigator or police officer, rather than
hauled away, and it is the responsibility of that investigator or officer to be familiar with their laws
so that they do not misinterpret these laws.

"Photographer's Shots Of Nude Teens Ruled Not Pornographic" by The Associated Press (June 21,
2002), excerpted at http://www.bettydodson.com/nudeteensnotpornographic.htm

4. The Jimmy Stephans case (USA)

The American photographer Jimmy Stephans (legal name James Steven Grady) takes some of the
classiest glamour photographs of teenage girls aged 13-17 at his paysite TrueTeenBabes.com, which
is one component of his multi-decade photography business Group Five Photosports, LLC. He
tends to take the photographs in Colorado and Florida, but occasionally he photographs his models
in other states and territories, including Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands. His typical material is
non-nude with occasional see-thru tops and bare buttocks. But in the Spring of 2005,
TrueTeenBabes released a limited-edition (100-copy) CD, "TrueTeen Breasts", with 50 topless
photos of 15 year old model Yelba, 16 year old models Anna Marie Bell, Britni Elaine Wright, Dani
Wells, and Lauren Skye, and 17 year old models Megan, Staci Marie, and Danielle Nicole. One of
Britni's hot topless photos simultaneously showed her naked behind. Many of these topless pictures
were taken prior to 2005.

At TrueTeenBabes.com, which opened in July 2001, members have access to images of many sweet
and sexy American girls in sheer clothing and partially nude. For instance, there's a set with 15 year
old Ashley Nicole Banks in which she displays her bare buttocks and parts of her breast and areola.
Other photos include 16 year old Lana Tidwell showing her bare buttocks, 16 year old Heather Skye
wearing a see-thru top, 17 year old Elle Coley topless covered in mud, and similar content from
other models. (Note: Stephans claimed that in the original incarnation of the site, from 2001-2002,
the content was somewhat tamer, with no displays of partial areola, though such images existed in
storage at the time.)

In 2002-2003, Stephans was engaged in a costly legal battle against Colorado state authorities who
wrongly prosecuted him for taking non-nude and topless photographs which are constitutionally
protected. American federal law does not prohibit the exposure of the breasts and buttocks of
persons under the age of 18, whether visible through semi-sheer or fully-sheer clothing or even
when uncovered altogether. The U.S. Supreme Court has declared this as protected free speech
several times. However, Colorado had an unconstitutional state law that prohibited "erotic nudity",
which included sexually-oriented displays of the female breast under 18 ("for the purpose of real or
simulated overt sexual gratification or stimulation"), and this law was used to charge Stephans. His
arrest came on 5 April 2002 as the result of what Stephans describes as "a false tip from a local TV
station", despite the police having already monitored the trueteenbabes.com website "4 times in
March [2002]" and writing in their records: "No illegal pictures found".

The trial began on 3 March 2003. During the trial, Stephans's defence team showed various photos
of other under-18 teens with see-thru tops and lots of exposed cleavage, some of which appeared in
issues of Jane, Gear, and Maxim magazines that had been published in 2002, and others which
Stephans himself had photographed for a 1990 calendar published in 1989. The team also showed
books like "The Last Day of Summer" by Jock Sturges and "The Age of Innocence" by David
Hamilton which show nude people under 18. All of these books and magazines were available for
purchase in Colorado in 2002, the year of Stephans's arrest. The defence team asked prosecutors to
tell them why they were charging Stephans with taking photos of the same nature as these photos.
Prosecutors held up a photo from TrueTeenBabes.com and responded that the difference was: "This
one was on the Internet."

It is interesting to note that witnesses for the prosecution started to change their mind about
Stephans, undermining the case against him. According to Eric Dexheimer's article: "One by one,
witnesses for the Arapahoe County DA's office turned ambivalent. Grady, they shrugged, really
wasn't that bad a guy." According to Stephans: "The prosecuters subpoenaed 13 of the 64 TTB
models. Not a one of them testifed that I (or my staff) had ever been anything but 100%
professional and they all said, when asked by my lawyers that they would do it again." This shows
that the models were not the "victims" the prosecution pretended they were, but were actually
professional models being paid money for tasteful photographs produced under fun circumstances.

Stephans was freed from jail after the jury found him not guilty on all counts on 13 March 2003.

As with other respected artists like Richard Murrian and David Hamilton, Stephans is always
careful to obtain the consent both of each model and her parent(s) or guardian(s) through a written
contract. It is difficult to see how a semi-nude or nude photograph taken voluntarily and not by
coercion or voyeurism, and which displays no actual sexual activities, would constitute a form of
abuse. The U.S. Supreme Court in 2002 declared a general principle that material that is "neither
obscene nor the product of sexual abuse" is to be considered constitutionally protected.

Florida Senator Mike Fasano crafted a vague and unconstitutional bill to target TrueTeenBabes.com
and similar sites, after learning TrueTeenBabes.com was operating in Florida and that police in
Pinellas County, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the state attorney's office
indicated they could not arrest and charge Stephans under existing laws. Mark Douglas, an
investigative reporter with WFLA-TV NewsChannel 8 Tampa, had broadcast shows about
TrueTeenBabes.com in 2006, and this had prompted Florida's law enforcement and government
officials to look into the issue. Fasano said, "We have an obligation to protect those children if their
parents aren't going to." He also claimed, "Taking pictures of a 13-year-old girl in a bathing suit or
less than a bathing suit and broadcasting that picture on a website where it's downloaded and
purchased by sick pedophiles then I believe that is against our community standards."

House Bill 559 ("Material Harmful to Minors") was the companion bill to Fasano's Senate Bill 1128
and it makes it a felony "for teen modeling agencies that distribute on the internet pictures of minors
in provocative circumstances", among other provisions. On 2 April 2008 the House passed the bill
by a vote of 111 yeas and 0 nays. On 30 April 2008 the Senate substituted the text of HB 559 in
place of their own version, and on 1 May 2008 the Senate passed it by a vote of 38 yeas and 0 nays.
In a letter dated 10 June 2008 TrueTeenBabes.com announced it would stop making photo shoots
with under-18 models in Florida locations, but explained that they might challenge the law in
federal courts. On 2 July 2008 Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed HB 559 into law. Stephans
decided to go ahead with a lawsuit and started to photograph under-18 models in Florida again.

Discussions and articles that used to be contained at Jimmy Stephans's websites
http://www.nnwebmasters.com/ and http://www.nnportal.com/ and other forums about models
Jimmy Stephans's "Photographer's Corner" column dated September 14, 2006 at
"A Model Prisoner: Cops thought they'd busted the largest child-porn ring in Colorado history. But
that's not how the case developed." by Eric Dexheimer, in Westword (August 14, 2003),
"Jury Reaches Verdict In James Grady Case: True Teen Babes Site Operator Found Not Guilty" by
ABC 7 News (March 13, 2003), http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/2038535/detail.html
"Child-porn Probe Reaches To Seminole" by Gary Taylor, in Orlando Sentinel (April 11, 2002),
"Website featuring girls in lingerie at heart of new law" by Bay News 9 (July 3, 2008),
"Florida No Haven For Teen Exploitation" by The Tampa Tribune (July 6, 2008),

5. The Steven Yurick case (USA)

Tennessee resident Steven Yurick launched his daughter's topless modelling career with the help of
renowned art photographer Richard Murrian, but was convicted in a federal court of producing,
owning, and distributing so-called "child pornography" that depicts her.

Between May 2000 and July 2002, Yurick himself took photographs of his daughter, Marie, at ages
12-14. According to the report from WREG-TV, in some of these photographs, which were
distributed and sold on a CD-ROM marked "Marie", Marie is shown "wearing thong underwear and
lingerie", and in some of these she's topless. Photographs contained on Marie's website,
www.mariespalace.com, were evidently all non-nude, but some were allegedly "sexual" in nature.
Some of Marie's photographs showed her posing on a dining room table and on her father's bed.

Richard Murrian took a portion of the photographs of Marie in a studio he operated in Paris, France
at the time, with Mr. Yurick's written consent on file. Some allegedly "sexual" images of Marie were
placed not only on Marie's own website but also on Murrian's website. Murrian said via email: "I
can tell you that in my contact with Stephen and Marie, the booking was handled in a professional
manner. My work with U.S. models has been guided and reviewed for legal compliance by well-
known and expert U.S. attorneys who specialize in this area of law."

The trial and sentencing took place in a U.S. District Court between July 28, 2003 and August 4,
2003. During the trial portion, the defence contended that the father was trying to promote Marie's
modelling career. Marie was called to the witness stand and testified that none of the photographs
were supposed to imply sex. Defence witnesses concurred in that assessment. Moreover, Marie
testified that it was her idea to have her father take photos of her and post those photos on the Web
and that she indeed did aspire to become a professional model. According to Shirley Downing's
news report, Marie "said she chose her clothing and poses for the photo shoots, often copying what
she had seen in magazines or books." And all the money earned from her website was given to her
daughter and used to cover expenses, rather than going to Mr. Yurick himself.

The defence called upon two experts of art and photography, and in their opinion Marie's
photographs were not pornographic. But federal prosecutor Dan Newsom counter-attacked with the
charge: "You don't need experts to come in here and tell you what you're looking at. You have
enough common sense to see what this is; a man who is exploiting his 14-year-old daughter."
According to Downing's article, when Newsom said these words "his voice shook with emotion."

Prosecutor Newsom claimed: "The jury was very attentive..." But Melissa Dickey, an observer at
the trial and a friend of the family, claimed otherwise: "Half the jurors slept through the trial and
spent more time deciding what equipment to keep then on the verdict itself. There was no way they
could have taken the factors of the law and compared them to the images in the amount of time they
spent on their verdict."

Dickey also claimed: "As someone who was there and saw the images and watched the trial I can
tell you that there were no sexually explict images.It looked as if the whole case was nothing more
than a setup from the start in hopes of setting a new standard for other cases to follow. ... The fact
that both the FBI agents were caught in a lie was never even pointed out."

Mr. Yurick was sentenced to 11 years in prison. He failed to show up at the prison where he was to
serve his sentence, and was a presumed fugitive since he faked his death by leaving his vehicle by a
bridge where no body was found beneath. In November 2007 he was found hiding out in his
mother's house and sent to jail, and the following year he was given an added sentence of 21 more
months for failing to report to prison in 2004.

As a result of this case, Marie was denied to have her father around in her life during the rest of her
teenage years. Marie was sent to live with relatives. As Yurick's attorney Michael Pleasants said at
the sentencing hearing: "The only ill-effect she has suffered is the worry over her father being
charged and her removal from her home. She suffered no emotional trauma whatsoever from the
production of these pictures." Melissa Dickey said: "Here is a young girl with a dream of becoming
a model,a family that loves and supports her,a family that she herself loves and supports which is
now destroyed and taken away from her.I have seen the love and the hurt in this young girls

The experience of going through this trial also warped Mr. Yurick's own impression of what he had
done. Before entering the sentencing hearing, he said: "I plan to appeal, and I will beat this." But
when he approached the judge, he cried and said: "I started out in this to help my daughter.
Somewhere, I lost track of how to be a father. These decisions cost us dearly. For that, I'm truly
sorry." But keep in mind that if he was not arrested in the first place, he would not have said "These
decisions cost us dearly."

Time and time again, American law enforcement refuses to ever acknowledge that sexy photos of
teenagers might be something other than coerced exploitation. Hence Newsom's angry rant against
the photographs.

The next year, Richard Murrian's first photo book featuring topless and nude teenagers under 18,
"Reanna's Diaries", was published. Ironically, it is available for sale over the Internet from
American booksellers to customers in Tennessee.

When she became an adult, Marie modelled in various clothes for various professional
photographers under the name "Naomi Marie", modelled fully nude for photographers like Eric
Delaforce and John Peri, including posing for Peri full-frontally nude with her legs open wide, and
took photography classes to sharpen her own skills. This testifies to how much she really does like
modelling and photography.

"McNairy dad's a pornographer, jury says: Father convicted of taking revealing photos of daughter"
by Shirley Downing, GoMemphis.com (August 5, 2003),
"'America's Most Wanted' To Help Hunt Mid-South Child Pornographer" by Andy Wise, WREG-
TV Memphis (August 2, 2004)
"U.S. Marshals Arrest Child Pornographer Who Faked His Death to Avoid Punishment for
Exploiting His Own Daughter, After Standoff", United States Marshalls Service (November 8,
2007), http://www.usmarshals.gov/district/tn-w/news/110807.htm
"Child Porn Convict Sentenced for Failing to go to Prison", The Associated Press (July 7, 2008),
Commentary by Melissa Dickey, http://marieslegaldefense.tripod.com/

6. The Pál Nánási investigation (Hungary)

The September 2005 issue of Playboy Hungary carried tasteful, non-explicit nude photographs of a
17 year old dancer named Dóri Halmai. But the Budapest police's Family, Child and Youth
Protection division accused the photographer, Pál Nánási, of having produced child pornography.
The current Hungarian law defines pornography as "the act or display of sexuality in a gravely
indecent manner of exposure specifically arousing sexual demeanour". In reality, none of the
photographs of Dóri are indecent in any way. As Playboy Hungary's editor-in-chief, Péter Radnai,
explained, the photographs are "artistic nudes" rather than pornography. Lili Várdy, the Marketing
and PR Director for Playboy Hungary and its sister publications in Hungary, said: "It is true that
Dóri is naked in the pictures, but you can't even see her breasts." And, of course, Dóri's parents had
signed a contract consenting to the taking of the photographs.

Does Hungary's child pornography law truly reflect Hungarian sensibilities about the human body
and sexuality, or was it imposed on them by the European Union, United States, United Nations, or
others? The Hungarian age of consent for sexual activity is just 14. Why then is the age for nude
photography not similarly 14?

We note that Dóri's genitalia are not visible in any of these photographs. Photographs that don't
show genitalia are usually considered art in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom -- the
countries whose governments and organisations are most responsible for the push for harsh child
pornography laws around the world. Since 1984, the government of the United States in particular
has insisted that 18 is the best minimum age for "pornography" and that 17 year olds are "children",
and has worked to impose these beliefs on the rest of the world, leading the United Nations and
European Union to follow along with these premises in successive years and create treaties and
dictates restricting images of "children" under 18 years of age. And the harrassment of this
respected photographer by the Hungarian police is an example of the unfortunate result.

Incidentally, Hungary's neighbour Austria had its age of consent and age of pornography both set at
14 prior to 2004, but was forced to raise the pornography age to 18 to meet the European Union's

"Nyomozás egy R-Go-gida fotói miatt: Alkalmas-e vágykeltésre a 17 éves lány?" by Nagy Attila,
Index.hu (October 17, 2005), http://index.hu/politika/bulvar/pbgida1017/
"Pornográf fotók készültek az R-Go gidájáról?" by Tomy, in his column "tomy: a száguldó riporter",
Habostorta.hu (October 2005),
"Fun for Kids (II): Cops Investigating Minor's Playboy Spread", Pestiside.hu (October 21, 2005),

7. The destruction of a major art photography community (Japan)

While some of the materials produced in Japan during the 1990s were genuinely disturbing, such as
those featuring the fondling and rape of young children, and voyeuristic videos of schoolgirls
changing in and out of their clothes and swimming attire recorded without the girls' knowledge,
there was also a well-established community of professional art photographers who made beautiful
and respectful photographs of nude teenage girls under 18. Among the most important figures in
this community were Shoken Takahashi, Kou Osaka, and Garo Aida, and they and their colleagues
published their works in magazines like Bishojo-Kiko and Super Nude as well as in quality
softcover and hardcover books. Many of them travelled the world to capture the unclothed beauty of
the girls of Europe and elsewhere. Their photographs by and large contained excellent composition
and lighting, as well as a sharpness of the image that contrasted with David Hamilton's fuzzier style.

But meddling Americans and other foreigners were disturbed by all the nude (and occasionally
sexually explicit) photographs of preteen and teen girls that could be found in Japanese magazines,
books, videos, and websites. Interpol and other groups complained that Japan had become a major
production and distribution centre for erotica and pornography depicting boys and girls under 18.
Various media, law enforcement, and "protection" groups from outside Japan pressured the
Japanese government to pass laws against child pornography. A number of Japanese organisations
and lawmakers also got involved with the issue.

The result of the growing external and internal pressure was that the Japanese legislature passed a
very strict "Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and for
Protection of Children" on 18 May 1999, and it became effective on 1 November 1999. One of the
sponsors of the bill, Ms. Mayumi Moriyama, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, told TIME
Asia: "We feel embarrassed. So now we want to hurry up and do something."

So they hurried up and did something, but as with most rushed, emotionally-laden legislation (think
the Patriot Act in the USA), it went too far. They set the minimum age for "pornography" at 18,
even though the age of consent in parts of Japan is lower. Second, they defined "child pornography"
far too broadly. The law did not only ban sexual intercourse, masturbation, fondling, and other
explicit sexual acts, which are banned in parts i and ii of "Definitions". Part iii is the main problem;
it prohibits anyone to "depict, in a way that can be recognized visually, such a pose of a child who is
naked totally or partially in order to arouse or stimulate the viewer's sexual desire." As a result, any
form of nudity, even just toplessness, can potentially be prosecuted in Japan if the models or
actresses are under 18 and it stirs up the "wrong" kind of thoughts.

Some other legislators were reluctant to pass such legislation. This may be why a similar child
pornography law had failed to pass in 1998. Yukio Edano, for instance, argued that laws against
sexual abuse of children have to be weighed against free speech rights. Moreover, he noted that
many high school girls willingly engage in sex with men, often for pay, and if it's totally voluntary
on the part of the girl he thought teenage prostitution should not be outlawed.

The 1999 law put a premature end to the making of new artistic nudes of young girls by Japanese
photographers. Ironically, many of these very same Japanese art books and videos with nude girls
under 18 (Rika Nishimura, Shiori Suwano, issues of Bishojo-Kiko, etc.) have in subsequent years
been openly sold in the United States at eBay.com and at various websites like
angelsofthecinema.com. And some of the photos have been reprinted in Japan since the passing of
the law, sometimes with fake ages (for example in "Euro Fairies P.S.Dream"), and are sold at
Amazon.co.jp, but we are unaware of any new photographic productions with full-frontal nudity.

"Japan's Shame: Lawmakers are finally pushing legislation to help end the country's dubious
distinction as the world's main source of child pornography" by Tim Larimer, in TIME Asia (April
19, 1999), http://www.time.com/time/asia/asia/magazine/1999/990419/porn1.html
"Tougher action sought on Internet child porn" by Suvendrini Kakuchi, in Asia Times (June 16,
2000), http://www.atimes.com/japan-econ/BF16Dh01.html
"Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and for Protecting
Children", text of the law adopted by the Japanese Diet in 1999,

8. People arrested and convicted for receiving cartoon child porn (USA, Canada, Australia, Hong
Kong, and elsewhere)

According to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice, a Virginia man, Dwight Whorley,
was convicted in federal court on November 30, 2005 for downloading "20 obscene Japanese anime
cartoons that graphically depicted prepubescent female children being forced to engage in sexual
intercourse with adult males."

Whorley was also convicted on charges that he sent and received "20 obscene E-mails which
graphically described, among other things, parents sexually molesting their own children." At least
one of the emails described doctors molesting children. The email transmissions violated 18 U.S.C.
1462, a vague and overbroad law which reads, in part:
"Whoever brings into the United States ... or knowingly uses any express company or other
common carrier or interactive computer service ... for carriage in interstate or foreign commerce —
(a) any obscene, lewd, lascivious, or filthy book, pamphlet, picture, motion-picture film, paper,
letter, writing, print, or other matter of indecent character;
Whoever knowingly takes or receives, from such express company or other common carrier or
interactive computer service ... any matter or thing the carriage or importation of which is herein
made unlawful —
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years..."

This was in addition to more reasonable charges that he also received, from the website "Logical
Reality" (logicalreality.com), 15 digital photographs of real naked children allegedly showing
lascivious exhibition of their genitals. (The DoJ press release incorrectly reports the number of
these counts as 14, but Niemeyer's written opinion of December 18, 2008 indicated there were
actually 15 and that the counts numbered 41 through 55).

So Whorley was arrested and convicted not only over real child pornography, but over virtual child
pornography and obscene writings. Does that make sense to you?

Whorley was pretty foolish to have done these things while "using a public computer at a Virginia
Employment Commission ('VEC') office", especially as he was a registered sex offender who had
already been federally convicted in 1999 of receiving hardcore child pornography and was now on
probation. But stupidity does not validate laws against offensive cartoons and writings. This is
largely a case of thought-control. Especially as the U.S. Supreme Court had recently declared, in
2002, just a few years prior to this case, that visuals which don't depict real children (such as
cartoon child pornography) are constitutionally protected. Yet, the U.S. Congress somehow got
away with re-enacting an unconstitutional type of law in 2003 (according to the press release, it
"criminalizes the production, distribution, or receipt of, or the possession with intent to distribute
obscene drawings, cartoons, sculptures, paintings or any other obscene visual representation of the
sexual abuse of children."), and this case resulted from that. The law is codified in 18 U.S.C.
Section 1466A.

That American law reminds us of Canada's sections of its child pornography law that declare illegal
writings that advocate or describe sexual activity for any persons under the age of consent as well as
cartoons, drawings, and other visual depictions of imaginary underage persons having sex.

Whorley appealed his convictions to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. His appeal argued that
cartoons are protected speech because they do not show real children, and that text-only emails
cannot be classified as obscene. On December 18, 2008 two of the three judges on the court upheld
all of Whorley's convictions, including those related to receiving obscene cartoons and to sending
and receiving obscene emails. The other judge only affirmed Whorley's convictions related to
photographs of real children. Judge Paul V. Niemeyer's majority opinion said "it is not a required
element of any offense under this section [of the PROTECT Act of 2003] that the minor depicted
actually exists."

Christopher Handley, a man in Iowa, was federally charged with receiving and possessing
interstate-transported "obscene" cartoon child porn under 18 U.S.C. Section 1466A after a postal
inspector examined a package of comic books he imported from Japan in May 2006. Law
enforcement agents went to Handley's home and seized all the rest of the comics he owns as well as
video tapes and other items. There are no real photographs of children involved in the case, only
drawings of pretend children engaged in sexual conduct, and Handley (unlike Whorley) did not
have a previous child porn conviction. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the United
Defense Group assisted with Handley's defence. They petitioned District Judge Gritzner of the
Southern District of Iowa to dismiss Handley's charges, and in 2008 Gritzner declared that
subsections (a)(2) and (b)(2) of 1466A were unconstitutional restrictions of protected speech, but
did not dismiss Handley's charges related to other subsections of 1466A, nor the charge concerning
18 U.S.C. Section 1461, 2 (mailing obscene matter). It would remain for a jury to ascertain whether
the drawings are obscene, that is that they appeal to the "prurient interest", that they depict or
describe illegal sexual conduct, and that they lack literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. But
there was no jury trial, since on 20 May 2009 Handley decided to accept a plea bargain from the
Department of Justice, on the advice of his lawyer, Eric Chase. He pled guilty to one count of
possession of obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children and one count of
mailing obscene matter.

Alan John McEwan, a resident of New South Wales, Australia was convicted in the Parramatta
Local Court on 26 February 2008 of possessing and accessing cartoon child porn pictures that
showed fictional prepubescent child characters from the American television cartoon series "The
Simpsons" (Bart Simpson and his sisters Lisa and Maggie) having sex with each other, with their
male and female genitals visible. The possession offence was a State charge while the accessing
offence was a Commonwealth charge. McEwan was ordered to pay a total fine of AU$3000 and to
enter into a bond of recognisance to be of good behaviour for the next two years. He appealed his
conviction, but on 8 December 2008 Judge Michael Adams of the New South Wales Supreme Court
in Australia upheld it. Judge Adams contended that laws that enable prosecution over cartoon child
porn are helpful because "Although the primary purpose of the legislation is to combat the direct
sexual exploitation and abuse of children that occurs where offensive images of real children in
various sexual or sexually suggestive situations are made, it also is calculated to deter production of
other material – including cartoons – that, as the explanatory memorandum puts it, can fuel demand
for material that does involve the abuse of children."

"Virginia Man Convicted for Possession of Child Pornography in the Form of Japanese Anime
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J Adams, 8 December 2008,
and other articles

9. Nick Gill sentenced for owning fiction about child sex (Australia)

A resident of the Northern Territory of Australia, Nick Gill, was arrested and convicted of owning
66 fictional stories dealing with the subject of underage boys having sex with adult men. He was
not found to be in possession of any images, only texts.

At the sentencing, Magistrate Daynor Trigg justified punishing Gill on the basis that written stories
might "create the perception that this might be acceptable" and "may encourage someone to act out
what they've read." But this is nothing more than a thought-crime.

In fact, according to Rebecca Hewett's news report, Gill told the court that he actually disliked child
pornography and was unaware that text files could be considered illegal. Yet he was fined AU$3000
and had to register as a "sex offender".

That Gill had no sexual interest in these particular stories, and did not intentionally seek them out, is
confirmed by Gill's own words to a discussion at Metafilter.com: "I read pornographic stories
designed for gay men... I discovered a couple of years ago that there were Yahoo Groups devoted to
such stories, and by joining one, I could be sent stories by email... Now, since text stories cannot
constitute 'child pornography' in USA, where the Yahoo Groups are hosted, a proportion of those
stories dealt with individuals under the age of 18. I became aware of this, and personally find such
material distasteful. But I didn't know that these things were illegal in Australia, and so, like
thousands of other emails on my computer, they just sat there unlooked at. I read and enjoyed the
stories I found to my taste, and left the others. ... However, under Australian law, since I was aware
that some of the stories on my computer dealt with sex between underage people, I was legally 'in
possession of child pornography'... I am very grateful to all of you who have taken the time to think
and write about this, which I strongly believe to be a gross miscarriage of justice and violation of
my human rights. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

"Man jailed for boy-sex stories" by Rebecca Hewett, NEWS.com.au (April 8, 2006),
Nick Gill's comment on April 11, 2006 at the discussion of his case, "Three taps of the tongue. Lo.
Li. Ta.", at http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/50748

10. Parents arrested for taking innocent pictures of their young children (USA, Canada, UK, and

Some American parents have been arrested for snapping non-sexual photos of their children in the
nude. We are, for instance, aware of the arrest and prosecution of a woman in Oberlin, Ohio over
nude pictures of her young daughter in the bathtub, who subsequently pled guilty in a plea
agreement so that the case wouldn't go to trial and thereby cause her daughter further problems. (We
will refrain from mentioning the mother's first name. Her daughter, Nora Stewart, posed nude for a
different photographer, Frank Cordelle, about four years after posing for her mother, and no
criminal charges were lodged against Cordelle.) This typically happens because film processing
businesses in American states are often required to report all instances of genitalia exposure of
children to police. This, despite the fact that these images are totally devoid of sexual intention or
sexual activity, and despite the fact that the Supreme Court said such images are constitutionally
protected. Yet they are still often subject to the extremist anti-child pornography laws at the state

The 2001 American made-for-television film "Snap Decision", directed by Alan Metzger, was
inspired by a true story. In the film, Jennifer Bradley, a woman in Ohio with two daughters and one
son (all prepubescent preteens), is forced to stand trial for "child pornography" after her friend
Carrie Dixon takes innocent photographs of the girls playing topless indoors and they send them to
a photo lab that notifies the police.

At http://www.anontalk.com/topic/33793 on August 23, 2009 an anonymous American wrote about

his experience: "The first time I took my pictures of my family to Walmart to get them developed
(we're nudists), half of them showed my kids playing at the beach nude. Innocent pics. The police
came to my house personally and arrested me and my wife for the pics until I and my lawyer
pointed out what the law actually says. They had to let us go."

The American attitude against child nudity is now spreading to continental Europe. As the result of
the European Union's push since 2000 for laws in all member countries that resemble the United
States's, in countries like the Czech Republic parents have been warned that pictures like these can
now get them in trouble.

As an illustration of the way that laws that ban nudity can cause more harm than good when it
comes to parents taking photos of their children, consider the case of a father in Ottawa, Canada
who was arrested in 2000 for making "child pornography". He shot some photos of his 4-year-old
son naked in the living room, after the boy had decided to take off his heavy and sweaty clothing
after playing outside in the snow. He was just having fun and not abused in any way. But after a
photo technician called the police, the father was arrested and the boy was brought to a foster home.
Fortunately the boy was able to return home four days later, and the charges were dropped, but the
son felt traumatised by his father's arrest and had nightmares. What would justify forcing him to
move to a foster home and not be able to see his father, whom he dearly loved?

"The parent trap" by Kim Honey, in The Globe and Mail (March 17, 2001), page R1
"Grandma Arrested for Child Porn" by Radley Balko, Reason.com (May 4, 2009),
and other articles
11. The Robert Bruce Craft case (USA)

Dr. Robert Bruce Craft was a clinical psychologist who worked with children. His practice was
located in the American state of Georgia. During the 1990s, Dr. Craft took photos of various
children, including many of his young patients, and some of these photos contained nudity. His
patients were preschool-aged, meaning about 5 and younger, and of both genders.

Craft didn't take his photos out of any sexual attraction to children; he took them because he
enjoyed their friendship and liked helping them through their problems through techniques like play
therapy. He sometimes took photos of his patients while they sat in his office on the floor playing
with toys, and naturally sometimes their legs were wide apart, and sometimes even though they
were wearing shorts the camera accidentally captured visible portions of their penises, scrotums,
and labias or, at other times, simply views of their underwear. Some other photos showed the
children while they were sleeping. Others were taken outdoors or in other situations, as Judy
Jackson and Debbie Nathan explained in their article in The Nation: "The pictures include one of a
small, smiling boy, fully clothed, peeing into a stream, with only the arc of urine visible--an image
readily available in rural areas with tourist shops. There's a laughing youngster mooning the camera
in the classic Coppertone pose, and another picture, of Craft's diaperless nephew photographed from
behind--both common shots in parenting magazines. And there's the frontal torso of a preschool girl
with arms raised as she dons a dress. That one is artful enough to hang in a gallery. Others look just
like snapshots kept in scrapbooks by doting parents. ... Some of his patients had been referred by
child-protection authorities after being removed from their homes for child abuse, and he shot a
couple of these kids as they exhibited their genitals while exposing wounds on their abdomens. He
gave an indigent little girl a new dress, then took that gallery-quality photograph of her changing
into it." And there was a photo showing a clothed child sitting on a toilet. Another photo showed a
child playing in a bathtub, without genitals showing. Also, Craft had photographed several boys
changing clothes in a forest after a day of swimming in a stream.

In early 1995, a 3-year-old boy named Gregory visited Craft's office. His temporary foster care
family had noticed that the boy had been acting violently and erratically, doing such things as
attacking other children, slashing his bed with knives, and saying he wanted to cut off his penis.
They thought the boy may have been molested back when he lived with his parents, and they
wanted Craft to help him work through his feelings and act more normal. During a play therapy
session, Craft gave Gregory a plastic bowie knife to help him work through his aggressions, and
Gregory pulled down his pants and started to pretend to stab or saw off his penis, which was erect.
Craft took a couple of photos of this activity for his clinical records. The photos were taken on a roll
of film, and Craft sent them to be developed by a photo lab. This was a tragic mistake. The lab was
concerned that the child may have been a victim of sexual abuse, and contacted the FBI. After an
intensive investigation lasting a year and a half, the FBI decided they didn't want to prosecute Craft,
yet they nevertheless tipped off state and local authorities about Craft's photography. The local
district attorney turned out to be very interested in prosecuting Craft, and the prosecution occurred
under Georgia's state child pornography law.

During the trial, which was a bench trial before a judge, rather than a jury trial, the prosecution
alleged that Craft had intentionally focused his camera on the childrens' pubic regions and that his
images were sexually exciting and represented "lewd exhibition of the genitals", "sexually explicit
behavior", and "exploitation".

According to Geoffrey King: ''The prosecution vigorously denied Craft access to the seized photos,
so he was not able to place the "criminal" pictures in context and prove the innocuous
circumstances. His defense was thus hampered. As the trial unfolded it became more and more
obvious that he was to be found guilty. Concerned that his house would be forfeited and his wife
made homeless, Craft entered into a deal where the house would be immune from asset forfeiture in
exchange for his not presenting a defense. Craft was thus found guilty.''

King went on to explain what happened in 2000 at the sentencing hearing of this sham trial: ''At
sentencing, former patients and their parents lined up offering to testify that the children had not
been molested, that he was a caring and effective therapist who didn't deserve to be imprisoned.
Other psychologists and psychiatrists, several who were professors at the Medical College of
Georgia, skilled and expert in the diagnosis of abnormal behavior, affirmed these views. None
recognized any sign of pedophilia in Craft. Many suggested a sentence of time served. But the
expert opinion of the psychiatrists, several of whom had known him for decades, was rejected in the
face of the power of the judge.''

Jackson and Nathan gave a compelling summary:

''Arguing that Craft should be given hundreds of years' hard time, the prosecutor averred that
children had been unwittingly harmed by "being touched with this man's eyes." Yet not one "victim"
appeared at the hearing to talk about being abused. Instead, several children came who'd already
sent handwritten letters to the judge, telling him Craft was a "wonderful man" and that prosecuting
him had been "wrong" and "stupid" and "I WISH this stuff would stop."
"I feel so bad like if we weren't his friends this would not have happened it's like it's all our
fault," lamented one girl's letter. She and the others wanted to stand up in court and talk about their
affection for Dr. Craft. They wanted to stress that their real hurt came from seeing him accused and
But the judge wouldn't allow it. Adults could testify, he said, but not minors. So the children sat
on the benches silently, watching Craft locked up in their name.''

Craft was sentenced to prison for 20 years on a large number of counts. The Georgia Court of
Appeals threw out roughly two-thirds of his convictions, but not all of them.

It is clear that Dr. Craft is a victim of tyranny -- a tyrannical law that enables prosecutions of mere
nudity, coupled with a tyrannical prosecution team and court system which didn't let him use the
photos for his defence and didn't let the children testify on his behalf, even though the children said
they were not harmed. Moreover, Dr. Craft had no sexual intentions in taking the photos.

"The Hunting of Dr. Craft" by Judy Jackson and Debbie Nathan, in The Nation (January 10, 2005),
Commentary by Dr. Geoffrey King, http://users.rcn.com/kyp/Craft.html

12. Man charged with a misdemeanor for owning legal pictures (USA)

In December 2005, a man in Iowa was charged with a misdemeanor charge of sexual exploitation of
a minor. Yet he did no such thing. What he did is own some erotica books containing legal
photographs of nude young boys, as well as some stories he had printed from the Internet on the
theme of men having sex with young boys, and some voyeuristic photos of clothed boys posing in
"athletic positions" at sporting events and beaches. He also had a video file that used the word
"twink", which the police said is "a term commonly used to describe young boys in child porn". But
he did not own any images of child pornography, which the police in his area define as photos of
children involved in sexual acts.

According to the article, the reason for his arrest was: "Because the photos were found with the
stories police argue that [the man] violated the law 'by possessing these combined materials for
viewing purposes to arouse or satisfy sexual desires,' a police affidavit states."

Two readers commented on this story in chilling terms. The first referenced George Orwell's novel
about totalitarianism: "Welcome to 1984, my friends....:(" The second wrote: "Let me get this
straight . . . a man is arrested for having legal materials in proximity to other legal materials,
because . . . his thoughts are impure? What have we become? A theocracy? A tyrannical state? And
what sort of paper reports that someone was arrested for a thought-crime without denouncing it? A
lot of good the 'fourth estate' does! But there are precedents for this kind of media reporting . . . in
1930's Germany, and 1990's Rwanda. . . ."

"Q-C man charged with sexual exploitation" by Dustin Lemmon, in Quad-City Times Newspaper,
Davenport, Iowa (December 9, 2005),

13. Men arrested for pasting children's faces onto nude women's bodies (USA)

In April 2008 a man in Florida named Danny Lynn Parker was arrested by police for pasting photos
of his female students' faces on top of legal nude and sexually explicit photos of adult women's
bodies. The girls ranged from 5 to 15 years of age, and some of them were students in his Sunday
School class, while the others were girls at a youth camp he volunteered at. He had taken the photos
of the girls himself, but they were not sexual or nude pictures in their original state. He obtained the
porn with the adult woman from magazines he bought in stores in Hillsborough and Pasco counties.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office charged him with 90 counts of sexual performance by a child and
one count of possession of child pornography.

But there was no allegation that he owned authentic photos of naked children or children engaged in
real sex acts, and the cut-and-pasted composites were just for his own personal entertainment, never
distributed to others or shown to the girls.

Parker's case was heading for trial in July 2009. But on July 1, 2009 Parker changed his plea to "no
contest" after accepting a plea deal that would force him to serve 5 years in prison and 10 years of
sex offender probation at the same time as it preserved his right to appeal the case to a higher court.

In the same county of Florida and around the same time (December 2007), another man, John
Stelmack, a public elementary school principal, was charged with possessing child pornography for
allegedly owning photos of a nude young woman that had the faces of two preteen girl students
(one 11, the other 12) attached to them. The woman was allegedly shown in lewd poses. An early
article in The Ledger on December 22, 2007 cited a news conference where Polk Sheriff Grady
Judd reportedly claimed the woman's body was an adolescent body, but later articles said the
woman was in fact an adult, reportedly 19 years old. The photos were found in a briefcase in his
office's closet. The deputies reportedly found the same photos of the woman and children on a
laptop inside Stelmack's home.

At trial, Stelmack's attorney(s) argued that the images aren't child pornography and hadn't even
belonged to him. On June 12, 2009 a jury returned a verdict of guilty.

In Tennessee in May 2009 a man's home home was searched as a result of a tip the Hamilton
County Sheriff's Office received that claimed he was sexually exploiting minors. On his computer,
officials found photos of nude adult women that the suspect had attached faces of three underage
girls to. Two of the girls were local residents (one 10-years-old, the other 12-years-old), and the
third was the popular singer Miley Cyrus. Authorities charged the man with 31 counts of aggravated
sexual exploitation of a minor. There is no evidence that the man owned photos of nude children,
nor that he had been sexually active with any minors. Dave Denny, Assistant District Attorney, said
"when you have the face of a small child affixed to a nude body of a mature woman, it's going to be
the states position that this is for sexual gratification and that this is simulated sexual activity."

On January 11, 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Christopher Allen, the
defendant in a Virginia state court case where he was found guilty of using imaging software to
superimpose faces of several real prepubescent girls over photos of adult women engaging in sexual
acts. He did it only for his own gratification as he never distributed the superimposed images to
anyone else. He was convicted on 5 counts of producing child pornography and sentenced to an
outrageous term of 17 years behind bars. Appellate courts in Virginia had earlier rejected his appeal
to overturn his conviction.

Harmless fun with scissors and tape, or with photo-editing software, can get you thrown in jail in
some places. Police and lawmakers in Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia have gone insane. It should
never be illegal to fantasise.

American federal law now also considers these sorts of images child porn through the provision in
18 U.S.C. 2256 that reads "created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is
engaging in sexually explicit conduct".

Becky Steele, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, said "You can't constitutionally
premise legislation on the desirability of controlling a person's private thoughts. No children were
actually involved in sexually harmful conduct [in Stelmack's case]."

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14. People arrested for buying, transporting, and owning adult porn (USA and Austria)

Child porn laws are occasionally used when a law enforcement agent perceives an established adult-
aged porn star to be an adolescent.

This is what happened to the American citizen Carlos Simon-Timmerman on August 11, 2009.
While in Venezuela he purchased two porn DVDs of "Lupe Fuentes", a short, youthful adult star.
The DVD was an unofficial compilation of videos and photos from her official paysite
LittleLupe.com. During his return trip to the United States he reached Luis Muñoz Marín
International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico where a U.S. customs agent working for ICE
inspected his belongings and found a DVD titled "Little Lupe the Innocent -- Do Not Be Fooled By
Her Baby Face". A reasonable person would know that the subtitle to that DVD means that one
should not think she's underage just because she looks young. But the agent thought for sure that
she was under 18 and arrested Fuentes for transporting child pornography. Simon-Timmerman spent
nearly 2 months in jail before he was released on bail with the requirement that he appear in court

His case was heard in federal court in April 2010. Prosecutors first called a Special Agent of ICE to
the stand and she testified that Lupe was "definitely" under 18. Next to take the stand was a
pediatrician who testified that she had no doubt that Lupe was under 18, basing her opinion on the
Tanner scale of human development.

Simon-Timmerman's public defender, Hector Ramos-Vega, persuaded Lupe herself to come to

Puerto Rico to testify on behalf of the defence. Lupe was located through her MySpace profile and
said she was happy to assist. U.S. marshalls paid for her trip since Ramos-Vega had served Lupe
with a subpoena. In court Lupe showed her passport and photo ID that indicated her real name is
Zuleydy Piedrahita and stated her birthdate, and she testified that she was 19 years old at the time
she made the videos at LittleLupe.com. The case was subsequently dismissed and all charges
against Simon-Timmerman were dropped.

A similar case happened to Kelly Hoose. In 2003, Hoose's house was searched by police after he
called the cyber tipline of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to report that he
believed he had viewed child porn on a website. Hoose was charged under Massachusetts state law
with 4 counts of possessing child porn on his computer.

In December 2006, Hoose's trial came before Judge John S. McCann in Worcester Superior Court.
As in Simon-Timmerman's case, prosecutors in Hoose's case relied on the testimony of an
incompetent doctor. Dr. Christine Barron, former director of the Child Protection Program at the
UMass Memorial Medical Center in North Worcester, testified that 37 photos possessed by Simon-
Timmerman showed people under the age of 18.

Hoose was well-defended by his attorney, James J. Kaeding. In written statements, Kaeding
indicated that 34 of the 37 photos in question were copyrighted by ALS Scan Inc., an American
company, and came from ALS's paysite that carried a disclaimer that all of their models are 18 or
older. He managed to bring one of ALS's models, Melissa Bertsch of Arizona, to testify as a defence
witness, since she was depicted on some of the photos Hoose possessed. Bertsch testified that she
was 20 years old when she started posing for ALS.

As for another photo Hoose possessed, Kaeding explained that it did not meet the statutory
definition of "lewd exhibition" and therefore should not have been prosecuted.
Judge McCann found Hoose not guilty on 19 December 2006.

Guilty until proven innocent is the reverse of how American justice is supposed to operate. Under
the principle "innocent until proven guilty", the government is supposed to prove a case beyond
"reasonable doubt". Most reasonable people will agree that unless the government has concrete
information that a star was really underage, borderline cases like these should not be prosecutable.
The burden of proof should be on the government. The reason is that the average person does not
have deep knowledge about porn stars so information like their birthdates and production dates can
be hard to find and authenticate. What if the porn star can't be located, or isn't willing to help, or
isn't even alive anymore? What if the porn company has long ago gone out of business? What could
a defendant do then to contest the allegations of doctors?

In other countries, some people haven't been so fortunate, and proof of identity and birthdate hasn't
helped in court. Current German and Austrian laws enable prosecution of images of adults who look
like they're under 18. We learned about an Austrian case where a person was charged and convicted
of possessing images of American male porn actors who allegedly looked under 18. The
government stated that they could be in the range of 16 to 21 years old. The Austrian Supreme
Court rejected the defendant's appeal, ruling that proof that the actors were 18+ would not matter
because physical appearance is enough to convict.

"A trial star is porn: Zaps kid-flick rap" by Todd Venezia and Jennifer Bain, New York Post (April
24, 2010), http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/trial_star_is_porn_fdAVQvqxVbPZuWPQ9XrukN
"Lupe Fuentes Saves Man From Bogus ‘Child Porn’ Charge" by Tom Hymes, AVN (April 16,
2010), http://business.avn.com/articles/37817.html
"Accused not guilty in child porn case: Adult female model was witness in trial" by Gary V. Murray,
Telegram & Gazette (December 28, 2006), http://telegram.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?

15. Arrests in Florida over legal topless pictures (USA)

In December 2000, Leonard James Hlavin, a police officer, was arrested and charged with letting a
17-year-old girl pose topless in front of his patrol car. The charge, a felony, was brought under
Florida state law and called "being a party to sexual performance by a child". The photographer of
the picture, Johnnie D. Moore, was charged with "sexual performance by a child", "computer
pornography", and "contributing to the delinquency of a minor". We don't know if either man spent
time in jail, but we know that Hlavin resigned from his job, and on May 2, 2002 the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement's Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission had a
meeting that included a hearing on the "Moral Character" of Hlavin. At the meeting Hlavin was
accused of "Contributing to delinquency of a child" and it was decided that his certification would
be revoked.

The infamous "Girls Gone Wild" video crew goes around to street parties across the United States
to record young women having fun partying, but sometimes these women are drunk with alcohol
when they are asked to bare their breasts for the camera, raising questions about possible lack of
informed consent while in that state of mind.

For the purposes of our discussion, "Girls Gone Wild" has had several confirmed instances of
videotaping 17 year old girls topless, though their staff claims this happened accidentally. One of
the 17 year old girls (Veronica Lane) flashed her breasts in a car, and others did so at gatherings of
college students, in Florida and Louisiana. In 2003, Florida prosecutors went after "Girls Gone
Wild" over allegations, some later corroborated, that girls under 18 had shown their breasts. But in
2004, Circuit Judge Michael C. Overstreet in Panama City, Florida ruled that it is not considered
child pornography under Florida state law for females under 18 years of age to expose their breasts,
as long as there is no physical contact (such as another person touching her breasts). This is what
the text of the law stated even prior to the judge's ruling. So a particular videotape that prosecutors
had included in their case was in fact vindicated as legal.

Since these particular criminal charges against Leonard Hlavin and "Girls Gone Wild" included
mere depictions of toplessness among girls under 18, something which neither breaks Florida state
law nor American federal law, this proves that the police don't even know their own laws and that
American prosecutors will go to any length to distort the truth and vaguely apply laws against
anyone they don't like. The tyranny comes in the fact that Hlavin and "Girls Gone Wild" principals
were arrested and taken to court over legal material.

(GGW did actually make porn using minors on multiple occasions, though. The Florida prosecutors
had also said that GGW had made videotapes of underage girls aged 16 and 17 totally nude and
performing sexual acts. As of January 2007 federal prosecutors said that the GGW team recorded
two 17 year olds in sexually explicit situations in a motel suite shower in Panama City Beach during
Spring Break in 2003. All we know so far is that they showered together and kissed each other. The
17 year old shower girls carried fake IDs and lied about their ages on camera. After the father of one
of the girls learned their daughter had participated in the video, he contacted the Bay County
Sheriff's department and informed them that the girls were under 18. The video was seized by the
department the day after it was shot and was never released. The shower girls later filed a civil suit
claiming emotional distress. Florida prosecutors continued the criminal court procedure into early
2008 and on March 12, 2008 Joe Francis pled no contest to charges of child abuse and prostitution
and was given a lenient sentence. On August 7, 2008 Mark Schmitz, the man who operated the
camera during the shower video, pled guilty to one count of child abuse and the judge gave him five
years of probation.
The producer of GGW, Joe Francis, agreed to plea guilty to record-keeping violations in federal
court and admitted to having had his team record the 17 year olds in 2003. The "Public Statement of
Joseph Francis" included this statement: "We also acknowledge that as a result of these violations
footage of minors engaged in actual sexually explicit conduct appeared in at least two DVDs that
were commercially released for sale to the public..." If true, this admission means that some
underage girls appeared more than just topless in unspecified GGW DVDs.
By the way, the civil case involving Christina Brose and Brooke Patsolic had to do with footage
taken on February 22, 2003 on a GGW tour bus in Orlando, Florida for "Girls Gone Wild: Endless
Spring Break Volume 6", not with the underage shower scene in Panama City Beach. "Brose and
Patsolic were both over 18 at the time of filming" according to the October 15, 2007 press release
from Mantra Films, Inc. at http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?
But there was at least one minor on that video, "Girls Gone Wild: Endless Spring Break Volume
6". On September 29, 2007 this minor wrote comment number 78 to
http://www.tmz.com/2007/09/28/francis-calls-b-s-on-girls-gone-litigious-claims/6 and the relevant
parts read: "im one of the girls on the video. im not brooke or christy, but im one of the five. This
video was filmed YEARS ago. As an adult (NOW, NOT THEN)... I was actually a virgin when this
was filmed" Since this is a GGW video we have to assume that this underage girl showed some
nudity, probably her breasts.
On July 12, 2007 Brittany Pitts filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Panama City,
Florida, seeking punitive and compensatory damages from GGW for having been videotaped
topless at 16 after being supposedly "coerced" into it. She also seeks a federal order to force the
video she appeared in to be withdrawn from store shelves nationwide. She says she didn't know she
was in the video until more than three years after its release and claims she believed her footage was
only for the personal use of Joe Francis and one another member of his crew. One of her attorneys,
Mark Casto, argues that at 16 she was too young to legally consent to appear topless in a
commercial product, and the text of the lawsuit says "she was legally incompetent to give valid
consent or be bound by any contractual agreement due to her being a minor child of sixteen (16)
years of age at the time of the event." Francis filed a countersuit alleging she was abusing the legal
process. Francis and Pitts reached a resolution on July 30, 2008, according to which both parties
dropped their suits and neither will be compensated. On the following day, Francis called The News
Herald and claimed to them that Pitts was 18, not 16, when she was videotaped. Mantra Films's
news release of August 1, 2008 says "Pitts had claimed in her lawsuit that she did not consent to any
use of her likeness or image in Girls Gone Wild. The GGW video clearly showed Pitts consenting to
the filming. The video also shows Pitts friends verifying to a GGW camera operator their ages as 18
years old and fully consenting on camera to the GGW filming." This release did not say Pitts herself
stated her age to be 18 on camera, only that her friends did so.
In March 2008 four women filed a federal civil lawsuit against GGW alleging that they had been
videotaped under the age of 18 on separate occasions between 2000 and 2003. According to
Tuquyen Mach's article of March 22, 2008, "The suit says one of the girls told the camera crew she
was underage before they videotaped her and a friend engaged in sexual acts. She also believes the
crew gave her alcohol which she believes was drugged. Another girl claims she and her friends told
Francis they were underage. The lawsuit also alleges Francis paid that girl and a friend to perform
sexual acts on him." According to David Angier's article of March 25, 2008, the women claim they
were 17, 16, 15, and 13 at the time of the incidents, and all except the 16 year old were videotaped.
Whether these claims are frivolous or legitimate remains to be seen.
On April 28, 2008, the woman formerly known as Ashley Youmans filed a civil lawsuit against
Joe Francis over GGW having recorded her in 2003 when she was underage. The complaint states
that GGW staff members approached her and provided alcohol, and after she got intoxicated by the
alcohol they convinced her to bare her breasts and sign a release form. Her attorney, Richard C.
Wolfe, says she "was 17 years old and therefore not legally competent to enter into a contract with
the defendants." The lawsuit also claims that she "did not understand the magnitude of her actions,
nor that her image and likeness would be displayed in videos and DVDs". Additionally it complains
that GGW registered the domains girlsgonewildashleydupre.com and ashleyduprecallgirl.com. But
Francis released a statement saying, "It is incomprehensible that Ms. Dupre could claim she did not
give her consent to be filmed by Girls Gone Wild, when in fact we have videotape of her giving
consent, while showing her identification." On April 29, 2008, GGW released the scene where she
gave her willing consent. It shows her claiming to be Amber Arpaio and an adult. And she answers
in the affirmative to the questions "Do you know what 'Girls Gone Wild' is?" and "Can I use this on
'Girls Gone Wild'?" On June 2, 2008 Francis's lawyers issued a subpoena demanding Ashley to
testify in a videotaped deposition in court. On July 3, 2008 Ashley filed documents to drop her

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16. Graham Ovenden art book materials seized by U.S. Customs (USA)

In 1991 Ophelia Editions, a Manhattan-based book publisher run by Lawrence A. Stanley, was
preparing to release a book of Graham Ovenden's artful photographs of prepubescent girls. In
October 1991 U.S. Customs seized a package containing photographs as well as the final page
proofs for the book. Federal law enforcement asserted that the book contained lascivious exhibition
of the genitals of an underage girl. The image at issue was page 54's proof reproduction of a black-
and-white nude study Ovenden shot in 1984 of the 10-year-old English schoolgirl Maud Hewes,
who is wearing no clothes at all. In the photo the background is black and nothing is visible except
the girl. She's flatchested and without pubic hair and her genitals are visible between widely
separated legs. As Robert Atkins described it in his article "Lolita Syndrome", she was "sitting nude
with one leg propped on a ledge, the other dangling down over the ledge."

According to Atkins, on March 20, 1992 "Assistant U.S. Attorney Brigid Rohde finally announced
that civil forfeiture proceedings would be brought against the entire packet of materials, valued by
Stanley at $4,500."

Maud Hewes submitted written testimony in support of Ovenden to the court. Ovenden also had the
support of the arts community including organisations, critics, and directors of museums and
galleries. They and the ACLU Foundation Arts Censorship Project submitted a brief which stated:
"[W]hether viewed individually or as part of the entire book, Ovenden's portrait appears plainly to
be a photograph with genuine artistic, not pornographic, intentions, and thus a constitutionally-
protected work of art." After reading Hewes's testimony, the federal government stopped claiming
her photo was lascivious and allowed Stanley to proceed with publication. It was published in 1993
under the title "States of Grace: Photographs, 1964-1989".

When she was 18, Hewes told Atkins: "When I modeled for Graham, I'd make up the poses and he'd
shoot them. He never asked me to be sexy and I never tried to...he's been a family friend since I was
four years old."

In an article in the November 12, 1995 edition of the Sunday Telegraph, Emily Ovenden, the then-
19-year-old daughter of the photographer, said "My earliest memories are of being photographed. I
remember my best friend, Maude [sic], and I would beg my father to take pictures of us. We were
always an open household and as young children we would often run around naked. It was like a
little Eden here and no one had any inhibitions about their bodies at all."

In the Sunday Telegraph article, Graham himself confirmed "Most of the children I have
photographed have loved every minute of it."

There were two aspects of tyranny in this case. First, Rohde's decision meant the image the
government initially deemed illegal was not the only one to be seized, but the legal ones would be
as well. Second, the model had no qualms about posing nude when she was a child and reflecting
back on it as an adult she still had no problems. We are reminded here about other child nude
models like Eva Ionesco, Jessie Mann, Jesse McBride, Rosie Bowdrey, and the girl on the cover of
the "Virgin Killer" record album who as adults cherished the photos they had appeared fully nude in
when they were little girls and boys. These examples suggest that nude photos of young children
with explicit views of their genitalia perhaps should not be censored by the government if they do
not portray sexual activities and if the children and their parents consented. They also suggest that it
is not always "unnatural" for a girl to choose to pose with her legs open, as Maud Hewes did
without prompting.

"Lolita Syndrome" by Robert Atkins, in The Village Voice (April 14, 1992), in the column "Scene
& Heard", http://www.robertatkins.net/beta/shift/culture/censorship/kiddie.html
an article about Graham Ovenden in the Sunday Telegraph (November 12, 1995), page 12
and other articles

17. Nudist magazines not delivered to their recipient until a court order (USA)

Despite repeated rulings by the Supreme Court and other U.S. courts that mere nudity does not
qualify as child porn, bulk shipments of non-sexual photographs sometimes come under the fire of
U.S. law enforcement.

Lawrence A. Stanley's American business "Alessandra's Smile, Inc.", which sold visual and textual
products catering to the interests of paedophiles and ephebophiles, had purchased 264 nudist
magazines ("Jeunes et naturels" and "Jung und frei") from a foreign country, but they were seized
by Customs officials in New Jersey in March 1998. A year later, Alessandra's Smile filed a motion
to request that the magazines be released from the government's custody. In December 1999, Judge
Joseph A. Greenaway of the United States District Court, District of New Jersey, ruled that the
magazines were "obscene" and therefore were allowed to be seized. He claimed that many of the
photos showed "lewd exhibitions of the genitals" and were "sexually suggestive", and wrote that the
magazines had a viewership of, by and large, adult paedophiles.

Three judges on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit heard the case United
States of America v. Various Articles of Merchandise, Schedule No. 287 (No. 00-5124) on
September 22, 2000. The court's ruling, in favour of Alessandra's Smile, came on October 23, 2000,
and reads in part as follows:

''Our holding that the magazines do not depict patently offensive sexual conduct is reinforced by
a comparison of the photographs in the seized magazines to the photographs by David Hamilton
which appear in his volume, Age of Innocence and to the photographs which appear in Radiant
Identities, Photographs by Jock Sturges. The Government does not claim that either Age of
Innocence or Radiant Identities is obscene. Indeed, the parties stipulated that those volumes are
regularly available for purchase at bookstores in New Jersey.
Hamilton's photographs depict pubescent girls, most of whom either have their breasts exposed
or are fully nude. No photographs of male subjects appear in his works. Several aspects of these
photographs make them sexually provocative: the majority of the photographs are in soft focus and
the girls are often staring into the camera, unsmiling, with a sultry look; many of the photographs
reveal girls in the process of taking off lingerie or other articles of clothing; some photographs are
of nude or partially nude girls lying on beds; in some of the photographs, the girls are looking at
their bodies in mirrors; some girls are lying or standing with their arms over their heads and their
backs arched; in some photographs, the girls are touching their own breasts or sexual organs; and a
few of the photographs show two nude or partially nude girls kissing.8
(Footnote 8. The photographs in Radiant Identities also show partially and fully nude children
and adolescents, but contain none of the elements that make Hamilton's photographs sexually
suggestive. Instead, they are similar to the photographs in the seized magazines and cannot be said
to depict patently offensive sexual conduct.)
By contrast, the tone and situation of the photographs in the instant magazines are entirely non-
sexual, and the photographs contain none of the sexually provocative elements that are present in
Hamilton's photographs. None of the subjects are on beds or undressing or touching their bodies in
a sexual way. The magazines instead consist of brightly colored photographs of nude children,
teenagers, or adults playing or smiling and posing for the camera. Accordingly, the photographs in
the magazines can neither be said to be depictions of lewd exhibitions of the genitals or to be
patently offensive in any other way. The District Court erred in so holding.''
In addition to the Dost factors, which are often used to determine whether a work is "lascivious"
(such as Hamilton's books clearly are, even though they're "legal" in the United States), the court
also discussed the Miller test of obscenity. This is interesting since child porn laws in the United
States have not been constrained by definitions of obscenity since 1982. Testing to see whether the
magazines were obscene or whether they contained a protected value (such as artistic or political
value) may have been the major determinant in this case since the magazines were transported
through the U.S. Mail, which apparently only has the authority to seize visual materials if they are
held to be obscene. Judge Greenaway had claimed that the nudist magazine photos did not contain
"serious artistic or other value". Alessandra's Smile, however, argued that the magazines have value
because "[i]n places w[h]ere legislatures or governments may wish to curtail social public nudity on
designated beaches, photographs provide the best 'case' that the nudism and naturism consist of
normal activities engaged in by normal people." The Third Circuit's ruling confirmed this: ''These
magazines qualify for First Amendment protection because of their political value. The term
"political" which we employ here is broad enough to encompass that which might tend to bring
about "political and social changes." Nudists are members of an alternative community, and the
magazines champion nudists' alternative lifestyle, which lifestyle the nudist community may feel is
in danger of being curtailed by government regulation. ...publications dedicated to presenting a
visual depiction of an alternative lifestyle... have political value similar to the political value of
articles criticizing government regulation of that and other lifestyles.''

The magazines should have never been seized in the first place.

United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Opinion of the Court, United States of
America v. Various Articles of Merchandise, Schedule No. 287 (October 23, 2000),
"Nudist magazines are not obscene, federal appeals panel says" by David Hudson, The Freedom
Forum Online (October 26, 2000), http://www.freedomforum.org/templates/document.asp?
"Third Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Jeunes et naturels not obscene.", an editorial by Alessandra's
Smile, http://web.archive.org/web/20001206061600/http://www.alessandrasmile.com/editorial.htm

IV. A catalog of depictions of the nudity and sexuality of teenage girls aged 13-17 in commercial

As the following catalog demonstrates, young adolescent girls have been shown topless, nude, and
in sexual scenarios in many different countries and for many different reasons. It is far more
common than most people think. From well-known films to rare obscurities, from art books to porn
magazines, from calendars to websites, young teens have posed or acted nude willingly, for
payment, knowing large audiences would see them. In many cases these teens have also allowed
their full real names, birthdates, home countries, home towns, body measurements, hobbies and
interests, and other personal details to be published or included in the credits. Any research that
attempts to evaluate the issue of the appropriateness, or lack thereof, of teenage nudity in the media
and over the Internet without referring to specific, verifiable instances like these is not valid
scientific research and can be identified as either speculation or as biased pseudo-research.

Part 1. Mainstream films.

- We present here the earliest (known to us) release date to general-audience theatres in any country,
but in other countries the release date was later than that we've listed, and sometimes films play for
select audiences on earlier dates than the general-audience date.
- According to the U.S. Copyright Office, works become "created" when they are first made into a
permanent copy.
- This catalog does not include films where all of the nudity was provided by a body double and not
the actress herself.

