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SPM Biology 2010 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

for General Answering Technique – Paper 2 Section

A and B
December 4, 2010

Following the post about Frequently Asked Questions for Chemistry Paper 2 Section A,
the Berry Berry Teacher, Miss Isabelle Wong is pleased to be posting another post on
the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for General Answering Technique – Paper 2
Section A and B for SPM 2010 Biology. Once again, there are all the questions on the
general rules that you wanted to ask but did not get the chance to do so. While it might
seemed similar to that of Chemistry SPM, there are some nuance differences. So do share
this page with your fellow SPM 2010 Biology candidates.

SPM Biology 2010 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for General Answering
Technique – Paper 2 Section A and B

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FAQ – SPM 2010 Biology Paper 2 Section A and B

The SPM Biology question Paper 2 – Section A: Structure questions (answer all
questions from question number 1 to 5) consist of 60 marks in total & Section B: Essay
questions (answer two questions from question number 6 to 9) consist of 40 marks in
total. There are some key points that students need to take notes with it.

1) What is the first thing students need to do when students see the question paper?

I would suggest that students should read through the whole Section A & B and then
write down the important point (while your mind/memory is still fresh) that relates to
the question (something like a mind map) such as phases in a cell cycle, internal
structure of the human heart, circulatory system in humans, structure of stems/roots etc.
There are too many points, structures and processes in Biology to be remembered, so
students need to keep your notes handy and easy to read especially before students go in
the examination hall/classroom.

2) Can students write in point form in Section A and B?

Section A (structure question): The answer is no (same in Chemistry). Students are

suggested to answer question in a complete sentence (not in point form). There are some
other Biology Teachers also suggested that students must fully used up all the space
Section B (essay question): The answer is yes. Students can use point form but it must be
in complete sentence.

3) Are students’ handwriting important in Biology Paper 2?

Students’ handwriting is very important to score in Biology. Students’ handwriting must

be neat and clear. It will help students in gaining a good impression and essential for
SPM examiner to detect students’ points/marks. Students just need to cancel the mistake
by drawing a line on it (or crossing out the answer) and not covering it by liquid
paper/correction pen/correction tape in the answering script. Furthermore, do not use
pencil in answering the questions.

4) Is the spelling important in Biology Paper 2?

The answer is yes for the entire biology name/structure/process. You need to spell it
correctly, for example chloroplast, Casparian strip, Golgi apparatus, Lysosomes,
pancreas, pasteurisation etc.

5) How to draw the labelled diagrams?

In Biology, all the diagrams can be drawn free-hands (pencil) and must be labelled

6) Can students use table in giving explanation/comparison in Paper 2 Section B?

The answer is yes and it is highly recommended by most of the SPM Biology teacher.
Students need to make sure that every point must be in complete sentence.

7) How to answer ‘operational definition’ in Biology?

Operational definition is the manipulated variable that is related to the Biology theory.