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Simple Plastic Handpump - by Clifford Peters

½"x4" PVC nipples for handles Notes:

(may be made from 8" This pump is good for at least
nipple cut in half) 50 feet. The inner valve must
½" threaded tee
be submerged for it to work,
so the inner pipe must be al-
most as long as the outer. All
pipes/fittings are Schedule 40.
1¼"x¾" PVC The footvalve and wood plug
reducer bushing may be inserted easily by first
(not glued in) heating (not burning!) their
respective pipes until soft. The
1¼" PVC tee ½" PVC pipe bicycle inner tube must cover
all the holes in the ¾" nipple
and be clamped at the lower
end with the copper wire. Two
1¼" PVC pipe - pistons may be made from one
water outlet ¾" coupling by cutting it in
1¼" PVC pipe half. Because of the small gap
between piston and pipe, this
pump will not work well with
sandy water. Reducer bushing
may be removed to disassemble
pump. A screen may be added
at the pump inlet to prevent
trash from entering.

¾"x6" PVC nipple

threaded on at least
the lower end. Has Small hole for the screw (below).
¼" holes drilled thru
its middle part (no
sharp edges) and Wood plug to press into ¾" nipple
another small hole (end of mop handle or similar).
for the screw. Screw to join ¾" nipple and ½" pipe.
Length of bicycle inner tube - snug fit
Circle of thick inner over ¾" pipe.
tube rubber
Small brass
11/8" diam. with Length of #14 copper wire
a small hole for to tie around lower part of
not too tight.
the screw. inner tube as a clamp.
Cylindrical block of wood slightly larger The piston - fits closely in the 1¼" pipe.
than 1¼" diameter with ¼" holes drilled Consists of a ¾" threaded PVC coupling beveled
through in this pattern: inside the lower edge. This should not be
This is the footvalve. The able to touch the footvalve. File off any ridges.
black dot is a hole for the screw.