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THE ULTIMATE REALITY VOLUME 1 BY JOSEPH H. CATER CONTENTS Part I: Incredible Flaws and Discrepancies of Orthodox Physics 1. Undeniable Discrepancies in Conventional Science as Gathered from the Findings of the Space Program — ‘The Significant Work of Charles Fort 31 Evidence of UFO Interference and Participation in the Space Program 35 2. Incontrovertiblie Flaws in the Theory of Relativity and the Role it has Played in Current Trends of Cosmological Thought 37 The Ongmn of the Special Theory 37 The General Theory 50 of Cosmological Thought 59 Part Il: The Nature of Forces that Shape Geologic History 3. The Cause of Tides and the Nature of Gravity 63 4, More on the Nature of Gravity and Directly Related Topics Which Include the Nature of Light, Soft Particles, the Ethers and the Reasons the Sun Holds the Planets in Orbit 73 ‘The Reasons the Sun Holds the Planets in Orbit Despite its Low Surface Gravity 1 ‘An Explanation for the Magnitude of Earth and Moon Gravity B 5. The Cause of Earth Upheavals, ‘Continental Drift, Earthquakes and Volcanoes 83 ‘The Ongin of Volcanoes 85 6. The Hollow Condition of the Earth 88 Summary of Part II 99 Part III: Developing a New Physics of the Universe from the Unifying Principle Introduction to Part WE 7. Fundamental Weaknesses in Conventional Mathematics Including a Disproof of Two of the Most Famous Previously Unsolved Theorems of Mathematics . ee 103 Four-Color Theorem 05 Fermat‘s Last Theorem a0 8, New Insights into the Nature of Matter, Inertia and the Ethers With an Introduction to The Meaning of Planck’s Constant ‘The Nature of the Ethers and the Meaning of Planck's Constant 9. The Properties of Light... Fallacies of the Transverse Wave Theory of Light Resolving the Famous Wave-Particle Paradox ‘The Nature of Polarized Light 10. The Nature of Electrons, Protons and Electrostatic Forces 11. Atomic Structure and the Nature of Magnetic Fields ‘The Nature of Magnetic Fields : ‘The Cause of Geomagnetism . .. 12, The Nature of Gravity and Related Phenomena Including Levitation, Missile Weight Loss in Space and Faster than Light Spaceship Propulsion . see + 167 ‘The Nature of Gravity : Sse eee 167 The Phenomenon of Levitation va. 1S Missile Weight Loss in Space Points the Way to Development of New Materials of Extreme Lightness and Strength - 177 The Possibility of Faster than Light Spaceships by Means of Gravity-Inducing Radiations . 178 Fluctuations of the Gravitation Constant G ce =~ 180 13. A Closer Look at the Properties of Light . 182 ‘The Law of Redistribution of Energy 183 ‘The Phenomenon of Color : Lo . 184 The Nature of Laser Beams vanes 186 Why the Veloety of Ligh = independent of ts Froquency . ve 190 The Basic Properues of Light. : coe Why the Velocity of Light Equals the Ratio between EMU and ESU Units of Charge 192 14. The Role of Soft Electrons in Promoting Chemical Changes and Maintaining Life and the Pyramid Phenomenon : 197 Soft Electrons, Magnetic Fields, and Chemical Changes 197 ‘The Properties of Water. 198 How Hard Particles are Captured by soft Particles 205 ‘The Pyramid Power Phenomenon woe . 211 ‘The Great Work of Viktor Schauberger . . . eee 216 5