(a) The Don's daughter-in-law

16 year old Simonetta Stefanelli from Italy (born 30 November 1954) in the American film "The
Godfather" aka "Mario Puzo's The Godfather" aka "El Padrino" aka "El Padri" aka "O Padrinho"
aka "O Poderoso Chefão" aka "Il Padrino" aka "Le Parrain" aka "Der Pate" aka "O Nonós" aka "A
Keresztapa" aka "Ristiisa" aka "Kummisetä" aka "Kmotr" aka "Kum" aka "Ojciec chrzestny" aka
"Krestnyi Otets" aka "Baba" aka "Hasandak" aka "Gudfadern" (1972) (filmed during 1971 from
March 29th until August 6th; released to theatres on 24 March 1972)
Simonetta is a pretty Italian brunette with nice medium-sized breasts. This film about the Italian
Mafia takes place in the 1940s, and Simonetta plays the role of the Sicilian girl Apollonia. In a
wedding night scene, she stands in front of her new husband, Michael Corleone (played by Al
Pacino), and takes off her nightgown to briefly reveal her youthful breasts to the camera. They kiss
both before and after she reveals them. Several months later, Apollonia is killed in a car bomb that
was supposed to kill Michael. Following "The Godfather", Stefanelli refused many roles in which
filmmakers wanted her nude in ways she considered exploitative. However, she did later appear
fully nude in the Italian films "Lucrezia Giovane" (1974) and "La Nuora Giovane" (1975). She
appeared nude at 17 or 18 in a pictorial in the February-March 1973 issue of the Italian edition of
Playboy. She was also the cover girl for the March 1974 issue of the American edition of Playboy
and had a pictorial inside that issue, entitled "The Don's Daughter-in-Law".

15 year old Simonetta Stefanelli from Italy (born 30 November 1954) in the Italian film "Non
commettere atti impuri" (1971) (filmed during 1970; Italian censor's certificate #59163 issued on 30
October 1971; released to theatres on 2 November 1971)
Playing Maria Teresa, the object of affection of a young artist neighbour, Simonetta had two topless
moments. In a dream scene, she's getting married and her top disappears for a while. In the second
topless scene, she exposes her breasts to a priest. First we see her right breast and some rear nudity
as the stands in front of the man as he sits at a desk. Later, we see both of her breasts while he
stands up and turns her around.

16 year old Simonetta Stefanelli from Italy (born 30 November 1954) in the Italian film "In nome
del popolo italiano" aka "Au nom du peuple italien" aka "En nombre del pueblo italiano" aka "Em
Nome do Povo Italiano" aka "Abend ohne Alibi" aka "I det italienska folkets namn" aka "In the
Name of the Italian People" (1971) (filmed during 1971; Italian censor's certificate #59437 issued
on 14 December 1971; released to theatres on 15 December 1971)
Playing "Giugi" Santenocito, she has a brief and very distant topless sunbathing scene.

(b) Shakespeare's young lovely Juliet Capulet comes alive on the screen

16 year old Olivia Hussey from the UK (born 17 April 1951) in the Italian-British film "Romeo and
Juliet" aka "Romeo e Giulietta" aka "Roméo & Juliette" aka "Romeo y Julieta" aka "Romeu &
Julieta" aka "Romeo und Julia" aka "Romeo och Julia" aka "Romeo og Julie" aka "Rómeó és Júlia"
aka "Romeo ja Julia" (1968) (filmed from 29 June 1967 to mid-October 1967; Italian censor's
certificate #52124 issued on 2 August 1968; released to theatres on 25 September 1968)
Filmed in Italy, this is director Franco Zeffirelli's definitive movie version of Shapespeare's classic
play about two star-crossed teen lovers. It stars 5'3" tall Olivia Hussey, who was born in Argentina
and later moved to the UK. Her face is gorgeous and expressive. Olivia becomes many teenage
guys' dream girl when they see the momentary (one-second) glimpse of her beautiful large breasts,
when she gets out of bed, in this film during their literature classes. Reviewers constantly note how
her youth enhances the authenticity and sexyness of the film. The scene where Olivia is topless also
shows the bare butt of 17-year-old actor Leonard Whiting (born 30 June 1950), who plays Romeo.

(c) Major American films and other films by the actresses in them

16 year old Thora Birch from the USA (born 11 March 1982) in the American film "American
Beauty" aka "Beauté américaine" aka "Beleza Americana" aka "Krasota po-amerikanski" aka
"Amerikanski prelesti" aka "Vrtlog života" aka "Americká krása" aka "Tabamatu ilu" aka "Amerikai
szépség" aka "Amerikan Güzeli" (1999) (filmed during 1998 beginning on 14 December 1998;
released to theatres on 8 September 1999)
In this widely praised film made in California by Universal Studios, green-eyed Thora plays Jane
Burnham, the high school daughter of a teen-loving middle-aged man. Another family moves next
door to them and the son of that family, Ricky, becomes obsessed with Thora and loves to film her
with his camcorder. One night, Ricky is recording Thora from next door, and she notices and
decides to take off her bra to pose topless standing by her window. After the bra comes off, we see
her face and large breasts from a frontal view. But Ricky gets caught by his father, and then Thora
hides herself behind a curtain. In an interview published in the December 21-27, 1999 issue of
Hollywood Reporter, Thora explained why she agreed to appear topless in this film after getting her
parents' permission: "[Sex scenes] always really disgusted me. I mean really disgusted me. But I
loved this script, so I went and did a nude scene... It's the '90's, everyone's seen a pair of tits." In the
September 29, 1999 issue of The A.V. Club, Thora told interviewer Joshua Klein: "...I was a lot less
nervous about doing those scenes than I expected to be. I wasn't nervous doing it, and I had no
inhibitions from before—no serious inhibitions—because I always felt it was such a necessary step
for the character."

14 year old Milla Jovovich from the USA (born 17 December 1975) in the American film "Return
to the Blue Lagoon" aka "Rückkehr zur blauen Lagune" aka "Retour au lagon bleu" aka "Regreso al
lago azul" aka "De Volta à Lagoa Azul" aka "Tillbaka till den blå lagunen" aka "Povratak u Plavu
Lagunu" aka "Vozvrashchenie v Golubuyu lagunu" aka "Visszatérés a Kék lagúnába" (1991)
(filmed in 1990 beginning on 7 June 1990; released to theatres on 2 August 1991)
This classic romantic film shot mostly on Fiji's Taveuni Island has much the same plot as the 1980
film "Blue Lagoon" which had starred Brooke Shields. Milla is a beauty of Russian and Serbian
ancestry who has brown hair and changeable blue-green eyes. She plays Lilli, a girl who's stranded
on an island with her mother and a boy named Richard. One memorable scene in this film was
when she flipped back her hair and admired and cupped her developing adolescent breasts. (An
American DVD release from 2002 cuts the frame so that her nipples and areolas aren't visible.) In
several other scenes, she's seen topless swimming in the water. One of these times is while she's
upright in the water with her boyfriend Richard while it's raining. In that scene we briefly see both
of her breasts and nipples. The next time comes when she's washing herself. She thinks she's alone,
but an older man is watching her from afar. We twice get a side view of her right breast and nipple.
After that there's a view of the curves of her breast without the nipple showing, and then a third
view of her right with the nipple. Then she swims to the shore, where she notices that the man is
there. She picks up her clothes to cover herself, he says "Lovely", and she responds "Get out of
here!" The man follows her back to her house, but Richard notices the intruder and fights him.
There is a partial side view of her left breast as she's face down struggling with the intruder, but her
nipple isn't in sight. The article "Teen Star is Sure to Make a Splash in 'Lagoon II'" in the August 4,
1991 issue of Worcester Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, Massachusetts) reported: "Milla Jovovich
wasn't intimidated by her first leading role. She wasn't embarrassed about having to take her clothes
off." The film also has a topless preteen actress named Courtney Barilla, playing Lilli's younger,
flat-chested self.

15/16 year old Milla Jovovich from the USA (born 17 December 1975) in the British-American-
French-Italian film "Chaplin" aka "Charlie" aka "Charlot" (1992) (filmed from 14 October 1991 to
21 February 1992; released to theatres on 25 December 1992)
In this biography of actor Charlie Chaplin, Milla plays Mildred Harris, Chaplin's first wife, whom
he married when she was 16. Mildred is wearing a nightgown and its left strap is partway down her
upper arm, revealing the upper half of her left breast's areola. Milla's face is seen in the same shot; it
is not a body double. She walks over to the bed where Chaplin is sitting and takes off her
nightgown, dropping it to the floor, showing us a shadowed view of the full unclothed rear of her
body in dark lighting for several seconds. Filmed in Switzerland, England, and California. The film
debuted at the Cinema and Film Benevolent Fund's 47th Royal Film Performance on 16 December

17 year old Drew Barrymore from the USA (born 22 February 1975) in the American film
"Doppelganger: The Evil Within" aka "Le double maléfique" aka "O Amor Mata" aka "Enigma
Mortal" aka "Der Todesengel" aka "Töte!" aka "Dobbeltgjengeren" aka "Dubbelgångaren" aka
"Doppelganger - kaksoisolento" aka "Podwójne wcielenie" (1993) (filmed during 1992; released to
theatres on 24 April 1993 in the Netherlands; released to video on 26 May 1993 in the USA)
Drew plays Holly Gooding in this horror film. She stands naked under the shower but only her
upper body is visible. At first, normal water flows out of the shower head, but soon the water turns
red like blood while she hallucinates. In the middle of the scene, both breasts are very briefly seen
relatively close-up from the front, but otherwise her body is seen at farther range, from a side view,
usually revealing only the left breast. While she's washing herself with the red liquid, her left hand
moves up over her left breast, which then bounces. A few minutes later, Holly is standing in the
kitchen making out a guy. He pulls her white robe down her body, and we see her left breast and
nipple relatively close-up from the side. Then the camera switches back to a farther view, during
which the curvature of her breast is still briefly shown. Filming took place in New York City and in
Los Angeles, California.

16 year old Melanie Griffith from the USA (born 9 August 1957) in the American film "Night
Moves" aka "Die Heiße Spur" aka "La noche se mueve" aka "Um Lance no Escuro" aka "Bersaglio
di notte" aka "La Fugue" aka "Dödligt utspel" aka "Natten skjuler alle spor" aka "Yön siirrot" aka
"A Döntés éjszakája" (1975) (production began on 24 September 1973; filmed during 1974 prior to
her 17th birthday; released to theatres on 11 June 1975)
Melanie has dirty blonde hair with a hairy dark pussy, and she speaks in a cute high-pitched voice.
Her character, a sexually-active 16-year-old runaway named Delly Grastner, is located in Florida by
private investigator Harry Moseby. In a daytime scene, Delly is shown changing her clothing
outdoors besides the clothes-line and putting on a purple shirt. We briefly see her breasts, which
Harry also sees for a brief instance, and then when she's finishing putting on the shirt she says "I'm
not going back unless Tom says I have to", throws a blue article of clothing at him, and runs away.
In another scene, it's dark out and Harry and Delly are with Paula Iverson, a charter boat owner.
They take out a boat, and from a distance we see from a back view that Delly's taking off her
bottom then her top. Next, we hear her jump into the water. The camera shows the front and back of
her body while she's snorkeling below the boat naked. She gets out of the water and calls to them
"Come on in!". As Paula tells him "Your little girl's waiting for ya, Harry", we see her backside
(including a glimpse of her pussy lips) as she jumps back underneath the surface. Soon afterwards,
she comes back up and yells "Come quickly!" and we see her butt as she jumps back underneath. It
turns out Delly found the remains of a small plane below the boat. The side of her nude body is seen
when she is lifted back into the boat.
16 year old Melanie Griffith from the USA (born 9 August 1957) in the American film "Smile"
(1975) (filmed after "Night Moves"; copyright date 1974; released to theatres on 8 October 1975)
Melanie, playing Karen Love, shows her breasts while she's walking around in the dressing room.
This was filmed in Santa Rosa, California.

17 year old Michelle Johnson from the USA (born 8 September 1965) in the American film "Blame
it on Rio" aka "Feitiço do Rio" aka "Schuld daran ist Rio" (1984) (filmed starting in March 1983;
released to theatres on 17 February 1984)
Michelle plays Jennifer Lyons, the foxy teenage daughter of Victor, who seduces and makes love to
Victor's friend Matthew while they're on holiday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She's seen topless several
times, including when she's spending time at night on the beach with Matthew, as well as earlier
when she's around lots of people at the beach in broad daylight. The fact that she and her friend go
top-free just like everyone else startles Victor and Matthew. It's common in Rio, as well as Australia
and many parts of Europe, for females to go topless at regular public beaches. Victor asks his
topless daughter "Aren't you a little chilly, Jennifer?" to which she reacts with bemusement:
"Chilly?" Matthew says he's chilly and wants everyone to get dressed and head into the water for a
swim. Jennifer tells Matthew "You're embarrassed", then Victor says he isn't embarrassed, and
Jennifer and her friend run off with him into the water, leaving Matthew behind. Jennifer splashes
water onto her father while we see her left breast from the side, and then a wave heads over her, at
which time she raises her hands and we see her breasts from the front. Her ample breasts bounce in
this scene while she walks and plays around. In another scene, Jennifer decides to take a photo of
herself nude to give to Matthew. She reaches into her desk drawer to take out a Polaroid camera,
sets it up, hurries over to the bed, takes off her robe (showing us her super tits and bush), holds a
flower, and poses for an elegant self-portrait where she sits with part of one leg tucked under the
other. Later we see the actual photo when she gives it to Matthew and he takes it out of the
envelope. Matthew tells her "Are you mad? I can't keep this." Jennifer responds "Don't you like it? I
think it's pretty." A man standing next to them points his camera at the photo and is about to take a
shot but Matthew stops him. MGM Studios released this film with a tagline reading: "She's the
hottest thing on the beach. She's also his best friend's daughter!"

17 year old Angelina Jolie Voight from the USA (born 4 June 1975) in the American film "Cyborg
2" aka "Cyborg II: Glass Shadow" aka "Cyborg 2: La sombra de cristal" aka "Cash Reese - Glass
Shadow" (1993) (U.S. Copyright Office lists creation date as 1993 and copyright registration date
as 28 May 1993 for the videocassette; released as a VHS videocassette on 24 November 1993 by
Trimark Home Video)
This is a science fiction flick set in the year 2074, and dark-haired Angelina's character is a human-
like cyborg named Casella "Cash" Reese. She has a mild sex scene in bed with Elias Koteas, who
plays Colson "Colt" Ricks. At first he lies flat on his back while she's upright on top of him. Both of
her breasts are visible in the scene, including close-up, and we also see Colson touching them, and
later kissing them when he sits up. Her nipples look great. They also kiss each other passionately on
the lips. After sex they are shown resting in a cuddling position. The director, Michael Schroeder,
said: "...when this girl came in, I knew she had what it takes. Then I found out she's only seventeen,
and we can't mess around with labor laws and welfare workers and school teachers. I just didn't
have that luxury; I had to shoot, shoot, shoot. She had just finished high school; she had done her
junior and senior year in five months – I wish I could have done that! Then I found out later that her
father is Jon Voight, so the acting's definitely in her genes. He knew a judge and made some calls,
and we got her emancipated, because she had been living on her own for quite awhile. She just
needed to file and get a judge to agree to it, so then we could just work, and we didn't have to give
her special treatment. And she's a tough girl; she hangs in there until the last shot of the day. She
was the most mature seventeen year old I've ever met." (quoted in Steve Biodrowski's article at
http://hollywoodgothique.com/cyborg21993.html, which originally appeared in slightly altered form
in the Fall 1994 issue of Imagi-Movies) According to Chris Heath's article "Blood, Sugar, Sex,
Magic" in Rolling Stone, July 5, 2001
(http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/5938014/blood_sugar_sex_magic): "Then, when she was
seventeen, she was cast as the lead in the straight-to-video sci-fi sequel Cyborg 2. She says she's not
embarrassed by it now, but when she first saw it she went home to her mother's apartment and threw
up while her brother tried to console her. She didn't audition again for another year." Filming took
place in Los Angeles, California.

16 year old Bo Derek aka Mary Cathleen Collins aka "Kathleen Collins" from the USA (born 20
November 1956) in the American film "Fantasies" (1981) (filmed from 19 May 1973 to 19 July
1973; U.S. Copyright Office lists copyright registration date as 15 June 1981; released to theatres
on 6 November 1981)
Playing Anastasia, a girl who has lots of sexual fantasies, she briefly shows her nude body on
several occasions, and she has dark hair here. She's full-frontally nude in and out of water. There are
also various shots of her butt and breasts, as well as a look at her face and breasts through an oval
hole. The film, her first acting experience, was originally going to be titled "Once Upon a Love",
but it was changed to "Fantasies" and finally released in 1981 following her achievement of fame
with the 1979 film "10".

16/17 year old Cristi Harris from the USA (born 3 December 1977) in the American film "Kiss of
Death" aka "Kiss of Death - Tag der Abrechnung" (1995) (U.S. Copyright Office lists creation date
as 1994, publication date as 23 February 1995, and copyright registration date as 13 March 1995)
There is a sweet picnic scene in a field in which Cristi, playing Peggy Botticelli, and her guy Aldo
Botticelli sit on a black blanket and tenderly kiss each other and touch each others' bodies. She has a
garment wrapped around her middle, and still has her socks and sneakers on, but both of her breasts
are fully exposed. She is smiling and delighted by what they're doing, even giggling a little. He
touches her left breast as he gently lays her down on the blanket. Then they have motions
simulating intercourse, but his shirt and jeans are still on. While this takes place, they share more
passionate kissing and we hear heavy breathing. Later there's a flashback to the scene, during which
his shirt comes off too and we see a closer view of her left breast from the side while they kiss some
more. Cristi's hair is blonde in this film. Filming took place in Los Angeles and San Diego,

17 year old Cristi Harris from the USA (born 3 December 1977) in the American film "Night of the
Scarecrow" aka "Die Nacht der Krähe" (1996) (U.S. Copyright Office lists copyright registration
date as 22 December 1995; released as a VHS videocassette on 16 January 1996 by Republic
Pictures Home Video)
Cristi plays a preacher's daughter who flirts with all the guys. In one scene, she's in the back of a
van with a local loser who unhooks her bra from the front and plays around with her nice huge
breasts for a long time. He briefly sucks her right nipple. Her hair is reddish in this film. Filming
took place in Hanford, California.

16 year old Cristi Harris from the USA (born 3 December 1977) in the American film "Night of the
Demons 2" aka "La noche de los demonios 2" (1994) (filmed during 1994; U.S. Copyright Office
lists creation date as 1994 and publication date as 13 May 1994; released as a VHS videocassette on
31 August 1994 by Republic Pictures Home Video)
Reddish-haired Cristi (as Bibi) and a boy find a bedroom and start making out. She takes off the
boy's shirt, and shortly thereafter she removes her own top (a black bra), showing both breasts from
the front for an extremely cute tit shot. She's only sixteen but she is all grown up with nice sized
breasts. He tells her "You're so beautiful" and then gets on top of her between her legs as they kiss
and hug. We get several more flashes of the couple. We see her right breast and nipple relatively
close-up in a side shot with the boy on top of her. She says "This is so romantic." Then he kisses
between her breasts as he works his way down so we see both breasts but it stops short of showing
more. In the next scene, they make out some more. She starts out on top showing us her breasts
from the side, then she rolls on her back. After hearing another teenage girl scream, Bibi adamantly
decides to interrupt their fun and get up, which isn't what the boy was hoping for. Filming took
place in Los Angeles, California.

16/17 year old "Christi Harris" aka Cristi Harris from the USA (born 3 December 1977) in the
American film "Lurid Tales: The Castle Queen" (1996) (U.S. Copyright Office lists creation date as
1994 but that may be misleading as we found an indication that filming may have occurred in 1995)
This was filmed in Romania. "Christi" plays two roles: an American college girl named Amy (in the
late 20th century) and a Lady (in 17th-century Cromwell-era England). She looks as hot as ever
with her great looking large breasts. Her first topless scene is a 3-way with her younger sister and
their young stud visitor. She covers her nipples even though she is topless for better than ten
minutes, but we get a brief nipple shot at the end of the scene with the guy on top and kissing her.
Later, she is topless for several minutes, showing off her magnificent breasts to an unseen customer.

13 year old Brooke Shields from the USA (born 31 May 1965) in the American film "Just You and
Me, Kid" (1979) (released to theatres on 13 July 1979)
Brooke plays a foster child named Kate. She briefly shows nudity 9 minutes into the film. She runs
away from a house wearing nothing but a blanket, but while running the blanket gets caught on a
chain-link fence gate. She continues running, but now she's uncovered, and we see her rear view
including her buttocks.

13 year old Kim Hopkins from the USA (born 10 March 1966) in the American film "The
Hollywood Knights" (1980) (released to theatres on 30 May 1980)
Kim has straight brown hair and plays a PomPom Girl in this teen sex comedy set in 1965. She's in
a scene where she's sitting in a chair sunbathing nude outdoors with two older friends, and she
sticks out her tongue. Both of her tits are in full view for about a second, and they are nice-sized for
a girl her age. Next, she stands up and covers herself with a multi-coloured towel, and her brown
bush can be seen briefly.

14 year old Olivia d'Abo from England (born 22 January 1969 as confirmed by "England & Wales,
Birth Index: 1837-1983" and other reliable sources) in the American film "Bolero" aka "Bolero: An
Adventure in Ecstasy" aka "Bolero extasy" aka "Bo Dereks Ekstase" (1984) (filmed during 1983
sometime after 11 February 1983 and prior to 23 September 1983; U.S. Copyright Office lists
creation date as 1984 and publication date as 31 August 1984)
Olivia plays the gypsy girl Paloma. In one scene, she's in a steamy sauna room with Bo Derek and
another young woman. The other two ladies are covered up with towels, but Paloma reveals her
nice breasts since her towel only covers her pubic area. Soon, Paloma and Bo chase another woman
out of the building with a knife, and Paloma's breasts are again visible. In another scene, Bo Derek
and another woman are giving Paloma a bath, and they remark how young she is. Paloma stands up
naked partially covered with soap bubbles and says "I am woman... juicy too". We see her firm
body from the side and front, and her nipples, breasts, and dark bush are visible. Filmed in Spain.

17 year old Jennie Lynn from the USA (born 28 February 1952) in the American film "Getting Into
Heaven" aka "Lustgefühle" (1970) (filmed in 9 days from the last week of May 1969 to the first
couple of days in June 1969; released to theatres on 26 February 1970)
This light-skinned reddish-haired hottie plays the aspiring movie starlet Miss Sin in this sex-filled
softcore film. She has full womanly curves and nice tits with pink areolas. Sin and her big-titted
blonde roommate Heaven want to star in a movie, but they meet a movie producer who's more
interested in fucking them than filming them. Sin has a solo nude scene in a bathroom where she
admires herself in the mirror and then starts to masturbate. We see her ass and tits. When she gets
into the bathtub/shower she shows some bush and covers her body with soap bubbles. Sin also has 5
heterosexual nude scenes. One of these has her topless in an apartment with an older man who's
chasing her around. In the middle of it she lies on her back on a table and he kisses her tits. Then
she stands up and they run around more. When she's standing up we can see her bush through her
semi-transparent white panties. Finally he catches her and pulls down her panties. In a different
scene Sin is fully naked with the same man, lying on her back on the floor while he kisses her body
and touches her shoulder. Then they move to a sofa where he kisses her some more. We get to see
her breasts during this scene that lasts over 4 minutes. Another time Sin is with the same man on the
same sofa and she's fully naked once again. She's on top of him. We see her butt from the side, and
she starts to ride him cowgirl while he touches her body. We get nice looks at her tits and a small
edge of bush. After a couple of minutes their lovemaking gets interrupted. We see her strip naked
outdoors for about half a minute when she stands in front of a guy. First she takes off her red top,
then her blue jeans. We see both tits and some of her red bush. A nice place to have sex with a
young girl is in a bed, and that's where she ends up with the same man. He kisses around her neck
while her head rests on a pillow. First he's on top of her, then she gets on top and shows her tits and
her butt from the side. We also see her tits from the front. Sin also has a lesbian scene with Heaven
that lasts over 4 minutes. They're both naked. Sin rubs oil on Heaven's breasts and stomach, then
they kiss and make out. Sin kisses between Heaven's breasts and lies on top of her body. We see
Sin's breasts and butt while they're in that position. Due to the close contact, some oil transfers over
to Sin's own breasts, so they're slicked up by the time we see them sitting and talking on the floor
afterwards. Although the film carried an X rating, none of the participants engaged in the explicit
action that later became associated with X films. This film has only simulated sex. Filming took
place in Sequoia National Park, San Diego, and Beverly Hills, California.

16 year old Kelli Garner from the USA (born 11 April 1984) in the American film "Bully" aka
"Bully: Mentes perdidas" aka "Bully - Estranhas Amizades" aka "I daides" (2001) (filmed in 23
days in September 2000; released to theatres on 13 July 2001)
Kelli, a blonde, plays Heather Swallers. Her nudity is mild compared to that displayed by the other
players in the film. In fact she only has one brief nude scene, showing her curled up sleeping on a
bed with a guy (Donny Semenec, played by Michael Pitt). She isn't wearing any clothes, so we can
see her butt crack and both cheeks, plus the lower curves of her breasts (but not her nipples, which
are hidden by her arm), at close range, while the camera pans up her body. Almost her entire left
butt cheek is visible, but only a portion of the right cheek. In some film prints or video captures, the
right cheek is not well lit, while in others it's easy to see both sides of her butt. The same camera
then moves still more to show Bijou Phillips (also naked) holding a baby boy whose butt is
exposed. Directed by Larry Clark, "Bully" was filmed in Florida and is based on a true story about
disturbed Florida teenagers. The film debuted at Method Fest on 15 June 2001.

16/17 year old Peggy Church from the USA (born 1954 - not 1950 as some claim) in the American
film "The Big Snatch" aka "The Big Catch" (1971 - not 1968 as some claim) (filmed during 1971)
Credited here as "Rita", Peggy is very cute and youthful, with reddish-brown hair, nice breasts, a
full bush, and an adolescent figure. Peggy's character is Bernice, an 18-year-old virgin who
becomes one of the sex slaves of a wacko named Bart. She wears a black skirt, white blouse, white
bra, white garter belt, and tan stockings. Early on, Bart orders her to strip, so she takes off her shirt,
then her skirt, then her bra. Then she's still topless as she dances along with the other girls. She
appears in several hot lesbian and simulated sex scenes. Peggy is seen taking off her top when she
exercises with the other captive women. She soon befriends one of the other women, a lesbian, who
tells her "You have nice breasts". This older lady feels Peggy's breasts and Peggy exclaims "See,
they are real" to which the woman responds "They're real alright". It isn't long before the two get
sexual. They're outdoors at the time. The lady undresses Peggy and proceeds to feel and kiss her
breasts and nipples some more. Then she takes off Peggy's panties, exposing her bush (seen by us
relatively close-up!). Peggy's breasts are visible while the lady kisses her bush (not explicitly
shown) and Peggy breathes heavily. The woman asks "Was it good?" and Peggy answers "Oh yes".
Peggy says she might reciprocate in the future. Later, Peggy tries to run away, and then she resists
having sex with Momo, and while she struggles with him her breasts and pubic area are in full view,
and her legs are slightly apart in a couple of frames. As punishment, Peggy is stripped and placed
on a truck and her wrists are roped to the truck. Contrary to other reviews, her upper legs are really
not spread apart much at all, but she is nude and her lower legs are substantially apart. Bart says
"Let's put your virginity to the test", the truck's engine is turned on, and the steam burns Peggy's
skin, causing her to yell. During most of the steaming, only Peggy's breasts can be seen. After Bart
says "OK, the barbecue is over", Peggy is shown being carried away by Momo. In Peggy's next
nude scene, she's having another lesbian tryst with the older woman, this time indoors on a sofa.
The woman first takes off Peggy's top and kisses her breasts, and then takes off Peggy's panties. The
woman keeps kissing her breasts, then kisses her nipples in a close-up view. Then we see a close-up
of Peggy's upper thigh and bush while the woman kisses her upper thigh and moves her hand
around her body without touching her pussy. During this close-up shot, Peggy's slit is visible. The
woman kisses Peggy's pussy, though again this is not shown explicitly, and Peggy starts to breathe
very heavily. Near the end of the film, Peggy loses her virginity when she briefly has vigorous
simulated intercourse with Bart, twice. The camera shows her butt, bush, and bouncing breasts
while she's moving on top of him; her legs are apart, on either side of him, but her slit can't be seen.
Filmed in California.

17 year old Robin Mattson from the USA (born 1 June 1956) in the American film "Candy Stripe
Nurses" aka "Volop pret in een ziekenhuisbed" aka "Le Pornoinfermiere della clinica del sesso"
(1974) (released to theatres on 1 May 1974)
Robin plays a high school student named Sweet Candy. She has blue eyes and short hair that looks
very reddish but also has blondness. She has two nice nude scenes. In the first one, she's making out
with a guy in a gymnasium. She takes off her clothes and stands fully nude, and we see her nudity
from the side. Then he takes off his shirt and they continue to kiss and rotate positions, resulting in a
good view of her butt from the rear. Then they fall onto the floor and he gets on top of her (with his
pants still on). We see her breasts often in this sequence. They talk and he kisses her left nipple then
her right nipple. They continue caressing. Next we see them both lying naked after they've had sex;
her breasts and part of her bush are visible. She says "Wake up, I've gotta go home!" In her second
nude scene she's in the residence where the guy lives. She walks nude to the refrigerator to get a can
of soda, and we see her breasts and butt. Then she walks back into the bedroom. We see quite a lot
of her breasts and buttocks during the next portion. The lower part of the guy's body is covered by a
bedsheet during the whole time. Candy gets onto the bed and a hint of her bush can be seen between
her legs as she positions herself to kneel with her legs spread over the bedsheet directly on top of
his dick. Then she moves next to him, and we briefly see between her legs as she adjusts her
location, but the shot is too shadowed to see details. They kiss and caress each other. Then she says
it's time to get back to work, but he says that's ridiculous because it would mean "High school girl
writing a term paper for a college senior." They talk about academics and we see both of her breasts
from the front as they recline in bed. Then she notices the time on the clock and says "I forgot to
call home". She picks up the phone and calls her mother and while she's on the phone he kisses her
and touches her left breast. Her mother doesn't want her to ride home late at night, suggesting it
would be better if she stayed overnight at the guy's home. What a great idea, and of course she
agrees to do what her mother says. Filmed in Burbank, California.

15 year old Robin Mattson from the USA (born 1 June 1956) in the American film "Bonnie's Kids"
aka "Töchter des Bösen" aka "Las hijas de Bonnie" aka "Le Sorelline" aka "Listeia pliromeni me
aima" (1972) (released to theatres by early August 1972)
Robin plays 15-year-old Myra Thomas, one of two promiscuous sisters who take refuge from their
drunk stepfather by staying at their uncle's home. In a scene very early in the film when she's still at
her stepfather's home, she's standing and shows her breasts after she has taken a bath and gotten out
of the tub, before she puts on a robe. Some of her stepfather's drunk friends see her naked through
the window, but she isn't aware of that.

15 year old Tatum O'Neal from the USA (born 5 November 1963) in the American film "Little
Darlings" aka "Kleine Biester" aka "I de lugnaste vatten" aka "Faldas revoltosas" aka "Nastolatki"
aka "Kullannuput" (1980) (filmed in 1979; released to theatres on 21 March 1980)
Tatum plays Ferris Whitney, a 15-year-old girl at summer camp who wants to lose her virginity. She
is wearing a purple bikini when she is pushed into a pool. When she surfaces, her top is on the
wrong side of her left nipple, exposing it for no more than half a second, visible in one frame in the
video release, at the same time as we see her face.

15 year old Tatum O'Neal from the USA (born 5 November 1963) in the Canadian film "Circle of
Two" aka "Obsession" aka "Les ages du coeur" aka "Círculo de Dois Amantes" (1980) (filmed from
27 August 1979 to 3 November 1979)
Brunette Tatum plays Sarah Norton, a 16-year-old who befriends a male painter in his 60s named
Ashley St. Clair. She has a nude scene in his painting studio. She stands nude right behind a wooden
chair, far from where Ashley is standing dressed. Sarah's goals were to try to seduce him and to
encourage him to continue painting. She suggests a painting theme by saying "Nude with cigar" and
placing a cigar in her mouth. Ashley says "Get dressed". Then Sarah says "Painted Claudia in the
nude". Ashley repeats his instruction "Get dressed". Then Sarah says "My body's as good as
Claudia's any day". Ashley is really mad at her and says even more fervently "GET DRESSED!!".
During this scene, Tatum's breasts are fully visible from the front, but her pubic region is almost
entirely hidden by the chair. Her right breast's areola is noticeably larger than her left breast's areola.
Tatum's legs aren't bared, in order to hide the burns she had suffered in a car accident.

17 year old Amber Heard from the USA (born 22 April 1986) in a deleted scene included on DVD
releases of the American film "Friday Night Lights" aka "Juego de viernes en la noche" aka "Les
lumières du vendredi soir" aka "Tudo Pela Vitória" (2004) (filmed from 2 February 2004 to 24 April
2004; released to theatres on 8 October 2004; deleted scenes released on DVD on 18 January 2005)
Amber's footage was certainly made prior to 15 April 2004 since the only filming that took place
after that date was a crowd scene shot in a football stadium on 24 April 2004. In the May 2007 San
Antonio Express-News article "Dream comes true for Austin native Amber Heard" by David
Martindale, Amber confirmed that she was 17 at the time of filming: ''When I was on the set, just
doing day-playing work, I remember thinking, ‘This is what I want to do forever,' ... Knowing that
with such certainty at 17 was just life-altering.'' Amber, a lovely blonde with a great smile and
voice, plays Maria. She has a sexy indoor scene with a high school football quarterback that never
made it into the final film but did make it into the bonus deleted scenes section of two DVD
releases: the Widescreen Edition and Full Screen Edition. The Widescreen Edition isn't as revealing,
since it trims near the bottom of the frame, but nevertheless shows one or two nipslips that can only
be noticed when the film is gone through frame by frame. One slip is of her right nipple when she's
lying down and telling him "Let's go to your bedroom" immediately before she sees that his father
is watching them. Her nipple can be seen right below her arm. She has her top off because the two
teens are making out with each other and he had taken off her shirt and shoes, but her blue jeans
remain on the whole time. The Full Screen Edition is awesome, showing full views of her breasts,
areolas, and nipples several times and at several angles during the same deleted scene.

(d) Major Canadian films and other films by the actresses in them

17 year old Phoebe Cates aka Phoebe Katz from the USA (born 16 July 1963) in the Canadian film
"Paradise" aka "Paradis" aka "Paraiso" aka "Paraíso Azul" aka "Paradise - rakkauden keidas" aka
"Das blaue Paradies" (1982) (filmed from 22 March 1981 to 6 May 1981; released to theatres on 7
May 1982)
One of the all-time classic young teen nudity films, and the Israeli scenery is gorgeous. Phoebe,
playing Sarah, discovers love and sex in this film, and it's appropriate that at times we see her fully
nude from the front, back, and side. Her first nudity comes 23 minutes into the film when she
washes herself under a waterfall. Her delicious butt and breasts are seen glistening wet for an
extended length of time, and her boyfriend David is admiring her in the distance. About 39 minutes
into the film, she looks at her reflection in the water, and her breasts are briefly seen. Approximately
3 minutes later, her body is seen naked from behind when she gets up from bed. Her butt is seen
again another 3 minutes later when she bathes outdoors again, as well as very briefly a glimpse of
her bush. Phoebe looks especially lovely in a later scene when she takes off her clothes and walks
into the ocean, and everything can be seen, including her bush from the side, though the lighting is
somewhat dark. When she's swimming in the ocean, we see her bush again, and occasionally her
legs are apart while her legs move. Most portions of the simulated sex scenes that follow use a
body-double. The last true nudity from Phoebe comes about 69 minutes into the film when she
swims nude in a lagoon along with her boyfriend. Phoebe herself admitted "I was only 17 when I
did my nude scenes in 'Paradise'. They were serious and more difficult because they were not easily
justified. But the topless scene in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' was funny, which made it easy."
(This quote is said to originate from the article "'Fast Times' Was Phoebe's Kind of Film" by Vernon
Scott in Philadelphia Daily News, 18 December 1982) (Note: She was 18 in "Fast Times at
Ridgemont High", which was filmed by an American production crew from 10 November 1981 to
28 December 1981) Later in the 1980s she expressed regret over having starred in "Paradise":
"What I learned was never to do a movie like that again." (quoted on page 75 in the 1987 children's
book "Young and Famous: Hollywood's Newest Superstars" by Daniel Cohen).

17 year old Mia Kirshner from Canada (born 25 January 1975) in the Canadian film "Love and
Human Remains" aka "Amour et restes humains" aka "De l'amour et des restes humains" aka "La
verdadera naturaleza del amor" aka "Amor e Restos Humanos" aka "La natura ambigua dell'amore"
aka "Rakkautta ja ihmisraunioita" aka "Kärlek och mänskliga rester" aka "Liebe und andere
Grausamkeiten" (1993) (filmed from 20 September 1992 to 26 November 1992; released to theatres
on 18 March 1994)
Black-haired Mia plays a teenage dominatrix and psychic named Benita. She's in an unpleasant
scene in which she's standing and her face is seen, after which the camera pans down and we see a
crazy man rip off her black bra and expose her right breast. A few minutes later, the man and the girl
struggle with each other, and after the man's friend urges him to "Let her go", the man shoves her
onto a bed and her right nipple is extremely briefly seen in a blur at the bottom of the screen. The
film debuted at the Telluride Film Festival on 5 September 1993.

17 year old Céline Lomez from Canada (born 11 May 1953) in the Canadian film "Snowballin'" aka
"Sex in the Snow" aka "Sex on Skis" aka "Winter Games" aka "Après-ski" (1971) (released to
theatres on 31 March 1971)
Céline is a curvy brunette with a lot of sex appeal who loves to sleep naked. In her first nude scene,
she answers the phone and shows both breasts while in bed, and then her body is seen fully nude
when she gets out of bed. In her second nude scene, she starts out asleep in bed while a skier with a
hangover lowers the covers to expose her breasts and (for a brief time) her bush. Then he starts
touching her body and it wakes her up. Some time later, we see quite a lot of her hairy dark bush
from the front while she's face-up on the bed and he's resting on a pillow on the floor next to the
bed. Then he gets on the bed and she sits nude next to him. She kisses him and takes off his shirt.
Then he lies back and she kisses him some more, and unzips his pants. During this third scene, we
mainly see her breasts and butt. Finally, we barely get to see Céline's breasts during a slow-motion
pillow fight with a blonde in which both ladies are topless.

16 year old Céline Lomez from Canada (born 11 May 1953) in the Canadian film "Here and Now"
aka "L'Initiation" aka "Initiation" aka "Oi anisyhies mias protaras" aka "Anomalies mias protaras"
aka "Herää rakkauteen" aka "I turbamenti di una principiante" aka "Wild auf junge Knospen"
(1970) (released to theatres on 29 January 1970)
Brunette Céline, playing Christine, is topless in a sauna scene where she's conversing with three
blonde women about sexuality. She has large, tan-lined breasts that are frequently on view and sits
with her hands behind her body. She tells the other women that she loves her boyfriend Eric and
that they want to remain virgins until they're married; some of the other women say that's an old-
fashioned idea and that sex should be enjoyed for pleasure and doesn't necessarily have to
accompany romance or marriage.

14 year old Charlotte Aubin from Canada (born 4 September 1991) in the Canadian film "Roméo et
Juliette" (2006) (filmed during 2006 starting on 16 April 2006; released to theatres on 15 December
This French-language production was filmed in Canada, including in Montreal, Quebec. It's a
retelling of Shakespeare's classic but set in modern Quebec. The two doomed lovers are 15 year old
Juliette (played by Charlotte) and 17 year old Roméo Lamontagne (played by 16 year old Thomas
Lalonde). Juliette is pretty and has golden hair, light pink skin, and an attractive young adolescent
body. She displays nudity three brief times. The first time comes as she showers. Her entire
buttocks are visible from the rear for 4 seconds while she's washing herself, and we also see parts of
the curves of her breasts for part of that time. Later in the film Roméo and Juliette have a love scene
full of kissing and passion. He tries to unhook her bra but isn't successful so she has to do it. After
her bra is off we see his hand gently feeling around her bare breast. Her right breast is seen from the
side for less than a third of a second, and it seems we can see some of its areola. He kisses down her
body but unfortunately we don't see her nipples then. We see only their heads and shoulders while
they simulate intercourse. Afterwards they head over to a body of water and stand in a shallow part
of it. First we see Roméo walk out and take his pants off, and his butt is visible in fairly good light.
As he walks into the water, we see her follow his lead. She walks away from the camera then takes
off her shirt, exposing her butt from the rear, and the crack can be seen but the view is shadowed.
Now they're both totally naked. When they join each other, they are far from the camera and their
bodies are nearly seen as silhouettes. The view alternates between a far-away shot and a zoomed-in
shot. The zoomed-in shot is especially beautiful and there are tree branches in the foreground and
the sun's rays reflecting on the water. They take turns splashing water at each other and they're
laughing. We see the outline of her breasts and of her butt, and in a few brief moments she's
technically full-frontal but we can't see her pubic region clearly. Roméo's butt crack is faintly
visible. At the end of the scene they embrace and kiss.

17 year old Jessica Paré from Canada (born 5 December 1982) in the Canadian film "Lost and
Delirious" aka "La rage au coeur" aka "Rebelles" aka "El último suspiro" aka "Assunto de Meninas"
aka "L'Altra metà dell'amore" aka "Lost and delirious - Verrückt nach Liebe" (2001) (filmed from
23 May 2000 to 8 July 2000; released to theatres on 6 July 2001)
This is a coming-of-age drama where Jessica's character, "Tori" (Victoria Moller), is one of three
17-year-old girls who attend a private all-girls boarding school. Tori gets involved in a lesbian
romance with one or her two roommates: a girl named Pauline (played by Piper Perabo). Tori's tits
are noticeably larger than Pauline's and we see both girls' pairs at various times but Tori's aren't
shown as extensively as one might want. Roughly 29 minutes into the film is a minute-long lesbian
love scene between Tori and Pauline. They are physically intimate with each other, of course. Tori
has a hand between Pauline's tits and her face on top of Pauline's body while Pauline lies on her
back with her tits exposed. We get to see Tori's breast curves for the first time in the film when they
get into upright seated positions, and Tori's left nipple is fully visible for a brief time. The lighting is
dim but adequate. Tori's left tit (including the whole nipple and areola) is again visible, still in dark
lighting, when she lies on her side next to Pauline after their lovemaking is done. In a later scene,
Tori and Pauline are resting in bed together until some other girls arrive and discover them. Tori's
right breast (including its nipple) is visible while she lies on her back. It's Tori on the left side of the
screen. Pauline and Tori each pull the bed's blanket over their own tits but when Pauline sits up the
blanket falls and both of her tits are exposed while Tori is (for the moment) lying on her back and
covered up. When Tori also sits up her tits remain covered. That's all there is as far as Tori's nudity,
but there's a non-nude sex scene where a boy is standing and simulating intercourse with her while
her back is against a tree and her legs are wrapped around him (only her legs are exposed), and
shortly after that we see the upper half of her breasts' curves (but not the areolas or nipples) while
she takes off her bra and puts on a pink nightshirt. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival
on 21 January 2000.

16 year old Jessica Paré from Canada (born 5 December 1982) in the French-Belgian-Canadian film
"En vacances" aka "Holiday" (2000) (filmed during 1999; released to theatres on 7 June 2000)
This nice-looking actress with reddish-brown hair plays Carole. She has a topless scene where she
unbuttons her shirt in front of a teenaged boy, causing both of her fairly large breasts to be fully in
view from the front. She tells the boy that he may kiss her wherever he wants. He stands up and
kisses her on her lips rather than on her breasts, then sits back down. She asks "Is that all?" and he
moves forward again, hoping to give her another kiss, but this time she says "Too late" and gets into
bed and we see her breasts again briefly.

16 year old Jessica Paré from Canada (born 5 December 1982) in the Canadian-French film
"Stardom" aka "Stardom - Le culte de la célébrité" (2000) (filmed from 14 March 1999 to 6 June
1999; released to theatres on 27 October 2000)
Pretty reddish-brown-haired Jessica plays Tina Menzhal, a Canadian high school hockey player
who becomes a supermodel. Her nudity comes in the form of three continuous segments which are
mostly blue-tinted because they are supposed to represent the videography of a voyeur, though the
voyeur is a guy whom Tina knows -- a photographer who also took nude photos of her aboard a
yacht. The camera is hidden in Tina's hotel room and Tina doesn't know he's recording her. In these
blue-tinted moments, her breasts and bush are always pixelated, but her butt is not. In the first
segment, she's seen from the front as she finishes bathing nude and then stands up and gets out of
the bathtub. In the second segment, she's shown sitting on top of a guy in a riding position while
they are both naked and facing each other. She says "I want to hold you" as she leans forward and is
about to kiss him, but he pushes her back while he says "and I want to see you". The second
segment repeats two more times. In the third segment, we see the reflection of her upper body
(including both breasts, though they're still pixelated) in the mirror as she stands nude in front of the
washroom mirror while she's fixing her hair. Then, after she realises that a camera is watching her
from behind, she turns around and angrily shouts at him "What are you doing? I asked you never to
do this!" as she approaches him and lunges at him while the camera moves. When she's speaking
the view suddenly becomes colour and we briefly see her breasts (and, even more briefly, the upper
part of her bush) unpixelated from the front for about half a second. Later, one of the photographer's
photos, showing Tina lounging topless on the yacht, is shown (pixelated) during an entertainment-
centric television show. The pixelation covering her nudity during this film is unfortunate. The film
debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on 21 May 2000, more than five months before its general

15 year old Diane Lane from the USA (born 22 January 1965) in the Canadian film "Ladies and
Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" aka "All Washed Up" (1981) (filmed in 1980 including during the
Diane's character, a member of a punk rock band, takes off her towel and heads for the shower,
closing the door behind her. She briefly shows nudity from the rear, including all of her butt and the
side of her right breast. Her hair looks kind of brown here. There are also numerous scenes where
Diane wears a see-through red blouse that shows off her breasts. Her fans copy her so there are
many extras who do the same.

17 year old Katerine Mousseau from Canada (born 9 March 1951) in the Canadian film "Le viol
d'une jeune fille douce" aka "The Rape of a Sweet Young Girl" aka "In Trouble" (1968) (released to
theatres on 25 December 1968)
Katerine plays Katerine, of course. She plays a roommate of Julie. Katerine has a scene where she
bares her behind.

(e) Major British films and other films by the actresses in them

16 year old Anicée Alvina from France (born 28 January 1954) in the British film "Friends" aka
"Deux enfants qui s'aiment" aka "Due ragazzi che si amano" aka "Algo más que amigos" aka
"Vänner" aka "Ystävät" (1971) (released to theatres on 24 March 1971)
Anicée is cute and youthful with brown hair and small breasts. She plays the part of a 14-year-old
French girl named Michelle Latour who falls in love with 15-year-old English boy Paul Harrison.
The movie is about how they meet each other at a zoo, run away to an isolated cottage, have sex,
and raise a child together. In her first nude scene, we see her rear as she stands in front of a fire
taking off her bra and taking down her panties. After she's undressed, she turns around and we
briefly see her breasts and bush. Paul is looking at her from an adjacent room. She covers her
bottom with a towel but leaves her breasts exposed and she says, in a laughing way: "Dirty bastard".
Then she turns around again, casts the towel aside, and steps into a bathtub as we see her butt again.
In a tame sex scene, she's in the bedroom in the presence of Paul. She's standing and takes off her
shirt, exposing her breasts and their pointy nipples from the front and side, at first in a relatively
closeup shot and then from farther away (and we see the white panties she's wearing) and then
closer up again. When she takes the panties off too, we don't see her lower nudity. She walks over to
the bed and gets underneath the covers, showing her breasts again from the side and front in the
process. Now the two young lovers are resting next to each other face-up. Next we see an
unhindered view of Michelle's breasts for 17 seconds as she lies sweetly in the bed. During this
time, he lifts his body and stares at her face and asks "Why?". She responds "Because you're
hungry". He then says "Yes, I'm hungry" and gently moves his left hand to cup onto the top of her
right breast. Then we see closeups of their faces, first hers as she offers a sweet smile to him, then
his as he still looks a bit puzzled. Then the camera shot resumes of him cupping her breast, and she
lifts her right hand to touch his head. They kiss and he stops touching her breast, so we briefly see
her right breast and nipple again. In a later scene, the two are outdoors resting body-up on the
ground; both of her breasts are seen while they look at each other and he declares his permanent
love for her. Then she looks into the sky and closes her eyes. A major controversy about the film
was that the plot has Michelle get pregnant and give birth to a baby at such a young age. The next
time Michelle shows bare breasts she's with her baby outdoors. She's wearing an unbuttoned shirt.
Her baby is crying, and we see Michelle's breasts from the front as she lifts the baby out of a crate
and guides it to suckle on her left nipple. Paul looks at her while this happens, and she lifts her head
and smiles at Paul. Her boyfriend Paul, played by Sean Bury, was born on 15 August 1954 and also
under 18. He briefly shows his naked behind when he stands before he gets into bed. The film's
soundtrack was performed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

16 year old Anicée Alvina from France (born 28 January 1954) in the French-British film "Paul and
Michelle" aka "Paul et Michelle" aka "Paul E Michelle" aka "Paul und Michelle" (1974) (released
to theatres on 16 March 1974)
Includes some flashbacks to her nudity in "Friends".

15 year old Dira Paes aka Ecleitira Paes from Brazil (born 30 June 1969) in the British film "The
Emerald Forest" aka "Het smaragden woud" aka "Der Smaragdwald" aka "Amazonas
smaragdskogen" aka "Smaragdenio dasos" aka "Smaragdimetsä" aka "Szmaragdowy las" aka
"Zümrüt ormani" aka "La foresta di smeraldo" aka "La selva esmeralda" aka "A Floresta
Esmeralda" aka "La Forêt d'émeraude" (1985) (filmed during the summer and autumn of 1984;
released to theatres on 26 June 1985)
In this environmentally-themed film which takes place in the Brazilian rain forest, the gorgeous
Dira Paes plays Kachiri, the native Indian wife of Tommy, a white American boy who had been
kidnapped many years earlier by her tribe ("the Invisible People"), who adopted and raised him.
Kachiri is just one of several cute topless brown-skinned teens, who also show their bare butts since
all they wear is a leather thong with a flap to cover their pubic region. Two others are Isabel Bicudo
and Patricia Prisco, who play her cousins. The girls often bathe themselves in pools under a
waterfall. Beautiful scenery with beautiful girls! The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in
May 1985.

16 year old Jenny Agutter from England (born 20 December 1952) in the British film "Walkabout"
aka "Erämaan vangit" aka "L'inizio del cammino" aka "Mannaprovet" aka "La Randonnée" aka
"Der Traum vom Leben" (1971) (filmed in late 1968 and early 1969; released to theatres on 15 June
Brunette Jenny plays a teenage girl (named Mary in the book on which this film is based) who's
stranded with her younger (preteen) brother in the Australian outback when their father kills himself
unexpectedly. Fortunately for them, they meet an Aborigine teenage boy during his coming-of-age
walkabout, and his hunting and searching skills help them find food and water. Jenny has several
topless and nude scenes in the uncut release, which had been cut from the original American
theatrical release. She has extensive nudity in a swimming scene lasting about 3 minutes, backed by
gorgeous instrumental music by John Barry, but unfortunately it's intercut with distracting scenes of
the Aborigine fishing and kangaroo-hunting. Her body is obviously partially underwater during
most of this, but her butt is frequently seen above water, especially when she leaps in and out, and
her breasts and brown pubic hair are visible at times just under the surface. There is even a quick
hint of her vagina when her legs part while she swims. In the middle of the scene, she stands in the
water for about 6 seconds during which her body is seen from the side, front, and back as she dries
off her hair a bit and looks around. This part is shot from somewhat of a distance. Then we see her
swimming once more. Later, during five brief sequences lasting about 4, 2, 3, 2, and 2 seconds
respectively, she wades face-up and her breasts and bush can be seen just below the surface of the
water. The next time we see her, she's finishing putting on her skirt and is topless as she puts on her
shirt. Later in the film there's a scene where she has washed and is about to get dressed. She's seen
topless from the front when the Aboriginal boy suddenly appears wearing a mask. She tries to get
away from him and retreats to a corner where she can put on her shirt. Her final nude scene comes
at the end of the film. She is married and reminiscing about her experiences in the outback. We see
her sitting naked next to her brother on an island. The side view of her bronzed body is visible, then
she gets up and we see her left breast, and after she's standing her head is cut off by the frame but
we see both her breasts and her bush simultaneously for only a second as she runs back into the
water, followed by her brother and the Aborigine who are also both naked. Then we see the
Aborigine pulling Jenny out of the water onto a rock at the edge, and her butt and the side of her
right breast are visible then. Her age having been 16 at the time of filming the nude scenes is
confirmed by Jenny's commentary on the Criterion DVD release of the film, where she says she
missed her O-Level examinations since she was away from the UK (O-Level testing occurs at age
16) and says she was offered the role at 14 but had to wait until she was 16 to be allowed to be
filmed naked under the British law of the time. She has also stated in an interview that by being
away she missed some of her Spring 1969 semester at school, and not only the examinations. By the
way, the naked Aborigine boy, David Gulpilil, was born on 1 July 1953 and thus was also underage.
There are also some naked young Aborigine children. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival
in May 1971.

15 year old Keira Knightley from England (born 22 March 1985) in the British film "The Hole" aka
"Atrapados" aka "The hole - En lo profundo" aka "O Buraco" aka "Le Refuge" aka "Bunkier" aka
"Yama" aka "Surmanloukku" (2001) (filmed from 2 July 2000 to 9 November 2000; released to
theatres on 20 April 2001)
Keira is thin with small breasts. In one scene she's with two guys who start groping her and want to
have sex with her. But instead of doing that, she walks away and then turns around to flash her
breasts very briefly after she's pulled down her bra. Later in the film she's shown topless as she lies
dead on a table in a morgue. Keira went on the record with Showbiz Spy's Owen Williams as saying
"I don't have a problem" with showing her breasts in her films, and that "it was quite liberating"
when she went topless in the 2005 film "Domino", but prefers to use body doubles for lower nudity.

17 year old Linda Hayden from England (born 19 January 1953) in the British film "Blood on
Satan's Claw" aka "The Blood on Satan's Claw" aka "Satan's Skin" aka "La pelle di Satana" aka "In
den Krallen des Hexenjägers" (1970) (filmed during 1970 beginning on 1 April 1970; copyright
date 1970; released to theatres in December 1970)
Linda plays Angel Blake. Indoors, she unlaces a white nightgown and drops it to the floor while the
priest watches her from a distance. We see both her breasts and her thick dark bush. She asks him
"Do you like what you see?" He feels uncomfortable. We then see a close-up view of her upper
body as she asks "Do you like me, sir?" He admits "You are beautiful, Angel". She walks fully nude
as she approaches him. She wants him to play "games" with her and others, but he asks her to cover
up and then to "get away!" Her nudity was cut from several American releases.

15 year old Linda Hayden from England (born 19 January 1953) in the British film "Baby Love"
aka "Amor Perigoso" aka "Amor de Menina" aka "La pelle giovane" aka "Piel joven" aka "To
Nymfidio tis amartias" (1968) (filmed during first half of 1968; released to theatres in September
Her character is Luci Thompson. In the first scene, her brother sneaks into her room while she's
standing nude. We see the full length of her body nude from the rear for about ten seconds. Later,
she's bathing in the tub, and we see her breasts reflected in the mirror along the far wall. In another
scene, she gets upset with her father while lying under the covers, and she throws a pillow at him
while he leaves, and her right breast pops out for an instant. When she sunbathes with her brother
whom she has been teasing the whole time, she takes off her top while lying down, face-up, so we
can see her breasts for a number of seconds; they are rather flat in this position. In her final nude
scene, she is in the yard wrapped in a towel and has a fight with her father where both of her breasts
pop out.

15 year old Linda Regan from England (born 5 November 1959 - not 5 May 1959 as sometimes
claimed) in the British film "Confessions of a Pop Performer" aka "Confesiones de un cantante
Pop" aka "Raka Rör i Popsvängen" aka "Wyznania artysty" aka "Sekoilua estradilla" (1975)
(released to theatres in July 1975)
Her character is named Brenda Climax. In a scene near the end of the film, Linda is on stage when
her dress is ripped from her body by a woman in the midst of a fight with another band. Her full
buttocks are shown as well as the side of her right breast while she tries to escape. Her left breast is
visible from the side in a few frames. (A member of our research team is not sure Linda was not
body-doubled in this scene, since she keeps her back to the camera while she is holding onto Robin
Askwith, and the way the scene is filmed makes that researcher think it could be a body double.
Maybe they are just trying to be discreet, but there isn't a continuous shot where we see both Linda's
face and one of her breasts. Nevertheless, we have no proof that a body double was used so we're
tentatively keeping this entry.)

13/14 year old Linda Regan from England (born 5 November 1959 - not 5 May 1959 as sometimes
claimed) in the British film "Keep It Up, Jack" aka "Auntie" aka "Verrücktes Freudenhaus" aka
"Garde-la bien haute !" aka "Tieni Duro Jack!" (1973/1974)
In this film about a brothel, Linda plays a teenaged prostitute named Gloria who dresses up like a
baby for fetishists. She is a cute blond with an intentionally squeaky voice who has a huge lollipop
and other childish props. Her first nudity comes when she's kneeling in her crib. She has a large
bow in her hair. The lead character, Jack James, enters the room in the guise of an old German
customer. She peers at him through the bars of her crib and we see one breast. She has B-cup
breasts with very light pink areolas, like a lot of fair-skinned younger girls. Her nice bare behind is
seen when Jack applies talcum powder to it. She turns over and briefly shows both of her breasts
while she invitingly coos the word "Cuddle". The camera starts to pan downward and cuts before
we can see pubic hair. In a later scene taking place in the garden, she's conversing with the other
girls while they are all sunbathing, and she's topless and the side of her right breast is visible, as is
her butt.

16/17 year old twins Mary and Madeleine Collinson from Malta and England (born 22 July 1952)
in the British film "Some Like It Sexy" aka "Come Back Peter" aka "Gyrna piso, Peter" aka "Diario
intimo di un garzone di macelleria" aka "Flesh and Love - die hungrigen Mädchen" (1969) (filmed
during 1969)
These identical twins are nice curvy girls with ample breasts that they display continuously during
this sex scene lasting over 6 minutes. The twins are in the company of a young man named Peter.
Madeleine takes down her black top and shows him her tits and claims she's better looking than her
sister. Then Mary likewise takes down the top of her white dress. Soon they both take their dresses
all the way off, leaving only their panties on. The topless girls start to fight with each other over
him, but he soon breaks it up. The two girls next start stripping Peter's clothes off even though he
tells them "Don't rush me!". He stands up and tries to convince them to stop, but they pursue him
till he falls on the bed in the next room. The girls giggle incessantly, strip off the rest of his clothes,
and then start kissing him. He makes the weird remark "Oh, help, help, this is rape!" One of the
girls asks "Are you complaining?" and he says "No". The girls continue kissing and caressing him,
and then he starts kissing the naked body of the twin on the right, including her breasts. But
suddenly the twins start kissing each other and ignoring him. He protests, gets dressed, and leaves
the room. Much to our delight, the girls continue kissing and caressing each other, and we see their
bare buttocks. The twin on the left gently touches her hand on the other twin's breast. The twin on
the right touches her hand over her sister's pubic region; while this happens, the twin on the right
shows her hairy pubic triangle. The twin on the right kisses the left twin's right breast as the left
twin breathes heavily. The camera next briefly shows a good view of the bush of the left twin. The
kissing and touching goes on. The right twin kisses the side of the left twin's body and we see the
left twin's bush again.

17 year old Susan George from England (born 26 July 1950) in the British film "The Strange
Affair" aka "Chantage à la drogue" aka "Al otro lado de la ley" aka "Uno sporco imbroglio" aka
"Konstapel Strange" aka "Paljastavat valokuvat" aka "Skandal bei Scotland Yard" (1968) (filmed
during 1967; released to theatres on 24 July 1968)
The exceptionally cute and youthful blonde Susan played Fredericka ("Fred") March, a 15-year-old
girl who starts dating an adult police officer, Peter Strange, after she insists on it and he agrees, even
though she won't reach the age of consent for several more weeks. According to the plot, the two
have a sexual liaison, and her uncle and aunt (underground pornographers) film them in the act, and
Detective Pierce finds out about his relationship with an underage girl. In her first skinematic
moment she flashes her right breast at Peter but we don't get to see the nipple. Her best nudity
comes in a scene where she starts off by stripping her clothes off until she's wearing only panties
and a bra. She's in the same room with Peter. She's fully nude once she takes her bra off, and we see
her bum and the side of her left breast while she jumps into a bathtub. She provides more breast
(left and right) and bum exposure while in the tub with Peter and later when she climbs out of the
tub all wet and is playfully chased by him. She's believable as a 15-year-old even at 17.

16 year old Tamsin Egerton from England (born 26 November 1988) in the British film "Keeping
Mum" aka "Mord im Pfarrhaus" aka "Secrets de famille" aka "Secretos de Familia" aka "Uma
Família dos Diabos" aka "La famiglia omicidi" aka "O dadaca plina de surprize" aka "Az
eltakarítóno" aka "Univerzalni uklizecka" aka "Wszystko zostaje w rodzinie" aka "Molchi v
tryapochku" aka "Mi To Peis... Oyte Toy Papa" (2005) (filmed during 2005 beginning in January;
released to theatres on 2 December 2005)
Tamsin plays Holly Goodfellow, a 17-year-old being stalked by someone who films her undressing
by a window. In that scene, her breasts are visible. Earlier in the film, Holly is having sex with her
boyfriend Mark; when her mother forces open the door of the vehicle they're in we very briefly see
her topless before the mother closes the door. Her mother complains "Holly, this is totally
unacceptable", to which she replies "I'm 17 and legal for a year", after which the mother says
"Legal does not make it decent." When Holly gets out of the vehicle shortly thereafter, she has a
shirt on.

