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Following experiments can be performed on MD51 (8051) kit are:

1. Implementation of combinational logic in 8051

2. Study of software delay and LED flashing
3. Study of Key sensing and Relay control
4. Study of BCD-7 Segment conversion
5. Study of Timer 0 in 8051 as timer
6. Study of Buzzer interface
7. Study of Timer 1 as counter
8. Study of Timer 1 as timer/counter
9. Study of Auto reload mode of timer 0 and timer 1
10. Study of matrix keyboard interfacing
11. Study of LCD interfacing
12. Study of Serial communication
13. Study of hardware control (relay, LED etc) through serial communication
14. Study of frequency measurement
15. Study of Time measurement
16. Study of External interrupt INT0 and INT1
17. Study of timer 0 and timer 1 interrupt
18. Study of Serial port interrupt
19. Study of I2C protocol based Real Time Clock interfacing
20. Study of I2C based ADC and DAC interfacing
21. Study of I2C based EEPROM interfacing

Following experiments also can be done with additional interfacing boards

22. Study of External Memory interfacing (requires ext memory module)

23. Study of 8255 interfacing (requires 8255 module)
24. Study of Thumbwheel interfacing (requires thumbwheel module)
25. Study of LED-Switch interfacing (requires LED-Switch module)
26. Study of Multi-Processor communication (RS485 protocol) (requires Multiprocessor
27. Study of Dot Matrix printer interface (requires Printer module)
28. Study of 4 Digit Seven Segment display interface (requires 7 segment module)
29. Study of Stepper motor interface (stepper motor module)

• The MD51 kit contains on board I2C based ADC / DAC, Relay, Display, Keyboard,
EEPROM, RTC, buzzer. Hence many applications in the area of Instrumentation
Engineering can be implemented by writing appropriate C programs.
• All basic C programs to control the on board hardware are provided along with the
• A demo copy of compiler and downloader is also provided. So there is no need to
buy any special software and also no need to purchase programmer.
• With the help of MD51 and peripheral boards many instrumentation study
experiments can be implemented by connecting appropriate sensors and signal
conditioning circuits.