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Hauptwerk 3.

Setting up a piston to connect to a virtual piston using program changes

1: Open Hauptwerk, load the included St. Anne's virtual organ.

• Select General settings | MIDI input paths

2: Select the keyboard/input path which represents the MIDI channel that the pistons transmit on.

• In this example we will choose the Great division sending on MIDI channel 2 with
pistons that also transmit on MIDI channel 2.
• Set the MIDI input port to the MIDI hardware device you have plugged your MIDI cable
• With this port name select the MIDI channel 2
3: Select General settings | Switch (MIDI) inputs.
4: Select in the left hand list the item named Comb piston: div 2 (Great) 01.

• On the right hand side under the Message sent when engaging area for Event type choose
MIDI program change. MIDI input path is to be set to 02 'Keyboards: div 2(Great)' which
corresponds to MIDI channel 2 as previously set in the MIDI input paths settings menu.
• Set the Event number to the program change number your piston sends. Note the default
settings for the Classic Organ Works CMK configuration features the far left piston
beginning with program change #1 going through program change# 20 from left to right.
This example will set the far left piston to control the Great combination piston number 1
on the virtual organ.
• Under Message sent when disengaging set Event type to None (engaging event
toggles/pulses organ switch.)
• Click OK
5: Select Organ settings | Connect Switch (MIDI) inputs to organ switches
6: Select in the left hand list the item named 055 Comb piston: Gt thumb 1.

• Set Input switch on right hand side to Comb piston: div 2 (Great) 01 (it should default to
• Click OK

Now your piston should control the St. Anne's Great Divisional # 1 virtual piston.

Repeat the above steps for each piston you wish to connect changing the event numbers in the
Switch (MIDI) inputs menu screens to correspond to the next Event number your piston sends
i.e. piston 2 will send Event 2, piston 3 Event 3 etc.