(f) Girls in the top pioneering series about sexuality, Inga and Emmanuelle

17 year old Marie Liljedahl from Sweden (born 15 February 1950) in the Swedish film "Jag - en
oskuld" aka "Inga" aka "Inga Io Ho Voglia..." (1968) (filmed during 1967; released to theatres on 29
April 1968)
This is a black-and-white production in which luscious and cute Marie played the part of 17-year-
old Inga Frilund (It's always wonderful when an actress is the exact same age as the character she
plays, isn't it?). Inga begins the film as a virgin who comes to live with her Aunt Greta. (The
Swedish title means "I, a Virgin".) Guys of many ages start noticing her sensual charms, and she
begins to have a sexual awakening. When she first meets Greta's 24-year-old boyfriend Karl Nistad,
Karl sees what Inga's reading and replies: "Strinberg's plays... Isn't that heavy going for a 16 year
old?" Inga considers this an insult, and corrects him by revealing her true age: "17 years old". Inga
is nude several times. When Greta is getting a massage, Inga is seen in the background with a
partial view of her breasts and the edge of her naked body. When Greta calls her over, she covers
her bush by a towel as she walks over. Then, when she walks away, we see her lovely butt. In Inga's
delightful shower scene, after she climbs into the shower and closes the shower door, we see her a
distorted view of her body through the patterned glass. Not long after, she's drying up and combing
her hair, and her breasts and nipples become visible from the front when her towel falls down,
though steam soon obscures the view. Later, Inga hears Karl blowing his car horn outside. She
decides to leave the curtain open and undress by the window where Karl can see her. She takes off
her dress, then her white bra, and we see her breasts from the front from a camera located in the
room. Then she turns towards the window and her breasts are visible from outdoors. The camera in
the room returns to view as she takes her panties down her leg, allowing us to see her butt. She puts
on a nightgown and starts feeling her skin. She's feeling really hot now so she turns off the light in
her room and keeps touching her body as she reclines on her bed. She touches her breasts and learns
how to masturbate herself to orgasm (neither act is shown explicitly). Aunt Greta gives her niece
some good advice that all high-schoolers should be taught: "Inga, it's natural for a woman to want
men to touch her, to need sex." But Inga takes this advice in an interesting direction: She ends up
having sex with Greta's Karl! At the end of the film Inga meets up with Karl and has a sweet sex
scene in which she experiences oral sex and sexual intercourse for the first time. While not
explicitly shown in the film, during her two sexual scenes Liljedahl actually masturbated and
actually had sex with Casten Lassen, the young actor playing Karl. Her sex scene with Karl is
lengthy (3 minutes between Inga walking into the room and the end of what's shown of the two
having sex) and we see her breasts extensively and we see the two kiss each other. We also see Karl
kiss down her body and we watch her face in ecstasy as he kisses the lower parts of her body. Then
we see the side of her body being caressed by him. When he's on top penetrating her, we see only
their upper bodies. Reviewers often refer to Liljedahl as being gorgeous. The DVD box calls it:
"The box-office smash that changed erotic cinema... forever!"

16/17 year old Catherine Rivet from France (born 1958) in the French film "Emmanuelle 2: The
Joys of a Woman" aka "Emmanuelle L'Antivierge" aka "Emmanuelle l'antivergine" aka
"Emmanuelle 'la antivirgen'" aka "Emanuela 2: Garten der Liebe" (1975) (released to theatres on 10
November 1975)
Combine an attractive and youthful blue-eyed girl with reddish-blonde hair like Catherine with the
intensity of sexual energy displayed in the film's nude and sex scenes and you get a powerfully
erotic film, at least in its uncut original version. Catherine has light-coloured eyebrows and
relatively small but alluring breasts with very light pink areola. She plays Anna-Maria, a young girl
who meets the film's protagonist, Emmanuelle. The first nude scene that includes Anna-Maria takes
place in a massage parlor, where both the customers and the masseuses get totally naked! Anna-
Maria is accompanied by Emmanuelle and her husband. The three are washed and soaped up and
then rinsed. We see Anna-Maria's butt close-up during the rinse-off. The brown-skinned Asian
masseuses rub their bodies over the three, making sure to massage both their front and back sides.
We see a totally naked Anna-Maria getting her breasts massaged by a masseuse's breasts in a
particularly memorable moment. There's a threesome at the end of the movie involving Anna-
Maria, Emmanuelle, and Emmanuelle's husband. Emmanuelle pulls down Anna-Maria's panties to
reveal her ass, which Emmanuelle and her husband massage. Then the guy unties Anna-Maria's top,
so that her breasts hang down towards Emmanuelle's face, while he has sex with her from behind.
Later, he places his hands on her body, strokes her left breast, and moves towards her pubic region,
firmly stroking her privates, after which Emmanuelle moves her head towards Anna-Maria's light
brown pubic hair and gives simulated cunnilingus. We see Emmanuelle get her mouth deep inside
Anna-Maria's pussy and then the camera shifts to showing Anna-Maria's face as she moves her head
from side to side in ecstasy. At the conclusion of this scene, the man has sex with her in missionary
position. "Emmanuelle 2", like the first "Emmanuelle", was a trend-setting film in the world of soft-
core erotica.

17 year old Christine Boisson from France (born 8 April 1956) in the French film "Emmanuelle"
aka "Hisli duygular" aka "Lecciones privadas" aka "Prva Prava Emanuela" (1974) (filmed
beginning in 1973; released to theatres on 26 June 1974)
Boisson plays Marie-Ange. She is full-frontal when she goes to dive into the pool, and her butt and
right breast are visible in the water. She also has a scene where she's topless while talking with
Emmanuelle about sex, and the two start touching themselves; Marie-Ange does it underneath her
jeans shorts. The masturbation scene is long and hot even with her unzipped shorts covering the
serious action. The film "Emmanuelle" was first evaluated by France's censorship commission in
April 1974, at which time they said it needed cuts, but after Michel Guy succeeded Maurice Druon
as the Minister of Culture there was less censorship of adult-oriented films. In the 2005 book
"Pleins feux sur... Emmanuelle" by Marc Godin, it is claimed on page 58 that Christine Boisson was
born in 1958 and that she was 15 when she played Marie-Ange. In the same book, on pages 77-78,
Boisson is quoted as claiming she was 15 at the time, and that her parents were required to sign a
release since she was a minor. We are not sure if Boisson is telling the truth about her age. Boisson
was interviewed for the television show "Cine regards", broadcast on FR3 on 21 February 1981,
and the voiceover claimed that she was 23 at that time and that she had been 15 when she acted in
"Emmanuelle"; if that's true, she had to have been born in either 1957 or 1958. Her age is widely
considered to have been 17 rather than 15, and a 1956 birthdate would be consistent with the
statement in a 1980 Variety review of her film "Extérieur nuit" (released September 1980 but filmed
in 1979) that she was 23 in that, while 1958 would be impossible. A member of our research team
contacted Boisson's agent, Cyril Cannizzo of Agent Agitateur, and he said that 8 April 1956 is her
correct birthdate. In Godin's book Boisson said that after "Emmanuelle" she tried to escape being
typecast a "young nude actress" by taking acting lessons to play more complex roles in theatres and
in movies.

16/17 year old Christine Boisson from France (born 8 April 1956) in the French film "Le Mouton
enragé" aka "Love at the Top" aka "Il Montone infuriato" aka "The Enraged Sheep" aka "The
French Way Is" (1974) (filmed in 1973; released to theatres on 13 March 1974)
In an uncredited role, playing Zouzou, the young lover of one of the women in the film, she's fully
nude -- with her breasts, butt, and bush on display in excellent lighting -- when she hurries down the
stairs to where her lover and a man are sitting, receives a brief touch from her girlfriend, picks up a
white hairbrush, and runs back up. Page 70 in volume 5, number 7 (1992) of Celebrity Sleuth
magazine claims that Christine was 16 when this scene was filmed. This is possible, if she was truly
born in 1956, since the filming of other scenes apparently took place in the early spring of 1973,
that is March and April, and she turned 17 on the 8th of April. Also, Christine looks about a year
younger in this film than in "Emmanuelle". It was her first film. But if she was born in 1958 she
was either 14 or 15.

(g) Girls in films by Catherine Breillat

16 year old Delphine Zentout from France (born 1971 - not 1972, 1973, or 1974 as some claim) in
the French film "36 Fillette" aka "Vergine taglia 36" aka "Hán bao dài fàng" aka "Lolita '90" (1988)
(filmed in 1987; released to theatres on 23 March 1988)
In this film by controversial producer Catherine Breillat, curvy young brunette Delphine Zentout
plays 14 year old Lili, a girl with large breasts who experiences a sexual awakening after she meets
an older man whom she tries to seduce. She has a sexually-charged scene with this older man in
which they're in bed together. He takes down her panties to expose her dark bush while they kiss,
and he unbuttons her black top and admires the cleavage surrounding her white bra. He moves
down the bra from over her right breast and caresses with his hands around the nipple by moving
his hands up and down it several times. Next the camera shows her head under the pillow and her
left breast is exposed to us. Then the camera shows a side view of the two in the bed naked as he
takes off her panties with his foot whilst stroking her crotch with his right hand. Next, the camera
shows a close-up of her face again along with her left breast and she smiles, then covers her face
with her dark hair. Later, after he leaves to have sex with another woman instead of fucking Lili,
she's seen topless crying in the bed. Still later, a woman walks in and Lili gets out of bed while
getting dressed, and her breasts and her entire butt are shown. The woman asks her how old she is
and she answers that she's 14. In another scene, Lili's body and a younger male lover's body are
covered by a sheet, though part of her breast is visible. They simulate having sex and he says "I'm
coming!". Then we see her breasts as she gets up off the pillow. Reliable sources say that Delphine
was 16 when she played this role; for example, it is stated in Annette Insdorf's piece "'36 Fillette'
Eyes The Teen-Age Temptress" in the New York Times on 1 January 1989.

13 year old Anaïs Reboux from France (born 1987) in the French film "À ma soeur!" aka "A mia
sorella!" aka "Fat Girl" aka "For My Sister" (2001) (filmed during 2000; released to theatres on 7
March 2001)
Reliable sources state that the director, Catherine Breillat, cast her when she was 13, and she does
look that age. But her on-screen character is a 12-year-old named Anaïs Pingot. She's overweight
and not attractive. Anaïs and her 15-year-old sister Elena (played by 18-year-old Roxane Mesquida)
are holidaying in a resort town along with their parents. The girls have different opinions when it
comes to losing their virginity: Anaïs wants to give her virginity to a stranger to get it over with,
whereas Elena wants to find a true love to give her all to. There's a scene where Anaïs looks at her
breasts in the mirror. She does have real breasts already, and does not look like a prepubescent.
Anaïs is also in a horrific rape scene. After a man murders her sister Elena and her mother, he brings
Anaïs into a wooded area and rapes her. Anaïs's breasts are visible during the scene, but there the
sex is not graphically shown, nor is the rest of her body shown in the nude.

(h) Girls in films by David Hamilton

15 year old Anja Schüte from West Germany (born 2 September 1964) in the French film "Tender
Cousins" aka "Tendres Cousines" aka "Zärtliche Cousinen" aka "Tiernas Primas" aka "Cousins in
Love" (1980)
Anja is a thin, attractive girl with light brown hair, playing the role of Julia. This David Hamilton
film has a definite sexual theme and is one of the proofs that Hamilton's work has always had a
sexual component. Her first nude scene shows her unclothed backside being washed by a lady, and
a brief look at her bush and breasts from the side when she leans over. In her second nude scene,
Julia is resting naked in a grassy field, her breasts in full view, but her pubic hair partially obscured
by grass. An older man by a tree is admiring her at this moment. At the same time as Julia is being
pursued by an older man, she's also being sought after by her male cousin Julien, who's also a
young teen. At the end of the film, Julien finally gets to enjoy her pleasures, indoors. He opens her
shirt and touches her breasts. She says "I'm scared". Then they kiss and make out. Later they're
outside and both fully nude, but obscured by grass. Her breasts are, however, visible once more.

17 year old Emmanuelle Béart from France (born 14 August 1965) in the French film "Premiers
désirs" aka "Primeros deseos" aka "Erste Sehnsucht" aka "Olet kohta nainen" aka "First Desires"
(1983) (released to theatres on 16 November 1983)
A David Hamilton film in which Emmanuelle plays Hélène. She has small breasts but a fairly large
ass. She is totally nude many times. For instance she's naked lying down on a blanket at the beach,
after which she runs into the water and she and her friend splash around. There is also a scene
where she stands in front of a mirror and looks at her nude body. She physically explores her body
by touching her breasts and then moving her hands down to her pubic region, which she soon
covers. We see her breasts and butt for an extended period but only briefly her bush.

17 year old Monica Broeke in the French film "Premiers désirs" aka "Primeros deseos" aka "Erste
Sehnsucht" aka "Olet kohta nainen" aka "First Desires" (1983) (released to theatres on 16
November 1983)
Blonde-haired Monica plays Caroline, a girl who gets stranded on an island with two other girls.
She is nude many times in the film, including when she admires herself in the mirror, when she
takes a shower, and when she's on the beach. She is also shown in bed with Jordan, an older man
who's married, and her breasts and legs are seen while his head lies over her pubic area. The fact
that Monica was 17 at the time is noted in the German "Cinema" magazine #62 (July 1983).

Various adolescent teens in the French-Italian film "Bilitis" aka "Bilitis - tyttö ja unelma" (1977)
(filmed in 1976; released to theatres on 16 March 1977)
In this David Hamilton film made in France, there's a scene where various teens take off their
dresses and stand nude and then run into the water where they splash around. Their names are
Sabine Froutè, Juliette, Margot, Mirella, Catherine, Gunilla Astrom, Helle, and Isabelle.

Various adolescent teens in the French-West German film "Un été à Saint-Tropez" aka "Ein
Sommer in St. Tropez" aka "A Summer in St. Tropez" (1984)
In this film by David Hamilton there are 8 nude teens, and some of them look under 16 and display
full frontal nudity. They live together in a house in southern France. There is some lesbian sexuality
here, such as a scene where one naked teen touches the breast of another naked teen.

15/16 year old Dawn Dunlap from the USA (born 1962) and various other adolescent teens in the
French film "Laura" aka "Laura, les ombres de l'été" aka "Laura, las sombras del verano" aka
"Laura, Shadows of Summer" aka "Shattered Innocence" aka "Die Geschichte der Laura M." aka
"Laura, primizie d'amore" aka "Laura, senke jednog leta" aka "Seul-peun Laura" (1979) (released to
theatres on 28 November 1979)
This is another David Hamilton film with an openly sexual theme. Dawn plays the lead character,
Laura, and is thin and youthful. Laura is said to be 15 in many releases, but the back cover of the
American VHS box says she's a "16 yr. old". She attends regular ballet lessons with many other
young girls. Early in the film is a scene where Laura and the other girls take off their ballet clothing
and go into the shower room to wash each other. They are shown nude from the front and rear. The
girls display a lot of joy and laughter. Laura is the daughter of Sarah, who once had a relationship
with a sculptor named Paul. One day Paul meets Sarah again after many years, and Paul, who is
now 40, finds himself attracted to her daughter Laura, who looks much like Sarah did when Paul
and Sarah had been dating. Paul comes up with the idea of creating a nude sculpture of Laura.
While Laura wants to pose nude in the presence of Paul, Sarah is against the idea, because she's
jealous of his attention towards her daughter. So instead of that, Sarah takes photos of Laura so that
a distance between Paul and Laura is preserved -- at least temporarily. In one scene, Laura has just
washed up and is now drying herself. The camera pans close-up down the side of her body and then
shows her butt in close-up. Her mother says to Laura: "A young girl is becoming a very beautiful
woman." Laura soon asks: "Is it fun being a woman?" The woman says "Give me a kiss" and
dresses Laura. There are also scenes of Laura twirling about as she's photographed nude from all
angles by her mother. The photos are given to Paul, who starts work on the sculpture based on them.
But disaster strikes Paul when he attends an art exhibit and a fire erupts, causing Paul to go blind.
At first this seems to prevent him from finishing his sculpture of Laura, but when Laura goes to
visit him, Paul decides to finish the replica of her body by feeling her nude body all over. In the sex
scene near the end of the film, she's with a much older man and viewers see her face and breasts,
and hear the pleasure in her voice, as she is given oral attention by the man. The next morning, it's
time to go back home with her mother, and we see her walk nude into a room, first a side view, then
a rear view, and she begins to dress. This was filmed in southern France.

(i) The Schoolgirl Report series

16 year old Jutta Speidel from West Germany (born 26 March 1954) in the West German film
"Schulmädchen-Report 1: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten" aka "Schoolgirl Report Volume #1:
What Parents Don't Think Is Possible" aka "Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl" (1970) (released to
theatres on 23 October 1970)
Jutta plays 16-year-old Heike W. One day she goes to church with a friend. Both of them are
interested in seducing a priest. Just prior to her Confession with the priest, Jutta shows her right
breast outdoors while changing from a miniskirt into even more sexy clothing in the hopes of
getting the priest interested in her.

15 year old Sandra Kruger in the West German film "Schulmädchen-Report 1: Was Eltern nicht für
möglich halten" aka "Schoolgirl Report Volume #1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible" aka
"Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl" (1970) (released to theatres on 23 October 1970)
Sandra plays 15-year-old Elisabeth H. and does look about 15. She has a hot masturbation scene.
She's in her bedroom along with her little blonde sister because both of their beds are in the same
room. The younger one, whose bed is against the other wall, is either asleep or pretending to be
asleep at first; her eyes are closed but she does have a slight smile on her face. Elisabeth starts out
in bed but soon turns on the light, stands up, walks over to a mirror, and takes off her nightgown,
showing us her butt, her fairly flat breasts (though they have prominent, puffy areolas), and her
thick bush. She looks at herself in a full-length mirror and touches her breasts and then her bush.
Then she returns to her bed and lies on her back, and we briefly get a brief view of her entire bush
while she's settling in. She stares at the animal toys in her room and soon thinks about two horses
having sex. After another close-up of her face, the shot shifts to a beautiful side-on view of almost
her entire body. The camera is located about even with her chest. She starts wandering her hands
around her smooth legs and next directly over the top of her bush. That vantage point lasts roughly
11 seconds until the image shifts back to her face. We see her move her face to and fro as she begins
to experience great pleasure because she reached her hand between her legs and found her clitoris.
Now her little sister is awakened, opens her eyes, and flips over. From this point on we believe that
she's listening and even watching. Sandra is starting to breathe heavier now. For about two seconds
we get treated to a fantastic close-up, again from the side, of Sandra masturbating her pussy, with
some of her bush visible as well as her upper legs. She's rapidly moving her fingers against her clit.
After a brief look at her face, the shot changes back to the view that displays most of her body and it
stays for about 4 seconds. After a second's worth break (another close-up of her face), this full-body
shot returns for an additional 4 seconds, during which her breathing gets very intense as she
continues to finger herself up and down. There is no further nudity from her beyond this point, just
more looking at her face as she keeps up the heavy breathing. But then she opens her eyes and is
frightened that her mother has entered the room and discovered what she's doing. The mother is
angry and this makes Sandra cry. This is a spectacular scene due to its explicitness and honesty
since we do see her hand against her pubis and hair and she does react to the self-stimulation as a
normal teenaged girl would. Because of the angle of the shot, her thigh hides the exact position of
her fingertips, but it looks very realistic. The best thing to do while watching a masturbation scene
of this kind is to masturbate yourself. A short excerpt from this scene -- about 5 seconds -- is reused
in most of the later "Schulmädchen-Report" films during the intro or other segments.

Unknown 16 year old girl in the West German film "Schulmädchen-Report 1: Was Eltern nicht für
möglich halten" aka "Schoolgirl Report Volume #1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible" aka
"Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl" (1970) (released to theatres on 23 October 1970)
A nice looking girl with long, straight dark brown hair plays 16-year-old Evelyne B. She goes
shopping with her friend Elisabeth H. Evelyne goes into a changing room to try on a white fishnet
one-piece swimsuit. She takes off her hat and belt, then strips to just her panties. She's facing the
camera, so at times we see both of her breasts and the rest of the front of her youthful body very
well. One or both breasts are exposed for a total of about 15 seconds. Then she has the swimsuit on,
and her nipples can be seen through them. She walks out of the changing room and sits down to talk
with Elisabeth for a minute or so.

Unknown 16 year old girl in the West German film "Schulmädchen-Report 2: Was Eltern den
Schlaf raubt" aka "Der Neue Schulmädchenreport" aka "Las Colegialas se confiesan (2° parte)" aka
"Schoolgirl Report Volume #2: What Keeps Parents Awake At Night" (1971) (released to theatres
on 26 August 1971)
A very beautiful girl with reddish-brown hair plays the part of 16-year-old Margot, and she does
look 16. She has a scene in which she poses for a photographer. First, she stands and takes off her
dress to pose with her nice round breasts exposed. The photographer asks her to take off her yellow
panties, too, and she does so, showing her reddish bush from the front, and the camera pans up her
body, starting from her sexy tall white boots. She poses in several more positions and the poses
include both front and rear nudity. Later, her nude photographs get published in a magazine, and her
teacher sees a copy of it.

Unknown adolescent girl in the West German film "Schulmädchen-Report 3: Was Eltern nicht mal
ahnen" aka "Schoolgirls Growing Up" aka "Schoolgirl Report Volume #3: What Parents Find
Unthinkable" (1972) (released to theatres on 17 February 1972)
A red-haired teen (perhaps 16, or maybe older than that, but playing a 14-year-old character)
masturbates or explores herself in bed, and her breasts visible at that time. After that she has a
second nude scene with an 11-year-old prepubescent boy (her cousin Kort). She walks in on him as
he's showering nude. He gets out of the shower and puts on his underpants and trousers. He
playfully chases her into another room. When he catches up with her, she falls into a bed, and he
touches her crotch area outside her panties. After he lets go, we see her sitting with her skirt raised
up and her panties still exposed. She stands up and takes off her shirt, and since she's not wearing a
bra, both of her attractive large round breasts are exposed. He takes off his trousers and then his
underpants. She takes off her skirt and then her panties, and we see her well-grown bush. Now they
are both fully nude and inspect each other's nudity from afar. Then she goes to sit on the bed and we
see her frontal nudity as she sits and continues to chat with him. Then he walks towards her and we
see her rear and side nudity when she stands up, then she sits down again. An old man walks past
the room and notices them and that they're nude and he gets angry and slaps them both.

13 year old Katja Bienert from West Germany (born 1 September 1966) in the West German film
"Schulmädchen-Report 13: Vergiß beim Sex die Liebe nicht" aka "Sweet Young Trouble" aka
"Report de colegialas No. 13: Colegialas en una voragine de sexualidad" (1980) during the episode
"Der schwarze Slip" ("The Black Slip") (released to theatres on 14 August 1980)
Katja is black-haired, tall, and tanned and her character is 16-year-old Irina. She tries to steal a pair
of black panties from a clothing store. The man who owns the store almost calls the police on her,
but then she somehow convinces him not to, and he asks her to put on the panties. She sees him
again and then returns to his place later. This time he asks to see her while she's wearing the panties,
which she already has on. At this moment she's also wearing a white top and skirt. Then he has her
fully undress as she stands in front of him. First she takes off her top. He responds by saying
"Beautiful". Then he draws her towards him and he slowly takes off her panties. Her dark pubic hair
becomes visible. Then he touches her breasts and gets on top of her and kisses her while she futilely
resists, and then she cries. In her second nude scene, she's with her boyfriend, who touches her
breasts while she's standing. He takes off her top first, and brings her over to a sofa, and then he
takes off her shoes. Next, she herself takes off her bottom and then her panties. We see a frontal
view of her pubic hair while she's standing. Then while he undresses himself, she gets back in the
sofa. He approaches her and lays on top of her. At first she enjoys this, but soon she says loudly
"No!" and pushes him off. Incidentally, posters made in 1980 to advertise this film show Katja
topless. Katja told Mike Haberfelner in an interview published in November 2008 at
http://www.searchmytrash.com/cgi-bin/articlecreditsb.pl?katjabienert(11-08) "This was an
outstanding experience... I enjoyed working with the production and playing a Greek schoolgirl
with a religious background and her own thoughts on strict virginity was fun."

(j) Other films

16-17 year old Agnès Soral from France (born 8 June 1960) in the French film "Un moment
d'égarement" aka "One Wild Moment" (1977) (released to theatres on 21 December 1977)
Brunette Agnès has small breasts and plays Françoise. Divorced 44-year-old father Pierre and his
teenage daughter Martine travel to the Côte d'Azur in southeastern France along with his friend
Jacques and Jacques' teenage daughter Françoise. A love affair ensues between Françoise and Pierre
after Françoise plays with Pierre at a nighttime party and soon falls deeply in love with him. First
Françoise is seen walking topless on a beach while wearing small bikini bottoms. Then they lie
down on the beach and start making out. Right after that there's a show where she heads into the
surf totally nude from a rear view and we see her butt. In another scene, she again shows her breasts
while she's in bed with Pierre and as she stands up to get dressed. Later comes another beach scene
(this time at daytime) where she's topless, wearing very small bikini bottoms once more, as she's
spending time with Pierre. This film inspired the creation of "Blame it on Rio".

15 year old Agnieszka Wlodarczyk from Poland (born 13 December 1980) in the Polish film "Sara"
aka "Das Mädchen und der Bodyguard" (1997) (filmed during 1996; released to theatres on 23 May
Agnieszka is an attractive girl who plays the part of 16-year-old Sara. She has dirty blonde hair with
a reddish tint, a cute face, a dark bush, medium-sized breasts with perfectly-sized nipples, and a
slender body. The story is about how Sara falls in love with the bodyguard her father hired to
protect her. She secretly carries on a sexual relationship with the bodyguard, who's in his mid 40's.
There's a scene where Sara and the bodyguard are both lying in bed, and she's topless. She says
"Let's do it again" to which he responds "Stop it". She says "I'm not sure that I had an orgasm" and
he says "You did". Several minutes later, he's talking on the phone as she walks in wearing only
white panties, and her right nipple is briefly visible. She leaves, and when she comes back she's
wearing a bra and panties. She acts sexy, then leaves. Moments later she reappears wearing a black
robe and she takes off the robe while still wearing her bra and panties. But she leaves and comes
back one more time, this time naked with her hands covering her top and bottom (neither her
nipples nor bush can be seen). Shortly thereafter, we see them pretending to have sex together in a
tame sex scene. Her hair is wet and she's topless, and he touches her breasts and kisses her cheek
and then her shoulder. At one point her hands are placed over his and in so doing they cover her
breasts. Their bodies move up and down as if they are having intercourse, but only the upper
portions of their bodies are visible. In the next scene, Sara is standing and gives us a good look from
the front at her totally naked body for several seconds, for the only time in the film. Her pubic hair
is full and her legs are sexy. However the scene is badly lit and it soon gets dark. She continues to
stand in this scene, but the camera soon only shows her naked above the waist, though in a closer-
up shot than when she was fully nude. She asks him "Do I draw well?" and he says "These
drawings are staying here." She replies "If I ever take them away I won't come back to you, but that
won't happen because I believe in relationships that last a lifetime." Another scene shows the two
lovers bicycling around the room in a circle, during which she's naked and her breasts are visible
but not her bush. In the following scene, she's naked on a bed and her feet are up over her backside
(and we see she has a shapely ass) while they discuss his former wife. Her breasts are seen but not
her nipples. Then he sits on the same bed, but remains dressed the whole time. At times her breasts
and nipples are visible. Next, the two visit an art gallery, and he takes topless photos of her. Her left
breast is visible as she hugs him, and again when he throws her clothes to her. A finished photo
comes out of the camera, showing her topless from a side view while he was dressed. Sara gets
dressed, but many of the photos she took while she was topless are strewn over the floor, because
the bodyguard was careless. The bodyguard escorts Sara to a Chinese restaurant where they eat and
dance. But he's again careless, leaving her topless photos on their table when they flee the room.
These photos are seen by others later, leading up to a bloody gunfight at the end of the film.

16/17 year old Alba Valeria from Brazil (born 9 May 1963) in the Brazilian film "O Gosto Do
Pecado" (1980)
In this film Alba's face has an adolescent appearance and her breasts are youthful, and she looks 16.
She has tan skin, curly black hair, and a prominent nose. Her sex scene with a much older man
(probably in his 50s) is actually unpleasant to watch at times because she over-acts and it ends with
an act he gives in an aggressive rather than tender manner. It starts out fine, with her standing
topless while he licks and sucks her left tit. Soon he carries her. Over on the bed she lies on her back
and he sucks her right tit and holds both tits with his hands. Then he pulls down her panties and she
makes a lot of noise and her body wriths wildly. We can see her buttocks while he gives her
cunnilingus. Then he rolls to the side and pulls out his penis to tug it (he is seen holding it, with the
upper part of the penis visible in a couple of frames) and after he lets go of it there's one frame
where it's seen again. Next she's sitting right next to him and apparently masturbating, and we can
see her tits. He places her head on the pillow and humps her, and they have simulated intercourse in
the missionary position. In a closeup shot we see her upper body including her tits while he lies on
top and kisses her. They get loud and she shouts some words. They rest and calm down for a
moment, and his head is resting between her breasts (the right one is still seen). He reaches between
her legs and starts aggressively fingering her pussy and that lasts about 45 seconds. At first we only
see her tits and legs, but most of her bush becomes visible between her partially spread legs for
about 3 seconds. She repeatedly shouts things like "Ah!" and "Ai!" and "Mai!". Her shouting and
facial expressions seem to come from distress rather than pleasure. Her upper body is very sweaty
by the end, when his hand rests between her legs and her right breast is fully visible. There's nothing
wrong with an actor getting aroused over a teenager and sexually interacting with her, but rough-
handling is inappropriate.

16/17 year old Alba Valeria from Brazil (born 9 May 1963) in the Brazilian film "Giselle" aka "Her
Summer Vacation" (1980) (released to theatres on 10 November 1980)
Alba's character is Giselle. We see her resting in bed with her right breast exposed. She wakes when
an older woman sits on the bed. They start talking. When Giselle sits up, she soon exposes both of
her breasts. After a little more conversation, Giselle kisses the other woman's hand. The lesbian
lovebirds then kiss passionately on the lips. The woman briefly sucks on or near Giselle's left tit,
then kisses her lips again. Soon the woman kisses down Giselle's body and we see both of Giselle's
breasts again while she moans with pleasure because of what's happening lower down (not seen by
us, but cunnilingus is implied). When they're done, Giselle shows full front and rear nudity while
she gets off the bed and puts on her panties, and her lover is also getting dressed. After some chatter,
they kiss again. In a separate scene, she stands near a door looking at two men. She laughs and takes
off her green dress and panties to expose both breasts and her bush. Then she walks over to the men,
who are acting homosexual with each other (one seems to be fucking the other's arse from behind,
though their lower bodies are never shown). The men are also laughing. She kisses both men, then
the men kiss each other again. Giselle is also nude at other times.

13/14 year old Alexandra London from France in the French film "Les Maris, les femmes, les
amants" aka "Mariti mogli amanti" aka "Maridos, Mulheres, Amantes" aka "Muzh'ya, zheny,
lyubovniki" aka "Férjek, feleségek, szeretõk" (1989) (filmed in 1988; released to theatres in January
This is a summer vacation movie. Redhead Alexandra, playing Brigitte, and brunette Leslie
Azzoulai (11 or 12 years old), playing Chantal, have a 30-second shared scene in which they both
reveal their nice round adolescent breasts while they're shouting at each other as they're getting
dressed to go out with a couple of boys. The camera is positioned outside their two open bedroom
doors. First, Leslie jumps out of her bedroom topless, wearing a blue skirt and glasses, holding her
blue top in her hand. Leslie's breasts are seen very quickly from the front, then for a longer time
from the side. Then she walks back into her room and we lose sight of her. Alexandra then comes
out of her room. Alexandra is wearing pink panties and is in the process of putting on a pink bra; we
see glimpses of unhidden portions of her breasts, primarily from side views. Leslie, no longer
topless, then rushes past Alexandra into Alexandra's room and sits on her bed while she buttons her
blue top. After Alexandra finishes putting on her bra, she comes back into her room, jumps on the
bed, and plays around with Leslie and they're both decidedly more cheerful than before. Later they
go swimming and Alexandra's white suit with polka dots is translucent enough that we see her bush
through the suit as she runs out of the water.

16 year old Alexandra London from France in the French film "Van Gogh" (1991) (filmed from 4
June 1990 to early August 1990; released to theatres on 30 October 1991)
This film explores the last 67 days of artist Vincent Van Gogh's life and takes place in Auvers-sur-
Oise, France. Alexandra, a girl with reddish hair, plays Marguerite Gachet, the daughter of the
doctor who gives Van Gogh medical treatment. She falls in love with Van Gogh and they begin an
affair. Alexandra has several sexy and enjoyable scenes, but we don't really see her nice breasts with
their nipples until near the end of the film when she and Van Gogh are fighting. She becomes
topless after Van Gogh rips open the top of her dress. We see her left breast from the side. Then
she's thrown onto a bed, and we see both of her breasts while she lays on her back. Next, he begins
to climb on top of her. (Leslie Azzoulai, who has reddish-brown hair, made a nude scene for this
film but it was deleted from the release. The French DVD includes Leslie's scene as an extra. She
was about 13 years old at the time. Leslie is shown lying on her back while a young man draws her
on a sketch pad. Her sexy adolescent figure is partially exposed, including both of her beautiful
breasts and her left leg. Then she sits up and her left breast is seen from the side while she starts
putting on her white nightgown.)

14 year old Alice Papierski in the French-Swiss film "La petite allumeuse" (1987) (filmed starting
on 1 December 1986; released to theatres on 12 August 1987)
As 14-year-old Camille, she has a scene where she's sitting in bed with a guy near her. At one point
we see most of her right breast from the side, including its areola, shadowed but visible. You can
tell by her looks that she's definitely an adolescent. Papierski said she was 15-and-a-half as of 14
August 1987 when she gave an interview about "La petite allumeuse" on the French TV show
"Quarante degrés à l'ombre de la trois". This almost certainly means she was born in early 1972
rather than late 1971.

15-16 year old Alicia Silverstone from the USA (born 4 October 1976) in the American film "The
Crush" aka "Das Biest" aka "Svart oskuld" aka "Le coup de foudre" aka "Paixão Sem Limite" aka
"Paixão Sem Limites" aka "Pasión sin límites" aka "Veneno en la piel" aka "Falsa inocencia" aka
"La ragazza della porta accanto" aka "Dluka Alav ud Muv'it" aka "Ihastus" aka "Darian" (1993)
(filmed in 1992; released to theatres on 2 April 1993)
Pleasant-looking blonde Alicia plays 14-year-old Adrienne/Adrian/Darian Forrester, a teenaged girl
who develops a crush on an older man named Nick, but takes revenge against him after she's
rejected by him. Alicia refused to appear nude and included a no-nudity clause in her contract, so
her character's intentional nude scenes had the nudity provided by a body double. But there's one
brief moment of accidental nudity from Alicia herself. She has an outdoor scene on a lawn where
she's talking to somebody on a mobile phone while she's wearing a pink bikini. She starts out lying
flat on her back. As she begins to roll her body over, the top of the bikini lifts over her left breast, so
we briefly see her left nipple and the upper part of its areola, as well as its lower curve. This can be
seen when the footage is paused. This is not a body-doubled scene; her face is clearly visible during
the shot. Filming took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Alicia sued her parents to
become legally emancipated when she was 15. The emancipation was granted and it enabled her to
act in this film without being restricted by child labour laws that would have prevented her from
working long hours at a time. She celebrated her 16th birthday while working on the film.

17 year old Alison Pill from Canada (born 27 November 1985) in the Danish film "Dear Wendy"
aka "Querida Wendy" aka "Calles peligrosas" aka "Moj milácik ráze" aka "Muj milácek ráze" aka
"Sevgili Wendy" (2005) (filmed from 26 September 2003 to 21 November 2003; released to
theatres on 23 September 2005)
Alison plays Susan, and in one scene is standing in front of a boy. She says "I just can't wait to show
you", unbuttons her shirt, then holds down her bra, revealing her nice breasts to him with a big
smile on her face. We see both breasts in good light from the front. She says "They've grown. My
breasts have grown." The film was screened for potential buyers at the Cannes Film Market on 16
May 2004 and debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on 22 January 2005.

16 year old Ana Celia de Armas from Spain (born 30 April 1988) in the Spanish film "Una rosa de
Francia" aka "Virgin Rose" (2006) (filmed from 21 February 2005 to 16 April 2005; released to
theatres on 3 February 2006)
Sexy brown-haired Ana was born in Cuba and this was filmed in Cuba. There's a scene where she
takes off her dress and she's standing fully nude, but it's very dark and only backlit, so we can't see
much detail. In the scene where she rides a man on a rocking chair, puts the man's hand on her
clothed breast, puts her own hand between his legs, and kisses him she doesn't show nudity because
she's wearing shorts and a white sleeveless top. But in the next interesting scene she shows both of
her breasts while she's in a bed with pink sheets and pink pillows; first she's lying on it, then she sits
up. Later she's wearing a see-through nightgown while only wearing panties under the gown.

17 year old "Anaïs Jeanneret" aka Valérie Jeanneret from France (born 11 May 1967) in the French
film "Péril en la demeure" aka "Pericolo nella dimora" aka "Perigo no Coração" aka "Kuolema
ranskalaisessa puutarhassa" aka "Synti ja rikos" aka "Gefahr im Verzug" aka "Death in a French
Garden" aka "Peril" (1985) (filmed during 1984; released to theatres on 13 February 1985)
Her character is a girl named Vivianne Tombsthay. Her nude scene comes at the end of the film.
She's standing nude in front of a window looking out. It's easy to spot her entire right breast and its
nipple, and part of her pubic hair can also be seen.
17 year old Anna Bertheau from Germany (born 31 December 1982) in the German film "Wie
Feuer und Flamme" (2001) (filmed from 24 May 2000 to July 2000; released to theatres on 14 June
Anna plays Nele. 44 minutes into the film, she has a seduction scene where she's completely nude
and with a guy. While she's on her side, she bares both of her breasts and shows partial buttocks.
Her upper leg is crossed over, covering her bush. The camera's perspective is from an angle down
her legs. That segment lasts 15 seconds or so as her boyfriend undresses and joins her. The next cut
is to him sucking one of her well-formed breasts (C-cup), for another 10-15 seconds in a closeup
shot of just his head and her breast. Then it cuts to her face as he leaves her breast and kisses her.

14/15 year old Anna Geislerová from Czechia (born 17 April 1976) in the Czech film "Requiem Pro
Panenku" aka "Requiem for a Maiden" aka "Geraubtes Leben" (1991) (filmed during 1991; released
to theatres on 1 February 1992)
Anna is slender and has strawberry-blonde hair. She plays 14-year-old Marika, a girl who undergoes
sexual abuse and is sent to a prison-like sanitarium for children in the 1980s. The women who run
the sanitarium are sadistic in their treatment of the children. In one scene, she's standing in a small
caged shower room while a woman on the other side of the cage starts to hose her down with water.
Marika's bush is briefly seen until the power of the stream forces her to sit on the ground. A woman
wearing a white coat tries to intervene to stop the hosing, but she ends up being forced into the
shower herself. In another scene, a warden smells Marika's panties while she showers with her
breasts exposed to the camera. There's also a scene where she's stripped naked and thrown into a
chained cage outdoors while it's raining; her body is seen nude from the front and side, including
her bush and butt.

15 year old Anna Matyukhina from the Soviet Union (born 24 October 1975) in the Soviet film
"Tret'ya planeta" (1991)
Anna plays Alyona in this Russian-language science fiction film whose title means "third planet". A
bearded man brings Alyona to an island where supernatural occurrences take place. Alyona has an
outdoor topless scene. It starts with her having a picnic in the woods with the bearded man. She is
wearing white panties and a black T-shirt and eating a candy bar. She stands up and walks through
the woods to the bank of a marshy looking lake. She walks out over the lake on a dead branch, loses
her footing, and falls in. Then she takes off her T-shirt and we get a glimpse of her breasts for a
couple of seconds. The scene cuts to her swimming out into the lake toward a rock that is barely
above the surface. She gets up on the rock and leans back like she is sunbathing, exposing all of her
front torso (including both breasts) except the pubic area since it's covered by her panties. After a
few seconds on the rock, a man pops out of the water, sticking a fish under her nose, then after they
talk for a few seconds he lets it go. She doesn't cover herself when he shows up, but is startled. The
scene cuts back to the branch as she is standing on the bottom with her breasts above water getting
ready to put on her T-shirt while talking to this other man who is now leaning on the branch with his
ass toward the camera. At one point Alyona goes walking off by herself, leaving the older man she
came with, the other man she met while swimming who they befriended, and a small boy of about 6
who they also met. She gets dirty while walking through a grassy field that gets hit with high winds
from all directions, probably from a helicopter, but it's set up to be some unnatural wind storm. Dirt
from the marshy soil clings to her face. She goes to a small town that is barely inhabited, until she
sees a girl on a porch. Alyona gets fully naked in an indoor scene that comes next. We see her
standing with bare breasts while she's covered with mud. Then she's bathed by a young woman. Her
breasts are visible for 10-15 seconds while the woman bathes her upper body. The woman lingers
over Alyona's legs and feet in a very sexual way. After Alyona is clean, the woman puts a robe on
Alyona, who walks toward a bearded man who will perform a ritual on her. (This bearded man is
not the same one who was with her earlier.) In preparation, he runs his hands through a bowl of
sand, and then the sand is turned to water. Alyona lies down on her stomach for almost a minute, at
which time her buttocks and legs are seen. The bearded man stands next to her, moving his hands up
and down about 20 cm from her body. He does briefly touch her back between the shoulder blades
with his still-damp hands. He seems to be mumbling incantations and trying to transfer energy to
her. The camera's perspective gets closer to her body while her butt is seen. She flips over and we
see her breasts and bush, again at close range. Soon the man lays his hands on her stomach. He
applies pressure and she lets out a little moan. Later we see Alyona sit up facing the camera with her
eyes closed, and her breasts and pubic triangle are fully visible to us. Now the man is behind her,
and he's controlling her head with his hands still about 20 cm from her body on both sides of her.
She looks like she is in a trance. He moves his hands from side to side, and her head and body move
with him. It is definitely an attempt to convey something supernatural, possibly a healing ritual.

16/17 year old Anna Matyukhina from Russia (born 24 October 1975) in the Russian film
"Razborchiviy zhenikh" (1993) (filmed during 1992; released to theatres on 14 February 1993)
In this comedic film, she's in a room with a man, and starts to take off her shirt. When she opens a
closet, her right breast is seen from the side for less than a second. We definitely glimpse her areola,
as its colour differs from the rest of her breast, before her breast becomes shadowed and then

15 year old Anne Bennent from Switzerland (born 13 October 1963) in the West German film "Der
Tote bin ich" (1979)
Anne has relatively flat breasts and is shown standing topless.

15 year old Anne Bennent from Switzerland (born 13 October 1963) in the French-Italian-West
German film "Lulu" aka "Los amantes de Lulú" (1980) (filmed during 1979; released to theatres on
10 April 1980)
Anne plays Lulu, a young prostitute in late-19th-century Paris. Anne's normally brown hair has
been transformed into artificial blonde here. She shows full-frontal nudity as well as rear nudity in
multiple scenes. She has fairly small breasts and a nice adolescent figure. Her first nude scene takes
place in a painter's place. The painter is a middle-aged man with a beard. She poses dressed in a
white semi-transparent dress, but during an altercation with the painter she gets fully nude. While
nude she runs around, climbs a ladder, and throws a painting at the painter, breaking it. We see her
butt and then her frontal nudity as she waves a rag at him and proceeds to run to the other side of
the room. The man throws the painting near her. She walks over to it and angrily stamps on it
several times, displaying full-frontal nudity in the process. She then throws it to the side. She feels
terrible. She lies back and her body is seen from several angles while she lies there. The painter
comes over and kisses her. While they continue kissing, he lifts her up, and we see her side of her
body nude. He continues to touch her and gets excited. He turns her in the other direction and while
her back is to him, he lays her back on the wooden platform. He adjusts his clothing and apparently
takes down his trousers as he lies on top of her back. They continue making out but are quickly
interrupted by ringing of the doorbell and loud knocking. At this point, he separates from her and
we see Lulu's body when she's standing and trying to cover her nakedness with her hands. The
painter quickly tries to bring back the semblance of normality in his place by putting back up an
easyl that had been flat on the floor. When the old man who was knocking finally breaks the door
open, he sees the painter and the girl standing beside each other with the man covering one of her
breasts and the girl covering her bush. The intruder is angry at them, then passes out on a table. We
see more nudity from Lulu during the next several minutes, including a moment where she feels up
her breasts. The next time Lulu is nude is in a scene in a billiards room. Lulu is with a man named
Alwa Schoen, who vigorously sucks her nipples while she's lying on a pool table. She starts out
only topless, because her white dress still covers her lower body. First he sucks her right nipple,
after which he moves his head and we see this nipple while he's attending to the left nipple. The
camera next switches from a fairly close-up view to a long shot. He continues sucking her breasts
and running his hands up and down her body. She sits up and we see both breasts from the front as
he continues his out-of-control caressing. But their making-out session gets interrupted when
another man spots them and shouts "Alwa!". When Alwa moves away from Lulu, her dress falls all
the way off and we see her whole body nude from the front. She goes to hide out for a brief while at
the bottom of the stairs. When she walks out of the shadows again, we see a very nice shot of her
full-frontal nudity. Then she walks behind a black chair. The man who was angry at Alwa hands
Lulu her dress, and we see her front nudity when she puts on the dress. About 10 minutes later, Lulu
is in a dark room and we see her breasts while she goes to search through clothes, until she puts on a
black jacket. Several minutes later, she takes off the black jacket. She has nothing on underneath.
She stands full-frontally nude and embraces a man. The man kisses and embraces her and gets
excited. Men frequently masturbate while watching Lulu getting it on with somebody, and at this
very moment there are other guys lurking around. She moves the curtain to prevent the others from
being able to see them. Near the end of the film, Lulu is naked as a nasty guy wearing a hat comes
where she and a woman are. The woman has a gun, but the man with the hat dislodges it from her
hand and kills her. Now he comes after Lulu, taking her away. Lulu shouts a lot during this scene.
After Lulu is killed too, we see her right breast as she lies dead in a bed.

15 year old Annegret Siegmund from East Germany (born 1969) in the East German made-for-
television film "Ich liebe Victor" (1984) (premiered on 25 November 1984)
In this summer romance film Annegret's character is 14-year-old Katrein. She looks like a mid-teen.
Katrein likes a boy named Victor and they go swimming. She's wearing a bikini. Her top falls
completely away from her left breast as Victor pulls her out of the water onto a big rock. He gets
her on the rock and they stand facing each other and we get a really nice full breast shot. He kisses
her on the lips and only then pulls her strap up to cover her breast.

17 year old Annie Belle aka "Annie Briand" from France (born 10 December 1956) in the French
film "Lèvres de sang" aka "Lips of Blood" (1975) (filmed in 1974; released to theatres on 18 May
In this vampire-themed love story, Annie's on-screen character has no name. In a scene towards the
close of the movie, which is intercut with other scenes, she and her guy are both fully naked at the
rocky shore of the ocean. At first they are hugging and kissing each other, and he gently touches
many parts of the side and back of her body. Then there's an interlude where we see her standing
nude at the edge of a cliff facing the camera with her arms raised up and the camera closes in. Next
it's back to the main segment with the two standing together at close range. Now the fronts of both
of their bodies are facing the camera and, yes, his penis is visible, while both of her breasts and her
dark bush are in good view too. He talks with her, then she climbs into a wooden coffin and lies
back in it. The camera then shows her upper body, including her breasts, as she lies on her back in
the coffin. He looks at her silently. He gets into the coffin next, and then it washes away into the

16 year old Annie Belle aka "Annie Brilland" from France (born 10 December 1956) in the French
film "Bacchanales sexuelles" aka "Tout le monde il en a deux" aka "Schiave del piacere" aka "Fly
Me the French Way" (1974) (filmed in 1973; released to theatres on 4 August 1974)
The uncut, unrated original is far longer than the cut American version. Annie plays Brigitte. In one
scene Brigitte has curly hair and stands facing the camera as a blonde older woman slowly takes off
Brigitte's bra and panties to inspect her. A man is also watching. After the panties come off we get to
look at a continuous shot of Brigitte's nice breasts and brown bush for about 21 seconds while she
stands virtually motionless. She's not a knockout but she's sort of cute in this scene. After that the
blonde judges her to be "Very good" and decides to spray perfume over Brigitte's hair and upper
body and to apply lipstick to her lips. At this point the blonde takes off her own clothes. The next
time we see Brigitte the camera starts with a close-up at her head and panning down the side of her
entire body to show both breasts, her stomach, her bush, her legs, and finally her feet. Next, after
the blonde speaks to Brigitte, the latter's entire naked body is shown from the back. There is also a
scene where Brigitte's hair has been cut short and she has sex on a table at a party in front of all the
guests, some of whom are also having sex. Brigitte starts out in a thin, see-thru purple outfit. The
blonde takes it over her head and we see her entire naked body from the front. Then she's led to the
table and she lies on her back. The man who saw her naked in the other scene has the honour of
fucking her. He moves a red candle and for a couple of seconds we see her full frontal nudity. He
gets on top of her and she parts her legs. He briefly kisses her left nipple. After a minute of
intercourse in the missionary position Brigitte starts moaning, as do some others in the room. Soon
they both sit up while continuing to fuck.

16 year old Anouk Aimée aka Françoise Sorya Dreyfus from France (born 27 April 1932) in the
French film "Les Amants de Vérone" aka "The Lovers of Verona" aka "Gli amanti di Verona" aka
"Die Liebenden von Verona" aka "De Älskande i Verona" aka "Oi Erastai tis Veronas" aka "Veronan
rakastavaiset" aka "Veronskie Lyubovniki" aka "Milenci z Verony" aka "Kochankowie z Werony"
(1949) (filmed in 1948; released to theatres on 7 March 1949)
Anouk is a lovely young brunette. She plays Georgia Maglia in this black-and-white love drama in
which she falls in love with a young man named Angelo. Georgia plays the stand-in for Juliette and
Angelo plays the stand-in for Romeo in the film-within-the-film -- a film loosely based on
Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". She's topless standing on the beach, and her pubic area is also
briefly uncovered from the front. Then her butt and right breast are seen when she dives into the
water. Her breasts are also seen above water while she swims face-up. After her swim, she's topless
as she lies on the beach. She's smiling both during and after her swim.

14/15 year old Ariel Besse from France (born 14 November 1965) in the French film "Beau-père"
aka "El padrastro" aka "Ausgerechnet ihr Stiefvater" aka "Isäpuoli" aka "Ormai sono una donna"
aka "Tú me hiciste mujer" aka "Tora pia eimai gynaika" (1981) (filmed in late 1980; released to
theatres on 16 September 1981)
This is the film adaptation of Bertrand Blier's 1980 novel "Beau-père". Ariel plays 14-year-old
Marion, a French schoolgirl who falls in love with her 30-year-old stepfather Remy. Remy is
suffering from the death of his wife. Marion soon becomes successful at seducing him. He takes
down the strap of her purple dress, after which her small adolescent breasts are visible. He touches
her left breast. Then she asks: "Make love to me? For a long time? Often?" He responds:
"Constantly." Then she says: "I'll make love to you too. ... I'll make you forget the blues... all your
troubles." There's also a scene where Ariel lifts her shirt over her head and we see her breasts from
the front for about 7 seconds. Then she's seen in bed with Remy and her breasts are visible from the
side as she touches him and they embrace, and then they kiss passionately. We also see them after
they've had sex; they're resting in bed when the doorbell rings. Ariel turns over and we see her
breasts as she changes positions. Based on the weather/season and the fact that they wear jackets
and coats throughout the film, we believe this was filmed around October and/or November 1980.
Remy wears a pretty light jacket in the beginning, while Marion wears a heavier one, but she has it
open in the beginning and closed when she visits him in the scene where she is topless and they
kiss. They are sometimes outside in the early evening, when the weather is cooler. The film credits
say copyright 1981. All work on the film appears to have been complete before May 1981 when it
was mentioned in Première and Le Quotidien de Paris. Ariel was shown topless on posters
promoting the film, and her mother attempted to prevent these posters from being displayed in
France, according to Richard Eder's article "Kiddie Sex: When Art Becomes Exploitation" in the 10
January 1982 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

16 year old Asia Argento from Italy (born 20 September 1975) in the American-Italian film
"Trauma" (1993) (filmed from 3 August 1992 to 26 September 1992; released to theatres on 12
March 1993)
Asia plays a troubled and anorexic 16-year-old girl. She has a brief topless scene in a bathroom
where she takes off her top and reveals her breasts, as shown from a side view.
15 year old Ayumi Ito from Japan (born 14 April 1980) in the Japanese film "Swallowtail Butterfly"
aka "Swallowtail & Butterfly" aka "Suwaroteru" aka "Yentown" aka "Perhonen sydämessä" (1996)
(released to theatres on 14 September 1996)
Ayumi plays 16 year old Ageha. In one scene she's topless for several minutes whilst lying down
with her breasts pointed upward. This is when she has an image of a swallowtail butterfly tattooed
on her body.

16 year old Barbara Probst from France (born 20 March 1989) in the French made-for-television
film "Le frangin d'Amérique" aka "O Mito Americano" (2005) (premiered on 10 October 2005 on
the French public television network "France 2")
Playing Juliette, we see her breasts, especially the left one, from the front and side. She's topless in
a love scene with a guy, including while lying on her back. There is also a long shot view of her
from behind a door when she puts a big bag of flour on a shelf, which had fallen on her young lover
when he picked an empty bag from the shelf to put it on the floor so that she can comfortably lie on

13 year old Barbora Bobulová from Czechoslovakia (born 29 April 1974) in the Czechoslovakian
film "Vlakári" aka "Flieg, Vogel, flieg!" (1988) (released to theatres in July 1988)
Barbora is a nice-looking blonde Slovak who plays Kajka. She has an outdoor scene where several
small birds fly up and away from inside her unbuttoned white shirt. She's smiling and laughing
while this is happening. Eventually she uses her hands to open her white shirt, and when the last
bird exits her shirt we can see her left breast's nipple and areola from the side.

15 year old Bérénice Bejo from France (born 1981) in the French made-for-television film "Histoire
d'hommes" (1996) (premiered on 25 September 1996)
Argentina-born Bérénice, playing Laurence, is outdoors and lifts her shirt to reveal her breasts from
the front.

15 year old Blandine Lenoir from France (born 22 September 1973) in the French film "Carne" aka
"Padal'" (1992) (released to theatres on 17 June 1992)
Blandine has red hair and plays the butcher's mute and retarded daughter. She has a topless scene
where she exposes both breasts while standing in a bathtub. Her father assists her in the scene. The
film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1991. In an interview with Philippe Lowinski at
http://www.letempsdetruittout.net/gasparnoe/index.asp?v=249, Lenoir said she was 15 at the time of

13 year old Brigitta Boccoli aka "Britt Bergman" from Italy (born 5 May 1972) in the Italian film
"La ragazza dei lilla" aka "The Girl of the Lilacs" aka "Lilac Girl" aka "Das Blonde Mysterium" aka
"Thannia" (1986) (filmed during 1985)
In Tarquinia, Italy, a 50-year-old married archaeologist named Larth is exploring Etruscan tombs.
He's with his wife, but they allow a 13-year-old girl named Tania to stay with them. Larth thinks
Tania is attractive. One day, Tania is in a bedroom as she takes off her top, which we see from the
front and which are substantial for a girl her age. She looks more like 16. After applying lipstick,
she lets her hair loose, then takes her white nightgown over her head and reveals both of her breasts.
Now she has only her white panties on, and she looks at herself and roves her left hand around her
left breast. She switches into a black bra and black panties and there's a brief look at the uppermost
part of her butt crack while she puts the latter on. There follows a very sexy shot of her sitting in
bed while putting on stockings. On another occasion, Tania is in an unlocked bedroom combing her
hair while she's topless and wearing only a pair of white panties. That scene starts with Larth
opening the door and he (and we) see her dancing with her back to the camera. She turns around to
make sure Larth gets a look at her amazing bouncing breasts, and we see them too. After she turns
her back on Larth, Larth opens the door more fully and starts walking in, but she acts shocked,
covers up, and throws the comb in the direction of the door. There is also a scene where she walks
topless holding a stuffed teddy bear. Both of her breasts are seen from the front while she's walking
towards the camera, and then they're pointing up as she lies on her back in bed to play with the
teddy bear and kiss it.

17 year old Brigitte Bardot from France (born 28 September 1934) in the French film "Manina, la
fille sans voile" aka "Manina (The Girl in the Bikini)" aka "The Lighthouse-Keeper's Daughter"
(1952) (released to theatres in October 1952)
In this black-and-white film, sex kitten Brigitte has a brief nipslip while she's lying face up on the
beach with an older man. The strap covering her left breast is partway down, so most of her breast,
nipple, and areola are exposed.

16 year old Camilla Renschke from Germany (born 15 March 1980) in the German made-for-
television film "Bella Block - Tod eines Mädchens" (1997) (premiered on 4 October 1997 on ZDF)
She plays a girl named Manuela. She has sex with an older man on a mattress in a kitchen, but no
nudity is shown in that sequence. Shortly after, while she's still in the kitchen, her thick dark bush is
visible for about 3 seconds while she's wearing a black bra. Several seconds later, the upper part of
her butt is briefly seen from the side as she walks to the right. By the time we see her next she has
already put on her bottom.

17 year old Camilla Søeberg from Denmark (born 9 June 1966) in the Danish film "Tro, håb og
kærlighed" aka "Tro, hopp och kärlek" aka "Usko, toivo ja rakkaus" aka "Twist and Shout" aka
"Twist and Shout - Rock'n'Roll und erste Liebe" (1984) (filmed during first half of 1984; released to
theatres on 26 December 1984)
Camilla has a cute face with rosy cheeks and curly red hair topped with a white headband. She
plays Anna in this coming-of-age film set in 1963. In her nude scene she's in bed with a guy
(probably the 17-year-old character Bjørn). As they sit on the bed facing each other, she unbuttons
her shirt to expose both breasts from the front, and the guy touches her breasts with his hands. She
unbuttons his shirt. Then the camera shows them from above as they recline and get romantic with
each other after they're both naked. Both of her breasts are again visible, and some of her lower
curves too. We see him get into position above her to make love.

17 year old Carole André from France (born 11 March 1953) in the Italian-French film "Violentata
sulla sabbia" (1971) (released to theatres on 28 April 1971)
Carole's character (Vanina) and her friend Juliette are vacationing on the beach in Sardinia, and it
looks like late summer. Vanina starts the film as a virgin. Vanina and a local young man have been
eyeing each other. One night as she lies naked in bed he opens the door/window to her room and
looks in. We see her fully nude to his right. Her right knee is raised to hide her pubic area but her
breasts are visible. In this scene her body has a slightly unreal bronze tone, and we don't know if it
is a film issue or intentional, as her skin was cream-coloured in the previous bikini scenes. The
camera cuts to a closeup shot of her face, then a 10-second or so closeup of both of her breasts; they
are somewhat pointy and maybe measure a small B-cup. Then the camera pans down her body, and
her pubic area is once again hidden by her right thigh. After some time looking at the faces of the
two, there is another breast closeup for about 10 seconds. He starts climbing in and she says no, so
he leaves. She has some intimacy issues due to the brutal death of her mother. The entire scene is
about 3 minutes long, but mostly consists of facial shots of her. In Vanina's next nude scene, she's
kneeling over her suitcase wearing just a pair of red panties. She's shown from the side and we see a
clear side view of her left breast for about 10 seconds. Oddly, the scene is broken up by the
intermission. After a night on the town, Vanina is walking the beach in a long black dress. The
young man approaches her. He grabs her scarf and ties her hands behind her back. He then leads her
to a clear spot behind the dunes and pushes her to the ground. He opens the top of her dress but
leaves on her black bra, then he removes her red panties (off screen) and throws them on the sand
above her head. He then gets on top of her and starts having sex with her in the missionary position.
Her bra gets pulled down and we see her pointy rock-hard nipples for a couple of seconds. Note that
it is nighttime and the scene is very dark so it is difficult to make out the details. She keeps yelling
"no" as he continues to have sex with her, and even though we know she wants him, it feels like
rape. After he's done, he stays on top. She has her head to the side, and gradually a faint smile
appears on her face. Next, she's on top and he unties her hands. She now has a big smile and is
kissing him. He eventually gets up and walks away. The entire scene lasts 4 or 5 minutes. Next we
see her from behind as she walks toward the water, dragging her dress. She drops the dress and
walks in the water and we get a full-length rear shot (still very dark). After a brief swim she stands
up in the water facing the camera (distant and dark). Her hair is over her shoulders covering her
breasts, but the breasts are visible for a few frames when her hair moves forward and side to side.
As she stands we see the points of her hips, but the scene cuts before we can make out her pubic
hair above the water. She splashes herself washing off. Next, as she walks out of the water, we see
her from the side, but her hair is still hiding her breasts, and her pubic hair and butt crack cannot be
made out. She then turns her back to the camera to put on her dress and we get another full rear
nude shot for 5 seconds or so as she pulls on the dress.

15 year old Cathryn Harrison from England (born 25 May 1959) in the French film "Black Moon"
aka "Luna nera" aka "Lua Negra" aka "Musta kuu" aka "Svart måne" (1975) (released to theatres on
24 September 1975)
Cathryn is a pleasant-looking girl with small breasts, playing Lily. She's seen opening her shirt,
revealing both of her breasts and nipples, and allowing an old woman to suckle a nipple. The film
also has nudity from preteen boys and girls.

