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[list] Weaknesses
[*]Strong brand equity
[*]Over leveraged fiancial position
[*]Strong financial position
[*]Not diversified
[*]Ubiquitiouegory, products, services
[*] product itself
Traditional demographic is dying off
Use of Social Media
[/No Chicks!]
Marketing Depar
[*]Over leveraged fiancial positio
[list] [*]Not diversified
[*]Innovation [*]Ubiquitiouegory, products, se
[*]Strong brand equity
[*]Strong financial position

• Financial markets (raise money
through debt, etc)
• Emerging markets and expansion
abroad Threats
• Innovation • Competition
• Product and services expansion • External changes (government, politics,
Expanding demographics taxes, etc)
• Lower cost competitors or imports
• Product substitution
[*]Financial markets (raise mone
[*]Emerging markets and expans