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y name is Joshua Sungpyo Lee, and Capstone of Career &

I am currently a student at Yongsan At the peak of my career, I want to be the chief

International School of Seoul. My researcher of space vehicle engineering. I also want 

goal is To obtain a job as an aerospace to become a project director or boss of space vehicle

engineer where I can use my projects. I also want to try developing and

mathematic and scientific analysis skills to engineering new, unprecedented vehicles that could

engineer astronauticalvehicles for change the paths of space technology. If I have to

new discoveries of the universe. I will achieve my retire from NASA, I would like to be an aerospace

goal through following my career plan. engineering professor and conduct more researches

on aerospace technology.

I will be attending a prestigious institute of

technology and majoring in aerospace engineering  

or mechanical engineering. After graduating  

undergraduate college, I would also like to go the a

graduate school that is also great in technology and     
possibly attain a MD (or even a PhD) in aerospace    

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First Jobs
I'll first gain experience as a researcher by helping ()   ) *
professors as an assistant researcher. I'll earn M   + , 

allowances by tutoring middle school/ high
M -  , 
schoolstudents. Then, I'll try working as an intern at

a bike shop or a car center to become familiar with


Development in Jobs & Positions

I'll try to become a researcher or an assistant

researcher in NASA. If I'm able to become one, I'll

try developing research skills and engineering skills

by becoming involved in many areas in NASA

research such as: satellite engineering, rocket

engineering, programming computers for NASA

vehicles, or even astronaut training.