17 year old Charlotte Gainsbourg from France (born 22 July 1971) in the French film "La petite
voleuse" aka "La pequeña ladrona" aka "La piccola ladra" aka "A Kis tolvajlány" aka "Mala
zlodziejka" aka "Pikku varas" aka "Die kleine Diebin" aka "De kleine dievegge" aka "The Little
Thief" (1988) (filmed during 1988; released to theatres on 21 December 1988)
Charlotte, in character as 16-year-old Janine Castang, is standing and talking with a shirtless older
man and she takes off her blue shirt to reveal her small breasts for several seconds.

14 year old Charlotte Gainsbourg from France (born 22 July 1971) in the French film "Charlotte
For Ever" aka "Sharlotta navsegda" (1986) (released to theatres on 10 December 1986)
Charlotte plays a 15 year old character with the same name. In the plot, Charlotte's father (played by
Charlotte's real father, Serge Gainsbourg) is an alcoholic screenplay writer whose wife has died and
who's acting erratically. He's so crazy he even makes advances on his daughter! In Charlotte's first
topless scene, she takes off her shirt in front of her father and crosses her arms over her breasts,
though we still see her right nipple. Later in the film, she's wearing a nightshirt and cotton panties,
washing her hair and wiggling her butt to some music, and then she gets her nightshirt wet enabling
us to see her nipples through it. The next scene has her dressing topless in front of the mirror with
her nipples coming in and out of view as she dances around for a minute or so. About 9 minutes
later, Charlotte is wearing glasses and has her hair up and looks completely different than she does
in the other scenes. She's wearing a very low-cut blouse and there are a series of nipple slips, but
then her father's girlfriend pulls Charlotte's top down to her waist, exposing both breasts fully for 2
or 3 seconds. In her last topless scene, she's lying stomach-down in bed wearing only her overly
large panties. She's sleeping until her father comes in, rolls her over, and yells at her, then rolls her
back. We get a good look at Charlotte's small but nice breasts for a couple of seconds.

13 year old Charlotte Gainsbourg from France (born 22 July 1971) in the French-Swiss film
"L'Effrontée" aka "Charlotte and Lulu" aka "Impudent Girl" aka "Das freche Mädchen" aka "Sarà
perchè ti amo?" (1985) (released to theatres on 11 December 1985)
In this coming-of-age drama, she plays 13-year-old Charlotte Castang. She shows her bare back
when she's washing at a bathroom sink. Later there is a brief view of her breast from the side as she
changes her shirt.

16 year old Charlotte Valandrey aka Anne-Charlotte Pascal from France (born 29 November 1968)
in the French-German film "Rouge baiser" aka "The Red Kiss" (1985) (released to theatres on 27
November 1985)
Brunette Charlotte plays Nadia, a Polish Communist 15-year-old living in 1950s Paris. In her sex
scenes with an older man she shows her breasts, including while he kisses her on the mouth. In one
scene she shows her right breast in dark lighting. In the next scene she shows both of her breasts in
better light.

17 year old Christiane Paul from Germany (born 8 March 1974) in the German film
"Deutschfieber" (1992) (filmed from 13 May 1991 to July 1991)
Christiane has blue eyes and brown hair and was cast as Sascha Busch. She shows her naked body
while she's wet in the shower. The camera pans much of her body at close range, showing her legs,
her butt, her bush, both breasts, and finally her face.

15 year old Claudia Marsani from Italy (born February 1959) in the Italian-French film
"Confidencias, Gruppo di famiglia in un interno" aka "Conversation Piece" aka "Violence et
passion" aka "Violência E Paixão" aka "Grupo de familia" aka "Confidencias" aka "Confidències"
aka "Gewalt und Leidenschaft" aka "Intohimo ja väkivalta" aka "I goiteia tis amartias" aka
"Ojakhuri portreti interiershi" aka "Våld och passion" (1974) (Italian censor's certificate #65658
issued on 3 December 1974; released to theatres on 10 December 1974)
Claudia, playing Liette Brumonti, has a nude scene in this film, but she is only seen from the waist
up. Burt Lancaster's character opens the door and Claudia is seen naked with her boyfriend and her
mother's boyfriend (played by Helmut Berger) in what appears to be a 3-way that just ended. The
view of her is cropped, at least in the DVD version, and she crosses her arms across her body a lot,
so we don't see her nipples until she goes into the other room to put on clothes, at which time we get
a side view from a distance of Claudia, including her nice breasts, while she's wearing only her

16 year old Corinne Dacla from France (born 12 January 1962) in the French film "L'école est
finie" aka "School is Over" (1979) (released to theatres on 10 October 1979)
Corinne appears nude in this film about her relationship with a young teen boy. They fall in love
and have sex.

17 year old Cosma Shiva Hagen from Germany (born 17 May 1981) in the German made-for-
television film "Sweet Little Sixteen" (1999) (premiered on 26 March 1999 on ProSieben)
Playing 16 year old Sophie Reiner, Cosma has a scene where she's topless indoors while a guy
kisses and touches her face, breasts, and body. Her brown hair is longer than it was in "Der Laden",
reaching to her shoulders.

17 year old Cosma Shiva Hagen from Germany (born 17 May 1981) in the German made-for-
television film "Todesengel" (1999) (filmed during 1998; premiered on 13 March 1999 on ZDF)
Cosma plays Laura Stein, and her hair again reaches her shoulders. A rapist violently lifts her green
shirt to expose both breasts from the front. Her other nude scene in this film is equally unpleasant:
she rests face-up in a bathtub but there's a lot of blood in the water and on the wall because she
attempted to commit suicide.

16 year old Cristina Marcos from Spain (born 19 December 1963) in the Spanish film "Maravillas"
(1980/1981) (filmed in 1980)
Cristina, who looks exactly 16, plays 15-year-old Maravillas and has two nude scenes. The first is a
4-minute-long sex scene with a boy her age, 12 minutes into the film. They are both only shown
from the waist up, shirtless. He is on his back and she is sitting on top of him. The first time they
show her with both breasts exposed she reaches and grabs his left hand and puts it on her right
breast. He holds it there without visibly rubbing it. After a minute into the scene she repositions
herself and starts riding him up and down. While they do show both of them, most of the next three
minutes is a breast-up shot of her as she rides him up and down. The camera switches to him when
he comes. The simulation is pretty realistic. Her second nude scene is about 20 seconds long with
her in bed with a man in his 20s. She is on the far side of the bed, so only one breast is visible (the
right one). The sheets are pulled up to her waist. They talk during the scene before it cuts away.

15 year old Dana Vávrová from Czechoslovakia (born 9 August 1967) in the Czechoslovakian film
"Kluk za dve petky" aka "Ein Spottbilliger Junge" (1983) (released to theatres in November 1983)
Dana plays Eliska in this comedy. In one of her two nude scenes she's getting out of her clothes to
go swimming in an indoor pool. First we see her through a mirror's reflection as she exposes her top
and then her bottom. Then we see her full-frontally nude for a couple of seconds while she goes
over to the edge of the pool. Her body frame looks 15, she has a lovely brown triangle of pubic hair,
and her breasts are pretty good. She jumps in the pool and swims a little. There's a mid-teen boy
who keeps on his swimming trunks, and he jumps in to join her. She smiles a lot after that. Her
other nude scene lasts only about 3 seconds and it's a vision from a dream showing her awkwardly
turning around and grasping onto a mannequin so she doesn't fall. She seems to be in a clothing
shop. She's totally naked. Before she turns around she shows her butt, and after she turns around she
shows breasts and bush.

17 year old Danielle Brisebois from the USA (born 28 June 1969) in the American film "Big Bad
Mama II" aka "Big Bad Mama - A Mulher da Metralhadora" aka "Sroga mam II" (1987) (U.S.
Copyright Office lists creation date as 1987, publication date as 4 August 1987, and copyright
registration date as 13 October 1987; released to theatres in October 1987)
Large-breasted Danielle plays Billy Jean and appears here as a blonde. She and her on-screen sister,
Polly, who's also blonde, strip down to their panties. After they're both topless, Polly heads into the
pond first, followed by Danielle. They splash around in the water for a minute or so. Danielle has
quite a bit of baby fat, but luckily it is mostly in the right spots. Filmed in California.

17 year old Debbie Linden from Scotland (born 22 February 1961) in the British film "Home
Before Midnight" (1979) (filmed during 1978; U.S. Copyright Office lists creation date as 1978 and
publication date as 1 July 1978; released to theatres on 18 October 1979)
Platinium-blonde Debbie plays Carol and has two short scenes where her big breasts are shown.
Early in the film, Carol and her 14-year-old friend Ginny (played by the actress Alison Elliott who's
apparently in her late teens) are hitchhiking and get picked up by a lorry (truck) driver named
Danny. Carol flirts with Danny and he starts liking her very much, and leaves Ginny behind at a
coffee shop. In Carol's first nude scene, about 9 minutes in, she's with Danny in the front seat of his
lorry cab that's parked in the woods, and her breasts are visible through the windshield. She and he
make out and have sex, during which time the side of her breast is shown. Initially when they're in
the front seat she straddles him and rides up and down and he squeezes her breast. Then they move
to the back seat to finish in more of a missionary position, but we don't see much of her from there.
Much later she's in the school's gym shower talking with Ginny. Carol's tits are visible during part
of the time. A lot of the film deals with Ginny's sexual relationship with a 28-year-old man named
Mike. Mike doesn't know Ginny's true age at first because she looks older. After he does find out,
he continues a sexual relationship with her but they no longer have intercourse. Since Ginny is
underage, the police get involved once Ginny's parents find out. The police interrogation ruins
Ginny's sanity and she concocts a fake story that Mike raped her because that's what she thinks the
officers want to hear. Mike is imprisoned after the judge condemns him for having continued his
sexual affair with Ginny even after finding out she was just 14. The copyright date on the credits is
1978, and director Peter Walker confirmed in his interview on the 2007 DVD from Shriek Show
that Debbie was "about 17" during its shooting.

16 year old Désirée Nosbusch from Luxembourg (born 14 January 1965) in the West German film
"Der Fan" aka "Trance" (1982) (filmed in mid-1981; released to theatres on 4 June 1982)
This brunette actress plays 17-year-old Simone, a crazed fan with an obsessive crush on a German
pop musician. She has a youthful and cute face with a petite body. In one scene she makes love to
him. They kiss, then he unbuttons her white shirt and takes it off, after which he takes off his shirt
and they embrace each other, and we see her breasts from the side. It starts to get especially steamy
as he starts to take off her pants. Then the camera pans up her body to show her bare breasts, then
pans down slowly as he kisses her between the breasts and continues kissing down her body and
soon he reaches her dark, thick pubic hair which he kisses deeply as we watch from the side. Then
she lifts his head and we have an even clearer view of her bush and breasts from the side,
simultaneously this time. She watches him intently and moves into position so he can penetrate her.
Now he's fully nude and they embrace. We see their bodies mingled together but nothing explicit.
The camera pans up and shows a close-up of her face with her eyes closed and mouth open with her
two front teeth very prominent. They seem to be enjoying an orgasm together. After sex, we see
them lying on the bed, and her breasts are visible from the front. They change positions and we see
his back to the camera. She reaches down and seems to briefly kiss his penis (not visible), then we
see her breasts again and they embrace once more, after which she falls gently to the bed face-up.
Soon she gets up and starts conversing with him. He puts on his pants, and we see her sitting next to
him with her body to the camera and she is fully nude in somewhat dark lighting for about 36
seconds. Later, angry that he doesn't want a long-term relationship with her, she kills and
dismembers him while they are both nude, and we see more frontal and rear nudity from her.

15 year old Désirée Nosbusch from Luxembourg (born 14 January 1965) in the West German film
"Nach Mitternacht" (1981) (filmed in 1980; released to theatres on 24 September 1981)
On a rainy day in 1930s Nazi Germany, Sanne (played by Désirée) wakes up and lowers the covers
to show her boyfriend's head lying just below her bare breasts. She looks at him admiringly and
kisses him, then she gets out of bed and from this point forward reveals her breasts, bush, and
buttocks several times. She walks over to a window, and adjusts it so that the water pours directly
on top of her and she gets all wet. Then she puts the window back down, puts on her hat and scarf,
and dries up. She also has a sex scene.

16 year old Diana Zubiri aka Rosemarie Joy Garcia from the Philippines (born 15 April 1985) in the
Filipina film "Itlog" (2002)
Diana is a lovely girl with long black hair, sizeable breasts, and a firm body. "Itlog" was Diana's
first film. In her first nude scene, she showers nude and we mostly see her breasts and the curvature
of her butt because there is some shadowing. She touches her breasts as she washes. Her lover
walks in while she's showering and touches her body. In the following scene, they're having sex in
bed with him on top, and we see her breasts in close-up. He touches and kisses her breasts, and she
moans a lot. Later in the film, she's standing alone in a room, takes off her robe to expose her
breasts and bush to us, and gently touches her breasts with her eyes closed to arouse herself. In
addition to the actual view of her, we also see her reflection in the mirror. (According to "Divine
Diana" by Allen A. Liberato, writing on 12 November 2003 for The Journal Group, archived at
http://www.yehey.com/entertainment/celebs/article.aspx?id=106515, Diana's manager had claimed
that Diana was 19 at the time of an October 2002 photo-shoot for FHM, but the truth about her age
came to light a few months later, after Diana and her manager "had a falling out". Filmmakers didn't
know Diana was under 18 when she made her first three films.)

17 year old Diana Zubiri aka Rosemarie Joy Garcia from the Philippines (born 15 April 1985) in the
Filipina film "Kasiping" (2002) (released to theatres on 27 November 2002)
Diana, playing Rowena, looks ultra-sexy as usual. Early in the film, Diana walks out of the
bathroom into the kitchen and dries herself off with a pink towel. We see all of her left breast, then
part of her right breast. Her man walks in carrying a bag of fruit in the second part of this scene.
Diana next shows nudity in a sex scene with her lover. He's on top of her as they fall onto the bed.
We see the side curvature of her body, and his ass is visible as he simulates having sex between her
spread legs. Then we see her right breast, and in a closer-up shot we see the left breast too. Later is
a sensual scene where Diana is standing in the shower with her man. The camera provides a close-
up view of her upper ass while he washes and touches it. Then he soaps her up and she caresses him
at the same time. They are both smiling. Again we see him touching her ass, which is now very
soapy. Then we see her breasts and more rear nudity from her follows as he hoses down her hair,
touches her, and apparently administers oral sex on her. However, some of the nudity in this scene is
distorted by the shower door, since only some camera shots are from inside the shower itself. Later
in the film she's with her lover on the bed. They kiss, then he takes off her bra and we see her
breasts from the front and side. She stands on the bed while they continue to make out. Then he
falls back onto the bed and she jumps on top of him and we see her breasts again, and they roll
around until he's on top of her. He takes down his underpants, then he touches her breasts, and we
see more glimpses of her body as more lovemaking ensues.

16/17 year old Diana Zubiri aka Rosemarie Joy Garcia from the Philippines (born 15 April 1985) in
the Filipina film "Bakat" (2002) (released to theatres on 4 September 2002)
Diana plays Anne, a girl suffering from schizophrenia. In one scene, she's standing in the lake and
in slow-motion we see her take her wet t-shirt over her head, briefly exposing both breasts from the
front before the camera shot changes. When footage of her resumes, her back is to the camera and
all of her clothes are off. We see the upper part of her ass above water, and also her left breast. She
throws the t-shirt to the side. When we see her again it's closer-up as she throws water over her
head, and both of her nice lovely breasts are seen fairly close-up, including moments with her head
out of the frame. Then, from a little farther away, we again see her lift water over her head while we
watch her breasts. Her hair is now all wet and this is a really excellent view of her. We see her
breasts from a distance as her male caretaker walks into the water and covers her up. She looks
dazed and confused at this point. After this, she's brought back home where the caretaker gives her a
bath. Her breasts are seen from the front as she sits in the bathtub washing up with his help. He
helps her stand up, and when this happens we see the curvature of the front of her body and very
briefly part of her bush. As she stands next to the tub and he dries her off with a towel, we see her
breasts bounce as she jumps up and down. She puts on a red robe and the guy guides her out of the
bathroom into another room. She's unhappy and we see her right breast when she opens the robe to
take it off. Later in the film, she's standing in the water with a different guy as she splashes around
and takes her top over her head to expose both of her bare breasts from the front. Then she playfully
splashes more water onto her body.

16 year old Dita Kaplanová from Czechoslovakia (born 5 January 1965) in the Czechoslovakian
film "Mateji, proc te holky nechtejí?" aka "Der Schüchterne Draufgänger" (1981) (released to
theatres on 1 August 1981)
Dita's hair could be described as sandy blond. Her character is Barca. She's topless in a scene with a
boy. She kisses and embraces him on a sofa, and when they let go of their embrace we see both of
her breasts, mostly from the side. Then they embrace and kiss again until he gets away from her and
gets dressed. Her left breast very briefly is visible from the side while she puts on a blue top. Her
left areola is visible while she stands up. In another scene she's with five other young women, all of
whom walk over to the water and undress. All six show full-frontal nudity as they head into the
water. Barca is the first to undress, first taking her white t-shirt over her head, then taking off her
white panties. We see her tits and bush but the view is from a moderate distance. There's a naked
young man who was already in the water who tries to stay out of their sight and watch them from a
distance, but they discover him and then he swims and runs away from them as they laugh.

16 year old "Dolly Dollar" aka Christina Giannakopoulos (born 12 July 1962 - not 24 November
1957 or 1965 as some claim) and 16 year old Ursula Buchfellner from West Germany (born 8 June
1961) in the West German film "Popcorn und Himbeereis" aka "Popcorn and Ice Cream" aka
"Disko-Love - Värinää farkuissa" aka "Paranomo Zeygari" (1978) (filmed from 10 August 1978 to
14 September 1978; released to theatres on 27 October 1978)
Blonde teen Dolly, playing Pamela, is first seen naked when Jonny peers through a keyhole and sees
her back. After he takes something out of the keyhole to get a more complete view of her rear, the
object falls to the ground and makes a sound. She hears that he's there, they introduce themselves to
each other, and he makes a comment about her body. She puts on some panties and after some
chitchat she turns around and he sees her enormous breasts for the first time, and he's amazed by
them. Later Pamela is in bed next to Jonny and takes off her nightgown so that she becomes nude.
She rubs her breasts against Jonny's face, but after a while he darts away from her frantically. Her
bush can be seen after he has left. Jonny runs out of the room and she runs down a hallway chasing
after him, during which her bare breasts bounce and her buttocks are visible. After she finds which
room he's hiding in, she talks with him through the door, while her breasts are seen from the side.
He agrees to briefly come out of the room to kiss her, and she's delighted, walking away with a big
smile on her face and exposing her butt again. (Notes: Dolly's age was listed as 17 in the December
1979 issue of the German edition of Lui; her article there was headlined "Dolly Dollar: 17 JAHR-
BUSENSTAR". An interview with her posted on 7 June 2006 at
http://www.pimpyourlife.com/index.php?id=32,827,0,0,1,0 says she was 43 at that time. 1962 is the
birth year presented by her agency Agentur Fuhrmann at http://www.agentur-
fuhrmann.de/index.cfm?pid=825&pk=24 where she is listed under her current name Christine
Zierl.) Sexy blonde Ursula's character, Yvonne, is constantly trying to undress. She is made up to
look 20 or so, but that 16 year old body is tough to disguise. She gets one guy in bed and displays
her ass as well as full frontal nudity including her bush in a five-minute long sequence. Later, on the
dance floor, she swishes around her dress, exposing some bush, and then she pulls the front of her
dress together exposing her breasts while she dances for a minute or so.

16 year old "Dolly Dollar" aka Christina Giannakopoulos (born 12 July 1962 - not 24 November
1957 or 1965 as some claim) in the West German film "Drei kesse Bienen auf den Philippinen" aka
"Cola, Candy, Chocolate" aka "Forviklinger i Sydhavet" aka "Granita lemoni sokolata" (1979)
(filmed from 15 January 1979 to 20 March 1979; released to theatres on 17 May 1979)
As Christine, she's in bed with a man and shows her huge breasts.

16/17 year old Elisa Tovati from France (born 23 March 1976) in the Spanish-Italian-French film
"Huevos de oro" aka "Ovos de Ouro" aka "Uova d'oro" aka "Golden Balls" aka "Macho" aka "Altin
toplar" aka "Aranyhere" aka "Kultaiset munat" (1993) (production began in March 1993; released
to theatres on 24 September 1993)
In this Spanish-language film, Elisa plays Rita, girlfriend of Benito González, an ambitious man
who works in the construction field. She has a brief breast exposure. Her complete left areola is
illuminated by a flashlight for a couple of frames, just prior to her having sex with Benito. The
scene is dark, so if someone doesn't go frame by frame it is easy to miss that fact that her bustier is
below the nipple on that side. Later, after she sleeps with and falls in love with Benito's best friend,
he argues with her and rips her panties off. During a closeup of that act we see some of her pubic
hair above the panties, but not a lot.

15/16 year old Élisabeth Lafont aka Elisabeth Medveczky from France (born 1960) in the French
film "Noroît" aka "Le bal de l'horreur" aka "Vento do Noroeste" aka "Nordwestwind" aka
"Nor'west" aka "Northwest Wind" (1976) (produced in 1975-1976)
Playing Elisa, she has a scene where she's topless underneath a guy, and at least her left nipple and
areola can be easily seen, while her eyes are closed. It may be a sex scene.

16 year old Emily Lloyd from England (born 29 September 1970) in the British film "Wish You
Were Here" aka "Ich wollte, du wärst hier" aka "Om du ändå vore här" aka "16 år og aldrig kysset"
aka "Onnea etsimässä" aka "Bárcsak itt lennél" aka "Szkoda, ze cie tu nie ma" aka "Vorrei che tu
fossi qui!" aka "Era Bom Que Estivesses Aqui" aka "Gostaria Que Você Estivesse Aqui" aka "Si
estuvieras aquí" (1987) (released to theatres on 24 July 1987)
Blonde Emily, playing sexually provocative 15-year-old Lynda Mansell, dances outside her house
one night shouting "Up your bum, up your bum, up your bum!" A neighbour shouts at her to keep
quiet, but instead she bends over and flashes her bare bottom at her. We see a direct view of her
bum for about a second.

15 year old Eva Cobo de García aka "Linda Ericson" from Spain (born 23 April 1967) in the
Spanish-French film "Femmes" aka "Women" aka "Mujeres" (1983) (filmed during 1982; released
to theatres on 22 June 1983)
The character played by Helmut Berger arrives at an island occupied by his artist friend Alexandra
Stewart, her daughter Léa (played by Eva), and two models. As the film progresses, Helmut ends up
having sex with all four women. Eva is a sweetie with dark brown hair and a gorgeous adolescent
body. A third of the way into the film, Eva is in a room with a naked older woman, Tina, and she
unzips and takes off her nightgown and stands nude until she puts on a dress. During this sequence,
her body is shown nude from the side, and simultaneously nude from the front in the mirror's
reflection. At one point while she's wearing her dress, she lifts up the front of the dress so that we
see briefly her bush again. Later, she takes off the dress and is again fully nude from the front.
There is also a sex scene outdoors on a rocky ledge between her and actor Helmut Berger, but only
the upper part of her body is shown unclothed. We see him take off her top, then kiss her breasts and
some of her skin below them while all of her upper body is exposed, but her dress covers her lower
body. At one point it is implied that Helmut is giving Eva oral sex. Later, she's nude in a bath, and
then her mother Alexandra helps dry her off with a towel while she's standing. She exposes a lot
when we see her body at various times from the front, back, and side. At the end of the film, we see
the front of her naked body as she walks for 14 seconds behind a transparent white curtain, and then
we see her breasts briefly as she tucks into bed next to her loving mother.

16 year old Eva Cobo de García from Spain (born 23 April 1967) in the Spanish film "Pà d'àngel"
aka "Pan de ángel" (1984) (released to theatres on 22 February 1984)
In this Catalan-language film, Eva plays Ester Martorell. She has a shower scene where her breasts
can be seen as water falls down on her wet body.

17 year old Eva Cobo de García from Spain (born 23 April 1967) in the Spanish film "Un Parell
d'ous" aka "Un par de huevos" (1985) (filmed in 1984; released to theatres on 28 January 1985)
Eva plays a new wave singer named Cristina. During a music video, she briefly wears a dress that
has a strap over only one shoulder, and that strap goes under her left breast while the right breast is
left exposed during a 10-15 second sequence. Then her electric guitar shorts out against a male
singer's dick, leaving him incapacitated until later in the film.

15 year old Eva Mattes from West Germany (born 14 December 1954 - not 1955 as some claim) in
the West German film "Liebe unter siebzehn" aka "Love Under 17" (1971) (released to theatres on
30 April 1971)
In the second episode of this 9-part film, dark-haired Eva plays a 15-year-old girl who runs away
from home. Unfortunately, two truck drivers capture her. This is some sort of rape scene. A older
man has her on the ground and forceably takes her panties part of the way down (her butt is very
briefly seen) and strips off her top (exposing her breasts). She's struggling to get away and
screaming, but the man continues forcing his way with her, next taking her panties off, which we
see him do from the side. Then the camera comes closer to her and her body is seen in an upside-
down perspective including more of her bush. Another guy approaches and puts his shoe over her
hand, then the camera again shows an upside-down view of the middle of her body - both of her
breasts plus her bush while her legs are spread - though the camera quickly moves to show her face
in closeup. Then we see the guy kissing her breast, while apparently starting to have sex with her.
We see the other guy with his shoe still pressing on her hand. Then she stops screaming and calms
down and the other (standing) guy takes his shoe off her hand and walks away. The rapist keeps
fondling her breasts and gently caressing her cheek. After the rapist leaves her alone, Eva is shown
lying naked on the ground from a frontal perspective, her face, breasts, bush, and upper legs in full
view. Then she sits up and sees the guys walking away from the scene. She stands up and we see
her butt as she recovers her clothing and puts her skirt back and runs off.

17 year old Eva Mattes from West Germany (born 14 December 1954 - not 1955 as some claim) in
the West German made-for-television film "Wildwechsel" aka "Wild Wechsel" aka "Wild Game"
aka "Jailbait" aka "Jail Bait" aka "Gibier de passage" aka "Selvaggina di passo" aka "Riistapolku"
(1972) (filmed from 19 February 1972 to 18 March 1972; premiered on 30 December 1972)
Eva plays teenage schoolgirl Hanni Schneider. Early in the film her character is just 13 years old but
has a very developed figure, though her breasts are only A-cup. Eva is chubby and her face isn't that
attractive. After her character has sex with 19-year-old Franz Bermeier, he is sent to prison for
having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Hanni has her 14th birthday, and then Franz is
released from jail due to good behaviour. The two teens continue their sexual relationship. Hanni
becomes pregnant and fears what her father would think, so she asks Franz to kill her father. Hanni
is imprisoned and delivers a dead baby there. Hanni tells Franz that their affair wasn't true love but
rather a physical thing. Hanni displays nudity five times in this film. Eva's first nude scene is 11
minutes into the film and lasts two minutes. Franz picks her up and takes her on his motorcycle to a
barn. After they have sex, which we don't witness this time, she is shown completely nude,
including with full frontal nudity. There is even a bush closeup (fully grown) when she climbs a
ladder that the camera is behind. The only contact we see between them is him gently rubbing her
thigh for a few seconds while they lay in the hay. About 20 minutes into the film they are in her
bedroom with her dolls and little girl stuff. She undresses and climbs in bed. She's fully nude while
they chat with each other and he examines one of her dolls. Next, he undresses and climbs on top of
her in the missionary position. She is fully nude with bush visible and this scene lasts almost 2 and
a half minutes. The third nude scene is about a minute long and is shot through a doorway about 20
feet away from them. She undresses, showing her breasts and briefly some of her bush. Franz
undresses next to her, then kneels at her feet and spreads her legs wide (they were curled to the
side). He stands up a little to position himself and we see her spread legged bush between his legs
(you have to zoom in to see it and it is too grainy for any detail given the distance). Then he lies
down with his hips between her legs positioned to penetrate her as she wraps her arms around him.
All we really see at this point is his ass between her legs until the shot ends. The fourth nude scene
is a minute and a half long. It starts with a full frontal nude scene through a distant doorway. Then
she walks toward and past the camera with her clothes covering her bush, but her breasts are in full
view, and then she puts on her blouse in a closeup shot of her face and breasts. While she is
dressing, he is sitting on the table nearby with his penis clearly visible for 20 seconds or so. There is
a post-sex conversation going on between them. In the last nude scene, Eva is on a gynecological
exam table with her legs spread in the stirrups. They actually use a camera angle about 45 degrees
to the side toward her ass, with part of the stirrup support strategically blocking her pussy. One
nipple is visible from this angle. The scene starts at that shot, then they do a side shot where we see
her torso (including some bush), followed by a face and breasts closeup as the doctor (a very pretty
young Hanna Schygulla) talks to her. Then the last 45 seconds has that shot of her ass as Hanna
takes her legs out of the stirrups. It is interesting that Eva's breasts look a bit smaller in this film
compared to in her earlier film "Liebe unter siebzehn". For instance, when she's lying down in
"Wildwechsel" she's nearly flat-chested except for the areolas themselves, while her breasts have
some definition when she's lying down in "Liebe unter siebzehn".

16/17 year old Ewa Aulin from Sweden (born 13 February 1950) in the Italian-French film "Col
cuore in gola" aka "Dead stop - Le coeur aux lèvres" aka "Deadly Sweet" aka "En cinquième
vitesse" aka "Con el corazón en la garganta" aka "Me tin psyhi sto stoma" aka "Den djävulska" aka
"Ich bin wie ich bin" aka "I Am What I Am" aka "Heart Beat" aka "With Heart in Mouth" (1967)
(Italian censor's certificate #49780 issued on 7 September 1967; released to theatres on 16
November 1967)
Blond-haired Ewa plays Jane Burroughs. Ewa is a fully grown young woman already with nice B-
cup breasts and a thin sexy body, but it's her beautiful eyes and innocent-looking face that are her
most enchanting features. She walks out of the bathroom nude and we see her from the side for
several seconds. A closely filmed love scene follows where we see a breast pop into view when her
lover moves to the side, and again a closeup of her nipple while he's on top. About 20 minutes later
we see her tied up and gagged wearing a white bra and panties, to go with her white fishnet
stockings and a garter belt -- it's not a nude scene but it's very sexy. Her next trick is to do a sexy
shadow striptease behind some translucent backdrop paper. Bernard crashes through it and we get a
brief glimpse of one breast and about half of her torso, but they keep her other bits hidden as they
roll around together. One more time the two of them are rolling around in bed and we get a glimpse
of one of her ripe nipples popping free.

14 year old Flávia Monteiro from Brazil (born 14 July 1972) in the Brazilian film "A menina do
lado" (1987)
The title means "The Girl Next Door". Beautiful, cute Flávia plays a 15-year-old Brazilian girl
named Alice. A married writer in his 40s goes on vacation to a beach resort in Búzios where he falls
for Alice, and she likewise falls in love with him over the more childish surfer boys she knows
around the beach, despite the age difference. One evening the writer stares at Alice from a distance
while she urinates and smokes outdoors. We see her nice lower butt cheeks and crack while she
pulls her panties back up. When she starts to walk away he tries to avoid being seen by her by
hiding behind some greenery. One day they greet each other on the beach while she's sunbathing
topless. The writer comes over, she stands up, and he helps her put her top on before they swim.
Later they have sex for the first time. The scene starts with him on top of her, then as he works his
way down, we see her breasts from the side. Then the camera switches to an angle above and
behind him, so we can see all of her except where his head is buried: between her thighs. Flávia
responded like he was eating her for real, and his mouth was certainly in the right place. After an
argument and a nipple slip, they make up. In the following scene, she is lying in bed with the
camera briefly focused on her stomach and her pubic area and bush but not showing her vulva. She
has one hand partly covering herself and he moves a hand over. After a switch of camera angles we
see her upper body (including her breasts) from the side. He's on top. They kiss, and then start to
fuck, and she moans of pleasure. In the last scene, she is riding him cowgirl style and being really
loud about it, and we hear him too. The camera shows her from the breasts up but avoids her
nipples. Then she rolls over to the side, facing away from him, and now she's facing the camera so
we get a good look at her breasts. The film is surprisingly well done, and a good treatment of the
subject matter. Flávia was a virgin at the time of filming, so she received special training on how to
accurately pretend to be having sex, and her mother was present on the set. At 32 Flávia posed nude
for the Brazilian edition of Playboy's May 2005 issue.

16 year old Florence Guérin from France (born 12 June 1965) in the French film "Les Sous-doués
en vacances" aka "Glückwunsch II - Die Lümmel machen Ferien" aka "Os Incorrigíveis Saem de
Férias" aka "Liebesglück in St. Tropez" (1982) (released to theatres on 10 March 1982)
She appears in an outdoor scene with full frontal and rear nudity. She's nude both on land and in the
water. Her brown hair is quite long and she looks lovely as usual.
17 year old Florence Guérin from France (born 12 June 1965) in the Spanish-American film "Black
Venus" aka "La Venus Noire" aka "La Venus negra" aka "Venere nera" (1983) (released on 5
January 1983)
In the unedited version of this film, Guérin, a hot white French girl with a wide butt, has a number
of very sexy scenes. She plays a 17-year-old prostitute named Louise who works in a brothel in
Paris. Venus, a hot older black woman (played by Josephine Jacqueline Jones) and the house-
master, Pierre, meet her in a bedroom. Pierre undresses Louise, saying "It's a lovely dress, but you'd
look so much better, my dear, without it." After it's off, we see Louise's front and rear nudity. Next,
Pierre orders Venus to take off her dress, and she does so, after some protestation. After Pierre
leaves the room, and tells the two ladies to get acquainted with each other, Louise reclines full-
frontal in bed next to Venus. Louise discusses a date with a man she had the previous day. Then
Venus looks her over. Louise asks "What do you think of me?" Venus responds "A real country gal.
I like country gals." Then they talk about group sex. Venus asks "How old are you?" and Louise
answers "Seventeen". Soon they start kissing, touching, and embracing each other, until Pierre and
many other people enter the room. The woman who came in remarks about Louise: "This little girl
is so sweet." We see Louise's upper body in bed while she stares at them. Pierre suggests that
someone else in the room should enjoy Louise's charms next. He suggests that the black man go
over to the bed, and he does so. We again briefly see Louise staring and with her breasts in view. He
gets on top of her and starts kissing her body vigorously and feeling her breasts, and at times we see
her bush, breasts, and butt. She isn't happy about what's going on and repeatedly moans with
distress. Pierre urges the other men to touch her, and they touch her legs and pubic area. Louise also
has a scene outdoors with her hair all wet, fully nude, playing with Venus at the edge of a beach.
They return to their bedroom and wear their lingerie. This develops into a lesbian scene. After they
undress again, we see Louise's breasts, which Venus kisses. Louise massages her friend with a
hairbrush and they embrace. Venus holds her butt (we see in sideview close-up) and then continues
kissing Louise's breasts, then from side we see Louise's pubic hair and Louise moves the brush's
handle briefly upward in front of her own pussy, obviously very turned on. After that we see Louise
sit on top of Venus as they continue to embrace. Louise leans back, and we see a close-up of
Louise's stomach and bush while her legs are a little apart and she's holding the brush just above her
bush. In another hot scene, as classical music plays, Louise disrobes while standing in front of an
old gentleman, first revealing her pussy. Then she sits down and reveals a side view of her breasts
and lets her hair loose. She gets up out of the chair and we see her bare back and butt, then she turns
around and the camera pans down, then she turns around again to reveal her butt as the focus of our
attention. Then she quickly turns again and we see briefly her breasts and pussy and upper leg
(while her head is out of frame).

16/17 year old Florence Pernel from France (born 30 June 1962 - not 30 June 1966 as sometimes
claimed) in the French made-for-television film "Tarendol" (1980) (premiered on 25 January 1980)
She shows her breasts and buttocks in an indoor scene where she's completely naked. She also
reveals her breasts and the curves of her lower body in an outdoor scene in a body of water.

15 year old Gabriela Alves from Brazil (born 1 January 1972) in the Brazilian film "Sonhos de
Menina Moça" aka "Best Wishes" (1987) (production began in 1987)
Gabriela, who has firm A-cup breasts on a body that's typically compact for a girl her age, has a
topless scene where she is standing in a pool under a waterfall. She takes off her top and flings it at
a boy who dives in after her. She jumps around in the water for about a minute. Later, they are
returning to a house and she is still topless. An old man is waiting for her and they both walk by
him into the house.

16/17 year old Gala Videnovic from Yugoslavia (born 27 June 1969) in the Yugoslav film "Bal na
vodi" aka "Bal na wodzie" aka "Hey Babu Riba - Como nos Velhos Tempos" aka "A est suonavano
una canzone: Hey Babu Riba" aka "Hey Babu Riba" aka "Dancing in Water" (1986) (filmed in
1986; copyright date 1986)
Serbian blonde Gala plays the starring role, Mirjana ("Ester") Zivkovic. The film is about her and
four teenage boys who are all friends with her and each other. The story takes place from 1953 to
1985. She has a nice topless scene where she's lying on the grass with a guy. Both of her breasts are
seen from the front as she smiles and reaches her arm around his shoulder. They start to kiss and
soon only her left breast remains visible. She's wearing a necklace with a cross ornament. This cuts
into an indoor scene showing them continuing to make out and having intercourse, but with no
further nudity.

15 year old Gioia Scola from Italy (born 28 October 1961) in the Italian film "Suggestionata"
(1978) (Italian censor's certificate #71718 issued on 23 March 1978; released to theatres on 6 April
Gioia has dark brown hair and a mid-adolescent body. She swims nude during the opening credits.
The scene is backed by pleasant instrumental music similar in nature to the music that accompanied
Jenny Agutter's nude swim in "Walkabout". While she swims, we see the front, rear, and side of her
body, which is obviously wet and shiny. We get good views of her breasts twice when she stands up
in the water in the middle of swimming. When she has finished swimming, we see the rear view of
her body as she stands up and walks over to the shore. The perspective then shifts to a frontal view
for about 10 seconds as she continues to walk, this time directly at the camera, until she's on dry
land and the view becomes shadowed. At this point the music ends. As she walks over to where her
clothes are, we see her rear view once again. Then we see her breasts as she picks up her panties.
The camera briefly shows her pubic area (somewhat shadowed) while she puts the panties on. Next
she puts on her dress.

16 year old Glynnis O'Connor from the USA (born 19 November 1955 - not 1956 as some claim) in
the American film "Jeremy" aka "Susan and Jeremy" aka "Amor joven" aka "Proti agapi" aka
"Gençlik duygulari" (1973) (filmed during 1972; released to theatres on 1 August 1973)
Glynnis plays a ballet student who becomes the object of affection for 15-year-old Jeremy, a cellist.
In one scene, she shows part of her breast when she takes off her bra, and her nipple is very briefly
visible through the strands of her long hair. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May

17 year old Halina Perez aka Vanessa Uri from the Philippines (born 27 March 1983) in the Filipina
film "Alipin Ng Tukso" (2000) (released to theatres on 4 October 2000)
This is something of a sexy murder mystery as people are getting their throats cut at night. Roughly
6 minutes into the film, Halina shows partial nudity while posing outdoors for a painter. The side of
her body is seen, at first from a distance and then closer up. We see her left breast and part of her
buttocks. In a later scene, she washes her body and cleans her hair in the shower, and we see her
breasts from both sides, as well as briefly the curvature of her butt.

16 year old Helle Beck Figenschow from Norway (born 29 January 1974) in the Norwegian film
"Døden på Oslo S" aka "Death At Oslo C." (1990) (filmed during 1990; released to theatres on 30
August 1990)
She plays a drug-addicted girl named Lena. A mid-teen boy named Pelle falls in love with her, and
then he and his friend his friend Proffen try to save her from the drugs that are destroying her life.
Lena has a brief full-frontal nudity scene: she's totally naked as she gets into bed.

15/16 year old Helle Fagralid from Denmark (born 11 May 1976) in the Danish film "Det skaldede
spøgelse" aka "Jasper's Ghost" (1992) (production began on 21 April 1992; released to theatres on 9
October 1992)
Blonde-haired Helle plays Beatrice and has fairly small breasts. She has a scene where she's
standing topless in the river with the preteen blonde girl Mille Lehfeldt (born 8 December 1979)
who plays Penelope and is also topless but flat-chested. They splash water at each other and play
around and giggle a lot. Jasper, a preteen boy who is a friend of the girls, is watching them. After a
while, the younger girl notices his presence and talks to him.

16 year old Ina Paule Klink from Germany (born 23 December 1979) in the German made-for-
television film "Liane" (1996)
Ina, an attractive gal with dark blonde hair and green/grey eyes, plays the titular character in this
musical. And viewers see her tits several times. In the plot, she has been selected to star as the
young jungle queen 15-year-old Liane in a film. We see a man take off her bra as we watch her
breasts become exposed from the front. She's also shown wearing artificial lighter blonde hair and a
tribal outfit, but the hair partially obscures her bust so for the most part we see only her right breast
and right nipple. In another sequence, her lovely, youthful rear end is shown in an artificial jungle
set while she holds onto a vine next to a pool of water. And she's shown wet and topless in that pool
with both breasts visible from the front.

13/14 year old Inger Axö from Sweden (born 19 June 1939) in the Swedish film "Mästerdetektiven
och Rasmus" aka "Kalle Blomquist lebt gefährlich" aka "Kaikkien aikojen salapoliisi" aka "The
Master Detective and Rasmus" (1953) (released to theatres on 16 November 1953)
Playing the young teen girl Eva-Lotta Lisander, Inger is topless in a swimming scene. The
prepubescent boy whom she babysits is fully nude in the same scene.

16 year old Inma de Santis aka Inmaculada Santiago del Pino from Spain (born 24 February 1959)
in the Spanish film "Juego de amor prohibido" aka "Forbidden Love Games" aka "Giochi d'amore
proibiti" (1975) (filmed during 1975 until 17 September 1975)
Inma's character and her boyfriend are made sex slaves by their teacher. Inma has brief topless and
nude scenes in some uncut versions of the film. For instance, she is briefly topless in bed with her
boyfriend in a scene that's included in American VHS video from Million Dollar Video Corporation
and in the Spanish DVD. The Italian video tape from Empire has some of the footage that was cut
from the other releases, but is missing the fully topless scene in bed. It cuts one nipple flash as she
undresses for bed that is in the other versions, but keeps one when they are rolling around. A
significant aspect of the Italian version is that during the scene where her boyfriend and the younger
kidnapper drip wax on her back, she rolls over on her side, giving a full frontal view for one frame.
That view is not contained in the American and Spanish videos. The cover of the American video
has a still of Inma showing nice breast exposure; the image isn't contained in the video footage

14/15 year old Irena Kranjc from Yugoslavia in the Yugoslav film "Ko zorijo jagode" aka "Kad
jagode zru" (1978)
In this coming-of-age film, the very cute Slovenian Irena plays Jagoda Kopriva, a girl who's 15, and
she looks that way. Her hair is straight and reddish. The title means "When Strawberries Ripen" and
Irena sure ripened well. There is a nice nude scene. First, she admires herself in the mirror, and
raises her shirt over her head to expose both breasts from the front in the mirror's reflection. She
gets a hairpiece to pin her hair up. There follows a long shower segment filmed from the side with
long closeups of her breast and her hip with wet matted pubic hair visible from the side. We see her
breasts in the mirror again after the shower when she has a blue towel around her body. She doesn't
reveal any nudity in her masturbation scene.

17 year old Irma Huntus from Finland in the Finnish film "Milka - elokuva tabuista" aka "Milka, un
film sui tabù" (1980) (released to theatres on 19 December 1980)
Dark-haired, fair-skinned Irma plays the title character, Milka, a 14-year-old girl belonging to a
small Saami community in northern Finland. She has several issues confronting her life at the
moment. One is that her father is dead. Another is that she wants to learn all about love. As it
happens, Ojanen, an adult male fieldhand that her mother Leena hires to do haymaking for them,
comes to live with them. Milka shows nudity in six scenes. The first of those gives a nice rear view
of her walking into the water. Then she laughs while swimming with Ojanen, who's also naked. We
get glimpses of her breasts. Then he walks out of the water while she's on his back. She's still
giggling. He gets down on the ground and crawls while she's still on him. But then she falls onto the
grass, and her bush can be seen from the side for a short while. They fall silent and start getting
romantic with each other. It gets to the point where we see her feel around his penis and grip it. She
seems fascinated by it. She keeps touching it until he abruptly moves to the side with a distressed
look in his face. He pulls some grass and uses it to clean both himself and her, probably because he
had spilled some semen. While Milka lies there we see her body as far down as the upper part of her
pubic hair. Then she sits up and it becomes obvious how small her breasts are. She returns home
while her hair is still wet. Milka's mother takes Milka's shirt off, exposing both of her breasts. She's
crying and she consoles her. Milka's next nude scene is a rear view of her walking naked towards
and into a river where she washes herself. In a later indoor scene, Milka is again with her mother,
and barefoot, while Milka takes off her blouse and her undershirt herself. Then Leena takes off
Milka's brown dress so that the only thing Milka is wearing is her white knickers. Milka raises her
arms over her head, exposing her breasts for two seconds, while her mother dresses her in another
garment. We next see nudity from Milka during an lovemaking scene between her and Ojanen in a
room with a fireplace. She's giddy while she takes her shirt over her head. We see her left nipple,
and as the camera zooms out we see her right nipple too. Milka and Ojanen are standing facing each
other. He kisses her body, lifts her up by her butt (her bottom is already partway down her legs), and
moves her over to a position on the floor. We see her breasts and then her bush while she lies there,
and he takes his pants down and gets on top of her so that they can begin. While the sex is going on
we see Milka's face in close up. Their tryst causes Milka to become pregnant. But Milka's mother
had wanted to marry Ojanen. Later is a weird scene where Milka walks around in a forest totally
naked (seen from the front and rear) while everybody around her is fully dressed. She lies back,
breasts and bush in view, while some of the people rove their hands over her naked body, touching
her legs, her right breast, and especially her stomach.

16/17 year old Isabell Gerschke from Germany (born 1979) in the German made-for-television film
"Crashkids" aka "Crash Kids" (1996)
She plays 14-year-old Laura. Both of her breasts are visible as she reclines with her face and body

16 year old Isild Le Besco from France (born 22 November 1982) in the French made-for-television
film "Le Choix d'Élodie" (1999) (premiered on 3 March 1999)
Isild, as 16-year-old Élodie, is first seen topless in a sex scene as she lays on her back. Then she's
topless when she stands in front of a mirror and cups her hands under her breasts.

16 year old Isild Le Besco from France (born 22 November 1982) in the French film "Les filles ne
savent pas nager" aka "Banot Lo Sohot" aka "Girls Can't Swim" (2000) (filmed in 1999; released to
theatres on 18 October 2000)
Isild's character is Gwen. She has sex with one boy or another about every ten minutes, although we
don't see much nudity during those scenes. There's a scene where she gets in the shower, and she
provides a brief side view of her right breast and a better view of her butt. Later she shows both of
her breasts in a beach scene. We see her take down her jeans and take her yellow shirt over her
head, after which she only has on a blue bathing-suit bottom. Now that she's topless, she runs over
to the water. She meets her best friend Lise there (played by Karen Alyx) and repeatedly splashes
Lise with water until Lise walks away, after which Isild turns her back and starts swimming. Later
Gwen has sex in the bed next to Lise and is on top riding the guy, so we see her left breast from the
side, but the scene is dark. Lise tries to join in and Isild gets angry and slaps her. The film premiered
at the Montréal Film Festival on 4 September 2000.
16 year old Isild Le Besco from France (born 22 November 1982) in the French film "Sade" aka
"Sade - Segui l'Istinto" aka "Sade - Folge deiner Lust!" aka "De Sade" aka "Hakkinbon" (2000)
(filmed in 1999; released to theatres on 23 August 2000)
Isild plays a 17-year-old virgin named Emilie de Lancris in late-18th century France. Her mother
warns her to stay away from the strange old man Marquis de Sade, but she doesn't heed her advice,
visiting his residence often. In Isild's nude scene, in which Sade gives her a sexual awakening, Sade
carries her over to a low-lying bed and then undresses her, first revealing her breasts, then her bush,
both of which are displayed several times during the scene. She looks scared. We simultaneously
see her breasts and full bush and the uppermost part of her genitals while her legs are closed. Then a
younger guy, a groundskeeper, kneels down between her legs and touches and kisses her body. After
he adjusts the position of her legs, we briefly see a close-up of her bush between her parted legs.
Then we see her breasts again as he kisses down her body until he gets to her pubic area, which is
not in sight. Next we see her bush in closeup from the side as Sade pushes the other guy's head
aside and places his own hand on her pussy and slips his fingers into her slit. She starts to breathe
heavier. Then Sade takes his fingers out and moves them to on top of her bush. His middle finger
now has some wetness on it. (Some reviewers believe that the two shots showing her bush being
touched in closeup show a body double rather than Isild's body, but there is no evidence for that.)
Isild also has a time when she reads part of Sade's manuscript and then plays with herself while
parts of her bush, butt, and breasts are visible.

17 year old Izabella Scorupco from Sweden (born 4 June 1970) in the Swedish film "Ingen kan
älska som vi" aka "Only We Can Love Like This" aka "Tylko my umiemy tak kochac'" (1988)
(released to theatres on 12 August 1988)
In this romantic boy-meets-girl film, Izabella, playing Annelie, has a tender love scene with her on-
screen boyfriend Johnny in which she exposes her breasts. At first she's wearing her bra and panties
as they start to make out. Then he kisses her breast area. Next she lifts up her bra and even though
it's rather dim we can see her breasts, especially the left one. He licks her left nipple. Then she takes
her bra back down and they lie back on bed, her on top.

16 year old Janina Flieger from Germany (born 22 August 1982) in the German made-for-television
film "Unschuldige Biester" (1999) (premiered on 6 October 1999)
Playing Laura, she follows another girl in taking off her robe and entering a sauna room. (The third
girl keeps her t-shirt on.) Once in the sauna room Laura is reclining up top. We see her butt in
profile and her left breast from the side. She has a sweet face and voice and a nice body.

13/14 year old Janne Drücker from Germany (born 22 September 1981) in the German made-for-
television film "Der Richter und das Mädchen" (1996) (filmed during 1995; premiered on 9
February 1996 on the German public TV channel "arte")
She plays a 13-year-old girl named Sandra Köhler. In a shower scene at the start of the film, we see
her butt and side views of her breasts. A man in his 40s befriends Sandra's mother. He becomes
sexually attracted to Sandra and acts upon this attraction farther than is wise.

13 year old Jaroslava Schallerová from Czechoslovakia (born 25 April 1956) in the
Czechoslovakian film "Valerie a týden divu" aka "Valerie and Her Week of Wonders" aka "Valeria y
la semana de las maravillas" aka "Valérie au pays des merveilles" aka "Le fantasie di una
tredicenne" aka "Waleria i tydzien' cudów" (1970) (filmed during 1969; released to theatres on 16
October 1970)
Adorable red-haired Jaroslava plays 13-year-old Valerie, a 19th-century girl in the midst of puberty.
The film has a dream-like quality with many strange happenings that can seem confusing. Valerie
experiences her first menstruation while she's living at her grandmother's house. Soon, a vampire
and a strange priest prey upon her nubile body and emerging sexuality, and even familiar people
like her grandmother turn evil (she wants Valerie's blood so she can become young again, while the
vampire wants the blood as a means to extend his life). In one scene, the priest tries to rape Valerie
in her bedroom. She tells the evil priest, who exclaimed "What breasts you have!", to "Go away!".
Both of her breasts are visible briefly four times because her top is off her shoulders and down her
arms. Shortly after this scene, Valerie lets her shirt fall open again, such that her left breast is fully
visible while most of her right breast is obscured by a curtain. Her last nude scene in the film is an
undressing sequence taking place in her bedroom. Valerie drops her dress, giving us a full rear view
of her body. Then she curls up in the bed and we briefly see her right breast and nipple.

13 year old Jaroslava Schallerová from Czechoslovakia (born 25 April 1956) in the Hungarian film
"Szép lányok, ne sírjatok!" (1970) (filmed after "Valerie a týden divu")
Jaroslava plays a girl who's dating a guy that has a bit of a wandering eye and kisses other girls. A
music producer takes a liking to Jaroslava and seduces her, causing her boyfriend to chase after her
and get more serious about their relationship. Jaroslava has a bra scene when her boyfriend tries to
have sex with her where we see part of one areola but not the nipple. Later, when she's with the
music producer, she takes off her shirt as we watch from a rear perspective, then she turns a little to
the side, allowing us to see one breast in profile. Afterwards, we get a long shot of her nude from
the back lying in bed, with the camera starting at her foot and working up to her head, then
returning to the middle of her body. We only see the top half of her butt and a brief glimpse of her
breast from the side.

16/17 year old Jennifer Lauret from France (born 1 January 1980) in the French film "Une femme
très très très amoureuse" (1997) (production began in December 1995; filmed starting in July 1996;
released to theatres on 7 August 1997)
Jennifer plays the part of Judith. She appears topless while standing and while reclining.

16 year old Jennifer Ulrich from Germany (born 18 October 1984) in the German film "Große
Mädchen weinen nicht" aka "Meninas Não Choram" aka "Mi vida empieza hoy" aka "Las niñas
grandes no lloran" aka "Bitter Sweet" aka "Big Girls Don't Cry" aka "Big girls don't cry - La vita
comincia oggi" (2002) (production lasted from 17 July 2001 to 10 September 2001; released to
theatres on 24 October 2002)
Jennifer is an attractive blonde playing a teenager named Yvonne. We see her on a video that's
watched in fast-forward by a policewoman. Yvonne does a strip tease for some porn videographer
who exploits teenage girls. It's a frustrating scene because it's shown sped-up, and it's on a
television set which is itself filmed for the movie, but if you view it frame-by-frame it's good
because after she takes off her bra and thong you can see her great body completely, including both
breasts and her pubic area while she faces the camera. Most of her pubic hair has been shaved off.
The film debuted at the San Sebastián Film Festival on 22 September 2002.

16 year old Judith Godrèche from France (born 23 March 1972) in the French film "Un été
d'orages" aka "Stormy Summer" (1989) (released to theatres on 21 June 1989)
She plays 16 year old Laurence. She has a scene where she's topless on a hillside next to a shirtless
boy. Her breasts are seen while reclining and while sitting up.

16 year old Judith Godrèche from France (born 23 March 1972) in the French film "La fille de
quinze ans" aka "The 15 Year Old Girl" (1989) (filmed during 1988; released to theatres on 13
September 1989)
She stands topless after she takes off her shirt to prepare for sex with a man. They embrace and kiss
and fall on the bed. Then they're seen in bed as he kisses her breast region and holds his hand on the
edge of her left breast, the shape and nipple of which are quite easy to see, then they embrace some
17 year old Judith Godrèche from France (born 23 March 1972) in the French film "La
Désenchantée" aka "The Disenchanted" (1990) (filmed in 1989; released to theatres on 31 October
This is a short scene where brunette Judith, playing 17-year-old schoolgirl Beth, walks full-frontally
nude into the living room, as we see reflected in a mirror.

14 year old Julia Brendler from East Germany (born 26 February 1975) in the East German film
"Verbotene Liebe" ("Forbidden Love") (1989)
The nude scenes are only contained in the uncut version of this film. Brendler is a pretty brunette
who plays the role of Barbara Behrendt, the 13-year-old girlfriend of 18-year-old Georg. They
began their secret relationship when she was only 12 and he was 16. The two come from feuding
families. Barbara's parents find out about the relationship and get Georg charged with sexual abuse
of an underage girl. Now Georg faces a trial by court. The film raises issues about whether love
should trump statutory rape laws. In one scene, Brendler takes off her top until she's topless,
admiring herself in the mirror. In a later scene, taking place in an old house, she takes off all her
clothes and we see her nude from the rear. Then her nude boyfriend approaches and she turns
around. He puts his hand on her left breast (which we see briefly in close-up) and he caresses the
side of her body, then they kiss and hug. As they embrace we see her full body nude from the back.
Then it's raining and she runs outside into the rain. He follows her, picks her up and spins her, and
carries her away.

16 year old Julie Delpy from France (born 21 December 1969) in the French-Italian film "La
Passion Béatrice" aka "The Passion of Beatrice" aka "Quarto comandamento" aka "La pasión de
Beatriz" aka "Strasti po Beatris" aka "Intohimojen keskiaika" aka "Die Passion der Beatrice" (1987)
(released to theatres on 11 November 1987)
In this rather sad film set in 14th-century France, Julie plays Béatrice de Cortemart, a nobleman's
daughter. She has a cute, rounded adolescent body and a fragile-looking face. In her first nude
scene, she displays full-frontal nudity when she frantically moves around some furniture in a room.
The next time we see her nude it's after she has been raped by her father. She stands frontally nude
behind a cauldron with a burning fire. We see her breasts and bush as she vigorously wipes her
pussy with a washcloth. She places the cloth on her pussy three times to wipe it in a forward and
upward direction. During the last wiping we briefly see her labia majora. Then she throws the cloth
into the fire, retrieves an article of clothing, bunches that clothing into a ball, and throws the
clothing into the fire too. Then the camera slowly moves in for a closeup of her face. Later comes
another scene where she displays full-frontal nudity between undressing and dressing, but her face
is painted in an unattractive way. Her last nudity comes in two shots when she's washing herself in a
round tub; during the first of these, she's talking with a preteen girl who's dressed and standing
beside the tub. Both of Béatrice's breasts are visible as she bathes both times. The film premiered in
New York City on 18 March 1987.

16/17 year old Julie Durand from France in the French-Luxembourgish film "Du poil sous les
roses" aka "¿Qué diablos es el sexo?" aka "Kuumetta nivusissa" aka "När knoppar brister" (2000)
(released to theatres on 1 November 2000)
The movie is a humorous coming-of-age film known for having crude dialogues (the characters
speak like real teenagers). Julie plays a girl of 14 and 15 years of age named Raudoudou who
complains that her breasts aren't the same size, frequently has erotic dreams, and wants to lose her
virginity. She and a 15-year-old guy named Romain gradually ease themselves into a relationship.
At the end she tries to have sex with her friend Romain, but he messes it up. They're in bed together
during the daytime. He's shirtless but with his underwear on. She's totally nude. We catch a glimpse
of her left nipple while they kiss, and we also see her pubic hair both from afar and at close range
while her friend kisses her body all the way down to where her pubic hair is. After that we see
Julie's butt under the shower while her back is turned to the camera. Julie's age was reported to be
17 as of around the time of the film's release in the November 2000 issue of DS Magazin in the
article "L'envie en rose: Julie Durand" by Alexandre Lazerges as well as in a 2000 issue of Le
Nouvel Observateur in the article "Jolie môme" by Elodie Lepage.

17 year old Kana Ito from Japan (born 28 July 1984) in the Hong Kong-Japanese film "Jin shi pei
yu, xiang gang qing ye" aka "Kanzen naru shiiku - honkon jôya" aka "Perfect Education 3" (2002)
(released to theatres on 1 April 2002)
Kana plays Ai Narushima, a high school girl, and has several scenes where she displays much of her
beautiful teenaged body, though never her pubic area. A Chinese taxi driver named Bo kidnaps her
because of his loneliness. After failing to escape from his control she falls in love with him and
starts to actually want to live with him. In her first nude scene she's topless while the man cleans her
by splashing and pouring water on her and brushing the front and back of her body. He brushes both
of her breasts aggressively. She doesn't like his lack of gentleness. The next time we see her breasts
it's in an even worse context: out in a field where she's screaming and kicking while he tears off her
shirt, kisses her body against her will, and rapes her. After the nature of the relationship between the
man and the girl changes, the nude scenes get sexier and more pleasant to watch. One day we see
her daydreaming and rolling around in bed, and at one point she lifts her shirt to expose her breasts
to the camera from a distance, until she covers them again. Her next bathing session is a lot more
fun than the first one was. She takes her shirt over her head and exposes both breasts from the front.
Then the perspective changes and we see the back of her body as she's taking her shorts down her
leg, exposing her full buttocks. Then she sits down in front of the container of hot steaming water,
and we see her body from the right side (including both breasts, her right leg, and her right foot) as
she pours water over herself. Then we see her from the front, again with her breasts visible, as she
touches her wet hair. After shifting back to seeing her from the side we see her pour more water
over herself. Then comes a closer up view while she touches her right breast, followed by panning
down to show her butt. Next we see the front of her body as she again touches her right breast. She
and the man start sleeping together consentually. In a good love scene she lies back on a pink bed,
with her breasts exposed, while the man massages her breasts and kisses her stomach and breasts,
and she makes continuous noises of delight. He's lying on top of her and gradually moves his body
to align better with hers and be ready to begin missionary position sex. Her nipples are nice and
erect. After their lovemaking has finished, we see them resting together naked in the bed, with his
arms around her and her breasts and legs visible.

