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1/28/11  11:30  AM  

am Ben Linssen and I am a Starting off
student at an international school I would like to intern in a personal
in Seoul, I live life using care and physicians job and like to learn the
knowledge to lift up others and when traits and the key spots to learn about
others are hurt I try my best to help one-on-one relationship with the
them gain their strength and patient. I would also intern in a
confidence back and to make restaurant to know what types of food
those attributes reach there highest would be good to eat for health
points. I will attend a college that will meanwhile still being enjoyable.
increase my knowledge of medical Developing
care for patients and that will finally The job what I would get would be in
help me get to be a full personal trainer or in a personal
time efficient physician.   physician to rehabilitate injured
years   status   athletes. While doing the personal
18   High  school  degree  
physician I could also help control the
21     College  degree  in  
health  science   diet of my client by cooking for them.
22   First  job  as  physician     Last state
I would be a full time personal
24   Cook  at  restaurant  
35   Chef  at  restaurant   physician and personal chef for my
40     Personal  physician   NBA client and when he is injured I
and  chef   would treat the injury so that it is better
College years than before.
I would attend a large school that has  
their fame renowned in my major. The
college will not have to be in the IVY Qualities  to  succeed    
League, but that will be preferable. I Determination  
would major in Health Science or
Human Anatomy, and I would minor in
Biology, Youth Ministry, or Culinary


last  state   developing