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Last Weekend

Fill in the missing words with the past tense. Change the base words below.

On Saturday I (1)___________ ______ late. At eleven o'clock I (2)___________

shopping at the supermarket and the fruit and vegetable market. Then I

(3)___________ swimming at the local swimming pool. After that, I (4)___________

lunch and then (5)___________ my house. In the evening I (6)___________ out to a

restaurant with friends.

On Sunday I also (7)___________ _____ late. After breakfast I (8)___________

swimming again for some more exercise. In the afternoon I (9)___________ my

parents. In the evening I (10)___________ dinner and (11)___________ TV. Then I

(12)___________ a book in bed.

These are the words to choose from:

visit cook go go get up go get have go watch read