14 year old Kareen Schröter from East Germany in the East German film "Sieben Sommersprossen"
aka "Seven Freckles" (1978) (released to theatres in October 1978)
This film broke taboos by showing the real sexual feelings and nudity of a girl of 14. Kareen, a fair-
skinned, freckle-faced sweetie with bright reddish hair, plays 14-year-old Karoline. She knew a boy
named Robert (Robbi) when they were young children. Now they're adolescents and fall in love
with each other when they meet up again at summer camp. One day they spend time alone by a
lake. They get naked and walk over to the lake. Karoline's butt and left breast are seen while she
walks. In the sequence that follows, they swim in the nude and become comfortable with each
others' nudity. Robert gets in the water first and starts swimming, then he looks back. The shot
changes to show Karoline, who just got in the water, with her breasts briefly exposed from the front.
She starts swimming to where he is, and they keep swimming until she stops and puts a green
lilypad on top of her cute head. She starts swimming again, and we get a vague view of her butt
through the water. Then they head back to the shore and stand up. They're still nude, of course.
They jump with glee through a grassy meadow. We see Karoline's butt and both of her breasts, and
her full bush is seen when she goes full-frontal twice. Then Robert lifts and carries her as she
smiles, and while she's being carried we see her left breast, her butt, and a hint of the magical place
between her legs. Next, we see the two youngsters relaxing together on the grass in a sequence
lasting about a minute and a half. They look adorable together! Her right upper leg is raised up and
blocks her bush from view during the whole sequence. First we see her tender right breast and its
light pink areola, then her left breast comes into view, but only with the right breast is the full nipple
and areola seen. He touches between her breasts, tracing a heart shape. They also touch hands. He
kisses her, then they both talk a bit. Then he kisses her again while he puts his left hand on her right
shoulder, during which time his arm is in contact with her right nipple. Then she says some more
words and he moves his arm, which makes it go across her nipple, such that the nipple becomes
exposed to us again. He responds to her. When she talks again we get treated to a wonderful closeup
shot of her face and upper body, and now her left nipple's point can be seen too. The camera moves
up a bit as he traces a finger between her breasts again and talks more. Then she says something and
gently touches his nose with her finger. He kisses her neck while she closes her eyes, then he lifts
up again and she talks again. Because he's ready for sex, he gets his whole body right on top of her
for about 6 seconds until she pushes him off. After that, he sits up while she still lays there, and she
says some things, and both of her breasts are again visible. Then he lunges back at her and starts to
make out with her again. Unfortunately they discover afterwards that someone has stolen their
clothes. Also, this is not a straightforward love story, since there are barriers to their love along the
way. Robert, who's 15 according to the story, is played by Harald Rathmann, who was indeed 15 at
the time, and his penis and buttocks are visible at times.

15/16 year old Kareen Schröter from East Germany in the East German film "Und nächstes Jahr am
Balaton" aka "Príští rok na Balatonu" aka "Na budúci rok na Balatóne" (1980) (released to theatres
on 4 July 1980)
Jonas is the boyfriend of Ines. The two of them join Ines's parents on a train. They intend to have a
vacation trip to Lake Balaton, but they never get there, and in fact they unintentionally get separated
from each other. Jonas meets a young Dutch woman whose name is Shireen (played by Kareen).
Shireen goes backpacking/hitchhiking with Jonas off and on while on their way to Balaton. They
have become friends and while sitting beside the road he tries to kiss her and she pushes him away.
She walks off into a field, and he follows. She drops her bag then takes off her jeans. She is wearing
a button front shirt and we see her bush below the shirt tails as she stands spreading out her clothes
in a circle. Then she takes off her shirt and is fully nude. She keeps walking around arranging her
clothes, so we see her fully nude from all sides for about a minute. She tells him to take off his
clothes and he does, and she spreads his clothes in the circle too. Then she tells him to come to her
and they kiss. Next he is top of her kissing her, but after a while he rolls off her, then they both sit
up. They didn't actually reach the point of having sex. The whole scene lasts about 3 or 4 minutes.
Now let's fast-forward to Shireen's second nude scene. When they get to Balaton they set up a tent
near the water. Jonas's original girlfriend (Ines) is nearby and one of her friends finds his watch. She
starts looking for him and finds him in the tent naked with Kareen. When she opens the tent we see
Kareen's breast at a distance. The girl dives into the tent and we hear fighting and see the tent
moving. Jonas comes running out naked and the two girls follow. The girls start fighting, with
Kareen fully nude but trying to cover herself with a towel. A boy tries to break up the fight, and
then a dozen other boys and young men show up to break up the fight, which just makes the fight
bigger until the police arrive. The fight scene lasts maybe 3 minutes and during it we see all of
Kareen naked again. Compared to how she looked in "Sieben Sommersprossen" two years earlier,
her breasts have grown and her hips too, as she has a full womanly figure. Physically she could pass
for 22 or 23, though her face still has adolescent characteristics.

15 year old Karin Huldt from Sweden (born 21 September 1979) in the Swedish-Danish film "Lust
och fägring stor" aka "All Things Fair" aka "Lærerinden" aka "Zycie jest piekne" aka "Všechno je,
jak má být" aka "Love Lessons" (1995) (released to theatres on 3 November 1995)
Pale-skinned, reddish-haired, small-breasted Karin plays a 15-year-old schoolgirl named Lisbet.
She falls in love with her neighbour, 15-year-old Stig, who stops having a relationship with his
adulterous female teacher (Viola, 37) after he reciprocates Lisbet's advances. In Karin's first nude
scene, she's alone with Stig in a bedroom and tries to seduce him. She stands and pulls her red dress
over her head and shows her breasts, but Stig doesn't want sex with her just yet. Her body is seen
from the front. In an untrimmed version of this scene, she also briefly shows her pubic hair. After he
rejects her, she puts her dress back on. In a later scene, Karin's character is shown topless from the
front as she changes clothes in the locker room at her school. (The U.S. release of this film cut most
of her nudity out.)

14/15 year old Karolina Lutczyn from Poland (born 11 December 1975) in the Polish film
"Tajemnice puszczy" aka "Mysteries of the Forest" aka "The Secret of a Wild Forest" (1991)
Blonde Karolina plays a girl pretending to be a boy, probably to keep from getting raped by some
local hunters. She befriends a real boy. In her nude scene she is in the bathroom and he peeks
through the keyhole and sees her nude from the waist up.

16 year old Katharina Schüttler from Germany (born 20 October 1979) in the German made-for-
television film "Der Schrei der Liebe" (1997) (filmed during 1996; premiered on 5 March 1997 on
the German public TV network ARD)
Katharina has reddish-brown hair and plays Lara Behrend. She falls in love with a boy named
Yannis, who turns out to be a male stripper. Lara exposes her breasts two times. On the first
occasion, she's in her bedroom with Yannis and she takes off her shirt, exposing her small breasts
from the front. They have noticeably puffy nipples. Then Yannis embraces her, but soon her father
opens the door. Later in the film, she's once again in her room with her boyfriend Yannis. This time
he's the one undressing her. He takes her bottom off, then her top, after which she's only wearing a
bra and panties. Then he takes down the bra and we briefly see her left breast, including its nipple,
from the side. They start making out and breathing heavily, but her father hears what's going on,
approaches the room, and forceably removes Yannis.

16 year old Katharina Schüttler from Germany (born 20 October 1979) in the German made-for-
television film "Ausgerastet" (1997) (filmed during 1996; premiered on 18 April 1997 on the
French and German public TV channel "arte"; later released to video)
She plays a 17-year-old girl named Anne and has two nude scenes. In the first one, she starts out
dancing to an English-language pop tune ("Sick and Tired" by the Cardigans) in front of her little
sister, who takes photos of her in the moments when she stands still. At first, Anne is wearing a
towel. Then she cheerfully takes her towel off and we see her small breasts with their large, puffy
areolas from the front for about 2-3 seconds. There is also, but just barely, a glimpse at the topmost
of her bush. After Anne is nude, her sister takes one last photo! In a later scene, Anne is with a boy
and they start taking off their clothes. We see the side of her left breast when she raises her shirt
over her head. Soon the two youths are feeling so hot for each other that they have sex! She's on top
of him while they kiss and have intercourse in cowgirl position. He also touches her reddish-brown
hair. We see both of her breasts from the front during the action. He starts breathing heavily and
now we see her left breast from the side. After he has reached orgasm, we briefly see her left breast
from the front and they kiss some more. Since her breasts are hanging down during the sex scene,
they don't look as flat here as they did in the first scene.

14/15 year old Katty Loisel (born 1 October 1986) in the French-Belgian made-for-television film
"Les Inséparables" (2001) (premiered on 14 February 2001)
Katty is young-looking and plays 15-year-old Marie. A 15-year-old boy named Eric gets playful
with Marie in bed and tears the buttons of Marie's pink pajama top, so it pops open. This fully
exposes Marie's breasts while she's lying on her back, and we briefly see her areolas and nipples
from the front. Marie lies still until Eric kisses her.

16 year old Katia Sourzac from France (born 13 December 1979) in the French made-for-television
film "Parisien tête de chien" (1996) (filmed in 1996; premiered in 1996 on the French public
television network "France 3")
She plays Maya Monestier in this drama. She has a scene where she's standing wearing white
panties but her tits are fully exposed while she faces the camera.

13 year old Katja Bienert from West Germany (born 1 September 1966) in the Spanish film
"Eugenie (Historia de una perversión)" aka "Lolita am Scheideweg" aka "Wicked Memoirs of
Eugenie" aka "Erotismo" (1980)
Katja, playing Eugenie Tanner, reveals her ample womanly breasts with their large areolas several
times, as well as her pubic hair. Her father allows an older man and his wife to have Eugenie stay
over at their house for a weekend. The man is sexually attracted to Eugenie, and he and his wife spy
on her whenever she's naked, which is quite often. Her first nude scene comes early on when she is
getting out of a pool. She shows full-frontal nudity as she emerges, then we see her butt as she
walks into a shower to wash her hands and body. Later is a scene where she's sunbathing nude on a
rooftop. She also enjoys playing with herself, so there are scenes where she touches herself with a
teddy bear and dolls, and her breasts are visible while she does it. Soon, Eugenie participates in the
couple's erotic activities. There's a hot scene where Eugenie is about to lose her virginity to the man.
It is filmed by way of closeups of her lips, eyes, breasts, and bush. Among other things, one of
Eugenie's breasts is licked for a long time by the woman's tongue, and that's followed by the woman
touching the other breast with her hand. Next, she slowly takes off Eugenie's panties while walking
her fingers down her bush. After the panties are out of the picture, she touches the bush some more.
All this touching gets Eugenie excited. There is also a scene where she's topless while getting
whipped. The last scene shows Eugenie fully nude. First she's curled up in bed and we see her butt
courtesy of mirror reflections. She wakes up, and the camera moves away from the mirrors. Now
we see her shadowed frontal nudity. She goes to the edge of the bed, then leaves the bedroom and
walks around. We see her breasts and bush as she walks towards the camera, heading over to the
beach. She destroys the sand sculptures that are there. (The sculptures portray nude human figures.)
We see her butt when she's finished wrecking them and walks towards the water. Then she walks
away from the water and goes out of the frame.

13 year old Katja Bienert from West Germany (born 1 September 1966) in the Spanish-West
German film "Linda" aka "The Story of Linda" aka "Linda, de stoeipoes" aka "Linda, Die Nackten
Superhexen vom Rio Amore" aka "The Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore" aka "Captive
Women" aka "Orgía de ninfómanas" aka "Orgy of the Nymphomaniacs" (1980)
Katja is a brunette who looks much older than her real age. She plays a girl named Linda. In a
lesbian scene, Katja's character talks about sex with an older blonde girl who gets naked first. Katja
takes off her white nightgown. When the blonde gets up from the bed, she goes over to where Katja
is and says "...and the more he caresses you, the more you want" while untieing and pulling down
Katja's panties from a rear view. She then touches Katja's breasts and says "Your senses tingle. You
begin to feel warm all over your body." Katja turns around and shows her breasts. Then they hug
and kiss each other. The camera pans down the lengths of their bodies while they're embracing.
Then Katja goes to the bed and lies down on it. The blonde says "His kisses will drive you...crazy"
and kisses Katja's body and repeatedly sucks on Katja's right nipple in closeup-view. Katja starts
breathing heavily and says "I feel warm". The blonde claims "Everybody is bisexual" and kisses
down the length of Katja's body while Katja's unobstructed breasts are both in view. Then the
blonde speaks of a boy "penetrating you" as she kisses around Katja's pubic region while Katja's
whole body is in view, after which comes a close-up shot of the blonde's head against Katja's body.
Then the camera shows this cunnilingus activity (never explicitly) going on in a mirror. The camera
next switches its focus again and we see Katja's pubic hair briefly while the oral sex is going on.
Katja keeps moaning with ecstasy and we get good look at her breasts again. Soon the blonde stops
the cunnilingus and kisses Katja's mouth again and then goes down the length of her body again. In
a later scene, Katja is nude at a beach standing in the water with her nude boyfriend. The guy takes
Katja down onto the water (which is shallow) while they're both laughing, and they play around.
She asks "What are you doing?" and he gets into position to have intercourse with her and simulates
copulation between her legs. They continue rolling around and kissing while having sex.
14/15 year old Katja Bienert from West Germany (born 1 September 1966) in the Spanish film "El
lago de las vírgenes" aka "La isla de las vírgenes" (1981) (filmed during 1981)
Katja's character (Paula) and two friends run around topless in loincloths for most of the film.

15/16 year old Katja Bienert aka "Katja Wiener" from West Germany (born 1 September 1966) in
the Spanish film "El tesoro de la diosa blanca" aka "Treasure of the White Goddess" aka "Afrikan
saalistajat" aka "O Thisavros tis lefkis theas" aka "Mondo Kannibalen" aka "Mondo cannibale
4.Teil: Nackt unter Wilden" aka "Les Diamants du Kilimanjaro" aka "Diamonds of Kilimandjaro"
(1983) (mostly filmed in summer 1982; released to theatres on 3 June 1983)
This time she's credited as Katja Wiener and plays a girl named Diana. She appears topless during
almost all of the film. The plot takes place in the African jungle but it was filmed on the Canary

14/15 year old Katya Berger aka Katja Berger from West Germany (born 1966 - not 1964 as some
claim) in the Italian-French film "Storie di ordinaria follia" aka "Tales of Ordinary Madness" aka
"Conte de la folie ordinaire" aka "Ganz normal verrückt" aka "Erotikes Istories kathimerines trelas"
(1981) (Italian censor's certificate #77045 issued on 11 September 1981; released to theatres on 11
September 1981)
Katya is a lovely brunette with a well-rounded adolescent body playing an anonymous "girl on the
beach". At the end of the film, she's standing at a beach in front of an older man named Charles
Serking. Katya askes Charles about the source of poetry. Charles says that if she takes off her
clothes he'll make up a poem for her. Katya takes her blue top off over her head, then takes off her
blue bottom, and we see her breasts during her undressing. She walks backward while he stares at
her nude body. We see Katya standing full-frontally nude and barefoot for about 10 seconds,
stationary at first but then walking back towards him. Charles says some words about painters,
poets, musicians, and novelists. When she approaches him again, we see her topless from the side.
He touches her breasts, then reaches down and kisses her stomach. He holds her body for a
sustained period and eventually we see both breasts from a distance again. This film was shot in the

15 year old Katya Berger aka Katja Berger from West Germany (born 1966 - not 1964 as some
claim) in the Italian film "Nana" aka "Nana, the True Key of Pleasure" aka "Nana: La vera chiave
del piacere" aka "Nana: Le désir" aka "Nana, ilotyttö" (1982)
Katya plays the titular role of Nana, a prostitute working in a Victorian-era brothel in Paris. She
looks exquisite here with her well-groomed brown hair, her thick brown pubic hair, her shapely
butt, and her youthful face and breasts. She shows her nudity often in the uncut original version.
Very early in the film, Nana takes off her gown and climbs into a tub. Both of Nana's wet breasts are
seen as she sits in the tub washing herself. Meanwhile, a brothel employee named Gérard is
watching Nana, and an older woman adds water to the tub and is annoyed by Gérard's presence in
the room. Nana thinks Gérard is handsome, but the woman says that doesn't matter since he has
nearly no money ("He hasn't got a sou!") and Nana should only be smiling at rich men. Nana next
appears nude in a black-and-white film being played in the brothel's theatre. In it, a painter is about
to paint naked Nana in a field. He keeps adjusting the scene, then he kisses her, and soon he
undresses himself and gets on top of her and simulates intercourse. Nana's breasts and curvature
below the waist are seen. In the next scene of this film-within-a-film, they're in a more secluded
spot near some trees, and she sits topless as the guy makes out with her. In this second scene, she
has her stockings and lower undergarments on. Later, it's back to reality as some older men look at
Nana through peepholes in the wall. Nana's butt and right breast, and then her lower frontal nudity,
are shown to us through the peephole, while she's standing. Then she sits down and reveals full-
frontal nudity with both breasts in view as she strokes her black rabbit. Then she stands up holding
the rabbit. Now a young blond man is roaming through the hallways peering through various
peepholes and seeing a woman walking naked past him. Meanwhile Nana puts her rabbit down on a
table so that she can powder her face. After she powders herself, she gently powders the rabbit's
face too. Soon the young blond man is looking through a peephole into Nana's room as Nana is in
the company of an older man. Through the peephole we see Nana's butt, then her full-frontal nudity.
At one point, her breasts bounce as she quickly walks into view. The man touches her body and then
guides her to a chair where he gets very excited and kisses and feels her all over, while we get a
good view of her left breast. (There are also some non-nude scenes where various male customers
have simulated intercourse with Nana between her spread legs but in those her breasts and pubic
region can't be seen.) Some time later there's a magic show, and the magician lifts Nana's rabbit up
to show the audience. Then he hands the rabbit back to Nana, and Nana smiles and pets the rabbit
while we see her left breast and her legs. The magician then tells Nana to smile for the camera, and
there's a big explosion of smoke. Nana is still there, but the rabbit has disappeared! There is next a
scene where Nana is briefly topless as she dances for an Arab customer. In her next nude scene,
Nana is in the company of the young blond man who had earlier witnessed her charms through the
peephole. She's wearing a robe but has nothing underneath. She lifts her left leg and places it on the
chair in front of him. He looks and says "I adore you". There follows a two-and-a-half-second
close-up of Nana's pubic area and upper left leg. During this close-up, the left side of Nana's body
isn't covered by the robe but the right half of her bush and her right leg are hidden behind the robe.
During this brief but very sexy shot, she adjusts her position a bit to reveal more of her bush,
including the part at the bottom of the triangle between her legs. Nana tells the guy that it means
nothing to her that he adores her, since all men who've ever been in her presence have adored her.
She asks the guy if he would marry her, but he can't accept her invitation since he's already engaged
to be married to another girl. In a lesbian scene later in the film, Nana is resting in bed and we see
her breasts while Satin (her real-life older half-sister, Debra Berger) touches her hands between
Nana's breasts and slides towards her pubic area, gently caressing her. Then we see Nana's bush and
lower legs. They kiss and embrace and we see Nana's bush again. Near the end of the film, Nana is
in a horse-drawn carriage. The upper part of her dress isn't held together in the middle. She flashes
her breasts at the young blond guy, first showing her left breast, then her right breast, then both
breasts at the same time. The carriage drives off, and the guy climbs in and kisses her. We see
partial breast exposure from her, then he kisses her nipples. The fact that Katya was 15 was stated
("quindici anni") in the December 1982 issue of Playmen magazine.

15/16 year old Kimberly Cameron from the USA (born 27 September 1962) in the American film
"H.O.T.S." aka "Hoje e Ontem Tudo Sexo" aka "H.O.T.S. - Scharfe Miezen" aka "American Teens"
aka "American Teens (H.O.T.S.)" (1979) (U.S. Copyright Office lists creation date as 1978,
publication date as 11 May 1979, and copyright registration date as 10 September 1979)
She's seen running topless in the background of a football game.

16/17 year old Kirsten Baker from the USA (born 7 April 1962) in the American film "Gas Pump
Girls" aka "Die Mädchen von der Tankstelle" aka "Bensa-aseman pimut" aka "Benzinci kizlar"
(1979) (released to theatres on 28 June 1979 or 15 December 1979)
Short-haired Norwegian-born blonde Kirsten plays a teen named June. Early in the film, her small
breasts are seen when her gown (and those of her friends) is ripped off during her high school
graduation and all she has on underneath are her panties. She's standing on the left of the screen,
next to larger-breasted Sandy Johnson. Later, she and her friends start working at her uncle's gas
station after her uncle falls ill. They come up with the great idea of serving the customers while

13 year old Kleopatra Rota from Greece in the Greek film "Mikres Aphrodites" aka "Young
Aphrodites" aka "Junge Aphroditen" aka "Petites Aphrodites" aka "Simadi Tis Afroditis" aka "Sign
of Aphrodite" aka "Little Aphrodite" (1963) (released to theatres in October 1963)
In this tale set in ancient Greece, Kleopatra plays 12 year old Chloe, who becomes the love interest
of a young shephard boy. She wears a loose tunic and there are several brief exposures of her
breasts and nipples from the front, and some other breast exposures from the side, plus more
exposures when she crawls and bends over. The film is in black-and-white.

14 year old Lara Wendel aka Daniela Rachele Barnes from Italy (born 29 March 1965) in the Italian
film "La dramma borghese" aka "Mimi" aka "Ein Bürgerliches Drama" (1979) (Italian censor's
certificate #73883 issued on 31 July 1979; released to theatres on 31 August 1979)
Lara plays Mimmina (Mimi), a teenaged girl who's attracted to her father. She spends most of the
film in a sheer nightgown and we can see her nipples through the fabric. She exposes her breasts
several times. Once, she changes from a shirt to her nightgown. Another time, her gown opens
when she's sleeping. We also see her breasts while she examines them in bed and in the mirror. She
also fondles her breasts while masturbating in a long scene where she is in bed with her father, who
is wide-awake and scared to do anything.

15 year old Lara Wendel aka Daniela Rachele Barnes from Italy (born 29 March 1965) in the
Italian-West German film "Desideria: La vita interiore" aka "Desideria" aka "Desire, The Interior
Life" (1980) (Italian censor's certificate #75562 issued on 22 August 1980; released to theatres on
26 August 1980)
Lara plays a heavy girl named Desideria whose mother harrasses her. She attempts suicide and is
sent to hospital. During her recovery she loses weight and starts to hate her mother. She afterwards
uses her budding sexuality to trouble her mother. Most of Desideria's nudity in the film is supplied
by a body double, Lori Del Santo, who is named in the German edition of Lui's issue Nr. 9 of 1980.
A noteworthy exception is the second scene that shows nudity from the character Desideria. In it,
she's dressing for a party. She opens her robe and drops it and is wearing only her panties, and we
see both of her breasts from the front. Her mother puts a dress on over her head. We see Lara
Wendel's face throughout the scene, and there are no cutaways or camera tricks, so we definitely
witness Lara's own breasts.

16 year old Lara Wendel aka Daniela Rachele Barnes from Italy (born 29 March 1965) in the Italian
film "Il falco e la colomba" aka "The Hawk and the Dove" aka "El halcon y la paloma" aka
"September Morning" aka "Straße der Angst" aka "Nuxta katharmaton" aka "Høgen og duen"
(1981) (Italian censor's certificate #76875 issued on 31 July 1981; released to theatres on 8 August
Her character, Viva Montero, has an affair with a middle-aged man. Under blue light she exposes
her breasts whilst resting in bed in the company of the man. We get to see her nice breasts from
several camera angles. The man gets undressed and starts kissing her and touches her breasts. Later,
he's in bed with her and she gets up and out, and we see her nude from the side. She puts on a skirt
but remains topless.

14 year old Laura Drasbæk from Denmark (born 22 December 1974) in the Danish film "Lad
isbjørnene danse" aka "Låt isbjörnana dansa" aka "Dance of the Polar Bears" aka "Laß die Eisbären
tanzen" aka "De dans van de isberen" aka "Jääkarhutanssi" (1990) (released to theatres on 5
February 1990)
A 12-year-old boy named Lasse moves in with his mother and her new lover. His stepfather has a
daughter, Lollo, played by Laura. Lasse meets Lollo when he goes into the bathroom while she is
taking a bath. She is cute and not at all shy as she exposes her breasts repeatedly in the scene.

14 year old Laura Martel from France in the French made-for-television film "Le surdoué" (1997)
(filmed during 1996; premiered on 20 January 1997)
Laura, playing Judith, lowers her towel to show her breasts to a 12-year-old boy named Vincent
(played by Anthony Decadi). Then she takes the towel the rest of the way off, lies on top of him,
and kisses him.
15 year old Laura-Charlotte Syniawa from Germany (born 14 May 1985) in the German made-for-
television film "Riekes Liebe" (2001) (filmed from 20 February 2001 to the end of March 2001;
premiered on 29 October 2001 on ZDF)
She's a brunette playing Frederike Wehmeyer. She shows parts of her breasts and nipples in the
bathroom, both when she's in the bathtub and when she's standing. When she's making out with her
lover, we see her breasts and nipples as he touches her left breast while they kiss.

16/17 year old Laure Marsac from France (born 18 February 1970) in the French-Lebanese film
"L'homme voilé" aka "The Veiled Man" (1987) (released to theatres on 16 September 1987)
Her character is 16-year-old Claire. In her first nude scene she's fully nude from the side while
taking a shower. Her father comes to the bathroom door, chats with her, and throws her a towel. She
dries herself, giving flashes of pubic hair. In the second scene she's in a hammam with a friend. We
get to see a brief glimpse of her breasts (as well as those of her friend) when she jumps in the pool
only wearing her panties. The film debuted at the Toronto Film Festival on 12 September 1987.

13 year old Laurien van den Broeck from Belgium (born 29 February 1988) in the Dutch-British-
Luxembourgish-German film "Moonlight" aka "Les proies" (2002) (production began in November
2001; released to theatres on 31 October 2002)
This thriller, described by many people as disturbing, was filmed in Luxembourg. Blue-eyed
Laurien plays 13-year-old Claire and totally looks that age. Early in the film comes a scene where
Claire experiences her first menstruation. On the following day, she discovers a wounded 13-year-
old boy from Afghanistan who had served as a drug courier and, after the completion of his mission,
was shot by his gang of drug traffickers. The boy, who is never named, is played by another real
adolescent, Hunter Bussemaker. Claire notices that he's bleeding and unconscious and decides to
serve as his nurse to try to help him recover his health. The girl and boy fall in love with each other
and run away together. Their affection culminates in a simulated sex scene. She gets undressed and
over the course of the scene shows her light pink areolas and nipples. We see her right breast first,
and when the boy places his hand over the right one we see her left breast. Then they kiss, stare into
each others' eyes, and fall onto the bed. We get more views of both of her breasts while she lies on
her back, with him on top, and the two youngsters French kiss each other. He takes off his pants and
they switch positions. We get glimpses of her right breast, and her left breast is visible from the side
while she lies on top and gently moves her body vertically numerous times to ride him. It's nice that
the filmmakers had the courage to show the reality that some 13 year old girls really do have sex.
Unfortunately the boy hasn't fully recovered his health and is about to die. Another sad thing is that
one of the drug traffickers comes across Claire and attempts to rape her. Hunter reportedly shows
some nudity in the film as well. The film debuted at the Nederlands Film Festival on 27 September

16 year old Lavinia Wilson from Germany (born 8 March 1980) in the German made-for-television
film "Das erste Mal" aka "The First Time" (1996) (premiered on 1 October 1998)
Red-haired Lavinia plays 15-year-old Fili, a girl who's trying to find a guy to lose her virginity to,
so that she can hopefully eventually hook up with her fantasy man Johnny Depp, who doesn't date
virgins. She shows some skin in this film. The film debuted at the Internationale Hofer Filmtage
(Hof International Film Festival) on 26 October 1996.

17 year old Leena Skoog from Sweden (born 6 May 1951) in the Swedish film "Laila (17 år)
vaknar" ("Laila Wakes Up") (1969)
Leena is nude during the entirety of this short black-and-white film about a 17-year-old girl who
wakes up from slumber. Produced by Eugen Vöhrmann.

17 year old Leena Skoog from Sweden (born 6 May 1951) in the Swedish film "Laila (17 år) badar"
("Laila Takes a Bath") (1969)
Leena is nude during the entirety of this short black-and-white film about a 17-year-old girl taking a
bath in the morning. Produced by Eugen Vöhrmann.

17 year old Leslee Bremmer from the USA (born 21 October 1965) in the American film
"Hardbodies" aka "Laski" aka "Como Conquistar as Garotas" (1984) (filmed during the summer
and/or early autumn of 1983; U.S. Copyright Office lists publication date as 4 May 1984; released
to theatres on 11 May 1984)
Leslee is an attractive teen with light blonde hair and terrific breasts that are fairly large and have
large pink areolas. In the opening credits, we see two of her female friends approach her and take
off her bikini top while playing around in shallow water as the surf comes onto a beach on a sunny
day. We see Leslee's breasts from the front and side, and she's smiling broadly after her top is off. In
her second topless scene, Leslee is one of a bunch of lovelies who are standing around posing
topless for Rounder's photographs. After the first girl takes down her top, Leslee says "That's
nothing, my body is better" and takes off her dress, revealing both of her breasts from the front and
her black V-shaped panties. Then some other girls strip off their tops. Leslee soon joins in the
posing again, showing off her breasts some more and smiling a lot in several nice views from the
front. Filmed in southern California.

17 year old Linh Dan Pham from France (born 29 March 1974 - not 1973 as some claim) in the
French film "Indochine" aka "Indochina" aka "Indocina" aka "Indochiny" aka "Indokina" aka
"Indokiina" aka "Hodu-Sin" (1992) (filmed in 1991; released to theatres on 15 April 1992)
In this film about the history of Vietnam from 1930 to 1954, directed by Régis Warnier, the black-
haired Vietnamese-born actress Linh, who plays Camille, is topless in two scenes. In her first
topless scene she's being taken care of after she's been shot, and someone tears her shirt, revealing
both of her breasts. The second topless one shows her looking at herself in a mirror while she's
standing, and both breasts are seen completely in the reflection, from a frontal perspective. Bob
Polunsky's article "'Indochine' conveys early years of Vietnam" in the San Antonio Express-News, 6
March 1993, as well as the piece "When Deneuve Says 'Yes,' the Film Gets Made" in the Worcester
Telegram Gazette, 7 February 1993, and "`Indochine' offers intoxicating beauty, but film fails to
build" in the Arizona Daily Star, 23 February 1993, all confirm that Linh was 17 years old when this
was filmed.

17 year old Linn Taule from Norway in the Norwegian-Danish film "Varg Veum - Falne engler" aka
"Varg Veum - Fallna änglar" aka "Fallen Angels" (2008) (filmed in 2007 starting on 23 July 2007;
released to theatres on 4 April 2008)
Linn's character in this thriller is 17-year-old Ruth, a girl who lives a wild life and then commits
suicide (but at first they thought she has been murdered). When the police do the investigation
about her death, they find a movie from a handheld video camera which shows her dancing fully
topless at a party. It's only a short sequence that shows the police playing the movie on a computer
screen. The movie shows her dancing at a wild party without anything on her top and both of her
breasts are clearly exposed. Filmed in Norway.

13 year old Livia Russo in the Greek-Cypriot film "Mavri Emmanouella" aka "Black
Emmanouella" aka "Emanuelle's Daughter" aka "Emanuelle the Queen" aka "Emanuelle: Queen
Bitch" aka "Emanuelle: Queen of Sados" aka "Emmanuelle: Queen of Sados" aka "Emanuelle: Die
Königin von Sados" aka "Die Nackte von Sados" aka "Emanuelle: Erotikkens dronning" aka
"Emanuelle på passionernas ö" aka "Emanuelle intohimojen saarella" aka "Hembra erótica" aka
"Secrets érotiques d'Emmanuelle" aka "Sexy Moon" aka "Emmanuele'in Kizi" aka "Emanuele aistru
karaliene" aka "Emmanuel': Koroleva strasti" (1979)
This was filmed in Cyprus. Livia has a very young-looking pubescent body with tiny breasts that
are just starting to bud, but she does have some substantial pubic hair and her hips have started to
fill out. She is seen nude in three scenes in the uncut version of the film. The first one is a shower
scene lasting almost a minute in which she gives us an extensive look at her breasts and bush as she
washes herself with soap and water. The camera starts at relatively close range, first with her head
in view, then it pans down to show her breasts, followed by a close-up on her bush for a few
seconds, before it pans back up. Emanuelle (played by Laura Gemser) walks in. Then we see a long
shot of Livia, who's still washing herself frontally nude. Then there's another long shot as
Emanuelle sits down at the right of Livia and talks with her. Soon Livia finishes washing herself
and walks out of the frame while she's still wet. Her second nude scene is when she's on the beach
with a teenaged boy. The scene is intercut between scenes of Emanuelle having sex with Gabriele
Tinti. He takes off her sweatshirt, and we see her breasts several times. The boy then takes off her
shorts, after which we get a view of her butt, followed by several full-frontal shots of her from the
side as they stand looking into the sunset. Unfortunately we don't get the opportunity to watch Livia
and the boy having sex. It would have been nice to see Livia having *consentual* sex. Instead, she
appears in a nasty rape scene that lasts over 3 minutes. She's pursued by the killer who has been
stalking Emanuelle. She's with him at a border between dry land and a shallow pool of water. The
man strips off her top, then rips off the rest of her clothes, and she is fully nude until the end of the
scene. Then he takes off his own shirt. She wants to escape but he grabs hold of her, at which time
she's seen upright and naked from the front, momentarily with her legs apart. Then she falls to the
ground and again while her body faces the camera her legs are spread. However, her vulva cannot
be seen either time, only her bush. There are more views of her from the front and back as they
continue to struggle. Then he pins her down with her body facing down, and he unzips his blue
jeans and enters her from the rear. She screams and he holds her chin. Her body flips so that her
front is again visible, and she continues to be in great distress. He gets her body back in the
downward position, then again facing the camera. She bites his hand at one point but it has no
effect. Soon there's a close-up of her face as she screams some more. He's angry at her and holds
her hair. Then she's flipped over so that her body is upward, and he fondles her and briefly kisses
her nipples and then her bush and then again her right nipple. Then he mounts her in the missionary
position and thrusts a number of times. During this part of the rape her breasts are visible. Then,
while he's still between her legs, he kisses her face and kisses her nipples again, and soon he
finishes raping her. He gets up, zips his jeans, and walks away, leaving her alone, half-submerged in
the pool, with her legs together. After a long delay, she gets up and walks away, during which
viewers get another full-frontal view of her body. It is also noteworthy that there is a scene taking
place in a disco where she's dressed up like a young woman and acting sexy, and while she dances
there are several up-skirt views of her panties.

16/17 year old Lizzie Brocheré from France (born 1985) in the French-Portuguese-Argentinian film
"Le Loup de la Côte Ouest" aka "El Lobo de la Costa Oeste" aka "The Wolf of the West Coast"
(2002) (released to theatres on 18 December 2002)
Playing Jeanne, blonde Lizzie displays both of her breasts from the front and side while she's
standing wearing only panties. The film premiered at the Montréal Film Festival on 27 August

16 year old Lola Naymark from France (born 5 April 1987) in the French film "Brodeuses" aka
"Broderier" aka "Dantelaresele" aka "Le Ricamatrici" aka "Die Perlenstickerinnen" aka "A
Common Thread" aka "Sequins" (2004) (filmed from 3 November 2003 to 20 December 2003;
released to theatres on 13 October 2004)
Lola has nice green eyes, curly red hair, and a freckled face. She plays Claire Moutiers, an
unmarried teen who's pregnant. She has a scene where she's briefly (almost indistinctively) nude.
She isn't wearing panties so her bush is visible while she's in a reclined posture. The film debuted at
the Cannes Film Festival on 15 May 2004.

14/15 year old Lou Doillon from France (born 6 September 1982) and 16/17 year old Elise Perrier
from France in the French film "Trop (peu) d'amour" aka "Too Much (Little) Love" aka "Viel
(zuwenig) Liebe" aka "Muito (Pouco) Amor" aka "Demasiado (Pouco) Amor" (1998) (filmed
during 1997; production began on 30 June 1997; released to theatres on 25 March 1998)
Lou plays the daughter of a filmmaker named Paul. She comes running down the hallway topless
wearing only jeans and then she starts dancing once she reaches the living room. She has what looks
like a large sparkle (sized 20 mm or so) over each nipple that she is wearing like pasties. She
crosses the living room, then she approaches the camera dancing before dashing back to her room.
She grabs a shirt from her closet that she intends to put on. Standing slightly sideways to the camera
she removes the sparkles, giving us a nice side view of her nearest exposed breast (the right one)
and a little glimpse of the left one as well. The entire scene lasts about 46 seconds. Elise, playing
17-year-old Emma, was 17 in real life as of 25 March 1998 according to a voiceover on her
interview that day on the French TV show "Cinéma Etoiles". It's been confirmed that Elise shows
nudity in this film but we don't know the nature of it. The film debuted at the Berlin International
Film Festival on 13 February 1998.

16 year old Lou Doillon from France (born 6 September 1982) in the French film "Mamirolle"
(2000) (filmed during 1999; production began in November 1998; released to theatres on 19
January 2000)
Brunette Lou plays Delphine. Her breasts are shown outdoors from a frontal perspective. Indoors,
she has a sex scene. As she stands and embraces a man, part of her bush is visible, because all she's
wearing is a shirt. Next, she's shown on the bed, embracing her lover as a side view of their nude
bodies is shown. Then she rides on top of her lover; her legs are spread wide, and her breasts and at
least a hint of her pubic area are visible from the front.

17 year old Louise Blachère from France in the French film "Naissance des pieuvres" aka
"Ninféias" aka "Nilüferler" aka "Water Lilies" (2007) (filmed in 2006; released to theatres on 15
August 2007)
This coming-of-age film stars three 15-year-old high school girls who are exploring their emerging
sexuality, of both the heterosexual and homosexual varieties. Louise's character, Anne, is one of the
three. She's overweight and her face isn't so attractive. Boys don't want to date her because of her
plumpness and she's unhappy about that. In Anne's first nude scene she's in a changing room taking
off her swimming outfit. Her large breasts bounce while she undresses, and we see them at fairly
close range. A boy named François opens the door and encounters Anne's nakedness. When that
happens we see a farther-away shot of Anne standing naked exposing both breasts fully as well as
some of her pubic hair. He stares at her but isn't sexually interested in her. Nevertheless, Anne likes
the fact that a boy saw her naked. Later, she wishes François would have sex with her, and stands
naked with her eyes closed in the locker room while daydreaming that François would barge in on
her a second time. A reviewer says that her butt is seen in this scene. That Louise was 17 during
filming is stated in several sources, including the magazine Le Point's feature at
http://www.lepoint.fr/actualites-cinema/naissance-des-pieuvres/903/2/387/2/ and apparently also in
her interview in the August 2007 issue of Première. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on
17 May 2007.

15/16 year old Louise Szpindel in the French-Swiss made-for-television film "Des épaules solides"
aka "Strong Shoulders" aka "Die Sprinterin" (2003) (premiered on 4 April 2003 on the French and
German public TV channel "arte")
Louise is a small-breasted brunette who plays a 15-year-old high school track athlete named Sabine.
In one scene, her breasts are visible from the front as she showers. There is also a sequence where
she stands nude, during which her right breast and bush are visible from the side. (Louise had
played a 14-year-old in the film "Fleurs de sang", released in May 2002.)

16 year old Luisa Maneri aka Annaluisa Pesce from Italy (born 1960) in the Italian film "Il Conto è
chiuso" aka "I anametrisi arhizei" aka "The Last Round" (1976) (filmed during 1976) (Italian
censor's certificate #69561 issued on 21 December 1976; released to theatres on 30 December
She has a topless scene in character as Lisa. She's sitting in the outdoor yard and looking at the
white flower that's on the table in front of her. After examining the flower and its attached note, she
unties her bikini top and we see both of her breasts. Then she lies back in the chair. A short while
later, we see her resting in the chair from a different camera angle, and this time only her right
breast is visible. Still later, she has gotten up from her chair to walk around a bit, and we see her
breasts as she walks back to the chair and sits down.

15 year old Luisa-Soi Kaiser (born 1987) in the German film "PiperMint... das Leben,
möglicherweise" (2004) (filmed from 27 July 2002 to 30 August 2002; released to theatres on 5
August 2004)
Luisa-Soi, playing 16-year-old Zoé Mint, is naked and seen from the rear as she goes into the water
naked with her friends. In a later scene, we see part of her bush when she holds a razor blade and is
about to cut herself. In her third and final nude scene, her breasts are visible as she takes a bath.

13/14 year old Lyana Il'nitskaya aka Lyanka Gryu from Russia (born 22 November 1987) in the
Russian film "Obnazhyonnaya natura" (2001/2002)
Her character is Ksyusha. The movie begins by showing her swimming nude in the murky water of
a lake for several minutes, as the title song plays in the background. Most of the time she is doing
the breaststroke, and her bare ass is seen skimming just below the water. Near the end of the scene
she swims on her back for 15-20 seconds. We get to see a closeup from the side of her face with
both of her breasts above water. Then there is a shot from the air, where her body only covers a third
of the length of the frame, and her breasts are still above water; there is also an obvious dark patch
of hair between her legs 10-15 cm under water, but the water is more translucent than transparent,
so we can't really judge this to be lower frontal nudity in a true sense. In a later scene, Ksyusha and
another teenage girl (looks 16 or so) are sunbathing on a rooftop, only wearing panties. They talk
for a long time, lying on their stomachs with their breasts covered by their hands. Later Ksyusha's
friend is shown sunbathing on her back, so we both of that girl's breasts from the side for 5-7
seconds. In the next shot, both girls are on their backs and the camera moves to shooting from
behind their heads. We see both girls' pairs of breasts for several seconds. Then the girls are shown
sitting up away from the camera.

13 year old Madeleine Budd (born 1994) in the Swiss-French-Belgian film "Home" aka "Home -
Casa dolce casa" aka "Home - Lar doce lar" aka "Spiti me thea" aka "Yuva" aka "Domov" (2008)
(filmed from August 2007 to September 2007; released to theatres on 29 October 2008)
Madeleine plays a young girl named Marion. She has a youthful face, blue eyes, pink skin, and
brown hair. In her only nude scene, she's standing in front of a fully dressed woman as she quickly
and aggressively takes off her clothes. First she takes her shirt over her head, then unhooks her
white bra (showing both of her beautiful perky breasts to the camera), and finally takes her
underpants and pants off (revealing her full triangle of brown pubic hair). We get to see her nudity
only for about 5 seconds, as the camera doesn't linger on it for a long time. She gives her clothes to
the woman and says "So what? I know I'm not as good-looking as Judith." (Judith is her big sister in
the movie.) Next a young boy enters the room and sees her naked. This was filmed in Bulgaria. The
film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2008.

14 year old Magou Seck from Senegal in the German-Senegalese film "Mossane" (1998) (filmed in
1990; released to theatres on 8 April 1998)
Dark-skinned beauty Magou plays the lead character, the 14-year-old Senegalese girl Mossane, and
she does have an adolescent look. Magou was 14 at the time of filming in 1990 and 21 as of May
1997, according to an interview with the director Safi Fay. She's so pretty that everybody in her
village is fascinated by her. She has several topless scenes and they're quite long scenes with good
views of her. In the first of these she's bathed topless by an older friend/aunt who taught her about
sex and how she can get pleasure from a man. She also has another topless scene where she's again
washed by the same friend/aunt (who's standing and splashing water from buckets overhead), and
they also soap themselves; also her friend rubs her torso to tease her. Later, Mossane has to get into
a hole where she stays for one whole night next to a fire. In the hole she's bound by rope with the
man she loves (not the same man as her husband-to-be!) to get rid of her bad thoughts for him
(under the supervision of some sort of priest). We see her breasts while the two are tied up. In the
morning she has to fill the hole and she's still topless. (She's forced to marry a man who doesn't
even live in her village.) There may also be another topless scene later. The film debuted at the
Cannes Film Festival in May 1996.

16/17 year old Margot Abascal from France (born 1973) in the French film "Promotion canapé"
(1990) (filmed during 1990; released to theatres on 10 October 1990)
Playing Françoise, brown-haired Margot appears topless in three scenes. First she's seen topless
while laying on her back in bed at night. Later comes an outdoor scene where she's sitting on the
sand without a top on. Last is a love scene with a man where we see her breasts, especially her right
breast which is closer to the camera. They touch each other, and among other things the guy kisses
her stomach.

17 year old María Aura from Mexico (born 25 September 1982) in the Mexican film "Y tu mamá
también" aka "E Sua Mãe Também" aka "E a Tua Mãe Também" aka "Et même ta mère !" aka "Et...
ta mère aussi!" aka "I ja tebi kevu" aka "I twoja matke tez" aka "Me tin mama mazi" aka "Thelo kai
ti mama sou" aka "Anyádat is!" aka "Ja äitiäs kans" aka "Ja sinu ema ka!" aka "Tengoku no kuchi,
owari no rakuen" aka "Din morsa också!" aka "Och även din mamma" aka "...Og din mor!" aka "Og
mora di også" aka "Og mora di, også!" aka "...mit deiner Mutter auch!" (2001) (filmed from
February 2000 to April 2000; released to theatres on 8 June 2001)
She plays Cecilia Huerta, the girlfriend of 17-year-old Julio. She and a friend are vacationing in
Italy for the summer, leaving their boyfriends behind. Cecilia goes bottomless, but not topless, in
her only nude scene, which happens early in the movie. It's time for her to leave for her trip, but
first she wants to be fucked by Julio. She asks him to come to her bedroom under the pretense of
searching for her passport. When he enters the room she takes her sweatpants down, exposing her
brown bush, and he closes the door. Their sex is necessarily rushed, but fun to watch, as it's
vigorous and he's on top of her for about 35 seconds, and we see an uninterrupted view shot with
just one camera the whole time. When she sits down on the bed, her legs are apart (with her bush
still visible) while he's taking his own pants down. She lies back on the bed and he gets on top of
her in the missionary position. She moves her hand between their bodies, to lead his penis into the
right spot, and then he starts pounding into her repeatedly, with his butt visible and much of her
bush visible while the sex is going on. She compliments him "What a nice goodbye!". After they
talk a little more, her mother calls for her, and he gets nervous, but she insists on continuing the sex,
saying "Come! Come! I want to take a little of you with me!" After some more thrusts he tells him
to get off. While he's getting off her body we see her full bush with her legs somewhat apart, but her
vulva can't be discerned, and she soon raises both of her legs while she puts her sweatpants back on.
Meanwhile he falls behind the bed. The scene is one of the finest representations of simulated
underage sex in a mainstream feature as it's realistic, lengthy, gives a continuous view of the action,
shows some of her nudity during the action (one wishes her tits were visible too), and she has a nice
young voice and looks like a 16-year-old.

16 year old Maria Bonnevie from Sweden and Norway (born 26 September 1973) in the Icelandic-
Norwegian-Swedish-Danish film "Hvíti víkingurinn" aka "Den Vite Vikingen" aka "Den Hvite
Viking" aka "Valkoinen viikinki" aka "Belii Viking" aka "The White Viking" (1991) (released to
theatres on 1 November 1991)
Maria is pretty nice-looking and has long tresses of blond or light brown hair. In this historical
drama set in 10th-century Scandinavia, Maria plays the Viking girl Embla, who becomes the object
of affection of Askur, a young Christian man. They get separated from each other when Askur is
sent to Iceland to help convert Icelanders to Christianity. She's fully topless during a sex scene with
her lover. In that scene he touches her breasts, and shortly thereafter we see both of her breasts from
the front while she takes off her necklace. She puts the necklace around the guy. Soon they lie back,
she touches his lower body, and he touches her hair. She gets underneath the fur coat and starts
riding him on top. She is also fully nude from the front as she bathes with several other
Scandinavian young women.

15 year old Maria de Medeiros from Portugal (born 19 August 1965) in the Portuguese film
"Silvestre" (1982) (filmed in 1981; released to theatres on 6 May 1982)
Maria plays Sílvia/Silvestre and has two nude scenes. In the first she is swimming nude in a large
pond with four other teen girls (they look 16-19) who are also nude. The girls are mostly
submerged, but eventually Maria jumps straight up out of the water twice in a row, exposing herself
from the waist up. Later in the scene she is swimming around and finally rolls on her back and
allows a nipple to surface briefly. Later in the film, when Maria is pretending to be a boy named
Silvestre, she is wounded in a battle and passes out. She is essentially acting as a squire, so the man
she works for carries her to safety, takes off her armour (chain), and opens her shirt to inspect the
wound on her shoulder. When he does that we see her right breast for about 10 seconds as he stares
at her, realizing she is a girl and not a boy. Maria is somewhat awkward looking in this film.

16 year old María Deschamps from Mexico (born late 1990) in the Mexican-American film "Voy a
explotar" aka "Simdi patlayacagim" aka "Tha ekrago" aka "I'm Gonna Explode" aka "I'm Going to
Explode" (2009) (filmed in 2007 starting in the summer; released to theatres on 19 June 2009)
María has light skin and short, curly, dark brown hair. Her character Maru Hernandez is supposed to
be 15, and her adolescent-looking face and body work perfectly with the role. Her actual age during
filming was 16, as stated by the article "María Deschamps sueña por el mundo" by Salvador Franco
in Excélsior, 11 November 2008
409855). She personally said she was 16 when she made the film in an interview on "Art Talk" on
Art International Radio that was broadcast on 3 November 2008
(http://www.artonair.org/archives/j/content/view/2392/126/). As of the time of the interview,
probably around 26 September 2008 when the film was shown during the New York Film Festival,
she said: "I'm 17, just to get 18 in a month. But I think the sexual thing is not... I don't know don't
know, like pornographic. We're just telling a story, and we all thought it was important in the story
to keep with this sexual thing. It's like life goes down, so I didn't look at the sexual thing like
something bad, it was just part of this story we're just trying to tell the public." The interviewer
asked whether her parents had a problem with her sex scenes. She responded ''[Not] any problem.
They respect pretty much what I'm deciding, so they're happy I'm doing what I like to, so they had
[not] any problem. They're really confident in me, so they asked "Hey, if you really want it, go
ahead. We don't have anything against it."'' The interviewer then noted "you both look like you're
16..." She replied "Yeah, we were, one year before." The interviewer quizzed her about how she
feels about moviegoers watching her in a "very intimate situation" and she expressed a healthy view
of it: ''I think sex is part of life. I'm a human and I'm just a normal girl, and it's like "Hey, it's just
skin!" There's nothing weird. I think it's just human body, it's like "Okay..."'' Maru doesn't fit in with
most of the other students at her prep school. Every day she writes diary entries about her feelings,
and one of them says "Voy a explotar", meaning "I'm gonna explode", hence the title of the film.
But then she meets a boy named Román in her school and he's somebody who understands what it's
like to be an outsider and to have troubled thoughts (including thoughts of violence in his case).
They click with each other immediately and their friendship turns into a romance. He convinces her
to runaway from home and go with him so they can have freedom away from their parents. Maru is
fully topless in two scenes. In the first of these, Román is sitting shirtless on a bed with his back to
Maru while she unties her shirt and takes it off and while she takes off her bra to fully expose both
of her breasts from the front while she sits facing the camera. Then she lies on her back and her
breasts are seen from that perspective. Now that she's topless she softly calls to him and he kneels
on top of her and they kiss. Then he reaches for her bottom and she laughs and says "No". They
start a brief conversation. She laughs again, pulls him towards her again, and they kiss again and
she laughs still more. She lifts her head off the pillow and he goes to the other side of the bed while
she continues laughing. Then she covers both of her tits with her arms and hands. She asks him
"What? I have no taste?" and he's confused. She says "It's because I don't know pomedora" and he
responds "Fomedora? What is that? It doesn't exist." He laughs. They hear a car beep outdoors so
she starts putting on her shirt and they rush out of the room. Her second topless scene is a very good
and arousing sex scene on a bed. We see her quickly take off her bra, revealing her glorious nipples
and areolas, which point up at first. He undresses at the same time during which we can detect some
of Román's pubic hair. Then they begin to embrace and kiss and he gets on top of her (that's where
he remains for the next minute) to begin simulated sexual intercourse. During sex her breasts are
visible at times but not her lower body, whereas part of Román's right buttock sticking up is briefly
seen while he's on top of her. The camera switches midway in the scene from the side shot to an
overhead shot but returns to the side shot near the end. They both breathe heavily and she moans.
They kiss each other on the lips. It's an incredibly risque scene for this era for a film where one of
the production companies (Verisimilitude) was American (based in New York). This was made in
Mexico and the actors speak in the Spanish language. The film debuted at Mostra del Cinema di
Venezia on 1 September 2008.

16 year old Maria Whittaker from England (born 7 October 1969) in the British film "Whoops
Apocalypse" aka "Die Bombe fliegt" aka "Zu spät - Die Bombe fliegt" aka "As Golpadas da
Política" aka "La loca guerra de la Gran Bretaña" aka "Se on menoa nyt" aka "Se on ydinsota nyt"
aka "Una signora chiamata presidente" aka "Whoops - Apocalipse Já!" (1986) (production began in
late autumn 1985)
Maria, a real-life pin-up girl, plays one in this film, as one of several tabloid models who appear
topless here. Maria's breast exposure (both breasts seen from the front) is quick. She's the brunette
standing next to the blonde Karen Kelly.

14 year old Mariana de Moraes from Brazil (born 30 September 1969) in the Brazilian film
"Fulaninha" (1986) (filmed in 1984; produced in 1984-1985; released to theatres on 7 November
This is a semi-autographical comedy-drama. Pretty, black-haired Mariana shines in the title role of a
14-year-old nymphette from Rio de Janeiro whose nickname is "Fulaninha". She's the daughter of a
30-something woman named Rose. Bruno, a film director in his 40s, gets into a relationship with
Rose. One day he finds Fulaninha walking in the streets of the Copacabana neighbourhood and
finds himself attracted to her, but doesn't know at first that she's Rose's daughter. Fulaninha has two
nude scenes and in both cases she's spending time with a handsome black-haired young man. In the
first scene she's lying on her back next to the guy as he strokes her hair and talks with her. For 35
seconds in a row we fully see both of her breasts thanks to an overhead camera. He kisses her head
and after that they stand up, and we see not only her tits but briefly also see the uppermost parts of
her bush. Her tits are small, adolescent, and nice to look at, and we see them both from the front and
side while she's standing. She puts on her pink panties and we again get a brief upper bush flash. A
middle-aged man (possibly Bruno) walks up to them and starts talking and looking at her, and the
younger man doesn't like him being there and they start yelling and fighting. Fulaninha puts on her
blue shirt, shouts at the men, and breaks up their fight. The second scene is far more revealing and
sexual for the both of them. She's lying on a large piece of foam on a patio by an open doorway, and
he's above her. At close range for 5 seconds we see him kissing up her body, with her pubic area
exposed but usually shadowed by his body; for about a half-second we get the first good look at her
full dark brown triangle of pubic hair. Then a switch to a different camera showing him sucking on
her left breast, and she smiles and has her eyes closed as he does that, just as they were closed when
he was lower down. Her left arm mostly hides the mouth-to-nipple contact but there are some
frames where part of her nipple can be seen while it's being sucked and we see her full left nipple as
he kisses even further up her body. A little while after that is a wider shot showing them playing
around and kissing while nestled in each others' arms and their legs intertwine, but they're not
having intercourse (his penis is touching her upper right leg). We see her left breast again, and then
he places his right hand on her left knee and opens her legs! He glances in the direction of her
pussy. We can see her bush pretty well although the view is a little dark. After her left foot reaches
the other side of the mat, her bush is mostly obscured, but only for a brief moment as then the guy
again pushes her left knee which opens her legs a second time (wider than before) for about a
second until she closes them up again, and this time providing a much greater view of her pussy --
almost her entire triangle in good light! Then she starts getting up from the bed, and while both of
her upper legs are pointing up and mildly parted we briefly see her bush and buttocks before she
stands up. She walks a few steps and we see her entire lovely ass for the first time. An older man
calls the younger guy inside, and he's still naked. She goes over to the doorway to look in and then
quickly crouches down, and we can see her bush again for a bit. While kneeling down she reaches
for her clothes. It's rare but wonderful to see adolescents naked with spread legs in mainstream
movies, and the beauty and eroticism of that scene is enhanced by the romantic affection we witness
and by the soft jazzy music. The scene correctly shows how 14-year-old girls enjoy sexual
interaction. The film debuted at the Gramodo Film Festival on 10 March 1986.

14 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "El sueño de
Tánger" aka "The Dream of Tangiers" (1986) (filmed during 1985)
Maribel plays one of the two main characters, Lola, and the film revolves around her brief
relationship with a man. He finds her on the street being beaten up by three men. He stops the fight
and takes her back to his place. After some time she starts falling to sleep sitting up in his bed, so he
takes off her coat and shirt, giving us a few frames of both of her breasts. She gets upset and decides
to leave. We see her breasts for about 10 seconds as she pulls the sheets off herself, stands up, and
puts her shirt back on. They are arguing the whole time. Eventually he grabs her and kisses her. He
wakes up the next morning and her side of the bed is slept in but empty and all his money is gone.
During the next part of the film he is trying to find her. When he sees her, he is several stories up in
an apartment looking across some open space into a room where Maribel is walking naked. We see
her from the knees up fully nude, first from the left side, then full frontal as she turns, and then full
rear as she turns again. The full frontal view is somewhat dark so we don't see her bush very well.
Her ass is smaller in this film than in "El juego más divertido" but it already has a nice womanly
shape. He then walks into the room and she is sitting naked on the bed, facing away from him. We
see a great view of her breasts from the side-front. They talk for a couple of minutes, and then he
gives her something of his to wear. The camera shows her from the front again, still sitting, and we
see a little of her bush and both breasts. Then she stands, showing her breasts briefly from the side
until she turns with her rear to the camera and pulls the garment down over her head. He takes her
someplace and brings her some clothes. She changes behind a carved wooden privacy divider, but
we can see her bush through the holes in it and both breasts over the top for several seconds. In a
later scene they are lying on a beach; she hikes up her skirt, straddles his waist, undoes his belt
buckle, climbs on top, and starts having simulated sex with him, but there is no nudity in this scene.
As preparation for this scene, Maribel asked the director, Ricardo Franco, how to make love, since
she was a virgin at the time. Near the end of the film he goes into a room where she is sleeping,
topless as usual, and we see her breasts as he checks under the covers and grabs a pistol lying next
to her. (She had pulled the gun on him earlier and run off.) He goes around to a table where his
money is lying and sits down and makes some noise. She gets up and we see her breasts briefly
from the side and then her ass as she puts on a dress over her head. There may also be another
bedroom topless scene with Maribel that we didn't account for.
15 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish-Venezuelan film "El
señor de los llanos" (1986)
Dark-haired Maribel plays a teenage prostitute who works at a brothel. She and a customer named
Fabian have developed a special bond. It started out with Fabian as merely one of many of her
customers, but he falls in love with her and she with him. After a long absence, Fabian comes back
for her and rushes up to her room. This brings us to her first nude scene. She is with a customer and
she's about to get undressed when Fabian barges into the room. She proceeds to lift up her shirt, and
Fabian yells at the other guy to leave, which he does. Fabian then sits down and she turns and walks
over to him. As she stands in front of him (we see this from her back/side) he yanks down her skirt,
so we see her from the hips up (no butt crack). The nude scene lasts 20 seconds or so, and one or
both of her breasts is visible much of that time. Fabian takes her to his hotel, but she doesn't get out
of the car. He moves all the girls to his ranch in Venezuela and builds them a mansion to work in.
The wealthy landowners get into an argument with him when he lets one of his ranch hands have
sex with one of the women, which leads to a full blown range war. Maribel's second nude scene
happens here. Fabian is outside talking to one of his ranch hands while Maribel is standing in the
window naked from her waist up showing her breasts to everyone. They go back to her 3 or 4 times
so there is roughly 15-20 seconds of footage. Maribel's face looks so incredibly beautiful in this

15 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "La Estanquera de
Vallecas" (1987) (released to theatres on 9 February 1987)
Playing Angeles, she is topless twice. First, there is a brief view of both of her breasts as her captor
touches her. Three minutes later, her left breast is briefly visible.

16 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "El juego más
divertido" (1988) (filmed during 1987; released to theatres on 22 January 1988)
The film's title means "The Most Amusing Game". Maribel plays the part of Betty Ramirez, a
young starlet. Victoria Abril's character Ada Lasa is having an affair with another movie star, and
her husband is sleeping with Maribel's character. Maribel only has one nude scene but it is a good
one. Victoria, while with her lover, calls her husband who is in bed. When he hangs up, the camera
pans over to show a naked Maribel, with her tits visible as the sheet only comes up to her waist.
They talk for a minute or so about her going to film a movie with them in Monaco, with intermittent
breast shots and facial closeups. She gets out of bed and we see a hint of her bush and the rest of her
from the waist up. He tries to grab her and follows her out of bed. She turns 360 degrees, fending
him off, so we get a brief full frontal view as she turns toward the camera, then they both run into
the next room giving us a full rear view of her. The whole scene lasts nearly 2 minutes.

16 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "Barcelona
Connection" (1988) (released to theatres on 25 February 1988)
Maribel plays a young girl from Barcelona. She's involved in the murder of a prisoner. She lures
him to the window of his cell and a sniper shoots at him from a building across the street. A cop
finds her and questions her. In one recollection she's in bed with a guy from the Spanish Mafia
who's about 3 times older than her. The phone (on her side of the bed) rings and she leans over to
grab it, in the process exposing one nipple for a few frames, and then she hands over the phone and
we see her breasts in a more distant shot from the other side of the bed for a few more frames.
While he talks, they give us an overhead full-frame view of her face and full breasts for about 10

16 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "Sinatra" (1988)
(released to theatres on 13 May 1988)
In this fun comedic movie, Maribel plays a troubled teen named Natalia. She's homeless and
convinces Sinatra (no relation to Frank Sinatra) to let her stay in his room a second time. Once she
gets to his room she pulls down her jeans and since she is not wearing panties we see her bush
straight-on. She sits down on the far side of the bed mostly facing away from the camera, but we
still see some of the hair down there. She then stands up (waist-up shot) and pulls her shirt over her
head, exposing both of her breasts. She gets into bed but only pulls the sheets to her waist so her
breasts remain visible for the minute or so it takes for her to talk him into lying next to her. Once in
bed she gets on top of him and they have bed-creaking sex for over a minute. She leans forward, so
her breasts are touching his chest during this part, thus there isn't any nudity at the time. The lady
who works at the desk bangs on the door and he stops her, and we see Natalia's breasts one more
time as she rolls off him onto the other side of the bed. He goes downstairs to pick up a letter that
was being delivered. The whole nude/sex scene takes maybe 3 minutes.

