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John Searl Magnets & Sweets VTA :

Searls Magnets and their production :

Searl user two coils to magnetize his alloyed magnets as they cooled down,
a) a DC high current coil which was the primary magnetising coil.
b) a signal coil wound ontop of the primary and connected to a signal generator
Both coils were switched simultaneously.
In effect you have a pulsed DC and a pulsed AC signal launching and then being S
UMMED together in the cooling material that will eventually become a magnet
Searl also said that any frequency can be impressed upon the magnet, so thats on
e variable worthy of attention
The other variable worth noting is the frequency and duration/length of the on/o
ff timing of the pulse switch.
There is a relation between Bothe freqencies.
The shorter the pulse of a squarewave the more harmonics and the more spread the
spectrum of the waves used in its de-construction
The harmonics and the harmonics of AC signal and its fundamental will interact a
nd SUM (+ or * ?) in the material to produce various effects,
A square and a ramp wave should produce some even more interesting effects
Or perhaps a sine+ramp+square in an orthoganal 3 coil construction with the magn
et material inside ?
Lots of room for experimenting even with the basic of basics setup
What are the alloys that searl used and in what ratio\
How long did he leave the pulsing of the coils going, Was it just a single brief
pulse that he applied or was it continuos over the whole period of its cooling