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Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Vol. 4: Poland, the Ukraine, Bulgaria Romania, Free India, Estonia, Latvia Lithuania, Finland and Russia TRCN GUN Re tts tt a — ~ ISBN No. -912138-96- Pint inthe United Sts of Amica Deigres oer ats tener pe st bere 2 ahs yd: This book or ts trea may not be proce nay fom i elas ose am R. JAMES BENDER PUBLISHING P.O ox 23456, Sen Jone, Call 95153 (400) 2259777, INTRODUCTION ‘hen voume of hi seri ea wth Cetmanys eas lies, er Rui hots the generous help of namBer of Lia and onan vetrany, rang sehen speci mention must be re of Indl Kato, Ari Kelis and Heny Tite has been poable to ache a wide ad accurate coverage ofthe conti Son of he Be people 0 te supe aint Communism, for gra, Rumania a Finn general eammari of hic unos Incas and decoration regen complete coverage of hese cour’ arma foes and natal avast contemplated oF aempted. Os ge pr of hk volume devoted to the scaled Onver-those amet Soviets who ele 10 fit ot 0 eh for Germany as agaist the hated Comma ray of oan Coverage ofthese “easen people” fl as fan be achieved, Posy no final and define count of hr eget, un io and irl coud ever be compl. Th simpy bras, tet nthe pening stages the Ruso-German conf, may easernelutees wer ected Ie fan leah by Cerman crmandes who kited ther out wh rank nd ‘thei of her own devin an even with malty "Scoratons fer ‘mn nvemon Honey, what iknown herein ecrde, but th author woul be ‘or pled to receive fom veterans or ther any arte formation on hs oF DE a te ems min wae bd been Pry taco rnd mh ore Season wha ee i rctcneee pert tres we cco teype mand ed sein fl lar Ths Menino wot res atl mi Teen snd sped can tc fr cap, nS Tapco wah comp i epee wr nd ne sae, ‘volumes, of ts own! ma Sedation eniond hr, ws soe Sse hn emt etn orbs seach ern Tras tren Vor vton tp on str Se pics ne ge Sve pie Thanks and appreciation are likewise due in varying measure tothe following per he Ay Maks Ana Stasi A sty BEG. Bremer oh Brae ‘André Canela eae Ca oe Chara Fra Descner fay Embree Hen ale Derek Glan Clement Ky De KG Kl Ante Pete Malone ‘odie Malo 1s Todd Moore ich dha 18} Onie de Saar Georg A Person Jon Poul Ptonen rh ri Jot W. Schnee back See Ander Sine Andy Sotho ‘ono sprork FL Sephens Hugh Pap Tale Nig Toms Un offal Cou Woe ery Weiler yg eee se thans to Me Chrbtopbe Bryer ee rma ‘notes of €CPA Photo Circe Video eee aoe iets Boa” "ene? TABLE OF CONTENTS nteenest| Soutrmanscha Cereal Goveren: oend Cereal Goverment 2: Gaes DALTICSTATES: A Wii eduction ‘onan Volieetin the sh Amed ace. pnrosTvoik The Bhi teions Tre Comics Oumontand he RNA. G-Ruone and Orchina Apoinoum