17 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "Soldadito
español" (1988) (released to theatres on 7 October 1988)
Maribel has only one nude scene. She's visited by her boyfriend while she's only wearing a white
bathroom robe. She does her hair, and her boyfriend tries to touch her breasts and undress her, but
she (playfully) resists, so the only thing we see is her left breast. Then they get on the bed and he
pulls her robe open, but just a little so we don't even see the top of her chest.

17 year old Maribel Verdú from Spain (born 2 October 1970) in the Spanish film "El aire de un
crimen" (1988) (released to theatres on 28 October 1988)
Maribel is topless in this film.

16 year old Marie Forså from Sweden (born 13 December 1956) in the Swedish-Swiss-West
German film "Vild på sex" aka "Girl Meets Girl" aka "Girl Meets Girl: The Erotic Adventures of a
Student Abroad" aka "Bibi: Confessions of Sweet Sixteen" aka "Bibi - Lustreport einer Frühreifen"
aka "Bibi - sündig und süß" aka "Bibi: Diario di una sedicenne" aka "Bibi: Confessions d'une
adolescente" aka "Confessions of a Sex Kitten" (1974) (filmed in late 1973 until August 1973;
released to theatres on 10 May 1974)
Blonde Marie plays the lead role of 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Bibi and the film is chock full
of lesbian scenes. The film's writer and director, Joseph W. Sarno, knew that Marie had an insatiable
appetite for sex, and made the film as a showcase for her bisexuality, with prolific front and rear
nudity as one would expect. Some say that real sex went on during filming yet was shot to be
unexplicit, but the producer Chris Nebe has said (in his commentary in the DVD "Girl Meets Girl
Collection") that most of the sex acts were faked. The plot is that Bibi goes to her aunt's house
during a vacation. She has a strong urge to have lesbian encounters, and as the story progresses, she
becomes more than friendly with all of her aunt's friends and her lust grows and grows. Bibi's first
two sex scenes are with a particular older woman (played by Birgit Zamulo); in the second, the
woman provides a long peeled cucumber as a dildo that they both enjoy at the same time, one end
each. While they use the dildo, Bibi is on top and at one point she licks the woman's left breast.
Their pubic areas aren't shown during the act, but we hear them experience heavy breathing and
orgasms. Bibi also participates in an all-female foursome by an indoor pool. All four ladies are
nude. Among other things, Bibi is shown stepping out of the pool with full-frontal nudity. There is a
noteworthy scene in which Bibi has sexual intercourse with a man in a bedroom. But Bibi and the
man aren't alone -- a nude woman is with them, and another couple is fucking in the same room!
Bibi is on top of the lucky gent in cowgirl position while he's lying flat. We see both of Bibi's tits,
which are a little droopy, and they are touched by the man. The woman touches Bibi's body and her
leg. After a view of Bibi's upper body, the camera goes lower down for about 7 seconds to show
Bibi and the man fucking; even though we see her moving rhythmically, their hands and arms block
the penetration from view. Then the woman starts kissing Bibi's left breast. When Bibi and the man
switch to the missionary position we only see Bibi's face. In a different three-way scene Bibi shows
her right tit hanging down and her ass when she gets fucked from behind while she sucks the breast
of a blonde woman who's lying on her back on a rug-covered floor. There are also several more
lesbian sex scenes involving Bibi.

17 year old Marie Gillain from Belgium (born 18 June 1975) in the Belgian-French-Portuguese film
"Marie" (1993) (filmed from July 1992 to 19 September 1992; released to theatres on 31 March
She's a very cute brunette who plays Marie, a pregnant 17-year-old girl who befriends a young
orphan boy. She exposes her lovely, youthful breasts in a bathroom scene. First the side of her right
breast is seen as she's preening her hair in front of a wall mirror. The boy watches her, then they
smile at each other. Next the two youths bathe together in the tub, at which time we see both of her
breasts from the front. First she sits upright in the tub, then she lies back. During most of the time
when she's lying in the tub, her nipples are just below water level, but occasionally they rise above
the surface (and are wet and shiny of course!). The film's preview premiere was held at Palace
Liège in Liège, Belgium on 24 March 1993, and the general release in Belgium was on 31 March

15 year old Marie Theisen from Norway (born 20 October 1979) in the Norwegian film
"Søndagsengler" aka "Söndagsänglar" aka "Sunnuntaienkeli" aka "La otra cara del domingo" aka
"The Other Side of Sunday" (1996) (filmed in 1995)
Playing a 16-year-old character named Maria, she takes off her clothes and walks into the water
nude, with her back to the camera. Her butt, which has a tattoo on it, is also seen while she swims.
Then she floats on her back and we briefly see one of her breasts.

16 year old Marie Trintignant from France (born 21 January 1962) in the French film "Série noire"
aka "Serie negra" aka "Il fascino del delitto" aka "Piru perii omansa" (1979) (filmed during 1978;
released to theatres on 25 April 1979)
Marie is a cute and youthful brunette who's mute. In her nude scene in this film, a door-to-door
salesman holding a suitcase enters her room. The girl is wearing a pink robe with nothing
underneath. She turns around and takes off the robe, exposing her fully nude body to him. She has a
cute rounded figure and full bush. She then stands there for several seconds with her hands at the
sides, and he stares at her. The man apologises and then tries to leave, but she lunges towards him.
The camera shows her nude backside as she reaches to him, wraps her arms around his neck, and
forceably embraces him. After 15 seconds of their embracing, he frees himself from her grip and
decides to reach for her robe to put it back on her. As he does this, we again see her full-frontally
nude, and she walks towards him. Right before he puts the robe on her, we see a side view of her
and her exposed breast.

13 year old Marie-Christine von Stratowa aka Christina von Stratowa from West Germany in the
West German film "Frühreifen-Report" aka "Rana Zrelost" aka "Pos mathainoun oi protarides ton
erota" aka "Raportti varhaiskypsistä tytöistä" aka "Teinityttöraportti" aka "14 and Under" (1973)
(released to theatres on 17 August 1973)
Directed by Ernst Hofbauer, this is a film that pretends to provide factual knowledge on sexual
matters concerning German youth, but is more exploitative than scientific because it's filled with
nudity and sex scenes. von Stratowa is a sweet-looking brunette who plays 14-year-old Gisela. One
day a man in his 30s named Walter Roberts arrives at her house while she's bathing. We see Gisela
soaping her leg in the bathtub with her breasts exposed when he rings the doorbell. She stands up
and we see her full triangle of dark pubic hair. We see her breasts and bush while she steps out of
the tub, her buttocks as she leans down to reach for her robe, and her breasts and bush again while
she puts the robe on. Soon we see her again in the bathroom, closing the door. She takes the robe
back off, so that we see her breasts and bush from the side - and her butt is visible in the mirror at
far left. We continue to see the front of her body as she steps into the tub and stands there while she
gets a sponge and wrings it out. Walter casually enters the bathroom without knocking. When she
asks why he's there he offers to wash her back, and she hands him the sponge, saying that her father
usually does that for her. He isn't really her uncle but he suggests "Why don't you call me uncle?"
We continue to see her full-frontally naked while he washes her back and rests his other hand on her
shoulder, as well as when he places a hand on her stomach and moves it around, which prompts her
to say "I know how to wash myself in front, uncle." The camera zooms on her upper body and he
asks her "Do you like this?" and she says "Mm-hmm." Then we get a nice close-up of the middle of
her body including her lovely bush while he moves his hand around her stomach and says "Your
skin is like silk." She replies "Your hands are so gentle." and the view switches back to her breasts
and then up to her face. He's pressing his head against hers and her eyes are closed. The view
changes to show a close-up of his hands moving around her breasts, touching them lightly, and he
compliments her for her "real busom". Her breasts are small and seem to have some growth ahead
but they are looking nice. He asks her to keep their time together a secret and she agrees not to tell
anyone and smiles. Next we see her sitting full-frontally nude on his leg as he has one hand around
her body and the other moving close to her bush. Her mother walks by the door and sees what's
going on. Upon a switch to a different camera, showing the view from the mother's perspective, we
continue seeing him caress her naked body, with a quick zoom to her left breast while he says "You
don't know how wonderful it can be kiss when I kiss you here." Back to the other camera as he says
"And it'll be even better if we go a little farther." and the camera zooms to the mother's worried
face. Supposedly there's something wrong with a man seducing a willing and sexually-developed
young teenager. On page 274 of the book "Das etwas humorvolle Lexikon des deutschen
Erotikfilms: wo der Wildbach durch das Höschen rauscht" by Stefan Rechmeier (2005) we're told
"Die damals erst 13jährige Christina von Stratowa ist in der Rolle der Gisela zu sehen - selbige
wurde ob ihres zunächst verschwiegenen Alters ein paar Jahre auf Eis gelegt und war später in
diversen Pornostreifen zu bewundern." The first part of that says she was 13 at the time she played
Gisela in this film, and the second part mentions that she also appeared in porn filmstrips. She was
presumably born in the first half of 1960 because Playboy Deutschland's August 1978 issue
reported that she had just recently turned 18 ("Christine ist doch gerade erst 18 geworden."). In
"Frühreifen-Report" she does look like she had recently turned 13, which makes sense if her 13th
birthday came in early 1973 and filming was soon after.

16/17 year old Marie-Luise Schramm from Germany (born 2 May 1984) in the German film "Mein
Bruder, der Vampir" aka "My Brother the Vampire" aka "Getting My Brother Laid" aka "Porto mio
fratello a fare sesso" (2001) (filmed during 2001; released to theatres on 8 August 2002)
Marie-Luise is a sweet-looking girl with straight blonde hair who plays Nicole Klauser, a 14 year
old who has an older brother, Josch, who's 29 and mentally-retarded and likes to pretend to be a
vampire. In the storyline, Nicole and her brother both want to lose their virginity. Nicole finds a
cute adolescent boy who is willing to pop her cherry. She has a trailer all arranged and sets up her
digital camera above the bed to record the occasion by flashing every ten seconds. The scene starts
just showing the photos taken overhead by that camera. She takes off her shirt and sits up in bed
with her hair covering her breasts, then he undresses and lies on top of her. She is wearing a black
garter and panties. After some time he moves to the side and we get a clear shot of one breast as she
lies there for a couple of frames. Her breasts are smallish, probably A-cup, but virtually flat while
she's on her back. During this time, Josch is teaching the crazy one how to masturbate and the
scenes go back and forth every few seconds, which is very disconcerting, but eventually that lesson
ends and the movie focuses on the couple in real time including some chest and head shots of the
two of them taken from the side as he lies on top of her massaging her breasts. There is an
occasional frame here or there of a nipple shown from the side or above. Eventually the guy has
performance anxiety due to the camera flash constantly going off, and he gets off of her and gets
dressed, and we see her breasts and torso more clearly for about 25 seconds as she sits up in bed and
they switch to the overhead shot. In Nicole's second sex scene, an incest scene with Josch, there is
no nudity because she is only shown from the shoulders up and they cut away as the two lie down
together. The film premiered at Hof International Filmdays in Germany in October 2001.
16 year old Marina de Graaf from the Netherlands (born 16 December 1959) in the Dutch film "Het
Debuut" aka "The Debut" (1977) (filmed during 1976; released to theatres on 18 May 1977)
Marina is a pretty blonde with a sweet voice and nice full breasts. She plays 14-year-old Carolien
Sanders, a teenager who has a sexual relationship with an older man, Hugo, who's a friend of her
parents. She has a scene where lies in bed while Hugo is next to her and talking on the phone. The
camera zooms in on her and she exposes her right breast and nipple. He gets off the phone, looks at
her, touches her arm, and kisses her face, then says "Good morning" and asks if she had a good
sleep, and she affirms that she did. After a short while, she gets pretty happy and gets out of bed,
jumps around, then goes to the balcony where she stands outside in the nude. During this segment
we see her tits, bush, and butt. In her next nude scene, she's in the back seat of Hugo's car while he's
driving. Some guys in the next car over start calling out to her, and she takes up her shirt and
exposes both breasts for about 8 seconds until she puts on a different top. In her third nude scene,
she shows her breasts in the shower as she washes herself. Later, she's in a scene with a woman
who's helping her try on a dark top. Her final nudity in the film is in a sex scene with Hugo. They
kiss, and she takes her shirt over her head to expose her breasts (seen briefly in close-up), then
Hugo takes his own shirt off, and they fall onto the bed, with him on top. They do a lot of hugging,
kissing, and touching of each other. We see her breasts and bush from the side. When he starts to
simulate intercourse with her we see only their upper bodies. They soon switch positions, with her
on top, and they continue to have sex. We see her face in close-up as she enjoys the pleasure.

17 year old Marion Cotillard from France (born 30 September 1975) in the French film "L'histoire
du garçon qui voulait qu'on l'embrasse" aka "A História do Garoto Que Queria Ser Beijado" aka
"Die Geschichte des Jungen, der geküßt werden wollte" aka "The Story of a Boy Who Wanted to Be
Kissed" (1994) (filmed in 1993 for 9 weeks starting on 19 April 1993; released to theatres on 23
March 1994)
Playing Mathilde, she has a scene where she walks into a room holding a clothes hook and a red
top, and once in the room she takes off her white shirt. While she's fully topless the camera briefly
shows both of her nice breasts. Then she starts putting on the red top. A guy is watching her from
the other room.

15 year old Marion Michael aka Marion Michaela Delonge from West Germany (born 17 October
1940 - not 1939 as some claim) in the West German film "Liane, das Mädchen aus dem Urwald"
aka "Liane, Jungle Goddess" aka "Liane la sauvageonne" (1956) (released to theatres on 4 October
Sunny blonde-haired, blonde-eyebrowed, blue-eyed Marion is Liane, an adorable European teen
who has lived in the African jungle for many years and is worshipped by a native tribe. A German
scientific expedition stumbles upon her one day and they soon capture her and return her to Europe.
Marion runs around in a loin cloth with only her long hair to occasionally cover her breasts. The
1959 U.S. release was butchered with almost all the nudity removed, but was still scandalous for its
time. The German version, reviewed here, has a lot more nudity. The following are some
noteworthy scenes. She has a scene where both of her nipples are in view as she's with the
tribesmen and inspects a white European guy lying on the ground. Later, she's swinging on a vine
and swimming and offers some more breast exposure, especially when she comes to the surface and
her breasts are seen from the front. Still later, Liane gets caught in a net. The expedition's medical
team rescue her and bring her inside their medical tent. A guy feeds her a banana. Most of her
breasts are seen from the front and side when she sits up and gets out of bed to attack a nurse. Then
she walks outside and a guy tackles her and gets on top of her, until another guy jumps off a truck
and fights with the first guy. Then the second guy carries Liane back into the medical tent and
places her on the bed. Since it's nighttime, he covers most of Liane's body with a sheet and several
of the people wish each other a good night. In a later scene, a woman gives Liane a shower, but
most of her breasts are covered by her hair, until she sits up in bed looking at herself in the mirror,
at which time her right breast and nipple are briefly seen. After this, she gets a haircut.

15 year old Marion Michael aka Marion Michaela Delonge from West Germany (born 17 October
1940 - not 1939 as some claim) in the West German film "Liane - Tochter des Dschungels" (1961)
Contains topless clips from her first "Liane" film.

14 year old Marta Keler from Yugoslavia (born 1976) in the Yugoslav film "Virdžina" aka "Virgina"
(1991) (released to theatres on 5 April 1991)
Marta plays Stevan, a girl who was raised as a boy. She has a scene where her breasts are bared
while she looks at them. There is also a moment when she watches her naked older sister washing
her breasts, after which the sister guides Stevan's hand to touch her (the sister's) breasts.

15 year old Martina Stella from Italy (born 28 November 1984) in the Italian film "L'ultimo bacio"
aka "The Last Kiss" aka "One Last Kiss" aka "Ein letzter Kuss" aka "El último beso" aka "O ultimo
beijo" aka "Juste un baiser" aka "To telefteo fili" aka "Det sidste kys" aka "Et siste kyss" aka "Sista
Kyssen" (2001) (filmed during 2000; released to theatres on 2 February 2001)
Sweet blonde angel Martina plays 18 year old high school senior Francesca. At a wedding party she
seduces 30 year old Carlo, who falls under her spell and soon cheats on his pregnant fiancée. In one
scene Martina and Carlo are together in bed and he's on top of her. After they undress, we see them
passionately kissing and during this sequence we see a lot of her breast curves and very briefly see
her nipples.

15/16 year old Maud Forget from France (born 7 May 1982) in the French film "Mauvaises
fréquentations" aka "Más Companhias" aka "Malas compañías" aka "El final de la inocencia" aka
"Vaarallista seuraa" aka "Alt for kjærligheten" aka "Dåligt sällskap" aka "In schlechter
Gesellschaft" aka "Bad Company" (1999) (filmed during 1998; released to theatres on 20 October
Light-skinned brunette Maud plays 14-year-old high school student Delphine Vitrac. She's a virgin
and inexperienced when it comes to sexual matters. She meets a girl named Olivia who has had a
lot of sex with many guys. Olivia encourages Delphine to get involved with sex. Delphine falls in
love with a manipulative, bad-news boy named Laurent. In order to fund a plane trip for him to visit
Jamaica, he makes Delphine and Olivia become prostitutes, after which Delphine gives blowjobs to
guys every afternoon. Maud has two scenes where she displays nudity. The first is at the start of the
film, during the opening credits, where we see her small A-cup breasts and light tan nipples while
she's taking a shower. Later, her breasts are again seen when Laurent gets on top of her and they
have intercourse on the living room floor; a sofa blocks the view of her lower body. This is the
scene where she loses her virginity. In between Laurent licking her body and mounting her, he asks
her "Want to suck me off?" and she laughs, responding "I don't know". While they fuck she tells
him "I love you".

17 year old Mélanie Laurent from France (born 21 February 1983) in the French-Portuguese film
"Ceci est mon corps" aka "Este É o Meu Corpo" aka "This Is My Body" (2001) (filmed from 30
October 2000 to around late December 2000; released to theatres on 29 August 2001)
Mélanie, playing Clara, has a very hot sex scene while sitting on a shelf attached to a bed next to a
wall. The lighting is somewhat dark. We see the boy fucking her for about 10 seconds, his
performance gaining in intensity until his butt is moving rapidly between her legs and he gets very
loud. We also hear her gasp and breathe heavily a couple of times. He stays still for about 5 seconds
and then, exhausted, falls back onto the bed. As he backs away from her and the camera trails the
guy down to the bed's surface, we briefly see Clara's whole body (including her pubic region) while
she sits with her legs spread eagle. She soon comes down from the shelf, kneels by him, and then
goes on top of him, and among other sights we briefly see the curves of her upper buttocks. They
have a face-to-face chat. After that, she gets up and her breasts are visible as she puts on her blue
dress. After putting it on, she lies back on top of him and gives him a sweet kiss. In a later scene,
she's topless while lying in bed with a man. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on 17
May 2001.

15-16 year old Melanie Lynskey from New Zealand (born 16 May 1977) and 17 year old Kate
Winslet from England (born 5 October 1975) in the British-German-New Zealand film "Heavenly
Creatures" aka "Himmlische Kreaturen" aka "Créatures célestes" aka "Criaturas celestiales" aka
"Creature del cielo" aka "Almas Gêmeas" aka "Amizade Sem Limites" aka "Mennyei
teremtmények" aka "Nebeska bitja" aka "Taivaalliset olennot" aka "Svarta änglar" (1994) (filmed
during 1993 until June; released to theatres on 14 October 1994)
In the uncut, untrimmed version of the film, both of Melanie's breasts and nipples are briefly visible
from the front when she sits up in bed next to a young man that she's just finished having sex with.
(The U.S. DVD release from 2002 doesn't show her breasts in this, as its framing cuts the bottom
part of the shot. The Full Screen version does show her breasts.) There is also a scene where she's
with Kate Winslet in a bathtub and during this Melanie's and Kate's nipples are occasionally visible.
Since the film is based on the true story of two teenage girls -- 15-year-old Pauline Parker (played
by Lynskey) and 17-year-old Juliet Hulme (played by Winslet) -- director Peter Jackson made the
appropriate decision to cast actresses who were exactly those ages. The film premiered at the Venice
Film Festival on 2 September 1994.

17 year old Mélanie Thierry from France (born 17 July 1981) in the Italian film "Canone Inverso -
Making Love" (2000) (filmed in 1999 including June; released to theatres on 11 February 2000)
She plays Sophie Levi, a French Jewish pianist who has a romance with the violinist Jeno Varga.
She has two topless scenes that were shot in June 1999. In one she's naked as she gets out of the
water of an indoor swimming pool and both of her breasts are visible from the front for about 4
seconds until she covers them with the white towel she's been given to dry up. The other is a love
scene where Jeno helps undress her, exposing her breasts (both seen from the front), and they do
lots of kissing. This includes her kissing his chest. The entire film was shot in the Czech Republic.

14 year old Melody Klaver from the Netherlands (born 9 September 1990) in the Dutch film "Diep"
aka "De oversteek: Diep" aka "Vathia" (2005) (released to theatres on 10 November 2005)
Melody, an attractive girl with light skin, reddish hair, and earrings, stars as Heleen, a 14-year-old
Dutch girl experiencing romance, sex, and drugs for the first time in the late 1970s. She is fully
topless, wearing nothing except white panties, in a bedroom and a hallway, while at least three
people are in her presence. This includes while she's reclined in bed as well as when she's standing.
When Melody was 18, she was interviewed as saying "In Diep was ik maar twee seconden topless.
Die beelden ben ik nog nergens tegengekomen, want de meeste websites zijn bang dat het illegaal is
omdat ik toen 14 was. Maar ik zou me er ook niet voor schamen want het is een prachtige scène en
het was functioneel naakt." (http://zembla.vara.nl/item.2999.0.html?
There she claims she was topless for only two seconds, though she actually exposes her breasts
(including the nipples and areolas) for at least 23 seconds, not counting when she's still topless but
covering herself with her arm or turned away from the camera. She also says most websites won't
allow the posting of scanned images of her topless scene, due to legal fears since she was just 14,
but that she is not ashamed that she bared her breasts.

17 year old Michela Miti from Italy (born 12 June 1963) in the Italian film "Pierino contro tutti"
(1981) (Italian censor's certificate #76955 issued on 10 August 1981; released to theatres on 19
September 1981)
Michela is a very sexy and mature-looking brunette who plays a substitute teacher ("La Supplente")
at a school where an adult man named Pierino is still stuck as a student in the 3rd grade. Pierino
imagines that Michela is naked while she's walking in high heels down the hall and so we actually
see a full rear shot of her nude as she's walking away from the camera. Shortly after, we see her
talking to a man. At first, she's wearing a hot red dress. Pierino hits his head and imagines that her
dress comes off again, and like magic suddenly she's nude, exposing both breasts and the curvature
of her lower body, as well as her lovely womanly legs, but her bush is strategically hidden by her
purse. He hits his head one more time and the man's shirt disappears. The man turns around and gets
angry seeing Pierino staring at them, and approaches Pierino. Most of Michela's body is now hidden
by his body.

17 year old Michela Miti from Italy (born 12 June 1963) in the Italian film "Cornetti alla crema"
aka "Creamed Corn" aka "Cream Horn" aka "Cuernos a la crema" aka "La amante bajo la cama"
aka "Yataktaki sevgili" aka "Exo gomeniaris kai sto spiti keratas" (1981) (Italian censor's certificate
#76923 issued on 31 July 1981; released to theatres on 11 September 1981)
Michaela plays a prostitute who works at a brothel. She comes down the stairs wearing stockings, a
garter belt, panties, and a see-thru black robe. When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, the robe
opens, giving us a great view of one breast for a few seconds.

15 year old Michèle Marian from East Germany (born 7 April 1963) in the East German made-for-
television film "Gelb ist nicht nur die Farbe der Sonne" (1979) (filmed from 5 June 1978 to 5
August 1978; premiered on 24 June 1979)
Playing Fräulein Lorenz, she reveals her tits while bathing in a body of water outdoors, and then
when she's drying off with a white towel we see her tits, bush, and the side of her butt. Her face and
body look very mature for her age.

17 year old Miranda Otto from Australia (born 16 December 1967) in the Australian film "Emma's
War" akka "Emmas Krieg" aka "1942: i quandici anni di Emma" aka "Emman taistelu" aka "Emma
háborúja" (1986) (filmed during 1985)
She's nude in a shower scene with several other females. Seen from behind, Miranda shows her
buttocks and the side of her right breast, but not her nipple or bush. The film debuted at the Cannes
Film Festival on 15 May 1986.

15/16 year old Miriam Giovanelli from Italy (born January 1990) in the Spanish film "Miguel y
William" aka "Miguel and William" aka "Shakespeare vs Cervantes" (2007) (filmed in January
2006; released to theatres on 2 February 2007)
Miriam has a topless scene where both of her breasts are bared.

16 year old Miriam Morgenstern from Germany (born 1987) in the German film "Sommersturm"
aka "Summer Storm" aka "Tormenta de verano" (2004) (filmed from 18 August 2003 to 30
September 2003; released to theatres on 2 September 2004)
Blonde Miriam plays Sandra. She makes out with a boy during a love scene at night outdoors. The
boy takes off her top, then her bottom, and is on top of her. During this scene there are brief side
views of her right breast and nipple, but it's not easy to see in the darkness.

13/14 year old Molly Ringwald from the USA (born 18 February 1968) in the American film
"Tempest" (1982) (released to theatres on 13 August 1982)
Molly, playing Miranda Dimitrios here, is a cute red-haired sweetie who has developed her curves
and B-cup breasts already. In an early scene, she swims nude in a cove on the island and we can see
her butt and a couple frames of bush through the water. We see part of a nipple when she surfaces
and her fingers slip apart. The funny part is that Raul Julia, who plays a goat herder on this remote
island who hasn't had a women in ages, spies on her as Oingo Boingo sings "I like little girls" in the
background. Late in the movie, Molly goes swimming in a light grey suit and when she comes out
of the water we can see her nipples and bush through the fabric. She has several other cute scenes,
but the nudity is not spectacular.
16 year old Monica Guerritore from Italy (born 5 January 1958) in the Italian film "La prima volta
sull'erba" aka "Danza d'amore sotto gli olmi" aka "Mi primer amor a los 15 años" aka "Love Under
the Elms" aka "The First Time on the Grass" aka "Liebestanz unter den Ulmen" (1975) (filmed
during 1974; Italian censor's certificate #66110 issued on 22 February 1975; released to theatres on
27 February 1975)
Monica is mature looking for her age. She is a beautiful girl with curly red hair. She's nude in two
scenes. In the first, Monica and her boyfriend, played by 16 year old blond actor Mark Lester (born
11 July 1958), start to pose for pictures near a waterfall. But instead they get undressed. We get a
great view of Monica's large breasts from the front when she starts removing her dress. Then we see
them sitting naked facing each other, at which time Monica's entire body is in view. He tenderly
touches her face and right breast. Then she touches his face and body. Next he lifts his hand to touch
her lips. Then she touches his upper body again. This leads to them hugging and kissing. During
this sequence the waterfall is seen flowing in the background. Near the end of the movie they get
together and have sex. They are both nude and her boyfriend lies on top thrusting away while they
kiss, but his body prevents us from seeing even a nipple. Heavy rain starts to pour, interrupting their
lovemaking. As they stand up, we briefly get a side view of Monica's bush, before she gathers her
clothes and scurries off.

16 year old Monica Keena from the USA (born 25 May 1979) in the American film "Ripe" (1997)
(filmed during 1995; released to theatres on 2 May 1997)
In this coming-of-age film shot in South Carolina, Monica plays a 14 year old girl named Violet.
She and her twin sister are orphans. Violet briefly flashes her right nipple while doing pushups on a
field because she's wearing a shirt without any bra. During this scene, Violet is the girl on the left
side of the screen, while her sister Rosie is on right. Monica is dressed during her hot masturbation
scene where she rubs herself through her panties under her skirt, though her nipples can somewhat
be seen through the fabric of her top. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Independent Film
Festival in April 1996.

16 year old Mylène Saint-Sauveur from Canada (born 12 March 1990) in the French-Belgian-
Canadian film "Voleurs de chevaux" aka "Kleftes alogon" aka "Pferdediebe" aka "In the Arms of
My Enemy" (2007) (filmed from 28 April 2006 to 3 June 2006; released to theatres on 22 August
This is a historical drama set in Ukraine in the middle of the 19th century. Mylène, a brunette
beauty playing Virina, shows much of her body in a tame love scene with a 17-year-old young man
named Elias. She's standing in a room lit by candles. He takes off her dress, and as it falls to the
floor the back of her body comes into view. We see her nice butt for about 4 seconds. Then she
helps him take his clothes off. She gently touches his chest once it's bare, and then they kiss. After a
couple of seconds they fall back onto their bed and she giggles. More kissing ensues and her left
breast is visible from the side as she starts to giggle a lot more and he pulls the cover over them. He
starts laughing too. We don't actually see them having intercourse, but after the sex is over the scene
resumes with them resting in bed and she's playing with his hair. They hear a horserider outside, and
he gets up to put on his clothes. He tells her he has to leave, but Virina wants him to "Stay with me
a little longer." She asks him "Will we see each other again?" and he replies "Maybe, yes." While he
dresses and as he leaves, we see her breasts, first just her right nipple, then her left one too. The film
debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on 19 May 2007.

17 year old Nadja Bobyleva from Russia (born 7 May 1983) in the German film "Engel und Joe"
(2001) (filmed from 17 October 2000 to 8 December 2000; released to theatres on 24 September
Nadja plays Engel's former girlfriend, Asi. She flashes her breasts in two scenes that were filmed in
October 2000. In the first one, she's outdoors and lifts her shirt to show her breasts to Engel for two
seconds. In the second one, she's in a nightclub with strobe lighting. While heavy metal music
plays, she takes her shirt over her head and we see her breasts. Then she's on the floor kissing a guy
and we see her breasts again. Because the lights flash on and off so much, and when they are in off
mode it's very dark, there isn't a continuous view of her breasts during this scene.

13-14 year old Nadja Brunkhorst aka Natja Brunckhorst from West Germany (born 26 September
1966) in the West German film "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" aka "Å være ung er
for jævli" aka "Christiane F. - tyttö metroasemalta" aka "Christiane F., sta 13 porni gia narkotika"
aka "Christiana F. - Noi i ragazzi dello zoo di Berlino" aka "Moi, Christiane F., 13 ans, droguée,
prostituée..." aka "Eu, Christiane F., 13 Anos, Drogada e Prostituída" aka "Yo, Cristina F" aka "Zoo"
aka "We Children from Bahnhof Zoo" (1981) (filmed from August 1980 to November 1980;
released to theatres on 2 April 1981)
Nadja is thin and plays a teenage heroin addict named Christiane. In a bedroom scene she takes off
her white panties and shows her unclothed butt while she stands in preparation for her first time
having sex with her boyfriend. The room isn't well-lit.

15 year old Nadja Brunkhorst aka Natja Brunckhorst from West Germany (born 26 September
1966) in the West German-French film "Querelle" aka "Querelle - Ein Pakt mit dem Teufel" aka
"Querelle - En pakt med djevelen" aka "Matrosen och stjärnan" aka "Querelle de Brest" aka "Um
Pacto com o Diabo" aka "O Kavgatzis" (1982) (released to theatres on 8 September 1982)
This gay-themed film has a scene where a man holds a colour photo of Nadja sitting as she's topless
and wearing stockings. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in Italy on 31 August 1982.

17 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources) in the French-British film "Tess"
aka "Tess - Uma Lição de Vida" (1979) (filmed starting on 7 August 1978; released to theatres on
25 October 1979)
This was directed by Roman Polanski, and at the time Nastassja was 17 and supposedly having her
sexual affair with Polanski, which allegedly began when she was 15. (In "Daddy's girl" by Suzie
Mackenzie in "The Guardian" on 3 July 1999, Kinski denied having ever had sex with Polanski:
"He was strict with me, but in a good way. He made me feel smart, that I could do things. I loved
him, I still do, and I always will. There was a flirtation. There could have been a seduction, but
there was not. He had respect for me.") In the film, based on Thomas Hardy's 1891 novel "Tess of
the d'Urbervilles", Nastassja plays Tess, a peasant girl. In one scene, she opens her dress to pop out
her left breast to feed her baby, but the breast is visible only briefly.

16-17 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources) in the Spanish-Italian film "Stay
As You Are" aka "Così come sei" aka "Así como eres" aka "Tentación prohibida" aka "Tentação
proibida" aka "Bleib wie Du bist" aka "La fille" aka "Meine opos eisai" aka "Hellyyden hetket" aka
"Askimiz bir günahti" aka "Pozostan soba" aka "Ostavaysya takim, kakoy est'" (1978) (filmed from
late 1977 to early 1978; Italian censor's certificate #72257 issued on 23 August 1978; released to
theatres on 14 September 1978)
Nastassja plays 17-year-old Francesca in this love story with three significant twists: a significant
age difference between her and her lover, the fact that her lover is married, and the possibility
(never answered one way or another) that her lover is her father. The boyfriend, Giulio, is played by
Marcello Mastroianni, who was in his mid-50s at the time. He learns that Francesca is the daughter
of one of his former lovers, but it doesn't stop their pursuit of a relationship with each other. Her
first nudity comes when she's resting in bed and Giulio lifts part of her hair, then lets go. We briefly
see her left breast. Later in the film, she stands on the bed and joyfully takes off her clothing one
piece at a time. When she gets topless, she sits back in bed and puts the cover over herself. Then she
takes her panties off and throws them. We see her breasts again when she lies downward on the bed.
The camera pans down her body as she continues to rest, with lots of exposure of her buttock curves
while he walks over to the bed and stares at her. She opens her eyes. Then, while he walks again, we
see the reflection of her rear in the mirror. There follows an excellent shot where the camera briefly
shows a full view of her naked body from the rear as she continues to rest. She soon opens her eyes
again while he stands by a window. He walks to the door and leaves. She notices he's gone and we
see her side and rear, then she flips over and sits up, distressed and crying. The love scene between
Francesca and Giulio is not explicit. They are both naked. He tenderly kisses her twice, then they
look at each other and kiss on the lips. They snuggle and she kisses his body and he kisses hers.
Then they're sleeping in bed and we see her left breast, then we see both breasts. They shift
positions several times and we see her butt. In the next scene, she's lying in bed reading a gazette
and eating an orange. Giulio walks in carrying a large book titled "GOYA", giving it to her, but she
casts it aside and lies back in bed and they continue to talk. We see her breasts a lot. They exchange
a kiss and hug. She takes a shower, but her nudity is not in the frame. Later, we see her naked on the
bed lying downward, and the camera pans up her body at the same time as Giulio's fingers touch her
body from her lower to her upper regions. The views of her legs and butt and the side of her left
breast are excellent. She giggles. In the next scene they're seated eating breakfast; she's nude, but
he's wearing a robe. She stands up and turns to face the camera and we see full-frontal nudity for
about 4 seconds until she sits back down. As they continue eating, she giggles, and he watches her
intently. They use body language to communicate. Then she stands up and jumps around him and
we briefly see her bush again. She gets her arms around his neck, then she steps to the side and her
bush is again seen. She places her ass in front of him, which he touches and bites, leaving a mark.
She's delighted, and runs to the back of the room. He lights a cigarette. She comes back in and we
see both of her breasts as she carries a glass and offers it to him. He starts to drink it, but then she
reveals that it's her urine and laughs hysterically and jumps on him, and we see more rear nudity.
What a naughty girl! Her last nudity in the film comes when the bedroom is dark, so all we can see
is the silhouette of her body as she slowly walks around, until she gets to where he is, at which time
we see both of her breasts. She wakes him from slumber and they talk.

16 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources), 14 year old Marion Kracht from
Germany (born 5 December 1962), and 17-18 year old Véronique Delbourg from France (born 8
September 1959) in the West German film "Leidenschaftliche Blümchen" aka "Passion Flower
Hotel" aka "Virgin Campus" aka "Boarding School" aka "Ninguna Virgen en el Colegio" aka
"Niente vergini in collegio" aka "Rajattoman rakkauden kerho" aka "Utanmayanlar" aka "Otel
'Tsvetok strasti'" (1978) (production lasted from 17 August 1977 to 8 October 1977; released to
theatres on 14 April 1978)
The story involves a group of schoolgirls in Switzerland who decide to become prostitutes offering
their sexual services to the boys who live in a nearby boys' boarding school, for profit. Nastassja
plays an American student named Deborah Collins, the ringleader of the prostitution company.
Despite the eagerness of the boys to have sex with the girls, there isn't any action going on. In one
scene, she's topless in a shower room with three other young teens who are also topless. They are all
getting wet and giggling under the falling water, but later they have a serious discussion as they dry
up. She's also topless in another shower scene. There's a scene where Deborah is wearing a thin,
see-thru nightgown where her breasts and pointy nipples can be easily discerned as she moves her
body. In this scene, she's teaching the girls how to walk in a sexy manner and how to get the
attention of guys they're attracted to. Deborah hosts a striptease contest for the boys to enjoy, but
did not compete it in herself. But after the event, she gives the boys a private performance. At the
end of the film, there's a sweet and non-explicit simulated sex scene involving Deborah. Her
boyfriend kisses her and caresses her body, then mounts her and gently moves on top of her while
we watch from a side view perspective. Her small breasts are visible during much of this scene, and
also briefly her buttocks and bush. (Note: Nastassja's nude scenes from this film are also contained
within the British video "Electric Blue 10" from 1985.) Véronique is the brunette in the opening
scene and her character is named Marie-Louise. The scene begins with an extended close-up on her
bare right breast. After about 24 seconds of focusing on her right breast, the camera gradually
zooms out to show her entire body, including the other breast. She's in a room with three young
blond teens who are dressed. A woman comes upon the room and walks in, which startles the girls,
who quickly cover up Véronique's body from her view. Véronique was trying to make one of her
hands numb before she was to masturbate in order to know how it would feel to be touched by
another person. Even though the filming schedule straddled her 18th birthday, this scene was almost
certainly filmed when Véronique was still 17, since it's the first scene in the film and most of the
shooting for the film was probably completed within about 3 weeks, followed by re-shoots as
needed once they started editing. Véronique and Marion (playing Jane) are seen topless in parts of
two scenes taking place in the shower room. Marion's breasts are briefly seen while she's drying off.

14 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources) in the British-West German film
"To the Devil a Daughter" aka "Die Braut des Satans" aka "En Dotter åt djävulen" aka "Child of
Satan" aka "Paholaisen tytär" aka "Córka dla diabla" aka "Una figlia per il diavolo" aka "La monja
poseída" aka "Une fille... pour le diable" (1976) (filmed in late 1975; released to theatres on 4
March 1976)
Near the end of the film, small-breasted brunette Nastassja disrobes and walks naked in the
direction of the camera, from a frontal perspective. There are two versions of the scene; one shows
her walking in real-time speed for just three or four seconds, while the other version shows her
walking in slow-motion. There is also an earlier scene where her back is to a stone slab and her
pubic hair is visible as a red Satanic puppet goes into her privates.

13 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources) in the West German film "Falsche
Bewegung" aka "Wrong Movement" aka "False Movement" aka "The Wrong Move" aka "Falszywy
ruch" aka "Lozhnoye dvizhenie" (1975) (filmed in 1974; released to theatres on 14 March 1975)
Nastassja shows her breasts in her silver screen debut. The male lead goes in the room. It is dark but
we see Nastassja sitting up in bed wearing just her panties with her breasts plainly visible. He
climbs on top of her and then realizes it's the wrong girl. He turns on the light and we get a clear
view of her young breasts. He slaps her face and then gently touches her hair and face. Later, the
woman who was expecting him asks where he was all night.

16 year old Natalie Uher from Austria (born 2 April 1968) in the West German film "Flucht zurück
ins Paradies" aka "Escape to Paradise" aka "Locas vacaciones" (1984)
Super cute Natalie has multiple nude scenes and is full-frontal in several of them. First she strips off
her clothes and takes a shower, and we see her nude from the front. Later, she sits topless in a chair
while another woman who's infatuated with her induces her into lesbianism. We see Natalie's bush
in a close-up full-frame shot where we can detect some pussy detail while the other lady is down
there checking things out as they get into some lesbian action. Some time later, Natalie treats us to a
topless flash while riding in a Jeep, and soon after that she does topless limbo dancing after she
takes off her top at a party (we see a breast closeup as she goes under the stick). She has a long
topless beach shot which includes her getting tied up to a stake by some local rebels while she's
wearing just her bikini bottoms. It was about the only useful thing the rebels did during the movie.
Natalie also has two full-frontal sequences while she spends time with a guy on the beach and
makes love with him.

16 year old Natalie Uher from Austria (born 2 April 1968) in the West German film "Drei und eine
Halbe Portion" aka "Three Man and a Half" (1985) (production began and ended in 1984; released
to theatres on 18 January 1985)
Natalie is shown sunbathing topless in a pool chair for several minutes on the patio of a wealthy
criminal, giving us a nice long view of her breasts before she puts her top on. She looks very cute in
this film and is made up so that she looks more like 18 than 16. Her September 1984 Playboy issue
pops up a few times and once we even see a montage of her pictorial including multiple pages of
the issue with one good shot of her breast.

15/16 year old Nerea Barros Noya from Spain (born 1981) in the Spanish film "Nena" (1997)
In this film shot in the Galician region of northwestern Spain, Nerea plays a teen named Eli. She
has an older brother in his early 20s who lives with her. A man in his mid-30s is a friend of his, and
as a result the man frequently visits their home. The man is strongly attracted to Eli and likes to
look at her body. Over time, he starts to spend time alone with her and they go on a couple of walks
and even have dinner, but there is no physical relationship. One day he drops in their home and
nobody seems to be around, but he decides to stay anyway. While snooping around he finds a video
tape, and he pops it in the video player. Part of the video shows Eli swimming across a pool naked.
As she stands up, we see both of her breasts for several seconds. There is a hint of dark brown
between her legs visible though the water, but the water is too disrupted to see anything. After she
gets out of the water, she has a towel around her torso and is turned away, exposing her ass for
several more seconds as she continues talking to the cameraman. He hears a noise and turns off the
tape, and he finds out that Eli and her brother were in the attic. He stops pursuing her after that, and
the movie wraps up pretty quickly.

17 year old Nora-Jane Noone from Ireland (born 8 March 1984) in the British-Irish film "The
Magdalene Sisters" aka "Las Hermanas de la Magdalena" aka "Magdalene Sisters: En el nombre de
Dios" aka "En el nombre de Dios" aka "Em Nome de Deus" aka "As Irmãs de Maria Madalena" aka
"Magdalene" aka "Les Soeurs Madeleine" aka "Siostry Magdalenki" aka "Die Unbarmherzigen
Schwestern" aka "Magdalene søstrene" aka "Magdalenasystrarna" aka "Oi Kores tis dropis" aka
"Günahkar rahibeler" aka "Magdaleena õed" aka "Magdalena sisaret" aka "Magdalena-sisaret"
(2002) (filmed from 2 July 2001 to August 2001; released to theatres on 25 October 2002)
This is based on the true story of the Magdalene Laundries, operated by the Irish Catholic Church.
Parents would send them their daughters if they had committed sexual sins against Catholicism (for
instance getting pregnant before marriage) or even if they had been raped. Girls whose parents were
no longer alive were also sometimes taken in. The girls were imprisoned against their will in
asylums and forced them to wash laundry, and most of them were forced to stay there for their
entire lives. The nuns and priests took advantage of the inmates and sometimes beat, molested, or
starved them. The movie's plot takes place in the 1960s. Dark-haired hottie Nora-Jane plays
Bernadette, an orphaned brown-haired schoolgirl who's imprisoned for being "too flirtatious" with
Irish boys. She stands full-frontally nude, exposing both of her breasts and her full triangle of pubic
hair, in the infamous inspection scene where nuns force her and many other young women to strip
naked. The nuns humiliate them by making comments about their breasts, buttocks, and pubic hair.
Actress Anne-Marie Duff said "The Magdalene Sisters we filmed in July 2001"
(http://www.futuremovies.co.uk/filmmaking.asp?ID=33). Confirmation that Nora-Jane Noone was
17 when she auditioned and acted for this film is found in several articles, including Kate Crofts's
article "'Magdalene Sisters' ripe with controversy" in the 11 September 2003 issue of New Mexico
Daily Lobo
ters.Ripe.With.Controversy-462655.shtml) which also quotes Noone as saying "I didn't really mind
(doing the nude scene) because it did happen. The film is the story of the terrible things that were
done to these girls. It was a serious event." She has said her parents supported her being nude in the
film: "My family was very supportive. My mother said, 'If you can't show your body when you're
young, when can you?'" (quoted in "Nora-Jane Noone: her first film—and the church doesn't like it"
by Erica Abeel in Interview magazine, August 2003). The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival
on 30 August 2002.
15/16 year old Nutsa Kukhianidze from the Republic of Georgia (born 8 August 1983) in the
German-Georgian film "27 Missing Kisses" aka "27 baci perduti" aka "27 besos robados" aka
"L'Été de mes 27 baisers" aka "27 klemmena filia" aka "27 varastettua suudelmaa" aka "27
ukradennykh potseluev" aka "Léto ztracených polibku" (2000) (filmed in 1999; production began in
August 1999 and ended in October 1999; released to theatres on 30 June 2000)
Nutsa has very curly reddish-brown hair and plays Sibylla. Near the beginning of the film, Sibylla
stands up in a bathtub to get rinsed off, and we see her beautiful breasts for about a minute,
sometimes in bad light, sometimes in good light, as a boy watches while he's hidden in the corner of
the room. Slightly after, in the same scene, she's seen naked from a long shot, and we get a decent
look at her ass from profile. Later in the film, Sibylla stands in a doorway and disrobes from her wet
blouse after the boy has thrown water at her, teasing the boy by raising the blouse above her
shoulders, only to be discovered by the boy's father. There is very good light in this scene, and her
breasts look very nice here. Later still, she undresses and offers herself to a man who rejects her,
and we again see her breasts.

16/17 year old Odile Michel from France (born 31 August 1959) in the French film "Diabolo
menthe" aka "Gazzosa alla menta" aka "Colegialas adolescentes" aka "Pagoto apo menta" aka
"Mentolos ital" aka "Piparminttujuoma" aka "Gençlik arzulari" aka "Die kleinen Pariserinnen" aka
"Peppermint Soda" (1977) (released to theatres on 14 December 1977)
Diane Kurys's autobiographical film about adolescence is set in 1960s Paris. Odile's character is 15-
year-old Frederique. Frederique has one scene where she's sitting topless in the bathtub with her
younger sister Anne (whose breasts aren't seen).

16 year old Oksana Akinshina from Russia (born 19 April 1987) in the Russian film "Igry
motylkov" (2004) (released to theatres on 29 August 2004)
Oksana is blonde. She shows her left breast several times during a sex scene, and both breasts after
the sex is done. A guy ravages her in bed, and she resists at first. Then they kiss, and heavy
breathing ensues while he goes at it. Midway through the scene she seems to kick him or
something, but he continues. After sex, she sits topless on the bed while he stands looking out the
window. Then he talks to her and she puts on her bra. The film premiered at the New Russian
Cinema Festival in Chelyabinsk, Russia on 23 March 2004.

16 year old Oksana Arbuzova from the Soviet Union (born 24 April 1973) in the Soviet film
"Avariya - doch' menta" (1989) (released to theatres on 1 November 1989)
This is a Russian-language feature about a girl named Valeriya whose nickname is "Avariya"
("Crash"). Oksana plays her role. Valeriya is antisocial and has a difficult relationship with her
parents. She has a scene in a bedroom where she's standing and wearing only pink panties. She
bares both of her adolescent breasts from the front. She has heavy makeup on her cheeks and
around her eyes. In a different scene her right breast is seen for about a second while she's being
held by one man and physically assaulted by another man.

16/17 year old Oksana Arbuzova from the Soviet Union (born 24 April 1973) in the French film
"Sex et perestroika" aka "Seks i perestroika" (1990) (filmed from April 1990 to June 1990; released
to theatres on 10 October 1990)
This is a story about the making of an erotic film in Moscow, Russia. Oksana's face looks pretty
(though with heavy makeup, as in her last film) and her body looks great. She has a nude scene on a
stage in a movie studio where she's standing, dancing, and gyrating to music for a total of 23
seconds of display time. She's wearing high heels, a belt with a portable tape player attached to it,
earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but no garments. She therefore offers full front and rear nudity,
including several shots zoomed in to her bush!

16 year old Olympe Borval from France in the French-Tunisian film "Le Chant des Mariées" aka
"The Wedding Song" (2008) (filmed in October 2007; released to theatres on 17 December 2008)
Her character is Nour, a 16-year-old living in Tunis in 1942. She gives one flash of her breasts in a
hammam. Then comes a closeup on her breasts which are kissed by her fiancé Khaled during a sex
scene on a terrace. Then we see her topless as she lies on the bed, and she makes love with her
husband on their wedding night. After they have sex, she covers her breasts with her hands and
stares at him. But then she briefly exposes her full left nipple and areola, and does the same a little
while later when she reaches for a white sheet that has her blood on it (she had just lost her
virginity). The film debuted at the Turin Film Festival on 24 November 2008.

17 year old Oona-Devi Liebich from Germany (born 12 February 1984) in the German film "Paule
und Julia" aka "Paule and Julia" (2003) (filmed from 2 October 2001 to 9 November 2001; released
to theatres on 4 September 2003)
She stars as Julia Behringer. We see her entire buttocks from the rear before and while she jumps
into the pool. The curves of her breasts are visible while she's in the pool. The film debuted at the
Molodist International Film Festival on 23 October 2002.

15 year old Ornella Muti aka Francesca Rivelli from Italy (born 9 March 1955) in the Italian film
"Il Sole nella pelle" aka "Summer Affair" aka "Sun on the Skin" aka "Le soleil dans la peau" aka
"L'Amour dans la peau" aka "Amour jeune, amour fou" aka "Ein Sommer voller Zärtlichkeit" aka
"Zu Tode gehetzt" aka "¿Violación bajo el sol?" (1971) (Italian censor's certificate #57889 issued on
16 March 1971; released to theatres on 10 April 1971)
Ornella undresses in a cave and by doing so reveals the dark silhouette of her gorgeous large
breasts. After she runs into the sea, we see her and her boyfriend nude swimming underwater for
about a minute and a half, then she emerges from the water and both of her breasts are visible from
the front while she stands near the shore. Soon she's seen lying on the beach. She takes off her
blanket, again revealing both breasts from the front while the camera zooms in. In another scene,
her boyfriend playfully chases her on the beach, and as she runs her butt is visible. Then he
"catches" her and she lies down and her right breast and nipple are seen close-up along with her
face while they kiss.

17 year old Paola Morra from Italy (born 20 April 1960) in the Italian film "Suor Omicidi" aka
"Killer Nun" aka "The Killer Nun" aka "Geständnis einer Nonne" aka "Dolofonontas tous
pethamenous" aka "Tappajanunna" aka "Hoitomuotona murha" aka "La monja homicida" aka "A
Freira Assassina" (1978) (filmed during 1977)
Paola plays Sister Mathieu. Her hair is short and brown. She gets fully naked a couple of times for
lesbian sex with Sister Gertrude, another of the nuns, who's older than she is. Paola displays her big
tits and her large, hairy bush. The film's blasphemous and violent content got many Christian
groups angry, and the complete version of the film was banned in the United Kingdom and Iceland.
This was Paola's first film and in the opening credits it says "and introducing" before her name as is
customary for first-time actresses. One of the films she made later, "Interno di un convento", was
released on 26 January 1978 when she was still 17.

14 year old Paulina Mlynarska from Poland (born 15 November 1970) in the Polish film "Kronika
wypadków milosnych" aka "Rakkaustarinoita" aka "Chronik einiger Liebesunfälle" aka "Chronique
des événements amoureux" aka "Crónica de los sucesos amorosos" aka "Cronaca di avvenimenti
amorosi" aka "Chronicle of Amorous Accidents" aka "Chronicle of Love Affairs" (1986) (filmed in
1985 during warm weather when the grass was tall; copyright date 1985; released to theatres on 24
November 1986)
Paulina plays 16-year-old Alina, a teenaged schoolgirl living in the Polish-controlled part of
Lithuania in 1939, right before the German invasion. She is pretty mature looking for her age, with
good hip and breast development, so she has no problem passing for 16 in the film. A teenaged
schoolboy named Witek falls in love with Alina. There's a scene where Witek climbs up a house to
peep at Alina from outside of her 2nd floor window while she changes into her bed clothes. We see
her completely naked from behind for maybe 2 seconds. The end of the film has a love scene
between them. Alina is naked but covered by him or the tall grass that waves back and forth
between the camera and the young couple. If you step through the frames you can see her full left
breast and nipple 5 or 6 times. As the camera pans up her legs and along her hips we see an area of
darkness in both of their pubic areas for a frame. He is slightly on his side almost exposing himself
to the camera with his hips between hers, but we cannot see any detail. The sex scene lasts 20-30

16/17 year old Penélope Cruz Sánchez from Spain (born 28 April 1974) in the Spanish film "Jamón,
jamón" aka "Ham Ham" aka "A Tale of Ham and Passion" aka "Salami Salami" aka "Szynka,
szynka" aka "Prsut Prsut" aka "Jambon, jambon" aka "Desejos Inconscientes" aka "Kinkkua,
kinkkua" aka "Spis mig" aka "Nuckneak Nuckneak" aka "Prosciutto prosciutto" (1992) (apparently
filmed during 1991; U.S. Copyright Office lists publication date as 9 May 1992; released to theatres
on 4 September 1992)
In this comedy, Penélope (playing Silvia) has four scenes where she displays her very nice round
breasts. In the first one, her boyfriend asks her "Can I eat your tit?" She giggles and responds with
"no". He pulls her top down to reveal her right breast from the side. He brings his mouth to it and
starts sucking it. After a delay, he continues sucking her breast, and holds it in his hand while she
sweetly plays with his hair. When the phone rings he walks away to answer it. We see her breast as
she follows him and pulls her top up. When he's done with the phone call, he turns his attention
again to Penélope, pulling down the part of her shirt covering her left breast and proceeding to suck,
pull, and lick its nipple. Then he exposes her right breast once more and continues the sucking and
licking action. In a close-up shot, while he's sucking her right nipple he's caressing her left breast. In
his opinion her breasts taste like potato omelettes (Spanish tortillas) and ham. The next time we see
Penélope's breasts it's when she's sitting in the desert during a dream sequence. Both of her breasts
are in view from the front. Her third nude scene is unpleasant to watch. She's outdoors with her
boyfriend as he tries to seduce her. She's distressed and says "I can't". During this sequence he
brings her panties partially down her leg and raises up her white dress, exposing the side curvature
of her lower body. Then he lifts up the dress further so that he can touch her right breast, which we
see in two quick flashes. In her last topless scene she's sitting indoors in the company of a different
man. We see her breasts close-up while he sucks and licks them. He thinks they taste like ham. Then
he moves his head lower and spends some time at her crotch. A woman cleans the window outside
the room and peers inside. Penélope and news reports have repeatedly said that she was under 18
during filming. The film played at the Venice Film Festival in September 1992 where it won the
"Silver Lion" award.

15/16 year old Rebecca Mosselmann from Germany (born 1981) in the German film "David im
Wunderland" (1998) (released to theatres on 4 June 1998)
Rebecca plays Maike and shows brief nudity.

17 year old Reine Rohan from France (born 12 July 1946) in the American film "The Dirty Girls"
aka "Tuhmat tytöt" (1964)
Reine, playing a prostitute named Monique, appears topless in alternate versions of various scenes
that were made for some European cinemas. Her breasts are not exposed during the versions of
those scenes in the American release. (The topless versions are contained as extras on two DVDs:
the 28 September 1999 DVD release of "The Dirty Girls", and the "The Dirty Girls" DVD that's
part of the 3-disc "The Radley Metzger Collection: Volume Two" released on 22 February 2005.)

15 year old Rita Kvist from Norway (born 1 January 1985) in the Norwegian film "Lime" (2001)
(filmed from 8 May 2000 to 30 June 2000; released to theatres on 9 February 2001)
In this youth drama, adorable blonde Rita Kvist plays Tanja, a disgruntled teen of 15 going on 16.
She has a thin body with B-sized breasts. In her first nude scene, she's in the girls' shower room at
school with her arms crossed over breasts. When she moves away from the shower, we see one of
her breasts fully, from the front. In a black-and-white scene later on, we see her nude in her
bathroom as she takes a bubble bath. We see her ass and left breast as she climbs into the bath. Then
we see her breasts and nipples above the water for about a minute, and occasionally a dark patch
between her legs under the water. During her bathtime her cellphone rings and she answers it while
still in the tub. Later, she's making love to her boyfriend and we get a quick glimpse of one of her
breasts again and a lot of skin here and there.

16 year old Romina Power from Italy (born 2 October 1951) in the Italian film "Marquis de Sade's
Justine" aka "Justine" aka "Justine ovvero le disavventure della virtù" aka "Les deux beautés" aka
"Santuário Mortal" aka "Justine - fasornas borg" aka "Deadly Sanctuary" (1969) (released to
theatres on 3 April 1969)
American-born Romina plays the lead role of Justine, who begins the film as a virgin. The film is
set in the 18th century. She and her sister Juliette are thrown out of a private school after the death
of their parent who was paying their tuition. The two girls visit a brothel in Paris. Juliette decides to
become a prostitute, but Justine chooses a different path, becoming a maid for an old male
innkeeper named Du Harpin. In her first nude scene, she's in the room where she's spending the
night in Du Harpin's place. Du is talking with her as she puts on a nightgown. Her breasts are
mostly covered by her long hair when she faces the camera, but when she's standing with her rear to
the camera her butt is briefly seen. Justine soon finds herself in a lot of horrible situations, starting
with being falsely accused of having stolen a brooch. Her second nude scene comes after she
escapes from prison and has become a fugitive. After finding refuge at a painter's home, she sits
nude, revealing her breasts and the curves of her lower body, while the painter stands in front of a
blank white canvas and indicates he wants to paint her. The painter then walks over to her and says
he wants to know her and love her. She lies back and we get another good look at her breasts. After
he says "I want to love you sincerely, tenderly", he touches her face and says "There's nothing to be
afraid of anymore." Then the camera zooms out and we see her full body again, until he covers most
of her body with a red sheet. In a later scene, Justine's lying on the ground, and a court official
opens her shirt to expose her left breast after she protests "No I wasn't!" Still later, Justine is
hanging in iron shackles topless (both breasts seen) under red lighting, stuck in a dungeon next to
an older woman. In her final nude scene, Justine's on a stage in front of a large audience of rowdy
men and women in a tavern. We see her butt while her back is to the audience. Then the presenter
tells her to turn around to "show your beautiful charms" and she slowly turns around (we
momentarily see her right breast, until she crosses her arms in front of her bust). After the audience
can see her front, she brings her arms down and the camera zooms in to show her right nipple and
the red "M" branding between her breasts. A man in the audience sees it, stands up, and says "Look,
she's a murderess!", then others in the audience stand up and shout all sorts of angry words. Then
the camera shows Justine (including her right breast and nipple once more), who looks worried, and
the presenter covers her with a coat and whisks her away.

17 year old Romina Power from Italy (born 2 October 1951) in the Italian-West German film
"Femmine insaziabili" aka "The Insatiables" aka "Mord im schwarzen Cadillac" aka "Exzess" aka
"Verinen suudelma" aka "Perversion" aka "Corrupción insaciable" (1969) (Italian censor's
certificate #54209 issued on 26 July 1969; released to theatres on 14 August 1969)
Romina is swimming with a reporter and loses her top. She is shown swimming underwater topless
for many seconds before jumping out of the water and running away. He follows. We don't see her
breasts after she gets out of the water.

16 year old Roxane Mesquida from France (born 1 October 1981) in the French film "L'école de la
chair" aka "The School of Flesh" (1998) (released to theatres in September 1998)
During an undressing sequence, the side of her left breast is visible.
16 year old Sabrina Siani from Italy (born 1963) in the Spanish-French-West German film "Mondo
cannibale" aka "Cannibals" aka "Barbarian Goddess" aka "Die Blonde Göttin" aka "Mondo
cannibale 3 - Die blonde Göttin" aka "El Canibal" aka "Inferno der Kannibalen" aka "Une fille pour
les cannibales" aka "White Cannibal Queen" (1980) (released to theatres on 28 November 1980)
Blonde Sabrina plays Lana. She has a darkly-lit scene at night where she's lying on the ground
topless in the presence of the cannibal. Her left breast and nipple are visible. Later, there's a scene
where she stands topless in front of a fire and for about four seconds her left nipple can be detected
between her long hair as she faces the camera.

16 year old Sandra Mozarowsky from Spain (born 1959 or 17 October 1958) in the Spanish film
"Sensualidad" (1975) (filmed during 1975)
Sandra plays Pilar, a prostitute. In Sandra's only true nude scene she is walking toward a client who
is sitting on the side of the bed. As she walks she first takes off her blouse and then her bra, leaving
her in a high-waisted skirt. She crosses her arms over her breasts to hide her nipples, and her hair
hides them as well. She briefly moves her arm down and we see 3/4s of a nipple for a second before
a cut to another angle. As she approaches the man she finally lowers her arms and we see her right
nipple fully exposed for several seconds before the scene cuts away to something else. Her left
nipple was covered by her long brown hair.

