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ST-600/650 Series - Lightweight Video Tripod


• Lightweight aluminum and plastic design

• Counter weight hook on center column

• Quick release leg locks

• Non slip rubber feet

• Carrying handle for easy transport

• Integrated tripod bubble level

• 3 position leg angle adjustment locks

• Geared center column elevator

• Includes carrying case for storage
Pan Head

• Integrated head bubble level

• Upgraded 3-way fluid pan and tilt head

• 90 degree vertical platform

• Degree Markers on pan base

• Works with DSLRS, P oint & Shoots, and camcorders


The Dolica ST-600 / 650 Series lightweight tripods have all the features our our light weight ST-Series but
include a highly upgraded and capable video pan head. The upgraded video pan head is what makes the S T-
600 series superior in shooting video because it contains a fluid counter-weight spring for both the pan and tilt.
The panhead utilizes upgraded plastics so it’s much stronger and smoother that most standard pan heads. The
Dolica ST-600/650 series can be used in shooting pictures as well since its capable of vertical shots and
smooth fluid controls for movement. This is a great upgrade to the entry level tripod for the video camera user
in light duty applications. Warranty 1-year

Model # Description UPC Length Width Height Weight

ST-600 60" Lightweight Tripod 705105254913 25 4 4 3.5 lbs
ST-650 65" Lightweight Tripod 705105254814 27 4.5 4.5 4 lbs

Min Folded Max Leg Dims in

Model # Description Max Height Height Height Load Sections Inches
ST-600 60" Lightweight Tripod 60 23.5 25 9 lbs 3
ST-650 65" Lightweight Tripod 65 25.5 27 11 lbs 3

Warranty: 1 year

Address: 241 S. 3rd Ave. suite 3, La Puente, CA. 91746

Tel: 626-968-3366 Fax: 626-968-8457 Website: www.dolica.com