16/17 year old Sandra Mozarowsky from Spain (born 1959 or 17 October 1958) in the Spanish film
"El libro del buen amor II" aka "The Book of Good Love 2" (1976) (released to theatres on 23 April
Brunette Sandra appears in two topless scenes when she's in bed with a guy. In the first, we see both
of her breasts as she delightedly talks with him and kisses him, and then she gets out of bed and
puts on an oversized shirt while giggling. About ten minutes later there's another cheerful scene
with the two lovers as they laugh and play with each other and then kiss and embrace; it's mainly
her left breast seen this time.

16/17 year old Sandra Mozarowsky from Spain (born 1959 or 17 October 1958) in the Spanish film
"Beatriz" aka "Entre la fe y la lujuria" (1976) (production ended on 30 June 1976; released to
theatres on 6 December 1976)
In her first nude scene, Sandra, playing the titular Beatriz, is lying down in bed unclothed and her
buttocks are seen while an older woman massages oil on her back. About 8 minutes later, she's lying
face up in bed feeling ill and her right breast and nipple are visible, and then partially her left
nipple. Still later, she's in a forest while a guy is watching. She's wearing a dress but there's nothing
underneath it! While she fidgets with the dress, we briefly see her bush from a distance. Then we
see her body closer up as she lowers the garment to expose both of her breasts. Then the guy
approaches her.

16/17 year old Sandra Mozarowsky from Spain (born 1959 or 17 October 1958) in the Mexican-
Spanish film "El hombre de los hongos" aka "The Mushroom Eater" (1976)
She plays a white Mexican girl named Emma. Her father, a plantation owner, finds a black boy
named Gaspar and adopts him into his family. When they get older, Emma and Gaspar fall in love,
much to Emma's father's dismay, since Gaspar isn't of his race. Sandra looks all grown up, and
could easily pass for 18. She has a fine young body and pretty face. In her nude scene, she goes for
a swim in a pond with Gaspar. We first see her breasts underwater, but there appears to be tape
covering her nipples. Next we get a nice rear view including a quick glimpse of full bush between
her legs as she spreads her legs to kick. Later they come out of the water and she kisses him. While
they stand naked, her breasts are skillfully hidden. After they have a good laugh over a panther, she
runs and jumps back into the pond, and as she does this we get a full rear view of her nicely shaped
body. After that he dives in too.
17 year old Sandrine Bonnaire from France (born 31 May 1967) and 17 or 18 year old Sophie
Marceau aka Sophie Maupu from France (born 17 November 1966) in the French film "Police" aka
"Police Department" aka "Der Bulle von Paris" aka "Polícia" (1985) (filmed from 29 October 1984
to 18 January 1985; released to theatres on 4 September 1985)
Brunette Sandrine, playing a 19-year-old prostitute named Lydie, has a nice shapely body, a
substantial bust, and a hairy dark bush. She becomes a friend of Mangin, a police inspector, played
by Gérard Depardieu. In one part of the film, Lydie enters Mangin's apartment and right in front of
him she casually takes off her leotard until she's totally naked. Her breasts and (briefly) her bush are
visible from the front. Then she goes into the slower room. We see her again when she exits the
shower, and her breast and the upper part of her bush are visible as she puts on a pink robe. But she
keeps the robe open in the front! This means that when she walks into the room where Mangin is
sitting and stands beside him, we see both breasts and all of her bush from a frontal perspective. The
room is fairly dark but her body can be seen pretty well. Then the camera shows a close-up of
Mangin's upper body and at this point the middle part of Lydie's body (including her bush) is still
easy to see directly to the right of him. Sophie Marceau has a short topless scene in the movie.
Since Marceau was 17 when she played in "L'Amour braque", and since Marceau has stated that
there were three days when the filming of "L'Amour braque" (directed by Andrzej Zulawski) and
"Police" (directed by Maurice Pialat) overlapped, where she acted for one during the day and the
other during the night (as she said in her interview in Première's March 1985 issue on page 114),
her topless scene may have been made on one of those overlapping days and if so presumably at 17
in October or November 1984.

17 year old Sandrine Bonnaire from France (born 31 May 1967) in the French film "Le meilleur de
la vie" (1985) (filmed during 1984; released to theatres on 22 May 1985)
Sandrine, playing Véronique, is nude for at least 10 of the first 40 minutes of the film. First she is
standing nude and pregnant (no more than 6 months, if that, given the size of her belly, but she may
just be sticking out her own belly and not wearing a prosthetic), shown from the belly up. She walks
to where her boyfriend Adrien is and talks, and her breasts are still exposed and she's shown from
the waist up. Then she is lying in bed naked as they talk. It is dark, so it's hard to determine if any of
her bush is visible. He comes over and puts his head on her belly. Later, after she and her boyfriend
take their newborn baby home, we see one of Véronique's breasts for a few seconds as she sleeps in
bed. Still later, Adrien climbs on top of her from behind and screws her as she lies there flat on her
stomach; there is no nudity, and no visible penetration, but the sex is pretty hot. In the morning she
gets a phone call, and he rips the covers off her to wake her up, so she is fully nude as she sits on
the bed talking on the phone. After the call she walks into the kitchen in a nice full frontal scene,
and sits down and eats breakfast still with nothing on. One evening she is walking around in just a
sweat shirt. She takes it off and he grabs her and pushes her on the bed. She's not interested in sex
so they fight, in what now looks like attempted rape. She is completely nude the whole time and we
see plenty of her breasts and bush, but it isn't erotic given the context. She runs into the hallway and
he follows her there and tries to kiss her as she stands up against the wall. That is where the scene
ends and afterwards they separate and she leaves the baby with him.

17 year old Sandrine Bonnaire from France (born 31 May 1967) in the French film "Tir à vue" aka
"Fire on Sight" aka "Shoot on Sight" (1984) (filmed in mid-1984; released to theatres on 5
September 1984)
Playing Marilyn, she appears topless and nude several times. In one scene, her guy opens a curtain
and sees her holding her shirt open to expose both breasts. She's chewing gum, smiling, and looking
at him in a flirty way. Right after that comes a hot sexual intercourse segment. For about 12 seconds
we watch him standing and her against a ladder with her legs wrapped around him and he
repeatedly pounds into her. Each thrust causes them to move up and down, and her breasts bounce a
bit from that. They're breathing loudly too. The shot changes and now shoes him sucking on her
shoulder. Then we see a closeup of her face. After another change of shot we see him behind her
and holding her breasts while they both face the camera. Once again they move up and down and
continue getting it on, albeit in a different position than before. Another time Marilyn is resting
nude in bed until she gets up (showing us her breasts in the process). Right after that we see her
dressed and flipping through a bunch of photographs of herself topless. She laughs while seeing
them. There's more nudity from her in a scene that starts out with her and her guy resting together
naked in bed. We see part of her right breast, then she gets up and we see more of her body. She
searches through a drawer, finds a gun, and playfully aims it at him. Her breasts bounce up and
down nicely several times in this sequence. Then we see them sitting next to each other, playing
around with two guns, and she's still without a top so we see her nipples and areolas a couple more
times. On another occasion there's a really wonderful cunnilingus scene lasting 35 seconds. It starts
by showing a distant shot of them both naked with her breasts exposed and his head buried between
her legs. This switches to a closer shot, first showing him attending to her pussy and then panning
up her body to show her grazing a hand over one of her breasts. Then we see her opening her mouth
a couple of times because she's experiencing great pleasure. He moves up her body and starts to
hold and lick her breasts. This scene has sensual saxophone music of the sort that's common to
many erotic films showing adults but rarely seen with sex scenes involving adolescents. And on yet
another occasion she shows her nice breasts yet again, by opening her red jacket to fully expose
both breasts from the front, starting with the right one, and taking the jacket all the way off. She
gets into bed, where the guy is already lying there, and she kisses him and they snuggle up. In the
TV newscast "Le Journal de 13 heures" broadcast on TF1 on 1 July 1984 there was a short segment
about the shooting of "Tir à vue" in Paris, which means the film was made a pretty short time before
its release.

15 year old Sandrine Bonnaire from France (born 31 May 1967) in the French film "À nos amours"
aka "To Our Loves" (1983) (filmed from October 1982 to June 1983; released to theatres on 16
November 1983)
In this film Sandrine has hair that looks reddish or light brown with blonde streaks. She plays
Suzanne, at first when the character is just 15 and undergoing a sexual awakening in Paris. She
loses her virginity and proceeds to have promiscuous sex with many guys. She has no real direction
in her life and she says "The only time I'm happy is when I'm with a guy". Later in the film she
rushes into marriage and later gets divorced. In her first scene, she's sitting alone at the edge of a
bed. She takes down the top she has on, briefly exposing her breasts from the front, then she puts on
a flimsy white nightgown over her head (while we again see her breasts) and places her arms into its
sleeves. Later, she's having quality time with a guy in bed while both of them are naked. First she
leans against him as they hug and kiss, while they face each other. Then she adjusts her position and
sits on the bed as they talk. We see her breasts from the side and front as well as much of the
curvature of her buttocks. She is delightfully cheerful in this scene. Still later, there's a scene where
she's wearing a striped shirt with no panties underneath. We first see a shadowed view of her lower
nudity from the front while she walks over to a sofa where a man and woman are sitting and
talking. In the process of walking she pulls her shirt down to cover her bush, and then she sits on
the sofa. When she stands up again from the sofa, some of her bush is seen as well as the curvature
of her butt, but she soon pulls her shirt down again to cover herself. Then she walks over to a guy,
and in the background we see them standing and hugging and part of her butt is seen. He pulls up
her shirt a little more and this lets us see her entire butt. She giggles while they're embracing.

15 year old Sandrine Dumas aka Sandra Dumas from France (born 28 April 1963) in the Dutch film
"Twee vrouwen" aka "Dos veces mujer" aka "Un homme, deux femmes" aka "Il sogno di Laura"
aka "Kaksi naista" aka "Twice a Woman" (1979) (filmed in 1978 for 7 weeks starting in July;
released to theatres on 23 May 1979)
Brown-haired cutie Sandrine plays Sylvia, the lesbian lover of an older lady named Laura. There
are four scenes where Sylvia shows one or both of her breasts. In one, Laura meets her outdoors and
they go to Laura's home, where they both undress. Sylvia is topless for about 90 seconds on the bed
while talking with Laura. Later there's another hot scene with Sylvia together with Laura as they sit
on the floor in front of a sofa. Laura tells her "I love you so much", they kiss on the lips, and takes
off Sylvia's top, exposing her left breast from the side. More kissing on the lips ensues. Then Laura
moves Sylvia's hair aside, moves her head hetween Sylvia's breasts, gently kisses the left breast,
then moves her head onto her stomach. Sylvia returns the favour by massaging Laura's hair. Then
we see both of Sylvia's breasts simultaneously and Laura seems to lightly kiss the right one this
time before giving more attention to Sylvia's stomach and resting her head there. The plot continues
with Sylvia hooking up with Alfred, Laura's ex-husband.

17 year old Sarah-Jane Potts from England (born 30 August 1976) in the British made-for-television
film "Meat" aka "Carne" (1994) (premiered on 25 September 1994 on the BBC)
She plays the teen prostitute Myra. She has a scene where she's making love to a man and at first
her bare breasts are shown hanging down, then when she gets underneath him the breasts are seen
from another angle. Later she's topless in bed next to a man and her left breast is visible over the top
of the bed sheet. She's again topless in another lovemaking scene where she's underneath a man,
and this time the lighting is dark. Lastly she has an outdoor scene where she opens her top to expose
her breasts in front of a man who's holding a gun.

14 year old Sarah-Laure Estragnat from France (born 9 June 1979) in the French made-for-
television film "La rage au coeur" aka "Wut im Herzen" (1994) (filmed from August 1993 to
October 1993; premiered in 1994 on the French public television network "France 2")
This brown-haired actress plays Marie and has several topless scenes. She's topless at a beach
beside a female friend, and her right breast is visible while her hands are flat on the sand because
her hair doesn't cover most of it at that moment. She also has a scene where she's standing wearing
nothing but white panties and her right areola and nipple are visible from the side even with her hair
draping the front of the breast. There's also a scene where she's naked in a soapy bathtub; when
she's leaning back, her right breast is exposed while the left one is hidden by the soap; then when
she sits up both breasts are fully exposed and unhidden by soap. We see the curves of her lower
body while she looks to the side of the tub.

16 year old Satomi Kobayashi from Japan (born 24 May 1965) in the Japanese film "Tenkosei" aka
"Exchange Students" aka "Transfer Student" (1982) (released to theatres on 17 April 1982)
Satomi plays Kazumi Saitoh. She and a boy named Kazuo are both in the 9th grade at school. When
Kazumi and Kazuo tumble down stone steps at a temple they become unconscious. During that
time, their minds switch bodies. After Kazuo's mind gets into Kazumi's body, there's a scene where
we see Kazumi's body topless as "Kazuo" checks out "his" new breasts. There's also a moment
when he forgets to put on his swimsuit top.

17 year old Sheila Lussier from the USA (born 17 November 1967) in the American film "Bits and
Pieces" (1985)
This large-breasted blonde actress appears in a most horrific scene in which her character Tanya is
tied down on a table. The killer cuts her bra to expose her breasts, then stabs her to death.

17 year old Sofie Gråbøl from Denmark (born 30 July 1968) in the Danish film "Oviri" aka "The
Wolf at the Door" aka "Gauguin, le loup dans le soleil" (1986) (filmed during 1985 according to the
website of the film's still photographer, Rolf Konow, http://www.konow.dk/Film/Film_details.asp?
ID=58; released to theatres on 5 September 1986)
Slender, small-breasted Sofie plays Judith Molard, a 14-year-old girl who falls in love with the
19th-century French painter Paul Gauguin. In her first nude scene in the film, we see her nude from
the side in a mirror as she washes herself. Next, there's a scene where she poses nude in a chair
while the actor playing Paul Gauguin paints a portrait of her. We see her breasts and the uppermost
portion of her pubic hair as she sits. Then she stands up and we see her full-frontal as she puts on
her clothing. Much later in the film, she stands with her back to the camera and the lower portion of
her butt is visible when she lifts her white nightshirt.

16 year old Sophia Loren aka Sofia Lazzaro aka Sofia Scicolone from Italy (born 20 September
1934) in the Italian film "Era lui... sì! sì!" aka "Quelles drôles de nuits" aka "Aftos itan, piaste ton!"
aka "It's Him!... Yes! Yes!" (1951) (filmed in summer 1951; Italian censor's certificate #10926
issued on 17 November 1951; released to theatres on 23 November 1951)
Sophia plays Odalisca, one of several topless harem girls. Her breasts are quite large. (Note: the
French edition has the girls topless, but the Italian edition has them fully clothed.)

14 year old Sophie Aubry from France (born 1974) in the French film "Papa est parti, maman aussi"
aka "Oh Schreck - Papa und Mama sind weg" aka "Zum Teufel mit den Eltern" (1989) (filmed
during 1988; released to theatres on 8 February 1989)
Sophie has short blonde hair. She plays 16-year-old Laurette. She has three scenes with nudity. In
one, she walks into a room wearing a semi-transparent dress and her white panties can be seen
behind it. She's cheerful at first. After her boyfriend leaves, though, she rips the top of her dress,
exposing both breasts from the front. Then she walks over to a large window, opens it, and shouts
some words while she's still topless. In another scene, the curvature of her lower body is seen when
she lies body-downward on a sofa next to her boyfriend. A little preteen girl (played by Anaïs
Subra) who isn't wearing panties shows her prepubescent butt while she holds a camera and takes a
picture of the sleeping naked teens. In a third scene, she and her boyfriend are resting together in
bed until she gets out of bed, goes over to a desk to sit and write something, and then contemplates
for a while; her breasts are seen from the front.

14/15 year old Sophie Aubry from France (born 1974) in the French made-for-television film "Le
blé en herbe" (1990) (filmed in 1989 around August; premiered in early 1990 on the French public
television network "France 2")
This is director Serge Meynard's adaptation of the 1923 French novel by Colette. The blonde
Sophie, as 15-year-old Vinca, reveals both of her breasts in one scene.

16/17 year old Sophie Aubry from France (born 1974) in the French film "La Thune" aka "Aus
Liebe zum Geld" (1991) (released to theatres on 20 November 1991)
Blondish Sophie plays Edwige. She briefly exposes her breasts while lying body-up in bed with her
boyfriend. We see her left breast and its nipple; we also can detect her right nipple farther away. The
room is lit by candles on either side of the bed. She also has several other scenes where she's not
wearing a top but her breasts aren't bared to the camera. In addition, she and her boyfriend make
love on the roof of a building with him on top. We can see a side view of her breast, but her nipple
is up against his chest. The nudity is tame, but the scene is pretty hot.

16 year old Sophie Marceau aka Sophie Maupu from France (born 17 November 1966) in the
French film "Fort Saganne" aka "Forte Saganne" (1984) (filmed in 1983; released to theatres on 11
May 1984)
This is a drama set in the 1910s, including the Sahara. Sophie plays Madeleine of Saint-Ilette and
has a pretty decent simulated sex scene with partial nudity. After she marries Saganne, they are
shown in bed having sex in the missionary position for about 23 seconds and they both come
together. He has lifted his body above hers, so when she comes (audibly) she arches her back
slightly and her right nipple comes into full view along with most of the areola in the lower right
corner of the screen three times over a couple of seconds. She relaxes and it moves away, then
tenses again and we see about 3/4 of it again. After that, he rolls toward the camera, she touches his
chest, and they talk some, with his body hiding hers except for one second when we see her left
nipple for a few frames as she turns on her side facing him. 10-15 seconds later she gets on top of
him and kisses him. They do a good job of hiding her breasts with their arms, but we get a nice side
view of her breast once she is lying on him, though her nipple is hidden as it's pressed against his
chest. Because it is in the corner of the screen, the nudity can probably only be seen in a 16:9
version of the film and is likely cropped from a 4:3 ratio pan-and-scan video. We heard that her
nipples can't be seen in another version. She looks adorable. The film also shows bare-assed preteen
boys running into the water, and then lining up to walk back to where they were going.

17 year old Sophie Marceau aka Sophie Maupu from France (born 17 November 1966) in the
French film "Joyeuses Pâques" aka "Feliz Páscoa" aka "Simpático y caradura" aka "Fröhliche
Ostern" aka "Rivieran rantapiru pinteessä" (1984) (released to theatres on 24 October 1984)
In one scene she's shown topless while resting in bed as she talks with a man who's standing. In
another scene she removes her top and her skirt and we see her breasts and panties.

17 year old Sophie Marceau aka Sophie Maupu from France (born 17 November 1966) in the
French film "L'Amour braque" aka "Mad Love" aka "Liebe und Gewalt" aka "Narwana milosc" aka
"Šílená láska" aka "Erotiki trela" aka "A Revolta do Amor" aka "L'amore balordo" (1985) (filmed
during 1984; released to theatres on 27 February 1985)
Sophie plays the girlfriend of a bank robber. She appears in four nude scenes, and each time she
shows off her body from the front! In her first nude scene she and her boyfriend make out on a bed.
A few minutes later her mouth is bloody as she walks to a sink while nude. Later in the film she
swims nude in a bog. About a minute later she's shown taking off her dress to become fully nude as
she gets ready for more sex with her boyfriend. It is well known that Marceau was 17 when doing
her nude scene in "L'Amour braque", and that fact is stated in media articles such as "A Definite
Anna" by Jim Beckerman in The Record (Bergen County, New Jersey) on 3 April 1997.

15/16 year old Stefanie Stappenbeck from East Germany (born 11 April 1974) in the East German
film "Biologie!" (1990) (released to theatres on 20 September 1990)
Stefanie has reddish-brown hair and dark brown pubic hair, and wears glasses. She plays Ulla. She
walks full-frontally nude through some grasses, then she covers up with a towel, but when she
walks through the woods she briefly exposes her breasts and bush again before she covers up once
more. In her second nude scene, she goes to a medical facility, and sits in a room wearing only a
top, so her lower body is uncovered except for her shoes. In a shot from above, her dark bush is
visible. In her third nude scene, it's dark outdoors at night while she's sitting with a boy at the edge
of a stream. They act tenderly with each other and kiss and embrace and touch each others' bodies;
they are both nude but not much can be seen of them in the darkness.

14/15/16 year old Stéphanie Sokolinski from France (born between 1 January 1986 and 5 October
1986) in the French made-for-television film "Clara, cet été-là" aka "Claras Sommer" aka "Clara's
Summer" (2002)
Dark-haired Stéphanie plays Zoé, a girl spending a week at a summer camp for teens. She loses her
virginity to a boy named Sébastien, but later thinks she's really attracted to her female friend Clara.
Stéphanie shows her small breasts in several scenes. In one she's kissing a boy and when he lifts her
shirt we very briefly see her nipples. In another we see her breasts from the side when she takes off
her pink bra and puts on a white shirt. In another she's fully topless while standing after having just
bathed or showered, and she's drying up with a towel.

15 year old Susan Hemingway in the West German-Swiss film "Die Liebesbriefe einer
portugiesischen Nonne" aka "Love Letters of a Portugese Nun" aka "Confessioni proibite di una
monaca adolescente" aka "Cartas de amor a una monja portugesa" aka "Lettres d'amour d'une nonne
portugaise" aka "Tuhansien himojen luostari" (1977) (filmed during 1975 including in the autumn;
released to theatres on 10 March 1977)
Cute, innocent-looking Susan has straight light brown hair and matching pubic hair and a slender
adolescent body with small breasts. In this film by Jesus Franco, she plays Marie Rosalea, a peasant
girl in Inquisition-era Portugal who's portrayed as either 15 or 16 depending on which version of the
film you view. She looks 15. She is full-frontally nude in several scenes in uncensored versions of
the film. Early in the film, a priest, Father Vincente, discovers Marie kissing her boyfriend and
convinces her mother to send her to his convent to save her from sin. Her character then undergoes
a number of unpleasant experiences, because the nuns and priests are Satanists who are really
interested in torturing her, not saving her. In one scene, the mother superior, Alma, undresses Maria,
first untying her red top, then taking off her green dress (at which time we see her pubic hair from
the side), and then opening her white blouse (and we see both of her breasts at the same time as her
face). There's a camera shot lasting about 11 seconds in which we see a side view of her that
includes her face, breasts, and butt simultaneously. After that the shot returns to a view of just her
upper body. Maria is forced to endure two belts of thorns while she's nude. The first belt is placed
around her breasts, and the second one is put around her waist. It becomes painful for her and there
comes a close-up of blood running down her left leg (some of her pubic hair is visible in that shot).
Later in the film, in a torture scene, Maria gets chained fully nude to a rack and gets stretched, and
both of her breasts as well as her pubic hair are visible from the front. There is also a scene where a
priest forces Maria to give him a blowjob to cleanse her soul, but Maria isn't nude in that one. She
also isn't nude in a later scene where she gets raped by the one-horned Satan, thus losing her
virginity. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) passed the film in 2004 with extensive
cuts and released the following statement: "The cuts were Compulsory. Distributor was required to
cut indecent images of a child under the terms of the Protection of Children Act 1978, and images
of sexualised torture. Resubmissions of old works highlighted the impact of the change in the
definition of a child [from 16 to 18]. Love Letters Of A Portuguese Nun featured sexualised nudity
involving an actress who was under 18 at the time of filming. The BBFC judged some of the images
to be indecent and cuts were therefore made." Although the BBFC must have thought Susan was 16
here, she couldn't have been 16 yet, because she looked noticeably younger here than in "Frauen für
Zellenblock 9" which the BBFC banned on the pretext that Susan had just turned 16 when she made
that. Since her character in "Love Letters of a Portugese Nun" was obviously intended to be 15
rather than 16 (but upped to 16 for some markets where 15 may have been considered too young),
and her appearance was likewise 15, in combination with the foregoing information we can say with
confidence that she was 15 rather than 16 in "Love Letters of a Portugese Nun".

16 year old Susan Hemingway in the Swiss film "Frauen für Zellenblock 9" aka "Women in
Cellblock 9" aka "Des femmes pour le bloc 9" aka "Cellule 9" aka "Esclaves de l'amour" aka
"Flucht von der Todesinsel" aka "Una secondina in un carcere femminile" aka "Tropical Inferno"
Susan, who has a cute young face, light brown hair, and beautiful body, plays Maria in this film
about women in prison by Jess Franco. She's naked in all of her scenes (both in and out of doors).
One scene has a guard escort her full-frontally nude into a room with a man and a woman sitting at
a table. Her buttocks are seen when the camera changes and she kneels down with the pleas "Oh,
redempt me!" and "I'm so thirsty, I need water!" Her left breast is briefly visible from the side just
before she rests her head on the woman's legs and cries. The woman caresses Maria's hair and turns
and moves Maria's head into the position for performing cunnilingus on her, and that's just what
happens. Maria's butt is seen part of the time that she gives cunnilingus. The woman says "That's
good, Maria" and eventually reaches orgasm. There's also a prison scene where she's one of three
women whose heads are bound to chains, and they are thus forced to remain standing. A new
woman is brought into the room and placed next to Maria and her head is locked up too. Both of
Maria's breasts are seen from the front in this scene. There's also a mock-lesbian scene in the prison
where the four women kiss and caress each other. Maria gets kissed and her buttocks and right
breast get touched. When Maria notices a gun-toting guard watching them, she attempts to lure him
by saying "I wish you'd join us. You can have all four of us." Most of Maria's body is hidden from
view during the lesbian scene, barely registering as nudity for her except for brief flashes of her
right breast's nipple and areola and of part of her pubic area. In another scene Maria's breasts are
seen when she's crawling on the ground (but her head is still bound to a chain) and she tries
desperately to reach a bowl of water, but fails. Maria's last nude scene is long and very pleasant,
because she's outdoors with two of the other women after they've all escaped from prison. They're
all still naked and barefoot. One of the women is feeling weak and ill, but Maria seems as healthy as
can be and is confident they can make their way to a hiding place she knows about. Maria displays
full front and rear nudity several times in this part of the film. This includes while she's standing,
walking around, running, and swimming. Her breasts and bush are also seen as she lies on her back
on the grass near a lake. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) banned the film entirely
in the UK in February 2004 in anticipation of England and Wales's raising of the minimum age for
"indecent" images from 16 to 18 later that year. The BBFC explained: "One of the lead actresses in
Women in Cellblock 9 was just over 16 at the time the film was made. The Board was in no doubt
that many of the sexualised scenes involving her would therefore be illegal." Hemingway did in fact
look 16 in this film, a bit older than she had in "Love Letters of a Portugese Nun", but not as old as
an adult.

17 year old Susanne Bormann from Germany (born 2 August 1979) in the German made-for-
television film "Raus aus der Haut" aka "Changing Skins" aka "Despite Himself" (1997) (premiered
on 24 September 1997 on the German public TV network ARD; later released to video)
Susanne is a pretty blonde with delicious large breasts. In this dramatic comedy set in 1977, she
plays Anna, a mischievous East German teen who plots to kidnap her school's headmaster. She has
one nude scene. First, she has her right hand on her boyfriend's head and strokes it, and her right
nipple is visible for part of this time. Then she gets out of bed to get dressed. As she walks, her left
breast is visible at first, and then both breasts and her bush. She puts on her bottom first. As she
talks with her boyfriend, we get a good look at her breasts from the front before she covers them
with her top.

16/17 year old Svitlana Artamonova aka Svetlana Artamonova from Ukraine (born 1 February
1990) in the Russian-Ukrainian film "Proshchyonoye Voskresenye" (2007)
The title of this melodrama means "Forgiven Sunday". Svitlana's character is Nastya. Nastya's right
breast is shown to the camera, including at times its entire areola and nipple, starting when he
moves the bed's cover to start caressing and kissing her. Then his cellphone rings, and after he picks
it up and puts it back she asks "Who was that?" and he tells her "Mama".

17 year old Tania Heimans from the Netherlands in the Dutch made-for-television film "Veilig
vrijen" (1987) (premiered on 17 June 1987)
Tania and several other youths visit the Greek island of Corfu for their summer holiday. Tania
undresses on a beach and we see her breasts. In the following scene, Tania runs out of the water,
still topless, with a big smile on her face. This film also depicts explicit safe sex techniques such as
male masturbation, female masturbation, oral sex, and using condoms during sexual intercourse, for
educational purposes. It was the first time that explicit sexual activity was broadcast on Dutch
television. Tania does not appear in these explicit scenes.

16 year old Thandie Newton aka Thandiwe Newton from England (born 6 November 1972) in the
Australian film "Flirting" aka "Den första kärleken" aka "La primera experiencia" aka "Flertando -
Aprendendo a Viver" aka "Flirtování" aka "Flirting - Spiel mit der Liebe" (1991) (filmed during
1989; released to theatres on 21 March 1991)
Thandie is a half-black, half-white actress who plays the role of Thandiwe Adjewa, an Ugandan
student who falls for Danny, a white Australian boy from a nearby school who's been made to feel
an outcast by his fellow students because of how smart he is. Thandie flashed her tits at the end of
the film. She's wearing a white bra when she gets into bed with Danny to lie next to him under the
sheets, and they're tender with each other. We briefly see her nipple. Later the staff of the school
discover they're in bed together. She gets out of bed and we see her breasts (mostly her right one,
including the right nipple), again very briefly, until an older lady helps her put on her coat. The film
was directed by 41-year-old John Duigan, and at 16 Thandie started a relationship with Duigan that
she later claimed she was "coerced" into ("Jasper Gerard meets Thandie Newton", The Sunday
Times, 26 February 2006, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/article735016.ece). According to
"Fine and Thandie Newton's shooting for a second chance at stardom in 'Mission: Impossible 2'" by
Nancy Mills in the New York Daily News, 21 May 2000,
21_fine___thandie_newton_s_shoo.html "I was hooked like a fish, trying to swim away and being
tugged back. It was an exploitative situation. I thought I was strong and independent, but it was just
precociousness. Adults should appreciate your naivete and vulnerability, not take advantage of your
eagerness to mature." Over time the relationship caused her increasing difficulty and for a while she
became bulemic and mentally troubled. Although there are some sources claiming the film was
made in 1990 when she was 17, and Thandie claims she was 17 in the New York Daily News
article, she told The Age (Melbourne, Australia) "I was 16, half naked" whilst filming a scene with
Noah Taylor (in an article published on 13 July 1997), and many other articles also state that she
was 16 during filming. The film also has a verified 16 year old guy showing his bare butt in a
shower scene. It carries a copyright date of 1990.

13 year old Thuy An Luu (born 1967) in the French film "Diva" aka "Diiva" aka "La Diva" aka
"Diva - Paixão Perigosa" aka "Diva - dödligt intermezzo" (1981) (released to theatres on 11 March
She plays Alba, a Vietnamese teenage shoplifter who's the girlfriend of a wealthy adult man named
Gorodish. Gorodish takes artistic topless and nude black-and-white photos of Alba. There is a scene
where somebody flips through prints of the photos and we see several of them close-up. In a later
scene, Alba pins up her photos on a black mural, including a nude portrait that we see in full which
shows both of her breasts as well as the side curvature of her body. Alba provides live nudity in a
third scene by way of lifting her shirt while facing the camera beside an open window, and exposing
the upper parts of her breasts and her nipples. Then there's a switch to a camera showing the interior
of the room, and we see a silhouette of the side of her body, including her left breast, as a reflection
on the wall.

17 year old Uma Thurman from the USA (born 29 April 1970) in the British-West German film
"The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" aka "Die Abenteuer des Baron von Münchhausen" aka
"Baron Münchhausens äventyr" aka "Las aventuras del barón Munchausen" aka "As aventuras do
Barão de Münchausen" aka "Les aventures du baron de Munchausen" aka "Le avventure del Barone
di Munchausen" aka "Przygody barona Munchausena" aka "Priklyucheniya barona
Myunkhgauzena" aka "Harpatkaotav Shel Ha-Baron Minchauzen" aka "Münchausen báró
kalandjai" aka "Paroni von Münchhausenin seikkailut" aka "Oi Peripeteies tou varonou
Munchausen" (1988) (filmed from 14 September 1987 to early-to-mid 1988; released to theatres on
8 December 1988)
Playing Venus, 6" tall and thin Uma is shown standing in a shell as she rises from the water. She's
very briefly topless and bottomless before she's covered by a cloth. There's a long shot showing
this, and there is also a close-up shot showing her upper body in which one breast can be seen for
several seconds. (In the widescreen DVD the close-up is cropped right below her nipple, but on the
VHS we see her entire breast.) The fact that Uma was 17 during the filming of her nude scene is
confirmed by many media reports, such as "It's a Date; Uma Thurman April 29, 1970" in the 26
April 1998 issue of Sunday Mail, and "Porter's People" in the 24 December 1995 issue of Beacon

17 year old Ursula Buchfellner from West Germany (born 8 June 1961) in the West German film
"Drei kesse Bienen auf den Philippinen" aka "Forviklinger i Sydhavet" aka "Granita lemoni
sokolata" aka "Cola, Candy, Chocolate" (1979) (released to theatres on 17 May 1979)
Ursula plays Carmela. She and her close female friend named Gaby walk around topless on the
beach. Ursula is also in another topless scene which additionally has a great ass shot.

17 year old Ursula Buchfellner from West Germany (born 8 June 1961) in the French-West German
film "Hot Dogs auf Ibiza" aka "On est venu là pour s'éclater" (1979) (released to theatres on 26
September 1979)
Playing Nelly, Ursula has a half-dozen topless scenes, some of which last a minute or more. She
does not have a major speaking role, but crops up continuously in the film, and does speak a little in
an indoor scene where she's standing totally naked showing breasts, bush, and butt in the company
of a young man. She has a running gag where everytime she gets a guy who's about to have sex
with her an accident happens and the guy gets his nuts racked. The movie ends with an older man
chasing her down the beach while she's only wearing bikini bottoms.

17 year old Ursula Buchfellner from West Germany (born 8 June 1961) in the West German film
"Kreuzberger Liebesnächte" aka "Nights of Love in Kreuzberg" aka "Wo schlafen wir heute
Nacht?" (1980) (apparently filmed during the first half of 1979; released to theatres on 29 February
Ursula's character in this romantic comedy is Sabine König. She has full-frontal nudity and a love
scene. At one point she rolls over in bed and there is a full-frame shot of her ass with her legs
spread that is pretty nice.

13 year old Valérie Dumas from France in the French-West German film "Super-Biester" aka
"Superbiester! 'Nen Freund zum Geburtstag" aka "SuperBiester" aka "Une glace avec deux boules
ou je le dis à maman" (1980) (released to theatres on 30 November 1980)
Valérie, as Lolo, appears topless in this film when she swims in a lake. At the time, she's wearing a
necklace and earrings.

13 year old Vanessa Gravina from Italy (born 4 January 1974) in the Italian film "Maramao" (1988)
(filmed during 1987; Italian censor's certificate #83002 issued on 14 October 1987; released to
theatres on 13 February 1988)
The film features young teens who grow up while they vacation at a house near a beach that's near
Maramao. Dark-haired Vanessa appears briefly topless. She is wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but
she has it rolled down to her waist during a scene when she is swimming and then gets into a boat
with a boy her age. She covers up when she catches him starring at her.

17 year old Vanessa Guedj from France (born 18 May 1976) in the French film "Les Braqueuses"
aka "Caçadoras de Emoções" aka "Kizlar soygunda" aka "Rache ist weiblich" aka "Girls with
Guns" (1994) (production began in June 1992; reportedly filmed during 1993; released to theatres
on 29 June 1994)
Vanessa is a cutie with reddish-brown hair who plays Virginie. Her breasts are briefly seen during
two sex scenes. In the first one, she's on bed with a guy who's on top of her having missionary-style
simulated intercourse between her legs, and she's breathing heavily in between talking with her
sweet young voice to a woman named Bijou who's watching them from the top of the stairs. Her left
breast is seen from the side. In the second scene a minute later, some boys walk up the stairs and
witness her having sex with her guy. This time she's on top of him, and we see both of her breasts
from the front. Both times that we see her having sex she's listening to music with her headphones,
and she at first has trouble hearing Bijou because of this. The two scenes are quicker than desired
but still among the best scenes portraying an underage teen having sex.

16 year old Vanessa Paradis from France (born 22 December 1972) in the French film "Noce
Blanche" aka "White Wedding" aka "Boda Branca" aka "Weiße Hochzeit" (1989) (released to
theatres on 8 November 1989)
The plot is about an affair her character, 17-year-old Mathilde Tessier, has with her much older
teacher. Early in the film, she gets out of bed fully nude, providing a great full-frontal shot. We also
see her very attractive rear. She has beautiful breasts and one of the greatest asses of any female.
She briefly shows her breasts a couple of times later in the film. In the best remembered of the latter
scenes, she's outdoors in a field with a guy and unstraps her white dress to reveal both of her
breasts, before she lies down among the vegetation.

16/17 year old Victoria Abril aka Victoria Mérida Rojas from Spain (born 4 July 1959) in the
Spanish film "Cambio de Sexo" aka "Change of Sex" aka "Forbidden Love" aka "I Want to Be a
Woman" (1977) (filmed during 1976; released to theatres on 13 May 1977)
She plays an effeminate 16-year-old boy, José María, who comes to understand that he's attracted to
men and wants to be a transsexual. At the end of the film, the character has a sex-change operation.
Victoria shows her butt several times. First she's in a bathroom taking down her panties, and we
briefly see part of her rear. Later, in a bedroom with her father, she closes the curtains and then turns
around and takes off her robe, briefly exposing part of her butt. She also has partial butt exposure in
a spa. She becomes a dancer. She exposes her breasts in two scenes near the end of the film. In the
first one, she's dancing and singing on stage before an audience. She removes her dress and exposes
her breasts from the front for about a second before she turns around. About five minutes later, she
dances and twirls on stage to a funky instrumental tune. Members of the audience laugh at her. She
unties her top from behind and reveals her breasts from the front, this time for a more lengthy
period. An audience member yells out an insult, to which she throws a glass at his table.

14/15 year old Victoria Abril aka Victoria Mérida Rojas from Spain (born 4 July 1959) in the
Spanish film "Obsesión" aka "Fascinación" (1975) (filmed during 1974)
Victoria is already well-developed with nice C-cup breasts and a sexy figure, but retains a youthful
and cute look. In this coming-of-age story, she plays a housemaid. She has a shower room scene in
which her breasts are briefly seen. The boy of the house is peeping on her in the shower. First, he
opens the bathroom door and we see her through the shower curtain. It is transparent enough that
we can see her fine breasts and torso and make out her nipples. When she gets out of the shower, he
is peeping through the keyhole, and we see the image of her through this keyhole. We get a great
waist-up view of her magnificent young body for several seconds before she wraps herself up in a
towel. We mostly just see her right breast in this part of the scene.

16 year old Virginie Ledoyen aka Virginie Fernandez from France (born 15 November 1976) in the
French made-for-television film "La Règle de l'homme" aka "Das Gesetz der Wüste" (1994) (filmed
during 1993; premiered in May 1994)
She's nude in an indoor scene with an older man. Her breasts are seen from the front when she's
reclining on her back in bed while he talks to her and touches her body with his fingers. We also see
her breasts when she gets up from bed, then her butt while she walks and stands. We briefly see her
breasts again when she turns around and puts on a robe.

16 year old Virginie Ledoyen aka Virginie Fernandez from France (born 15 November 1976) in the
French film "Les Marmottes" aka "Las Marmotas" aka "Groundhogs" (1993) (released to theatres
on 10 November 1993)
Sitting in bed, she takes off her sweater and we see her breasts momentarily. Then she gets under
the sheets. She looks heavenly. Then her breasts are seen again briefly as she gets out of bed.

16 year old Virginie Ledoyen aka Virginie Fernandez from France (born 15 November 1976) in the
French film "L'eau Froide" aka "Cold Water" aka "Pariisin kevät" aka "Kallt vatten" aka "Das weiße
Blatt" aka "La Page blanche" (1994) (filmed in 1993; released to theatres on 6 July 1994)
Near the end of the film, Virginie (in character as Christine) is standing nude in a cold stream, but
only the top of her body is shown, so we see her breasts from the front. Her nipples are erect from
having been in the water. Then she walks over to the shack where her boyfriend Gilles is sleeping.
When she gets into bed with him, we very briefly see her bush and butt.

14 year old Virginie Ledoyen aka Virginie Fernandez from France (born 15 November 1976) in the
French film "Le Voleur d'enfants" aka "The Children Thief" aka "El ladrón de niños" aka "Il Ladro
di ragazzi" aka "De Kinderdief" (1991) (production began on 15 April 1991; released to theatres on
25 September 1991)
Brunette actress Virginie plays Gabrielle, a 16-year-old girl who's acquired by an Argentinian
political exile who has over the years stolen many boys to come live with him, since his wife is
sterile and he always wanted to have children. This takes place in 1920s Paris. In this film Virginie
displays full-frontal nudity. She has small, youthful breasts and a full, dark bush. In her nude scene,
she takes her nightgown off (over her head), walks over to a bed while she's naked, and climbs into
the bed. When she's in bed, her breasts are still visible. In a separate scene, her breasts are seen as
she sits in a bathtub in the company of an old woman.

13 year old Virginie Ledoyen aka Virginie Fernandez from France (born 15 November 1976) in the
French film "Mima" (1991) (filmed in 1990; released to theatres on 16 January 1991)
Virginie, playing Mima, a French girl of Italian origin, has a 71-second topless scene in a bathtub.
Mostly we see her right breast, but occasionally we also see her left breast. Her breasts are small
and have a very pubescent look. She gets herself wet, then a woman applies shampoo to her hair.

17 year old Vittoria Puccini from Italy (born 18 November 1981) in the Italian film "Tutto l'amore
che c'è" aka "All the Love There Is" (2000) (filmed during summer 1999; released to theatres on 24
March 2000)
Vittoria's character is named Gaia. She has a full nude love scene where we can see her full
frontally naked. Although her hair hides her nipples a little bit at first, the hair is soon moved back
by the hands of the boy coming at her to kiss her. Then the two lovers passionately kiss on a couch
(her breasts are sometimes visible while it happens) and make love. A later scene shows them naked
after having made love, but most of the time her breasts are hidden by her arms and hands while
she's talking with her lover. But we do get a nice look at her legs, and finally get a decent look at
her left breast from the side very briefly as they begin to kiss. In her third nude scene, we see her
breasts while she's in bed playing with her boyfriend; she may be fully nude but we can't see below
her waist because the scene is shot from behind a semi-closed door, which narrows the view
considerably. This is a very short shot (3 seconds or so). We know this movie was shot at least
partly during July 1999 because on the "making of" bonus feature on the Italian DVD we see
"17/07/1999" on the slate that an assistant holds in front of the shot that they are filming, and
because scenes were shot in bright sunny daylight typical of the summer.

16 year old Yasmine Dahm from France (born 1 February 1956) in the French-Italian film "Au
rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse" aka "Cita con la muerte alegre" aka "Lune lune coquelune" aka
"Besatt av djävulen" aka "Rendezvous zum fröhlichen Tod" aka "At the Meeting with Joyous
Death" aka "Expulsion of the Devil" (1973) (filmed in 1972; released to theatres in January 1973)
Her character is Sophie. In one scene she (or more precisely an apparition that looks exactly like
Sophie, but is also played by Dahm) takes off her blouse in front of a mirror, exposing her breasts in
a waist-up nude scene for about 15-20 seconds spread over 3 or 4 cuts. Earlier, she takes off her
blouse with her back to the camera, but we don't see much of the side of her breast so that doesn't
really count as nudity.

16/17 year old Ziggy Zanger from Germany (born 11 October 1958) in the Italian film in
"Cuginetta... amore mio!" aka "Love Sacrifice" (1976) (Italian censor's certificate #68157 issued on
25 March 1976; released to theatres on 19 May 1976)
Ziggy plays Nicoletta. In her first scene, she's fully nude in bed, alone, rubbing her breasts
erotically. We see both breasts, but her legs are crossed, covering her bush. In the next scene, she's
topless as she plays the guitar, and we see both of her cute little breasts again. She has a scene
where her male cousin places his hands between her thighs, rubbing her while she plays the piano,
and that evening she puts her hand in his pants while they are slow-dancing. In a later scene, the
two cousins slowly strip for each other and we see Nicoletta full-frontally nude during several 10-
second sequences. They eventually wind up in bed (Nicoletta's parents' bed), and we again see
Nicoletta's breasts for a long time, as well as a brief glimpse of her pubic hair when her dad pulls
her out of bed after catching them. In the last scene, she visits a priest with her dad and he pulls her
arm, exposing one breast for a minute or so in front of the priest.

17 year old Ziggy Zanger from Germany (born 11 October 1958) in the Italian film "Eva nera" aka
"Voluptueuse Laura" aka "Erotic Eva" aka "Black Cobra" aka "Black Cobra Woman" (1976) (Italian
censor's certificate #68740 issued on 24 July 1976; released to theatres on 5 August 1976)
Ziggy plays a young girl named Candy who becomes a plaything for two snake-loving brothers.
She has a pretty face and a thin, youthful teenage body with flat A-cup breasts and nickel-sized
areolas. Her nude scene lasts about 5 minutes and has her lying fully nude on the floor. Her small
nipples point skyward when she is lying down. Her bush is visible at several camera angles.
Gabriele Tinti's character, Jules, puts a snake on her and she moans in delight, not realising that it's
a snake because her eyes are closed. The snake actually bites her and we see it. Given that it is
supposed to be poisonous, she gets rushed off to the hospital and that is the last we see of her in the

14/15/16 year old Amélie Gonin from France in the French film "Femmes de personne" aka "Donne
di nessuno" aka "Nobody's Women" (1984) (released to theatres on 14 March 1984)
Amélie is a youthful brunette in the role of Virginie. Her father comes home and suspects something
is up. He goes to her room and flips on the light. A naked teenage boy gets up and runs out the back
door (his butt is seen twice). Virginie is sitting on the bed completely naked with her legs and arms
crossed in front of her. Her arms and knee block her breasts often, but when the camera gets close-
up we see part of her right breast, then as she reaches to retrieve her plaid shirt we see much of her
left breast. While she's putting on the shirt, we again see her left breast including essentially the
whole areola and nipple, and we also see her right breast.

17 or 18 year old Halina Perez aka Vanessa Uri from the Philippines (born 27 March 1983) in the
Filipina film "Amorseko: Damong ligaw" (2001) (released to theatres on 11 July 2001)
Halina shows nudity twice over the course of this erotic drama. 58 minutes into the film, after she
has had sex with a man in bed, she lies back and shows her breasts to the camera. About 4 minutes
later another round of sex comes to a close, after which we briefly see frontal nudity from Halina,
including her bush.

17 or 18 year old Karina Fallenstein (aka Nina Fallenstein) from West Germany (born 1961) in the
West German-French-Austrian film "Egon Schiele - Exzesse und Bestrafung" aka "Egon Schiele:
Excesses" aka "Egon Schiele: Excess and Punishment" aka "Egon Schiele, enfer et passion" aka
"Egon Schiele: Fiebre y Pasión" aka "Inferno e Passione" aka "Intohimo" aka "Egon Schiele: Ego
latrepsa to gymno" aka "Egon Schiele - Skandal" (1981) (filmed in 1979-1980; film's ending credits
say copyright 1980; released to theatres on 27 May 1981)
Karina, credited here as Nina, is a lovely blonde with large blue eyes who plays Tatjana von
Mossig, a 15-year-old girl who ran away from her parents one day after school because they're too
strict. Tatjana arrives at the home of Austrian painter Egon Schiele, and asks to be let in because it's
raining and cold outside. Her white top is wet, so several times during this scene her nipples can be
easily seen through the wet shirt. Tatjana's nudity comes in several scenes that are shown
disjointedly as the storyline weaves back and forth. Egon convinces Tatjana to pose nude for him. In
one scene Tatjana is on a bed and Egon makes preliminary pencil drawings of her. First we see her
as she's dressed in her white shirt, black skirt, and white boots. Soon Tatjana is shown totally
undressed. The camera pans fairly close-up over her body from a side-view perspective, first
showing her head and shoulders, then her breasts, then when the camera gets to her most private
area her lower body turns a bit towards the camera and her knees spread wide apart to reveal her
full bush of brown pubic hair, her tan lines, and part of her vaginal lips. At this point the pubic
region is the entire focus of the image. There's also another segment of this scene where the camera
pans back up from her pubic region back to her breasts. One day Tatjana's father comes to Egon's
house to demand to know what's going on with his daughter. He tells him that he lodged a
complaint with the police for "abduction of a minor". The two hear Tatjana scream inside after she
has cut her arm with a knife. They go inside and the father is angry and worried and demands to
know if she's still a virgin. Egon is soon arrested, in April 1912. The case against Egon, for
allegedly abducting and seducing Tatjana and for allegedly making his pornographic drawings
visible in a place accessible by children, goes before a judge. While the judge examines Egon's
drawings, he wonders "What must have gone through that child's mind?" Immediately thereafter
comes a flashback to the time Tatjana was being drawn. It starts with extreme closeups on Tajtana's
face, her right eye, and her lips. Then we see a repeat of the camera panning the side of her body
from her spread legs to her breasts as she reclines. Next comes an even hotter segment. With her
face not visible, we see the front of the middle of her body as she sits. She slowly hikes up her
white garment above her knees and then above her pubic region. Then she moves her legs wide
apart, and for about 3 seconds we see most of her pubic region (during 2 seconds of which the
upper part of her vulva is visible), until she moves her hand down to cover part of it. Then the
camera pans up to her face. Earlier in the film we see more from this scene, with Tatjana's right boot
covering her vaginal opening but part of her pubic hair is still visible. There are also a few other
segments where Tatjana is lying in bed (next to another model, Vally, played by Jane Birkin) during
which her breasts and much of her lower body can be seen. Karina definitely looks like the mid-teen
character she represents with the perfect adolescent mix of cuteness and hotness. Karina is
absolutely delicious and this has two of the most arousing mainstream film sequences of all time
involving an (apparently) underage teen. (FYI: The Argentinian edition of the film suffers from
severe edits that affect its continuity.)

17 or 18 year old "Patty Smith" aka Peggy Church from the USA (born 1954 - not 1950 as some
claim) in the American film "The Pigkeeper's Daughter" aka "Oben ohne - Unten nix" (1972)
(released to theatres on 18 August 1972)
This film is pretty much about sex from start to finish and is filled with lengthy, and fairly realistic,
intercourse scenes bordering on hardcore involving several actresses. Peggy's character is named
"Pretty Patty". She's cute and has ripe, puffy nipples, reddish hair, and a full reddish bush. Jasper, an
older man, comes across Patty in a field. He gets the urge to have sex with her, and takes down her
green top and licks, kisses, and sucks the nipples. We see this happening at close range. Then he
places his hand over her panties to rub her crotch, but she stops him. Later, Jasper has sex with a
teenaged girl named "Moonbeam Swiner" (played by Terry Gibson, whose age is unknown and
could also be 17) while Patty watches. Patty is on the roof of a building. She lifts up her green shirt
to play with her tits, then she pulls up her skirt and puts her hand inside her blue panties to
masturbate. Patty's hottest scene takes place when she and Jasper lie on the hay or straw in a barn.
Jasper lowers her dress, exposing her breasts. They kiss, then he kisses her tits. Patty plays with her
tits, placing both hands on them. Meanwhile, Jasper kisses her feet and licks her leg. Then he takes
down her panties, which reveals her bush. There are many great views of her pubic area at several
angles, including while he slides his hands up and down her legs. She helps Jasper to take off his
clothes. There is a good view of her butt at one point. Then she gives oral sex to him. She tells him:
"Now you be careful, Jasper." He responds: "If it hurts too much, honey, I'll only put it in a little
way." She stands up, providing nice full frontal nudity, and she touches her hair. Next we see a
different camera angle with her still standing naked, facing the camera, offering a great view of her
pubic triangle and somewhat conical tits, and we can detect her vulva if we look carefully. Then she
gets on top of him and starts moaning. For a while, we don't see any more nudity from her, just her
head and shoulders while she's going up and down. Suddenly comes a superb farther-away shot
showing her with her legs apart on top of him with her bush and both breasts in full view while she
rides him cowgirl style. The camera then moves around to catch them at different angles, still with
her bush and breasts in view. Soon he holds his hands underneath her breasts and then squeezes
them as they continue fucking. A couple of times the camera moves close-up on her tits while he
squeezes them some more. Then she moves up and down even more vigorously and we see a
closeup of her tits again while they jiggle. Then she orgasms and looks very content. But their
sexual marathon isn't over yet! She lies flat on the hay while he gets on top of her in missionary
position. We see her with her legs wrapped around him while he repeatedly thrusts into her.
Sometimes her breasts are visible, and they wobble a lot. The action gets really intense and she
breathes heavily. He grimaces his face when he's about to cum inside her. They kiss, and Patty says
"Jasper, I love you". If Peggy was 17 during filming, as we suspect because of the chronology and
the fact that her nipples are adolescently swollen, this is one of the sexiest portrayals of underage

17 or 18 year old Peggy Church from the USA (born 1954 - not 1950 as some claim) in the
American film "The All-American Girl" aka "Danish Flowers" aka "Hur det gick för jungfrun" aka
"Sexvän sökes" aka "Kuinka teinitytön kävi?" (1973) (filmed during 1972; released to theatres on 9
February 1973)
Peggy was more likely 18 than 17 in this film, which we believe was her last, but 17 is not out of
the realm of possibility. She plays 16-year old Debbie Collins. She has multiple full frontal nude
scenes and she gives a nicely simulated blowjob and rides a guy cowgirl style with her breasts
bouncing around and her head tossing about as usual.

17 or 18 year old Luciana Vendramini from Brazil (born 10 December 1970) in the Brazilian film
"Trancado por Dentro" (1988/1989)
In the role of Cacau she shows nudity briefly in this 13-minute film. First she removes her blouse so
we see her right breast from a back side view, but not her nipple. A little later, she is having sex with
a young man named Cadú while an older man named Boris watches. She is on top of him cowgirl
style with both breasts fully visible from the front for only about a second. Next, she is lying on her
stomach as he does her from behind; we get a side view of her breast pressed against the table, and
we can see a little of her areola and hear her moan. For the rest of the love scene the camera only
shows the older man while we hear still more moaning from Luciana and some heavy breathing
from the young man.

17 or 18 year old Sandra Mozarowsky from Spain (born 1959 or 17 October 1958) in the Spanish
film "Call Girl: La vida privada de una señorita bien" (1976) (production ended on 2 December
1976; released to theatres on 27 December 1976)

17 or 18 year old Sandra Mozarowsky from Spain (born 1959 or 17 October 1958) in the French
film "Train spécial pour SS" aka "Helltrain" aka "Hitler's Last Train" aka "Love Train for SS" aka
"Special Train for Hitler" aka "Train spécial pour Hitler" aka "Tren especial para Hitler" aka "SS il
treno del piacere" (1977) (filmed in 1976, probably in the autumn; released to theatres on 23
February 1977)
Playing Greta, she exposes a breast briefly when lying down with a soldier.

14/15(?) year old Edna de Cássia from Brazil in the Brazilian-West German-French film "Iracema -
Uma Transa Amazônica" (1975)
She plays Iracema, a 14-year-old South American Indian tribal girl who leaves her home in the
Amazon rain forest for the city of Belem. There she becomes a prostitute. She has three scenes
where she shows her breasts. The first is when she is changing into her dress and we see them both
for 15 seconds or so. They are massive, dark brown, and D cup+ in size. Later, she takes off her top
again while getting ready to have sex with a trucker she is riding with. Near the end of the film, she
flashes a tit at the same trucker, who has found her again and asks to see them. She is sort of cute.

14(?) year old Tintin Anderzon from Sweden in the Swedish film "Den Attonde dagen" aka "The
Eighth Day" (1979) (released to theatres in January 1979)
Preteen actress Susanna Rådö, playing 12-year-old Anna, follows a young teen couple. The boy and
girl both look about 14. At one point, the girl lifts her shirt to show him her tits for a few seconds.
Incidentally, Anna also has a nude scene; she pulls down her pajama bottoms to look at her pubic
area in the mirror.

13/14(?) year old Lilian Davis in the Mexican film "La Tía Alejandra" (1979)
Lilian plays Malena, the older daughter of the couple that Tía Alejandra (Aunt Alejandra) comes to
live with. She appears to be about 14 as she is taller than her "aunt" and almost as tall of as her
"mom" and has small, fist-sized breasts and a small patch of pubic hair. She is very slim, not made
up, and dressed like a younger girl, so her initial appearance looks younger than she probably was.
But her face is quite cute and young so she might just be a 13 year old who's tall for her age. In her
nude scene she is shown taking a bath for a couple of minutes with one or both breasts visible above
the water. Alejandra, who has magical powers, gets her out of the tub by making the water boil. As
she gets out we see her full frontally nude for a couple of seconds before she can get a bath robe on.

13/14(?) year old Véronique Lindenberg in the French film "Les Turlupins" aka "The Rascals"
(1980) (copyright date 1979; released to theatres on 27 February 1980)
This coming-of-age film is set at a Catholic boarding school in Nazi-occupied France in the year
1942. A young teenaged boy named Bernard is getting interested in girls. One night a young woman
guides Bernard and one of his female cousins to a place where she can show him what a pretty
woman's body looks like. His cousin, a cute young teenaged girl with her hair in two pigtails, is
going to be the one doing the revealing. The girl is standing and at first is wearing a dress, white
socks, and dark shoes. We see the woman lift the girl's dress to reveal to him (and us) first her white
panties and then both of her bare breasts. The dress goes over the girl's head. Next the camera
shows her left breast in profile at closer range and shows the woman taking down the girl's panties.
Next the view is from farther again and shows her standing full-frontally nude for about 3 seconds.
To make sure Bernard gets a full view of the girl's breasts, the woman moves the girl's pigtails to
her sides. The boy stares at her lovely figure. The woman now holds a electric lantern in front of the
girl so that he can get a brighter look. While that happens we see the girl's left breast from the side
again, and can see its nipple. The woman says "Isn't that something?...Look." Then she holds the
lantern in front of the girl's pubic area, and says "You can even touch!" Bernard asks "Can I,
really?" and now we hear the girl herself saying "I hope your hands aren't too cold..." with her cute
youthful voice. He approaches the girl with his hand outstretched, and we again see her left breast
from the side including its nipple. He decides to gently touch her breasts and we see him move his
fingers around the left one. The girl stares at him. Now the woman says "There! That's it!" and we
see the girl's left breast from the side one more time while the woman pulls back up her panties. It's
an excellent scene. A different scene in the film shows the frontal nudity of prepubescent and
adolescent boys.

(names unknown to us) Various adolescent girls in the Italian-Colombian film "Cannibal Holocaust"
aka "Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust" aka "Cannibal holocausto" aka "Holocausto caníbal"
aka "Kannibaalien polttouhrit" aka "Kannibal massakren" aka "Nackt und zerfleischt" aka "Nadzy i
rozszarpani" aka "Ad kannibalov" aka "To Olokaftoma ton kanivalon" (1980) (filmed in 1979;
released to theatres on 7 February 1980)
This is a gory feature about a film crew that goes missing in the Amazon rain forest. It is filled with
violent scenes. Several young teen native South American Indian girls are portrayed fully nude.

(names unknown to us) Various adolescent teens in the Hungarian film "Még kér a nép" aka
"Punainen psalmi" aka "Röd hymn" aka "Roter Psalm" aka "Red Psalm" aka "Salmo rosso" aka
"Psaume Rouge" (1972) (released to theatres on 9 March 1972)
This is set in 1890s Hungary. While a group of dressed kids participate in an outdoor dance, holding
hands to link into a chain formation while music is playing, three brunette adolescent girls who are
roughly 15-16 and fully topless are just standing there until a woman approaches and gently
sprinkles something on top of their hair (seems like grains or seeds). Then the three topless girls
walk with the woman in their own chain, and a second woman joins them. The girls' breasts are
seen both from the front and the side.

(names unknown to us) Various adolescent girls in the Ukrainian film "Fuchzhou" (1993)
Five girls aged approximately 8 to 17 have a scene where they swim naked in the ocean and stand
in the water and head towards the beach. We also see them running naked on the beach. The girls
display full frontal nudity. Two or three of them are adolescents.

(names unknown to us) Various Lithuanian adolescent girls in the French-Lithuanian-Portuguese

film "A Casa" aka "The House" (1997) (released to theatres on 1 October 1997)
Directed by Sharunas Bartas, this is a dialog-free film, but there is a narrator's voice. There's a scene
where a lot of naked youngsters are spending time in a room in a house. Some of the girls and boys
are prepubescents, but several other girls are clearly adolescents. A couple of the girls who are
standing full-frontally nude look 13 or 14, and one looks 15. The film debuted at the Cannes Film
Festival on 14 May 1997.

(name unknown to us) 15(?) year old Lithuanian girl in the German-Lithuanian film "Koridorius"
aka "Koridor" aka "Korridor" aka "The Corridor" aka "O Diadromos" (1994)
This is a dialog-free black-and-white film about the residents of a run-down apartment building in
Vilnius, Lithuania. There's a scene where a thin adolescent girl who looks malnourished stands
topless, sometimes covering one or both breasts with her arms and other times exposing them. She
hears something fall, and notices a child across the way spying on her from a balcony, who soon
runs back inside.

(name unknown to us) 14(?) year old Russian girl in the Soviet film "Zamri, umri, voskresni!" aka
"Freeze, Die, Come to Life" aka "Don't Move, Die and Rise Again!" (1989)
This Russian-language movie is based in Siberia and revolves around a young boy and girl. It's an
unfiltered examination of what life was like in the Siberian camps. The movie has several nude
scenes, but the one that is the most heart-wrenching depicts a malnourished girl who looks 14 who
is desparately trying to persuade a boy to get her pregnant and in the process shows her breasts and
bush to him and us.

(name unknown to us) 14(?) year old girl in the Soviet film "Bozh'ya tvar'" (1991)
A girl who looks around 14 is shown topless for a few seconds. It appears that her top has been
taken off by a group of boys.

(name unknown to us) 14(?) year old girl in the Italian-French film "Il fiore delle mille e una notte"
aka "Les mil y una noches" aka "As Mil e Uma Noites" aka "Les mille et une nuits" aka "1001 gece
masallari" aka "1001 nyhtes" aka "Kwiat 1001 nocy" aka "Tsvetok 1001 nochi" aka "Tuhannen ja
yhden yön tarinoita" aka "Tuhat ja yksi yötä" aka "Tusen och en natt" aka "Erotische Geschichten
aus 1001 Nacht" aka "Flower of the Arabian Nights" aka "Arabian Nights" (1974) (released to
theatres on 20 June 1974)
This is a highly sexual film directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini with abundant male and female nudity.
The story focuses in large part on a boy of about 14 and his sexual adventures. First, a girl in the 18-
20 year old range has him rent a room and they have simulated sex. Later, he and a girl who looks
14 are put in a room together sleeping nude. He wakes up and goes to her bed and has simulated sex
with her (poorly faked). When he pulls the covers off her we see her completely nude breasts and
full pubic hair. Later she wakes up and walks over to his bed fully nude with her breasts and pubic
hair visible. She pulls the sheets down and lies on top of him and has some additional fake sex. The
boy's penis is shown multiple times in the film, and it is semi-hard when she climbs off him this
time. An older couple, 50ish, are watching them the whole time and commenting on how much they
love each other. The girl who looks 14 is the only one we're certain was under 18, but several other
girls in other scenes are possibly under 18 as well. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on
20 May 1974.

(name unknown to us) 13/14(?) year old girl in the Italian film "Storie di vita e malavita - Racket
della prostituzione minorile" aka "Prostitución de menores" aka "Straßenmädchen-Report" aka
"Anilikes pornez" aka "Prostitute" aka "The Teenage Prostitution Racket" (1975)
This is a sordid tale of teenage prostitution in Milan, Italy in the mid-1970s. Some of the actresses
were probably 18 or older in real life, but the first girl not only plays a 13-year-old but indeed
strongly looks 13 or 14 in terms of her face, breasts, and legs. In the opening scene she and her
grandmother are hitchhiking. An adult male trucker picks them up and they climb into the cab.
While he's driving, her grandmother tries to prostitute her granddaughter to the trucker. The girl is
sitting by a window and her grandmother is between her and the man. Her grandmother moves
aside the girl's skirt to show her white panties, offering sex with her for the price of 3000 lira. Then
the girl is shown taking off her panties and lifting her shirt, showing both of her ripe young breasts
from the front. She looks pretty nice. He was initially reluctant to agree to the offer, probably
because she looks so young, and says he's a little behind schedule, but he eventually agrees, and
grandma gets out of the cab as the girl moves her head toward his lap. We don't see her actually do
anything at this point, but the story has it that she gives a blowjob to him. After the girl gets out of
the cab of the truck she is still swallowing semen and grandma gives her a bottle of water to wash it
down and she does. Some versions of this film have hardcore inserts in some scenes that don't
involve this girl.

(name unknown to us) 13(?) year old girl in the Hungarian film "Glamour" (2000) (released to
theatres on 19 October 2000)
There is a brief scene showing the rear nudity of a girl who looks about 13, or even an early-
blooming 12 year old. She has hit puberty and has hips, but has smallish breasts. She considers
herself the girlfriend of an 11 year old boy who is the son of Imre. She and the boy look through the
window to her house to see her stepfather, a judge, who is beating himself with a switch while lying
in bed. Then she leads the boy to a clearing in the garden and has him sit in a chair. She starts to
dance around him, then removes her dress, dropping it to the ground. Then, wearing only her knee-
length slip, she dances some more. Then, facing the boy with her back to the camera, she takes off
the slip and lets it fall to the ground, giving us a view of her naked body from the knee up. After a
few seconds the camera zooms on the boy's face with one of the girl's butt cheeks in the foreground
slightly out of focus, as he describes her breasts and pubic triangle (as an older self narrating the
scene). The film debuted at Hungarian Film Week on 6 February 2000.

14/15(?) year old Cristina Ramón from Spain and 13(?) year old Dacil Márquez from Spain in the
Spanish film "¡Ya soy mujer!" aka "I'm a Woman Already" (1975)
Cristina and Dacil play two schoolgirls. One day they're wearing their school uniforms and decide
to try on their mother's huge bra, one at a time. The girls' breasts are exposed (through a reflection
in the mirror) for only a couple of seconds each during the scene, which lasts about 30 seconds,
before their parents come home and catch them.
16(?) year old Cristina Ramón from Spain in the Spanish film "El fin de la inocencia" (1976)
Cristina looks 16 and has 4 topless scenes. In the first she takes off a t-shirt and is standing next to
the bed from the side but with both breasts visible as she's just in her panties. Then a few seconds
later she gets into bed. In the second scene she is naked in the shower and we see her from the waist
up with both breasts visible. There is an explosion that breaks the water main and she gets showered
in mud. In the third scene she is once again getting ready for bed and we see her topless for several
seconds, then she removes her panties and we see her upper butt crack. In the last scene a man is
trying to rape her and pulls down her blouse, exposing both breasts as he presses her against a tree.

16(?) year old Hennariikka Laaksola from Finland in the Finnish made-for-television film "Espoon
viimeinen neitsyt" aka "Suburban Virgin" (2003) (premiered on 10 November 2003)
She's a sweet-looking blonde who plays Minna, a 16-year-old girl who's trying to lose her virginity.
She and her 16-year-old friend Emma hitchhike to a concert where Minna throws herself at several
guys. One of our researchers thinks the two actresses look 14 or 15, while another thinks
Hennariikka looks 16. Minna's sex scene lasts 4 or 5 minutes and they do a good job of hiding her
breasts for much of the scene. She is lying on her back with her arms over her breasts when the boy
gets on top of her. They have sex (missionary position) for about a minute, but her breasts are
covered by his chest. It's pretty well done simulated sex though. He rolls off her and lies on his side
facing away from her. She talks to him for a couple of minutes. The camera is on his side of the bed
and uses his body to shield her torso. Then the phone rings and he gets up to answer it. She sits up
and we finally get a view of her left nipple in the crook of her arm for a second. He gets off the
phone and she is sitting and holding her knees to her chest. Her hair is pulled forward to cover her
breasts. Apparently he tells her to leave and she gets upset. She jumps up on her feet and her right
nipple is visible for a few frames before it drops out of view. He slaps her and she rises slightly, so
first her left nipple, then her right nipple, and then her left nipple again are visible above the bottom
of the screen for a few frames each. Then she gets dressed with no additional nudity shown. There
is no nudity in an earlier scene where Minna's shown with another guy who's on top of her trying to
have sex with her but can't do it; it looked like she was naked below the waist but we can't see
anything, and she had a shirt on so her upper body was covered. The film debuted at the Espoo Film
Festival on 24 August 2003.

14(?) year old Alyson Le Borges in the French made-for-television film "L'Île bleue" aka "The Blue
Island" (2001) (premiered on 18 June 2001)
Alyson plays 14-year-old Maïté in this movie set in 1940. She looks 14 and has the face of a
supermodel. There's a scene where Maïté and several 14-year-old boys play war during that year's
German attack on France. The boys make two girls flash them by raising their skirts before they can
play with them. The first girl to do it, Louise, is a blonde who looks 10 or 11, and she's played by
Vanessa Bile Audouard. Louise drops her panties and then lifts her skirt, and we see her behind as
she exposes her lower front to the boys. Maïté follows but turns her rear to the boys and the camera,
enabling us and them to see her exposed buttocks.

15(?) year old Céline Delrieu aka Céline Ertaud and 15(?) year old Malène Sveinbjornsson in the
French film "L'été de nos 15 ans" (1983) (released to theatres on 2 February 1983)
Céline's character is Caroline. Malène's character is named Malène just like herself. There's a scene
where these two cuties relax and chat at the edge of a swimming pool with another teenage friend.
They're lying on their stomachs propped up on their elbows. The three aren't wearing tops and they
partially expose their breasts at varying degrees from time to time depending on their positioning
and whether or not their arms hide their areolas and nipples. We don't know for sure who is who,
but the brunette on the left side of the screen (probably Céline) looks obviously 14-15 years old
(and her voice matches those ages) and has several full nipple views. After somebody splashes
water on the girls, the brunette's entire left breast becomes visible from the front for less than a
second when she stands up and her blue towel no longer covers it. The blond on the right (possibly
Malène as she looks probably Scandinavian) has continuous exposure of her breasts and looks the
oldest of the three girls. The blond in the middle looks 14-15 and has only a couple of brief nipple
exposures. Judging by the film's title two or three of these girls are probably exactly 15 years old. In
their topless scene they first talked about an aunt of one of the girls but later talked about a boy
named Marc. The brunette says Marc is "Bête, comme la plupart des garçons" ("Stupid, like most of
the boys"). Since the word "bête" means both "stupid" and "beast" in French, the girl in the middle
asks her which. The middle girl then says boys are desirable when they act animalistic. There's also
an allusion that the brunette hasn't slept with a boy yet. Then they see that someone might be taking
pictures of them (maybe from the plane that passes over them). One says "Maybe we'll become
movie stars" and another one jokingly replies "Maybe, but in what kind of movie?"

14(?) year old Line Arlien-Søborg from Denmark, 14(?) year old Hanne Sørensen from Denmark,
and 14(?) year old Gitte Iben Andersen from Denmark in the Danish film "Kundskabens træ" aka
"Tiedon puu" aka "The Tree of Knowledge" (1981) (released to theatres on 13 November 1981)
This is a film about a class of Danish students as they grow up between the ages of 13 and 16 from
1958 to 1960. The film examines their friendships and romances. There's a shower scene with five
adolescent girls and some older women where Anne-Mette (played by Line Arlien-Søborg) bares
her breasts, and Mona (played by Hanne Sørensen) and Lene (played by Gitte Iben Andersen) show
rear nudity. The start of the scene has a girl about 12 years old who is full frontally nude in the

15/16(?) year old Ludmilla Glinska in the Danish film "Medea" (1988)
This excellent film is a very dark retelling of the ancient mythological story with outstanding
cinematography. Ludmilla plays Jason's teenage bride Glauce. Very early in the movie she is shown
naked in her room tended to by several serving girls. The camera starts at her face, then pans slowly
down to her young newly-formed breasts (she looks like a late bloomer as the breasts are round and
tight A-cup and appear to still be in the growth stage). The camera continues to pan down to her
pubic area, showing a full-frame shot of her dark bush. The camera lingers there, showing the maid
next to her, before panning back up past her breasts again and to her face. The sequence probably
lasts a minute and a half. On her wedding night, her maids remove her nightgown and she is shown
fully nude again. She talks to Jason with her breasts shown as she tells him he must exile Medea,
and he will sleep alone until he does. This scene lasts a couple of minutes. The look of her face
gives the impression that she's 16, while her breasts are like a 14 year old's.

16/17(?) year old Ol'ga Keyzerova from Russia in the Russian film "Dafnis i Khloya" (1993)
This is a retelling of the ancient Greek tale of "Daphnis and Chloe". The original text says the boy
Daphnis is 15 and the girl Chloe is 13. In this version the young lovers are a little older and
Daphnis's true family lives in an amazing royal palace. Reddish-haired Ol'ga, playing Chloe, is fully
nude several times. First we see her outdoors. She steps into the edge of the water of the sea, and
the camera pans up from her legs to her buttocks and gradually zooms out. She raises her hands
above her head and we're treated to a marvellously beautiful face close-up shot while she's smiling.
Judging from her face in this scene she looks about 16. Then we see the back of her body again, and
she soon walks into the water and starts to swim. Her buttocks are again seen, but under the surface,
while she's swimming on her stomach. Now the camera switches to a scenic long view of the area.
Daphnis walks around and spots her. Now we see her standing on the shore full-frontally nude. She
gets some water out of her hair and starts styling it. Daphnis is transfixed and keeps staring at her.
The camera again turns to Chloe and we see her topless while she turns her head. Her smile
disappears when she notices Daphnis is watching her, and she covers her breasts with her arms.
Later is a nice bedroom scene which begins with another close-up of her lovely face until the shot
changes to show a wider view. She's lying in bed under a sheet but soon takes the covers off and we
see her naked body from the side. She moves her legs out of bed and we see both of her breasts
from the front. She raises her arms behind her head, then stands up and we see her bush. She walks
over to a window, and we see her butt and the side of her left breast. This is followed by another
face close-up until the camera pans down to show her moving her hands down and touching her
breasts, over and around her nipples for about 6 seconds. Then we again see the back view of her
butt and left breast. Her outdoor love scene is also mighty fine. It starts with the two lovers standing
across from each other. Chloe is on the left and displays both of her breasts and her bush. She raises
her right hand to touch his hair and the camera gets gradually closer until we only see their upper
bodies. After some chatting they kiss each other on the lips and next we see her lying on her back
on the ground with her lovely nipples visible. They kiss some more and he touches her breasts and
her body as the camera slowly zooms out, showing her butt in the process. At the end they sit
against each other and she has her arms covering her breasts and looks to the side. Unfortunately
there's also a violent attempted rape scene indoors involving Chloe and an older man. He strips her
naked and she writhes around. In that scene she's briefly spread-legged while bottomless around
three times, but the view is from a distance and the context of the scene makes it unerotic.

13(?) year old Lokelani S. Chicarell from the USA in the American film "Hawaii" (1966)
Fuller versions of the film have several topless scenes from Lokelani and some extras. Lokelani
plays a native Hawaiian teen named Iliki in this historical epic taking place in the 19th century. Iliki
looks 13, maybe close to 14, since her breasts are like those girls of those ages can have, but
sometimes her face looks 12, in her first scene in particular. She has very small breasts (one
reviewer thought AA-cup but we think B-cup) and shows them a couple of times. She is initially
given to Reverend Abner Hale and his wife, and is topless in their hut in the scene where we first
see her, but her breasts are hidden in dark shadows. The Reverend and his wife let Iliki stay with
them. Later, a ship with white sailors arrives, and Iliki takes off the modest dress she was made to
wear as she runs toward the ship. We see one of her breasts for a second before she runs out of view.
That night she is one of the young Hawaiian females dancing topless for the sailors, and her breasts
occasionally pop into view for nearly a minute. The dance is a fairly seductive hula sort of dance
and soon a sailor takes notice. Reverend Hale sees Iliki, goes inside the place where the party is,
grabs her, and takes her out. We see Iliki's breasts as he walks toward her and as he guides her away,
for a total of another 30 seconds or so.

16 year old Melanie Griffith from the USA (born 9 August 1957) and 16 year old Bo Derek aka
Mary Cathleen Collins from the USA (born 20 November 1956) in the Canadian film compilation
"Celebrity Nude Revue - Best of the Saucy 70's, Volume 1" (Citrus Cinema, 2008) (released on 1
December 2008)
This 198-minute compilation features selected female topless and nude scenes from 1970s
mainstream films. Most of the females are adults, with the exception of Melanie Griffith who's
shown in "Night Moves" (1975) and Bo Derek who's shown in "Fantasies" (1981; filmed in 1973).

16-17 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources) and 15 year old Ornella Muti aka
Francesca Rivelli from Italy (born 9 March 1955) and 17 year old Paola Morra from Italy (born 20
April 1960) in the Canadian film compilation "Celebrity Nude Revue - Best of the Saucy 70's,
Volume 2" (Citrus Cinema, 2010) (released on 14 February 2010)
This 260-minute compilation features selected female topless and nude scenes from 1970s
mainstream films. Most of the females are adults, with the exceptions of Nastassja Kinski who's
shown in "Stay As You Are" (1978), Ornella Muti who's shown in "Summer Affair" (1971), and
Paola Morra who's shown in "Killer Nun" (1978).

Part 2. Television programs.

16 year old Alexandra Maria Lara aka Alexandra Platareanu from Germany (born 12 November
1978) in the episode "Eine Party fürs Leben" of the German television series "Mensch, Pia!" (1996)
(filmed during 1995; premiered on 9 July 1996 on ZDF)
Alexandra is an attractive Romanian-born girl playing the lead role of 16-year-old Pia Mangold.
She has a sexy scene with Noah in which they have sex for the first time. They both take off their
shirts. Then he unhooks her bra in the back, then takes it down as we watch both of her breasts from
the front in close-up. Then he gently cups her breasts. She says "the light", and he goes to turn off
the lamp near the window, while she walks in the opposite direction to blow out some candles, and
we see most of her topless body while she's standing. Next, we see her gently falling face-up onto
the bed. He gets on top of her and they start kissing. He slowly rolls his hands over her right breast
and nipple and remarks "The beautiful breast". She responds: "Small breast". He disagrees about
that, and they keep talking. Then he tenderly kisses her right breast as we see both breasts in close-
up, and then he starts kissing further down her body.

16 year old Alexandra Maria Lara aka Alexandra Platareanu from Germany (born 12 November
1978) in the episode "Zorn und Zärtlichkeit" of the German television series "Mensch, Pia!" (1996)
(filmed during 1995; premiered on 27 August 1996 on ZDF)
Pia is with her boyfriend. They're standing face-to-face with both of their tops off and sweetly
embracing each other, and we see several glimpses of her left breast. They're interrupted by her
teacher when she knocks lightly and opens the door. The teacher soon leaves them alone, and they
kiss and we briefly see her left nipple immediately after she talks. They exchange some more words
and kiss some more.

16 year old Alexandra Maria Lara aka Alexandra Platareanu from Germany (born 12 November
1978) in the episode "Der Vorhang geht auf" of the German television series "Mensch, Pia!" (1996)
(filmed during 1995; premiered on 3 September 1996 on ZDF)
Pia is in a bubble bath while a female friend (Ines, played by Katrin Lippisch) is next to the bath.
We see Pia's left nipple very clearly when it's no long covered by the bubbles. 17 seconds later we
very briefly see both breasts when Ines playfully puts some soap and water on Pia's head.

13 year old Alexandra Royal from Sweden (born 17 November 1977) in an episode of the Swedish
television mini-series "Första kärleken" aka "Erste Liebe" aka "First Love" (1992) (released to
theatres on 7 April 1992)
In this coming-of-age work, blonde Alexandra's character is Anna. There's an outdoor scene where
she's with a 12-year-old boy. He takes off his shirt right before she takes off her jacket (no shirt on
underneath) to expose her distinctly adolescent breasts while she's standing. She then dives into a
lake and they swim together.

13 year old Anaïs Reboux from France (born 1987) in the American television program "Indie Sex:
Teens" (2007) (premiered on 3 August 2007 on the Independent Film Channel in the USA)
The 4-part "Indie Sex" documentary mini-series about edgy, nontraditional, and taboo sex in movies
was made by Orchard Films with director Lisa Ades, producer Lesli Klainberg, and co-producer
Tammie Rhee. Orchard Films presents a description of this segment at
http://www.orchardfilms.com/indiesexgroupdetail.htm reading: ''Underage sex is one of the last
taboos on screen, and INDIE SEX: TEENS tells the story of teenage sex and sexuality in film –
from "Splendor in the Grass" and "Dirty Dancing" to indie depictions such as "Kids" and
"Thirteen." Along the way, we track the blockbuster teen films of the 80s and the current trends that
go farther than ever before.'' There's a clip from the 2001 film "Fat Girl" showing Anaïs looking at
her breasts in the mirror.

15 year old Anne Bennent from Switzerland (born 13 October 1963) in an episode of the West
German television mini-series "Theodor Chindler - Die Geschichte einer deutschen Familie" (1979)
Anne appears topless, and her mistress touches her small breasts. The scene lasts more than 2

13 year old Annett Renneberg from Germany (born 16 March 1978) in the episode "Die Brut der
schönen Seele" of the German television series "Tatort" (1992) (filmed during 1991; premiered in
Sweet brunette Annett, playing Antje Berger, is holding a flower and looking at herself in the
mirror. Underneath her robe she has no bra on. After smelling the flower, she opens the right side of
her robe and slowly moves the flower over her nipple, after which we see an unhindered view of her
right breast for less than three seconds.

16 year old Camilla Renschke from Germany (born 15 March 1980) in the episode "In flagranti" of
the German television series "Tatort" (1997) (premiered on 28 December 1997)
Camilla, in character as Helen Reinders, is nude in two bubble bath scenes (the first scene is divided
into three segments). Most of her body is hidden by bubbles, but her breasts and nipples are
repeatedly visible. On both occasions, she's talking with her mother, who's standing fully dressed.
The second scene, taking place on another day, develops into a heated argument, and Helen throws
a sponge in the direction of her mother, who ducks just in time and then leaves the room. She soon
returns to the room, at which moment Helen is standing nude in the tub and her thick dark bush can
briefly be seen before she covers herself with a towel.

15 year old Claire Montgermont from France (born 24 October 1991) in episode 1 of season 2 of
the French television series "Engrenages" (2008) (filmed in September 2007; premiered on 12 May
2008 on Canal+)
Playing Maria Belmont, we see colour photos of her lying inanimately face-up on a table, full-
frontally naked. We see both breasts, and she does have some pubic hair.

16 year old Cosma Shiva Hagen from Germany (born 17 May 1981) in episode 2 of 3 of the
German television mini-series "Der Laden" (1998) (premiered on 21 November 1998 on the French
and German public TV channel "arte")
American-born brunette Cosma looks really cute here in the role of Ilonka. Her hair is cropped
rather short and her areolas are swollen in a way that's common among girls her age. Her topless
scene occurs outdoors when she's with a guy named Esau Matt. She puts her top in a tree and then
takes down the lingerie covering her breasts while she walks over to where he is. She sits on the
ground and we see both of her luscious breasts from the front while they talk. Then she lies on her
back and closes her eyes. He approaches her and reaches between her legs while we view her left
breast. This startles her and she gets up and covers her breasts again.

17 year old Daisy Olie from Belgium (born 1991) in episode 3 ("Photo Shoot: Nude Shot") of the
Belgian television series "Topmodel, Cycle 2" (2008) (premiered on 23 October 2008 on 2BE)
Daisy was competing with other female models aged 16-20. Daisy is first shown posing in her
underwear for an art class. Later the models are split into two groups and pose nude together but
with their interesting bits carefully hidden. The camera manages to catch 5 glimpses of Daisy's bare
breasts, including distant shots. In the closer shots her bust is usually blurred by a censor. Both of
her breasts are shown when her arm is in between in one long shot at the beginning and a couple of
quick shots later where her right nipple is about half visible. In those last two the censor missed that
the left breast was fully visible. In a close-in shot her areola is visible in the corner of the picture.
The censor was also late a fraction of a second in fogging her right breast in one shot.

16 year old Diane Lane from the USA (born 22 January 1965) in the episode "Summer" of the
American television series "Great Performances" (1981) (premiered on 9 November 1981 on the
American television network PBS including the channel that produced the series, Thirteen/WNET
New York)
In this film version of Edith Wharton's novel, Diane plays the character Charity Royall. Her hair is
reddish brown. In the uncut version, which has been aired on the French channel M6 but probably
never been shown on PBS, there's a nice scene where she's fully topless while in the company of a
man. Her right breast is more directly facing the viewer. Soon, she gently places her hand behind
his head and draws him towards her, and his body covers up her breasts. This was filmed in New

16/17 year old Emma Hipp from Germany (born 1980) in the episode "Nur eine Nacht" of the
German television series "Ein Fall für zwei" (1997) (premiered on 14 November 1997 on ZDF)
She's playing Sarah Kurth and has a scene where her tits are exposed while she's lying in bed with
her boyfriend.

16 year old Emma-May from the UK in episode 14 (6th of the second season) of the British
television series "Banzai" (2002) (premiered on the British digital television channel E4)
In one of the rounds of this episode, called "The Saucy Schoolgirl Selection", viewers are asked to
bet on which girl is old enough to pose topless for Page 3 in a newspaper. There are three girls to
choose from, and they are standing next to their mothers. Emma-May was the right girl, and at the
end of the segment she is shown fully topless for several seconds. Emma-May has braided reddish
hair and the episode was shot on her 16th birthday. The other two girls were still only 15 years old
and their tops never come off. The narrator castigates anybody who chose one of the two 15-year-
olds, calling them "sick" and "disgusting", and when it comes time to show Emma-May topless he
expresses amazement at how much she has grown physically up top and jokingly asks the mother
"What have you been feeding her?".

17 year old Estella Warren from Canada (born 23 December 1978) in an episode of the French
television series "Déjà Dimanche" (1996) (premiered on 5 May 1996 on France 2)
Estella appears topless several times during the shooting of print advertisements for the company
Cacharel to promote the women's perfume "Eau d'Eden". The voiceover of the report says she's 17.
The photographer Jean-Paul Goude discusses Estella's breasts, particularly their "double-bombé",
which is to say that they each form two "bulges", the first bulge being the breast mound and the
second being the areola ("like a mosquito bite", he says). These are the same advertisements that are
reported about in the July-August 1996 issue of PHOTO (French edition, issue #332). (Incidentally,
in one of the final versions of the advertisement neither of her areolas or nipples are showing, but in
another of them her right breast is exposed including its areola and nipple.)

16/17 year old Hannah Herzsprung from Germany (born 7 September 1981) in the episode "Nackte
Tatsachen" of the German television series "Aus heiterem Himmel" aka "Cinq sur 5!" (1998)
(premiered on 23 December 1998)
Playing Miriam Pauly, she's topless while her tits are covered with bodypaint.

17 year old Jessica Passon from Germany in the episode "17 und noch Jungfrau" of the German
television series "U 20 - Deutschland, Deine Teenies" (2009) (premiered on 31 March 2009 on PRO
Part of a documentary series, this episode's title means "17 and still a virgin" and it's about a small-
breasted blonde whose breasts stopped growing at the age of 13. She says she does not wish to get
naked in front of a boy because she is ashamed of how small her tits are. Yet she does show them to
a large viewing audience through the camera - an interesting contradiction. We see her topless while
she looks at her small bust in the mirror. She decides to have her breasts surgically enlarged to try to
improve her self-image. After surgery, we see her breasts as she lies awake in bed and smiles. And
we see her take off her shirt and her bra to joyfully show her new breasts to her friend and a women
and of course us.
17 year old Joanne Whalley from England (born 25 August 1964) in episodes of the British
television mini-series "A Kind of Loving" (1982) (filmed in 1981; the entire run of the series
premiered on the British television network ITV between 4 April 1982 and 7 June 1982)
She plays Ingrid Rothwell, lead actor Vic Brown's lover, in parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 and has three topless
scenes altogether. In one scene she's standing in front of Vic and he takes off her bra, exposing her
breasts. In another she's sitting in bed next to the man and he takes off the pink towel she was
wearing, and some of her nudity is seen in the reflection in the mirror. She also shows her breasts
when she removes her nightie in bed while sitting next to this man, and her breasts are again seen
when she lays down and he turns the light off.

17 year old Keira Knightley from England (born 22 March 1985) in an episode of the British-
German-American television mini-series "Doctor Zhivago" (2002) (filmed during 2002 from March
until June; all 3 episodes premiered on 24 November 2002 on the British television network ITV;
released on video in the UK on 24 March 2003)
Keira plays Larisa Feodorovna Guishar, later named Lara Antipova, as the character transitions
from age 16 to age 32. Keira's nudity comes in a tender sex scene in a dark room lit only by candles.
Her very small breasts, essentially flat, are briefly seen on occasion as he's on top of her during their
making out and simulated intercourse in the missionary position.

15/16 year old Lara-Joy Körner from Germany (born 28 October 1978) in the episode "Die
schwarzen Bilder" of the German television series "Tatort" (1995) (premiered on 17 April 1995)
Playing Amanda, she displays some nudity and also wears a black bra and black panties.

17 year old Lucie Azard from France (born 9 August 1990) in two episodes of season 7 of the
French television series "Star Academy" (2007-2008) (broadcast live in 2007-2008; premiered in
2007-2008 on TF1)
Lucie was a contestant from 23 October 2007 until 18 January 2008. On the 22 November 2007
show she's seen topless in the bathroom, exposing her full left breast plus half of the right breast
including its nipple; we just see her remove her black t-shirt, then the image switches to an outside
view of the house. She was also topless on another date while she changed her clothes in the room;
she's in the background, removing her t-shirt, showing both of her breasts in the mirror, and her
right breast from the back and side; it takes some time for the camera to pan down and take her out
of the frame, so we witness this for a couple of seconds.

14 year old Miley Cyrus aka Destiny Hope Cyrus from the USA (born 23 November 1992) in the
episode "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On" (episode 216 of season 2) of the American television
series "Hannah Montana" (2007) (premiered on 10 November 2007 on the Disney Channel)
Miley's friend Lilly angrily says "This one's for mom!" and places a fish between Miley's clothing
and Miley's body, inadvertently exposing part of Miley's left breast to the camera. In several frames
we can see her left breast's upper areola, which is light in colour. It seems that her nipple (darker
pink) shows too but her outfits are pink and red so it's hard to be totally sure whether the nipple

15 year old Nastassja Kinski from West Germany (born 24 January 1961 as confirmed by
Internationales Biographisches Archiv and other reliable sources) in the episode "Reifezeugnis" aka
"For Your Love Only" aka "Salaisuuden hinta" of the West German television series "Tatort" (1977)
(filmed in late 1976; premiered on 27 March 1977)
Slender, small-breasted brunette Nastassja plays Sina Wolf, a 16-year-old schoolgirl who has a love
affair with her teacher Helmut Fichte, who's married. In her first nude scene, she's making love with
her teacher in a secluded place outdoors near a body of water, and we see her breasts when he opens
her blouse. Grass obscures a lot from view. In her second nude scene, we see her breasts while she's
lying in bed with her teacher. After they speak with each other, she gets out of bed and walks over
to a desk nude, although it's mostly from a side view and her bush is not visible. We see both breasts
from the front as she puts on a robe. Later in the film, the teacher becomes a suspect in the death of
a schoolboy named Michael and he stops dating Sina. Before his death, this boy had made a failed
attempt to seduce Sina in a forest.

16/17 year old Ol'ga Sutulova from Russia (born 1981) in an episode of the Russian television
series "Zal ozhidaniya" (1998)
This sweet-looking brunette is topless and both nipples are briefly seen as she falls off something
and into the arms of a dressed woman. She says to the woman "Hello", then she looks down at her
breasts and is embarrassed that she's topless, so she quickly puts on a shirt and while she does this
we briefly see both breasts fully.

15 year old Penélope Cruz Sánchez from Spain (born 28 April 1974) in the episode "Elle et lui" of
the French television series "Série rose" (1990) (apparently recorded in 1989 and premiered in
In a story about a cross-dressing young couple that takes place around the year 1760, Penélope
plays Daphné aka Javotte aka Juliette. She's in the company of Valentine and Faustine during two
sex scenes. In the first, Penélope's character is fully nude and has her nipples kissed by a "man"
who's really a woman. At the end of the film Penélope is involved in a simulated sex scene as she's
standing and watching the cross-dressers having sex, but no nudity is shown this time.

17 year old Pénélope Lévêque from France (born 26 September 1991) in episode 1 of the French
television series "Sweet Dream" (2009) (premiered on 1 June 2009 on Canal+)
Pénélope is a nice-looking girl with brown hair and light skin. Her character is named Capucine.
She and a high school boy get undressed and fuck while another boy takes some photos of them.
Most of the action is seen through glass, and their bodies become silhouettes. At the end of this
scene we can see the curves of her left breast, and can somewhat see its areola and nipple in a few
frames before she puts back on her shirt, but it's not a clear view and the lighting isn't great. In a
later scene she's holding a cellphone and her smile disappears when a topless still photo of herself is
displayed on it (both of her breasts are seen from the front). Seeing that brings flashbacks of the sex
scene, and that includes a close-up of her partly shadowed left breast while it hangs down, plus a
very brief moment where we can see her right breast. After the flashbacks we see the photo on her
phone again. The person who sent her the photo is anonymous and threatens to send it to her father.

16/17 year old Samantha Morton from England (born 13 May 1977) in the episode "The Big
Crunch" of the British television series "Cracker" (1994) (premiered on 31 October 1994 on the
British television network ITV)
Samantha plays 17-year-old Joanne Barnes, a schoolgirl having a sexual relationship with her
teacher. She has a scene where her body is shown from the rear as she stands nude, and we see both
her butt and her face simultaneously. She has lots of artwork written all over her back.

17 year old Stéphanie Dalmasso from France (born 18 August 1986) in episodes of season 3 of the
French television series "Star Academy" (2003) (broadcast live in 2003; premiered in 2003 on TF1)
Blonde Stéphanie was a contestant starting on 30 August 2003, and the season lasted until 20
December 2003. On one show she showed her entire bare butt briefly when she stood up while
putting on a G-string on her bed; the view is from the rear and distant. There's also a scene in one of
the shows where she showed both of her breasts in a very distant view of her removing her bra in
the bedroom. Another time, she showed both of her breasts in the presence of her friends while
trying on clothes during a rehearsal session; at first she just lifts her red top for a second, showing
both of her breasts from the front for about 10 frames; later she puts on a top and only the side of
her left breast is visible to us, and it's hard to tell if her nipple is visible or not, but we do easily see
the breast's nice curves.
16 year old Sybille Waury from West Germany (born 9 May 1970) in the episode "Die
Herausforderung" of the West German television series "Lindenstraße" (1986) (premiered on 17
August 1986 on ARD)
Sybille is a blonde who plays Tanja Schildknecht-Dressler. In this episode she stands topless in
front of a mirror, and in the reflection we see her left breast (including its nipple) and half of her
right breast (not including its nipple).

17 year old Taís Araújo from Brazil (born 25 November 1978) in an episode of the Brazilian
television series "Xica da Silva" (1996) (premiered on 28 November 1996)
This sizzling Brazilian brown-skinned actress of African descent plays the titular character Xica da
Silva, a slave in 18th-century Brazil who becomes free after falling in love with, and marrying, a
nobleman named João Fernandes. In this episode, she shows her bare breasts and her butt as she
splashes around in a river. It was filmed before she turned 18 but not aired until she was 18 --
though just three days after her 18th birthday. At the time, there was a ban on minors appearing
nude on Brazilian television. The episode created controversy in the media, because they realised
that she had to have been 17 when it was recorded.

13 year old Tamaruja(?), 16 year old Hunzaradit(?), and 16 year old Muraseen(?) from Brazil in the
British television programme "Tribal Odyssey: The Zoe" (2004)
Narrated by Walter Lewis, this show gives viewers a look into the way of life of the indigenous Zoe
tribe of the Amazon rain forest of northwestern Brazil. Members of the tribe, of all ages and both
genders, go about their daily lives completely naked. We learn the following facts about the sexual
habits of the Zoe: a girl's marriage can take place soon after her first menstruation, teenage girls
commonly marry older men, and some women and men eventually have multiple spouses
simultaneously. The show has many scenes where adolescent girls are shown topless with their
nipples uncensored. Muraseen shows her breasts in a segment where the narrator says she's 16 and
has sexual relations with several adult men. We also meet the sisters Tamaruja and Hunzaradit,
whose ages are also specified. The exact spellings of their names are not provided. Tamaruja and
Hunzaradit's breasts are shown while they're deep in the forest helping with important tasks, among
other times. Hunzaradit is seen topless while watching young children go down a waterfall and have
fun swimming. Hunzaradit is also seen topless while she feeds the household pets. The buttocks of
either her or her sister are seen while they place some of their pets into baskets for transport. Made
by Essential Film and Television Ltd. with a copyright date of 2004, this particular show in the
"Tribal Odyssey" series has been broadcast by such stations/networks as the Travel Channel in the
United States, Skai TV in Greece, and Odisea in Spain.

15/16 year old Theresa Scholze from Germany (born 1980) in the episode "Verluste" of the German
television series "Mensch, Pia!" (1996) (premiered on 13 August 1996 on ZDF)
She's blonde and plays Katja. She stands in front of a mirror while she's topless and both of her
huge tits are simultaneously visible to us in the reflection. She looks at reflection, runs her hands
over her tits, and looks down at them. Another girl, Pia, is reading out loud from a library book.
When Katja twice turns to the side we see how her right breast looks from the side. Another girl
enters the room, so Katja walks over to the bench and covers up her tits with the book.

17 year old Valérie Subra from France (born 8 April 1966) in the French television programme
"Faites entrer l'accusé: La Mort sur Rendez-vous" (premiered on 11 May 2010 on the French public
television network "France 2")
This is a documentary about Valérie's involvement in the murders of two men in France in 1984 and
her subsequent trial. One of its source materials was the 29 January 1988 issue of Paris Match
magazine. The documentary shows a private photo of Valérie topless (left nipple exposed because
her Minnie Mouse T-shirt is off) in the summer of 1983 which was published in that issue of Paris
Match. The documentary also shows another picture of her wearing the Minnie Mouse T-shirt when
it was wet and a little more see-thru (not completely see-thru but we can see her nipples pointing
through the fabric) than a photo published inside Paris Match; this picture wasn't published in that
issue of Paris Match.

15 year old Verera(?) from Namibia in the British television programme "Tribal Odyssey: The
Himba" (2004)
Narrated by Walter Lewis, this show explores the lives of some members of the Himba people who
live in Namibia in southwestern Africa. One of the people profiled is a 15 year old girl whose name
sounds like Verera. All Himba women go topless in their daily lives, so both of Verera's breasts are
fully exposed in several scenes, with her nipples uncensored. Verera gets married over the course of
the documentary, not to a man of her choosing, but to a man she has never even met before. In
Himba culture, parents always match up a boy and a girl, years in advance of the marriage
ceremony, without any input or choice from the children. Verera admits on the show that she once
had a boyfriend whom she had wanted to marry. This boyfriend was a cousin of hers. Early on,
Verera says she didn't want to be forced into her arranged marriage, says she is sad to have left her
parents' home behind, and she cries, but later she learns to accept it all. Verera says her husband is a
relative of hers: "His mother is my uncle's daughter." Made by Essential Film and Television Ltd.
with a copyright date of 2004, this particular show in the "Tribal Odyssey" series has been
broadcast by such stations/networks as the Travel Channel in the United States, Skai TV in Greece,
and France 5 in France.

17 year old Véronique Jannot from France (born 7 May 1957) in an episode of the French television
series "Paul et Virginie" (1974)
Playing Virginie, a carefree young lady who's married to Paul, this nice-looking blonde is fully nude
during one of the 13 episodes of this sitcom which premiered on 17 December 1974. In this
episode, the two young lovers are at the edge of a beach. Virginie takes off her long blue dress while
standing in front of Paul, who helps her undress. This reveals her breasts from the front while the
camera is relatively close-up and showing only her upper body. For almost four more minutes,
Virginie and Paul show abundant nudity. After Virginie has fully undressed, she walks over to the
water's edge and we see her buttocks, then Paul (now also nude) joins her and they head into the
water. We see her swimming nude at several angles. Then she comes out of the water all wet and
shiny and we see her body, including her bush, visible from a distance, from a side view. She goes
to rest on the edge of the water in a nice pose and her bush is again visible. Paul soon goes over to
where she is and brushes his lips tenderly against hers. She opens her eyes, stands up, and walks
over to a large rock formation that she perches on top of in a nice kneeling position to look out at
the water. Pierre-François Pistorio, the actor playing Paul, was also under 18 at the time as his
birthdate is 24 January 1957.

16 year old Yulia from the USA and 17 year old Lynsey Bowman from England (born 20 April
1990) on the British television programme "Under 18 and Under the Knife" on BBC 3 (2007)
(premiered on 2 September 2007)
This is part of BBC 3's "Body Image" documentary series. Lynsey and another British teen, 17 year
old Tasha, want to have cosmetic surgery to boost their self-confidence. Lynsey is slim and flat-
chested and eager to enlarge her breasts to look more womanly, while Tasha's goal is to undergo
liposuction and a tummy tuck since she's overweight. Since the girls are under 18 they aren't able to
get the procedures done in the UK, so they travel to Texas in the USA and meet a cosmetic surgeon
who introduces them each to an American teen who is about to undergo the same operation that
they want. Lynsey watches blonde cutie Yulia as she prepares for, undergoes, and recovers from her
breast surgery. Yulia's mother Sheila had her own breasts enlarged seven years ago and totally
supports her daughter's decision. Yulia explains why she wants to do the same: "I hate my breasts. I
don't like the shape of 'em. They just don't look good. I wanna be, you know, a normal teenager, just
be happy, be confident..." Yulia originally had size 34B breasts, and on the programme she shows
them prior to getting chopped, both while her pink robe is open as the doctor performs a exam
(measuring the breasts and marking around them) and while she stands at three different angles
completely topless to pose for the camera. Yulia's breasts are also seen during the operation to
enlarge them to size 34D. Lynsey decides to go ahead with her own surgery, and after initially
opposing the idea her mother gives her consent. Lynsey's breasts are only shown during the surgery
to make them size 30C. Some doctors criticised the show because they believe the girls may have
not finished growing yet and that cosmetic surgery may not be the answer at this stage in their lives.
Yulia's doctor said "Her breasts haven't changed since the age 14... and I can say with 100%
satisfaction that they aren't going to change."

16 year old Zoe Parker from England (born in first half of 1982) on the British television
programme "Family Confidential: Teen Pin-Up" on UK channel 5 (1998)
Cute brunette Zoe is topless around her house in one segment, and in another segment her bum and
breasts are seen whilst getting out of the bath. She's also topless as she tries on fashion accessories.

Various adolescent girls in an episode of the Norwegian television series "Kroppen" (1981)
The title means "The Body" in Norwegian and this 26-episode series is about the human body and
sex. Some episodes show fully naked preteens and teens from the front and rear. A short segment in
one episode shows the breasts and pubic areas of pubescent and adolescent girls in close-ups to
demonstrate many stages of sexual development. The girls are standing facing the camera. After this
the same is done for boys.

Various adolescent girls in the British television programme "Tribal Odyssey: The Yawalapiti"
Narrated by Walter Lewis, this show is about the Yawalapiti tribe, a division of the Xingu people
that live in Brazil's Amazonian Basin. They have copper skin and straight black hair. The men and
boys wear loincloths to cover their genitals, but the girls and women don't cover their nudity,
wearing only small adornments, accessories, and body paint. Most of them wear necklaces and
waist-bands. The documentary doesn't censor their breasts, buttocks, or pubic areas, and it is often
possible to see their genital slits and (on some) their minimal pubic hair. Some of the girls in the
village are in the adolescent stage of life. Near the beginning of the show, right after we're
introduced to Chief Aritana, we see a young adolescent girl with small breasts who is full-frontally
nude while running and then walking, with some prepubescent preteen girls near her. In a different
scene, a woman is painting the bare breasts and buttocks of an adolescent teen girl to prepare for a
festival, and the narrator says this body painting "is alluring and it shows off her feminine beauty".
There are scenes where women and girls dance together, and a few of them are probably
adolescents. Some of the other moments in the show also seem to depict adolescent girls, again
showing abundant nudity. Examples are scenes where females are gathering manioc from the field
and preparing manioc bread, and one of those involved still lives with her parents and seems to be
an adolescent girl. Many Yawalapiti females start having sex as adolescents. We're told that girls
usually marry around the age of 16 in an arranged marriage that their parents decide upon, but that
this tradition is starting to change. Made by Essential Film and Television Ltd., this particular show
in the "Tribal Odyssey" series has been broadcast by such stations/networks as the Travel Channel
in the United States and RTP2 in Portugal.

There are also a number of teens under 18 who have been nude on the British late-night television
programme "Electric Blue". Since these episodes were later released on video in the UK and
Germany, they are listed under the "Softcore erotic films and videos" section.

Part 3. Naturist/nudist videos.

There are countless nudist videos that include teenage girls between the ages of 13-17, ranging from
videos highlighting typical daily activities to videos where they show off their bodies in nudist
pageants (the latter are frequently from France). Our cataloging is limited to those primarily
featuring teenage girls, rather than those about entire families or persons of all ages. It goes without
saying that the girls are fully nude during almost all of the footage.

"4th of July" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 1999)

A DVD featuring Alla Rusinov 13, Uliana 15, and other naked adolescent girls. Videographed by
Daniel Ramirez.

"Rituals of Summer" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)

A DVD featuring Paula Rusinov 13, Alla Rusinov 14, Uliana 16, Gina Rusinov 17, and other nudist
teens. It was shot during the summer, as the title says, and shows the girls swimming and boating in
a lake, camping, cooking, and dancing in front of a bonfire.

"Castle Naturism" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)

A DVD featuring Paula Rusinov 13, Alla Rusinov 14, Uliana 16, Gina Rusinov 17, and other nudist
teens. They celebrate the summer by a beautiful lake and engage in such activities as swimming,
boating, and camping by a bonfire.

"Summer Dance" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)

A DVD featuring Gina Rusinov 17 and others.

"A Day of Sailing" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)

A DVD in which various Russian nudist teens spend a day exploring an island.

"Building Bridges" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)

A DVD where various teenage girls renovate the nature trail near the Karelian Lakes and then do
some nude photography.

"When Horses and Naturists Meet" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)
A DVD recorded in the summer of 1999 showing teens riding on horseback, including Gina
Rusinov at 15 or 16.

"Riverside" aka "On the River Side" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)
A 60-minute VHS and DVD video where many people, primarily teenage girls, play in the river,
pick flowers in the field, camp out in the forest, give each other massages, and sing, dance, and play
the guitar.

"Riverside Film 2" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)

A 60-minute DVD video where the girls from "Riverside" continue to enjoy their summer by the
river. Among other things, they relax outdoors on the grass and have a hay fight in a hayloft.

"Easter Picnic" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)

A VHS video that includes Paula Rusinov around age 14 and some other young teens.

"Vou'Oksa Lake: Farewell Autumn!" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)
Runtime is 16:38. Released as "CD disk 1". We are pretty sure that Gina Rusinov is in this and was
17 at the time.

"Vou'Oksa Lake: Forest Dance / Uliana's Summer Time" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature,
In the "Forest Dance" segment, Gina Rusinov dances in the middle of a forest. Runtimes are 11:19
and 15:44 respectively. Released as "CD disk 2".

"In the Hayloft: Duet Dance / Gina & Uliana Dance / Hay Fighting" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy
Nature, 1999)
The Rusinov sisters and their teen friends are featured here. They dance and play around in a
building filled with hay. The segments last 9:01, 12:55, and 9:30 respectively. Released as "CD disk

"Teen WEB Team: Paula's Birthday Party" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)
Runtime is 17:37. This is a 14th birthday celebration for Paula Rusinov, held in the Karelian forest
near a lake. Her sisters Gina (around 17) and Alla (around 15) take part. They play and eat a cake in
the nude outdoors. At one moment Alla engages in sexually suggestive dancing where she thrusts
her body forwards. Released as "CD disk 4" and as "Disk DVD004".

"Unexplored Russia: Russian Old-Style Steam Baths, parts I and II" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy
Nature, 1999)
Paula Rusinov, who participates in Part II, looks 13 or 14 here. She's fully nude and looks really
cute. Several of her young teen friends are also here. It includes a sequence where one blonde teen
washes another teen with soap and touches the latter's breasts while doing it, for 5 seconds! Part I
lasts 12:10 and Part II lasts 11:21. Released as "CD disk 5" and "Disk DVD002".

"Kupala Nights: Fire Dance, Gina / Fire Dance, Uliana" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)
Gina Rusinov and Uliana dance beside a fire. Gina's segment lasts 8:16 while Uliana's is 12:08.
Released as "CD disk 6". We are pretty sure that Gina was 17 at the time.

"Vou'Oksa Lake: On the Desert Island, parts I and II" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2000)
Paula Rusinov, Julie, and four other teen girls spend time on an island in the middle of the Land of
Thousand Lakes, Karelia, Russia. The footage was shot on the last day of summer 1999. The
segments last 15:13 and 11:04 respectively. Released as "CD disk 7".

"Russian Winter: In Winter Forest / Julie, Lady Winter" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature)
The segments last 15:27 and 8:39 respectively. Released as "CD disk 8".

"Vou'Oksa Lake: Net Fishing, The Preparation / The Mission / The Catch" (St. Petersburg, Russia:
Holy Nature)
This is about nudist teenage girls who go fishing. Two of the girls catch a fish in their net and bring
the net onto their boat. Then when they're back on dry land one of the girls has a smile on her face
as she holds the fish in front of the camera. Released as "CD disk 9".

"Teen Island" (St. Petersburg, Russia: Holy Nature, 2001)

In Part I, two nude adolescent girls -- Paula Rusinov at around age 14, and her sister Alla Rusinov at
around age 15 -- row a camouflage boat with their legs apart, though their genitals are hardly ever
seen. They are accompanied by their older sister, Gina Rusinov. The girls also do rock-climbing and
other activities.

"Girls' Pool Party" (Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic: Naturist Freedom Company, circa mid-2000s)
A bunch of attractive young Czech ladies hang out indoors in the nude, playing pool, dancing,
eating, drinking, and enjoying each others' company. Most of them are teens, largely from the
adolescent years, but the girl with a cast on her left lower arm and hand looks about 11 and another
is younger than that, and there are at least two adults.
"Boarding House American Lady" (Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic: Naturist Freedom Company,
circa mid-2000s)
There are lots of Czech teen cuties who bare everything in this all-female indoor get-together. Not
every teen in the video is under 18 for sure (some look like they might be 18 or 19), but the young
ones are well represented and grace viewers with their smiles, lovely curves, and dance moves.

"Hotel Pool" (Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic: Naturist Freedom Company, circa mid-2000s)
These Czech teenage girls, many with noticeably adolescent bodies, swim, float on rafts, play with
beach balls, shoot water guns, and overall have a fun time.

"Miss Teen Nudist 2001 - Contest 7" (Santa Monica, CA: Nature's Enterprises, Inc.)
This French pageant for nudist adolescent girls naturally enough focuses its attention on fully naked
adolescents, but their family and friends are also shown. Twelve contestants in all.

"2000 Junior Miss Contest 5" (Santa Monica, CA: Nature's Enterprises, Inc.)
Most of the thirteen contestants are adolescent girls, but one of the girls looks 11 or 12 and
prepubescent. Shot at a French nudist resort.

"Year 2001 Junior Miss Pageant - Vol. 11" (Santa Monica, CA: Nature's Enterprises, Inc.)
Ten gorgeous French contestants, mostly looking 13-15 years of age, show off their entire naked
bodies for the judges and cameras.

"Miss Teen Nudist Pageant 2008" (Port Charlotte, FL: Candid-HD.com, 2009)
Released in DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats. Ten completely naked adolescent teen girls participate
in the Miss Crimea Teen Naturist 2008 pageant on the Crimean peninsula in southernmost Ukraine.
Their names and ages are Alina 14, Ira (Irina) 14, Aleka(?) 14, Ludmila 15, Sabina 15, Sonia 15,
Nadia 16, Nadiana(?) 16, Maria 16, and Maria 17. They have blond and reddish-brown hair. Some
have shaved their pubic hair but others have preserved it. Several are very cute. There is footage
showing them on a wooden pirate ship, as well as footage from the pageant itself. They dance
together then individually compete on the basis of beauty and talent. Every girl is interviewed too.
At the end they go swimming.

"Miss Teen Nudist Pageant 2009" (Port Charlotte, FL: Candid-HD.com, 2010)
Released in DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats. Twelve completely naked adolescent teen girls
participate in the Miss Crimea Teen Naturist 2009 pageant on the Crimean peninsula in
southernmost Ukraine. The girls have blond and brown hair. Many of the girls have preserved their
pubic hair but a few shaved it all off. They ride on a boat, swim, dance, and more.

"Ira's 15th Birthday Party" (Port Charlotte, FL: Candid-HD.com, 2009)

Released in DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats. 15 year old cutie Ira (also known as Irina), who was
14 in "Miss Teen Nudist Pageant 2008", is the star of this video where she and her adolescent girl
friends spend a fun day near and in the water in the Crimea, Ukraine. This includes singing,
dancing, a tug-of-war game, playing volleyball, and body-painting (including on Ira's body -- the
words "HAPPY 15 BIRTHDAY" are painted on the front of her body). They're all fully nude. The
bonus footage shows Ira on her last day as a 14-year-old.

"First Day of School" (Port Charlotte, FL: Candid-HD.com, 2010)

Released in DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats. 12 Ukrainian adolescent girl nudists (some in their
early teens) have an end-of-summer party including cooking, dancing, singing, and more. Some of
the girls are entering the 6th, 8th, and 9th classes beginning the next day. For example, Janna will be
starting the 8th class and Alina is entering the 9th class. All of the girls are naked in parts of the
video, but they also wear school costumes: Janna and Luda sport modern ones while Alina wears a
vintage one that her mother wore. Includes indoor and outdoor scenes.

"Teen Nudists on Holiday 2" (Port Charlotte, FL: Candid-HD.com, 2010)

Released in DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats. Four adolescent teen cuties are shown spending a
summer holiday completely naked outdoors. They play volleyball, walk along the shore of the
Black Sea, apply mud to their bodies, and make crowns from flowers. They have pleasing mid-
adolescent figures that they display throughout the video while standing and sitting. Three of the
four have kept their pubic hair.

Part 4. Sex education videos.

"Sexuele Voorlichting" aka "Puberty: Sexual Education for Boys and Girls" (Tervuren, Belgium:
Studio Landstar Films, 1991)
This 30-minute sex education video is geared to boys and girls 11-12 years old who attend the sixth
class of primary school, and there's a 10-minute extra about menstruation just for girls. The visual
demonstrations by live models are explicit and include several scenes of hardcore pornography. One
segment talks about the physical changes that occur during puberty, including the growth of pubic
hair and the growth of the breasts, and those parts of the body are shown at close range with child
and teenage models while the narrator talks about typical ages that changes occur. The female
narrator says breasts usually start to bud at 11 or 12 and around the same time a patch of pubic hair
starts to develop. When she says the breasts have further growth from 13-15 and reach adult size
during ages 16-18, the camera shows several girls' breasts. The fourth girl whose breasts are shown
close-up is probably 14 or 15. The pubic area close-up immediately after that is probably with the
same girl, and her pubic hair triangle is only partially filled in so far. To show that not all breasts
look the same during adolescence, a redhaired adolescent teen who looks 13 also shows her breasts
and she is shown turning her body and crossing her arms under her breasts. After her we see the
breasts of another teen who's only about 13 or 14 and certainly not older than 15. Some other scenes
involve a preteen boy who just had his first seminal emission while sleeping, and he discovers the
joys of masturbation and he finds it's fun to daydream about a pretty prepubescent preteen girl he
likes, imagining that she is naked and holding his penis while he touches her pussy (this daydream
is actually shown). His fingers move up and down his erect penis and after he orgasms we see his
penis at rest with sperm on his body. We also watch as a prepubescent preteen girl who just had her
first menstruation looks over her body and discovers its pleasure centres even though she still has
no pubic hair or breast growth at all. While she looks down at her chest and genitals she's sitting
stark naked on the edge of a bed with her legs wide open, and she even spreads open her labia with
both hands in a close-up view. The young girl's labia are compared with the spread-open labia of a
sexually mature female who could be a teenager. The young girl is also shown masturbating while
lying on her back in bed with her legs open, and she smiles with pleasure while she does that. Also
there's a scene where a little boy plays doctor and touches the pubic mound of a little girl. Near the
end is a bedroom scene involving a young man and young woman. Their foreplay includes intense
kissing and licking on the lips and mouth, him kissing her breasts and fingering her pussy, and her
touching his penis. After he's erect and she's wet, they have actual vaginal intercourse in the
missionary position with the penetration seen from two angles. The narrator claims they are
married, but there are no rings on their fingers and they are youthful. The guy looks like a young
adult, and the lady does too. There's also helpful advice on personal hygiene and birth control. The
camera shows the faces of the children who masturbate and touch each other, making them
identifiable, and they may be among the people thanked by name in the closing credits. Some
scenes here are indistinguishable from those on videos made in eastern Europe for child porn
paysites, except that they have voices and music laid over them. Is it appropriate to show the
genitals and sexual activities of preteens just because the purpose is educational? Produced and
directed by Roland Deronge with camera work by Marcel Spanoghe, photography by Louis Maes,
and narration by Hilden Daems and Willem van Geyseghem, working on the script by Andre

Part 5. Documentary films and videos.

"Kuarup II" (Brazil: Loja Expedições, circa 2000s)

This Portuguese-language VHS documentary portrays the ceremony of the native Xingu Indians of
Brazil during which young adolescent girls are initiated into adulthood in preparation for their
upcoming arranged marriages to young men about ten years older than they are. Prior to the
ceremony, the girls had been secluded for quite a while following their first menstruation. The
footage includes the "Ritual of the Flutes", during which the girls' breasts and pubic areas can be
seen while they dance around guided by the flute players. All they are wearing is a waist belt above
the pubic area and some other decorations around their necks and knees.

"Virgins of Bali: Land of Love and Romance" (New York, NY: Imperial Distributing Corp.,
September 1932) (copyright registered on 21 September 1932 according to Library of Congress
This 46-minute documentary directed by Deane H. Dickason focuses on two adolescent girls from
the Indonesian island of Bali: 16 year old Ni Wayan Ugembon (nicknamed Grio) and her 12 year
old sister Ni Wayan Tagel (Tagel for short). Their ages are listed on the opening credits. Both girls
are fully topless throughout the film, as are the other girls and the adult women. The male narrator
says "Grio and Tagel are the fairest flowers of a handsome race." and at another point says that in
general "Bali is a land of beautiful women. ... They have fine features and well-rounded, slender
bodies; they are firmly and harmoniously developed and walk with a swinging, easy, rhythmic
movement." There's a scene where Grio and Tagel leave their headdresses on but otherwise get
completely naked; their buttocks can be partially seen while they sit in the water, and when they
stand up we see one of their butts completely from the rear (apparently it's Tagel's butt). A poster
advertised that scene as showing "Balinese Beauties bathing in ALL THEIR NATIVE GLORY!"
The narrator describes their bodies, their light skins, and their cleanliness, and remarks "They are
the most beautiful brunettes in the whole world." The honesty of adults admitting that adolescent
girls have beautiful faces and bodies, and that it's healthy to admire their nudity, is refreshing. The
sisters do have beautiful breasts (Tagel's are obviously smaller than Grio's). Grio has a young
boyfriend named T. Kal (nicknamed Kaler) and they are engaged to be married. But we learn that
Grio and Kaler had premarital sex in the forest at night, and their parents disapprove of that. After
emerging from the forest and returning to their village, a wedding festival is held with dancing and

"Line of Beauty and Grace: A documentary about Jock Sturges" aka "La beauté revelée : Le
photographe Jock Sturges" aka "Die Schönheit in uns - Der Fotograf Jock Sturges" aka "La beauté
revelé - Le photographe" (Leipzig, Germany: Amadelio Film, April 2008)
This DVD videographed by Christian E. Klinger and edited by Daniela Krien is divided into several
sections: the main show consisting of 57 minutes, plus several extra interview segments. Most of
the footage was recorded in the summer of 2007 in Montalivet, France, but some segments were
recorded in Germany. There are many segments containing live nudity from adults, including while
Sturges is working behind his camera. We also see a couple of naked adolescents in still photos by
Sturges. The right side of the introductory black-and-white picture has an underage (late preteen or
early teen) girl with her buttocks exposed. The same photo emerges on the screen at 4:01. In a visit
to the publisher Steidl in Göttingen, Germany some of Sturges's colour photos for the book "Life ~
Time" are laid out on a table, and starting at 5:45 we briefly see many of them, and they include
images of nude adolescents and preteens. At 23:11 the full screen shows a black-and-white photo
with an adult woman on the right and a young adolescent girl (probably 13) on the left with her eyes
closed and most of her body in shallow water, and under the surface it's possible to see her breasts,
hips, and upper pubic mound. At 23:32 the full screen shows a black-and-white photo of a slender
adolescent standing naked at the edge of a beach, looking at the camera, showing her pubic hair and
both of her small breasts. We don't know the age of the redheaded girl who poses naked for Sturges
in the live segment starting at 46:44, but she's possibly under 18. She's lounging in a chair in front
of a tree. At 48:32 the full screen shows the resulting colour photo. Her face is young and unlined.
Her breasts are youthful in their shape and many girls aged 15 and 16 have areolas that look like
hers. Her pubic hair seems partly trimmed. Her body frame has teenage characteristics. We also see
this redhead partially or fully naked a couple more times in the main body and one of the extra
features. For example she shows her buttocks in the live scene starting at 53:07 where she seems to
be applying sunscreen to her body. Starting from the main screen, after the user clicks "More" and
then clicks "News, recources, gallery", a black-and-white Sturges photo comes up showing three
females, including an adolescent girl sitting facing the camera full-frontally nude. Jock's daughter
Marine, a little blonde preteen just a few years old, shows copious between-the-legs nudity in
segments where she's playing with her father on a bed, and then she stands up and walks into
another room. We see Jock taking some photos of Marine, including semi-nude or nude ones. (At
40:11 a topless photo of Marine comes on the screen.) Also, we get to hear from his wife Maia and
the adult model Vanessa. We are told that some of Sturges's models had their children also pose for
him. In an extra feature, Jock Sturges candidly talks about other photographers past and present, as
well as painters. Among the photographers he's asked about are three who have photographed naked
young people, but Sturges doesn't comment about the issue of underage nudity. He says he's met
Sally Mann "many times" and photographed her children, calls her "brilliant", and says she has
"genius", but says she has a different strategy than he does. He's critical of the fact that she has
photographed children bleeding and says there is "ruthlessness" in some of her photos. As an
example he mentions how Mann started taking pictures after a child fell on her face on some rocks
and was screaming (but being cared for by adults); the child didn't even know Mann took the
photos, and Sturges says "I could never do that" type of photo. Sturges says Larry Clark's works
have crossed lines of decency, such as when he photographed somebody being raped. He says Nan
Goldin is "crazy" in a good, creative way, and worthy of respect. In another extra feature, three